by TJ Mason

Well, it's been a while, four years in fact, but, here we go again.

Standard disclaimers apply, and all rights reserved.

Hope you enjoy...



It was all fuzzy. I couldn't focus. I couldn't move. As awareness came to me, I realized that the reason I couldn't move was because I was immobilized. I was cold. I could feel my skin. That was strange, because my body hair usually kept me fairly warm.

The more I became aware, I realized that there was something stuffed in my mouth, and that I had some kind of blindfold on. Then I heard my brothers voice.

"Well, Tegan, you're finally awake."

I pulled against whatever it was that was restraining me, and realized that my hands and legs were very well fastened above me.

"Don't worry, big brother," Kyle spat, "you can't get loose. But, of course, you already agreed to that, didn't you?"

I could hear derision in his voice.

"You know, Tegan" the vitriol in his voice was tough to hear. "I'm glad that you don't really pay attention to details. Before we get started I want you to see something," and he pulled the blindfold down.

The light was blinding, but he held a piece of paper in front of me.

"Tegan Dallas Carter, is this, or is this not your signature? You can nod yes or no."

I looked, and nodded yes.

"Do you recognize this piece of paper?" he asked, and I nodded no.

"But you do acknowledge that it is your signature?" and I nodded yes.

"Well, big bro, this is a waiver that you signed the other day in the guidance counselors office when you were signing scholarship applications. Sucks that I work in her office doesn't it?" Kyle asked.

I just looked at him with questions in my face.

"You know, Tegan, you disgust me. You, Mr. Jock Sportsman, Mr. Gonna-Be-Valedictorian-Of-His-Class, Mr. Faggots-Should-Die." Then he laughed what I can only describe as an evil laugh.

"Guess what, Teeg? I"ve been living in the shadow of your hatred for a long time. I used to love you, to respect you, but lately, I've come to hate you, and everything you say you stand for. But guess what, big bro? You're careless."

I was struggling against what was holding me captive, but there was nothing I could do to free myself.

"Hey, Tegan, have you ever heard of or" he asked.

I know that my eyes betrayed me. That was my secret. I was so careful to hide my tracks. I dumped my history every time, I never did anything to leave a trail.

"You fucked up, big bro. It only took one time, but I know your secret," Kyle said. "I know you like guys. I know you want to suck dick. I know you want to take it up the ass. And I know where guys are concerned, you're a virgin."

I was getting scared.

"But, guess what, Teeg? I'm going to help you! I'm going to do you a favor!"

There was a long, long pause.

"After tonight, Tegan, you will know what man-to-man sex is all about. No, don't worry, at this point in time, I loathe you so much that I can't believe I'm even doing you this favor, but I am. Before tonight is over, with your consent, you will know gay sex. You will know kinky gay sex. And I will have it all on video."

I tried to scream, but I couldn't get rid of whatever was in my mouth, and the restraints would not give.

"There's no use in struggling, big bro," he said. "You're handcuffed to chains, hands and feet. And I'll be putting the blindfold back on. Hey, tell me something, Teeg, are you cold?"

I nodded yes.

Following a very evil laugh he said, "It's no wonder. All your body hair is gone."

He let that sink in for a second.

"Yep, you're bald on your head, your arms, your chest, your back, your pubes, your legs, your ass, hell, big bro, even your eyebrows are gone. You are completely exposed."

I realized he was telling the truth. By now, I was REALLY scared.

"Tegan, you have bullied guys for too long. You have disparaged homosexuals long enough. Especially given your `secret' longings," Kyle said. "I have four different video cameras with more film than you can last with me, and photographers helping," he continued.

"That release you signed, that I have on file, on video, and will show you agreeing that you signed it. That release, big bro, says that you agree to star in a gay porno. Not only did you agree to star in a gay porno, but you agree to have unsafe sex, and you agree to participate watersports. Do you have any idea what I'm talking about?"

I didn't move.

"You signed a release saying that you agreed to suck dick and swallow cum. You agree to get fucked in the ass, and to be photographed as guys cum, with no rubbers, in your ass. And, finally, big bro, you agreed to drink piss. Lots of piss. And, there's a caveat that says that, if you try to bite some guys dick, you agree to be emasculated on camera. Do you know what that means?"

Again, I didn't move.

An evil, almost immortally evil laugh followed. "That means, Tegan, that you have to drink piss, and suck dick, and take it up the ass, or you have agreed to have your penis and testicles and nipples removed from your body. Want me to read it to you?" Then he laughed, so incredibly evilly again.

I didn't move my head, but I felt the tears fall from my eyes.

Yeah, I was WAY interested in guy-to-guy sex. I was crazy curious about what it felt like to hold a guy, to feel the stubble of a guys beard on my body, to feel a dick in my mouth, in my ass, my dick buried in a hot, tight ass. I suddenly realized that karma was fucking me. And that I deserved it.

All the times that I had reviled and picked on and abused other guys flashed before my eyes. All the evil, hateful things I'd ever said about other guys, and their likes, sexually, real or imagined, flashed before my eyes.

"Do you realize just how completely you are in my control?" Kyle asked.

It took me a minute, but I nodded, yes.

There was a long, pregnant pause.

"Hey, Tegan, would you like me to piss all over your face?"

I knew I was on camera, and I knew that I had been beaten.

It took me a couple of minutes, that I new would be edited out,so that it looked like I replied immediately.

I nodded yes.

"Can I piss in your mouth, big bro?" Kyle asked.

Again, I realized that it didn't matter what I replied. The camera would show me agreeing.

I nodded yes.

The blindfold was put back over my eyes, and there was a pause.

"Open your mouth, Tegan Dallas Carter," he said.

I opened my mouth.

I felt the piss as it flowed into my mouth.

I knew what was expected. I swallowed the bitter piss, and I leaned up to take the pissing penis into my mouth.

This night was just beginning, and I knew that it would be a long, long night. you want to hear more about how Tegan handles what he, inadvertently, agreed to?

Let me know.