Exposed Chapter 2

by TJ Mason

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From Chapter 1

The blindfold was put back over my eyes, and there was a pause

"Open your mouth, Tegan Dallas Carter," he said.

I opened my mouth.

I felt the piss as it flowed into my mouth.

I knew what was expected. I swallowed the bitter piss, and I leaned up to take the pissing penis into my mouth.

This night was just beginning, and I knew that it would be a long, long night.


As the pissing dick started to dwindle, I leaned up to take it in my mouth. This was not how I had envisioned my first male-on-male sex, but this was what I was dealt. There was a part of me that felt cheated, but another that knew that this was fitting. I had spent the so much time belittling guys that didn't meet up to what I felt was a masculine standard. As a tear rolled down the side of my face, I realized that it wasn't up to me to make that decision. And now, I was being punished for trying to cover my own feelings and yearnings. And I knew, based on my past, that karma was rocking my universe.

I felt something hard being pushed into my left ear.

"You're lucky, Tegan," I heard my brother say. "I'm giving you monitors in your ear so that I can talk to you. You're going to know so much more than you probably want to," he said. "I'm not giving names, but I bet you can figure out who's doing what to you," he said with a very evil sound. "And if you even try to say something, I'll edit it out of the video."

The thing that that blew my mind more than anything else, was, it was my baby brother that had set this up. I couldn't believe that my bro' had set this all up. I had no idea where I was, who was there...I was scared, and turned on.

"Yeah, you faggot!" I heard. "Drink my piss and get ready for the time of your sorry faggot life!"

I reached up to suck the dick that was pissing in my mouth. Eventually, it dwindled down to a drip, and I started tonguing the penis in my mouth, hoping to make it happy.

"Ummmm...yeah, faggot! Eat my dick," I heard.

I sensed, rather than felt, someone move between my spread legs. I knew that my virginity was going to be a prize to someone, and several years later, I'd find out for sure who it was, but tonight, I was scared, and my ass clenched tight.

"Oh, Mr. Jock Man...don't be scared of a dick!" I heard.

"You cherry cost me $2500, so let me in. I won the right to your sweet ass...I'm takin' it, whether you clench that sweet boy hole or not."

My head was reeling. Someone had paid $2500 to fuck me in the ass for the first time. That was unbelievable, and scary, and incredibly exciting.

"Don't worry, Tegan," I heard my brothers' voice in my ear. "We made sure you were ready for the fucking you're gonna get. You've been cleaned out, and lubed up. Enjoy the fucking you're in for. There's only 23 guys here, most of whom have a personal thing to settle with you. Somehow, I think you're gonna take a whole lot more dick up your ass than down your throat. Altho, let me tell you, these guys have been drinking for a while. You're gonna drink a LOT of piss, big bro. And you're gonna take a lot of dick up your ass."

The guy between my legs put the head of his dick up to my ass. I was busy sucking a rather large dick at the time. "Push out like you're takin a shit," I was told. I did. Suddenly, there was a truck pushed into my ass. I screamed around the dick in my mouth, but I knew no one would hear it, and even if they did, they wouldn't care.

The dick pushing into my ass kept a steady pressure until I felt pubic hair.

"Congratulations, Mr. Quarterback. You have 11" of fat black dick up your virgin ass. Pull your mouth off that dick and tell me how bad you want this meat in you."

Then I heard my brothers' voice. "You know, big brother, not everyone who plays JV football is a fag, even when they stick their dick up another guys' ass. Case in point: a nice guy, smaller than most guys, quiet, loves football, loves playing, but can't quite seem to make the varsity team. Just because he sticks his 11" dick up his ass doesn't make him queer. But your journal entry, talking about how hot he is, how much you'd love to eat his ass, how much you fantasize about him stickin' his hidden' package up your ass...that's queer, big bro."

T'arquan Lewis was one of the guys that always seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time where I was concerned. Not quite tall enough, not quite hairy enough, not quite `man' enough, I had picked at him every chance I got. I called him all kinds of names. I shamed him in the showers, because he was in the 11th grade, and couldn't make it on the varsity team. He always had a big package, and I fantasized about him. In what I thought was my hidden journal, I had written about what I thought it would feel like for him to take I jerked off thinking about him fucking me until I I fantasized about him overpowering me and fucking me in front of the varsity I wanted to suck his dick, to feel his cream pumping down my throat. But I suddenly realized that my fantasies were not going to happen the way I dreamed. I suddenly realized that the big dick pushing its way into me belonged to T'arquan. I had ridiculed him, I had debased him, I had emasculated him in the high school social ratings, and he was getting ready to take my virginity.

I pulled back on the dick in my mouth, and the guy pulled out. "Yeah, Mother fucker...fill my tight, white, virgin ass with that big, black dick...fill my shit chute up with your fuckin' cream" I said, and lifted up for the dick I was sucking. I figured that it was best for me to play along with what was happening to me.

The two guys fucking me got into a rhythm, and I was being filled with dick from both ends. It took a while, with on guy shoving his dick down my throat, and another shoving his dick up my ass. They didn't care if I liked it or not, they didn't care if it hurt me or not. They were relentless. T'arquan's dick was SO big. Every time he pulled out, it felt like he was pulling my guts out with his dick. The guys fuckin' my mouth (Jason Lewis, head of the soccer team) plunged his dick in and out of my throat, even though I was gagging. They were doing to me what I had threatened at school. They were making a mockery of all that I had built up...I was their bitch, and they were using my holes like I was a common whore.

The dick in my mouth started swelling, and three more strokes and I was choking on cum.

I didn't get to taste much of the first shots, but the Jason pulled back and said, "Yeah, Mr. Popularity. Eat my spooge! I can't believe we're getting this on film! No one would believe that Tegan Carter is eating my sperm!" And he kept spooging in my mouth. I sucked up all he had to give me, and he finally pulled his spent, but clean, dick out of my hungry mouth.

"Are you gonna fuck me too,? I asked.

"Do you want me to?" he asked.

"Yeah," I replied.

"Someone feed me some more dick," I called out, and Jason's limp, dripping dick was suddenly replaced by another.

"Hey, Teeg, wanna drink my piss," a voice asked.

"Fuck yeah," I replied.

"How about pissin all over my face, and not just in my mouth," I asked.

I felt the hot piss washing over my face, and I opened my mouth to accept what I was given.

`Yeah, you popular bitch, drink my geeky piss," I heard.

Then my mouth was filled with a HUGE penis. Even soft it was amazing in size.

"Big bro, you can't imagine how this is coming out on camera," I heard my brothers' voice in my ear. "You have absolutely THE geekiest guy in schools schlong in your mouth," he said.

Pasquale Niveran was captain of the debate team, captain of the chess team, a founding member of the physics club, and the skinniest, tallest, most acne infested kid in the whole school. He would eventually be valedictorian of his class, and go on to teach at Cambridge, but today, he was a big, pre-cummy dick pushing into my throat.

"You like eating my dick?" I was aksed.

I nodded my assent.

T'arquan was hammering me hard, his balls slapping against my now hairless ass. I felt his body tensing up, and could feel his huge nuts pulling up tight against his body..

"I'm gonna fuckin CUM!" he yelled, as he ripped his dick out of my ass.

I felt warm drops hitting my torso, and then my ass, as he shot his load. Then he slammed his dick thru his own cummy mess into my aching hole. He rutted around in my hole a bit longer, and then, ripping that huge dick out of my ass, making a `plopping' noise, hollered out "NEXT!"

Seconds later I felt another dick pushing into my hole, and I relaxed and took it in.

This was how my life went for over three hours. Drinking piss, eating dick, drinking cum, and getting my brains fucked out.

I had no idea how much piss I had drunk, how much cum I had swallowed, and how many loads I had taken up my ass. But, finally, I heard my brothers' voice. "Well, faggot, are you finally satisfied?"

I shook my head in the negative.

"What more could you want? He asked.

"You" I said.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"I want you to take the blindfold off me, and then make love to me," I said.

"You mean you want me to fuck you?" he asked.

"No," I replied. "I want you to remove the blindfold, and then I want you to use my body for you sexual gratification, but I want you to love my body as much as I love, and lust yours."

"You can't be serious," he said.

"Kyle," I started, "I have lusted after you for a long time. You've obviously read my journal, and you know that I'm in love with you. You know that I would give anything to spend the rest of my life being yours."

There was a dead silence of several minutes.

I heard the handcuffs being unlocked, and my arms were finally free. Then my legs followed.

"You have your freedom, if you want it," he said.

"And if I don't," I asked.

"Then you belong to me forever," he said.

"Then take me, and make me yours," I replied.

I pulled the mask off, and looked at my younger brother. I knew that I meant what I had said. I had lusted after him for years. I had always wondered what it would be like to eat his dick and to feel it pounding away inside of me.

"If you meant this, then you mean that you're willing to suck my dick, and ride it, in front of your friends in the locker room? he asked.

"I will do anything, anywhere, or anyone, so long as you promise to love me, and be mine," I replied.

He stood there, naked, in front of me. His flaccid penis was at least 5" soft.

"Can I drink your piss?" I asked.

He just stood there, so I leaned over and took that big slab of meat in my mouth.

He grabbed my bald head and I felt the piss begin to flow, as I swallowed as hard and fast as I could.

"I need to cum at least four times a day," he said.

"Then use me as your cum dump," I replied.

He started fucking my mouth.

"You're gonna let me fuck you in public, right?" he asked.

I pulled his dick out of my mouth and answered, "I'm yours. You can use me however you want, wherever you want, whenever you want, regardless of who's around."

He started fuckin' his stiffening dick into my mouth, pumping his dick in and out of my throat.

He fucked my mouth brutally, bruising my lips. He seemed to be grudge fucking my mouth, not caring that I had professed my love for him. I felt his dick swell, and his nuts pull up towards his body. He said, "Yeah, big bro, we're gonna have an interesting couple of years together," and then he filled my gullet with his sperm.


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