Exposed, Chapter 4

TJ Mason

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From Chapter 3

"Oh, and, incidentally, you're taking on the soccer team tomorrow after football practice," he said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"After you finish football practice, you are to put on your jeans, your shirt and your shoes, and drive to the soccer field," he said. "You are to go into the field house, remove your clothes, and service whoever shows up, in whatever manner they require. I've got a security deposit," he said with a very, exceedingly evil grin.

"Just so you understand," he said, "You are going to be sucking dick, and getting fucked and drinking piss every day for the rest of your tenure at high school. What you won't know is who has paid for it, and who is smart enough to scam me. So you will be giving away freebies along with the paid for."

I just looked at him.

"Oh," he continued, "In case you didn't pick up on it, you no longer wear underwear. You go commando all the time. That way you won't have so many clothes to deal with while taking care of the needs of the guys who will be using you."

"You're really going to do this to me?" I asked.

"This and so much more," he replied.


"It's a great day as WKJL FM radio. It's wake up with Jordy and Caitlyn," I heard as the alarm clock went off.

"Show me your ass, faggot," I heard.

I lifted my legs and spread my cheeks so that my brother could see the butt plug in my ass.

"Very good, faggot," he said. "Open your mouth, I need to piss," he said and almost before I could react his nasty morning piss was flooding into my mouth.

I choked twice, but swallowed all that he had for me without spilling a drop. I didn't even want to know what would happen if I missed a drop.

"Hurry the fuck up, bitch," he said. "I've got customers waiting for you. I put a douche bag in the shower, don't you DARE get shit on any of my customers dicks. If you do, you'll just have to get used to eating shit too," he said and walked out of my bedroom.

If I knew where my dad kept his handgun, I would have gotten it and blown my brains out. I knew that I was going to hate the last two years of high school.

I quickly got showered, douched and shaved. I realized that to keep my entire body shaved, I was going to have to get up earlier. I was not about to cross my brother at this point, so I made a mental note to get up earlier.

Twenty minutes later, and Kyle and I were waiting for the bus.

"When we get on the bus," he said to me, "you are to go to the very back seat, and suck off Tarquan on the way to school."

"ON THE FUCKIN BUS?" I yelled.

"Jesus, Fuckin Christ," Kyle said. "If you EVER question me again, it's an automatic `show mom and dad the video' offense," he said. "You will do as you're told, when you're told, no questions asked," he said.

I just looked at him.

"OK, faggot?" he said.

I stared at him for a long, long time.

Finally, I acquiesced. "OK."

At that moment, I realized what had become of my life. A little part of me died right then.

I didn't really have a long time to think about it. The bus pulled around the corner, and stopped in front of my house.

As we entered the bus, Kyle got on first, and I followed him, my head lowered, tears burning my eyes.

I walked, ever so slowly to the back of the bus, not looking at anyone, but feeling the eyes of everyone on me.

As I reached the back of the bus, Tarquan was there, his pants unzipped, his semi-hard dick exposed.

Exposed...that's how I my heart, and my body were naked before the whole world.

"Jesus-fuckin-christ," Tarquan said. "Get your faggety-assed mouth over here before I piss myself."

I leaned over, and took the head of his dick in my mouth, trying to prepare myself for the flood of urine I knew was on the way.

As the bitter, nasty morning piss unleashed itself like a flood into my mouth, the tears fell from my eyes.

"Don't be crying on me, faggot," Tarquan said. "You did this to yourself, you know. If you hadn't a been such an asshole..." and he didn't need to finish that sentence.

With his pissing dick in my mouth, I looked up at him with pleading, crying eyes.

He closed his eyes, and said, "Suck my dick, faggot."

I started bobbing up and down on his dick, feeling it swell in my mouth.

Finally, I knew he was completely hard, and I was doing everything I had learned the night before to make him cum. But he was having nothing of that.

He grabbed me by the ears, and slowly started fucking my mouth.

About that time, I felt someone reach around and start pulling at my belt buckle. I didn't even offer any resistance. I knew that Kyle was watching, and that I had to get through this.

As Tarquan slowly fucked my face, the hands behind me exposed my butt plug filled ass. My right hand was grabbed roughly, and I felt the butt plug being ripped out of my ass.

I would have screamed, if my throat had not been full of Tarquan's dick.

The hand slapped the plug into my hand, and then a hard dick replaced the missing butt plug.

Whoever it was fucking me didn't have that big of a dick, and it was obvious from the way that he was pummeling my ass that his only intent was to get a nut.

Tarquan continued to slow fuck my face, pushing me completely down on his dick, choking me, forcing that dick down my throat.

The whole time, a stranger was absolutely pounding my ass, pulling his dick completely out of my hole, and then slamming himself balls deep back inside me. As he would pull out, I would tighten my sphincter, trying to make my ass as tight as possible, thinking that if he was getting hot, tight hole, he would cum soon.

Sure enough, the guy fucking me nutted pretty quickly. He slammed his dick up my ass, and I felt it jerk, knowing that he was dumping his cum inside me, and I had no idea who he was.

When he finished, I moved to put the plug back in, but a hand pushed my arm back down, and another anonymous dick entered my freshly fucked asshole.

This guy, like the last, was interested in pleasuring himself by abusing my hole.

He, too, would pull his dick completely out of my hole, and then slam the whole thing all the way, balls deep, back in me.

The difference was, this guy was hung like an elephant.

The first time he pushed his dick inside me, I screamed around Tarquan's dick.

Tarquan said, "Yeah, bitch, vibrate my dick."

The harder the guy fucked me with that big dick of his, even though I'd been fucked silly the night before, even though the butt plug was still in my hand, he was killing my ass-ring.

Tarquan started moaning, and I felt his balls start to pull up.

He ripped his dick out of my throat and said, "Eat my balls, faggot."

I started sucking and licking his balls, grunting every time that massively large dick plowed into my sore ass.

"Gonna cum," I heard behind me, as I felt the large dick stiffen in my ass, and then start to twitch.

I could feel his cum pumping into my abused ass.

Tarquan slammed his dick back into my throat, as I felt his balls start to pull up.

His dick became hard as steel, and just as he was about to cum, he pulled his dick out of my mouth, and started pumping his cum all over my face, and in my hair.

He shot six big globs of cum on my face, and in my hair, while the guy fucking me pulled out of my ass.

Tarquan pulled his spent dick out of my mouth, and rubbed it on the side of my head, wiping the residual cum in my hair.

Then he and the guy that had been fucking me got up, and exited the bus.

We had arrived at school.

I pushed the butt plug back up in my ass, and pulled my pants up.

"Can't you say anything?" I asked the bus driver.

He hung his head. I knew that Kyle had paid him off.

I got off the bus with as much dignity as any person can that has a butt plug up their ass, and cum dripping down their face and in their hair, walked toward the school.

Hell had begun.


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