Chapter 2: Prom Night
Author: Jeremy Self
Comedy / Teen / High School

Second Chapter! Woo-hoo. This chapter is probably going to be on of the most important of the series. We get to meet a few new characters. Questions, comments? Snazzy_Jay@hotmail.com




Prom was just around the corner and I, surprisingly, couldn't wait! I was so nervous. I've never met another gay person before. I hope I don't throw up. You know when you're nervous, you get that weird feeling in your stomach, like butterflies? More like horny bunnies in the stomach for me.

I hope this guy likes me. I mean, I'm cute, right? I've been told so. I just don't know anymore. I don't really have anyone to turn to for advice. Maria went shopping for a dress today and it's not like I can have a conversation with Bobby. Unless, of course, I felt the need to discuss the anatomy of the breast.


My eyes flashed open and searched for the alarm clock. 7:00 AM. It was Friday! Yes! The day my life would change! The day I meet another gay person! The day of destiny! The day of..

"Joshua Marshall Parker!" I heard my Mom yell from downstairs.

"Coming!" I yelled loudly.

I quickly hopped out of bed and ran to my closet. "Okay," I thought to myself, "What to wear?" There was the gray sweatshirt I got from grandma for Christmas, the green sweatshirt I got from Grandma on my birthday, the orange button up I bought from Wal-Mart, the blue pull over from Sears. I sat there and pondered for a minute. Blue pull over with black jeans. Wow, sometimes I scare myself.

As I started dressing, I looked at myself in the mirror. I smiled and ran my right hand through my soft brown hair. I've always considered myself good looking. 5'9, brown hair, hazel eyes. I'm of average build, about 140 pounds. I was happy with myself.

"Joshua!" My mom yelled again.

I ran down the stairs to greet my mom in the kitchen. She gave me the evil eye.

"Young man, why do you always make me repeat myself?" She asked in a stern voice.

I sat down and started munching on my cereal, "Aw, I'm sorry mom. But you know I love you." I grinned and batted my eyelashes.

She rolled her eyes and took a seat, "So what are your plans for tonight, Joshua?"

"I'm going to prom with Maria, Mom. I already told you."

"You're only a Sophomore, Joshua."

"Yeah, but Maria is a Junior, and she's inviting me."

My mom sighed, "I don't approve of that Maria girl. Are you two dating?"

I coughed and Frosted Flakes flew from my mouth, "What? No, no, no. We're just friends."

She nodded and started reading the newspaper.

My mom was a good lady, really. She was only strict because she loved me. Didn't want anything to happen to her baby. Ever since my Dad died (car accident when I was 4) she's been extremely strict. She works as a secretary at a dentist office. It was good pay, enough to afford rent on our little town house.

After the brief silence, my Mom started up again, "Joshua, after prom I want you straight home. I don't want you going to those parties."

"Why not?" I asked, a little upset.

"I'm not stupid, young man. I know what they do at those parties. Parade around in their underwear and smoke that marijuana."

I laughed and got up out of my chair, "Mom, come on. You know I'd never do that." I smiled and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She looked at me and sighed, "Have a nice day at school."

I nodded, grabbed my back pack and headed out the door.

"Joshua!" She yelled.

"What mom?"

"I love you, Joshua."

I grinned, "I love you too, Mom."


I walked to the end of the street to meet up with Maria. We've been walking to school together for about two years. We met when at school. She was new and I kind of took her under my wing. Actually, it was the other way around. She takes care of me.

Maria was wearing a lightblue longsleeve shirt and a pair of black pants. Wow, we were matching. Like I said, Maria was attractive. It surprised me that guys didn't come onto her. She was 5'6, 120 pounds, long red hair, gorgeous brown eyes.

"Hey woman," I said smiling, "You look nice today."

She rolled her eyes and shook her head, "Right. Mom give you any hell this morning?"

"Nah," I said, starting to walk, "Not too much."

"That's good," she smiled, "Ready for prom tonight?"

"I sure am! I can't wait to meet that guy."

"Question, darling. How are you going to meet him? Just walk up and say hi? You're much to shy for that. And it's not like Heather is going to introduce you two. She'll be too busy using her evil powers to succumb the football team to sleep with her."

I shrugged, "I don't know. I'll find a way."

She chuckled, "Right. I already know I'll be the one that will be doing to introduction."

"Haha, you're probably right."

"So. Are you getting me a corsage, honey?" She said giggling.

"I know you have a huge crush on me, Maria, but I'm gay."

She socked me in the arm, "Whatever!"

"Ow," I said wincing, "Why ya gatta hit so hard?"

She pulled up her sleeve and flexed, "I'm not your average woman."

I rubbed my arm, "Yeah, and I'm not your average man, so cut it out."


School. Oh, I do love school. Homework, bullies, mean teachers and the thing that tops it all off: Lunch.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Bobby said, sitting down at our table.

I looked down at my tray of mashed potatoes, "Not much. Just discussing prom and stuff."

Bobby nodded, digging into his lunch like the pig he was.

"Gross! Bobby, that is disgusting!" Maria shouted.

Bobby would probably be popular, if he weren't such a pig. He was a good looking guy. 5'11, nice build, brown puppy dog eyes and dirty blonde hair. If only he showed some respect.

"Oh, look! Retards, party of three!"

I scanned the crowd to see who said that and spotted four giggling cheerleaders.

"Oh, look," Maria mocked, "Silicone! Party of eight!"

Bobby and I laughed hysterically. Without Maria, lunch would never be the same.

"Guys, look," whispered Bobby, "Heather Bailey..."

I looked across the lunchroom and saw her. Heather Bailey. The object of perfection. She had long, straight blonde hair, piercing green eyes, and a skinny waste line. She always had a blank expression on her face.

"Hi Heather," Bobby said, grinning.

Heather grinned and waved at Bobby, "Hi Bobby. Hi Joshua, Maria."

She was actually pretty nice. I know Maria would be pissed if I said hi, so I just smiled and waved. She gave me a warm smile and turned around and walked away. Maria was shaking her head, sighing. I think she was jealous of Heather. Maria was beautiful, sure, but she had low self-esteem. She didn't really fit in a click, that's why she hung out with me and Bobby. We were outcasts. Sometimes I wish I was popular. Cruising the streets with friends, going to parties. Hell, just a wave from time to time would do.

"Don't be fooled, Joshua," Maria said in a tranquil voice, "She's just putting on an act so the geeks will vote her for Prom Queen."

I blinked, "Are you calling me a geek?"

Maria shook her head, "You know what I mean, Josh. The unfortunate people. You know... us."

That was so nonchalant. I don't think it phased Bobby, but it made me depressed. Was I really unfortunate?


School flew by awful fast. Students were excited about prom, teachers were excited about getting rid of them. Maria had told me to meet her on the street corner at 7:30 PM. Mom wasn't very happy about me going to prom. She was convinced I would be lured into drugs and alcohol. She always worried about me.

I walked down the stairs, all snazzed up in my tux. I felt so important. I mean, wow, I was going to prom! Not to mention I was going to meet a guy there. I wonder what he'd be like. Tan, muscular, feisty. That's what I was wishing for.

I walked over to the door and grabbed my coat from the coat rack, "Bye Mom. I'll be back around 2:00 AM."

My mom ran out of the living room to confront me, "Excuse me, young man?! 2:00 AM? I don't think so!"

"Aw, come on, Mom! We're just going to hang out afterwards."

She shook her head, "No, Joshua! I won't have it!"

"Okay, I'll make a deal with you. How about 1:30?"

She put her hands on her hips and shook her head.

"Okay.. uhm.. how about 1 AM?"

She stood there, still shaking her head at me.


She sighed, "Midnight. On the dot! And I don't want you going to any parties, Joshua. I mean it. Prom parties are nothing but trouble. Teenagers running around thinking they're adults, drinking booze and getting wasted. It's awful. I don't want you sucked into their world."

I laughed and shook my head, "Don't worry, Mom!"

She walked over to me and kissed me on the forehead, "Be careful."

I nodded and opened the door, "Love you."

"Love you too, son."

When I shut the door, I heard my mother shouting, "Don't do drugs!"


I walked to the corner to meet with Maria. Where was she? I looked all around and couldn't find her anywhere.

"Hey you." I heard a voice.

I turned around and there she was. Wow. She looked beautiful. She was wearing a long, strapless red dress. Her hair in a French twist, tied in a red ribbon. Around her neck was the locket I gave her last year for her birthday. She was even wearing some make-up.

"Is that make-up I see?" I grinned.

She laughed and lightly socked my arm, "You look handsome."

I blushed, "Thanks. You look extremely beautiful."

She shook her head and giggled, "Extremely beautiful? That's romantic."

I got down on my knees and took her hand, looking up into her eyes. She started laughing and backing away from me, but I grabbed onto her hand, "Oh fair lady of mine, with the beautiful red hair, won't you be mine? Won't you take a place in my heart?"

She started cracking up. She looked so pretty when she laughed. She shook her head, "Anything else?"

"Yeah, your mascara is kinda smeared."


It took us about 10 minutes to walk to school. I was so nervous. I was about to meet another gay person. Might not be a big deal to some other people, but me? Please. I don't even have the Internet. I'd have to deal with my claustrophobia for just one night.

We came to the double doors of Jinkin Hills Public High School. It was your average school. Two stories, made of old, rotting brick. It desperately needed to be remolded.

Maria patted me on the shoulder, "Joshua, are you ready?"

I closed my eyes and nodded, summoning for her to open the door. Maria opened the door and went in, and I followed. There was a small table set up with our secretary taking money. We walked over to the table and gave her our money, and headed towards the gym doors. It was time to do it.

"Let's go, babe." Maria grinned, opening the doors.

We walked inside and I could have fainted. There were tons of people scattered everywhere. Some in big groups, some dancing. The music was blaring. I looked around and saw decorations of all sorts. Ribbons, balloons, signs for Prom King and Queen.

"Look at all these people, Maria! I'll never be able to find him!"

"Aw, come on, hun. We'll find him. He has to be around here somewhere." She said, reassuring me.

Then it happened.


Maria sighed, "Ugh. I hate this stupid song."

I shook me head, "Come on! It's Christina!"

Maria rolled her eyes.

I grabbed her hands, "Let's dance!"

I dragged Maria to the center of the gym and started dancing with her. Christina is like acid to my shyness. I started busting a move with Maria, showing off all my moves that I invented in front of my bathroom mirror. She tried to follow along, but just ended up watching and laughing.

"Somebody should ring the alarm, because there's a fire right over there." Maria said, pointing.

I turned around and saw him. He must have been 5'6 or 5'7, skinny, short black spiked hair with blonde highlights. He looked kind of feminine. He was also dancing. His little freak dance was putting my skills to shame. He was swaying his hips, clapping his hands and grinding. He was dancing with a girl that looked familiar.

Maria peered closer at the couple, "Isn't that Heather dancing with him?"

I gasped. It must be her gay cousin! I was shocked. I turned to Maria, a look of excitement in my eyes, "What do I do?"

"Go talk to him, Joshua. You've got to get over your anxiety."

I took a deap breath, nodded, and walked over to him. I have been waiting for this my whole entire life. As I walked up to him, I noticed his fashionable attire. Black leathers boots, tight leather pants, and a tight red button-up, which was only buttoned once in the middle. Wow. A guy has to have a lot of nerve to wear that to a prom.

I took another breath and tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention. He turned around and looked at me, a blank expression on his face. He had gorgeous baby blue eyes, and a cute face.

"Excuse me, I was just wo.."

Then the unexpected happened. He grabbed onto me and started dancing.

"Hide me! Whatever you do, don't let that guy see me!" He pointed over at Todd Jenks. He was a High School jock. I assumed he wanted to kick his ass.

"Don't look, silly!" He said, slapping my face."

"Ow! Hey! What's the big idea?!" I was pissed now. I had just met this guy and had slapped me!

"Let me explain, sweety. Okay, so like, I was dancing with my cousin and this asshole comes over and has the nerve to ask me where I got my pants. Can you believe that? What nerve. I got these pants specially delivered from France godammit."

I nodded and continued to dance with him. I noticed he kept moving up and down, and all around. He was dance-moving, or whatever, to the nearest exit.

"So I told him it was none of his business, and he winks at me and says 'Feisty.' What the hell? I am not a boy toy! So anyway, then you came along."

What the hell? I've been living in this town all my life and a guy never hit on me. He, on the other hand, has been here for an hour, if that, and has a hot jock hitting on him!

"Oh." I said, still bewildered, "Why'd you start dancing with me? Aren't you afraid I'd beat you up or something?"

He started laughing hytarically, "Oh right, hun. You, kick my butt? Sure. Once I saw you my gaydar went DING DING DING! It almost blew up! Now keep moving! I need to get out of here. Ugh... my pshycic warned me about school dances."

Heather's cousin sure was flamboyant. He was extremely feminine. It was kind of cool, though. Of course, I was upset. I could never see myself with a feminine guy. No offense to any feminine guys, but I'd much rather perfer a straight acting guy like myself. Yeah, I listen to Christina, but still.
Ugh, I can't be so picky.

We reached a nearby exit and he stopped dancing with me and opened the door, went outside, and then shut it in my face. 'Gee, what a nice guy.' I thought to myself. Then the door flung upon and he grabbed me, pulling me outside.

"Okay, so anyway. Thanks for saving me from that." He fanned his face, "It was to traumatic."

I quirked an eyebrow at him.

"Well, I've got to get going! Thanks for saving me.. er.. what's your name?"


"Yeah, Joshua! Thanks!" He started walking off.

"W... wait!" I shouted.

He turned around, "What is it?"

"Uhm.. well.. I don't really know a lot of gay people, and I was wondering if like, we could.. hang out sometime?"

He put his hand on his heart, "Aww! That's so sweet! Well. I go to this place, it's called The Horizon. It's a little underground club where teenagers gather. No drinking or drugs or anything. Dancing, singing.. the whole works!"

I cocked my head, "Really?"

He nodded and started walking towards me, "You should go sometime. I could pick you up if you'd like?"

I nodded, "Wow. That would be awesome! Thanks... but... why are you being so nice to me?"

He laughed, "I know what it's like, hun. Of course, I've been fabulous all my life, and I had my first boyfriend at the age of 11, but I still know what it was like." He giggled.

My eyes boggled out of my head, "Say huh?"

He laughed and handed me a card, "Call me sometime. But don't think anything of it, okay? I have a love interest. He's one of those gorgeous muscle boys." He made an orgasm face and grinned.

"Anyway, see you later, Joshua!" He pulled out a cell phone and dialed a number, then started walking away."

What a night this has been. In just a few short hours I had an invitation.. to a club! Wow. Wait till Maria hears about this.

I started walking back inside when I remembered the card he gave me. I pulled the card from my pocket and looked at it: