Chapter 2

Detective Logan looks over at me. He looks a little worried.

“Are you ok?”

“You just told me that someone tried to kill me. I don’t know how I should react to that.”

Detective Logan nods at that moment. I’m scared to death honestly. I can hardly stand up when he says it to me. He reaches over at that moment and touches me on my shoulder.

“I know this can be a lot to take in…”

“Who would try to kill me?”

He shrugs, “Hopefully your memory comes back soon and you’ll be able to tell me. It could have been a stranger. It could have been friends. Hell…it could have been family…”

I look over at the house. The boys are heading back into the house at that moment. The sun is setting and it’s evening now. All of a sudden the level of comfort and trust I felt with this strange new family just evaporates. Who are these people really? Who are any of the people around me? I don’t know.

“Is it safe for me to stay here?”

“Since you came back has anyone given you reason not to trust them?” Detective Logan asks me, “Has anyone acted suspicious at all.”

I shake my head, “Nawl. Not that I can think of. I don’t know these people.”

He nods.

“Well maybe it’s best we just keep this between us for right now,” he explains, “I’ll keep investigating and you keep your eyes open. If at any point you don’t feel like you’re safe feel free to call me…”

“You’ll be my knight in shining armor?” I say smiling.

I don’t know where it comes from. It’s clearly flirting. I’m scared as hell and I should be focused on that but here I am flirting with the fucking detective. The detective raises and eyebrow as though surprised I’m standing here licking my lips at him.

He keeps his cool though and he hands me his card. Before he walks away he nods again, “Remember…let’s keep everything between us. Until we at least get some suspects on who may have tried to kill you.”


I get back in the house.

“Hey James…dinner’s in here…”

I feel awkward. I walk into the dining room to see this family sitting around. They are a beautiful family. I’ll have to be honest. A handsome group of guys. All shades of brown. All handsome faces. I feel like I’ve just walked into some high budget gay porn or something like that. That confuses me though. If I was straight before the accident then how the hell do I know what gay porn looks like?

“Here sit over here,” Houston says at that moment.

Houston literally pushes the chair out from me. He is a dark chocolate skin tone. I have to admit he’s attractive. His lips are the most striking thing about Houston. He has huge lips that are just fucking juicy. There is no other words to describe them. It’s like Angelina Jolie lips but on a man. They are wrinkled and seem to have a natural gloss on them. Houston is one of those guys that when he talks to you…you just zone in on his lips.

I take a seat in the chair, “Thanks…”

They are all looking at me. Staring. It’s hard to feel comfortable around these people knowing dam well one of them tried to kill me at some point.

Sydney is staring over at me at that moment, “Here’s some meatloaf. I made it to celebrate you coming home…”

My father smiles at her. I want to say thank you but I just don’t get it. How is this comfortable to everyone? This girl is a kid and my father was dating her. The other guys don’t seem to even notice it. By the time she serves the food they are all digging in. I just look at it and try to force myself to seem cool with this. Inside I’m just confused. I feel like I’m in the twilight zone. Handsome…no SEXY boys were all around me. My stepmother was my age. I don’t have a memory of anything else but it still seems so weird.

“What did the detective need?” my father asks.

He has his wife next to him. She is so young you would think she could pass for another foster child. She sits next to him and smiles as he talks.

“Just checking up on me, making sure I’m ok. You know?” I respond.

It’s the only thing I can really think of to reply. Detective Logan was right about me not telling them about what he really talked to me about. I may have known these people but I did not know what my relationship was like with them. I did not know-any-fucking-thing about these people except they looked ridiculously attractive. Hell even my adopted father had this sexy older man thing going on.

“Well tell him that shit is over…” Yuri replied.

“Watch your mouth Yuri,” my father says.

“Darryl chill. I’m 17 now…people talk like this,” Yuri responds, “I’m just keeping it 100 with my brother. The accident is over. Let’s move on.”

I notice how he doesn’t call Darryl something like “Dad” or “Pops”. He just calls him by his name.

“Say that again. I’m just glad my nigga’s home,” Rami says and laughs.

“You can’t say that…you can’t just use the fuckin’ N word…” Houston replies, “You’re not black. Stop trying to act like it.”

Houston looks over at Rami. Rami rolls his eyes. I can sense a tension between the two. It’s clear. I need to know these things. I need to know what the dynamics of this family really are.

Rami shakes his head, “Ok…Minister Farrakhan. I know I’m not black. I’m not no Rachel Dolezal. I’m just happy that my brother is home, ya dig? Besides we need him back on the team. We’ve lost two straight games.”

“Basketball?” I ask.

“You’re the captain of the Wagner Falcons,” Yuri reminds me.

Houston adds in, “We all play.”

“Some of us play well,” Rami responds.

It’s clearly a shot that he’s taking to Houston. I look over at Yuri. He has no response to it. He’s used to them taking shots at one another. Houston is glaring hard at Rami. I don’t pay it any real attention though. Hell it may just be some teen competitive bs. I am in a house full of teenage boys all around the same age.

Houston turns me to me, “We all are pretty good. You…you’re the best though…”

“Aw thanks…”

I don’t know what gets over me. I reach under the table and I put my hand on Houston’s thigh. I just mean to tap it but for some reason I’m leaving my hand there underneath the table. My hands are in his upper thigh. His eyes are facing down.

“We need you back at school,” my father says, “You can get back to school tomorrow. Be back at practice…”

I raise an eyebrow at that moment and laugh. I notice that no one else is laughing though. Darryl is serious. He’s dead serious.

“Um. What?” I ask, “I just came home. I almost lost my life. I think that qualifies me for some time off from school.”

My father shakes his head, “You’re a big boy. You’ll be fine. The team needs you.”

I’ll be fine? I didn’t even remember my fucking middle name. I didn’t even know if I had one and this man is telling me to get back to school so that I can play for the team or something.

Rami nods at that moment, “We sure do.”

I look over at Darryl confused, “What are you…the coach or something.”

He nods at that moment, “You remembering?

Great. My father worked for the school.

“No…just assumed.”

There’s an awkward silence at that moment. I bury my head in my hand.

There is a knock on my door later that day and when I go to open it I see Houston standing there. I’d been getting used to my clothes. I’d spent time looking at things that I have in my wardrobe. He doesn’t have on basketball shorts anymore. He has on a wife beater and some sweatpants. He’s tall and his big lips part slightly when I open the door. He has one of those sweatpants where you can see the imprint of his dick in them. I can’t help but to look down even if just for a few seconds.

“Hey…” he says.

I’m surprised he’s actually here but I’m not shy about it. The more I look at all the boys the more that I am sure that I am gay. There is NO part of me that is straight.

“What’s up?”

“I meant to give you this at dinner,” he says.

He hands me a phone at that moment. It’s a cell phone. Iphone 6 plus.

“What’s this?”

“It’s yours…” he responds, “Luckily you forgot it the day that you went missing.”

I look at the phone and turn it on to see a picture of me on it. How conceited was I to have a selfie posted as my screen saver. As I look at the phone I see the guy staring back at me. He’s cocky. He’s a little bit conceited. This phone could definitely have some clues to the person I was before.

“Thanks man. Thanks for saving it for me.”

“No doubt…” he says.

I’m prepared to close the door but Houston is just standing there .

He is just looking at me in this strange way. It’s almost like he wants to say something else. Maybe he’s thinking about how I touched his leg earlier. I can’t help but to look at Houston’s lips. They are sexy. They are fucking juicy. Right now I’m just looking at his lips and wanting to kiss all over them.

“What? You had something else you wanted to give me?”

“No. Just wondering. Are you…ok?” He asks before adding, “You seemed a little different. You know. At dinner.”

He’s definitely referring to me touching his upper thighs.

Hell there’s no point in hiding it now. I find myself licking my lips. Fuck I’m horny. Is it the car crash? I don’t know what it is. I just feel like I want to kiss him at that moment.

“I dunno if I’m ok,” I respond taking a step closer to him, “Maybe you can check me out.”

I’m in his space. He smells good. Fuck he smells amazing. Houston has the type of body that I have. He has the type of body that every male in this family has. It’s like we are muscular models with our bodies being triangles pointing to our dicks. His slim waist seems to be seen even underneath his H&M t-shirt. He has a black Caesar on top of his head. He’s too sexy.

“Your…girlfriend has been calling for you. You know. Tanya,” he says at that moment, “Maybe you should call her back or whatever.”

He looks worried.

“You should come in. Show me how to work this thing,” I respond to him, “You know…my memory or what not…”

I take off my shirt at that moment. Hell. If I’m going to wake up not remembering who I am and feeling like I’m in someone else’s body I’m glad it’s this body. I am a chiseled god. He looks me up and down at that moment and he seems like he is about to take a step forward but he stops right before going through the threshold of my room.

“I actually was about to head out with some friends. You should get some rest though. High school tomorrow. You know…big things. The team is going to be happy to have you back.”

“You sure I can’t convince you to stay?”

I can’t help it. I want Houston. I mean his lips are beyond kissable. I understand he’s my adopted brother but I don’t remember this kid. All I see right now are huge juicy lips, a muscular body and a dick that looks enormous underneath sweatpants.

“Naw…my homies are waiting for me. Sorry bro. Don’t forget to call Tanya. Your girlfriend misses you…”

I roll my eyes and let him leave. I’m looking through the phone at that moment alone. There are a lot of messages to my brothers. Stupid shit. It’s clear I must not have been the most intellectual person in the world. My text messages are mostly one word things. I’m looking through and I see a lot of messages to girls as well. A lot to Tanya but then all these other girls I don’t know. There isn’t just one or two. No. I was flirting with a ton of girls. They all seemed to be under the influence they are special too.

As I open my phone I go through trying to see if I can get any other clues. No clues. Only titties and pictures of pussies that girls sent me.

Damn…I guess I was horny.

I scroll through the history of my phone. There is no funny business. There is no evidence of foul play. There is no evidence of the fact that I’m even gay. Nothing. It’s odd.

There’s a knock on the door at that moment.

I open the door at the moment, “I knew you wanted me…”

Fuck. It’s not Houston. It’s Rami. Rami is standing here with basketball shorts on. He has that same silly smile on that he had ever since I met him. One of those good looking dudes who probably thinks he can be rude because he’s handsome enough and it’ll just come off as charming. The best way to describe Rami is perfect features. He has a face that looks like it was constructed in some gay teenagers laboratory. He has thick eyebrows. Sandy brown skin. He has a nose that looks like plastic. He literally looks like a Ken Doll. The others are handsome but Rami is a little too put together. He’s almost like art or something like that.

“What he said.”

“I thought you were someone else,” I said so embarrassed that my face turns red.

Rami walks in at that moment. It’s kind of rude but I’m getting the idea of the kind of person Rami is. He’s different from Houston. He’s not laid back. He’s upfront. He is bold. He walks into my room like it’s his. He’s standing there at that moment looking back.

“I overheard Houston talking to Yuri in the hallway. He says you freaked him out. He says you were trying to hit on him or something…”

My face gets beat red. Fuck.

“Why would he say that?”

“I don’t know,” Rami responds, “Relax. Yuri called his ass out too. I just found it amusing. I always told you to watch your back around Houston. You never listened to me. But now I’m kind of wondering. Were you trying to hit on Houston?”

I shake my head, “Hell nawl.”

“You don’t remember but back in the day you and I were in foster care together. We used to play house. You don’t remember that do you?

I knew Rami a long time I’m guessing before we were adopted by Daryl.

“Sorry…” I say.

“Well. Houston might be a lame but I’m not. Let’s play house…”

I’m not sure what’s happening until it happens! Rami walks over to me at that moment and he’s kissing me. His tongue is down my throat. It’s fucking sexy. He is kissing me all the way until we get to the door and the door slams behind us.

I’m not sure what’s happening but I’m not stopping it. Hell no. I’m enjoying it. Before long Rami is on his knees. He has me up against the wall.

Rami quickly puts my dick in his mouth. I feel this huge warm sensation as my dick is engulfed in his wet mouth. He starts sucking my dick and he’s good at it. He’s beyond good at it. He is taking me deep into him at that moment. He takes me to the back of his throat. It feels so good. I’m shaking at that moment. His tongue flickers. He’s enjoying it too.

“Turn around…” he tells me.

I do what he says. I can feel my heart beating so fast. When I turn around my chest is pressed up against the wall. Rami begins to lick in my ass. His tongue flickers fast into my ass cheeks. I can feel him separate my cheeks. He slowly cups my balls as he eats me out. His tongue licks my taint. He jerks me off with his right hand. It feels so fucking good. I can’t help but start moaning at that moment. I lean back and grab a coat of his hair. Rami is definitely a pretty boy…and his hair has a lot of grease in it but he doesn’t mind when I start playing with it. I’m pulling his head closer to my ass. I’m letting him get deeper and deeper.

I’m moaning, “Fuck…it feels so good…fuck…”

He’s fucking me with his tongue. He’s getting deep into it.

“Let it out…” he’s telling me, “Let that shit go…”

I notice him sucking my dick from the back now…stretching my dick underneath my balls. He sucks it deep, drawing from it like he’s trying to milk a cow.

I can’t help it. Within the next few seconds I’m shooting nut all down his throat.

“Mhmm…” Rami says, swallowing.

He’s a freak. He’s beyond a freak. My dick is still hard just thinking about this handsome ass man swallowing my nut. I think I’m still in some sort of dream or something. What the fuck was that about?

“Fuck have we done that before?” I say.

Rami shakes his head, “No. Hell no. I mean I’ve done some stuff here and there when I get bored but I know for sure you never got down like that. Damn. But you know what?”


Rami smiles wiping the nut off the side of his mouth away, “I’m loving the new you…”


The next morning I wake up and head downstairs. The first person I see is sexy ass Houston leaned up against the fridge. He’s drinking a glass of orange juice. He doesn’t make eye contact with me. He’s being beyond awkward standing there. He just nods a little bit. I must have freaked him out or something.

In the next few seconds someone brushes past my ass…sneakily. I look back to see Rami standing there. He has on a jeans jacket, a snapback hat and some colorful Huarache sneakers.

“Come on…we’re already late,” Rami says.

He is smiling. He looks like he’s in a good mood. I still can’t believe what happened last night actually happened. He’s looking at me and I’m just smiling back. I don’t know how else to react at that moment.

“I thought you said school doesn’t start until you get there,” Houston says smartly to Rami, “Don’t you think you’re the coming. Don’t you think you’re Jesus or something.”

Rami shakes his head, “No. I’m not Jesus. Some of them hoes at school do think I look a little bit like Miguel though.”

Houston rolls his eyes and walks outside. Yuri is sitting there waiting for us. He has a jeep outside. It’s a brand new jeep.

“Shit…that’s his?”

“It’s ours pimping. We are the Payne boys,” Rami says confidently, “We always ride in style…”

I’m in the backseat with Rami. Every now and then he looks at me and winks. Yuri is driving and Houston is in the passenger seat. Yuri and Rami are talkative. They interact the most and seem to want to pull me in which makes me think that before I must have been just as talkative as they were. Houston kind of seems quiet. He just sticks to himself and quietly takes silly jabs.

As we roll up to school it just seems like we must be some sort of celebrities or something like that. That’s the only thing that I can think of.

“Baby! Baby! Over here!”

I turn to see that girl. For a moment my mind goes blank and I forget who she is. Then it clicks. Tanya. She’s my girlfriend. She is with a bunch of girls that are just as pretty as her. One black girl goes over to Rami. I watch as Rami picks her up and squeezes her ass. He says something like “Hey baby” to her and kisses her on the lips. There is tongue action involved. It’s almost hilarious to think that Rami was actually swallowing my nut with that same mouth the night before.

“Hey I tell her...”

“You remember me now?” she asks.

She hangs onto me in an annoying way. A bunch of the other kids are crowded around us as we get there. It must be the hang out spot before class or something. They are just standing around. It seems like a very high school type click.


“It’s ok, it doesn’t matter,” she says before grabbing me, “Let me introduce you to Ashley. Rami’s girlfriend and my best friend. And this is my other best friend Shayla…”

Rami is all over this Ashley girl. The girl Shayla though is standing to the side. The look she is giving me is crazy. I know that look even though I don’t know where I know it from.

The girl Shayla smiles, “Welcome back. We all were scared when you went missing…”

I put my hand on my head, “Thanks man. It’s just weird with the memory loss or what not.”

Tanya smiles, “It’s cool. We’ll get you back on your feet in no time. We’ll be winning basketball games again.”

There they go again with basketball. This towns obsession with the sport is kind of crazy. I haven’t given the sport a second thought but it seems like that’s what they are all worried about. You would think Tanya would be more interested in the fact that her boyfriend is alive so she could spend more time with him.

Luckily Yuri walks over and grabs me away, “Tanya I’m going to have to steal my brother away for a second. You know. Brother shit…”

Tanya looks bummed at that moment. She walks away. Just as she walks away I notice the girl Shayla walking behind her. The girl Shayla smiles at me. I can’t help but to stare back and really wonder why the hell she’s staring at me like that.

It’s only Yuri and me as the others walk away.

“Bro you are going to get caught.”


“Tanya is going to find out you were smashing Shayla if keep giving her the eye,” Yuri responds.

It’s clear Yuri must know a lot of my business. I wasn’t giving Shayla the eye though. Hell I wasn’t giving Tanya an eye either. I don’t have an attraction for any of these girls. Not even a little bit. I mean. They are the pretty type of girls. Clearly the popular girls in school. These are clearly top of the top in this school but

“Damn…so I was cheating on Tanya with Shayla…”

Yuri laughs, “You must not know who you are. You man-slut. You was fucking half the girls in this fucking school boy…”


“Damn…don’t look now.”


“April. Let’s just leave.”

April? Darryl’s ex wife. I look over and see a car parked outside. It definitely is her. She’s just sitting there. Yuri gives me a weird look.

“What does she want?”

“Who cares? She’s fuckin’ crazy. That’s why Darryl left her,” Yuri responds.

I see her staring at me.

“Let me go speak to her…” I say, “I mean she was at the hospital when I woke up. She is like our adopted mother isn’t she?”

Yuri shakes his head, “You don’t know the whole story.”

I don’t listen, “Go ahead before you’re get late. I have an excuse. I did have a loss of memory. Don’t remember where I’m going.”

Yuri snickers a little bit. He walks away.

I find myself going to the car. She has no expression as I approach her. I don’t know what to call her. Should I call her by her first name or call her mother. I’m not sure. She is staring hard at me as I walk and I am just confused on why she is at my school this early in the morning.

“I wanted to catch you before you went in,” she says.

She doesn’t say hi or anything like that. She looks desperately around at that moment as though looking for someone.

I’m confused on what’s going on.


“Your family…they are going to try to kill you,” she says, “Maybe one of them. Maybe all of them. Don’t trust them. You hear me?”

“What? How—how do you know that…”

“You called me from your cellphone. You said that to me…seconds before your accident…”

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