Fall Sports
-mr. b-

The telephone rang and it was Matt. I enjoyed talking to him; he was a cool guy, kind of conservative and quiet for a high school teen. Nonetheless, I liked having friends and he just happened to like being one. I had never thought of him in a sexual way because he seemed so straight and narrow that I couldn't even imagine him having a cock. He was redheaded, somewhat slender but a couple inches over six feet, had rich brown eyes and a smile that made you feel warm and loved. We hung out sometimes after school at Starbucks or the gym but never had the closest of relationships. We never talked about girls or anything, mainly just sports and cars. He seemed to always occupy his time with one of those topics to keep himself busy. I wasn't sure why he never took interest in girls, but I figured that since he was Catholic and so reserved that he didn't really like to talk about that kind of stuff. And I didn't think I had any reason to be attracted to him until we became much closer friends ....

Matt was talking about the usual stuff on the phone, baseball, basketball, dumb stuff but fine to keep me company. I loved his voice; it was low and smooth, like what an elephant would sound like if one could talk. He asked me if I wanted to go with him to a football game that coming weekend and I couldn't refuse. Sunday rolled around and the stadium was cold and packed tight with testosterone. I could have fucked every guy in the place as horny as I was. But I put that behind me and sat back watching the players tight asses and the hot beer vendors trod up and down the isles. And as I looked towards Matt, who was sitting to my left, I noticed quite a bulge in his jeans. At first I just thought it was the way the jeans fit his crotch, but then I began to notice how it lifted up slightly as he used his binoculars to get a close-up view of the teams in their formations. I almost gasped before I thought to myself that he was probably looking at the cheerleaders. But there was something wrong. The cheerleaders were all in the wind tunnels warming up because of the temperature. I couldn't see any of them. A smirk crept on my face and I almost wanted to shout at him what a fag he was (even more than I). But instead, I simply leaned to his ear a little and said, "nice asses, huh?" He didn't seem to flinch as he nodded his head affirmatively. A split-second later, he snatched the binoculars from his soft eyes and asked me what I meant by that. I could tell he was shocked that I knew what he was looking at, so I just consoled him by telling him that I was looking at the same thing. He just sat there staring at me like I had just raped his mother and I couldn't help but grin widely. I glanced at the bulge in his pants and told him that he should really get some assistance with that. His thighs squeezed together and all the blood in his body seemed to rush for his face when he realized his arousal was so obvious. I told him to settle down and that we'd take care of it after the game. The fourth quarter came and we couldn't wait. We left our seats without a word and trotted to his car.

My thoughts were flying through my head. I was so amazed at how fast his secret was uncovered. My head was almost spinning with all of the thoughts I had about what we could do together. And just as I thought that maybe I had misunderstood him, a cold hand ran up under my jacket and across my warm stomach. I lost a breath and then relaxed as Matt began rubbing the front of his jeans across my ass. I realized we hadn't even gotten into the car yet and as cold as it was we needed to get warm.

I slammed the door shut and the car sparked to life. I glanced at Matt with his shiny red hair strutting out from under his black toboggan. He smiled and lifted his foot from the clutch clearly comfortless from the large lump jutting out his pants. As we got out of the parking lot, I clinched my teeth together and went for his crotch rubbing that sizeable lump. He looked at me a couple of times trying to keep himself on the road. His dick swelled under the pressure of my palm and I rubbed it trying to get a sense of just how massive this thing was. The whole front of his pants seemed to be hard and a part of his dick. I couldn't control myself and was almost drooling at the thought of such a tool. Suddenly the car jerked to a halt and I realized we were already at his house. I thought it was over and that this was his way of rejecting my advances. But, instead, he told me that his family had gone to the afternoon church service, like many Catholics do, and wouldn't be back until dinner.

The door seemed to take forever to open as we tried to get our horny bodies out of the cold and inside. Matt seemed to be a completely new guy as we entered his room and he closed the door with authority. He took off his warm hat and slightly shook his fiery bangs back into place. He then ripped his coat off and slid his pale, smooth chest out from under his flannel shirt. His stomach was incredibly flat with an olive-shaped navel and his nipples seemed to poke out in opposite directions. I couldn't just stand there so I took off my coat and rushed my hands to his belt-buckle helping him uncover the treasure that lay waiting for me. His jeans slipped down his thighs covered with prickly hair, revealing his plaid, tent-shaped boxers. I could smell his spicy deodorant as I got to my knees and shucked his boxers from his narrow waist. The sight was overwhelming. His foreskinned cock stood around eight inches there with a little lean to the right. The base was covered in scraggly red-brown hairs sprouting from his pelvis and large drooping balls. His hands lay calmly at his side as I looked up at him while running the tip of my tongue up to the head of his beautiful dick. My insides tingled with excitement when his dick flexed up from my oral stimulation. He breathed in deeply when I encircled my thumb and middle finger around his thick meat, gently rolled his foreskin back to the halt, and placed the damp knob of his prick in my moist lips. I could taste a hint of the precum that had probably been dripping from his dick in the car. I prepared my throat to be filled and went as far down on him as I could feeling the slit of his cock rub the back of my windpipe. His knees almost gave way as I sent his cock sliding in and out of my slippery jaws. I rubbed with my free hand underneath his leathery ball sack and felt the sweaty crevice that lead to his ass. While I blew him, thoughts of fucking him flashed through my mind and almost kept me from making out his breathless cries for me to stop. I pulled my mouth from his cock with droplets of saliva and precum hanging from my lips. I let his foreskin slip back over his dick and began to get myself all the way undressed.

He was just regaining normal breathing when I finally stood completely naked in my friend's bedroom. His eyes were fixed on my cock while he slowly massaged his. I lead him to the bed and sat down spreading my legs and drawing his head down towards me. Matt bent his thin legs and knelt down in front of me. First he kissed my chest and licked around my stomach. He then made a saliva trail down to my now aching dick. His warm slippery lips nuzzled the head of my cock sending my muscles tightening from sudden stimulation. I rested my hands in his nest of shiny orange hair and pushed his head onto me. He went down with eagerness only pausing to make sure he didn't gag. He guided his tongue over my shaft and flexing head while sucking his hot mouth over my dick. His hands had grabbed a hold of my ass cheeks almost pulling my whole body into his aggressive oral chokehold. Each time he went down on me I seemed to slide forward and lose more of myself in his mouth. His bangs tickled my stomach and lower pelvis while his nose invaded my patch of pubic hair. I threw my head back and almost screamed.

I opened my eyes and saw him wiping his mouth looking intently at me. I smiled and invited his lips to meet mine. He eased his warm, lanky body on top of me and pressed his lips into my mouth. Gently, we let our tongues mingle and I rubbed the back of his neck. I could feel his lumber-sized cock throbbing into my thigh as we kissed. I let my right hand stroke it and bring it to meet my dick. He gyrated his hips pushing his cock into mine as we couldn't let our lips separate. My hands had begun to squeeze his soft ass as one of his long arms had reached under my back and the other rubbed my sensitive nipple. He finally raised his head from mine and we ceased kissing. He rolled off of me and laid fully on the bed, sideways, with his back facing me. I didn't hesitate.

I laid with him, on my side as well and pressed my body against his strong back. My dick slipped around brushing the crack of his ass but not really poking him. I placed the palm of my sweaty hand on the back of his thigh and pushed his top leg forward to expose his tight but penetrable, pink asshole. I wiped with my middle finger the precum flowing from my dick and rubbed it around his hot hole. He began to tense a little as I slid my slippery finger inside of him. I tenderly pecked the back of his neck with my lips and licked around his earlobe. My finger was moving easily in and out of him so I decided I had warmed him up enough. I guided the tip of my dick to the entrance of his taught tunnel and eased my dick in. His asshole spread open inviting the length me inside. I felt his back stiffen against my stomach and heard him trying to calm his breathing. Once my pubic hair began to tickle the curves of his ass cheeks, I reached my hand around his waist and clamped on to his softening member. The head of his dick had begun to slide back into his foreskin so I stroked him vigorously bringing him back to life. At the same time, I pulled my dick out almost completely and then rapidly returned it to the hugging tunnel inside him. Grunts and yelps came from his mouth as he squinted his eyes and pushed his ass back into me meeting my fucking rhythm. His dick slid around in the palm of my hand as his precum juices flowed again. I jerked him off in sequence with my thrusts into his constricting asshole. My free hand was brushing back his red hair and I sucked gently on the side of his pale neck. I could hear the mushy, slippery slide of his foreskin back over his massive shaft and feel myself losing rhythm because of the insurmountable pleasure. My fucking hit fifth gear with the bed shaking side to side and my damp chest and stomach slapping against his stiff, sweaty back. My hand was flying over his dick milking whatever juices his balls contained out into my hand. He had let out so much precum that the sheets under him began to stick to his body. And finally after what seemed like hours of reaming in and out of his exercised ass, I felt my legs and stomach flex. My arm tightened around his waist and my hand squeezed his powerful cock still sliding the foreskin over his rod. Streams of my cum squirted along the walls of his anal cave and flashes of lightheadedness overtook my ecstasy. I sensed his dick pulsating in my palm and, as cum stopped pouring from my dick, his anal walls compressed sporadically and his dick contracted sending globs of cream splattering out onto my hand and the bedsheets below. His slender torso was heaving catching whatever oxygen he could and I began to totally relax against his body. My hand still coaxed the last fluid from his fabulous penis as we finally caught our breath. I looked briefly around his room at our clothes strewn over the floor, our bodies pressed together in a memory of passion, and gently kissed the shoulder of my new best friend.

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