Falling On

Waking up had always been the same thing over and over again. Wake up, get ready for school, several things in the middle, and eventually just end up back home to repeat the same. I probably wouldn't mind the monotonous behavior every day, but life was just really lonely. I consider myself a drama queen for exaggerating such loneliness, but I suppose it was only because I wasn't satisfied. Out of the seven deadly vices, I always knew mine was envy, and there were plenty of things to envy at school. The perfect couples were probably one of my worst causes of such jealousy. I always had to endure watching them showing their "public display of affection" everywhere they went. I shouldn't be angry with them though, it's not their fault they have the luck to find each other so early, or anyone at all for that matter. This way of thinking didn't help much though. I was slowly dying, and it seemed to me that there wouldn't be a happy ending. I'm sure being the selfish ungrateful person that I am; I would have committed suicide had I not met Zachary. Meeting him was bitter sweet though, he had stopped my anxiety, but he made me dependent on him. I became addicted to him, and when he was away, I went through withdrawal like effects that could only come from constant use of drugs. Looking back, I wonder if I would regret anything.


The school bell had just rung to announce that the second semester of school had started. The only thing exciting about that is all the new people that transfer in from other schools. I was already excited to be talking to my usual friends though, smothering myself in attention because I felt like if I had everyone's fake love then it would count like real love.

"Alex!!! Let's go skipping dumb ho! It's a proven fact that all juniors that go skipping end up living happy successful lives!" My friends had a weird way making me regret that I was friends with them...

"That sounds great... except for you know... the amount of trouble we could get in!"

"How much peer pressure do you actually need? Aidyn is already waiting in the school parking lot and Lucius is picking up some things from his locker, but is going to meet us like in 2 minutes with a friend of his. If it makes you feel better we have some really good weed! Better yet Aidyn's new car can play DVD's and guess what movies I have!" Like an excited school girl he pulled out several random pornographic videos...

"Is this your way of convincing me to go, I mean as great as you describe it, you know the skipping school to get high and probably jack off in a car with several friends, isn't as exciting as you might think." OH did I forget to mention the usual cliché of me not telling anyone I get aroused by seeing guys naked because it would lead me to the usual discrimination and probably being made fun of constantly for the rest of my life!

Staring at me slightly amused and slightly irritated Chris replied with his usual excited tone. "Buddy, if you don't get in that car right now, I'm going to rape you, and you're probably going to enjoy it, but the point is your going to feel the frustration your getting me into. Now let's go before I disown you as my friend, dumb ho!"

"Fine, I'll go as long as I get to ride in the back and we stop by McDonalds to pick up a drink for me." He had won, but eh I don't mind. I just hope nothing awkward comes from this.

"I knew you'd see my way. I love you." He was patronizing me, but he still made me feel warm. He was one of my closest friends. Truth be told, I only really consider 3 people close to me, Aidyn, Lucius, and Chris. It also helped that he had that whole stereotypic Mexican soccer playing figure and face (I'm aware that its football with like an accent in other countries, which makes more sense to me but I don't care! Aren't I a rebel?) As creepy as it is, all my close friends were hot to me. This led to many awkward moments during times of wrestling, but I'd rather have awkward moments then no moments at all.

"That's nice." I couldn't resist replying sarcastically.

"Dumb bitch! Say it back before I start choking you." While he walked and threatened me, Aidyn pulled up.

"Hey just because it's closed campus and were skipping doesn't mean you guys have to hurry up at all." Aidyn liked mocking my sarcastic personality every time he could. I assume it was mocking and not imitation because he liked my personality simple because I decided upon that. If I was optimistic I probably would have gone with the latter though. "Let's get this show on the road queers! I'm not going to wait forever."

"Hey if you wanna go get high on your own like a complete loser go for it buddy, see if I care. Besides Lucius isn't here yet! You don't expect us to hurry when we fully know were not leaving without him." I wanted to hurry on the inside; paranoia was sinking its teeth in me.

It took him a while to think of something to respond with, but he finally got something. "Alex, do me a favor and suck my cock!"

"Now now, I leave you guys alone for less than 10 minutes and your already tearing apart without me. By the way meet Zachary; he transferred in from some random ghetto school."

"It's not ghetto, it's just very traditional." Zachary had the greatest smile I have ever seen. I was already staring at him, I'm sure no one saw though. It still made me paranoid. "So what are we waiting for? I thought we were in for a fun filled day with high jacking." Have I mentioned his smile?

"Are we honestly planning that out, my insecurities giving you guys the heads up that I'm not taking off any clothing, unless it happens to be in the restroom while I'm alone."

"I'm sure the drugs will loosen your inhibitions buddy." Aidyn was already getting my paranoid. "Do you guys want the air on, or do you prefer the windows down? Never mind I don't care what you guys want, windows down! We're almost where we're headed anyway."

Already Chris was trying to loosen the tension. "I thought we were going over to an abandoned warehouse. Oh no this is just like a horror movie, were all going to die because you're really taking us to a slaughterhouse!"

"I'm driving towards my house, no one's home, and my mother's is out of town for who knows what."

"Probably in bed with some random guys."

"Lucius, I hope you know that you're in my car, so it's not considered murder if I kill you right now."

"What the hell, since when has location ever mattered in murder. If you kill someone, you kill them. It doesn't matter if you do it on your property or at candy land."

"We're here! Time to shut up and get out of "Aidyn's car" since obviously it's the best thing in the world ever. I thought we were going to just chill out in the car, but no, we get to school and you end up making us come back to your house. I'm not amused"

"Alex shut the fuck up. Don't make me cock slap you! Now go inside and get the DVD's ready."

"Yeah whatever" Jokingly I walked out of the car liked a pissed off girl. Which probably isn't best when someone new was around us.

"So his name is Alex? Is he gay?"

"Your new Zack, but Alex is definitely not gay and is great when you get to know him."

"Oh no, I think he's great already, I was just curious."

"Okay I got it playing already! Hurry the fck up!" I always had a problem pronouncing the ck noise after a vowel. Not because I wasn't capable of it, but it literally hurt my ears in some weird way to hear it being pronounced. CK is probably the worst noise in the world.

Totally forgetting the porn, we all sat around Aidyn's room floor while he lit up. When we finally got to the point where we had a steady circle of passing it around, people were already feeling it. Everyone had their own little reaction, well not reaction, but a habit they had while they were "high". Lucius had the craziest laugh ever. Cackling maniacally he would laugh every time someone looked at him. Chris was cradling himself slightly while his bloodshot eyes told us that he wasn't listening at all. All the while Aidyn had been rambling on while it seemed to me that only I was paying attention. "Dudes you guys totally have to sleep over and we can eat ice cream all night and say stories and roll around and sleep and play video games and uhhhh and other stuff." I usually don't like staring while everyone was like that so I wander with my eyes, and I caught a glimpse of Zack. He didn't look high at all.

"Do you not smoke? I'm not going to pressure you or anything, but it doesn't look like you smoked at all."

"Yeah, I don't mind other doing it, but for myself I'd rather not inhale anything that's black, or anything that isn't clear."

"Haha that's cool I suppose. Well why'd you come if you knew this is what we were going to do?"

"Nothing better to do."

"How blunt... Well then let's go to a different room so you don't have to deal with the smoke, it doesn't look like anyone would mind, they're already going to pass out."

"Is Aidyn cool with this? It is his house."

"Dun worry bout it, we've all been friends since we were kids, and I've been here several times in my life. By several I mean like three times each week."

"Kay fair enough" I lead him to Aidyn's guest room. As soon as we entered I laid myself across the bed and gave him the TV's remote.

"So why'd you decide to transfer?"

"Simple, your school is higher ranked then mine in education."

"That makes sense, by the way if I make no sense I'm sorry, even though I'm not fully "high" I can still feel slight effects."

"I'm fine with it, just lay back and relax."

"Already so demanding are we? Haha well I think I'm just going to lay like this for a while." I was laying back down with my shirt slightly raised revealing only a bit above my belly button. What happened next shocked me though, probably less then it normally would since I was a bit "high". He bent over and just started blowing on my stomach, like they do to little kids. I normally wouldn't mind anything like that, but I mean I barely knew the guy. Laughing weirdly I tried responding without sounding like gibberish. "Stop you're going to make me pee!" Whoa bad idea on his part, just seeing his perfect face near my stomach made me hard. I quickly tried playing it off. "Woops my phone always slips to the middle haha"

"What are you talking about?" WOW he didn't notice at first and I totally made it obvious now... Hide, doesn't matter where, I just need to hide somewhere. "I thought you weren't gay?" He seemed accepting and curious, bad sign.

"We've only had like one conversation consisting of like fifteen sentences total." I just keep making it worse for myself, damnit.

"So you are gay?"

"No! I'm just easily excited! Yeah that's it, easily excited."

"Well if you're gay, does that mean you'd do any guy you see?"

"I just finished saying I'm not gay, and I'm not listening! I'm asleep." My game plan was totally great, lay back on a bed closing my eyes hoping everything goes away. Weird sensations hit my wrists though, I didn't do anything though. I didn't even open my eyes. I was just too relaxed with all the THC. I eventually did look though, partly because I felt hands on my stomach. I tried wriggling around, but my wrists were cuffed. "What the snarf? Where the fck did you find cuffs in someone else's house?"

"They were lying around over there next to all those kid toys." Damnit the guest room used to be Aidyn's old room as a kid. "Don't worry I'm not going to do anything to hurt you, well not a lot at least."

"We barely know each other and you're already molesting me?" Everything I said just went through him. I watched in slow motion how he was slowly caressing me, and even though I was partly freaking out and partly relaxed from the weed, I was still turned on out of my mind. My penis started hurting from my jeans already. My mind was racing and I was trying to concentrate. No luck.

"Let's see what's behind door number one, by the way just relax don't scream, one: no one would hear you, two: well you're enjoying this obviously." I didn't even respond, just let things fly by.

He was pulling my pants down which just led to my flag pole stretching out my briefs bad. He pulled back the front cover to the briefs to let my penis poke out. "It's pretty big buddy, how many inches?"

"Probably around seven and a half, but could you please just stop." He made me feel so hot but his undertones made me feel slightly ashamed.

"Dude we're just having sex, something to relieve some tension. Don't make this seem like its torture. Anyway, you're going to enjoy seeing my huge cock." The thought of him naked was making me go crazy. As soon as his hand touched my dick felt like it was going to explode right then and there. He was so soft and was smiling at me devilishly. Slowly he started stroking me, just teasing me until I went insane. Sadly I started moaning softly, trying to hold everything back. It was embarrassing to me that some guy I had barely met was stroking me off while I was half naked, and he was fully clothed just watching my reactions. "I know I'm hot buddy but don't go blowing your load so early on me." Him teasing kept pushing me over the edge of cumming. It was just too much for me to handle. As if this all wasn't enough to make me just go insane, he slowly pulled down his pants and revealed his muscular legs. I couldn't help but stare at his boxers, and apparently he caught wind of this because he started teasing me more. "Do you want to see it?"

Blushing I tried to make this seem totally manly, completely in denial. "No... just quit doing all this and we'll make it seem like nothing happened."

"Fine if you don't care about it, then I'll just take off my boxers and play with it." Seductively he pulled them off revealing a slightly bigger penis then mine. "You like it? Let's see if you like the way it feels." He put his hard dick on top of mine and slowly jerked both of us together with both hands.

"Zachary please, this is too much I'm going to cum." As soon as I said this he stopped. With my eyes closed from the exhaustion, I tried focusing on what was happening. Too little time though, I was already feeling him sitting on my chest.

"Open up baby, try tasting me and see if you like it." I opened my eyes to see his erection staring straight at me. I wasn't sure of what to do, but I was slowly giving in. I reached out with my tongue and just slid it over the head. "That's great Alex, just keep doing that and I'll give you the best fucking you'll ever have. Especially if it's your first time!" What!?!?

"Wait, I'm assuming all I'm going to do is give you head, let you shoot your wad and we'll just never speak of this again, NO FUCKING WHATSOEVER was involved."

"Since when are you calling the shots? Just shut up and enjoy the ride." With that, he slowly slid his dick in my mouth. It was a strange taste, but I wanted to please him for some odd reason. I kept licking him until he finally pulled back and said it was "time"."

"Time for what?" Giggling he went into the corner and was playing around with what looked like his wallet.

"Condom!" He was sliding one over his dick and just smiling back at me! I was honestly scared out of my life. I'd never had anything in my butt at all. The thought scared me. "Relax it's only 8 inches, I'm sure you can handle it. Mind spreading your legs for me?"

"Wait please let's just stop right here!"

"Oh my god, here we go again, fine I'll do all the work." Roughly he pulled my legs apart and inched close enough for his waist to keep my legs apart.

"Wait no please, I can't do this." I could feel a finger working itself in me, and he rotated it while pushing in and out. I felt so sick. The feeling was horrible and I kept moaning over and over.

"Hey keep it down; you're going to wake up everyone." With that he actually started fingering me faster. It was loosening me up, but it just kept making me feel sick. Eventually he pulled out his finger and placed something extremely hot directly outside my hole. Obviously it was his dick but I was hoping it would be something different, like the air. "Ready? I'm going to push in baby, hope you like me." Easing himself in wasn't helping at all, he obviously hadn't done enough with his finger because he roughly pushed himself on me with all his weight. Once it finally did get in though, I was moaning at normal talking volume. The pain was just too odd, not really hurting me but it was making me feel great. He just lay there though. "Do you feel my rigid cock in you buddy? How is it? Want me to start moving?" With that he started moving back and forth SUPER slow. He just wanted to humiliate me more though, after several pumps, he started jacking me off.

Furiously beating me off, I felt extreme waves of ecstasy especially with his hard cock still rubbing inside me. I was focusing on every ridge and outline his dick had inside me. "I'm going to cum!" I could feel my load coming out and making me feel pure nirvana. I sprayed all over my chest and abs. All my warm fluid just laying there while I relaxed, his dick still inside rubbing my insides.

"How was it? I think I deserve a thank you! While you relax though, I'm going to finish up, so don't mind me" With that he just started angrily humping me and I moaned louder, he covered my mouth with his hand though. I couldn't resist licking his palm when he covered my mouth. To play along I guess, he stuck a finger in my mouth which did successfully stop my moaning, but added to my humility. Sucking on a stranger's finger is totally worse than on his dick. Eventually he pulled out and quickly slid the condom off. Directing his cock at me, he pushed in my mouth and shot several small shots of cum. Salty as it was I couldn't stop sucking on him. Finally I licked his head of all the cum without even being told. "You enjoyed this a lot didn't you buddy?"

"Can you please just shut the fuck up and let me slowly figure what just happened."

"Chill, it's already over. I'll uncuff you and just clean yourself up. No one will have to know and everything will be fine. This isn't the end though." I began to hate his smile, he warned me of his bad intentions. He kissed me while he uncuffed me, I didn't mind it, I just felt helpless knowing that everything this guy did turned me on. Before I could go though, I could already feel myself dosing off. I assume that he found his way around the house though, because he returned with a towel and wiped me off. He threw the towel to the side and cuddled me. Seriously is this guy bipolar? Am I? He was making me fall in love and hate him at the same time. I just hope we wake up before the other guys.

Random Information:

This was my first story blah blah, and it might not be that interesting since I don't really know how to start off a good story and end it. So I'll try my best to practice, but I'm pretty sure it won't matter since I'll only have like one reader which is probably myself. Anyways though, if you don't like guy on guy sex don't read this, and everything is fictional. Please don't repost this or do anything bad with it. I'm sure you can print it out for yourself but don't go trigger happy.

Any comments or suggestions can be emailed to me, but if you're going to just insult me, I'd rather you not. Allen7174@hotmail.com