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Hi my name is Jason or Jase to most of the people who know me. I was chosen to tell you about our family, and I will try to tell it in the third person since I know most of what has happened and have read everyone's journals and had extensive talks with everyone to get their takes on everything. I will try to tell you everything that happened in the approximate order that things happened, however, I may have to move around a bit so you get a better perspective of things.

Now all that said, I will start with the night shortly after I turned 16. I had gotten my license and my folks had given me a car, older though it was, I was proud of it. Several friends had invited me to a party. I asked the rents and got the ok to go.

That night Sharon, this girl who had been chasing after me for some reason had conspired with a couple of my so-called friends to get me drunk. Now you should know that I had known I was gay since I was like 7, but was terrified to let anyone know, so I stayed as deeply hid in the closet as was humanly possible. I had no sex at all, except with my hand. I told no one.

That night Sharon decided that she was going to get what she wanted. After I had several drinks, and was quite drunk, she proceeded to get it. I do remember thinking about one of the guys at school while she rode me. I guess that is the way I stayed hard, who knows. I guess she assumed that would make me interested in her, of course it did not and I played it off like I did not even remember the whole encounter. That really pissed her off and she started to get nasty. I got to the point where I hated her. Just the sight of her pissed me off.

Two months after that night, she cornered me and told me that she was pregnant! To top it off she told me it was mine. I blew a gasket. I told her I wanted it tested as I did not believe her. Well the long and short of it is that it was mine. She wanted nothing to do with it. Her parents wanted nothing to do with it, and as much as I hated the whole idea, I wanted it. I was able to convince her to have the baby and give up parental rights to me.

So on October 20, 1988 Joey Black was born a little over a month early. He was not at all small and he was almost normal weight. He was wide eyed and curious from the start. My rents hated the idea that I was going to be a Dad. They arranged for me to move to Corydon, IN and live with my uncle, the blacksheep of the family. I did not know why, but I did not care, I had never met him and was eager to be away from my folks.

I guess I should back up a bit and tell you a little more about me. At 16, I was 6'5" and weighed in about about 190. I had and still have ash blond hair and green eyes. I was no model or anything, just average in the looks department, though I was convinced back then that I was homely. Oh well. Anyway, my folks were strict Baptist's and that was another reason I could never come out to them. I hated them at the same time I loved them, but you know how that is. I mean, I never done without, and I know that they loved me in their own odd way.

I packed all my stuff into a pull behind U-Haul trailer and me and my son set off for my uncles home in Indiana on November 2, 1988. I headed to a new life and welcomed it. Now it is not all that far from Bardstown, KY to Corydon, about 2 hours, so it is not like I had this huge trip to a new life or anything.

Imagine my surprise when I got to my Uncle Terry's house to find that my Uncle had another guy living there. I just assumed that he was a friend who was there to meet me. I did not think much of it at that moment. His name was Larry and he was nice as could be. He made a fuss over Joey and I appreciated his genuine attitude. I loved my son like you would not believe, but so far he had been rejected my his Mother (and I use that term lightly), and his grandparents on both sides.

Larry helped me unload the trailer and move everything to the basement of the house. It looked new. I found out later that night that my Uncle had a construction crew in the moment heard I was coming to build me a small apartment. There was a kitchen, family room, two bedrooms, and two baths, and a den/library. It had it's own entrance and the door to the upstairs locked. He had added insulation and soundproofing put in, so I would not hear him and he would not hear Joey. I kinda laughed because Joey almost never cried, he was a pleasure to be around. He only got grumpy if he was late for his meal or had to be changed.

After everything was unloaded and put away, Larry told me that for that night, Terry would make dinner. If I wanted, he would go with me to the grocery store and Wal-mart the next day. I guess he seen the look on my face, because he told me that I did not need to worry about money right now, that Uncle Terry would talk about all that later.

That night Uncle Terry took me to his Den while Larry looked after Joey. "Jason, I want to start by telling you some stuff and if you do not want to stay that will be up to you. First you need to know that Larry lives here." he told me.

"Larry is my partner, lover whatever you want to call it. I love him with all my heart. I know that this is a shock, but I felt you needed to know." He finished.

I sat there stunned. I had never met anyone who was gay, though I knew I was. He was so open about it, and I think that was even more of a shock. His gentle eyes held a combination of question, hope and fear. I knew I needed to let him know that I was cool with him, but I also felt something else for the first time. It was a feeling of trust. I knew I could trust him!

I looked at him and smiled. "Well that is cool with me. You are good in my book, you have taken me and my son in and given us a very nice home. I wish that I had known you before, but I guess I can't help that."

The look of relief and sadness that crossed his face almost made me want to cry. I had a ton of questions I wanted to ask, and I also wanted to tell him about me, for the first time in my life I wanted to tell someone that I was gay. I knew that this would be a very long conversation. That conversation, however would have to wait til after dinner as Larry came in an told it was ready at that moment.

He looked at Uncle Terry and the look of pure unadulterated happiness and love that my uncle returned was almost embarrassing to see. That look was returned in full measure and that look would have made me know that they were a couple if I had not been told so. They loved each other and it was clear as day when they looked at each other. Another first for me.

Now you should know a bit about my Uncle. Terry was 39 at the time and Larry was 36. Uncle Terry looked a lot like me, he was the same height, and near the same weight, his hair was a bit lighter than mine and he had blue eyes, but otherwise you could tell we were related, maybe even brothers. Larry was about the same, though he was a little more built than either of us. Neither of them were what you would call feminine. I knew my Uncle owned a construction company, but later found out that both of them owned it, but Uncle Terry ran it.

After we ate and I had put Joey down for the night, the three of us sat down in "my" family room to talk. I felt that I needed to get my confession out before anything else was said. I have no idea why, but I just knew I needed to get it out.

"Uncle Terry, Larry I need to tell you guys something, and I have never told another soul this before, but I know somehow that I can trust you guys. I am gay and I have known it since I was like 7. I have never had sex with a guy, but they are all I think about. Hell, I don't think that I could have produced Joey, if I had not been drunk, and been thinking about Steve at the time to keep it up. Opps, sorry about the language." I said very fast to get it out.

Both of them smiled huge smiles. "Jason, we are all guys here and we have all heard that shit, so do not worry about language with us. I am so proud of you. What you just did took a hell of a lot of courage. Thank you for trusting us."

"Jason, you are amazing to me. You want your son, you are willing to give up your family to take care of him, you can come out to us and you have given us a level of trust that I had not thought you would be willing to give anytime soon." Larry said.

"I am just think it is cool that you are able to admit you are gay at your age. When I was your age, I denied it to myself and everyone else. God what a mistake that was. Of course you do not have to listen to me, but if you will, I have some advice for you. DO NOT HIDE WHO YOU ARE!!! I suffered far more by hiding in the closet, than I would have if I just come out. I have seen it time and time again with others too.'

I am pretty sure you do not know much about me, so I will fill you in. My situation seems to be common and I hope you can avoid it. I knew I was gay about the same age as you, though I denied it. I dated girls, played sports and all that shit. I could not feel comfortable around girls or my jock buds unless I was buzzed. I got into drinking heavily and doing some of the lighter drugs. By the time I was out of high school and ready to go to college, I was a complete mess. Of course my folks had no idea what was going on. I think your Dad knew I was drinking and shit, but he did not know why.'

I made it through my first year in college, barely. When I went back my second year, I was given a room mate who was openly gay. He was not a flamer or anything like that, but he told me right off that he was gay. I reacted very badly at first. He just put up with it for awhile. One day he had enough I guess, and he went off on me. He wanted to know how I could call him a faggot and all that when I was in the library bathroom getting blow jobs whenever I could. At that point I broke down and told him everything. He held me as I cried, and he told me that while it was rough, it was harder to hide it. He told me that by going to the bathrooms and other places like I had been doing, I was putting myself in danger. he explained HIV and other things."

At that point my uncle had tears running down his cheeks. He seemed to be reliving the whole thing and I was almost tempted to stop him, but he was telling me things that I needed to know and everything he said made sense.

"He held me for a long time, then I tried to kiss him. He stopped me, and told me that he was in a relationship and they did not cheat on each other. I laughed and said that I thought all fags were only about sex. He hit me! He told me to never use that term again. Then he proceeded to tell me that yes a lot of gay guys were only about sex, but most of them were in the closet and the ones that were out, were no different that the straight sluts that were out there. I told him I was sorry and just saying what I had heard. Over the next several months he educated me about many things, but never sex. I came out sort of on campus and started to make friends. When I went home that summer, I was horrified when the pastor said that fags deserved to get AIDS. I hated being there. Somehow I made it through the summer and I decided that I would not be home the next summer.'

When I got back to college, I met Larry the third day. He was a freshman and was so cute I had to try to talk to him. As luck would have it, he was in a couple of my elective classes, and lived next to me. We got to talk a lot and became friends. Over the course of the year, we became best friends, but nothing more.'

'He was staying for summer classes that summer as well, so we arranged to room together. Well sometime during this time he found out that I was gay and soon asked me out. Pretty much the rest is history, at least as far as us being together. We had built a solid friendship and it evolved into love. I came out to the family the day I graduated from college.'

'Mom and Dad disowned me on the spot, your Dad tried to hit me. I took him down without hurting him. He told me that I would go to hell and all that shit, but that he still loved me and he would pray for me. Well that was 18 years ago and we are still very much in love and still together and your Dad still will not talk to me much. I have not talked to the rest of the family since then." He finished.

"wow" That was all I could say. I knew that he was not a close family member, because he was never at any family function. Hell I did not even know he existed til I "got into trouble". It was kind of pathetic to me. It was just one more example to me of the hypocrisy of my family who were supposed to be so religious. Jesus said to love one another and not judge, but they sure judged everyone. I knew that I would never see my folks again. I wish that I had been right and I hadn't.

We talked about everything under the sun that night. They told me that I did not have to worry about money, as they would provide me with food and baby items and anything else I needed or wanted. They would get and pay for a separate phone line, TV and cable and all that. They said they would give me $100 a week spending money and would pay for my car insurance and all that. When it came time for college they would pay for it if I wanted to go.

I spent two weeks settling in and then got enrolled in school. I would only be there for a short time til the Thanksgiving break, but I wanted to get back into the swing of things. I was surprised to find that Corydon Central High was almost new. They had computers, pretty decent teachers and most of the students seemed cool. I did not make any real friends before the break though. I did notice a couple of the guys in my classes that I thought were hot. I had decided that I would not deny being gay if asked, but would not parade it either. I met Danny in my history class and we hit it off pretty quick. He was a basketball player. We got along pretty well, but we were not what I would call friends yet.

After the holiday, I really started to meet people. No one really knew that I was a Dad yet. Danny was the first one to meet Joey and he fell for him right away. He asked some pointed questions but I kind of evaded them at first. Over the next several months he figured things out and asked me point blank about being gay. I answered him honestly, though I was scared to death.

He told me that if I had told him 6 months earlier, he would have outted me and made school hell of earth, but his cousin had come out and he loved his cousin and learned a lot. We got to be really good friends over the next several months. In fact he was almost like my best friend. He defended me to the bully's who had to comment about Joey.

On March 11 a new kid was introduced in first period. He was HOT. Chad was his name and over the course of the day, I found that he was in all my classes. At lunch I noticed he was kind of lost and alone, so I invited him to sit with Danny and I. As usual Danny and I talked about Joey and Chad picked up on that and asked who Joey was. I told him that he was my son and explained about his birth.

Chad was cool about it all. We compared schedules and found that we had every class together. Danny and I shared all but one class so that put us all together but once a day. We all became great friends over the course of the next several weeks.

Near the end of the year, like May 3 or something like that, my Uncles had to go out of town urgently. A very good friend was dying. I had to take Joey to school with me. Chad loved the little guy and so did Danny. Chad almost got suspended because he pounded a couple of dudes into the ground for making comments about me having Joey. Boy he was like my knight in shining armor.

I knew that I needed to tell Chad about me, but was terrified he would hate me or out me. Danny told me that Chad would be fine with it and may ever surprise me. I was not sure what he meant, but decided to invite both of them to my apartment the last night of school and tell Chad. I needed Danny there with me to be able to do it.

I guess I was even more afraid than when I had told Danny, because over the course of time, I had fallen in love with Chad. Naturally Danny knew this, as he knew everything about me. Hell I could not help it, Chad loved Joey and he treated me like I was some sort of superman cause I loved my son. We had so many of the same interests it was scary. We both loved to read, loved music, hated pretentious food, liked quiet nights at home as opposed to the partying that many of our friends did, etc.

Finally the night arrived and I was a nervous wreck. As the night unfolded, we had a couple of beers and relaxed. (Uncle Terry felt that I was a Dad and could drink) I finally told Chad that I was gay. I then got a major shock. He told me he was gay too and that he really liked me.

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