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The reason that the story is a bit confusing is that it is told in part in the FIRST person and in part in the THIRD person. Jason is telling most of the story, but will be adding not only his comments and thoughts but others as well. He has talked to and read journals of all those involved in the story and can do so.

That night was a turning point in my life, and I had already had several. Chad telling me that he too was gay and that he liked me was like amazing. I mean I was blown away. You have to understand that Chad was drop dead cute. He was 6'3", 210 solid muscle, 34" waist, blond hair and deep, very deep blue eyes. He just seemed to be way too cute to be interested in me, but apparently he was! WOW.

Danny was smiling at me and I knew that he had already known that Chad was interested in me, though how I do not know. That night we all talked a lot and while Danny was straight and had NO desire to be with a guy, he said that he could appreciate a good looking guy, he also told us that he had our backs in any and every situation.

Late that night we all hugged and finally went to bed, in separate beds. The next morning, I woke at my usual 7 a.m. and went to fix breakfast for all of us. Joey needed to be fed and changed as well, so I took care of that first. By the time I had Joey taken care of and fixed breakfast, Chad and Danny stumbled in. As we ate, Danny told us that he couldn't stay as he had to work that day. He said he would stop by that evening if we would be there. We told him that we would be there.

Soon after Danny left, Chad and I really talked for the first time. He told me that he had known he was gay for quite some time and that he had told his folks when we was 13. He said that at first they had said that it was a phase, but he told them that he had liked boys since he was 6 or 7 and that it was not a phase. Once they were convinced that it was not a phase, they went off. They ranted and raved, but over the course of a few weeks they realized that he was still the same son they had always loved and with the help of PFLAG, they came to accept him.

Most of the day, Chad held Joey and loved on him, he was so good with Joey that I knew he would be a great dad. Know after all these years, I look back and think that if most people could have seen Chad- a gay man- with my son, they would have seen that gays could be great parents.

Chad told me that he had been in one iffy relationship at his old school, but they had only beat off together a few times. He told me that the guy was a closet case big time and most likely always would be.

Man I started my new school today and I meet this guy right off. He was nice to me from the first minute. He is HOT. He had these amazing green eyes. He is tall like me, and just seems to be a really all around nice guy, though he looked tired today. He invited me to sit with him and his buddy Danny at lunch and we all got along great. We have almost all of our classes together.

JESUS- Jase has a little boy!!!!!! OMG he is my age for cripes sake. He seems to love his little boy. He talks about him an awful lot, not that I mind.

I talked to Danny today. I told him I was gay. He just has this ability to make you relax and tell him what is on your mind. He was so cool about that I wondered if he was gay for a few minutes. I even told him that I really like Jase. He just smiled real big and told me that I shouldn't worry about it.

Jase had to bring Joey to school today and some of the bullies were giving him problems about it. I can guess that if they ever have kids they will be dead beat dads. Just what we need- more breeders who will not take care of their kids. Oh well. Joey is the sweetest kid I have ever met, he rarely cries, he almost always has a smile on his little face, especially if Jase is near and he can see or hear him. That is one little boy who loves his daddy.

OMG OMG OMG Jase is gay too!!!!!!! He told me last night that he was gay. I told him I was too and really liked him. He has the most beautiful smile.

Over the rest of the school year and into the summer, Chad and I got closer and closer. We always included Danny in what we were doing. I think it was around the first of August of that year that Danny started to date Tammy Pryor. Danny assured us that we could all keep going out and having fun, we would just add Tammy to the mix. He told us that we did not have to tell her that we gay. Hell we were not anything but best friends right then anyway.

Well all went well for a while. We started back to school, and all of us but Tammy had the same classes. The three of us had made sure that we had all taken the same classes. I think it was around the middle of September that everything came unglued.

We had tried to tell Danny that Tammy was not as cool as he thought. We had both seem her give us nasty looks, we had seen the looks of disgust she shot us. We knew she was not cool with us. Danny assured us over and over that we were wrong.

My uncle told us that he had gotten tickets to a concert that we had all wanted to go to. It was to be on a Saturday night, so Chad could go, as it would not interfere with football. I guess I should tell you that Chad was a wide receiver on the football team, and a damn good one.

Uncle Terry had only gotten 5 tickets, one each for me, Chad, Danny, Him and Larry. Danny told Tammy that he would be out of town that night to see the concert. She acted fine to him, but when we all walked into school the next day, there were several stares. We were not sure why, but blew it off. As the day went on though, comments about us being faggots were being heard over and over again. I was getting really pissed, and Chad was about ready to lose it too. Danny did not seem to have heard anything. We told him about it that day after school, but he said that it was just mouths being mouths.

The next day, Danny went to the rest room during out second period, and when he came back he was so mad he was shaking. He was furious and neither of us knew why. He refused to tell us what what was wring when we changed classes and went to third period. We soon found out what was up when during third period he stood up and asked the teacher if he could say something.

"I just found out that my slut of a girlfriend has been telling people that my two best friends are gay, simply because they asked me to go to a concert and did not invite her, even though they did not get the tickets. I am going to say right now that if you want to talk about my buds, then you are talking about me and if you want to think I am gay too, that is cool. I could care less. If any of you guys want a good lay, then don't bother with Tammy cause she is a dead fish." Danny told the class to huge laughs. The teacher did not look so happy about it, however. Of course Tammy did not look happy either, in fact she was downright pissed and her red face and evil looking eyes told us that she would happily kill us right there and then if she could.

Tammy spent the next three weeks trying to destroy us with her rumors. The thing that saved us, was that we had become friends with the football team, because of Danny, and while none of them believed it, they also did not care, as neither of us had made a move on them. The guys told all of their friends that Tammy was a slut and soon word got out and the only ones who would have anything to do with her were the guys who could not get laid any other way.

During out senior year, Chad and I finally became lovers. We had been best buds, and sort of boyfriends up til then, but I always remembered what I was told about being friends first and taking the time to build a friendship first. Chad had listened to that, and had respected that and had waited for me. I had met Chad's folks and his brothers and we had all gotten along great. That night was amazing and at some point in this story I will tell you about it.

We decided to go to college together. Obviously I could not go to a regular university like IU or something like that. Joey had to have someone there. We decided to go to IUS (Indiana University Southeast) at least for a while. Danny already knew he wanted to be an attorney and Chad wanted to study business like I did. The summer between our senior year and our start at IUS, we worked for my Uncles. There is no doubt that the work was hard, but we liked the tans and the idea of working outside.

Our Freshman year we all had the same classes, since we had to take all the same basic crap classes, like English, and shit. We studied together, spent tons of time together and became closer friends if that was even possible. Chad and I became closer and closer. He moved into the house with me, and our love only grew or deepened depending on the way you look at it.

On March 18 we came home and Danny decided to have dinner with us. Around 7 p.m. there was a knock at the door, and when Chad opened it, there was a state trooper standing there. He asked for me, and I moved to the door and asked what he needed. Never in my wildest nightmares did I expect what he told me.

"Sir, I have to tell you that it appears that your Uncle and a friend were killed tonight. At the moment it seems that the car they were in left the road and hit a tree. Both of them were killed at impact. I don't think that they were speeding or anything so we are not sure what caused this. Most likely a deer ran out in front of them and they had to swerve to miss it. We may never know. I am sorry for you loss sir." He told me, though it did not seem sincere.

That night both Danny and Chad held me in bed, allowing me to cry myself to sleep. They both tried to give me a bit of space, though they stayed near to be help me if needed. They were with me when I had to make arrangements. They were with me when I went home to tell my folks.

That trip was a nightmare. I had no desire to see them again, and had planned to never see them again. I could not, however, not tell them. I also could not seem to be able to tell them over the phone. Danny, Chad and I drove to Bardstown to tell them. I really was kinda looking forward to seeing my lil bro and sis. We pulled up to the house that afternoon to find my dad drunk.

Mom was not home, and we found that she had not been for sometime. I found out that lil sister had run away! She was only 14 and she had ran. Billy at least was still there, but he was a mess.

I told Dad about Uncle Terry and Larry being killed and he laughed! (Laughed for crying out loud!) "Well guess the fag finally got what he deserved, see Billy I told you that is what happens to fags like you. That is why I have to beat it out of you." I do not remember anything about the next few minutes, but Billy, Chad and Danny told me that I attacked my sperm donor. I guess I got him good, cause he was in the hospital for several weeks before he was released to jail. Thankfully the Doc had taken pics of Billy and when it came time for the sperm donors trial, he was convicted, and sentenced to 340 years.

It seems that dear ole dad was not happy beating the hell out of his kids, he had to rape them too. I guess I was lucky to have gotten out before he began his depravity.

My uncles had really looked out for not only me, but for Chad and my bro and sis, as well as Danny. They gave me and Chad the house, several rental properties, and the construction company, and very large trust funds. They gave Danny several properties to rent out as well as a small trust fund.

Billy was almost made a ward of the state, but since the Uncles had be so generous, I was able to hire a very attorney to get custody of him. It helped that I was 19, already had a son and was blood family.