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Gay Romantic
                    I have received a few e-mails about how fast the story is going. I am writing this in sort of a catch up mood. I want to get to the place where the family really starts, but having said that, this chapter will go into much more detail about the early years and hopefully will not be too long for you.

Danny's Journal

Life had not been going well for me, I mean I was having to re-think my entire life and belief system. Eddie came out to me a few months ago and I know I did not handle it well at the time, but he did not give up on me. I had to really think about things. I mean I had always thought that gay people were guys who had a lisp and acted like girls. But Eddie was on the football team for christ's sake. All I can say is that it really made think about the things I had been taught.

There was a new dude at school today and he seems to be pretty cool. He is good looking, but does not seem to realize it. He was really nervous though. I think I will try to get to know him. Hell as they always say, you can't have too many friends.

Well Jase is a really cool guy. He is my age and I really like him. He is like a really open and honest dude. I had noticed he talked about someone named Joey and I asked some questions, well I finally got some answers. Joey is is son!!! He is my age and has a son and he takes care of him, loves him and it amazes me. Most of the dudes I know would have ran the other way if the had a kid on the way.

Well I finally got the truth. Jase is gay, though he made sure to tell me that while I was good looking, he knew I was straight and would never betray our friendship by hitting on him. I knew that, he had not looked at me in the gym shower but once and I could not complain as I was checking him out know the regular guy thing.

I finally got to meet Joey and he is a wonderful kid. He always seems to have a smile on his face and he is so quiet and sweet. I think I have fallen in love with someone else's kid!


There was a new kid that started school today. His name is Chad and I could tell right away that Jase was in lust or something. Jase is not super shy or anything, but he usually takes awhile to warm up to someone, but he invited Chad to sit with us at lunch and everything. We found out that we have all the same classes but one and I am the one who is in a different class.

Chad seems like a really cool guy though. I am pretty sure he likes Jase too. I guess I must have the straight equivalent of gaydar or something. I hope that I am right for Jase's sake.

Well the three of us have gotten along really well. We are like the three musketeers or something. It is kinda funny that my two best friends are gay, but what can I do? We all share too many interests and have the same sense of humor. We all like the same books, the same music and all kinds of other things. It is like we were designed to be best friends, or fated to be or something.

Chad told me today that he was gay and had fallen for Jase. I almost laughed, but tried to keep a straight face so I did not out Jase. I promised that I would not do that and I won't. I just told him that he should tell Jase and things would work out. I told him that Jase would never hate him for something like that.

I think that if some of the guys on the football team knew that their star receiver was gay they would have a stroke. hehe. I think that since I have known most of those guys all my life, they would be ok with it if I was. We are all pretty good buds. I know that the basketball team would be cool. I guess I just figure that at some point one or both of them will come out and I am already compiling a list of those who will help and those who won't.

Jase told Chad he was gay and Chad told Jase he liked him and was gay too. I expect that this will be an interesting summer. I expect that I will be left out now that those two can get together. I just hope I will be able to see Joey from time to time.

Well I have a girlfriend. Tammy is so sweet and she acts like it is no problem with me hanging out with Chad and Jase so much. I guess I was wrong about the two of them hooking up and leaving me out. They are sort of a couple, but still more friends than boy friends.

They always include me and Tammy in any plans they make, and I do the same. Tammy never seems to include them, but I guess she wants me to herself sometimes.

Tammy is not the girl I wanna marry that is for sure. Hell she is a dead lay. I mean I could probably get more life out of a dead fish. Don't get me wrong, I like her a lot and we do have a lot of the same interests and stuff, but sex is no fun. I know sex is not everything, but if it is no fun then it will lead to other problems.

Jase told me that the reason that he and Chad have not become sexually active with each other and not made more of a commitment to each other is that his Uncle told him about his youth and pointed out that a relationship that will last is one that is built on friendship first and foremost. I have been thinking about that a lot. I think that when this relationship implodes, I am going do the same thing they are.

Wow we are going to the concert that all of us have been talking about and wanting to go see. Jase's Uncle got the tickets, but he only got enough for us, he did not think to include Tammy. I explained that Jase's uncle had gotten the tickets and had only been able to get the five. She had really wanted to go too, but she seemed to understand.

Well we had a great time at the concert! It was a great show and the five of us really got along well. At school on Monday, Jase and Chad said that Tammy was giving them mean looks, and they had been hearing a lot of comments about fags. I had not heard anything, so I told 'em that it was just boys being boys type shit. In other words I blew it off.

The next day, I went to the bathroom. I was in the stall when I heard the door open and a couple of guys walk in. They were talking and what I heard pissed me off to no end. The one guy asked the other if he thought that what Tammy had said about Chad was really true. The other guy said that he did not know, but he said that Chad and Jase sure spent a lot of time together, so they probably were fags, but if they were, they would never make me into a fag like Tammy had said.

At the start of the next class I stood up and asked to say something. I then said, "I just found out that my slut of a girlfriend has been telling people that my two best friends are gay, simply because they asked me to go to a concert and did not invite her, even though they did not get the tickets. I am going to say right now that if you want to talk about my buds, then you are talking about me and if you want to think I am gay too, that is cool. I could care less. If any of you guys want a good lay, then don't bother with Tammy cause she is a dead fish."

I spent the rest of the week telling all my friends about what a dead lay Tammy was, and how much of a bitch she was. I think she will regret messing with me or my friends.


Chad and Jase are like perfect parents! Joey has more love than just about any kid I know. Our friendship had grown over the years, and I had learned that the Jase approach to dating was a very good idea. I had met a few girls that I liked, but they never lasted because there was nothing but lust there.

I had just recently met a girl named Traci, and I really liked her. She was such a bubbly person, always had a smile on her face. She even passed my J&C test. I had told the guys that from now on, the girls I dated or became friends with would have to be ok with them and their relationship or I would have nothing to do with them, and since I do not seem to notice things, I asked them to tell me if they seen any signs that they were not accepted. I called that, my J&C test.

Things in our world came apart on March 18. Larry and Terry were killed in a car wreck. Jase came apart at the seams. Chad and I were there with him thank goodness. We held him all night and helped him make all the arrangements and everything. He felt he had to tell his folks. but at the same time he did not want to call them. We decided that we would all go to Bardstown and tell them in person.

I was shocked to say the least by what we found there. Jase's dad laughed about it. He told Billy (Jase's lil bro) that is what happened to fags like him. I happened to be looking at Jase when his dad said that, and the color drained from his face, and his eyes went blank then filled with a look I hope to NEVER see in another person for as long as I live. It was like a white hot, yet ice cold look and then Jase attacked his dad. He beat the man to within an inch of his life. By the time we got him off his dad and called the police and EMT's, his dad was in bad shape, not that any of us really cared too much.

Jase's Mom had left and his little sister had ran away. Billy was the only one to stay and I could tell that there would have to be a lot of work done with him. He was a mess. After the police had arrived and taken a report and Jase's dad was taken to the hospital Billy quietly told Jase about the sexual abuse that had been inflicted on him. Jase wanted to kill his dad and it was very obvious in his eyes that if his dad had been there, he would have done just that.

We went to the hospital to have Billy examined right away. They done a rape kit exam, and took lots of pictures of him, they then called the police and child protective services. After all the forms had been filled out and reports taken, they told us that Billy would most likely be taken to foster care soon, but they would allow him to stay with Jase until the funeral was over and they had a chance to file papers in court.

Jase called an attorney as soon as we got back home. He was livid that they would try to take Billy. He told us he was not sure how he would pay for an attorney, but he would not allow them to take his lil bro! It turns out he did not have to worry.

The next day, the attorney in charge of the will stopped by to talk to Jase and the rest of us it turns out. He told us that while there was a will, and it expressed where things were to go, the guys had set up things so that there would not be any probate or anything. Jase and Chad got several rental properties, Terry and Larry had placed their names on all the deeds, so ownership did not need to be transferred. There were several bank accounts that also had both of their names on them, the business which also had their names on it. Finally there were trust funds set up for both of them. The trust funds were set up to allow up to $100,000 each to be taken out each year until they turned 25 at which time they could access all the money.

To my surprise, Terry and Larry had included me. They left me several rental properties and a smaller trust fund. I think that we were all a bit overwhelmed by the time the lawyer left. Billy was stunned to find he had been left a trust fund as well, though his was much different than ours. He would not be allowed to take any money out, with the exception of enough to purchase a new car and to pay insurance and college expenses if he went, until he was 25.

Terry and Larry were very wealthy men. They had saved and invested money from the start and the business provided well too. They had amassed a fortune and had decided to leave it all to us. I think out of all of us, I was the most stunned to have been included, I mean hell I was not even family. The lawyer had left me a letter that Larry and Terry had written. Later that evening, I took sometime to read it when I had some time alone.

If you are reading this, then we have died. I know that you are wondering why we included you in the will. We included you because you have been a steadfast and loyal friend to Jason. You were his first friend here and you have stuck by him through thick and thin. We know you want to be an attorney and we wanted to make sure you would have the money to do that, we also wanted to give you enough of a start financially to be able to open your own practice when you are done with school. We hope that you will open it here in town and will serve and Jason and Chad's attorney both personal and business. Of course the money and all have no bearing on that. If you chose to move and work for someone or whatever, the money and property are still yours. We just felt the need to tell you our hopes. Please take care of our boys. Take care of yourself, and find you a good girl to settle down with.

Larry and Terry

Well needless to say, I decided right then that I would do exactly as they requested. It was not a hard decision anyway. I mean I loved Jase and Chad like brothers and did not want to leave them or Joey.

The attorney that Jase called made swift work of getting custody of Billy. CPS in Bardstown were just as happy to get rid of him when they found out that he was gay. That pissed me off big time! I decided that I would try to learn all I could about business law and family law. I wanted to be able to help others with these type of problems.


Once the funeral was over, Chad and I sat down and had a long talk. We decided to move out of the house so that it could be remodeled. We wanted to open it up and make it ours. I think that both of us wanted it redone so that it did not remind us so much of my uncles. We called the architect and told him what we wanted. Basically we wanted to place the family room in the basement, along with a game room and bar. We wanted to have 7 master bedrooms and baths built, wanted and enclosed and heated pool and hot tub. I know it sounds like a lot, but really we wanted to have space for family and friends if they visited and we wanted large rooms and baths so that they would feel more at home.

We also discussed the business and many other things. We decided to hire someone to run the business while we were in college. I really didn't want to run it and was quite willing to sell it, but Chad said he would run it when we got out of school. I wanted to open a book store and he supported that.

We also decided that we would ask Danny to move into the house once it was finished. We also decided that we would have to hire a housekeeper/nanny for Joey. We had to call the architect back and have him design a new garage and apartment. By the time the design was ready, we have a 5 car garage and two bedroom apartment above that.

We moved into a hotel for the remodel. During that time, we took out an ad for live in help for Joey and the house. We talked to Danny about moving in and he told us that he would move in, as long as we had no problem with him bringing a date home if he wanted to. Of course we told him that was not a problem.

We had several interviews with prospective help, but either Joey did not like them, Danny did not like them, or one of us did not like them, or as was the case most of the time, they could not handle us as a gay couple. About a week before the house was completed, we met a nice lady named Linda. She was about 45 and she had no problem with us being gay, and we all liked her. After settling on a salary and a date for her to move in and start we hired her.

Chad, Danny and I met several times with the attorney and accountant to discuss various things, including investment strategy. All three of us wanted to take a much more active role in investing our money, but wanted to take some classes first. The accountant did not like that at all, but he would have to get over it.

We got Billy into therapy to deal with what had been done to him. He went everyday for a while, but was down to once a week by the time the house was completed. We got him a nice car and took him shopping to get new clothes. He didn't want to go to school that year, so we hired a teacher to home school him for the rest of the year. He did very well and I expected that when he got back to school he would fit right in.

We toured the almost completed house and decided to go buy new furniture and stuff for it. That was a lot of fun. Joey was old enough to start making choices about what he liked. He was really into Peanuts and so we got him that kind of stuff for his room. We got him a huge bed, even though he was a little guy, he would get bigger.

We decided to put king size beds in all the bedrooms and picked out furniture for the rest of the house. Nothing we got was pretentious. We got stuff that we would be comfortable on and stuff that was good for kids too.

By the time everything was set up in the house and we all moved back in, we had blown a lot of money. We were not anywhere near broke, but we did want to cut back on spending. Chad and I wanted to be able to build a future for ourselves and to do that we did not want to take the money for granted.

Linda proved to be a very smart addition to our little family. She was great with Joey and he loved her. She kept the house clean and cooked great meals. As I have said before we all liked basic meals, we were not into fancy food. Basic meat and potatoes, italian, mexican and that type of thing and she was great at fixing that type of stuff.

Chad and my relationship continued to deepen and grow. We talked about everything, made every decision together. We had decided that we were a committed couple and every major decision affected us both, as well as Joey and Billy. We talked about a lot of things and made a lot of decisions during those days.

One of the big things we talked about besides the business and finances was how to raise the kids. Both of us knew that we wanted to be as open and honest as possible with each other and the kids. We both had our own ideas about drinking, smoking and stuff. We decided we liked the European method of teaching kids to drink responsibly from a young age. Therefore the bar in the family room was stocked and the kids would be allowed to drink and wine or beer would be served with dinner if we wanted it. Joey was still to young, but Billy wasn't. The one firm rule about drinking was that it was to be done at home only, unless they would be somewhere were they could spend the night. No drinking and driving, period!

We talked like guys and we were not going to tell the kids that there were words that were not allowed. If someone was pissed off, then they should say they were pissed off. I hated the idea that you could not say certain words when I grew up and I would not inflict that on the kids.

Luckily Chad agreed with everything with the exception of smoking. We did not agree on that at all. He said that we should not allow it at all, and I thought that forbidding it was a sure way to get them to try it and maybe hide it from us. We did come to agreement though. We decided that we would not approve of it, but if they did it, we would rather know about it.

We had almost the same issues with drugs. We both firmly did not want them using drugs, but knew that forbidding it would mean that if they did it, they would hide it and we may too late to help them if we needed to. We decided that we would tell them that we did not approve of drugs at all, but if they had to try them, we would rather know about it.

Since it all guys, except Linda, we pretty much had a clothing optional household, except when Linda would be in the house. She was actually in the house about 4 hours a day. She made dinner and cleaned. She took care of Joey in her apartment during the time we were in class.

Billy was doing a lot better with all the therapy. He was a good kid and I loved him. I did have a lot of concerns about taking him in. I mean I loved my lil bro, but with all that had been done to him, I was afraid he would have a lot of problems. I also did not want to stick him in foster care or anything, knowing that would cause more problems in the long run. I guess I just had to worry about something.

Chad had a bit more in common with Billy since they were both football players. Billy was a really good looking guy. He was as tall as me, but more built from football. How he managed to not get outted by dad still amazes me.

I do know that Billy was scared to death to testify against dad when it came time for his trial, but his therapy paid off and he held his own very well. The defense lawyer tried to use outing him as a scare tactic, but since he no longer lived there and had been in therapy, the tactic did not work.

Billy and I had a lot of conversations about staying in the closet. He was not ready to come out, but did not want to hide it either. I told him that what I had done was to tell anyone who asked, but did not flaunt it. He seemed to think that was the best idea and that is what he decided to do when school started again.

That summer, in June to be exact, Chad's folks came over to visit and tell us some news. It seems that they would be moving, as his Dad's job required it. Chad's lil bro, Jon did not want to move and threw a massive fit. He started to get into trouble, became hateful to his folks, and would not talk to anyone. By the end of the month, his folks were at a loss as to what to do. They were afraid that if they didn't do something soon, he would end up in jail.

Shortly before the July 4th holiday, everything came to a head with him. He was arrested for underage drinking, and his folks went off. Chad brought him  to the house for a couple of days to allow everyone to cool off. That night, Chad and Jon got into a huge argument and it all finally came out, no pun intended. Jon was gay too and had no desire to move to Alabama where he knew that he would be even more hated than he would in our area. He at least knew some gay people here and had friends and shit.

That night Chad asked me what I thought about asking his folks if it would be ok to let him move in with us. "Well we have a lot of responsibilities already Chad, but if you think it would be best for him to live here and you think that he can abide by our rules, then I guess we can give it a try." I told him.

"I really wanna give him a chance. I think that his recent problems all come from this situation, cause I know he has always been a good kid. I just hope my folks will allow it." He said.

At our BBQ on the fourth, we pulled his folks off to the side to talk to them about things. Chad started the conversation. "Mom, Dad we found out what is going on with Jon. He probably should tell you this himself, but we are doing it cause we wanted to talk to you about an idea we had. Jon is gay and he doesn't want to move to Alabama. If you think about it you can see why. I mean a gay teen in the bible belt! Here he has good role models in Jase and me, and good friends."

 I took over at that point. "Jon is acting out, hoping that somehow he can keep you from moving. We all know that you really have no choice, but he really does not seem to understand that."

Chad said, "I think if you all would agree with us, we could allow him to move in here with us. I mean we have the room, and we are certainly not lacking in money to care for him. He would have to agree to live with our rules and stay out of trouble. However I would be willing to bet that would not be a problem."

Chad's mom and dad looked at us both for a few minutes before they said anything. "You both are so young and you already have Joey and Billy, are you sure you could handle adding Jon?" His dad asked.

"We talked about it and we think we can handle it, but like I said he has to keep up his end of the bargain. I think that we can pose it to him as a trial period and if he can stay out of trouble til Christmas, we can make it permanent. Of course it would be for us, but he does not need to know that. The thing is we all know that he is a good kid, and I think that he will return to that kid soon enough." Chad told them.

"Well leave us here for a bit and we will talk about it." Chad's mom said.

We left them and went back to chatting with our guests. About an hour later, they pulled us off to the side again and told us that if he agreed to our conditions he would be allowed to move in. They did want us to take some money for his upkeep, but I refused and told them that we would take care of things, but if they wanted to do something, they could buy him a new car. We would have to if they didn't and I thought that would allow them to feel they had contributed.

After the guests had left that evening, and before we left to see the fireworks, Jon sat down with us and his folks. I told Chad that he would be the one to present the offer to Jon and he agreed.

"Jon, even though you have been an ass about everything, both Jase and I think we have an idea that will allow you to stay here. The thing is you have agree to our rules, stay out of legal trouble and this will only be a trial period. If you can stay out of trouble and follow our rules, then after Christmas we can make it permanent." Chad told him very seriously.

Jon's whole face lit up as he heard he could stay, and he looked at both of us, then his folks with a look of hope on his face. I honestly did not think that his smile could get any bigger when his folks told him that he could stay, but when they also told him they were going to get him a car, it certainly got bigger.

"I promise I will stay out of trouble and I'll follow your rules. I was just scared to death to move down there. I will do whatever you want." He told us very quickly. Since a lot of his stuff was already packed for the move, he was to move in that weekend. His folks would get the car the following week before they had to leave for their new home. He was told though that if there were any problems with the attorney, he may still have to move, at least for a while.

As it turned out, all that needed to be done was assigning Chad and I to be his legal guardians. Once the papers were filled out and signed, everything was taken care of. The attorney did suggest to the folks, that they change their will and assign us custody of Jon if something were to happen to them. He told them that unless they did that, there was little chance of us both getting custody. We later found out that he was lying, but we'll get to that later.

Chad and I did have to discuss one thing we had not thought about before and that was curfews. After a pretty lengthy discussion, we decided to make 8 p.m. for under 13, midnight for 13 to 15 and 2 a.m. for 16 and 17 and none from 18 on if they stayed at the house. All times could be extended if we knew where they were to be.

We sat Billy and Jon down and explained all our rules with them. We told them that they would be given $100 a week for expenses, more if they needed it for something specific. We told them that they would be expected to clean up after themselves in the kitchen, and their bedrooms. They were to wash their own sheets and stuff. Jeans and stuff were to be put in the laundry chute and Linda would wash them. We told them that if they wanted to have an overnight guest, they could have them, but they needed to let us know about it.

I told both Billy and Jon that we were not their parents, we were their brothers and we were not strict about most things, but the few rules we had had better be followed. "You guys need to know that you can come to talk to either of us about anything. If you have a problem, let one or both of us know. If you have questions about anything, then ask one or both of us. I don't care if the questions are about sex, or about school or whatever. We will always answer with complete honesty, and if we don't know something, then we will let you know that too." I told them.

"One thing that is not negotiable at all is that when you leave this house you have your cell phone on you and have it turned on, unless you are in school or a hospital, otherwise set it to vibrate if you feel like you do not want to disturb people. If we try to get in touch with you and it is not on, you will lose the car for a week. If it happens again, you will lose the car for a month. I am not playing about this! Third time gets you sent to mom and dad Jon, and gets you no car for 6 months Billy. This is really more about safety than anything and I will not play with that!" Chad told them.

"Another thing that we have to talk about is grades. If grades start to slip, then we have a problem and will have to deal with it. I don't wanna be a hard ass, I know that things happen and grades can drop once in a while, but if that continues, then we will have to do something about it and that could be a lot of different things, and we will decide then what is to happen." I told them.

"You guys are both gay, and so are we, but Danny is straight and we fully respect him. That dude is like one amazing guy and I hope you will treat him with respect. I hope you both find someone to love and in time make love with, but I hope you take the time to build a relationship." Chad told them.

"Oh one more thing, if you want to have a pool party, or small gatherings, that is cool. If anyone is going to be drinking, I need to talk to their folks or they do not drink! We are really open about drinking and you know that, but we are not going to jail for underage drinking. Anyway, just let us know a day or two in advance if you are going to have more than two or three of your friends over." Chad told them almost as an after thought.

"Are both of you ok with these rules?" I asked.

"Hell yeah" Billy said with a smile.

"Very cool with them" Jon said.

I got up and grabbed four beers and talked about what if anything they needed or wanted to get for the summer, and just basically shot the shit for awhile. I noticed that Jon and Billy were looking at each other a lot. Chad noticed too cause he shot me a little questioning look to see if I had noticed. I did.

Later that night, Chad and I talked about those looks. We both thought it was kinda funny that Billy was more like Chad and Jon was more like me. Chad and Billy had sports in common and Jon and I had computers and books in common. Of course all four of us were avid readers, but Jon and I were much more into books. It just struck us as funny that our brothers were more like out lovers than us.

We also wondered if they would get together. We thought that if they did that would be another funny coincidence. Oh well. If they like each other and want to get together, then we would support them all the way.