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Gay Romantic
                    I have received a few e-mails about how fast the story is going. I am writing this in sort of a catch up mood. I want to get to the place where the family really starts, but having said that, this chapter will go into much more detail about the early years and hopefully will not be too long for you.


I asked too write this section myself, cause I know that Jase would downplay his own actions and stuff. I needed to make sure that anyone reading this would know what a awesome guy my bro is.

I guess I should go back to when I was 13. I had known I was gay for about six years by that time, and I had also determined that I had to keep it hidden. I knew that my folks would never understand or accept it. That point of view was driven home even more when Jase got that girl preggers. Jase being the guy he is, wanted to keep and raise his son. No one else in either family wanted anything to do with the kid. I would have loved to have helped out. Well when they made him move, I was lost. I mean I had always been really close to my bro and now he was gone. I could not even call him, as I was told it was long distance and I was not to run up the bill.

Anyway, as I was saying, after Jase left, my dad said that he hoped those faggots didn't molest the kid. I was not at all sure who or what he was talking about, but it drove home the way he felt about gay people. I knew that I was never going to be able to come out to him or my mom. I actually thought that I could have come out to Jase, in fact until he got that bitch preggers, I had thought he might be gay too.

As time went on, things at home went from bad to worse. Something happened and I still really do not know what it was, but Mom ran off with some dude from the church, the pastor there was arrested for sex with little boys and dad started to drink.

Over time I guess I got careless with the computer. One day I came home and dad was roaring drunk and before I could say a word, he started to beat me, cussing and carrying on. I had no idea what it was all about, til he told me if I wanted to be a faggot, he would have to beat it out of me.

Well he tried I guess, but it didn't change anything. He would beat me about once a week, sometimes, I would luck out and he would leave me alone for a couple of weeks. Then about 3 months before Jase rescued me, he started to sexually abuse me. He forced me to suck his cock and he would rape my ass too if I did not do a good enough job. He forced himself on me at least once a day, sometimes in the morning and at night too.

The day that Jase and the guys showed up, he has raped me twice that morning, and beat me. He would just be cruel about it too. He would fuck me and make me tell him how much I loved it, or he would beat me that much more. It was a nightmare. He raped my lil sis too, but she ran away. I was near the point of running away to Jase's house. That day when they showed up to tell us that Uncle Terry and Larry had been killed, my dad laughed and then said something about fags like me deserving it.

I looked up at Jase to see what he would say, and I swear to you, I never ever want to see that look in another human beings eyes for as long as I live. If I were to ever see someone look at me like that, I would run at the first chance I got. He launched himself at dad and I think he would have killed him if we had not stopped him.

When Jase found out later about the rapes, the look he had in his eyes was even worse than the one I had seen previously. If he could have, I am 100% sure that he would have killed dad right there and then. Thank goodness, he could not do so. I didn't wanna get my bro back to lose him to prison.

Jase was, is and always will be my hero. He took no shit from anyone about his son. He took responsibility for his son and then took him to raise. He gave up his home to do so. He rescued me from hell, and he has given me a great home and very laid back rules. I think the best thing he gave me aside from being there for me, is that he is gay and has given me the benefit of his experience.

They got me into counseling, and allowed me to be home schooled for awhile. Gave me space and time to myself. By the time the summer had rolled around, I was almost back to my old self. I still had a few issues, but for the most part I was all good. I took happy pills for a while, but really did not like the way they made me feel. I was finally able to convince the shrink that I did not need them anymore and was allowed to stop taking them.

I have to tell you guys, that Chad and Danny are awesome! Chad is like my confidante. I can talk to him about anything, and usually do. I don't mean that I can't talk to my bro, but you know how it is. Something's are just better or easier to talk to someone else about. I guess that it was that I had slightly more in common with Chad. I mean we were both into sports more than Jase and we had football in common. Course Chad had been a WR and I was a QB, and that gave us a lot to talk about.

Danny was just a laid back dude and had a great sense of humor. We joked about anything and everything. He did not have a mean bone in his body and it showed clearly. He was 100% honest and just an all around good egg.

Man the day that I first laid eyes on Jon, I thought I was going to shoot right there. That boy is sex on legs. I am not even sure he knew how hot he was, but I have eyes and they work fine...he is one FINE piece of manhood!!

I found out he was going to be living with us and had to run to the bathroom and stroke myself off, I got so hot and bothered. It took a few days, but I was finally able to get myself under control, at least to the point where I didn't have to run the john every time I laid eyes on him.

As that summer progressed, Jon and I got to be really good buddies. We did everything together, he introduced me to his friends and everything. It was really cool, but I wondered if his buddies liked me for me or were just trying to stay in Jon's good graces.

I found out what he thought of me one Friday night in September. We had decided to go camping and as we lay in the tent that night, he rolled over and kissed me. OMG what a kiss. I swear the earth shook, fireworks went off and everything. When he finally pulled back, it took me several minutes to get my breath and calm down. Once I had gotten ahold of my senses, I looked at him and asked him what that had been about.

"It is simple, I think you are hot as hell, I really like you a lot and I am hoping that we can get together." he said.

"Jon that is cool, I really like you a lot too, but I am not into the jump into bed and fuck thing. I like what Chad and Jase have and that is what I want. I want a life partner not a simple fuck." I told him.

"Billy, that is what I want too, but we have not talked about that stuff and I had to find out if you were interested or not. I guess I could have just asked but that would not have been as fun." He told me with a giggle.

I too giggled, and then told him, "Look I think we have a really great start at friendship and I know I have feelings for you too. I just want to make sure that we take out time and make sure that what we are feeling is not just lust. I mean you are hot as hell, and I want to make sure that my feelings are separate from that."

"Yeah that's cool. I know exactly what you mean. Now that we know how we feel though, we can start to build something maybe." He said.

I found that his friends were cool, they welcomed into the circle right away at school. Things were actually going great at home and at school. All of us grew closer and closer. Jase, Chad, Danny, Jon and I were getting along really well and Joey was awesome. I could go on for hours about that lil guy. He is the neatest thing. He is smart as a whip too.

We actually had friends over to hang out and party a lil with us. Jon and I both drank, but never too much and always at home. Jon and I both made straight A's. We had the same classes and all of them were honors courses, well expect Phys Ed.




Chad and I had talked a lot that summer and into the fall about the growing connection between Billy and Jon. They seemed to be taking things very slowly and working on being friends first. They hung out a lot with friends and each other, but they did not let grades suffer, in fact they were both getting better grades than they ever had.

That year at Thanksgiving, Linda made a huge meal for all of us. Danny, Traci, Jon, Billy, Joey, Chad, and I as well as two friends of Billy and Jon all were there for the meal. We all went around the table, each of telling one thing we were thankful for that year. I went first, I said I had more than one thing to be thankful for, "I am thankful for getting my lil bro back, for having Jon here with us and of course Danny and Chad. I am most thankful though for the continued good health of all my family and friends and my son." I finished quietly.

All the guys had something similar to say and we were all close to tears by the time we were done, but held back so as not to embarrass Billy and Jon in front of their buds. We had a wonderful meal and enjoyed the day just chilling out, drinking a few beers and watching football.

On December 1, Danny announced to us all that he had asked Traci to marry him and that she had said yes. We all went wild! After a lot of back slapping and congrats, he told us that they were to be married May 10th. After some of the initial excitement had died down, I got a little down. I knew that Danny and Traci getting married meant that they would move out and I was really down about that.

That night in bed Chad asked me what was wrong. I told him and he smiled. "You know babe, we could sell this house and buy a small farm or something and build a new house, maybe do it so that Traci and Danny would have a whole suite of rooms and maybe we could convince them to stay. Whatcha think?" He asked.

"I love it babe. In fact I think that would be wonderful. I have kinda been thinking about building, so we could have some horses and stuff. Do you think they would be interested?" I asked.

"I'm not sure, but it can't hurt to ask. Maybe we could talk to them this weekend." he said.

I agreed and so we chatted about what we would like in a new house and as always it seemed we had similar ideas.

That weekend, we got everyone together, included the kids and Traci. We presented our ideas and asked them all to think about the idea and we would talk again the next weekend and see what we wanted to do.

We also found out that weekend that both the boys had decided to ask the other to be his boyfriend. They had both bought really nice gold necklaces, identical one in fact, and planned to ask at Christmas. Both Chad and I thought that it was great. They had taken the time to be friends and they obviously thought alike, hence the exact same gifts.

The following weekend found us all gathered back in the family room ready to talk once again about the ideas we had talked about the weekend before.

"Guys you know I love you all and I would love to live here with you, Traci agrees, as she will tell you herself." Danny started.

"Yeah I have no problem living with you guys, but if we do this there are something's that we need to get straight. If I live with you guys, I expect to be treated just like everyone else. I mean I expect to have an equal voice in things and an equal role in the home." Traci said.

"Well you know that Jase and I have no problem with that. I think the only thing I can see being a problem at any point is when you and Danny have kids. I mean if you have different rules than we do, it may be a problem." Chad said.

"Nope that is not a problem. Traci already told me that she thinks the rules you guys have in place are pretty damn good, and you know I agree as well." Danny said.

Billy and Jon both loved the idea and wondered out loud if they would be welcome once they got into college or out of college. We assured them that they would always be welcome.

"You know guys I have been thinking. I had an idea about merging all of our rental properties into one company. Maybe get Traci to run that end of things, that is if you want to Traci. I mean you are the one who wants to go into real estate. Maybe we could even include an agency as well?" Chad said.

Billy and Jon looked bored as they were not aware that they too owned rental properties. We had bought several and placed them in their names once it became clear that they were on the way to being a couple. I told them about it and that got their interests back up and into the discussion.

After several beers and a lot of discussion, we had all agreed to form a new company, Triangle Properties, Inc. and use it to hold all the rental properties as well as house a real estate agency. Traci would be CEO and run the day to day operations.

We all noticed that both Jon and Billy had some very good ideas and we included almost all of them. We had all made a decision long ago that any idea, any thought or problem that any of the kids had, were valid and should be treated as seriously as possible.

Since all of us adults had gotten our degrees that fall, we were free to do as we wished as far as work, pursuing our education, etc. Danny of course was going on to law school. He was going to the University of Louisville for that. Chad took over the day to day management of the construction company. That left me, since Traci's role had been set.

I thought that a small bookstore would never work in our smallish town. It would have to be a large store or it would never work. People would not wait for a book to be ordered. That had been proven here twice. I spent December and part of January making plans, bouncing ideas off Chad and the others.

Christmas that year was very special for a lot of reasons. I guess first because Billy and Jon got together and officially became boyfriends. They presented each other with their gifts and asked each other to be his boyfriend at exactly the same moment. After laughing like crazy, they both said yes and engaged in a kiss that had us all hard, Danny included!

Both of them then wanted to talk to us all. They wanted us to give them a huge loan. Billy started. "Guys we know you may say no, and if you do, we will understand. We have an idea and we want to run it by you. Here is a basic outline, plan, expected cost assessment and three year budget." He said as he handed each of us a very thick packet. I thumbed through it quickly and saw that they had put many hours of thought and planning into the idea.

"This town has no music store and we think if one were opened that was big enough, and had enough variety, it would make it. We kind of would like to keep new stuff and all, but also house collectable stuff. We thought that we could use the Internet to help sell the collectibles and even special order items." Billy continued.

Jon then chimed in, "We even thought that if we built a small shopping center to house the bookstore and the music store and maybe one or two other things, we could make a little on the side with the store rentals and it would help increase traffic for both stores."

I looked at both guys, then at Chad and the rest. It was very obvious that we were all impressed with the amount of work and thought that they had both put into the ideas. Chad spoke first though. "Guys, I'll be honest with you. I think we will all have to look over everything you have given us, then talk it over before we make any kind of decision. I do want to say that regardless of what we decide, you both are amazing dudes. You have taken your idea, researched it and put together a business plan and even thought not only about yourselves but also about us as well.'

After the rest of us had given our thoughts we moved on to other things. It was obvious to me that both they kids knew they would not get an answer today, and were very pleased that we would look over what we had been given. They also seemed very confident that if we did look over things we would agree. That made me a little unsure about things if we had to say no, but I guess we would not know the answer until we had looked over things. It did make me feel really good to see that both the kids were thinking of the future.

That evening, the phone rang and Billy answered it. He came back into the room, looking very upset. He pulled Jon off to the side, and spoke quietly and quickly. Jon too looked very upset, and then both of them looked at us and that look told me something big was coming.

Sure enough, Billy spoke up. "Guys we have a big problem. One of the younger guys we kinda hang with and protect has been kicked out of his house. That was his older brother calling. He is in college, but his Dad called ranting and raving about having a queer for a son, etc. I guess he told him that he had kicked the kid out. He lost it and told his Dad to go to hell. Anyway the long and short of it is we need to find Dusty before he freezes to death."

Well we were all shocked, but all immediately joined in the search for Dusty. He had been to the house so we all knew what he looked like, so we all took separate cars to look for him. I had been driving around for about an hour, when I spotted someone off the side of the road. I pulled over and got out to see if they were okay. It was Dusty, and he was not okay. He had been crying like crazy, he had a black eye, and swollen lips, and he had a bruise starting to form on his left cheek.

When he saw me, he started to cry again. I helped him up and held him as he cried. He clung to me and cried for half an hour or more. When he finally calmed down a little, I told him that things would be okay and that he would be staying with us for a while. I had not discussed that with anyone, but I knew all of the guys and knew they would be fine with it. None of us would ever let a kid be in danger. He looked at me and said you won't want me either. I told him that I already knew much of what happened and we all still wanted him. That set off another round of tears, and thank yous.

I got him into the car and asked him for directions to his house. He looked at me with a terrified look in his eyes. I explained that I was going to get his stuff and he could stay in the car if he wanted.

When we arrived at his house, I got out and went to the door. I rang the bell and waited. When the door opened a fat nasty looking man stood there. I asked if he was Dusty's dad. "That little faggot is not my kid." He said loudly.

I looked at the man and said "Well you are his father, and unless you feel like going to jail tonight, I expect you to calm down, and let me in. That is the only choice you have right now, cause if I walk back to my vehicle without having a calm discussion, you will go to jail for assault of a minor, Child abandonment, and probably several other charges."

He looked shocked and that appeared to calm him for a moment and he let me in. I took in the mess that was their home and seen his wife looking battered on the sofa. I shook my head and then started again. "Look you low life scum, I am getting Dusty's clothes and stuff, and if I can't get it all now, I will be back tomorrow and get the rest and if ANYTHING is disturbed you will go to jail. Monday morning you will both meet me at McDonald's and sign over custody to me and my partner and you will do so willingly or I will file every charge I can think of against both of you. There will be NO negotiation about this. Now where is Dusty's room?"

After my ranting and screaming, they both showed me his room, and I started to pack his things. I first took his computer, then his stereo and CD's to the car. I came back for his clothes and after several more trips had everything I saw there except his books. There just was not room for them, and a few other things in his closet in the car.

Dusty was quiet all the way to the house. When we got there, everyone else was still out looking for him. I showed Dusty to a room, and told him to start unloading his computer and stereo, since those items needed to be in out of the dampness of the car. I also told him to leave the rest for morning. I then went and started to call everyone else.

An hour later we had all assembled at home again. Dusty was still in his room putting his computer together. I quickly told the rest of the guys what I had done, and they all told me that I had done the right thing. Billy and Jon both hugged me very tightly, then Danny and Traci did the same. Chad pulled me to him and laid a major lip lock on me, just as Dusty walked into the room.

He took one look and turned beat red. I guess we would have to explain some things to him before the night was over. I just hoped that Billy and Jon would be ready to out themselves to him, though I really did not think it would be a problem. It turned out that I was completely correct, Billy and Jon had no problem letting Dusty know the score.

Before I sent him to shower, I took some pictures of Dusty. I wanted to have evidence of the abuse. Once that was done, I sent him to shower. The rest of us talked about the whole thing. I think we were all a little proud that we could help a kid in need. I know that being able to help Dusty made that Christmas the best any of us had in recent years. For Billy and Jon, it marked the start of their relationship, the launch of their business ideas, and gaining a new lil bro.

When Dusty came out of the shower, he looked like a new kid. He was about 5'7", had light brown hair, hazel eyes, and was very slender. He was 14 and seemed well into puberty by the obvious cracking of his voice. Even though I knew we would have to buy a new wardrobe for him, as I had seen his clothes, he looked pretty good in the old jeans and tee he had on.

Billy and Jon got up and went to the fridge and came back with a tray of beers for all of us. They handed one to Dusty and his eyes got huge. He looked at me, then at Danny and Chad then to the beer and back at me. I couldn't help it, I started to laugh. Billy tried to explain the rules of the house to him as I tried to regain my composure.

Dusty then took the beer and downed about half of it, then smiled the first real smile I had seen that night. We all took turns explaining the rules to him, and then told him that he would be living here. Of course I did tell him that we could file charges and he could go to foster care if he did not want to stay with us, but left it up to him.

He jumped at the chance to stay with us. He was only sad that he would never see his brother again. He was unaware that his brother is the one the called us. When he was told, he asked if we had let his bro know we had found him. We all kinda slapped ourselves for forgetting to call him and let him know that Dusty was safe.

We all piled into the office and called his bro on the speaker phone. We were all silent for awhile to let the brothers talk. Dusty's bro was crying and told him that he was and always would be his lil bro and that he wished he had a place for Dusty to stay.

When we explained what we had planned and told him that he would always be welcome in our home, he was crying even harder. Finally I picked up the phone and quietly told Derrick (Dusty's bro) that Dusty would never need to worry about money and we would take care of college and stuff. I told him that if he could get away, to please let me know and I would arrange for a plane ticket to be waiting for him and have a rental car and directions to the house waiting for him at Louisville International Airport. All he needed to do was let me know when he could be here. He told me that the only reason he had not come home for the holidays was that he had to stay and work. He said there were lots of reasons for that too, but he would get into that when he got here. He asked me to make the reservations for the next day and he would take the time off from work to spend a couple of weeks with us. I told him not to tell Dusty he was coming, as it could be a good surprise and he needed good things happening. I then gave the phone to Dusty and we all left the room.

I quickly told the others what we had planned and then went to get on the computer and make the plane and car reservations. Once I had that taken care of, we all sat and talked quietly until Dusty came in.

The poor kid looked completely exhausted, and I think we were all pretty tired, so we all headed to bed. Billy and Jon took Dusty to Billy's room, and they all piled into bed. They did not want him to have to sleep alone that first night. I was so proud of them. They gave up their first night together as boyfriends to help another kid.

Chad and I feel asleep almost as soon as our heads hit the pillow. It had been a long, joyful, terrible, wonderful day. We had celebrated together as a family and started a few new traditions. We had gained a new son, but he had to lose his family for us to do so.


I had been debating with myself for quite a while about telling my family I was gay. I just could not seem to get the courage to do it. Randy, my boyfriend, told me that he would support me either way. I knew that, but it was good to actually hear it.

Let me back up and give you a very quick history. I am 27 as is Randy. We were both in our last year of Med. school, also called residency. We had lucked out and gotten into a pilot program that sped up the process of becoming a doctor. If we were not in the program we would most likely be stuck for at least another 2 years. Thank goodness we had been allowed into the program.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, Randy and I had grown up together. We lived next door to each other and had been best friends since we were like 5 or something. I guess I we must have been 12 when we both told the other that we liked boys instead of girls. Of course we liked one boy- each other. We kissed and told each other of our love for the other that night. We swore we would be together always. As it turns out, we almost weren't, being in the closet and having to date girls in high school almost killed our relationship.

It was through the help of an older gay couple we happened to do some yard work for that we were able to save our relationship. They had somehow figured us out and one day after a particularly bad argument, they noticed we were fighting and sat us down and talked to us. Terry and Larry helped us deal with everything, they helped us repair our almost completely broken relationship!

We stopped dating girls, but still stayed in the closet. That took off enough stain to allow us to survive to college. Once we got to Boston College, we came fully out on campus. Our second year there, Randy told his folks. His mom was cool, his dad had a fit. In time though, his dad calmed down and finally accepted us.

I knew that was not going to happen in my case. I also knew that if I was cut off from the folks, I would have to drop out. I only had such a short time to go, that I kept putting it off and putting it off. I also worked to save in case I needed the money for a place if I had to drop out. I was really exhausted. I had only getting 3 or so hours of sleep a day.

Christmas evening, Randy and I had been laying in bed watching a movie, when the phone rang. It was my dad and he was going off. He told me he had kicked Dusty out and I was to have no contact with him, that he was a faggot and he was no longer a part of the family. I told him to go to hell, that I would decide who my family was and I was not sure he was part of it anymore. I then hung up.

I knew that the last time I had talked to Dusty, he had told me about his friends and shit. I desperately tried to remember any names he mentioned. I finally recalled one full name and called 411 to get a number. From that call I got a number to Billy and Jon. I called and told them everything, I figured they needed to know and if they were assholes, I would just have to call someone else.

Turns out they were cool and said they would start looking right away.

Much later that night, the phone rang and I pounced on it. I had been pacing and nothing that poor Randy could do seemed to help. They had found him. After much talk and many assurances that Dusty would be fine, and a long talk with Dusty, I hung up. As I turned, I realized that I had to leave and go home without Randy.

I looked at him and he of course knew. He smiled and told me to find out what time the flight was and he would get a ticket. He said that if Billy and Jon did not have room for both of them he would stay with his folks.

I naturally could not sleep, and ended up pacing half the night. The next day, we climbed on the plane. I was a nervous wreck, and I think that Randy was too, in his quiet way. I could always tell when things got to him, but very rarely could anyone else. He was quiet, gentle, and loving.

The flight was long, at least it seemed that way. We landed, got our luggage and picked up the rental car and directions. I told Randy to drive as I was a mess, so I did not pay attention to the directions. Randy did, and gave me an odd look, then shook his head and we left. Thirty minutes later as we pulled into a house that we had both known as Terry and Larry's house, we were both shocked and bewildered. The house was completely different, I mean utterly different.

I rang the bell, and a very nice looking guy answered the door. "Hi there, you have got to be Derrick." he said as he smiled at me. I returned the smile, and then introduced Randy. "I thought that I might need some support during this visit and wanted to bring my partner with me." I told the guy.

"Well hi Randy, I'm Billy." he said with a huge grin.

He invited us in and explained the everyone else had went shopping to get Dusty some new clothes, and that they should return soon. He asked if we wanted a beer, and we said yeah. He returned with one for each of us, to my surprise. I kept my mouth shut, I had no intention of ruining things for my lil bro.

I asked Billy if we would need to get a hotel room or stay with Randy's folks since I had not forewarned them about his coming with me.  He assured me that they had plenty of room and it was not a problem.

As I looked around the room, I could not help but comment about how different it was. "Oh you have been here before?" he asked.

"Yeah there were a couple of guys that lived here. They were good friends and helped us a lot. I hope I can find where they moved to." I said.

Billy looked at me kind of sadly, then asked; "Who were your friends?"

"Oh Terry and Larry. They had a construction company here in town. We have just not had enough time to stay in contact the last couple of years." I said.

"Oh man, I hate to tell you this. Uncle Terry and Larry were killed in a car wreck over a year ago." Billy told me sadly.

Randy looked and me and I looked at him and we both started to cry. The guys who saved our relationship died and we could not even say goodbye.

Shortly after we had calmed down, Billy told us about what had happened and about his bro rescuing him. He told us everything, amazingly. I had to wonder how he had gotten through it all and turned out to be the amazing guy he was. I guess he saw the question in my eyes.

"I would not be here today guys if it were not for my Bro, Chad and Danny. You'll meet them all soon enough and I bet you will see why. You have fallen in with some really good and decent people, and I am not just blowing smoke up your ass!" He told us emphatically.

Somehow I believed him. He got up and got us refills on the beer, and asked if we wanted something to eat. We said a sandwich or something would be great. He came back pretty quickly with the beers, and soon an older lady came in. She smiled at us and asked what we would like to eat, then gave us several choices. After she served up a great meal she left.

"Sorry guys, I should have introduced you. That was Linda. She is kind of the cook, housekeeper, nanny for all of us. I didn't mean to be rude." Billy said with concern.

"That's fine Billy, a lot has happened and none of us are at our best right now." Randy said with a smile.

"Nanny?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, she takes care of Joey during the day, unless Danny, Chad or Jase are home." he said.

Then he looked up, smiled and continued, "Hell I forgot you don't know who Joey is. Joey is Jase's little boy. You'll love him."

Soon thereafter, everyone else came home. It took a moment for Dusty to register who was in the room, then he launched himself at me and held on for dear life as he cried.