This story is the first in a series I'm doing recanting some of my most jizz worthy high school fantasies. The sex is imagined, but the lust and descriptions of the lusted after are all real. No names are used.


It was sophomore year of high school. My hormones were raging. I myself was still awkward looking. Plump and boyish, decidedly awkward looking like most boys looked in middle school but not deep enough into puberty to have a man's sexier features. But, around me there were guys that were certified sex on a stick.

Tenth grade was the year when some of the guys decided to start showering after gym class. Developing cocks and bouncing butts began to fascinate me. But, gym was only every other school day. On the days we weren't forced to march out to the field to play some obscure game of team hand ball, we spent the period learning first aid skills. It was a class in which there was a lot of down time as students waited to do their practical exams.

Being fifteen and horny, this downtime allowed my mind to wander into the realm of sexual fantasy. At this time, one of the guys I fancied was 5'11". He was confident with brown, sexy, messy hair medium in length, as was popular in the mid 2000s. For whatever reason, it wasn't how he carried himself or his cute face that kept running through my mind. It was his cock. A cock that I had never actually seen. But, in my mind I had a clear picture of what it looked like and how it would feel in my hand. I always envisioned that it was average in length and girth, but its rigidity when aroused couldn't be surpassed.

At that time, having some idea how the guys I fancied looked naked, many of my fantasies involved these sexy teens walking around naked at school.

As class came to a lull, and I began to day dream; I was surprised to see this brunet tousled hair teen god truly was naked in front of me. Instinctually, I stood up. Seeing that he was already pitching wood, I grabbed him by the cock and lead him to a secluded corner behind the CPR dummies. Right there in a class of 30 people, I dropped to my knees in front of his beautiful cock.

I wasted no time putting the cock in my mouth. I swirled my tongue over the tip and shaft when I wasn't taking the erect rod as deep in my mouth as I could. As the object of my lust's soft moans became more frequent, I was convinced that I was doing a good job, and I vowed not to stop until I coaxed every last bit of cum out of him.

I didn't have to wait long for his salty cream. I imagine he was sexually eager like me, totally lost in a bevy of new sexual sensations and yet to develop the stamina of a more seasoned man. He moaned in a way that affirmed me as much as it indicated his gratification. I eased my mouth off of his cock, and he shot his load all over my face. The hot, white mess trickled down my cheeks reminding me of what had just happened in that classroom. I was strangely glad to have that jizz on me. It was a badge of honor. I had conquered a boy, seemingly out of my league, and sucked his cock for all it was worth.

Cum soaked and glassy eyed having just wanked to a satisfying release myself, I returned to my desk. The teacher returned to the lectern. My attention diverted from sex to the lesson. Awake from a day dream, I realized that I hadn't moved from my desk since class started. What seemed so real in my head was really the trickery of a pubescent imagination. An unaddressed hard-on still strained in my pants.

I may never truly blow the all-American, brunet, tousled hair boy I dreamed about, but I do know that at home in my bed he was there with me often as I jerked off. And in my dreams, his cum always landed on my face where I would have left it forever if I could.

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Coming up next is a story of a beautiful Italian soccer player, his pert ass and what I wanted to do to it with my tongue.