This story is the second in a series I'm doing recanting some of my most jizz worthy high school fantasies. The sex is imagined, but the lust and descriptions of the lusted after are all real. No names are used.

Rimming the Italian Soccer Player:

High school is the time when some guys come into their own while others of us late bloomers have yet to discover the aesthetic benefits of increased testosterone. When us late bloomers are gay, we sheepishly lurk in the corner taking in the landscape of once boys now men strutting around campus.

This voyeurism takes on a whole new dimension in the locker room. It was sophomore year, and every jock seemed to discover that wet, square room with the faucets. Gym was eighth period. There was no need for a pre-practice shower for these jocks, nonetheless, at the end of class, the parade of naked teens some cocks dangling, others cupped in hands, made their way to the showers.

Obviously, staring on my part was unwise. But, being a horny gay boy, I stole as many glances as I could manage without being pinned as the campus faggot. One of my favorite bodies belonged to an Italian-American soccer player. He was shorter but well muscled. As I recall, his body hair was concentrated below the knee and in his armpits. I never got to see his crotch as he was a hand cupper. But, as he'd confidently strut to the showers, never looking back, I was afforded a perfect view of his olive toned globes. I loved those globes. His ass became what I measured all asses against. In porn, in my school day fantasies and in my locker room voyeurism. Body complimenting shape, bounciness, the appearance of firmness. Booties like that danced in my head in day dreams and in the more than a few times before I'd ejaculate into my hand in the privacy of my bedroom.

At about this time, I discovered something sensual that one can do in bed regardless of orientation or coupling. But, something in my opinion then and confirmed by personal experience now is sweetest in the pressence of a man's body's hard lines, lusty smell and delicious taste. Thanks to porn, I discovered rimming. After the obligatory internet searches for analingus following the initial discovery, my intrigue grew. But, my interest soared when I saw this perfect Italian ass bouncing in front of my eyes two to three times a week. The first time I saw this beautiful butt, I knew someday I'd get up close and personal if not to this Mediteranean's buns, ones like his.

Everything about this bouncing beauty fascinated me. The way it perched on those short muscular legs. The way each cheek flexed in accordance to his gait. The way the cleavage between the two hemispheres perfectly met the musculature of his lower back. How the roundness curved down and met that mystical island of skin between his two most precious areas, his hole and his balls and cock. An area undoubteldy obscured by his cupping hands but thw stuff of fantasy nonetheless.

As I recall, I engaged in some of my most pensive ogling when staring at his crack. Not a hair in sight and tightly held by his buttocks, I wondered a lot about what lied within. I knew that if I could rim any ass in the world, his would have been my first choice. I'd imagine running my tongue up and down his crack. In my fantasies, he'd softly moan. Then when the time came, he'd beg me to plunge my wet tongue into his winking Italian hole. In that moment, egged on by what amounted to in my eyes as a raging Italian stallion, I'd voraciously tongue his hole. I'd flick my tongue over his hole to tease. He'd oblige to this foretaste of analingus induced passion for a while, but as the sensations mounted, he'd grow impatient. His hips would start to buck in involuntary response, and he'd reach his hand back to guide my head while telling me he wants my tongue deep inside his hole. With this beautiful boy and his beautiful butt right there in my face, I would be captive to his whim. I'd make sure as much spit as possible rested on my tongue as I got to work. I'd alternate circling my tongue, darting it and wiggling it inside his slowly loosening hole. To give my mouth respite but not too keen to leave the immediate proximity of the object of my affection, I'd ease back to marvel at my beautiful feast. Unable to resist, I'd earnestly grope and playfully slap those olive toned ass cheeks. Not wanting to neglect the needs of the sexy soccer player on all fours in front of me for too long, I'd teasingly lick up and down his crevice before diving right back in with my tongue. Each time my tongue returned to his asshole, he'd voice his approval.

As the ass eating session would progress, the newly minted fan of the tossed salad would become hard. What would usually be obscured by his hands in an act of what I assumed was fake modesty, he did after all have the saunter of a cocky boy who knew how sexy he truly was, would be fully visible and fully hard. Naturally, the boy's hand would migrate back to his crotch this time not to hide but to stroke his dick.

Knowing that I was most definitely turning this cocky jock on, I'd lick that ass with a new sense of vigor convinced it was my duty to help him reach his full arousal. My mouth and tongue growing tired but as drunk as ever off lust fullfilled from eating his ass, I'd finally get the pleasure of seeing and hearing an Italian stallion whinny. Once this beautiful olive skinned teen would culminate his orgasm, I'd plant an appreciative kiss on his right butt cheek. Both spent but both satisfied, we would go our separate ways afterwards. We'd never speak of what occurred, but he would always have knowing wink for me whenever we'd pass in the halls.

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