This story is the third in a series I'm doing recanting some of my most jizz worthy high school fantasies. The sex is imagined, but the lust and descriptions of the lusted after are all real. No names are used.

Fucked By a Ginger:

In high school, I was mesmerized by this one boy: ginger hair, freckled, creamy pale skin, six foot tall and moderately hairy. He had more ass fuzz and bush than many his age, sparse hair on his legs, perfectly accenting armpit hair and a smooth torso. When he'd strut in the locker room after gym class, my heart would skip a beat, and in my mind's eye, I'd be on all fours taking is cock until orange pubes grazed my ass cheeks as he'd fervently fuck me.

I'd see this boy's cock only briefly when we all changed. Unlike some of our peers, he never seemed to cup his hands over his junk. He was proud to be on full display.

I'd fantasize about getting his cock hard with my hand. It would pulsate and stiffen before he'd jam it into my hungry ass. Being a total jock, I'd dream about how long this boy could last and how hard he'd give it to me. In my fantasies, this ginger hunk would alternate between fucking me sensually and slowly and jack hammering my boy pussy. He'd get a little rough too pulling my hair, nibbling my ear and spanking my then hairless ass. Oh boy, did I want this ginger stud inside me.

On top of being a total jock, this boy was in show choir too (as was I). As we'd dress for competition, he was one of the guys I had to resist staring at slipping from sweats thrown on at four in the morning to vibrant, ridiculous stage wear. I remember that watching his hairy legs and bubbly butt in boxers enter his trousers would create a stir within me. One day, he had a bite mark on his left peck. A red teeth mark defacing his hairless, well sculpted chest. His girlfriend who was in show choir with us made a joke about them getting rough the previous night. I was so jealous. To know that this boy was getting laid and not by me was momentarily devastating as I lusted after him so hungrily.

To this day, I revel in a nice shirtless pic of him on Facebook. And in my social media perusings, I appreciate how he has grown a perfectly groomed ginger beard as men in their twenties often do. He's engaged to his high school sweetheart, but every once in a while, I still dream of the good, hard fucking his ginger dick would have given me if only my fantasies of him were real.

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