This story is the final in a series I'm doing recanting some of my most jizz worthy high school fantasies. The sex is imagined, but the lust and descriptions of the lusted after are all real. No names are used.

Hot For Teacher:

In high school, I had an English teacher, a former college wrestler. Slim and spry with a clean shaven head and an award winning smile. He was the kind of man who had arms that looked stunning in a t-shirt, but he had the kind of butt and package that rocked dress pants too. He was easily a true object of lust for any 14 year-old gay boy.

Being somewhat adept at writing while also being a year ahead in my English studies, I got the commensurate attention of a star pupil. Nothing that wasn't being lauded on the fairly high number of fellow academics in that class, but the kind of encouragement and genuine interest in my life that tends to make a lusty gay boy feel lovestruck. A hello in the hall followed by a trademark wink could easily make my heart skip a beat.

By chance, I saw his shirt ride up his torso one day and found out his navel region sported a tattoo that disappeared into his pants, a placement of ink that only further intrigued me. By luck, one summer while driving I saw him running on a particularly hot summer day in skimpy running shorts and no shirt. His slim physique and compact muscles glistened in an alluring fashion. At that moment, I fantasized about what it would be like to grope that blue eyed sweat soaked body. As expected, my heart skipped a beat.

This teacher's genial personality naturally lead me to fantasize of being sexed by him in a most tender way. Lots of touching and kissing. I'd dream of him kissing my mouth deeply and us exploring each other with our tongues. And as the passion would overtake us, I know that my grasping hands wouldn't stay clear of his crotch and ass.

As strange as it sounds, I didn't necessarily picture us in scenarios of sodomy or fellatio. Of course reflecting as I write this, I know I'd love to ride and taste his cock. Even more so I'd savor his ass with my tongue, hoping a nice rim job would elicit the cocky smile and wink that drove me crazy during my adolescence. One thing that I recall vividly though is that I thought a lot about him taking me right, then and there whenever we exchanged our ritualized pleasantries. The lust I had to secretly internalize in those moments would bubble up and pour out of me in my fantasies. With a man so yummy, jumping him in the moment is a given no matter who sees. Getting pinned to the ground by him would make a slut and a showman out of me. The opening scene of “Another Gay Movie” where Graham Norton's character rails his admiring student over the desk mid-class comes to mind. Such a scene would maybe elicit a bit of boner shrinking modesty in real life, but in a world of erotic fantasy played out in my post-school day masturbatory bed, it was a sure blood rush to the cock.

Occasionally, I think back to that bald wet dream of an English teacher. Surely, he indelibly impacted me as a student. But, the one imprint on my life that I wish he had made would have been to ravage me with as much intent as he approached building my mind. In my most cliché teacher-student fantasies, he already has satiated my most carnal desire to be covered in his kisses and pinned in his embrace.

I hope this series has been as fun to read as it was to write. If you want to tell me how hard it made you and how far you shot your load, feel free to email me at

Although this is the last installment of this series, luckily I've continued to lust after men since graduating high school. It so follows that I have lots of stories of fantasies from college and afterwards that I'd be inclined to share. I might even foray into the telling of pure fiction and even chronicling my more memorable sexual encounters. So, keep on fapping.