by tim

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Fate - by tim

Chapter 1

Jacob Adams was like most other 15 year old boys, except for two things. First, he liked to play around with other boys. I don't mean your normal playing, he liked to play around sexually with other boys. Second, and more importantly, Jacob's father was an ambassador for the United States of America. This afforded Jacob an opportunity to get away with being different than the other boys. Now Jacob's father, Michael Adams, had been recalled from his assignment in England. He had to return to Washington D. C. right away, but left his wife and son in England until their new residence in America had been taken care of.

It was now April, and Michael Adams had sent word to his family to return home to the United States. The Adams family was well off enough so that they traveled first class no matter where they went. Even with all of the technological advancements of the past 100 years, the ocean liner was still the most luxurious way to travel from Europe to America. That's why Jacob and his mother Mary were booked on the finest ship afloat, from England to New York.

Jacob was very excited to return home, but he was even more excited about the voyage home. The ocean liner they were traveling on was not in service when they first went to England 3 years ago. This newer ship made the one they came over on look like a garbage scow. It was the pride and joy of the trans Atlantic fleet. The morning of the voyage they traveled by car from London to Southampton. Jacob had wanted to go to Southampton the night before because he loved music, and some of the most popular music of the day was coming out of Southampton. However Mary wanted her son exposed to one more night of the finest culture that London had to offer, so London was where they spent their final night in England.

When they arrived at the dock on the morning of their voyage, Mary and Jacob were awestruck by the ocean liner that they would be traveling on. Jacob knew that he would have the time of his life on the way back to the United States. Mary and Jacob had separate staterooms, and the accommodations were nothing short of amazing. Jacob's room was better than the finest rooms in most hotels he had been in. By the time the shock had worn off, it was time to join his mother on deck for the departure. As soon as they had set sail, Jacob was off to explore the ship. The boy set out to explore every inch of the most fantastic ocean liner he had ever seen before. Whenever he was stopped in an area that he shouldn't have been in, all he had to do was start talking about his father and his father's friendship with the President of the United States.

One place the boy wanted to go was the fantail at the stern of the ship, but from where he was at in First Class, he would have to go into areas that were off-limits. Jacob did not see that as a problem. With a few mentions of his father's name, he had found himself where he wanted to be. He didn't expect to meet anyone there however, that is until he saw the other boy. The boy seemed to be about the same age as he was, and was what Jacob considered very attractive. The boy was about 5' 6" tall with light brown hair, and the face of an angel. Jacob worked up his courage until he was finally brave enough to approach the boy of his dreams.

"Hello," said Jacob, "my name is Jacob. What's yours?"

The other boy replied with a heavy Irish accent, "My name is Mickey. Don't be offended but you look kind of out of place on this deck."

"I have my ways of getting around where I shouldn't go." said Jacob. "You want to see?"

"Sure!" said Mickey. "Just as long as we don't get into any trouble. My father would kill me if I got into any more trouble this year."

"Don't worry about it." said Jacob. "I can talk us out of anything."

With that the boys were off. Mickey started to look a little bit nervous as they approached the passageway to the upper decks. Then when they were approached by a steward, Mickey looked as though he may wet his pants. True to his word though, Jacob was able to talk them past the steward. Soon both boys were in Jacob's stateroom.

"Wow!" exclaimed Mickey. "Are you rich or something?"

"Well," said Jacob, "my father's last job was as the American ambassador to England. He's a very close friend of our President. There is a rumor that if the President is re-elected he will make my father the Secretary of State."

"You're putting me on, aren't you?" asked Mickey.

"I wouldn't do that my friend." said Jacob. "Do you know why?"

Mickey blushed slightly and stuttered, but never answered Jacob. Then Jacob continued, "It's because I like you, and I think you like me too." Jacob looked down and noticed that Mickey was starting to get an erection. This caused Jacob to smile.

"How did you know?" asked Mickey. "I couldn't possibly let this happen again, my dad would kill me. He's already said that I've disgraced our family, and that's why we have to go to America. He said if it ever happens again, he'll make sure that I can't shame our family again." With that Mickey began to cry.

"Don't cry Mickey." said Jacob. "I promise I won't let anything happen to you. All I have to do is say my father's name and I can get away with anything." As Jacob said that he began to lean over toward Mickey.

Mickey didn't want to go through the trouble that kissing another boy again would cause, but he could not control himself by this point. Mickey closed his eyes and leaned toward the boy who wanted him and promised to make it okay. His lips instinctively met Jacob's, and he once again felt the thrill that could only be caused by kissing another boy. Jacob could also feel a jolt of excitement run through his body. There was something different about this boy, something he had never felt before. When he kissed this boy it was like he knew that the rest of his life should include Mickey.

By this time Jacob was trying to work his tongue into Mickey's mouth. Mickey was long past controlling his feelings, so he allowed the other boy's tongue in. Mickey was very quickly falling in love with Jacob, even though he knew they were from completely different worlds. Be that as it may though, Mickey could not help himself. He wrapped his muscular arms around Jacob, and Jacob melted into his arms.

Before long Mickey and Jacob found themselves laying on Jacob's bed. The bed was the softest thing that Mickey had ever felt, except for his new friend's embrace. Both boys wanted to hold onto each other for the rest of their lives, but Jacob also had other plans. First Jacob unbuttoned Mickey's shirt. He could not help running his hands over Mickey's already developing chest. Jacob nuzzled his face into the other boy's chest and gently licked at his nipples, while at the same time he was unfastening Mickey's pants.

By this time Mickey was very nervous because although he had been caught kissing other boys, he had never done what he thought they were about to do. He wanted to do it though, to his surprise. He knew this boy cared about him and would never do anything to hurt him. That is why Mickey gave into Jacob's advances. Once his pants were unfastened, Mickey lifted slightly off the bed so Jacob could slide his pants down off his hips and butt. Jacob then went after Mickey's shoes. Once the shoes were off, Jacob finished removing Mickey's pants. Now Mickey laid on the bed completely naked, while Jacob drank in his beauty. After a few moments of letting the other boy admire him, Mickey decided it was his turn to unwrap what Jacob had to offer. As Mickey removed Jacob's clothes, he admired the smooth and toned body that was being revealed. Soon both boys were naked and wrapped back into each others arms. They spent several more minutes exploring the inside of each other's mouths.

Then Jacob lowered himself down the bed until he was face to face with the most beautiful cock he had ever seen in his life. Mickey's cock throbbed slightly as Jacob examined it carefully. Jacob almost felt that it was too perfect to belong in his unworthy mouth. "Mickey," begged Jacob, "I want to take you into me now and pleasure you. May I please?"

Mickey had never been treated this tenderly, or with this much love and respect before. He almost cried gently as he replied, "I would never want anyone but you to that for me Jacob."

With that, Jacob took Mickey's perfect cock into his mouth. The taste of his new lover was even better than he had imagined. With as much love as he could muster, Jacob tenderly stroked Mickey's cock with his mouth and tongue. Mickey had never even imagined anything feeling like the way he was feeling now. He was enjoying the feelings that were starting in his cock and traveling throughout his body. Jacob was doing things to him with his mouth that he never wanted to stop, but much too soon Mickey felt a tightness starting to well up in his balls. Mickey held back as long as he could while he watched his cock slide in and out of the most attractive face that he had ever had the privilege of seeing. As his orgasm approached, Micky began moaning, "Ohhhh, unnngh, ohhh Jacob. I'mmm, Iyeeee, arrrrrgh." With that, Mickey emptied the contents of his balls into Jacob's wonderful mouth.

Once Jacob had taken everything Mickey had to graciously give to him, he let Mickey's softening cock slide from his mouth. Then he slid back up the bed and began kissing his love once again. Mickey could taste himself inside Jacob's mouth, but he wanted to taste more than that. After a few minutes of the best kissing he had ever experienced, Mickey rolled Jacob over onto his back. The movement of the ship, as well as taking the most beautiful boy he had ever seen, had taken it's toll on Jacob. He was now harder than he had ever been in his life. It was all he could do to keep from exploding the instant Mickey's lips came in contact with his erection. After Jacob warned Mickey to watch his teeth, Mickey began sucking the first cock he had ever sucked in his life.

Mickey took to this new endeavor very well, and was enjoying the feel and taste of another boy's cock in his mouth. All too soon though, Jacob's orgasm was upon him. Jacob's orgasm came so fast that he did not have time to warn Mickey before exploding in his mouth. To Mickey's credit he handled the situation very well. He did gag a little at first out of surprise, but then swallowed most of what Jacob had to offer him. When Jacob's orgasm had subsided, Mickey sucked his deflating cock clean. "I'm sorry about not warning you my love." said Jacob.

"Don't worry about it." replied Mickey. "I'm glad that you didn't warn me, I might not have swallowed your cum if you had. I'm happy that I didn't miss that."

Then Jacob and Mickey laid naked in each other's arms for the next few hours. They kissed a lot but also spent a lot of time telling each other about themselves. Mickey was now sure that he was madly in love with the boy in his arms, and wanted to spend the rest of his life with him. He knew this would be nearly impossible, but he would have to find a way to make it work for them. At the same time Jacob was having the exact same thoughts.

After a few hours the boys decided to explore the ship. Mickey had not had the same chance as Jacob to look around, so the two boys had a ball. Mickey was starting to become more comfortable whenever one of the ship's crew would approach, because Jacob was indeed very good at talking his way past them. They saw things that neither one could ever imagine seeing on a ship, but this ship did cost more than the annual revenue of some countries. Jacob was having a great time, and Mickey was being treated better than he'd ever been treated in his life. Jacob had decided that he wanted Mickey to join him and his mother for dinner, but that was going to take some doing. Jacob thought that they may want to start working on that as evening was quickly approaching now. Nervously, Jacob took Mickey back toward his mother's stateroom.

When they got to the stateroom and knocked on the door, it was answered by Jacob's mother, Mary. "Hello mother." said Jacob. "I would like you to meet a friend I met here on the ship. Mother, this is Mickey."

Mickey held out his hand and said, "Hello Mrs. Adams, it's very nice to meet you."

"It's very nice to meet you too young man." said Mary. "Are you English?"

"No ma'am." replied Mickey. "I'm Irish. Me and my family are from just outside Dublin."

"Oh!" exclaimed Mary. "Well, you two boys try not to get in any trouble with the ships crew."

"Don't worry mother," said Jacob, "we've been staying out of any trouble. I was wondering if there were any way that Mickey could join us for dinner?"

"I don't know about that son." said Mary. "We are having dinner at the Captain's table tonight."

"I can find Mickey something of mine to wear," said Jacob, "and I'm sure you could talk us into one more place at the table this evening. I really want Mickey to have fun while we're on the ship because we don't know if we'll ever see each other again after we reach New York. Please mother?" Jacob then rolled the saddest puppy dog eyes that he could muster at his mother."

"Oh, very well son." said Mary. "Just make sure that he's dressed nicely for dinner." Mary never could say no to Jacob when he made those eyes at her.

"Thanks mother, you're the greatest!" said Jacob.

"Yes," said Mickey, "thank you very much Mrs. Adams."

"You're welcome young men." said Mary. "Now have fun and don't get into anything. Make sure you're ready for dinner at 7 o'clock."

Both boys shouted "Okay!" over their shoulders as they scampered off down the passageway. Mary shook her head and smiled as they ran off. The boys made their way back to Jacob's stateroom and had a ball trying to find proper attire for Mickey to wear to dinner. Fortunately both boys were about the same size, so Jacob could make sure Mickey looked very nice. After a lot of dressing and undressing, which was followed by more dressing and interrupted by some kissing and caressing, Mickey was finally dressed for dinner. When Jacob stood back and took a look at his love, it almost took his breath away.

"My god!" exclaimed Jacob. "You are so beautiful that I could die a happy boy right now, just for having seen you like this."

Mickey blushed as he replied, "You better not die right now, I don't want to lose you just yet my love." When Mickey said that, Jacob wrapped him in his arms and gave him a deep and passionate kiss.

As soon as Jacob broke the kiss he said, "I'm not going anywhere without you. I won't let a vision like you get away from me if I can help it." This made Mickey blush even more. Well," continued Jacob, "let's get out of here and go to dinner my love."

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