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by tim

Chapter 10

From the last chapter:

"I don't want to stop quite so soon, but I guess you're right Nick." replied Charlie. "It probably wouldn't look good if some stranger were to walk in on us right now. Can we do something before we go back outside though?"

"What's that Charlie?" asked Nick.

Charlie moved his face toward Nick's, and gave his friend a very tender kiss on his lips. When the boys broke the kiss, Nick giggled, "I'm glad I asked Charlie!"

The two boys laughed happily as they put their penises back in their pants, and went back out to enjoy the rest of their visit to the museum. This was turning out to be the very best day of Charlie's life.

On the drive home, Michael asked Charlie, "Did you have a good day son?"

"It was great dad!" exclaimed Charlie excitedly. "I'm sure that Nick is homosexual, just like me. We played with each other's penises today, and he said that mine looked really nice, and he liked doing things with it. Then we kissed on the lips, and he really liked that as well!"

"I'm glad that you trust me enough to talk so openly with me son, and I'll always treasure that." said Michael, as he smiled at Charlie's brief sexual encounter. "We do have to talk about Nick's homosexuality though. His parents do know, although Nick has never told them. The reason Nick was left behind a grade level last year was because of another boy. At first, Nick was so love-struck that he couldn't concentrate on his school work. Then toward the middle of the year, the other boy found out that Nick was in love with him. I'm not exactly sure how that came about, but the other boy didn't take it well. He told several of Nick's friends that Nick liked other boys, and that's why Nick doesn't speak much of other friends. Nick was so devastated by that that his studies suffered even worse as a result. He failed his classes so badly last year that the headmaster had no choice but to hold him back. I'm sure the fact that Nick no longer wanted to be with his friends may have had something to do with that as well."

"That's horrible dad!" exclaimed Charlie. "I shall have to make sure that he knows that there is no chance of that happening again!"

"Well son, I'm sure that will be a relief to Nick." smiled Michael. "Nick's parents are very concerned however. Of course they are upset that their only child is homosexual, and they may never have grandchildren. They are also concerned that his studies may suffer once again though. I'm afraid that if Nick fails another year of school, his parents will end up sending him to public school."

"I love Nick though dad." replied Charlie. "I would never allow him to fail another year of school. I'll do everything I can to make sure that he's the best student in our class until we graduate. As for grandchildren, there is no reason why Nick and I couldn't adopt children. That's what Jacob and Mickey intend to do when they're ready to start a family together."

"Yes, you two can do that." replied Michael. "I will do everything I can to help you too, if that's what you boys decide to do. Is it really that serious though son?"

"I love Nick." replied Charlie. "When I'm with him, I know that I always want to be with him. When I'm not with him, I can't get his face out of my mind. I know that we were meant to find each other, and become mates."

"In that case Charlie, we should turn around and go back." said Michael. "Nick's parents were going to have a talk with him about his homosexuality when Nick and his father go home today. They need to hear from you exactly how you feel about Nick in order to deal correctly with this situation. Besides, I'm sure that Nick may need your support when his parents confront him about being homosexual. I'm sure that will be very frightening for him."

"Let's go back now then dad!" replied Charlie urgently.

Michael turned the car around, and headed back to the museum. He and Charlie got there right as the museum was closing for the day, and Michael caught up to Nick's father Joseph, out of range of the boys. Charlie watched nervously as Nick's father looked at him, then at his son. Then Joseph shook his head yes, and called Nick over to him. Then all three of them headed toward Michael's automobile. As soon as Charlie realized that Nick and his father were riding with them to Nick's house, Charlie jumped in the back seat and motioned for Nick to join him. Michael chuckled lightly, while Joseph looked mildly concerned.

As Joseph pointed Michael in the direction of his house, he said, "I have been considering getting an automobile myself. Are they a great convenience to have Michael?"

"I think the automobile is the way of the future." replied Michael. "They save a great amount of time in getting from one place to another, and aren't nearly as unpredictable as horses. I think that soon you will see almost every family having an automobile."

"Then I think I may go ahead and do it." said Joseph. "Turn right at the next street Michael, then our house will be the third on the left. Your automobile did make this trip much faster than walking, and I think a horse might have been hard pressed to beat it."

During the entire trip, Charlie and Nick had been discreetly holding hands. When they pulled up in front of Nick's house, the boys let go of each other's hands. Then Joseph led everyone up to his door, and called his wife to join everyone in the living room.

Once everyone was assembled in the living room, Nick and Charlie sat next to each other, and Joseph said, "Michael Adams, this is my wife Nora. Nora dear, this is Ambassador Michael Adams, and the boy is his son Charlie that Nick has been speaking of."

Michael shook Nora's hand and said, "It is a pleasure to meet you ma'am."

"Before we start, I'm sure you have a good idea of what this is about Nicholas." said Joseph. "Is there anything that you might like to tell your mother and I before we continue?"

Charlie casually put an arm behind Nick and shook his head yes, then Nick said, "I don't want you to think that this is Charlie's fault. It isn't anyone's fault, it's just the way that I am. There was another incident last year, where I fell in love with another boy. Mother and father, I am homosexual. I know that you aren't proud of hearing that, and I'm so sorry. I can't help who I am though, and I hope you don't take this out on Charlie."

"Well son, your mother and I did know about the boy last year." replied Joseph. "We knew that you are most likely homosexual. Charlie's father has convinced me that Charlie may be able to help with some of the concerns we have about this son, and that's why they are here for this. We really only have two major concerns son. First, we know that the incident last year was what led to you being left behind a grade level at school, and we don't want to see a repeat of that. Next, it is kind of disappointing to us that if you cannot bring yourself to having a normal sexual relationship with a woman as you grow up, that our family line will end with you, as you are our only child."

"Can I say something sir?" asked Charlie.

"Yes Charlie, that's why you are here for this." replied Joseph. "Please go ahead."

"I don't know exactly what led to Nick being left behind last year, but I love him very much, and I won't allow that to happen this year." said Charlie. "Nick and I will have to talk about this more, but I intend to go on to the next grade level next year, and I want my boyfriend to do even better than I. I know that Nick is very smart, and I don't think it will be a problem."

"Okay Charlie, but what about our other concern?" asked Nora.

"Your family line doesn't have to end just because we are both homosexual." replied Charlie. "Nick and I can both adopt children when we are old enough to have a family. Nick can adopt children as his, and his family name can go on through them. I am adopted myself, and I know how many children there are out there who are in need of a loving family."

"If I were to adopt a child when I grow up, that child would be every bit mine as far as I would be concerned." said Nick. "Our family line can continue, with Charlie and I as parents."

"Is this that serious?" asked Joseph.

Nick smiled and kissed Charlie briefly on the lips, and said, "I love Charlie very much. I love him much more than I thought I loved that boy last year. I think Charlie and I were meant to meet each other, and if I spent the rest of my life with him, it would make me very happy."

"How do you feel about this Michael?" asked Nora.

"I know that Charlie is only my adopted son, but I love him as if he were my own." replied Michael. "I know that not much is known about homosexuality, but I don't believe that it's either a mental illness or a sign of evil. I think it's a part of Charlie that he has no control over, and my only concern is that he's happy with the boy he chooses as a mate. I will do everything I can to help and support him and his male mate."

"Well, we do love our son too." replied Nora. "We have struggled to understand this for well over a year now, because we want to love and accept him if this is something he cannot control."

"I've tried myself to understand why I don't have the same feeling about girls as I do about boys." said Nick. "I can't explain it either. It's just something that isn't there for some reason. Those feelings are there for Charlie though, and they're very strong. I know that your only son being homosexual is a disappointment, and I hate it that I've made you feel that way. I can't do anything to stop the feelings I have though, and replace them with feelings that aren't there."

"We love you son, and we're not disappointed." replied Joseph. "We're merely concerned. Will you try to keep from letting this relationship with Charlie affect you like you were affected last year?"

"I promise that I will do my very best in school." replied Nick. "I think Charlie is serious about making sure that I do. When we get old enough to have a family, I promise that I will adopt all of the grandchildren that you want, and Charlie and I will give them a loving home as our own children."

"As a high ranking government official, I can make sure that they do just that too." said Michael. "I want all of my boys to know the joy of having a wonderful family of their own, even though they are all homosexual."

"Then your mother and I will try to understand and support your relationship with Charlie son." said Joseph. "I just hope we will not have to talk to you two boys about Nicholas's studies."

"I promise that you won't father." smiled Nick, as he hugged Charlie lightly. "I still want you and mother to be proud of me."

"We are proud of you son." replied Nora. "We know that you are trying your best, and that's all that we ask. Now, would you like to go spend the night with Charlie, if it's okay with his father? I know you boys must have a few things to discuss."

"That would be great mother!" replied Nick excitedly. "I love you and father so much!"

Charlie glanced down and noticed Nick forming a slight tent, and couldn't help but to giggle. Nick blushed as he asked Michael if it were okay to spend the night, and Michael chuckled as he agreed. Then the boys ran off to Nick's room to get a change of clothes.

"I'm sure we can count on your help with the boys, right Michael?" asked Joseph.

"All I want is for both of them to be happy and have a successful life." replied Michael. "I will help look out for both of them as long as they remain together."

"Then that will be fine." replied Joseph. "I hope our boys are very happy together."

When Charlie and Nick returned, Nick kissed both of his parents on the cheek and told them how much he loved them again. The boys sat together in the back seat on the way home, and Michael smiled as he could hear them both giggling quite a bit. Michael gave them their privacy though, and did not try to keep an eye on them. The giggling was coming from both boys rubbing each other's penises through their pants, and Charlie whispering a promise of making love that night into Nick's ear.

When they got home, the two boys went to Charlie's room to talk as Mary prepared supper. As soon as the boys sat on Charlie's bed, Charlie pressed his lips against Nick's. As the two boys shared a very long and passionate kiss, they took each other's penises out of their pants and began stroking them softly. When they broke the kiss, Nick looked down to where he was holding Charlie's erect penis in his hand.

Nick kissed Charlie briefly on his lower lip and said, "I can't believe how beautiful your penis is, and that we'll be making love in just a few hours. You are going to be the first boy I've ever made love to Charlie."

"I will make sure that you love it then Nick." replied Charlie. "I am looking forward to this very much, and I hope we spend the rest of our lives together. Now, what about the boy last year?"

"His name was Christopher." replied Nick. "I thought I loved him, but it didn't feel anything like this does. I know that I did want to do things with him though. It took me half of the school year to work up the nerve to say anything. Then I thought he had the same feelings that I did. I took his penis out of his pants and began to stroke it, and he enjoyed it at first. Then I took my penis out of my pants with my other hand, and made him stroke it. He just didn't seem to have any feelings for doing it though, and I had to guide his hand in masturbating me the whole time. I should have taken that as a bad sign, but I didn't. Instead I told him that I wanted us to have oral sex together, and I wanted him to take my penis into his mouth first. When I tried to kiss him, he looked down at his hand around my penis, and jerked it away from me quickly. Then he told me that I was some kind of deviant, and that only a really evil boy would want another boy's penis in his mouth. Then he made me finish masturbating him until he had an orgasm, and went and told several of my friends what I had wanted to do to him. That made the rest of my school year hell, and I was already in trouble with my grades. I lost touch with most of my friends after that, unless they were busy knocking me to the ground. I got beat up a few times last year, but I never told anyone about it. I figured it would only make things worse."

"Well, now they'll have to deal with us together." said Charlie, as he hugged Nick. "I'm not going to let anyone hurt my boyfriend, and after living on the streets for a year, I know how to take care of people like them. I am going to love making love to you Nick, and I won't care who knows about it. I'll be proud of having a wonderful boyfriend like you. You've already made me happier than I've been in a long time."

Then Charlie leaned down and tenderly kissed the tip of Nick's foreskin, as Nick moaned, "Oh God Charlie! Your lips feel so soft against my foreskin. I can't wait to make love!"

Charlie pulled Nick's foreskin back, and took just the head of Nick's penis into his mouth. Charlie sucked gently for a few seconds, then raised back up and looked into Nick's deliriously smiling face. Charlie pressed their lips back together, and the two boys shared another passionate kiss until they were called to supper.

Nick enjoyed supper and family time with the Adams family. This was Jacob and Mickey's first chance to meet Charlie's boyfriend, and they were very happy with how the two boys were getting along together. In their opinion, Nick and Charlie made a very adorable couple. It was also Nick's chance to meet two boys who were sort of famous at their school. Nick seemed to like the fact that Charlie's brothers were also a homosexual couple. Just the thought of the two good looking older boys doing those things aroused him, but not as much as Charlie aroused him by saying it was time to go to his room. Charlie turned a small table lamp on in his room, then turned the main light off. This gave them enough light to see each other, but not enough to give the neighbors a show through the curtains. Then Charlie smiled at Nick.

"I can't wait to remove my boyfriend's clothes, and have him naked in my arms." said Charlie softly.

"I'm really kind of looking forward to the part where we make love!" giggled Nick.

Charlie giggled lightly as he unbuttoned Nick's shirt. Once his shirt and undershirt were off, Charlie ran his hands softly over Nick's chest and back. Then Charlie leaned down and lightly sucked and licked Nick's nipples.

"Oh God Charlie!" moaned Nick. "Is all of our love-making tonight going to feel this great?"

Charlie bent back up and smiled into Nick's face as he replied, "This is nothing Nick. We're just getting started!"

Nick had to take Charlie's shirt off right then and there. Once Charlie was naked from the waist up, Nick did the same thing to him. Charlie moaned softly and caressed Nick's head as Nick gently sucked his nipples. As Nick was coming back up, Charlie began to lick and nibble lightly on one of Nick's earlobes. This made Nick moan even louder as Charlie began unbuckling Nick's pants. When Nick's pants and undershorts were laying around his ankles, Charlie moved back to the front of Nick's face and gave him a very passionate kiss. While Charlie's tongue explored the inside of Nick's mouth, Nick went to work on unbuckling Charlie's pants. After Charlie's pants joined Nick's on the floor, both boys caressed the entire length of each other's back sides. Charlie was now ready to move on to a little more action, so he had Nick sit on the side of his bed. Then Charlie removed Nick's shoes, socks, pants, and undershorts.

"I've never been completely naked with another boy like this before Charlie." said Nick softly. "I love how it feels for you to be able to see me like this."

"I kind of like it too!" giggled Charlie, as his penis began to stiffen for Nick. "Could you get the rest of my clothes off for me now my love?"

"I'd love to!" smiled Nick.

Charlie went ahead and sat down, and Nick finished removing all of Charlie's clothes. Then Charlie moved completely onto the bed, and motioned for Nick to join him. Charlie and Nick immediately embraced each other's naked bodies as they shared another kiss. Then one of Charlie's hands moved down, and gently wrapped around Nick's penis. Nick immediately followed suit, and the two boys gently stroked each other as they kissed.

When they broke the kiss, Charlie said, "I'm going to turn around Nick. Just do what I do to you, and I hope you love this."

Charlie turned around so that Nick's penis was right in front of his face, and his penis was in front of Nick's face. Nick looked at Charlie's penis lovingly, knowing that soon he would be pleasuring the boy he loved most in the world. Nick almost screamed out in pleasure when he felt something very warm and soft envelope his penis. Nick looked down, and saw Charlie's mouth completely covering his penis. Then Nick looked back at Charlie's penis, and opened his mouth. At the first instant Nick felt Charlie's penis come in contact with his lips, he sealed his lips around it and slid them all the way to the base of Charlie's penis. Nick had secretly sucked his thumb when he was alone until the time he was eleven, because he enjoyed how it felt. That could not even compare to how Charlie's penis now felt inside his mouth though. Nick finally came to his senses enough to feel Charlie's lips sliding back and forth on his penis, so he did the same thing to Charlie. Even when his brothers were teaching Charlie about oral sex, it didn't come close to feeling the same as it did now that his boyfriend was making love to him. Charlie moaned in pleasure around Nick's penis, then slid his tongue under Nick's foreskin. It was a good thing Nick was intently making love to Charlie's penis, or he would have yelled out loudly from the pleasure of Charlie's tongue underneath his foreskin. Then Nick pushed his tongue underneath Charlie's foreskin, eliciting another moan of pleasure form Charlie. Nick could have never imagined making love to a boy as feeling this good, but he was now feeling more pleasure than he ever thought possible. Nick loved what he was doing to Charlie's penis, and he loved the way Charlie was making his feel.

After about five more minutes of the most intense pleasure Nick had ever felt before, he backed off Charlie's penis and gasped, "I'm going to shoot my semen any second!" when Charlie didn't respond, Nick asked, "Are you going to let me have my orgasm in your mouth, then swallow it?" When Charlie shook his head yes while still making love to Nick, Nick said, "You must really love me Charlie! I love you just as much!"

Nick went back to making love to Charlie's penis, and in a few seconds began moaning very loudly. Charlie began swallowing lovingly as Nick's semen shot into his mouth. The taste of Nick's semen was more wonderful than Charlie could have imagined. Nick moaned loudly as he had the strongest orgasm he'd ever had. The only way he'd ever had one to this point was by masturbation, but Charlie's mouth around his penis, swallowing his semen, made this one much more intense. When Nick's orgasm began to trail off, Charlie sucked hard on his penis to draw all of the semen out of it that he could. Once Nick stopped moaning, he went back to intensely sucking Charlie's penis. He had to taste Charlie's semen now as soon as possible.

"Your semen was the most wonderful thing I've ever tasted Nick." moaned Charlie. "I hope you love the taste of mine as much as I loved yours! I'm almost there!"

Nick passionately made love to Charlie's penis now, and in a few moments, Charlie began moaning louder. Nick prepared himself, and a few seconds later was graced by the most wonderful taste he had ever experienced. He immediately knew that he loved the taste of Charlie's semen more than anything in the world now. Nick sucked so hungrily on Charlie's shooting penis that it made Charlie call out his love for Nick loudly. When Charlie was drained of his semen, he turned back around and kissed Nick urgently.

When the boys broke the kiss, Nick panted, "That was the most incredible thing I've ever felt Charlie. I can't believe how much I love you now!"

"It gets even better!" smiled Charlie. "I want you to work on getting your penis erect again as quickly as possible, and put it inside my ass."

Charlie had Nick kneel between his legs, then he grabbed the bottle of mineral oil that his brothers had given him earlier. Charlie oiled his pucker first, then put more oil on his hand and wrapped it around Nick's penis. After a few minutes, Nick's penis was erect again. Then Charlie told Nick to lift his ankles up onto his shoulders. Once the boys were ready, Charlie guided Nick's penis to his hole, then told Nick to push it into him.

Nick watched Charlie smile brightly as he felt his penis push all the way into Charlie. Once that had happened, Charlie didn't need to tell Nick what to do next. Nick began sliding his penis lovingly in and out of Charlie as his boyfriend continued to smile. Charlie looked up and could see a tremendous amount of love in Nick's face as he made love to him. After another five minutes, Charlie watched the expression on Nick's face change as he approached his second orgasm. When that was over, Nick was pretty well drained of energy. Charlie laid Nick gently on his back, then knelt between Nick's legs.

"I'm going to be as gentle as I can Nick, but if this hurts too much, try to tell me." said Charlie.

"It didn't hurt you though." replied Nick softly.

"Yes, but I didn't lose my virginity tonight." replied Charlie. "I wish I had waited for you to come along, but I didn't. I would have loved giving you that."

Charlie spent quite a few minutes loosening up Nick's hole. Nick kind of liked two fingers, but winced slightly at three. Charlie made sure he was okay, then continued getting Nick ready. When Charlie pushed his penis into Nick, he had done such a good job that it wasn't too much worse than three fingers. Charlie smiled at his lover as he gave him time to adjust, then pushed his penis the rest of the way into Nick. After a few minutes, Nick was smiling almost as much as Charlie had been earlier. Both boys enjoyed their love-making, especially when Nick felt semen shooting into his ass for the very first time. When Charlie had finished his orgasm, the boys took each other into an embrace. They were so exhausted that they didn't have the energy to turn off the lamp, but they fell asleep easily in each other's arms anyway.

Michael dropped Nick off at his house the next morning, as he took his family to Sunday services. Jacob and Mickey made the sacrifice of splitting up on the way to Nick's house, so Nick and Charlie could sit together. They could tell that the boys had taken steps last night that would change their friendship into a relationship forever. The two boys mostly smiled and held hands until they got about two blocks from Nick's street. Then they shared a deep and tender kiss before getting to Nick's house. Now Charlie would have to wait a whole day before seeing his Nick again. Jacob thought that the separation anxiety was extremely cute.

The next day in school, the teacher could tell right away that the two boys had become best friends. Before sending the children on their first break of the day, he pulled Charlie aside for a talk.

"I'm glad that Nicholas has made a friend in you so quickly Charlie." said the teacher. "I'm sure you know that he is repeating this grade. His grades have been good until this marking period. They started to slip off about three weeks ago, and I'd hate to see him slip into his problems from last year. Since you two have taken such an interest in each other, I was hoping that maybe you would kind of help him along, so he can finish this semester strongly. I do want to see him do well with the rest of his school years."

"I will do whatever I can to help my friend sir." replied Charlie. "You can count on me. Nick will finish the semester very strongly."

Charlie then caught up to Nick during break, and the two boys shared a quick kiss after making sure that no one was watching. Charlie did ask Nick about his slipping grades, but Nick didn't know what was wrong. It seemed like a few weeks before they met, he just wasn't able to concentrate. Charlie proposed that they spend one hour after school every day, making sure that he understood all of the day's lessons. Nick of course loved the idea, so Charlie reminded him that it wouldn't be all about making love. Both boys shared a giggle over that remark. When Michael picked the boys up after school, Charlie asked if they could take Nick home first, and run their idea past Nick's parents. Nick's mother seemed very happy about the boys realizing that there was a problem, and coming up with a solution. Michael then volunteered to drop the two boys off there together every day, then pick up Charlie after their hour had passed. Charlie was happy that he had come up with an idea to spend an hour every day with his boyfriend.

Then on the way home, Michael asked Jacob and Mickey how they had done with their assignment in school today. "You should have been there dad!" laughed Mickey. "Jacob got quite a laugh with his idea of building suspended buildings in earthquake zones, so they could sway in their cradles and not fall down!"

"It was no more bizarre than your idea of building buildings from nothing but steel, my love." laughed Jacob. "Besides, the teacher said that my idea was much more inventive. He said that if it were actually possible to build such a building, it just might work."

"I still think my idea had merit though." smiled Mickey. "Everyone knows that steel doesn't splinter like wood or crumble like concrete."

"Wouldn't a building made of nothing but steel be kind of like a huge oven on a sunny day though?" asked Michael.

"That's what the teacher asked him too." laughed Jacob.

"You do know that there is such a thing as ventilation now, right?" asked Mickey, in defense of his idea. "If the building were ventilated well enough, it wouldn't get that hot inside it, and at least the people inside wouldn't get seasick."

"Well, I think they're both good ideas." smiled Michael. "How did the rest of the class do with the other problem?"

"Well, even with the best idea they came up with, I'm afraid the Titanic would have still ended up at the bottom of the ocean." replied Jacob.

"I would have to agree." said Mickey. "There was no saving a ship that size."

The rest of the ride home was a bit reflective, as Jacob and Mickey had an arm around each other the entire way. Charlie enjoyed his first day of studying with Nick. They actually got through everything they had studied that day in about forty five minutes. That left them fifteen minutes to have fun, so they didn't waste a minute of it. Michael only had to wait about five minutes for the boys when Nora called out to them in Nick's room.

On the way home, Charlie said, "I think this will work out okay with keeping Nick on track. It would be terrible for him to have to go to public school."

"How is it working out for you two to be affectionate?" chuckled Michael.

"Well, that's a benefit of paying attention in school." replied Charlie. "The less we have to study, the more fun we can have." Then Charlie began to laugh, and Michael joined in.

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