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by tim

Chapter 11

From the last chapter:

On the way home, Charlie said, "I think this will work out okay with keeping Nick on track. It would be terrible for him to have to go to public school."

"How is it working out for you two to be affectionate?" chuckled Michael.

"Well, that's a benefit of paying attention in school." replied Charlie. "The less we have to study, the more fun we can have." Then Charlie began to laugh, and Michael joined in.

As Jacob passionately thrust in and out of Mickey that night, he looked down into Mickey's eyes and asked, "What do you think of my suspension idea now my love? If the bed were suspended, it wouldn't creak so much as I make love to you."

"Fortunately though, our parents don't mind." replied Mickey, as he caressed the tops of Jacob's thighs. "I think my idea of steel was much better, because that's what your penis feels like inside me right now. A large and hard steel rod!"

"You like steel, don't you?" asked Jacob playfully, as he thrust his penis into Mickey as deeply as he could.

"Oh God yes!" moaned Mickey loudly, as the stimulation from Jacob's penis thrusting into him made his penis throb.

Jacob leaned down and placed his lips against Mickey's as he thrust his penis in and out of Mickey as hard as he could. Mickey reached up and grabbed Jacob's ass cheeks, and helped Jacob thrust into him as he sucked deliriously on Jacob's tongue. Jacob gently laced his fingers in Mickey's hair, and a few moments later began moaning loudly. When Mickey felt Jacob's semen shooting into him, he shoved a finger deeply into Jacob's hole, then bit down gently on Jacob's tongue as he caressed it with his tongue. Jacob almost didn't think his orgasm would end, as he shot more semen into Mickey than he had in quite some time. When his orgasm finished, Jacob collapsed on top of Mickey with his penis still buried deeply in him.

As Jacob laid on top of Mickey, Mickey gently removed Jacob's penis from him. Mickey had already lubed his penis, so he moved Jacob up a little and lined his penis up with Jacob's pucker. Then Mickey pushed Jacob back down onto his penis. Jacob moaned helplessly as he felt Mickey's penis drive into him. Mickey began thrusting in and out of Jacob as much as he could laying on his back, and Jacob began helping him out a few moments later. By the time Mickey had his orgasm inside Jacob, Jacob had had a second orgasm. Jacob then laid on top of Mickey, too exhausted to move. Mickey let Jacob fall asleep on top of him, with his penis still buried inside Jacob.

The next day in school, the teacher immediately notice an improvement in Nick. He now seemed back on track with his grades earlier in the year. After school that day, one of Nick's old friends ran across Nick and Charlie together.

"Well, if it isn't the little pansy boy Nick." said the other boy. "Is this your new boyfriend here?" Then the boy turned to Charlie and asked, "Has Nick told you the perverted things he likes to do with other boys?"

"I don't see how it's any of your business what we talk about!" replied Charlie.

"Well well Nick, you have a feisty one here, don't you?" taunted the boy.

"Charlie hasn't grown up in the same environment as us Robert." replied Nick. "I would suggest being careful."

"Isn't that great?!" replied Robert. "One pansy telling me to be careful of another pansy. Do you think your boyfriend could stop me from beating you the way you deserve?" Then Robert gave Nick a shove.

Charlie went up to Robert, and grabbed him tightly by the testicles through his pants, and whispered, "If you wish to keep these, you may want to leave us alone! Don't think I won't hesitate to pull them right off you."

Robert got a frightened look in his eyes, then ran off quickly. Nick didn't see the hold Charlie had on Robert's testicles, so he asked, "What did you say to him Charlie?"

"Let's just say we talked about his attachment to certain body parts." laughed Charlie.

The two boys then went to meet with Jacob and Mickey to wait for Michael. Nothing was said about the confrontation with Robert, as Charlie didn't think they would have to worry about him again for a while. When Michael dropped Nick and Charlie off at Nick's house for their hour together, the boys went right to Nick's room after saying hello to his mother.

As the boys were finishing up their studying after about thirty minutes, Charlie asked, "So, if you multiply fifty by ten, then divide by one hundred, what do you get?"

"Five, and a headache from doing math in my head!" laughed Nick.

"Okay, one more question." smiled Charlie. "If you put my penis in your mouth, and make love to me as hard as you can, how long does it take me to have an orgasm?"

"I don't remember covering that in class, but I'd be happy to do homework on it!" replied Nick, as he too smiled.

Nick stepped over to Charlie, and began removing his pants. As Nick did that, he looked into Charlie's eyes for approval. "You don't ever have to ask me to do anything Nick." said Charlie. "I would happily let you do anything to me that you want because I know that you love me."

"Anything?" asked Nick playfully. "What if I wanted to tie you up, and make love to you as savagely as I could?"

"I would definitely enjoy that!" laughed Charlie. "Do you have any rope in your room?"

"No, I wasn't prepared for that." replied Nick. "What if I wanted to take both of your testicles into my mouth, then bite down around the base of your scrotum?"

"Please see if you can get both of them in your mouth." smiled Charlie.

Nick did get both of them in, and tried what he had asked. Charlie loved it, and the two boys spent the last half hour trying different things with each other. They both ended up as erect as they had ever been, and had intense orgasms for each other as Michael pulled back up. Before leaving Nick's room, Charlie gave him a passionate kiss and giggled, "Don't forget to get some ropes for us to play with."

Robert never did bother Nick and Charlie again that week, but in Jacob and Mickey's classes, a few of the boys were looking strangely at them now. On Friday, Jacob and Mickey had a talk about it.

"Have you noticed either of us doing anything that might make the other boys at school think that we're lovers?" asked Jacob.

"I haven't noticed us doing anything that other boys our age wouldn't do." replied Mickey. "At least not at school. Do you think they suspect we might be homosexual?"

"I don't know what some of them think, but a few boys have looked at us rather strangely." said Jacob. "It's almost like they are afraid of us or something."

"Maybe we should ask sometime then." replied Mickey. "I can't think of anything we've done at school that might show us as homosexuals. It's not that I'm ashamed of it though. I'm very proud to have you as my boyfriend."

"Yes, as I am proud to have you as my boyfriend too." said Jacob. "We really don't want everyone in our school to know about us though. You've seen what kind of problems that can cause before."

"Yes, it can become a problem if the wrong people know." replied Mickey. "I'll tell you what, we'll keep an eye on each other, and notice if either of us does anything that might make people think that. If we don't, and these boys keep acting that way, we will have to talk to them."

"That sounds fine Mickey, my love." replied Jacob. "We should also talk to our dad for advice on what to say if we do have to talk to these boys. I wouldn't want to say the wrong thing and draw even more attention to ourselves. I will be rather glad when school is out for the summer."

Also on Friday, Nick's teacher sent a note home with Nick. He wanted to compliment Nick to his parents on his quick turnaround, and ask them to thank Charlie for his help. After Nick and Charlie finished putting their penises inside each other's rectums and having their orgasms, Nora wanted to speak to them.

"I just wanted to tell you boys that while at first I was concerned about your close relationship, I'm not anymore." said Nora. "Nick's feelings last year caused him a bit of problems, but you seem to have the opposite affect on him Charlie. I have never seen him concentrate so hard as he has done since meeting you. I don't know if Nick's homosexuality is something he has chosen, or if he has no control over it, but I like him having you as a friend in whatever capacity he wants. I will support and try to understand the relationship between you boys, and I'm sure Nick's father will as well."

Nora also spoke to Michael when he stopped by to pick up Charlie, and they planned an outing for both families that weekend to reward Nick and Charlie. Nora also allowed Nick to spend the night at Charlie's house. About halfway through family time at Charlie's house, the two boys eagerly excused themselves to Charlie's room. Once the boys had undressed each other, Charlie went to his closet.

Charlie turned back around from the closet, and held out several lengths of rope as he said, "You never did get those ropes Nick."

"Do you really want to go through with this Charlie?" asked Nick, as his penis became erect.

"I want to be completely at the mercy of my boyfriend tonight." smiled Charlie, as he looked at Nick's stiffening penis. "I've already talked to Jacob and Mickey about this, and they've given me advice on how to do this. Please do this for me my love."

Nick smiled impishly as he took the ropes from Charlie. He'd had thoughts of doing things like this, but never came close to having the chance before. Charlie had Nick tie his wrists to the head posts first, then had Nick stretch his legs out as far as he could and tie them to the foot posts.

"You did very good my love." said Charlie, as his penis now stiffened too. "I cannot move a muscle, and you could now do anything to me, and I would be helpless to stop it. Please let your mind run wild, and do things to me that I could never have dreamt of my love."

By the time Nick was through with Charlie that night, he almost had his lover screaming in pleasure as he was tied helplessly to his bed. Nick's first orgasm came as he thrust his penis in and out of Charlie's mouth. His second orgasm came as he lifted himself up and down on Charlie's penis. Nick became erect again from that, and stroked his penis as he felt Charlie's going in and out of him. When Nick felt Charlie's semen shooting into his rectum, he shot his second orgasm onto Charlie's heaving chest. Once Nick had finished making love to Charlie, he untied his lover and used the longer pieces of rope to tie the two of them tightly together. Nick and Charlie then kissed passionately as they drifted off to sleep tied together. Before drifting off to sleep, Charlie told Nick that he wanted him to do that to him again soon because he had never had such an intense orgasm before.

The family outing between Nick's and Charlie's families went well, and the next week rolled around all too soon. Jacob and Mickey couldn't see each other doing anything that might arouse suspicion, but a few boys were still giving them very strange looks. They did notice that all of the boys seemed to be friends of one boy in particular though, so by Wednesday they decided to have a talk with him.

"Hello William, Mickey and I wanted to have a talk with you." said Jacob, as they approached the boy by himself after classes.

"What can I do for you two?" asked William, a bit nervously.

"We just wanted to know why you and your friends have been giving us such odd looks." replied Jacob.

"As far as we know, we've never done anything to cause such behavior." said Mickey.

"Maybe you guys should know what it's about." said William. "It's not anything you guys have done. It's about your adopted brother Charlie and his friend Nick. Charlie hurt my younger brother Robert, and made threats against him. Me and my friends were just trying to figure out where that might have came from, before we confront him about this. You guys have never acted like that though, so it must have come from his earlier upbringing."

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Jacob. "Did Robert tell you why Charlie would do such a thing?"

"Your brother's friend Nick has some very strange and deviant habits." replied William. "He was just simply pointing that out to Charlie, and Charlie went mad on him."

"I can't believe Charlie would do that for no reason though." said Mickey. "If you got to know him, you'd know that he is a very nice mannered person."

"Are you calling my brother a liar?" asked William defensively.

"Not at all William." replied Mickey. "I just think there is some sort of misunderstanding here on both sides."

"We'd like to settle this calmly and rationally if we can." said Jacob. "Any more violence will only breed more violence, and we care about our brother very much. We would have to do whatever it took to make sure that he doesn't get hurt. I'd much rather talk this over, and see if we can straighten things out. There is no need to involve any one but us, Nick, and our brothers in this. Can you get ahold of your brother, and meet us back here? Charlie and Nick should be along soon, and we all need to get together."

"Okay Jacob, but only because you and Mickey have always been so friendly toward everyone." replied William. "I respect that, and would like to solve this peacefully if possible."

Once Charlie and Nick had shown up, and were joined by William and Robert, Jacob told everyone not to say anything to each other yet. When Michael pulled up, Jacob told his dad that they would need to go by Nick's house and let his parents know that they needed him for an hour or so. Then they had to go by William's house, and let his parents know that he and Robert would be at their house for an hour or so. Michael couldn't get anything out of Jacob other than all of the boys needed to discuss something. Michael then insisted that he be present, but only to make sure that things didn't get out of hand. When they got to Jacob's house, Michael led all the boys into the family room and closed the door.

"Charlie, we've had problems with William and his friends staring oddly at us, and we don't want to have those problems." said Jacob. "It appears as though it has something to do with you and Nick though. William has told us that you attacked his brother. Did you grab Robert by his testicles roughly and threaten him?"

"Robert attacked Nick first, but I'm sure he's forgotten all about that." replied Charlie.

"It's not my fault that your boyfriend is such a deviant!" yelled Robert.

"What do you mean that Robert attacked Nick first?" asked William.

"Okay boys, hold on here for a minute!" interrupted Michael. "I wasn't going to get involved unless things got out of hand, but they're getting there now. I think we need to go back and figure out what happened to start this."

Nick and Charlie talked quietly for a few seconds, and Charlie said, "Okay dad, I'll tell you our side for both me and Nick. Robert caught up with Nick and myself after classes on Tuesday of last week. Then he started saying very nasty things about Nick. When he started on me too, Nick warned him to quiet down. Robert took that as a challenge though, and shoved Nick so hard that he nearly shoved him down. When I did what Robert said that I did, I was only defending Nick."

"What about it Robert, is that what happened?" asked Michael.

"I think our father should be here too!" replied Robert.

"Did you try to knock Nick down?" asked William.

"It's not like that though!" said Robert. "Everyone knows how Nick is. Christopher told us everything that Nick said to him last year. It was really disgusting stuff too! I was just defending myself."

"Defending yourself against what Robert?" asked Nick. "Yes, it's true that I like other boys like that. That's none of your business though Robert, because I DON'T have those feelings toward you. Did Christopher tell you that he and I liked each other quite a bit? Did he tell you about us playing with each other, and he only had second thoughts after I told him that I wanted to do other things?"

"Christopher is not like that!" replied Robert defensively.

"Well, it doesn't matter if he is or isn't anymore!" said Charlie. "It really isn't anyone else's business, but Nick and I are in love with each other now. He doesn't have those feelings for anyone except me, and that includes Christopher now! You aren't defending anyone Robert, you're just being a bully!"

"Well, Jacob and I don't care what Charlie and Nick do together." said Mickey. "Charlie is our brother, and Nick seems like a very nice boy. We care bout their well-being, and we'll have them chaperoned in school if we have to to defend them."

"Hold on a moment everyone." said William. "I think I can clear this up, and I owe you and Mickey an apology Jacob. While it's true that my brother and I weren't raised to understand the relationship between two boys, and we don't necessarily agree with it, our family is also very pacifist. Robert knows good and well that it's wrong to use violence or force against another person, unless it's to defend yourself from a physical threat. Our father WILL have a long talk with him when we get home. I don't know that I agree with yours and Nick's relationship Charlie, but if it doesn't directly affect me, it's best to let it go and not have any ill feelings against you. That's how Robert was raised to believe too. I still can't say that I'm happy about you threatening my brother though, and I think that needs to be addressed."

"If what you're saying is true about how you and Robert was raised, then I am very sorry for threatening him." said Charlie. "You have to understand though, that's not how he was behaving at the time. I will not let anyone hurt Nick if I can prevent it. If Robert stops behaving the way he was last Tuesday, then I am willing to forget this and get along peacefully with him." Then Charlie stuck out his hand toward Robert.

"Okay brother, you can shake his hand and act civilized, and I'll be sure to let dad know about that when we talk this evening." said William. "If you don't want to try to put this misunderstanding behind you though, I will let him know that as well."

Robert slowly went ahead and shook Charlie's hand, and Charlie said, "I'm sorry about hurting you when I grabbed you Robert, and about threatening you. You really don't have anything to worry about from me and Nick though, and we'd rather get along with you. What happened between Nick and Christopher was over long ago, and I doubt Christopher will ever be honest about exactly what he felt. It doesn't matter to anyone but him now though, because it was over long ago. We'd also appreciate it if you kept this conversation between us."

"Okay Charlie, and I'm sorry about shoving Nick." replied Robert. "I guess I wasn't thinking too clearly. I'd still like to know how you can have those feelings about another boy though."

"I don't really know why Robert." replied Charlie. "I've just never felt any other way for some reason. As far as having those feelings for Nick goes, I think he's a very wonderful person when you get to know him. I can't help but to love him. I hope you won't let that affect you though, and try to be our friend. Our feelings for each other have no affect on anyone else."

"I guess I have some thinking to do." said Robert. "I'll make sure to tell you something tomorrow or the next day though."

William made sure to have their father have a talk with Robert that night, and their father made sure that Robert knew that violence was not the way to approach his feelings. Then the talk turned to what caused those feelings in the first place.

"Do you know if Nicholas and Christopher spent any time alone last year before this all started with Nicholas?" asked Robert's father.

"Yes, but Christopher is just like us." replied Robert. "He doesn't act differently around us the way Nicholas did."

"So then, Nicholas made gestures or requests of a sexual nature to all of his friends?" asked Robert's father.

"Well, no sir, he only did that with Christopher." replied Robert.

"So, Nicholas didn't really act differently around all of his friends." said Robert's father. "It was just when he was with Christopher, right?"

"I guess so sir." replied Robert, knowing where this was going.

"And you naturally assumed that Nicholas made advances toward Christopher, with Christopher doing nothing to elicit those advances, even though you do not really know what happened when the two boys were together alone, right?" asked Robert's father.

"Yes sir, but Christopher would have told us if he had those feelings." replied Robert.

"Are you sure of that son?" asked Robert's father. "Heaven forbid you should have feelings like that, but if you did, would you admit to them to anyone else?"

"I guess not." replied Robert.

"Then why would you think Christopher would?" asked Robert's father. "I don't think homosexuality is right, but then again I couldn't bring myself to hate someone because of it. Hate is a very ugly emotion son, and it leads to pain and violence. You know that our family does not believe in violence except to defend yourself from physical harm. Maybe with your friends going through what they are, they might need compassion and help more than hate and violence. Would you rather go through life hurting those you know, or helping them?"

"I guess it would be better to help the people I know." replied Robert. "I just can't believe that Christopher might be hiding something like that."

"I don't know much about the subject, but homosexuality is often seen as a moral issue son." said Robert's father. "It is not uncommon at all for people to go to great lengths to hide things such as that from everyone they know. Until you know exactly how much of the incident last year was encouraged by Christopher, it would be best not to jump to any more conclusions son."

"Yes father, I'll apologize to Nick and Charlie tomorrow." said Robert.

"I won't punish you for your use of violence this time son, because I think you learned something from it." said Robert's father. "Let this be a warning though son. The next time you use violence as the aggressor, it will call for punishment. You know how our family feels about that subject. Back during the war between the states, half of our family was lost in that war. Half fought for one side, and half fought for the other side. When it was over, and we had seen what we lost for no good reason, we knew that violence would no longer be the way for our family to go. Since then, our family has thrived and prospered, and is now as strong as it has ever been. I do want you to think about that this evening."

Meanwhile at the Adams house, Michael was having a talk with Nick and Charlie before taking Nick home. "I hope you boys now see the importance of carefully choosing who you trust." said Michael. "I'm not blaming you Nick, because it wasn't you who told your entire class. You were in love with another boy, and didn't see that he would do this to you. Maybe with what William told us about Robert's upbringing, he will now have a talk with Christopher and quiet this whole affair down some. Now that you boys are together though, I do want you to be careful about who you trust with that information."

"It's terrible that a person can't be free to be who they are though." said Charlie. "At least one thing about New York is that there are so many people there, that kind of thing is not paid attention to as it is in other places."

"That may be true son, but this isn't New York." replied Michael. "In most places, homosexuality is not looked upon favorably. You two boys were incredibly lucky to have two sets of parents who can love and understand you, but I'm afraid the rest of this city isn't quite that understanding of some things, and I don't want to see either of you boys ever get hurt simply because you love each other. I want to see you grow up very happy together."

"Okay father, we'll be careful." said Charlie.

"Yes sir, we'll try not to trust anyone with this unless we're completely sure that they can understand." said Nick.

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