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by tim

Chapter 12

From the last chapter:

"It's terrible that a person can't be free to be who they are though." said Charlie. "At least one thing about New York is that there are so many people there, that kind of thing is not paid attention to as it is in other places."

"That may be true son, but this isn't New York." replied Michael. "In most places, homosexuality is not looked upon favorably. You two boys were incredibly lucky to have two sets of parents who can love and understand you, but I'm afraid the rest of this city isn't quite as understanding of some things, and I don't want to see either of you boys ever get hurt simply because you love each other. I want to see you grow up to be very happy together."

"Okay father, we'll be careful." said Charlie.

"Yes sir, we'll try not to trust anyone with this unless we're completely sure that they can understand." said Nick.

Charlie accompanied Michael and Nick on the drive to Nick's house, and gave his boyfriend a nice kiss before parting. Then the two boys smiled sweetly at each other for a moment, before Nick had to go inside.

On the drive home, Charlie asked, "Does it look wrong when Nick and I kiss dad?"

"I think you two boys look very sweet together." smiled Michael. "When I see you two kiss, I see two boys who are very deeply in love kissing, and it looks very nice. There is nothing wrong with the feelings you and Nick have for each other."

"Thanks dad!" smiled Charlie. "It feels very nice, and I wanted to make sure that it looks nice too. I love the way his lips and tongue feels against mine."

"That's because kissing is suppose to be pleasurable." smiled Michael. "I'm very glad that you two sweet boys bring each other pleasure."

As Charlie lay in bed that night, he thought about the close encounter with Robert. He knew that he and Nick were lucky that Robert's older brother was around, and he hoped that Robert would now help them. He still wasn't sure about what Christopher had been telling everyone though. No matter what it was though, Nick was his boyfriend, and nothing would change that now.

The next day, Robert snuck away from his friends to settle things with Charlie and Nick before school started. Robert stuck out his hand to both boys, one at a time, then said, "I'm very sorry for the way I acted. Just so you know though, there are others in my grade that would act much worse than I did. I'll try to help you with that, because I believe you when you say that you wouldn't have done the things you did unless you thought Christopher felt the same way. I guess if he hadn't, you would have been setting yourself up for a sure beating, and you don't look like the type that would do that Nick. Again guys, I'm sorry."

"I accept Robert." replied Nick. "I'm glad that you believe me about Christopher now. Charlie and I can use all of the friends we can get. And there really is nothing to worry about from us. All we want is to make friends instead of enemies. You would have much more to worry about from someone who calls you friend, but is being less than honest with you."

"Well, I plan on finding a way to approach Christopher about his lack of honesty before too long." smiled Robert. "I do tend to agree with you guys about that. You two have fun in school today, and I'll think about the being friends thing."

"Thanks Robert, that's all we ask." smiled Charlie.

Nick and Charlie felt much better about Robert now, as they headed to their classroom. Even the kids there who were a year younger than Nick and Charlie seemed more interesting today. Meanwhile, Jacob and Mickey's science teacher was still stuck on the advancement of technology.

"I'd like to know what you young men think the world will be like in twenty years." said the teacher. "What will be our greatest advancement in the year 1935? I personally think by that time large airplanes will carry several dozen passengers at a time across continents and oceans, replacing trains and ships."

"I think that would be rather boring." whispered Mickey to Jacob. "My fondest memories of coming to America was the time we spent on the Titanic before she sank. How would we have done that on an airplane?"

"Let's find out." whispered Jacob back. Then Jacob stood up and asked, "Sir, don't you think the uncertainty of passenger safety along with the romance of traveling the surface of the oceans might affect your vision of air travel?"

"I think that air travel will be safe before getting to that point." replied the teacher. "After all, there would be no pulling over at ten thousand feet, would there? The people who will take passengers into the air will have to make sure that they can do so safely. As for the romance of ocean travel, air travel would never be able to compete with that. The only advantage that air travel can offer is the speed with which passengers will cross the oceans. An airplane has to maintain a certain velocity to remain airborne, so it would be possible to cross the Atlantic in ten hours, instead of four to five days. I'm sure a lot of people would see that as a huge advantage. What do you think will be our greatest advancement Jacob?"

"Well sir, I think automobiles will become so popular that they will replace the horse." replied Jacob. "Automobiles will become just as fast as a horse at a full gallop, and they won't become tired and need to rest. Every family will soon have their own automobile."

"Automobiles are rather costly though." replied the teacher. "Don't you think that will prevent some people from being able to have one?"

"With the way Henry Ford is building them though, the cost is coming down." replied Jacob. "I think that an automobile will soon cost the same as a team of horses, at which point, it wouldn't make sense not to have one."

"That is a very good point Jacob." smiled the teacher. "I want everyone to write a short report on what they think the world will be like in 1935. The advancement you write about can be about anything. Transportation, science, military technology, or even Jules Verne's idea about space travel. Write about whatever you think we will be seeing by then. I will grade this paper by the way you present your idea, and not by the idea itself, so don't be afraid to write about whatever you want. Then we will go over our papers in class on the day after tomorrow."

As soon as the lunch bell rang, Jacob followed Mickey to the boys toilet. When he saw that they were alone, Jacob pinned Mickey to the wall and said, "Your comments about our boat trip made me very erect my love!"

Then Jacob rubbed Mickey's cock as he gave Mickey a passionate kiss. Mickey reached down and ran his hand along Jacob's hard shaft as he returned the kiss. Then Mickey broke the kiss and moaned, "Why don't we spend our lunch someplace safer than this?"

"Follow me!" smiled Jacob.

Jacob led Mickey down to the boiler room, as there shouldn't be anyone down there at this time of day. The two boys found a very isolated corner deep inside the boiler room, and began removing each other's clothes. Then Jacob and Mickey laid on the floor, and took each other's cocks lovingly into their mouths. The two boys were soon pleasuring each other's cocks as intently as they could.

Clyde Williams, the school janitor, usually took his lunch where no one would disturb him. The boiler room was very solitary, which suited him fine for lunch. Then Clyde came across two boys pleasuring each other's cocks in a way he never dreamt of seeing. The boys, who Clyde figured out were named Jacob and Mickey, seemed to love having each other's cocks in their mouths, so Clyde watched on as quietly as he could. He also took his cock out, and began to stroke it as he watched the two boys. After a few minutes of watching the most arousing site he had ever seen, Clyde began imagining the two boys pleasuring his cock. After a few more minutes, Clyde knew that he would have these boys do that for him, unless they wanted everyone to know what they had done in the boiler room. Clyde wasn't a bad man who wanted to hurt them, but these two boys had just shown him something he couldn't have imagined seeing.

As Clyde saw the two boys approach their orgasm, he put his cock back into his pants. Then he watched the two boys shoot their semen into each other's mouth. The boys looked as though they loved swallowing each other's orgasms. Once Jacob and Mickey's orgasms were over, Clyde stepped out and said loudly, "What are you two boys doing down here?! I can't believe I just saw you two boys sucking each other's penises! I'm afraid I'm going to have to report your homosexual behavior to the headmaster."

"Please sir, don't do that!" begged Jacob.

"We'll do anything you want if you don't report this!" offered Mickey.

"Well, I guess I don't have to report this." smiled Clyde. "But only if you two boys take turns sucking my big cock!" Then Clyde took his cock out and said, "I think it would really enjoy being sucked by two nice looking boys!"

Both boys gasped as they looked down at the man's large cock. Then Clyde took ahold of Jacob, and pushed him down to his knees.

"Please don't do this like this sir!" begged Jacob.

"Too late boys." laughed Clyde.

Then Clyde pried Jacob's mouth open, and forced his cock into Jacob's throat. Jacob began gagging, and tried to fight the man off.

"You're choking my friend!" said Mickey.

"Don't worry boy." said Clyde, who was now losing control of himself. "If he passes out, it'll be your turn much sooner!"

Mickey could see that Jacob was having trouble breathing, so he looked around. Mickey saw a small plank laying against a bench, so he picked it up. Mickey struck the man in the head with the plank, knocking him over. As Jacob caught his breath, Mickey removed Clyde's belt and tied him up with it.

As Clyde came around, Mickey said, "So, you want to have sex with boys against their will huh?"

"I just wanted to have a little fun, and got carried away!" replied Clyde. "Can't we start over? I'll make sure it's fun for you too."

"We will start over, but now it's our turn!" replied Mickey.

Mickey then pulled Clyde's pants down the rest of the way, and rammed his cock roughly into the man. When Clyde let out a yelp, Mickey shoved his cock into him as far and as hard as he could.

"Now how do you like taking advantage of boys?" sneered Mickey.

"Please stop boys, it hurts!" replied Clyde.

"No more than it hurt my friend when you were choking him with your cock!" replied Mickey. "Would it have felt good if my friend had bitten your cock as hard as he could?"

"Please don't!" said Clyde.

Jacob smiled impishly as his mouth drew close to Clyde's cock. Jacob took the man's large cock back into his mouth, but this time he bit down very hard while Mickey fucked the man hard. After Jacob bit Clyde's cock several times, he backed off. Jacob hadn't broken the skin of Clyde's cock, but he had left deep impressions of his teeth. This left Clyde almost in tears.

"Now it's Jacob's turn!" said Mickey, as he held Clyde's mouth open with his fingers.

Jacob put his cock in Clyde's face, and thrust his cock deeply into Clyde's mouth, as he felt his cock slide into Clyde's throat, he said, "I think you're just as homosexual as us. I'm going to shoot my semen so far down your throat that I know you'll like it!"

"Just wait until you feel my semen inside your arse!" said Mickey. "You'll like being homosexual, and having sex with other guys by the time we're done!"

The boys continued thrusting in and out of Clyde's ass and mouth hard until they were both approaching another orgasm. Mickey then grasped Clyde's still sore cock roughly, and began stroking it hard.

"You better have your orgasm when we do you boy fucker, or we'll bite your cock off and take it with us!" said Mickey.

When the boys began to have their second orgasms, Clyde let out a loud and painful moan, and began shooting his semen too. Mickey stroked the man's cock hard, as he stroked all of Clyde's semen from him. When all three orgasms were over, Mickey looked at his semen covered hand.

"You got your semen on my hand, and I don't want it there!" said Mickey. "Lick it off!"

Mickey stuck his hand into Clyde's face, and made Clyde lick his hand clean. Then Mickey turned to Jacob and said, "Let's use the toilet before we leave Jacob."

Clyde watched as both boys squatted over his chest and stomach, then began to poop on him. Clyde watched breathlessly as two large mounds of poop were built up on his chest and stomach. Then Mickey untied Clyde, and stuck the man's hands into the two piles they had left on him. Finally, Mickey and Jacob guided Clyde's hands as they had him smear the soft brown piles over his body and face.

Mickey then looked down at the soiled man and said, "I think that should teach you to be more careful about taking advantage of boys! Let's go Jacob, we're already late. I don't think this man will be saying too much about what happened now!"

The teacher asked were the boys had been, so Mickey told him that they realized they really had to use the toilet as they were on their way back to the classroom. That seemed to satisfy the teacher, and nothing else was said. Clyde snuck out of the school a little later, and went to find someplace to clean himself up before returning home for the day. Until he found someplace to clean up though, he did enjoy the stool of the two boys that had been smeared over his body. When Clyde got home, his wife didn't notice anything unusual. When Clyde's son Christopher got home though, he did notice something unusual about his father. Christopher couldn't understand why his father was so affectionate that night as he said good night to his son, until Clyde removed Christopher's pajamas and began to gently suck his son's penis. Christopher had had these feelings for another boy before, but now his father was taking care of those feelings for him. The only reason Christopher had never acted on his feelings was because of fear of what his father would have thought if he had found out. Now Christopher moaned softly and ran his fingers through his father's hair, as Clyde sucked his son toward an orgasm.

"I love you daddy!" moaned Christopher, as Clyde eagerly swallowed his son's semen.

When Christopher's orgasm was over, he pulled his father's pants down and began lovingly sucking on his father's penis. Christopher had always been intrigued by how large his father's penis was, and had hoped to be able to do this someday. Clyde smiled as his young son lovingly sucked his huge throbbing cock. He just hoped Christopher wouldn't ask about the teeth marks that were still embedded in it. Christopher did see the marks, but he didn't care. Even if his father was doing something with someone else earlier, he was now the one sucking his father's penis. Christopher was determined to make sure that his father enjoyed tonight more than anything else he had ever done.

As Mickey and Jacob laid in bed together that night, the events of earlier made them realize that they had to be careful about where they made love. Neither of them ever wanted someone else to intrude on their love-making again. They were content to let the incident go though, as long as the man never said anything to anyone. Charlie had had a good day. He and Nick were sure that Robert would now be their friend, and that Robert would say something to Christopher to put all of the talk about Nick to rest. That was all that Charlie and Nick really wanted now.

The next day, Robert did catch up with Christopher. Robert noticed right away that Christopher looked much different today. It didn't matter to Robert though, as he needed to know what had happened between Christopher and Nick last year.

"Hi Christopher." said Robert. "I wanted to talk to you. I had a run in with Nick last week."

"What did he tell you?" asked Christopher nervously. "Whatever it was, just remember, he's the deviant."

"Christopher, I really think it would be better if you took another approach." said Robert. "I talked to him and his new boyfriend both. That's right, I said boyfriend. I've come to accept that Nick is homosexual, and he really is a nice guy once I got to know him over again. Some things he said seem to make a lot of sense."

"Like what?" asked Christopher defensively.

"Why would he take a chance on asking you to have sex with him if he had absolutely no idea if you would beat the pulp out of him?" asked Robert. "That is the reaction you would get from most heterosexual boys if a homosexual boy made that kind of proposition to them."

"Are you calling me homosexual Robert?" asked Christopher fearfully.

"I don't know if you are or not Christopher." said Robert. "It really doesn't matter to me at this point. It's just that your reaction doesn't really match the things you've said. I do think it would be nice if you could straighten this mess out with Nick though. You've already caused the poor guy to be left behind a grade in school. Isn't that enough?"

"Can we both go talk to Nick and his boyfriend after school?" asked Christopher, now on the verge of tears.

"Sure buddy." replied Robert. "You are my friend Christopher, and if something is bothering you, I'd like to help if I can."

"Thanks Robert." replied Christopher as he composed himself. "We'll all talk this afternoon and straighten this whole mess out, I promise. I hope that you're serious that you'll be my friend no matter what though. I feel kind of bad about some of the things I've done."

Charlie and Nick were kind of surprised when Robert showed up after school that day, especially when they saw Christopher with him. When Robert said that Christopher wanted to talk with everyone, Charlie and Nick decided that it would be best to do it at Charlie's house. Christopher found his dad the school custodian, and told him that he needed to talk to a few friends, and he would get them to bring him home soon. Then Robert asked his brother to make his excuse to their parents, and Michael found his car packed with boys on the trip home.

As soon as they got to the Adams family home, Charlie, Nick, Robert, and Christopher went up to Charlie's room. Then Nick said, "Before we start Christopher, I want you to meet my boyfriend Charlie. We love each other very much, and I hope Charlie and I are together for the rest of our lives. Now, if you do hate me so much, why didn't you just beat me senseless last year when I wanted to do things with you?"

"It's really not that easy Nick, and I never meant for you to get involved in this so much Robert." replied Christopher. "I haven't been very honest about a lot of things, and I'm scared that if I am now, everyone will stop talking to me."

"I hope you don't take this the wrong way Christopher, but I'm very glad you didn't return the feelings that I thought I had for you last year." said Nick. "If you had, I might not be with Charlie now, and my feelings for him are much stronger. I still do have some kind of feelings for you though, and I won't stop talking to you if you want to talk to me again. It just won't be exactly like it was last year."

"And I meant it when I said that I'm your friend Christopher." said Robert. "It's hard for me to understand all of these feelings about homosexuality, but I promise that I'll try. You are homosexual, aren't you Christopher?"

"I had feelings for you too Nick, you weren't wrong about that." admitted Christopher with his head hung down. "When I realized it, I was terrified by what everyone would think. That's why I made the incident seem the way that I did. I was afraid of what my friends would think, but I was even more afraid of what my father would think. Then last night, my father came to my room to say good night. He seemed different though, and I soon realized that he had also came to my room to have sex with me. Last night was more exciting than I could have imagined, and I don't feel ashamed about it. I do feel ashamed about the things I've done since last year though."

"You had sex with your father?!" asked Robert in a shocked tone.

"He is so masculine, and his penis is so huge that I couldn't resist what he wanted." replied Christopher. "I am homosexual after all. I know that a relationship with him will be impossible to keep up for too long, since he is my father, but I hope it lasts for a little while at least. I want to feel him inside my ass tonight."

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Nick. "I'm glad you found someone, at least temporarily Christopher. I couldn't imagine doing that with my father though."

"Well, I need to have a talk with him about my homosexual feelings, and this may help now." replied Christopher. "At least I know that he will understand how I feel now."

"Well, I hope you have a good talk with him Christopher." said Charlie. "I think you're kind of lucky to be able to have sex with your father. I want you to know that Nick and I will help you in any way that we can too."

"This is kind of weird Christopher, but I meant it when I said that I'm your friend." said Robert. "I won't judge you for having sex with your father. Hell, for all I know, there might not be anything wrong with it. Abel did have sex with his father Adam, and Cain wanted to. I be there for you if you need me Christopher."

"Thanks guys, that means a lot to me, especially after what I put everyone through." said Christopher. "I hope we can all be friends again, and I'll put a stop to all of the talk at school."

"Thanks Christopher, that would be great." smiled Charlie. "I'm sure that the four of us will be good friends. I hope your dad feels very good inside you tonight."

"I'm sure he will!" smiled Christopher brightly. "I can't wait until tonight to find out!"

The four boys spent the next hour or so talking, and bonding their new friendship. Charlie did try to prepare Christopher for how a larger penis would feel inside him for the very first time, but Christopher was still looking forward to it anyway. Then Charlie went with his father to take the other three boys home. Christopher was first, so everyone could wave good-bye to him. Then they took Robert to his house, before heading toward Nick's home. Charlie and Nick shared a very sweet kiss as they pulled up in front of Nick's house, then said good-bye until school tomorrow.

When Charlie, Nick, and Robert caught up with Christopher the next morning, Christopher was walking very funny. "I'm going to assume that you talked him into it!" laughed Nick.

"Did I ever!" smiled Christopher. "We started off with kissing, and my father is a heck of a kisser. Then I had to talk him into putting his penis inside me. It took quite a bit to talk him into it, especially when he first put it in me. I wasn't prepared for how much it would hurt at first, and he almost stopped when I cried out. I'm glad I talked him into going on though, even though I am still a bit sore this morning. It was the most intense thing I have ever felt! I can't wait to do it again!"

"Your dad may have a hard time keeping up with you!" laughed Robert.

The four boys then shook hands, and went to their classes. During lunch that day, Clyde caught up with Jacob and Mickey, and took them aside for a talk. "I just wanted to apologize to you boys." said Clyde. "I was way out of line with you, and I deserved to have you put me in my place. I'm glad you didn't report me, but I would have deserved it."

"As long as you know better than to take something by force that you should ask for, that's all we care about." replied Mickey. "We were hoping that you would, and we wouldn't have to report you."

"I have learned a valuable lesson, and I wanted to thank you boys for that." said Clyde. "I also learned that my life is missing something. My wife has claimed for the past few years that she can no longer have sex with me because it is too uncomfortable. I don't want another woman though, as I took her as the only woman I would ever love. My son however has offered himself to me freely, and we both want to satisfy each other sexually as much as we can. That wouldn't have happened if it hadn't been for you two boys. Christopher and I both thank you very much."

"You're Christopher's father?!" asked Jacob. "To hear that boy talk, he thinks you're the greatest lover he could ever have!"

"I'm very honored that my son feels that way about me." replied Clyde. "That will motivate me to make sure he feels as much pleasure as I can help him feel. Thanks again boys."

That made Jacob and Mickey both feel better about not turning the man in. They still weren't thrilled with what Clyde had done, and they were concerned about Clyde having sex with his son, but he did seem to love his son very much. Now they wondered if Charlie and Nick knew about this.

Christopher had made sure to fill his friends in that morning, and couldn't wait until after school to talk some more. Christopher had always been afraid of people finding out about his feelings, but now he was sure he had friends who could understand, as well as a father who loved him. Things were now looking good for all of the boys.

Once again, I will be putting this story aside for a while. I will not quit the story though, as I enjoy this one quite a bit. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Also, don't forget to visit me at: www.timthestoryguy.us. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again when I continue with Chapter 13.