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by tim

Chapter 13

From the last chapter:

"I have learned a valuable lesson, and I wanted to thank you boys for that." said Clyde. "I also learned that my life is missing something. My wife has claimed for the past few years that she can no longer have sex with me because it is too uncomfortable. I don't want another woman though, as I took her as the only woman I would ever love. My son however has offered himself to me freely, and we both want to satisfy each other sexually as much as we can. That wouldn't have happened if it hadn't been for you two boys. Christopher and I both thank you very much."

"You're Christopher's father?!" asked Jacob. "To hear that boy talk, he thinks you're the greatest lover he could ever have!"

"I'm very honored that my son feels that way about me." replied Clyde. "That will motivate me to make sure he feels as much pleasure as I can help him feel. Thanks again boys."

That made Jacob and Mickey both feel better about not turning the man in. They still weren't thrilled with what Clyde had done, and they were concerned about Clyde having sex with his son, but he did seem to love his son very much. Now they wondered if Charlie and Nick knew about this.

Christopher had made sure to fill his friends in that morning, and couldn't wait until after school to talk some more. Christopher had always been afraid of people finding out about his feelings, but now he was sure he had friends who could understand, as well as a father who loved him. Things were now looking good for all of the boys.

Mickey was the first to present his report to the class that day. His report was about how technology would change America's cities. Since space around larger cities was being used up, Mickey felt that cities would begin growing up instead of out. Mickey's report envisioned towering buildings, reaching up thirty floors into the air. That got a few chuckles out of the class. Mickey did present his ideas well though, despite the skepticism of his classmates. Once he finished his report, several hands went up.

"Mickey, wouldn't buildings that size collapse under their own weight?" asked a boy named Carl.

"Not really." replied Mickey. "New construction techniques are already making it possible to reach close to twenty floors. I think that trend will continue."

"Who is going to want to climb stairs thirty floors up?" giggled a boy named Frederick. "Are you going to carry everyone up and down thirty floors of stairs Mickey?"

"Don't be silly Frederick." replied Mickey. "We would have small cabins attached to cables, to safely transport people up and down those floors."

"I'm not getting into a contraption like that!" laughed Frederick. "That's a long way to fall if the cable breaks!"

"Mickey, what about cities in earthquake prone areas?" asked a boy named William. "A building that size would surely crumble during an earthquake!"

"Well, these types of buildings may not be suitable for earthquake prone areas." replied Mickey. "That means that the east coast would always be more advanced than the west coast."

"I'm glad we live here then." smiled William.

The classmates finally let Mickey off the hook, and the teacher seemed to really like the way Mickey's report was presented. The next boy up made Mickey feel a little better. His name was Joshua, and he was a Jules Verne fan. His report was about rockets that would carry people into space, and a colony on the moon. That had the entire class howling in laughter, until the teacher stepped in to calm the boys down.

"Please boys, don't ridicule Joshua." said the teacher. "I can remember what things were like a mere twenty years ago. Everyone then would have laughed at some of the things we can do now. Technology is progressing at a rate faster than most people can imagine, so you never know what might be possible in another twenty years. Maybe the moon is a bit further off than that, but I'm sure we'll advance to that point someday. Now, I believe it's Jacob's turn."

Of course Jacob's report was about automobiles. Jacob thought the price of automobiles would come down, and everyone would eventually have one. Most of the boys liked that idea. Then Jacob went on to speculate that automobiles might become capable of reaching speeds up to one hundred miles per hour. A few boys did snicker, but others seemed to like that idea even more. Jacob had given the most popular report, until William gave his report about airplanes. Jacob quickly learned that if there was one thing boys liked more than automobiles, it had to be airplanes. William grinned at Jacob when he finished his report, but that grin was short lived. Carl had been to New York over the previous summer, and visited Coney Island. That was enough to hook Carl. Carl's report was about amusement devices that would be seen in twenty years, which got everyone's attention. When Carl got to his idea of rollercoasters that towered one hundred feet into the sky, everyone's eyes widened in interest. Carl easily won the popularity contest that day, although the teacher graded Mickey's report the highest.

After school that day, Christopher wanted his three closest friends to come to his house. Robert, Nick, and Charlie all asked if they could go to Christopher's house for a little while after school. They all got permission, so they took off following Christopher home. When Christopher got home, only his father was there to greet him.

"Where is mother?" asked Christopher.

"She wanted to spend the evening at her sister's home, and I thought it sounded like a great idea." replied Clyde. "That is, until you brought friends home with you. I thought you and I could have a nice evening alone son."

"Oh, I'm sorry dad." said Christopher. "My friends are all very understanding though. They already know that we have a special relationship. I'll show you dad."

Christopher went to his father, and pressed his lips against his dad's. Christopher began kissing his dad very affectionately, and Clyde soon began to return his son's kiss. Christopher and Clyde shared the kiss for the next few minutes, while the other boys watched.

When they finally broke the kiss, Clyde asked, "Do your friends know how much I love you son? Do they know I want to think of you as my mate, and do all of the things two mates would do? Do they know the depth of my feelings for the most beautiful young man on this planet?"

"Oh father, I love you too!" smiled Christopher.

"Sir, me and my boyfriend are perfectly okay with the relationship between you and Christopher." said Charlie. "We are homosexual, and we understand how you could fall in love with someone as nice as Christopher."

"And I'm Christopher's best friend." said Robert. "I know that something has made Christopher happier than I've ever seen him over the past few days, and I suspect that would be you. I'm glad my friend is happy."

"Then it's time to talk to my son." said Clyde, as he and the boys sat down. "You boys can stay if you want, so that you'll know Christopher will be fine. Son, there has always been something about me that I couldn't quite put my finger on. I know what that is now, having figured it out over the past several days. That's why I didn't argue when your mother wanted to go to her sister's house this evening. I wanted to talk to you about this, and share a very special evening with you. Mine and your mother's sex life has been more and more unsatisfying over the years. That's because my feelings lay in another direction. I am homosexual son, and I've fallen madly in love with you. The thing that would make me happiest is to find out that I've raised a homosexual son, and he's in love with me as well. I would love him above all others. His happiness and pleasure would mean the world to me, and I would protect him from all harm at all costs."

Christopher flew into his father's lap, and replied, "I love you so much dad! I'm homosexual too, and I would never want any mate except for my wonderful father!"

The father and son then shared another kiss. This time Charlie and Nick began to share a kiss as well. Robert sat there amazed, watching the two homosexual couples express their love for each other. Robert wasn't aware of it, but after a few minutes, he was involuntarily stroking his erection through his pants. Clyde and his son broke their kiss, and saw Charlie and Nick. Everyone watched as Charlie and Nick made their way to the floor, then began to remove each other's clothes. With everyone watching on, Charlie and Nick were soon naked. Robert gasped when Charlie and Nick turned in opposite directions, and took each other's penises into their mouths at the same time. Robert couldn't help the fact that his attention was now glued to Charlie and Nick performing oral sex on each other.

"Exciting, isn't it Robert?" asked Christopher, as he cuddled into his father's embrace.

All Robert could do was nod up and down slowly. He couldn't believe how much Charlie and Nick seemed to enjoy pleasuring each other's penises. Then Christopher got up, and began undressing his father. Clyde smiled as he let his young son take charge.

Once Christopher had his father, then himself naked, he said, "Watch this Robert!"

Robert turned to watch Christopher begin to swallow his father's large penis. After two thirds of Clyde's penis was in Christopher's mouth, Christopher began to gag slightly. Christopher then swallowed hard, and plunged the rest of his father's penis into his throat. Robert watched in awe as Christopher made love to his father.

"Oh God son, I love you so much!" moaned Clyde. "If it were possible, I would surely take you as my wife! We would sleep together every night, and make love together every night!"

After Robert watched Christopher and his father for a few minutes, he heard Charlie and Nick begin to approach their orgasms. Robert turned his attention back to them, and watched as they lovingly swallowed each other's semen. Once Charlie and Nick had finished making love to each other, they both grinned up at Robert. Robert then turned his attention back to Christopher and his father. Clyde was now moaning very loudly, in approach of his orgasm. Christopher took his father's penis back into his throat again, and moaned softly when he felt his father's semen shooting into his stomach. As Clyde's orgasm began to fade, Christopher backed off. Then Christopher came up off his father, and used his father's semen to lubricate his own erect penis. Christopher had his father lay face down, with his legs pointing toward Robert. Then Christopher climbed on top of his father, and began pushing his penis into him. Robert had a perfect view to watch Christopher's penis slide into his father.

As Robert watched Christopher thrust in and out of his father, he could feel Charlie and Nick undressing him. Robert let them go ahead and do it. Then Robert felt the two boys lick his ribs and chest, as they took turns masturbating him. As Christopher's orgasm began shooting into his father, Robert let out a loud moan. As Charlie masturbated Robert, Robert's semen shot out of his penis and into the air. Everyone then rested quietly for a few minutes after it was all over.

Christopher finally said, "Dad, we have to find a way for me to live with you as your wife, even if it isn't legal. We are both homosexual, and I can please you much more than mom can now."

"I would love nothing more than that son." replied Clyde. "We have to find a way to delicately tell your mother that I no longer wish her to be my wife though. I don't think we should mention our relationship to her though. She has to come to the decision to leave you here with me, without ever knowing about that."

By the time it was time for Michael to pick the boys up and take them home, everyone had gotten dressed again. Christopher and Clyde knew they would be naked again though, the moment their guests had left.

Robert didn't say much on the way to his house. He just sat there with a dazed look on his face. To see his friends having homosexual sex was enough to do that, but with what Charlie and Nick had done to him, it had overloaded his mind. Charlie and Nick were starting to get worried as they neared Robert's house, but then Robert finally snapped out of it. Charlie knew things were okay when Robert looked at him and Nick, and grinned as widely as they had ever seen anyone grin before.

"Thanks for everything." said Robert. "I'm glad to have you guys as friends. Today was really fun, as well as educational. I'll see you two and Christopher at school in the morning."

"Best friends?" asked Charlie, as he held his hand out to Robert.

"I should hope so by now!" laughed Robert, as he shook Charlie's and Nick's hands. "You two are too nice not to be my best friends." Then he leaned over into Charlie's ear and whispered, "I never dreamt anything could feel like what I felt today."

Once Robert had gotten out of the automobile, Michael wanted to know what the conversation was all about. Charlie and Nick giggled a lot, but never would tell Michael what had happened. As Michael drove up to Nick's house, Nick gave Charlie a passionate kiss.

As Jacob and Mickey were getting ready for bed that night, Jacob said, "Congratulations on getting the best grade on the report today. I don't know how I let you beat me."

"Oh come on my love, my grade was only slightly better than yours!" smiled Mickey. "Besides, your report is more likely to come true than mine. I can't believe I even made myself believe in a thirty floor building!"

"Yes, that is kind of high." laughed Jacob. "How would they even get supplies up that high?"

"I guess they could attach the crane to the side of the building, and keep raising it as the building gets taller." replied Mickey.

"Oh my goodness!" exclaimed Mickey. "That's a brilliant idea my love!"

"Are you serious Jacob?" asked Mickey.

"It makes a lot more sense than an automobile going one hundred miles in an hour!" laughed Jacob. "Besides, I'd much rather think about things being erected."

"Well then my love, let me see if I can help you with that." replied Mickey, as he winked.

Mickey and Jacob stripped each other, then laid down in each other's arms. After kissing passionately for a few minutes, Mickey knelt between Jacob's legs. Jacob moaned softly as Mickey slid his erect penis into Jacob. Mickey then slowly thrust in and out of Jacob, as he slowly stroked Jacob's penis. By the time Mickey shot his semen into Jacob, Jacob's penis was almost painfully erect. Once Mickey pulled himself out of Jacob, Jacob laid Mickey on his side. Then Jacob laid tightly in behind Mickey, and took Mickey into an embrace from behind. Mickey sighed in contentment as he felt Jacob's penis slide into him. It didn't take long for Jacob to shoot his semen into Mickey. It also didn't take him long to fall asleep inside Mickey once his orgasm was over. Mickey smiled at the feel of Jacob's softening penis inside him, and drifted off to sleep himself.

The next day at school, Christopher seemed to be in another world, and Robert seemed eager to see his three friends. Robert was with Christopher all morning, before finally meeting up with Charlie and Nick at lunch.

"Christopher, if you don't get that silly grin off your face, people will start thinking that you're up to something!" laughed Robert.

"Be easy on him Robert." smiled Charlie. "That's the look of someone hopelessly in love."

"I can't help it if I love my dad so much." replied Christopher, as he continued to grin. "We made love two more times after you left, and my dad made me feel so good. I can tell that he loves me just as much as I love him. Now, we have to come up with a way to get mom out of the way, so we can sleep together as lovers every night."

"Don't you feel guilty about that Christopher?" asked Nick.

"My dad and I are both homosexual." replied Christopher. "If mom could understand that, and not interfere with the love between me and dad, then that might be different. That will never happen though. The only way dad and I can be free to express our love together, is to convince mom to leave. You have to understand though that she has always been distant toward me and dad. Dad has always been the one to take care of my needs, whether it's been talking to my teachers, or taking me to the doctor."

"No wonder you're so deeply in love with him then." said Charlie. "I can't say that I blame you."

"Thanks Charlie." said Christopher. "So Robert, how did it feel to shoot your semen as Charlie masturbated you?"

"It felt very wild and intense." replied Robert. "I couldn't have imagined the things I saw and felt yesterday."

"Does that mean you may be homosexual like us then?" asked Christopher.

"I wouldn't go that far yet." smiled Robert. "I'm still looking forward to someday having sex with a woman. What you three do is pretty good though. I don't mind at all that my best friends are homosexual, and you've shown me that I can enjoy something like that until I do find the right woman to have sex with when I'm eighteen."

"Well, I'm glad that you don't mind that we're all homosexual Robert." said Charlie.

"Hey, here comes some of the other boys!" exclaimed Nick softly. "We should stop talking about, you know what, for now."

"Hey Christopher, what are you doing associating with that deviant Nick?" asked a boy named Samuel.

"You guys are just too easy to fool!" replied Christopher. "Do you really think that if Nick had done the things I said he did, that I wouldn't have beaten him senseless by now?"

"Then either Nick is a coward for not teaching you a lesson, or you're all deviants." said Samuel. "If you had done that to me, you'd never be heard from again!"

Christopher and Nick were both having problems responding to that, so Robert stepped in to deflect the conversation. "Are you calling me deviant Samuel?" asked Robert. "I certainly hope not, because you know I could pound you into the ground anytime I wanted!"

"Well..., of course not Robert." replied Samuel, a little flustered.

"You just implied that my closest friends are though, and you didn't bother to exclude me from your insinuation." said Robert, as he forced a scowl at Samuel.

"Well, well, well, I didn't mean it." stuttered Samuel.

"That's good, and I better not ever get the feeling that you do mean it either!" said Robert.

"You won't, I promise!" replied Samuel hurriedly, before he and his friends ran off.

Once Samuel and his friends were gone, Christopher exclaimed, "Whew! That was a close call!"

"Yes, it was." replied Robert. "This encounter will be all over school soon, so you and Nick may want to work that story you told out. People are going to want to know why one of you hasn't killed the other for the things that have been said."

"He's right Christopher, we have to work on this!" said Nick.

"Okay Nick, tomorrow is Saturday." said Christopher. "Why don't you see if it's okay to spend the night at my house tomorrow?"

"I was going to spend the night with Charlie though." replied Nick.

"Okay then, you and Charlie can both spend the night." said Christopher.

"Why can't I spend the night at your house too Christopher?" asked Robert.

"Okay, you're invited too Robert." smiled Christopher. "Nick and I will work on our story all night if we have to."

"Well, it only has to be good enough to get through the last two weeks of school now!" laughed Robert.

The next day Michael picked up Nick and Robert, then dropped them and Charlie off at Christopher's house. Once again, Christopher's mother was not around. Clyde had had a talk with his wife, and she started getting the feeling there was no love left in their marriage. She would be spending the next week at her sister's house. Charlie, Nick, and Robert thought it was very cute how Christopher sat next to his father, with his arm around behind him. Every once in a while, Clyde and Christopher would even share an affectionate kiss. This was how it was suppose to be with Clyde and his wife, but those feelings hadn't existed in several years. It was obvious that the man now saw his young son as his mate.

Clyde was quite a bit of help to Christopher and Nick, with working out the details of their story. When bed time came that night, Christopher and his father retreated to the same bed together. Charlie, Nick, and Robert could hear the sounds of passionate love-making coming from Christopher's and Clyde's room for well over an hour. They were awoken by the same sounds in the morning, and Robert showed up in Charlie's and Nick's room the next morning, as Charlie and Nick were making love. Charlie and Nick stopped what they were doing, and smiled at their naked friend as they motioned for him to sit on the bed with them.

"It's really getting to you this morning, isn't it Robert?" asked Charlie.

"A little bit, I suppose." replied Robert.

At about that time, Christopher moaned out very loudly, "Oh daddy! I love how your penis fills my insides! I love you so much daddy!"

"Okay, it's getting to me a lot!" chuckled Robert.

"Robert, Charlie and I would like to do something special for you this morning." said Nick. "After this morning though, we want you to find another boy who is interested in this type of thing. I'm not saying that you're homosexual, but you can find a boy to have fun with until you feel that you're ready for a woman."

"You two don't have to do that for me." replied Robert.

"I know, but we want to." smiled Charlie. "Now, go ahead and lay back on the bed."

Robert laid back, and sighed as Charlie and Nick began covering his naked body with kisses. When Charlie and Nick each took one of Robert's nipples to suck and lick, Robert gasped in pleasure. Robert held his breath as Nick moved up, and pressed his lips against Robert's. At the same time, Charlie moved down, and slowly engulfed Robert's penis with his mouth. Robert let himself go, and let wave after wave of pleasure sweep over his body. After a few moments, Nick and Charlie switched places. Charlie was now passionately kissing Robert, as Nick lovingly sucked Robert's penis. When Charlie could tell that Robert was starting to approach an intense orgasm, he went down to join Nick. The two boys then took turns frequently switching between Robert's testicles and penis. Charlie took the first several blasts of Robert's semen, then let Nick finish off Robert's orgasm. Once Robert's orgasm was finally over, Charlie and Nick both moved up, and began covering his face and lips with kisses. Having sex with Charlie and Nick left Robert almost exhausted.

"Okay Robert, now you can watch as Nick and I finish our love-making." said Charlie, after he and Nick broke their kisses to Robert.

"I've never felt anything like this!" said Robert breathlessly. "Can I please take both of your orgasms?"

"What did you have in mind?" asked Nick.

"I want to suck Charlie's penis while you put yours inside my ass Nick." replied Robert, hoping his friends would go for that.

"Okay Robert, but only because you're such a good friend." smiled Charlie.

Charlie then laid on his back, reclined against the headboard of the bed. Then he had Robert lay face down so he could put his penis into his mouth. Nick then climbed up onto Robert, as Robert's ass pointed upward. As Robert began to suck another boy's penis for the first time, Nick lubricated his erect penis. When Robert felt Nick's penis enter him, it caused him to yelp out around Charlie's penis.

"Okay Robert, just try to relax." said Charlie, as he caressed the back of Robert's head. "It always hurts to be penetrated for the first time, but if you relax, it will start to feel much better soon. I promise Nick will take it very easy with you until you become accustomed to his penis inside you."

Robert's rectum was incredibly tight around Nick's penis, so Nick held it perfectly still inside Robert. After a few minutes, Nick could feel Robert's rectum loosen around his penis. When Robert finally returned to sucking Charlie's penis, Nick knew that he had relaxed enough to continue. The three boys made passionate love for the next ten minutes, until Charlie felt his orgasm coming. Charlie was very pleasantly surprised when Robert began swallowing the semen as it shot out from his penis. Robert liked the feeling of Charlie having an orgasm in his mouth so much that he began to have a second orgasm without even touching his penis. Robert's second orgasm caused his rectum to clench around Nick's penis, which immediately brought on Nick's orgasm. Robert moaned around Charlie's penis, as he felt Nick's semen shoot into his rectum. Once all three boys had finished their orgasms, they continued laying there with Charlie's penis in Robert's mouth, and Nick's penis in Robert's ass.

At that time Christopher came into the room and said, "My beautiful dad is going down to make breakfast now, and he wants you three to join us. He said you can come down naked if you want, as me and him plan on being that way for breakfast. By the way Robert, you look very happy and contented like that! I'll bet Charlie's and Nick's semen feels really good inside you, doesn't it?"

"Mmm hmm." mumbled Robert around Charlie's now deflating penis.

As Nick's penis deflated, it slipped out of Robert on it's own. Then the three boys disentangled themselves from each other. Nick's penis did have slight traces of Robert's stool on it, so Charlie took it into his mouth to suck and lick it clean. Then the three boys smiled at each other, and shared a kiss before going down naked for breakfast.

Robert grinned all the way through breakfast.

Okay, I admit that there was a lot of sex in this chapter. That was just me hopefully getting it out of my system for now. lol. At least it does seem that Robert is becoming a good friend though. I guess we'll have to wait to see how good. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Also, don't forget to visit me at: www.timthestoryguy.us. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 14.