by tim

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Fate - by tim

Chapter 2

Dinner at the Captain's table went well, without anyone taking particular notice to Jacob's guest. Mary and Jacob were both relieved at this. After they were excused from the table, Jacob and Mickey went outside to walk their dinner off. It was a beautiful night on the open Atlantic Ocean, But Jacob felt it wasn't nearly as beautiful as his companion.

"Your eyes sparkle like the moon reflecting off the water." remarked Jacob.

"Thanks." replied Mickey. "You have been so kind to me Jacob, and we've only known each other since this afternoon. Inviting me to dinner at the Captain's table was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me, and I'll never forget it. I just wish there were some way I could repay you for being so good to me."

"You deserve to be treated well." said Jacob. "I have never met anyone who has captivated me like you have, and it was my pleasure to invite you to dinner tonight. If you would like to show your appreciation though, I'm sure I could think of some way." Jacob then smiled a seductive smile at Mickey.

"Are all Americans like you Jacob?" asked Mickey. "I have never met anyone as gracious but seductive as you. I will do anything you want to do."

"Fortunately not all Americans are like me." said Jacob. "If they were, I wouldn't be able to get away with as much as I do." Jacob then chuckled lightly. "Let's go back to my stateroom and see if we can work off even more of our dinner."

Mickey followed Jacob excitedly back to Jacob's stateroom. Once they were back in the stateroom Jacob locked the door and turned to Mickey. Jacob crossed slowly across the cabin and took ahold of the other boy. He then lay down on his bed taking Mickey with him. The two boys held onto each other and pressed their lips firmly together. Jacob thoroughly explored the inside of Mickey's mouth. The two boys continued moaning into each others mouths for quite some time. During the process they managed to remove each others shirts.

Finally Jacob pulled back and sighed, "I love you so much Mickey O'Shannon. I wish I had known you all my life, but after today it seems like I've always been with you anyway."

A completely blissful Mickey said, "I know how you feel. I am more in love with you than I've ever been with anyone else before. I want to be with you as long as we both live."

Jacob replied, "I will find a way to make that happen then. Right now though I want to show you exactly how much I love you. Will you let me do that?"

"Of course you can." said Mickey. "Why would you ask that?"

"Because what I want to do now may be a bit uncomfortable." replied Jacob. "Don't worry though, after a few moments it should feel really good."

"You want to put yourself into my arse, don't you?" asked Mickey. "If you do, I will trust you."

"That's good," said Jacob, "because I want to make myself a part of you my love." With that Jacob removed Mickey's shoes and pants. Mickey then helped Jacob out of the rest of his clothes. Jacob gazed at all of Mickey's naked body for several minutes, trying to memorize every inch of his lover. Mickey also licked his lips at he looked Jacob over thoroughly.

Jacob then turned Mickey over onto his stomach and grasped the cheeks of his buttocks. Jacob spread them as far apart as he could, and then lowered his face into the crack. Mickey groaned very loudly as he felt another person's tongue against his pucker for the very first time. Jacob enjoyed the taste of Mickey's rosebud as he prepared Mickey for what was to come. After massaging the opening with his tongue for a few minutes, Jacob pressed his tongue against it. Jacob's tongue slowly entered Mickey, causing the boy to squirm in pleasure. After tasting the inside of Mickey for a few moments, Jacob removed his tongue and wetted a finger. He then put the finger against Mickey's opening and pushed it in. This caused Mickey to let out a slight yelp.

"Are you okay my love?" asked Jacob.

"Yes, I think so." replied Mickey. "It did hurt slightly, but just for an instant. I think I might have been surprised more than anything else. Nobody has ever put anything in there before."

"Okay." Jacob said soothingly. "I'll take it very easy with you so you can get use to it as we go. I don't want to hurt the boy I love more than any other."

Jacob carefully massaged Mickey's rectum with his finger. He was very slow and tender with his efforts, to keep from causing Mickey to much discomfort. After a few minutes he had stretched Mickey enough to wet a second finger, as well as lick off the first one, then insert two fingers into Mickey. This time Mickey was a little more ready for Jacob's fingers to enter him, so it did not cause much discomfort at all. Jacob was having fun stretching Mickey's hole, and Mickey was writhing on the bed in pleasure. Jacob reached over to the nightstand with his free hand, and removed a bottle of mineral oil that his mother had given him to keep his hands soft. He deftly uncorked the bottle and put some into his hand. Then he massaged the oil onto his cock. What was left over was massaged onto Mickey's pucker.

"Okay my love," said Jacob, "we're ready for the good part. After I get inside you I'll give you some time to adjust. Then I'll take it really easy. I want you to feel good too."

Jacob placed his hardened cock against Mickey's hole and pushed. Once the head of his cock was inside Mickey, he let it sit there so Mickey could get use to it. It was a little painful for Mickey at first, but after a few seconds the pain was replaced by the most intense pleasure he had ever felt. When Jacob was sure that Mickey was okay, he continued to push his cock into the boy underneath him. Finally Jacob was inside Mickey as far as he could go, so he let Mickey rest some more. Now Mickey could not believe what he was feeling. He had heard about men doing this before, but he could not imagine that it would feel this exciting. The pleasure he was feeling increased even more when Jacob began slowly going in and out of Mickey. Mickey felt as though he may have an orgasm himself, without even touching his cock. He held it back though while Jacob continued to pump in and out. Jacob was now picking up the pace as he felt the heat rising more and more inside of Mickey. Before long lust took control and caused Jacob to pound into Mickey even harder and faster. Mickey had become use to this though, and he was enjoying whatever Jacob could give him. He was enjoying it so much in fact, that it was becoming difficult for him to keep from releasing his orgasm. Then it happened. Jacob's orgasm overtook him as he spilled his juice into Mickey. This caused Mickey to lose control of himself and shoot out onto the bed. It was the first time Mickey had ever had an orgasm without even touching himself.

Afterward the boys laid in each other's arms, recovering from their orgasms. Once they had caught their breath, they also kissed. Jacob and Mickey ended up falling asleep in each others arms. The next morning Mickey told Jacob that he had to check in with his family to let them know where he had been yesterday and last night. With Jacob's help Mickey made his way back down to the lower decks. Jacob stood outside Mickey's cabin to make sure everything went okay. After Jacob heard a little bit of yelling from inside the cabin, Mickey came back out to join him.

"What was the yelling about?" asked Jacob. "I hope I didn't get you into any trouble."

'Don't worry about it." said Mickey. "It had nothing to do with us. My family could actually care less where I am, as long as I don't fall overboard. Now, let's go look around this ship."

"Okay." said Jacob. "When do you have to come back here?"

"I want to spend tonight with you again." said Mickey. "I'll come back here the next night."

"Okay." said Jacob. And with that the boys were off to explore the ship. After much wandering around, Jacob finally figured out how to get to the bow of the ship. The boys stood at the railing at almost the very front of the ship, and looked out at the ocean rushing underneath them.

"Wow!" exclaimed Jacob. "At this rate we'll arrive in New York in no time."

Mickey looked out wistfully at the ocean and replied, "I'm really in no hurry, unless you know of a way that I can stay with you and your family." Mickey began crying softly and continued, "I'm a little bit afraid of how my family will take to treating me when we get to America."

Jacob pulled Mickey to him in a comforting embrace. After a few moments he replied, "If there's any way I can protect you, I will. I don't know if the law will allow my family to take you in though, seeing as how your family is still alive. I'll have my dad look into it though. If anyone can take custody of you from your family, it would be him. I'll get in contact with him tomorrow and have him find out something before he meets us at the dock in New York."

Mickey sniffed his tears back and said, "Thank you Jacob. I love you more with each passing minute. I hope no one saw us hugging though, I wouldn't want you to get in any trouble."

"I wouldn't care if anyone did see us." said Jacob. "As a matter of fact, we should put on a show in case someone is watching." With that Jacob grabbed ahold of Mickey again and gave him a very deep kiss. When the kiss broke both boys began laughing hysterically. The rest of the day was spent exploring the extremely luxurious ship that they were on.

At midday they went back to Jacob's stateroom, and Jacob bribed a steward into bringing him lunch for two to his cabin. Once the lunch had arrived the boys ate some, then kissed, then fed each other, then kissed some more. By the time the meal was finished Jacob and Mickey were rolling around on the bed laughing, kissing, and caressing each other.

Suddenly Jacob declared, "It's time for dessert now! I already know what I want." Jacob then pulled down Mickey's pants and began sucking on Mickey's cock. Jacob sucked on his friend slowly and lovingly, as Mickey began to grow hard. This was feeling better to Mickey than he could ever remember. He looked down to see his cock going in and out of Jacob's soft, warm mouth. Mickey was moaning words of love to Jacob, as Jacob was lovingly coaxing Mickey to his release. Then Mickey gently placed his hands on the sides of Jacob's head and let out a deep moan. Jacob's mouth was bathed with the sweetest cum that he could ever remember tasting.

When Mickey had recovered for a few moments, he turned Jacob over and pulled his pants down. "I couldn't have ever imagined wanting to do this with anyone so much until I met you." He then buried Jacob's cock into his mouth. Mickey's appetite for Jacob was ravenous, as he went down as far on Jacob as he could. The way Mickey was going at Jacob, it didn't take Jacob very long to reach his orgasm. With what was almost a shout of pleasure, Jacob shot himself into Mickey's mouth. Mickey swallowed every drop he could then began sucking on Jacob's cock like it was a straw, trying to draw out every last drop of Jacob's semen.

When Mickey had finished both boys laid back on the bed to recover from their lunch. They fell asleep for a short nap in each others arms again. The boys awoke after about an hour, and set out to explore even more of the ship. Mickey marveled at the size of the ship. You could wander around on it for days and still not see the entire ship. Jacob however knew where he wanted to go, he just couldn't figure out how to get there. Jacob wanted to see the engine deck. He was about to give up when they ran across the ship's designer.

"What are you boys doing down here?" said the man. "This area is off limits to passengers. If you got lost down here, you might never find your way out!"

"I'm sorry sir," said Jacob, "I just wanted to see what kind of engines it took to drive a ship this large and beautiful."

The man smiled at the boys and said, "That's a very good answer young man. I would love to show you, but we might get into trouble if I did."

"I'm not worried about getting into trouble." said Jacob. "My father is Michael Adams, and he would get me out of any trouble I might get into."

"You're the son of Ambassador Adams?" the man said, as he raised an eyebrow. "That's a completely different story then. I'd be honored to show you anything you would like to see."

"Anything?" asked Jacob in a sweet, angelic voice. That replied caused both boys to laugh, but the designer did not catch on. He did however shake his head and smiled at the laughing boys.

In any event the three guys were off on the VIP tour of the ship. The designer pointed out things that the boys had missed in their search for the engine deck. Finally they rounded a corner, then went down a narrow staircase and through a hatch. The sight of the ships engines took the boys breath away. They asked the poor designer about a million questions all at once, which he tried to answer as well as he could. Once the boys were satisfied with their visit, the three began to make their way back toward the upper decks.

After they had left the crew's quarters the designer stopped at a cabin door. "Well," said the man, "this is my cabin and the end of our tour. I hope you boys had fun."

Just before the man stepped into the cabin Mickey looked at Jacob and smiled. Jacob then spoke up and said, "I thought you said you would show us anything we wanted to see!" Jacob and Mickey then followed the man into the cabin.

"That's right." said the man. "I did say that, but if there's anything else you would like to see it will have to wait until after I bathe. Going down to the engine room always makes me sweaty."

"That's okay." said Jacob. "That's kind of what we wanted to see!"

"What are you boys talking about?" asked the man.

"We've never seen a grown man without clothes on before." said Mickey.

"Do you boys know what you're asking?" asked the man.

"Sure we do." said Jacob. "We've seen each other without clothes a lot of times, but we've never seen a grown man like that before. Please sir? You did say anything." Both boys then looked at the man with puppy dog eyes.

"Well, if you boys are already curious about that type of thing I guess it wouldn't do any harm for you to just look." said the man. "Just don't ever tell anyone about this, or I would be ruined."

"Okay!" said Jacob and Mickey in unison.

The man began removing his clothes for the boys, who were watching eagerly. Pretty soon he was standing in front of them naked. Jacob and Mickey asked for permission to move in closer, and the man agreed. They didn't want to actually have sex with the man, that was now reserved for just them, but they did decide it would be fun to masturbate the man's cock. Jacob reached out and took hold of the man's cock, while Mickey began fondling his balls. The man started moaning almost immediately. Pretty soon it had grown to be the largest cock that either boy had ever seen. After several minutes Jacob and Mickey switched tasks. Mickey could not believe how the man's cock felt in his hand. Also, Jacob could not believe how large the man's balls were. The designer could not believe that two boys were in his cabin masturbating him. When the man announced that he was ready to have an orgasm, Mickey made sure that the man's cock was pointed so that both of them could see the sperm shoot out of it. They were not disappointed, as the man shot more sperm than either boy had ever seen before. When the man was drained both boys stood up and thanked him. Then they left him standing naked in his cabin, in desperate need of a bath.

That's it for chapter 2. Don't worry about Jacob and Mickey messing around with a grown man, they were just curious is all. They still love each other more than anyone else in the world. Please send all comments to: TimTheStoryGuy01@cs.com . See everyone later.