by tim

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Fate - by tim

Chapter 3

When the boys returned to Jacob's stateroom it was still several hours before dinner would be served. "What would you like to do until dinner?" asked Mickey with a mischievous smile on his face.

"I thought it would be nice if we got to know each other a bit better." chuckled Jacob.

"Well, that's not as much fun as what I had in mind." said Mickey. "What do you want to know?"

"Everything!" replied Jacob. "Just start from the beginning."

"Okay." said Mickey. "I was born in a small town just outside of Dublin. I have three brothers and two sisters, and I'm third from the oldest. My family has never been well off, but we've always had what we needed. We were a pretty close family until about a year ago. That's when me and one of my mates from school were caught kissing by my mother. She told my father, who immediately went wild with anger. There turned out ot be a big fight between his family and mine. It really didn't help that we were caught about six months ago, kissing and feeling each other in school. I was immediately taken out of school and my father told me that I had brought shame to our entire family. Soon after that my father came up with the idea to come to America, where no one knows us. I believe it has more to do with him separating me from the other boy involved in this.

Once we get to America my family plans on finding a girl for me to get to know, and eventually marry. I already know that it will never work because I can't help the way I feel. I've never been excited by any girl as much as I was by my mate back in Ireland. The only one who has ever excited me more is you Jacob. I'm afraid of my family and how they will treat me when we reach the United States. I want to get away from them before something horrible happens, and I'm hoping that you can help. I want to be with you if that's possible for you."

"My goodness!" exclaimed Jacob. "I thought that arranged marriages were a thing of the past long ago. You don't have to worry about whether or not it's possible for me to be with you, I pretty much get my way with my parents. It's really always been that way. I'm an only child that was born to very rich parents. They would have loved to have more children but my mother was advised that it won't be possible. I've always had everything that I've desired. My parents do realize that I have no interest in girls, but I've assured them that I will take steps to carry on our family name. If you want to be with me I guess that's one thing that you'll have to get use to. But I do love you Mickey. If I do take a wife eventually, it will only be for appearances sake and to carry on our family name. I could never feel the same about anyone as I do about you now."

Both boys were moved by each other's stories and thoughts. Each boy did have several questions for the other, and by the time they were done talking it was almost time to get ready for dinner. Tonight they would not be seated at the Captain's table, so it would be much easier to get Mickey through tonight's dinner. Mickey was once again dressed by Jacob, and looked very handsome and proper. Tonight's dinner wasn't quite as elegant as the previous night's, but it was still much better than Mickey had ever been use to. Jacob knew he might be spoiling Mickey, but he felt that his new friend deserved that and more. He was going to make sure Mickey had a chance to experience things that he never dreamt of before.

Of course Mary did have more questions about the boy whom her son seemed to be spending a lot of time with. The boys didn't want to answer too many questions during dinner though, so they agreed to visit Mary's stateroom after dinner.

Once in his mother's room Jacob said, "Before the inquisition starts I want you to know that I like Mickey a lot, and I want him to be my friend even when we get home."

Mary chuckled and replied, "Don't worry son, I trust your judgment in people. I just think that if he is going to be a close friend like you want, I should know a little bit about him. It may be necessary if you two become more than just friends, if that isn't already the case."

"What are you saying mother?" asked Jacob.

"Oh come now young man," said Mary. "I am your mother. I use to bathe you when you were a child, and I've watched you grow into a fine young man. I probably know you better than you know yourself. You've already shown us that you don't show any interest in the fairer sex, so that really leaves us with only one explanation."

"So where does that leave us now?" asked Jacob.

"You're not going to keep us apart are you?" asked Mickey.

"Your father and I have discussed this matter at great length." said Mary. "Although we are somewhat disappointed, your happiness means the world to us honey. If this boy makes you happy then we will accept him as your mate. Just realize though that this is something that we do not want aired outside the immediate family. I know you have said that you will carry on the family name, but if it is going to jeopardize your true love then you don't have to do that for our sake."

Jacob threw his arms around his mother and sobbed, "I love you and father so much."

Once Jacob had regained control of himself Mary said, "So Mickey, I take it your family is immigrating to our country from Ireland. Why don't you tell me a little about yourself and your family situation?"

For the second time that day Mickey told his story. Mary listened very intently and Jacob beamed at his boyfriend. After Mickey had finished Mary did ask a few questions of her own. Once they were finished, and Mary's questions were satisfactorily answered she sat back to think for a few moments.

Once Mary had gathered her thoughts she looked at the boys and said, "As I said before, I do trust my son's judgment in friends. I know under normal circumstances you two may never have met, but that has no bearing on how I shall treat you two. Society however may have a different opinion, that's why I think you boys should keep your personal lives private. Mickey, you seem to be a very nice boy in spite of the difficulties you've faced growing up. I think you are growing up to be a fine young man as well. It pains me to think that you may be in danger from your parents unless you conform to their wishes. Feelings like that should never be placed on a boy of your age. If there is anything our family can do to help you, rest assured that we will. All that we will ask in return is that you take good care of our son. I'm sure that our customs and etiquette will come to you with no problem. Welcome to our family Mickey."

Mickey nearly had tears in his eyes when he leaned over to hug Mary and offer her his thanks. Once that was done, Jacob did the same thing. Then the two boys hugged each other in Mary's presence, and with her blessing. They then excused themselves to retire to Jacob's stateroom for the night. Once inside the stateroom they locked themselves in a long and passionate kiss. While Jacob's tongue was buried in Mickey's mouth, and Mickey had his lips tightly sealed around it, Mickey moaned into Jacob's tongue. Then Mickey broke the kiss.

"I can't believe how your mother welcomed me into your family." said Mickey. "This is like some kind of fantasy come true. Your family is everything that I wish mine could be."

"Believe me," said Jacob, "I'm just as surprised as you are. I was ready for an argument about them trying to keep us apart."

"I think your parents are much too great to do something like that." said Mickey. "I look forward to being a part of your family my love."

Jacob wrapped his arms around Mickey and moaned, "That sounds like the answer to a dream."

Both boys held on to each other tightly in the middle of the room. Jacob began unbuttoning Mickey's shirt, then kissing his way down to Mickey's chest. Once he had kissed Mickey in the middle of his chest, Jacob began caressing Mickey's nipples with his tongue. Mickey began moaning as he realized that tonight would be the night he would learn everything he wanted to know about sex with another boy. Once Jacob was finished with the nipples, he moved on down to Mickey's navel. This made Mickey shiver with pleasure.

"If you begin to feel like you're building to an orgasm, fight it off." said Jacob. "I want tonight to last as long as it can." He then stood back up to kiss Mickey again.

Then Mickey began working on the buttons for Jacob's shirt. In no time both boy's shirts had been removed. Mickey then knelt down and began licking on Jacob's nipples. When he was finished with the first nipple, he got a very strong urge to continue around to Jacob's armpits. Mickey lifted Jacob's right arm then kissed and licked Jacob's underarm.

"Oh my God!" gasped Jacob. "That feels incredible. Where did you learn that?"

"It just came to me." mumbled Mickey as he licked at the underarm.

Once Mickey had finished the right side, he worked his way to Jacob's left nipple and armpit. This left Jacob feeling a little weak in the knees. Mickey then headed on down to Jacob's navel. While he was probing the navel with his tongue, Mickey began working on Jacob's belt and pants. Once unbuckled he pushed Jacob's pants and undershorts to the floor. He then leaned back to admire the most beautiful cock and balls he had ever seen before.

Before he could do anything else, Jacob pulled Mickey back up to a standing position. Jacob then knelt down and began working on Mickey's pants, as he worked the boy over toward the bedside table. Once he had Mickey's pants and undershorts around his ankles, he asked Mickey to hold onto the table and lift his left foot. Then Jacob removed Mickey's left shoe and removed the pants over the foot. Jacob took Mickey's left foot in his hand and rubbed the foot all over. Jacob then lightly kissed the top of Mickey's foot before working his way to the toes. Jacob kissed and licked each toe individually while Mickey trembled and moaned. Once the left foot had been properly attended to, Jacob repeated his ministrations on Mickey's right foot.

When both feet had been taken care of, and Jacob stood up, Mickey immediately pushed him back onto the bed. Then Mickey worked on Jacob's shoes and feet. Mickey was not satisfied with kissing and licking when it came to the toes though. Mickey sucked on each one of Jacob's toes. This caused Jacob to moan and roll his eyes back in his head. Once Mickey had sucked each toe and overloaded Jacob's senses, he stood up and pushed Jacob completely onto the bed. Then Mickey smiled as he looked down at the most beautiful naked boy in the entire world. Mickey could resist no longer as he climbed onto the bed with the love of his life.

Mickey wrapped Jacob in his arms on the huge, soft bed and began hungrily kissing him. Mickey loved the feel of the inside of Jacob's mouth. To him it felt just like fine velvet. Jacob also loved the feel of Mickey's tongue as he sucked on it. Mickey ran his tongue over Jacob's perfect white teeth as he began sucking on Jacob's upper lip. This made Jacob so excited that he had to have Mickey now. Jacob rolled Mickey onto his back and started his journey to Mickey's crotch. Jacob did not waste a lot of time because he had already gave attention to Mickey's chest. Very soon Jacob was face to face with the object of his deepest desire. He placed his lips around Mickey's shaft, then searched for the head of Mickey's cock with his tongue. Jacob bathed and licked the head while enjoying Mickey's taste. It was a taste that Jacob would never be able to get enough of, even if he lived forever. Once Jacob had the sweet shaft of flesh that he loved to the point where it was throbbing with desire, he pulled off and decided to work over Mickey's balls. Jacob took each small globe into his mouth, one at a time. The feelings that this created in Mickey caused him to writhe on the bed in ecstasy.

Before Mickey got to the point of orgasm though, Jacob returned to his original position and gave Mickey a deep, lustful kiss. Now it was Mickey's turn to pleasure Jacob. On the way to Jacob's cock, Mickey did stop at Jacob's navel. Mickey loved the sensation of pressing his tongue into the small cavern, as well as the taste. Once Mickey was satisfied with that, he lowered his face until it was level with his lover's cock. Mickey lovingly took Jacob's cock into his mouth and began stroking it slowly and gently with his tongue. Jacob began moaning with pleasure. Then Mickey decided he wanted to see what Jacob's balls would feel and taste like in his mouth. Mickey discovered, with no surprise, that he loved it. This was not lost on the now squirming Jacob. Jacob was now feeling so much pleasure that he began to approach his orgasm. Mickey sensed this, so he pulled his mouth from Jacob's balls and gave the boy a chance to fight down his orgasm. Once it appeared that Jacob had everything under control, Mickey took his lover's cock back into his mouth.

Jacob was able to gasp out, "I want you to wet your finger and slip it into my ass. After you stroke your finger in and out a few times, I want you to search for a small, grape sized lump in the wall of my rectum. Then I want you to massage that lump with your finger."

Mickey nodded his approval then wet his finger. When his finger slipped into Jacob's ass it felt very warm and soft. As Mickey sucked Jacob's cock he stroked his finger in and out of the warm tunnel of Jacob's rectum. Then Mickey found the small gland that Jacob was talking about and began massaging it. This drove Jacob wild with pleasure, as he felt his balls begin to tighten up to his crotch. Jacob knew he would not be able to fight back this orgasm, so he gave himself over completely to his feelings. He immediately began flooding the inside of Mickey's mouth with his cum, which Mickey swallowed with passion. By the time Mickey had drained Jacob, Jacob' energy was almost totally spent.

After resting for a few minutes though, Jacob was once again ready for action. Jacob once again went down to suck on Mickey's cock. Before he did though he said, "If you start to feel an orgasm approaching, I want you to hold it back. I have other plans for you tonight."

As Jacob began sucking on Mickey, he inserted his wetted finger into Mickey's rectum and immediately went for Mickey's prostate. Once Jacob found that, Mickey began bucking wildly. After only a few moments, Jacob realized that Mickey would not be able to hold back his orgasm for very long. Jacob then removed his finger from Mickey, and pulled off from Mickey's hot, throbbing cock.

Mickey gasped, "Wh-what was that?"

"That was your prostate gland." replied Jacob. "I'm going to lubricate your cock now. Then I want you to put it inside me like I did to you last night."

Jacob then got the mineral oil and put a generous amount on Mickey's cock. As soon as Jacob rolled onto his stomach and placed his ass into the air, Mickey got behind him and placed his cock at the entrance to Jacob's ass. Mickey was unsure of exactly what to do, so he just pushed until he felt his cock enter Jacob. Jacob's rectum felt so warm and smooth around Mickey's cock that he almost had his orgasm immediately. Mickey decided to go in and out slowly in an attempt to make this last for a while. Mickey fucked Jacob as Jacob moaned from passion. After about five minutes of the most fantastic feelings that Mickey had ever felt, he could hold his orgasm off no longer. Both boys almost screamed as Mickey shot his cum into Jacob. Jacob almost screamed because when he felt Mickey's cum shooting into him, Jacob had another orgasm himself. Mickey collapsed on top of Jacob, with his cock still planted in the boy underneath him. When Mickey's cock softened enough to slip out on it's own, Mickey rolled off Jacob and took the boy into his arms. Mickey and Jacob hugged each other tightly and kissed, until they fell asleep in each others arms.

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