by tim

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Hello readers, something really big is looming on the horizon for this story. A few of you have already guessed what that may be. It should be a little clearer to those who haven't after this chapter. Originally I had planned for this story to go a certain length. I have been able to stretch that out to 5 chapters. Due to the response to the story though, I am changing the outcome of the story and extending it a bit further. You may not like the direction of the next two chapters, but I ask that you please trust me and stay with the story. I will not let my readers down. Thanks, tim.

Fate - by tim

Chapter 4

Jacob and Mickey awoke the next morning in each other's arms. It was starting out to be a beautiful day on the open ocean. After they joined Mary for breakfast, they went back to Jacob's stateroom though. Jacob wrapped Mickey in his arms and gave him a deep and passionate kiss.

"What would you like to do today my love?" asked Jacob.

"What we just did would be fine with me." replied Mickey. "We probably shouldn't waste such a beautiful day by being inside all day though. I do want to make love to you before I return to my family today though."

"I'll look forward to that!" said Jacob as he grinned a wide smile.

The boys kissed once again, then set out for a fun day. Jacob was able to sneak Mickey into the skeet shooting area with very few questions. It seemed as though the ship's crew were growing accustomed to seeing the boys together. After that Mickey came up with what the boys decided was a very fun game, which they called "Hug Tag". One boy would take off running the length of the deck, with the other boy chasing him. When he was able to catch the boy he was chasing, he would throw his arms around the boy in a hug, then the boy who was tagged would chase the other. After they grew tired of that game, they decided to explore the ship a little more before having a steward bring lunch to Jacob's stateroom.

After lunch the boys undressed and climbed into Jacob's bed. This is where they wanted to spend the rest of the afternoon, wrapped in each other's arms. After several hours of hugging and kissing though, both boys had a desperate look of desire in their eyes. They were determined that they would spend a few hours making love to each other. Jacob began by kissing his way down Mickey's chin and neck. He then kissed his way to Mickey's right shoulder, and worked his way to the underarm. Jacob kissed, licked, and sucked this area for several minutes before moving on down Mickey's arm. When Jacob finally made it to Mickey's right hand, he gently kissed both sides of the hand. Then he licked his way to the tip of each finger. Once there he would kiss the fingertip, and then lovingly suck each finger. When Jacob had sucked each finger on Mickey's right hand, he worked his way back up the arm to the shoulder then repeated the entire process on Mickey's left arm.

When Jacob had finished with Mickey's left arm, Mickey moaned out, "I will never be able to love anyone the way I love you. I want to spend the rest of eternity with you, my one and only love."

Jacob gave Mickey a quick kiss on the lips and then went to work on Mickey's torso. First he went to Mickey's right nipple. He sucked on it for several minutes, occasionally flicking the nipple with his tongue. When Mickey's nipple was fully erect, Jacob began lightly biting it between tongue flicks. Once he had begun driving Mickey insane, Jacob moved to the left nipple and started again. When Mickey could stand no more, Jacob began licking his abdomen and ribs, Then Jacob's tongue found it's way to Mickey's navel. Jacob loved licking and probing this area with his tongue, and Mickey was very fond of it himself.

Just when Mickey thought things were about to get very interesting, Jacob skipped over Mickey's crotch and went to his legs. Jacob licked his way down Mickey's right leg, stopping at the knee to suck on that area. Then Jacob continued on down the leg to Mickey's foot. Jacob smothered the foot with kisses, then sucked on each toe. Mickey was now writhing on the bed in pleasure and moaning Jacob's name over and over. Jacob gently rolled Mickey over and began licking his way back up both of Mickey's legs, stopping again at the knees to suck on the bend in Mickey's legs.

Jacob finally made it to Mickey's butt. As he licked and kiss each round, smooth globe, Jacob massaged Mickey's back with his hands. He then spread Mickey's cheeks and buried his face into Mickey's crack. Jacob's tongue sought out the sweet, moist pucker that was hidden between Mickey's cheeks. Jacob's tongue caressed and prodded at the pucker until his tongue pushed it's way inside Mickey. Mickey began calling out Jacob's name and proclaiming his undying love for the boy who brought him so much pleasure.

Finally Jacob had gotten his fill of the taste of Mickey's ass, so he rolled the boy over again. First Jacob licked the valley between Mickey's legs and balls, then he licked and sucked Mickey's balls one at a time. Then Jacob surprised Mickey by taking both balls into his mouth at the same time. Jacob massaged both balls with his tongue. Finally Jacob was ready to concentrate on the object of his desire. Jacob took Mickey's shaft into his hungry mouth and began bathing the length of it with his tongue, while Mickey whimpered like a puppy. Jacob slowly stroked the shaft with his lips, inhaling the flavor of Mickey's cock. After several minutes of this Jacob noticed Mickey's balls begin to pull up against his crotch, so Jacob let Mickey's cock fall from between his lips.

Jacob came back up face to face with Mickey, who was in another world now, and gave his boy a passionate, wet kiss. "Now it's your turn." said Jacob.

Mickey pulled himself together enough to do everything to Jacob that Jacob had done to him. When Mickey was finished with Jacob, both boys were almost wild with desire. They did have enough self control to suck each other several more times each, without bringing each other to orgasm yet. This scene went on for almost two hours, until both boys were begging each other for release. Finally Jacob turned around so they could both suck each other at the same time. Mickey's sweet cock was sliding in and out of Jacob's mouth, while Mickey was enjoying the smooth, hard feel of Jacob's cock between his lips. Both boys were using every ounce of their strength to hold back their orgasms, but after five minutes they could hold back no longer. Mickey was the first to let his sweet cum shoot into Jacob's hungry mouth. This caused Jacob to release himself into his lover's mouth. Both boys had the largest orgasms of their lives, but that was not enough for either boy. Mickey and Jacob continued to suck each other until they were sure that their mate had no more to give.

Jacob turned back around to take Mickey into his arms. Then Jacob noticed Mickey crying very softly. "What's wrong my love?" asked Jacob, while a single tear rolled down his face.

"Nothing is wrong Jacob." said Mickey. "Everything is so right for the first time in my life."

"Then why are you crying?" responded Jacob.

"I'm crying because I love you so much that it hurts." replied Mickey.

"I'm glad that I'm not the only one who feels that way then." said Jacob. Both boys then fell asleep in each other's arms, with their tears bathing the other boy's shoulder.

Jacob and Mickey awoke a short time later after their brief nap. It would be dinner time in another hour. Although Mickey did not want to, it was time for him to return to his family for the night. Jacob and Mickey tried to get in enough kissing to hold them over until tomorrow, and then Mickey had to go. Jacob quietly cried as Mickey walked off slowly down the hallway, and then Mickey turned the corner and disappeared from view.

Dinner that evening was very lonely for Jacob. All the time he couldn't help but wonder how Mickey was doing with his family. Jacob was now more determined than ever that Mickey would not leave him once the ship docked in New York. During dinner Jacob got Mary to agree to leave a message for his father, to see if he could come up with a way for Mickey to stay with them when they arrived in New York. Jacob felt that absolutely nothing could keep this from working out now.

After dinner Jacob went for a run around the deck to work off some of his dinner. After a while he decided that he would not be able to catch a glimpse of Mickey, so he retired to his stateroom. Jacob laid in his bed listening to the sound coming through the window, of the band in the lounge above him. Jacob was starting to drift off to sleep at about 11:45 when he felt the ship shudder suddenly. This caused him to sit upright in his bed, wondering what had just happened. Jacob could not tell that anything unusual had happened at first, but after a few minutes he could tell that the ship was beginning to lean slightly to one side.

Suddenly the lifeboat stations siren began to sound out. Jacob jumped from his bed and dressed as quickly as he could. Then he ran like a madman to his mother's stateroom.

"Mom! Mom!" yelled Jacob as he barged into the room.

"Jacob, are you okay?" asked Mary from behind him.

Jacob wheeled around and threw his arms around his mother. "I'm fine." said Jacob. "What happened? What's going on? Why is the alarm sounding?"

"I don't know." said Mary. "I heard someone in the hallway saying something about an iceberg though. We should get ready and head to the lifeboat deck I think."

"Oh my God!" screamed Jacob. "What about Mickey?"

"Don't worry about Mickey," said Mary, "I'm sure he'll be fine. The ship's crew will take care of him and his family."

"You don't understand mom!" exclaimed Jacob. "I was talking to one of the crew our first day out. He said that this ship is unsinkable, so there are nowhere near enough lifeboats for everyone."

"Well," said Mary, "if this ship is unsinkable I'm sure there's nothing to worry about then."

Mary and Jacob put on their life vests and calmly made their way to the lifeboat deck. Jacob was becoming very nervous because some of the crew looked as though they were beginning to worry. Jacob found a steward and asked, "Excuse me, when are we going to be allowed to come back on board sir?"

"You won't be coming back to this ship!" barked the steward.

Jacob grabbed his mother's arm and screamed, "Oh God, something is horribly wrong mom! I can't go without Mickey, I have to find him."

"Please son!" begged Mary. "Don't go off anywhere, it could be dangerous!"

"Mickey's a part of me now!" cried Jacob. "If anything happened to him, I would die! I'm sorry, I have to find him!"

Jacob then broke away from Marry and ran off down the deck, while Mary screamed for him to come back. After a few minutes one of the lifeboats had been lowered down in front of where Mary was standing. The steward came up to Mary and said, "You'll have to board the lifeboat now ma'am."

Mary screamed, "I'm not going anywhere without my little boy!"

"You have to go now!" exclaimed the steward. "What is your son's name, and I'll see if I can find him and put him on a boat."

"His name is Jacob Adams and he's the son of ambassador Michael Adams!" cried Mary.

"Okay," said the steward, "I'll find him."

As Mary was being pushed into the boat she called out, "He went to find his friend, Mickey O"Shannon. They're traveling in Steerage Class." As Mary's boat was being lowered to the ocean, the steward lowered his head and shook it back and forth.

Meanwhile Jacob had found a passageway that would take him to his one true love, but he suddenly found his path blocked. "I'm very sorry young man," said the ship's mate, "White Star Lines rules state that in an emergency, passage between classes is not to be permitted."

"You asshole!" screamed Jacob. "My friend is in there, and I need to find him! If I don't find him I'll tell my father, ambassador Michael Adams, how helpful you've been!"

"I don't give a damn who your father is!" exclaimed the ship's mate. "You cannot come this way. If you want my advice, I would suggest you get back to the boat deck as quickly as you can."

"Fuck you, you idiot!" screamed Jacob. He took off back down the passageway to find another way to get to Steerage Class.

Jacob finally found a service passageway that was unblocked, and would lead him to Mickey. By the time Jacob found Mickey's cabin the ship was beginning to list more seriously. Jacob barged through the door and spotted Mickey, huddled in a corner with his family. "Mickey, please come with me!" begged Jacob.

"What are you doing here!" said Mickey. "Why aren't you with your mother?"

"I had to come get you!" screamed Jacob. "I can't leave you behind."

"WHat did you do this time Mick?" bellowed Mickey's father. "Did you go get yourself a rich little queer boyfriend? It won't do you any good boy."

"Oh shit!" exclaimed Mickey. "You really shouldn't have bothered, Jacob. The steward has told us that everything will be fine. Now my father is upset."

"Come out here in the hall a moment." begged Jacob. Mickey followed Jacob from the room. "I talked to one of the crew on our first day out." continued Jacob. "This ship is considered unsinkable, so there are not enough lifeboats for everyone. The only problem is, the ship IS sinking. Please! Please come with me."

Mickey stood there in a state of shock. He couldn't believe what Jacob was telling him, but he also knew that Jacob could never lie to him. Mickey's mother had overheard the two boys. She stepped in and said, "Go with him Mickey. Put the pain we've caused you behind, and go with this boy who loves you enough to risk everything for you. All I ask is that you find it in yourself to forgive us someday." The woman began crying as she turned to go back into the cabin.

Jacob grabbed ahold of Mickey and said, "Let's get out of here, now!" Mickey cried as Jacob led him off down the passageway that he thought would take the boys to safety. As the boys rounded the last corner to take them back to the upper decks, they found sea water threatening to cut off their escape route.

"Oh shit!" exclaimed Jacob. "I guess we're going to have to swim out of here!" The boys dove into the freezing water and swam toward the passageway. They managed to make it just before the water would have cut them off, and sealed their fate.

Okay, everyone should know where the boys are by now. If not, I'll reveal the name of the ship that they are traveling on in the next chapter. lol. Please send all comments to: TimTheStoryGuy01@cs.com . See you in the next chapter.