by tim

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Fate - by tim

Chapter 6

Mickey's day at school was nothing out of the ordinary from the past year, until Michael picked him up after school. Mickey loved it when his new father picked him up because Michael was one of the few people in their neighborhood to have an automobile. Then as Michael and Mickey started turning into their driveway, Michael had to swerve to avoid hitting a boy who was standing in the path of the automobile. Michael and Mickey saw who the boy was, and at the same time both screamed, "Jacob!"

Michael was the first to reach the son that he thought he had lost one year ago. He nearly smothered his son in a hug, while crying, "Jacob!" over and over again. Nothing had ever gotten to Michael Adams, but now he couldn't stop crying for joy.

Finally Mickey got his turn. At first he really couldn't believe it was Jacob, but then reality sank in. When that happened, Mickey wrapped his arms around Jacob. Mickey kissed his long lost boyfriend in front of Michael for several minutes, before realizing what he was doing and turning a deep shade of red.

"Don't worry about it." said Michael. "If God had wanted to keep you boys apart, Jacob wouldn't be standing here now. It seems to be fate for you boys to be together, and I wouldn't think of interfering with that."

Once the tearful reunion in the driveway was over, Michael. Mickey, and Jacob went into their house. Michael found Mary to talk to her first, before bringing Jacob to her. Mary had been suffering very greatly since the night the Titanic had sunk and Michael wanted to spring this surprise on her very carefully. After several minutes of talking to Michael, Mary began to figure that something was very different. At that point Michael went to the door and opened it, to reveal Jacob standing at the door.

Mary screamed, "Jacob! My dear son, is it really you?!?"

"Yes mom," replied Jacob, "I've finally made it home."

Mary grasped her son in a hug, and completely soaked him with her tears. After one long and agonizing year, her suffering had finally come to a joyful end. Once Mary had pulled herself together, Michael began planning a celebration for the entire family. Mary and Michael now had two fine sons, which was something that they had always wanted. Tonight's celebration would show how grateful they were for their good fortune.

Their evening started off at the finest restaurant in Washington D.C., where Jacob told everyone about how he had survived that night.

Jacob started, "When Mickey had fallen overboard, I had to go after him. So I took a deep breath and jumped from the side of the ship. I must have hit some debris, because I don't even remember hitting the water. The next thing I remembered was being on a merchant ship that was headed towards England, but I couldn't remember who I was or how I had gotten there. The crew told me I must have been on board the Titanic because they had found me tied to the hull of an overturned lifeboat. They didn't know what to call me, and I couldn't help them, so they began calling me John.

After that, I spent the next year being taken care of by a couple in England who had lost one of their sons on the Titanic. They took very good care of me until I could regain my memory. Even though they treated me like a member of their family, I couldn't help but feel that I had a family that I needed to return to. Then last week I saw someone on the street in Southhampton who looked just like Mickey, and my memory suddenly came back. I stopped the boy and found out that it wasn't Mickey, so I went to the U.S. Embassy in London and found out that Mickey had survived and had been adopted by my parents. I was so glad when I found out that Mickey was alive and being well cared for. So I made arrangements to come here as quickly as I could, to be with the people I love most."

"I'm so glad that you had someone to take good care of you son." said Michael. "I'm going to make sure that I show them the proper gratitude for that."

"That's great," said Jacob, "because they were very nice people."

After dinner everyone went to the theater to see a performance by the National Ballet. Finally the Adams family returned home for the evening. After saying good night to their parents, Mickey and Jacob went to their room.

"I know that legally we are brothers now," said Jacob, "but that doesn't change the way I feel about you Mickey. Nothing can ever change that, not even death itself. Somehow I always knew I had someone somewhere that I loved very much, so I could never betray that love."

"I'm so glad to hear you say that," said Mickey, "because I feel the same way too. I knew there was no way I could ever love anyone the way I loved you Jacob."

With that the two boys wrapped their arms around each other, and gave each other a long overdue passionate kiss. At long last all was finally right with both boys again. They fell onto the bed wrapped in each other's arms and began undressing each other. Before long Jacob and Mickey had their naked bodies pressed against each other for the first time in a year. Jacob's skin felt so good to Mickey's hand that Mickey began to cry.

"What's wrong my love?" asked Jacob.

"Nothing is wrong." sobbed Mickey. "As a matter of fact things couldn't be more right than they are right now. It's just that I've missed you so much that I can't help myself."

With that Jacob planted his lips on Mickey's and tasted the boy he loved for the for the first time in what seemed like forever. Their kiss lasted for nearly an hour, but that did not seem like enough. Jacob reluctantly broke the kiss though and began running his tongue down Mickey's body. Jacob was determined not to leave any part of Mickey's body untouched by his tongue. When he reached Mickey's nipples he discovered that he had not tasted them in so long that he hungered for them. By the time Jacob had finished with Mickey's nipples he was driving Mickey delirious with pleasure. Before Jacob would swallow Mickey's cock though, he wanted to stop at the navel. Jacob licked and sucked at Mickey's navel for several minutes before moving on to what he had wanted since regaining his beautiful memories.

When Jacob reached Mickey's cock he ran his tongue gently along the entire length of the underside of the shaft. When his tongue got back to the tip of the head, Jacob engulfed the entire shaft in his hungry mouth. Jacob stroked Mickey's cock with his tongue wile the shaft passed slowly back and forth over his lips. Mickey did not have any awareness of anything except what Jacob's mouth was doing to his cock as he moaned Jacob's name over and over again. Then Jacob began very lightly closing his teeth around the base of Mickey's hard and staining cock. This produced so much sensation that Mickey screamed at the top of his lungs in pleasure. By this time they were making so much noise that Michael and Mary knew what was going on, but they did not care. The sound of their two boys making each other so happy made them happy as well.

Mickey was now beginning to approach the point where he would no longer be able to hold back his orgasm. Jacob sensed this so he quickly wet a finger and slipped it inside Mickey's ass. Jacob wasted no time in finding Mickey's prostate and began pushing against it with his finger. Mickey began shouting his love for Jacob loudly as his cock flooded the inside of Jacob's mouth. When Mickey's orgasm finally ended he was completely exhausted, but he reached down deep inside of him and found the strength to begin pleasing his lover.

Mickey did as Jacob had done to him and licked his entire body. When Mickey got to Jacob's nipples, he sucked on them so hard that he was almost able to draw blood from them. Jacob clenched the sheets on the bed as Mickey was doing this. When Mickey was done with the nipples Jacob looked down to see that they were very red and painful, although the pain was almost pleasurable for Jacob.

"Please take my nipples between your teeth and chew on them." moaned Jacob. "Just don't chew too hard though."

Mickey took a nipple between his teeth and began lightly gnawing on it. "Oh my dear God!" shouted Jacob. "Please take me into your mouth before I cum."

Mickey wrapped his lips around Jacob's shaft and slammed his mouth down, driving Jacob's cock deeply into his mouth. He then bit down hard on Jacob's cock. This caused Jacob's impending orgasm to subside slightly. He then began tenderly stroking Jacob's cock with his lips. Mickey then enjoyed the feel of Jacob's cock sliding in and out of his mouth, and slightly into his throat, for several minutes. Jacob was still too close to an orgasm to last very long though. As Jacob's cock began shooting into Mickey's mouth, Mickey began sucking like he was sucking on a straw with all of his might. Mickey drained Jacob of every last ounce of cum, then both boys collapsed onto the bed.

After spending several minutes in each others arms to recover, Jacob said, "I love you with all of my being my brother. I will never let myself be separated from you again for even one precious moment. I feel like it is our fate to be together for the rest of eternity. Mickey and Jacob the cried in happiness into each other arms until they fell into a peaceful sleep.



I don't wish to go into too much more detail, in case I am flooded with mail to continue this story. Jacob and Mickey did spend the rest of their lives together and were very happy together. Michael and Mary never interfered with their love for each other, in fact they were almost proud that the two boys loved each other so much. Michael did go on to become the Secretary of State, and almost became the Vice President until his running mate was narrowly defeated in the election. Jacob was able to carry on his family's name by adopting the children of an immigrant family whose parents were killed in a tragic accident. Jacob and Mickey raised the two boys and one girl together, and they were a very happy family. Mary was very proud of her two sons and was happy to have the chance to be a grandmother to their adopted children.

I hope everyone has enjoyed reading this story as much as I've enjoyed writing it. Although it is at an end for now, I may be convinced to continue it further at some time if there is enough interest. If you wish to send me your comments, please send them to my new address: timthestoryguy@isp.com . I will now be working on Training Day and Allen 2: Summer Of Love. If you have not checked those stories out, please do as many people have told me they are great stories as well.