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by tim

Chapter 7

From the last chapter:

Mickey wrapped his lips around Jacob's shaft and slammed his mouth down, driving Jacob's cock deeply into his mouth. He then bit down hard on Jacob's cock. This caused Jacob's impending orgasm to subside slightly. He then began tenderly stroking Jacob's cock with his lips. Mickey then enjoyed the feel of Jacob's cock sliding in and out of his mouth, and slightly into his throat, for several minutes. Jacob was still too close to an orgasm to last very long though. As Jacob's cock began shooting into Mickey's mouth, Mickey began sucking like he was sucking on a straw with all of his might. Mickey drained Jacob of every last ounce of cum, then both boys collapsed onto the bed.

After spending several minutes in each other's arms to recover, Jacob said, "I love you with all of my being my brother. I will never let myself be separated from you again for even one precious moment. I feel like it is our fate to be together for the rest of eternity." Mickey and Jacob then cried in happiness into each other's arms, until they fell into a peaceful sleep.

Mickey awoke the next morning and began to cry. Why did his dream of Jacob returning have to seem so real? It seemed so real that Mickey could still feel Jacob's touch on his skin, and taste his semen in his mouth. But facts were facts, and Jacob had died one year ago on the Titanic. Then Mickey rolled over to face the other direction, and the body in the bed next to him.

"Oh my God!" screamed Mickey. "It wasn't a dream! You have come back to me!"

"I certainly hope so my love." chuckled Jacob. "This would be absolutely no fun whatsoever if I were dead."

Then Jacob pressed his lips tightly against Mickey's trembling lips. Jacob kissed Mickey with all of his being, until both boys felt love flowing freely between their mouths. The two boys ground their bodies together as they kissed, until they noticed that they had become erect.

Jacob finally broke the kiss and said, "Since today is Friday, I suspect neither of us shall be going to school. We should still bathe each other though, because I'm sure father will have to take me to see the headmaster, so I can go to school with you on Monday."

Jacob and Mickey got out of bed, and then went downstairs to the bathing room. Michael smiled as he watched the two boys go in together. Jacob ran the water faucet, wondering what the extra handle was for, then tested the water.

"I'm afraid one of us shall have to boil water for our bath." said Jacob. "The water seems a bit cool this morning."

"Our father had something new installed before winter set in this year." replied Mickey. "Have you noticed the iron things along the wall of each room?"

"Yes, but I haven't gotten a clue as to what they are." replied Jacob.

"Those are called radiators." said Mickey. "Your father put a boiler in the basement that uses kerosene to boil water in the boiler. The water builds so much pressure when it's boiled, that it circulates through the entire house through the radiators. It kept the entire house pleasantly warm this winter. It also boils water and sends it through pipes to the sinks here and in the kitchen, and to the bathing tub. That's what this handle is."

Mickey plugged the tub, and turned the extra handle that Jacob had noticed before. Within a minute, boiling hot water was coming from the faucet.

"That is absolutely brilliant!" remarked Jacob. "Don't you think that water might be a little hot to bathe in though, my love?"

"I'm sorry my love, I forgot to add cold water." laughed Mickey.

Mickey then adjusted the handles until the water was very comfortable. Then Mickey added some soap powder to the water just before the tub had filled enough for both boys. The boys stripped down, and climbed into the tub together. Jacob sat in the water first, and Mickey sat back against his chest. Then Mickey leaned back against Jacob and handed him the bathing cloth.

"Please bathe my front side brother." said Mickey. "Then I will lean forward so you can bathe my back side, and we can switch places afterward."

"I think I'm going to enjoy us bathing together Mickey." replied Jacob as he smiled.

Jacob took the cloth and began running it over Mickey's chest and stomach. Then Jacob lovingly cleaned Mickey's cock and balls for him, and finished with the front of Mickey's legs. Then Mickey leaned forward, and Jacob cleaned Mickey's back with the cloth. Then Mickey lifted himself slightly, and Jacob ran the cloth over Mickey's smooth ass. Finally, Jacob took his time running the cloth a few times through Mickey's crack.

"We should have brought two cloths." said Mickey. "One would be especially for washing my nasty crack between my arse cheeks."

"What do you mean by nasty my brother?" asked Jacob. "I would lick deeply into that beautiful crack anytime!"

"I think I'm going to enjoy us bathing together too!" laughed Mickey. "Now, hand me the cloth before we switch. I forgot about our feet, and I should clean yours while they are within reach."

Mickey lovingly bathed Jacob's feet, then the two boys switched. After Mickey had followed the same cleaning routine on Jacob that Jacob had used on him, Mickey handed Jacob the cloth. Then Jacob lovingly cleaned Mickey's feet, and the two boys stood in the tub. After deciding that a rinse would be unnecessary, the two boys gently caressed each other dry with a towel. Then they put on clean undershorts, and headed back to their room.

Michael ran into the boys again at the stairway and asked, "What did you think of the hot water son?"

"It's an absolutely brilliant idea father!" replied Jacob. "It makes me wonder what else I've missed in the year that I was away. At the rate of inventions these days, I'm sure I would be quite surprised."

"I'm sure you'll catch up quickly son." chuckled Michael. "Now, if you boys will get ready and have your breakfast, I shall take you to see the headmaster, and see if we can get Jacob back into school. He owes me a favor, so maybe he will allow you to stay in the same grade with the other children your age."

As soon as the boys were ready and had breakfast, they went out to Michael's automobile. The drive to school was filled with joy and laughter, and Michael considered himself the luckiest man on earth. Now he had two wonderful sons, one of which seemingly came back from the dead after being gone for a year.

The headmaster was shocked almost beyond words to see the boy who he had heard died on the Titanic. He listened in amazement to every word of Jacob's tale of survival. Then the headmaster agreed to let Jacob stay with the other children his age, as long as he promised to study hard to catch up as much as he could. After returning home, Michael had a surprise for his family. They would take the train to New York that afternoon and spend an exciting evening in New York. Then they would spend Saturday at America's playground, Coney Island, and return home Sunday morning. Jacob liked that idea, but Mickey had never heard of this Coney Island before.

"I know I've been on a train before, but it's still amazing that we'll be in New York in about eight hours." said Mickey, as everyone watched Washington pass by outside.

"If you think that's amazing son, they will soon be retiring this steam driven locomotive with one that runs on a large internal combustion engine." replied Michael as he smiled. "I hear that they plan on knocking two hours off the trip!"

"That's incredible father!" said Jacob, as he discretely held Mickey's hand.

Mary noticed that and laughed as she said, "Boys, since your father did get us a private compartment, you don't have to act like you have to hide your feelings for each other. I have longed to see you two together again for the past year." Then a few tears formed in Mary's eyes.

Jacob leaned across the compartment and hugged his mother tightly, then the mother and son exchanged kisses to their cheeks. "I know that I may have lost my memory for most of the past year, but the moment it came back, there was such a horrible emptiness inside me from being so far from my family. I hope we are never separated again." Then Jacob smiled and said, "I also hope father can take seeing me kiss Mickey as well as you did on board the ship mother."

Michael smiled and hugged his wife as he and Mary watched the two boys share a long and warm kiss on their lips. Michael rarely saw two people express so much love and tenderness toward each other with a kiss, and he knew that he and Mary had set a good example to their son on how to love his mate. Jacob and Mickey broke their kiss, then smiled at their mother and father, who were still smiling at the boys.

"That was the most loving and beautiful thing I have ever seen boys." said Michael as he smiled. "Your mother and I have raised you very well Jacob. I just hope that society will someday understand the love that you two boys share."

"If you think that was beautiful, you should see us making love!" snickered Mickey, which caused Mary and Michael both to laugh.

"I think that is something you should do in private, but often!" laughed Mary.

"I must agree with Mary." laughed Michael. "Although I'm sure that there are some who would be intrigued at the idea of two boys making love, it should be kept private, the same as Mary and I keep our love-making private."

The two boys held hands openly in front of their parents for the rest of the trip, when they weren't sharing a warm and loving kiss. Michael even noticed them discretely caressing each other's thigh a few times, and smiled as he knew the boys couldn't wait to get to their hotel room that night. Michael and Mary were so glad to have Jacob back though, that they would never say anything about who he wanted as a mate. They were just glad that he still had that opportunity. Besides, there was something about Mickey that made him a fine mate for their son.

As soon as the train arrived in New York, Michael took his family to the hotel to check in. Then he quickly took them out to dinner and the theater before Mickey and Jacob could start anything that might take a while to finish. After they finally returned to the hotel, Mickey and Jacob stripped naked, and laid down on their bed. The two boys kissed passionately for quite some time, as their stiffening cocks ground together. Then Jacob finally broke the kiss.

"I have not felt your cock inside my arse in so long, that it's driving me insane Mickey!" said Jacob longingly.

"Arse?" giggled Mickey. "I think you may have picked up some of their language over the past year in England."

"So, it's a beautiful word." replied Jacob with a smile. "And you have a beautiful arse. I shall look forward to filling it with my cock tonight!"

"Your arse is much more beautiful than mine." replied Mickey. "And I shall fill yours and make love to you first!"

Even though they were in separate suites, Michael and Mary's bedroom was just on the other side of the wall from Jacob and Mickey's. They could plainly hear the two boys as they began making love that night. It was actually kind of exciting to hear their son moan as he told Mickey how good his cock felt inside him. It finally became so exciting to hear the two boys make love, that Michael and Mary had to make love themselves, while being serenaded by the erotic sounds coming from the two boys.

The next morning, Mickey and Jacob met their parents in their parents suite, and shared a kiss before leaving the suite. The boys couldn't understand why Michael and Mary were smiling so much that morning, but they were happy to see it. It was still very early in the season at Coney Island, as right now the amusements there were only open on weekends. Even though it was early in the season though, there were quite a few people there. The beach even had quite a few people on it, although only a few were venturing into the still chilly water. Jacob and Mickey were looking forward to it though, as the water would be much warmer than the last time they went for a swim in the ocean. First though would be a visit to the amusements area. The Switchback Railway had been built before the turn of the century, but it was still a favorite. It had been a while since the last time Michael had taken Jacob on the ride, and a few improvements had been made over the years. Both boys stared at the colossal wooden structure, which towered forty feet above the boardwalk.

"Are you sure this is safe?" Mickey nervously asked Michael, as he discretely clutched Jacob's hand while waiting in line.

"I hear that they claim it's even safer than riding in an automobile!" laughed Michael. "We'll be just fine son."

It turned out to be the most terrifying and exciting thing Mickey had experienced since his fall over the railing of the Titanic, except it was much safer. Michael, Mary, and Jacob enjoyed it so much that they immediately dragged Mickey over to the much newer Scenic Railway. This ride was even taller and faster than the Switchback Railway, and required a brakeman on the train to keep it on the track. The line was also a bit longer. Everyone was a bit more nervous about this, as they had never been on it before. It also didn't help when the line stopped moving temporarily due to a derailment. Since it was early in the season and no one was injured, the brakeman was given a reprimand and removed from the ride until he could be retrained. Once the train was realigned with the track, the ride began operating again. The seating on this was side by side in rows of two, so Mickey sat next to Jacob and held his hand tightly until it was over.

Then it was off to the newest attraction at the beach, the Figure Eight Side Friction Railway.

Mickey took one look at the mammoth sixty foot structure and asked, "Are they insane?! How can they build it so tall and fast?!"

"This is the safest ride ever built." replied Michael. "It has a second pair of rails that runs along the side of the vehicles. The vehicles then have an extra set of wheels that run along the side rail, making it virtually impossible for it to derail."

Just then, a vehicle passed by on the fastest part of the track. "Oh my God!" exclaimed Mickey. "That must have been going thirty miles per hour!"

"Yes, about thirty." laughed Michael. "You'll be fine son."

Mickey once again clutched Jacob's hand tightly during the ride, and both boys had the thrill of their lives, although for different reasons. That was in evidence due to Jacob's erection by the end of the ride. Then it was time for lunch, and to relax on the beach. About an hour after eating, Jacob and Mickey grabbed their swimsuits, and headed to the bathhouse to change. At this time of year there were not many people using the bathhouse, just two young men in their twenties, and a man and his young son. The boy had barely set foot in the water before proclaiming it too cold, so they were changing back into their normal clothes. Mickey and Jacob went over to a deserted corner, and quickly changed into their swimsuits. Not before Mickey got a firm but quick grab of Jacob's cock though. Jacob swatted him playfully on his bare ass, and the two boys laughed as they finished changing.

Then Jacob and Mickey ran out into the water, which was indeed chilly. It seemed to take Jacob more time to adjust to the water temperature than it did Mickey. The two boys stayed side by side as they swam though, and Mickey finally stopped to make sure Jacob was okay.

"Are you okay with the water, my love?" asked Mickey.

"Yes, it just took some getting use to at first." replied Jacob. "I don't remember anything about being in the water after jumping off the Titanic after you. Was the water much colder then?"

Mickey looked around to make sure no one was watching them, then kissed Jacob quickly. "I'm glad you don't remember it my love." replied Mickey. "When I first hit the water, my body hurt intensely all over. It felt as though I were being stabbed with knives over and over. The only way I could keep my mind off it, and begin swimming, was to listen to the screams in the water around me. I swam as far as I could, then grabbed ahold of some debris to keep from going under. After that, I don't remember much until mother brought me back around as I laid in the bottom of a lifeboat. It was a nightmare that I wish I could forget, and I'm happy that you have no memory of it. As for your question, this water seems almost warm in comparison."

"I will do everything that I can to help erase your memory of that awful night." said Jacob, as he caressed Mickey beneath the water. "I love you so much Mickey O,... I'm sorry, I almost called you by your old name. I love you Mickey Adams, my brother."

"And I love you with all of my soul Jacob Adams, my brother." replied Mickey. "Now, let's swim back to shore and see if we can find a private spot, so I can feel you in my arms."

"Lead on Mickey, and I will watch your beautiful arse as inspiration!" giggled Jacob.

"You're so sexy when you talk like an Englishman!" replied Mickey as he smiled.

The two boys laughed as they swam back to shore. Then they talked with their mother and father, who were relaxing on a blanket on the beach, before grabbing their clothes and heading to the bathhouse. The only people there this time were the two young men they had seen before. This time though, the two men were locked in a passionate kiss! Mickey and Jacob didn't mean to stare, but they couldn't help themselves.

One of the men finally broke the kiss, turned to Mickey and Jacob, and asked, "What's the matter boys? Haven't you ever seen two grown men kiss before?"

"What do you mean?" the other man asked his friend. "With two pretty boys like that, I'll bet they've kissed each other before! Have you two boys ever kissed each other on the lips?"

Mickey smiled at the two men, then grabbed Jacob in his arms. Mickey gave Jacob a very passionate and erotic kiss in front of the two men.

"I'll be damned Peter, you're right!" exclaimed the first man. "And look at their young cocks stiffen! I'll bet they've even discovered the joy of having sex with another man!"

"Is my friend William right?" asked Peter, as he stroked William's cock through his swimsuit. "Are you boys like us? Let's do what we were getting ready to William, and find out!"

William opened the front of Peter's swimsuit, and took Peter's cock out in full view of Jacob and Mickey. Then William got down on his knees, and passionately took Peter's cock into his mouth.

"Oh William!" moaned Peter. "I love feeling my cock in your mouth almost as much as I love feeling YOUR cock in MY mouth!"

"My brother and I love making love to each other, but our father has told us that it should be private." said Jacob, as he and Mickey watched the two men.

"That's a shame." moaned Peter, as William continued on his cock. "I would love to see you two boys having sex with each other! Especially knowing now that you are brothers! Since you have to change clothes anyway, can I see you stroke each other's cocks for just a moment?"

Mickey and Jacob looked at each other for a second, then stripped off their swimsuits. As Mickey wrapped his hand around Jacob's cock, Jacob wrapped his hand around Mickey's cock. The boys stroked each other as they faced Peter and William, then put their lips together for another kiss.

Peter moaned loudly, then moaned out, "Here comes my orgasm William! Taste my love for you!"

The boys broke their kiss and watched William swallow Peter's semen hungrily. Once that was done, Jacob and Mickey let go of their cocks.

"We have to be going now." said Jacob. "It was very nice meeting you two, and we hope you continue to love each other for a very long time."

"Thank you boys for showing yourselves to me like that." said Peter, as he tried to regain his breath. "Most boys would not have done that. They would have gone crying back to their mommies long ago. I want to give you something before you go."

Then Peter went up to the naked boys and bent over. Peter softly and quickly kissed the foreskin at the ends of their cocks, as William said, "You two boys look very nice together, and you look very much in love. It makes Peter and myself hopeful that society will someday accept the love that men like us four share for their male lovers. You two boys have fun today, and I hope you accept the kiss that my lover gave your cocks in the spirit that it was given."

"I think I understand." replied Mickey. "We thank both of you very much."

As Mickey and Jacob got dressed, Peter took William's cock out and made love to it. Jacob and Mickey shared another kiss, then turned and walked toward the door. They smiled as they approached the door, as they could hear William moaning loudly in approach of his orgasm. Now the two boys HAD to find someplace private, so they walked along the underside of the boardwalk. There were quite a few young couples down there, but all were male/female couples. Then they finally came to a spot that looked deserted.

Both boys drifted back into the semi-darkness, and took each other into an embrace. As they kissed passionately, they began working on unfastening each other's pants. Within a few minutes, Jacob's and Mickey's pants and undershorts were around their ankles. Then they began massaging each other's ass cheeks as they kissed.

Mickey finally backed off and moaned, "I love how you can massage my arse and my cock at the same time!"

That was strange to Jacob, as he was only massaging Mickey's ass. Then Jacob felt a pair of lips on his cock. Both boys jumped back in shock to find a very dirty looking young boy, who looked no more than twelve. Jacob and Mickey quickly pulled their pants back up.

"What are you doing?!" asked Jacob loudly, mostly out of shock.

"I'm sorry guys." the boy almost cried. "You looked like you were having fun, and I wanted to see if it really was fun."

Jacob quickly saw that the boy was upset, so he said, "It's okay, I didn't mean to yell. You did startle us quite a bit though. Who are you, and what are you doing down here?"

"My name is Charlie, and I live down here." replied the boy. "My parents fell ill and died about a year ago, about the same time the Titanic sunk. You guys remember that, don't you?"

"Remember it?!" replied Mickey. "We we're ON it!"

"Really?!" exclaimed Charlie.

"We'll talk about that later Charlie." said Jacob. "Let's get back to you. What happened after your parents died? Wasn't there any place you could go to live?"

"I had a few relatives, but they either didn't want me, or I didn't want them." replied Charlie sadly. "The only other choice was the streets or the orphanage, so I hid out in the big park downtown for most of last summer. When winter came though, I had to take cover in the tunnels below the city. It was damp and cold, but at least I wouldn't freeze to death. Then when they weather began to warm up some, I came out here to live. I really didn't mean to scare you, I just thought that you wouldn't mind."

Jacob and Mickey looked at each other for a few seconds, and Mickey said, "You're not thinking what I think you are, are you brother?"

"Don't you think we could always use another brother?" smiled Jacob.

"We could do that, but why don't we see if Peter and William are still around first?" asked Mickey. "Charlie seemed to like what he was doing to you, and I'm sure they would love to have a boy like Charlie to give their love and affection to."

"Okay, but only because they seemed like such nice guys." replied Jacob. Then Jacob turned back to Charlie and asked, "Did you like having my cock in your mouth Charlie?"

"It felt and tasted nice, not at all like I expected." replied Charlie. "Would you like me to do that again?"

"I really only want to do stuff like that with my brother Mickey." replied Jacob. "We did meet two nice young men earlier though who might be interested in taking care of you, and loving you that way. Let's go see if they're still around Charlie. If not, I'll take you to our parents, and they might be able to help you. If you stay with us though, Mickey and I will have to find you a boy your own age that likes other boys. Is that a deal?"

"Sure!" replied Charlie eagerly. "You guys are the nicest people I've met in the last year!"

Mickey and Jacob led Charlie back to the bathhouse, but Peter and William had left by then. Since Charlie did look fairly unbathed, and it wasn't too cold this afternoon, they had him go into the shower quickly, to scrub his face and hands, and rinse his clothes out. Mickey and Jacob did still have their towels with them, so they dried the boy off as best as they could. Then it was time to take the damp boy out to meet the parents.

"There you boys are!" said Michael, when he saw Jacob and Mickey. "I was about ready to come looking for you. I was sure you boys would want to ride some more of the rides today." Then he saw the unkempt boy following them and asked, "Okay sons, what have you been up to?"

"Okay father, let me explain completely." replied Jacob.

"I'm glad to see you are still quite the little diplomat." laughed Mary lightly.

"Thanks mother." smiled Jacob. "Anyway, this is Charlie. His parents died about a year ago, and his relatives are either awful, or don't want him, which still makes them awful if you ask me. The officials here were going to put him into an orphanage, so Charlie took off and started living on the streets. He's much too young to be on his own though. Mickey and I had met a couple earlier that we thought might be interested in taking care of Charlie, but they have left now. Charlie seems like a very nice boy, and we have nowhere else to turn to now. He's only twelve, and he really needs a home."

"Come here Charlie." said Michael, as he waved the boy to him.

Michael looked Charlie over good from all angles, and grasped the boy's frame in several places, to make sure that he wasn't so frail that he needed medical attention first. Then he looked Charlie up and down, lifting away clothing to examine them, and the boy underneath.

"Why would you rather live on the streets than in an orphanage son?" asked Michael.

"The orphanages here in New York are terrible sir." replied Charlie. "They are nothing more than forced child labor camps."

Michael looked at the boy once more, then turned to Mary and smiled as he asked, "What do you think dear?"

"Charlie, would you like to live with us in Washington?" asked Mary.

"Are you serious?" asked Charlie excitedly. "I would love too! You people are so nice! I'm so glad that I left the tunnels and came out here!"

"Welcome to our family, little brother." smiled Jacob, as he hugged the excited boy. "Charles Adams. I think that has a very nice ring to it. What do you think father?"

"It does sound nice son." replied Michael. "What about it Charlie, do you want to become Charles Adams?"

Charlie's eyes went wide as he asked, "Are you Ambassador Adams?" Then he looked at Jacob and said, "You must be Jacob Adams! I thought you were killed on the Titanic though! Then this would be Mickey standing next to you. You're the Irish boy who survived and was adopted by the ambassador and his wife."

"I'm afraid that reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated!" laughed Jacob. "We'll tell you all about it soon though Charlie. Now, let's go have some fun before we have to go back to the hotel!"

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