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by tim

Chapter 8

From the last chapter:

"Welcome to our family, little brother." smiled Jacob, as he hugged the excited boy. "Charles Adams. I think that has a very nice ring to it. What do you think father?"

"It does sound nice son." replied Michael. "What about it Charlie, do you want to become Charles Adams?"

Charlie's eyes went wide as he asked, "Are you ambassador Adams?" Then he looked at Jacob and said, "You must be Jacob Adams! I thought you were killed on the Titanic though! Then this would be Mickey standing next to you. You're the Irish boy who survived and was adopted by the ambassador and his wife."

"I'm afraid that reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated!" laughed Jacob. "We'll tell you all about it soon though Charlie. Now, let's go have some fun before we have to go back to the hotel!"

Having Charlie with them now allowed Mary to sit back and watch the fun. That suited her fine, as she had had as much fun as she wanted for the day. The boys were ready to go again though. Although Charlie had been living under the boardwalk for a few weeks now, and had lived in New York City his whole life, he had not had much chance to enjoy the rides at Coney Island before. Charlie screamed and laughed louder than Jacob and Mickey had ever heard before, when they took him on the Figure Eight Side Friction Railway.

Once everyone had had their fill of fun at Coney Island, they went out to dinner and a show before going back to the hotel. Jacob and Mickey insisted that Charlie share their suite, instead of being stuck sleeping with their parents. When it looked like Jacob and Mickey were ready to go to bed, Charlie stripped down to his under shirt and shorts, and laid on top of the bed next to Jacob and Mickey's bed.

As Jacob and Mickey were stripping themselves naked, Jacob asked, "You're not going to sleep like that are you Charlie? Mickey and I both sleep naked, as it's much more comfortable that way. We promise not to stare at your naked body too much." Then Jacob and Mickey giggled lightly.

"I guess I can remove my underclothes, if it's really okay to do that." replied Charlie, who was now staring at a completely naked Jacob and Mickey.

Jacob and Mickey stood at Charlie's bed, and watched as the boy removed the rest of his clothes. First they were treated to Charlie's smooth and cute chest and belly, then Charlie removed his under shorts. Charlie had the cutest four and a half inch erect penis that Jacob and Mickey had ever seen. His foreskin went almost another inch past the head of his penis, and formed a very beautiful snout. Charlie's testicles were very firm, and stuck out proudly from his groin.

"You look very nice naked Charlie." said Jacob, as he and Mickey softly stroked each other's butts. "Since you got to touch both of ours earlier today, it would be fair if you let us touch yours now. Don't worry though, Mickey and I love each other very much. We don't want to try to have sex with you, but you have very nice looking genitals, and we very much want to touch you there."

"Okay." replied Charlie, with a nervous smile.

Charlie laid still on the bed, with his hands and arms at his side, and his penis and testicles pointing straight up into the air. Jacob sat on the bed and smiled, as he gently took Charlie's young erect penis between his fingers. Jacob rolled the beautiful shaft between his fingers, then pulled back on it to expose the head of Charlie's penis. Since Charlie had been living on the streets, and not bathing much, a pungent scent came from his penis which made Jacob and Mickey even more erect.

"Your penis should be cleaner than that Charlie." said Jacob. "Do you mind if I take care of that for you?"

"I don't mind at all." replied Charlie softly. "Please do."

"Would you like to sit on the other side of the bed and help me, Mickey my love?" Jacob asked Mickey. "All we are going to do is clean our brother's penis."

"He has a very cute penis, and I'd love to help you my dear." replied Mickey.

As soon as Mickey was seated on the other side of the bed, both boys leaned down to Charlie's penis. Jacob and Mickey then took turns firmly licking Charlie's penis. They licked Charlie's penis repeatedly, while Charlie moaned softly on the bed. Once Charlie's penis was clean, Mickey and Jacob took turns playing softly with Charlie's testicles for a few moments. Then Mickey stroked Charlie's penis a few times, and let the foreskin slide back over the head.

Jacob and Mickey rubbed Charlie's belly softly as Jacob said, "You are a very beautiful boy Charlie. It will be a pleasure for us to have you as our brother, and see you naked often. If Mickey and I didn't love each other as much as we do, either one of us would take you to an orgasm right now!"

Then Charlie watched as the two boys got up, and went to their own bed. Charlie watched Jacob and Mickey lay down in each other's arms, then kiss each other passionately. Charlie began breathing heavy as Jacob turned around so that his and Mickey's penises were directly in front of each other's mouths. As Charlie watched Jacob and Mickey hungrily swallow each other's erect penises, he grabbed ahold of his own and began stroking it passionately. Charlie watched the two boys make love as he stroked his penis, and Mickey and Jacob seemed more in love with each other than any two people he had ever seen. As Jacob and Mickey began to moan and writhe, so did Charlie. As Jacob and Mickey took each other's orgasms in their mouths, Charlie shot his first wet orgasm onto his bed. As Jacob and Mickey smiled at the cute and exhausted boy, Charlie began to drift off to sleep as his breathing returned to normal.

The next morning, Charlie was very excited about taking the train to his new home in Washington with the Adams family. Once the trip was underway, Charlie looked out the window in fascination. He couldn't believe how quickly they would be in Washington. Charlie finally did calm down enough to ask Jacob and Mickey what had happened on the night of April fourteenth of last year.

"It was a horrible night." said Mickey. "I was down in steerage with my family when we felt the ship shudder slightly. Everyone began getting scared when the alarms started going off, but the ship's crew wasn't saying much to the people in steerage. That was most likely because they knew that there weren't enough lifeboats for the people in steerage. We were told to stay in our cabins until someone came for us. The only one who ever came though was Jacob."

"I knew when I saw the officers on the deck, that something horrible was happening." said Jacob. "From our staterooms you could feel the ship hit the iceberg much worse than what Mickey felt down below. Then it finally dawned on me that the Titanic was going to sink, and there were nowhere near enough lifeboats. I had to get Mickey before I could leave the ship. Leaving him behind would have been like leaving a piece of myself behind. The crew kept trying to stop me, and turn me back toward the deck, but I finally made it to Mickey."

"The instant I saw Jacob, I knew he had gone mad for coming back to get me." said Mickey, as he smiled impishly. "We were nearly drowned before even making it out of steerage, but we finally made it back to the deck. That was when we saw that the last of the lifeboats had been lowered from the ship. Jacob took me back to his stateroom, and we both dressed as warmly and watertight as we could. Then we put on our life vests, and headed back to the deck."

"I knew that the lifeboats would not come back for survivors until the ship had gone under, and we had to stay on the ship as long as possible." said Jacob. "So we made our way to he stern of the ship. The more of the ship that went under though, the harder it was to hold on. Then my heart nearly stopped as Mickey fell over. I knew we had to stay together though, so I jumped after him. Then everything went dark, until I awoke on a merchant ship headed toward England."

"When I hit the water, I tried to shake off the pain and the cold." said Mickey. "Then I followed Jacob's instructions to swim away from the ship as far as I could. I knew Jacob would be behind me, and everything would be okay, but he never caught up. I swam as far as I could, then grabbed a piece of debris before,... Well, the next thing I remember was laying in the bottom of a lifeboat, with Jacob's mother looking over me. We both looked all over for Jacob, but he wasn't with any of the survivors that had been picked up. It felt like a part of me had died when I thought Jacob had died. The next year was very difficult getting over the loss of my one true love."

"I hadn't died though." said Jacob. "When I jumped over the railing of the Titanic, I must have struck my head. When I came to on the merchant ship, I couldn't remember anything. I guess the people on the ship must have thought I was an orphaned steerage passenger, so they took me back to England. For the next year, I was taken care of by a couple in Southampton who had lost their son on the Titanic. Then about a year later, I saw a boy in Southampton who looked just like Mickey. That immediately brought my memory back, so I rushed to the American Embassy in London. I found out that mother and Mickey had both survived, and my parents had adopted Mickey, so they booked me on the next ship leaving England."

"Wow, that's an incredible story!" exclaimed Charlie.

"And you're an incredible little brother." smiled Jacob.

"I would tell you the even more incredible story about everything leading up to the iceberg, but you're a little too young for that kind of story!" laughed Mickey.

"Yes." laughed Michael. "Please let the boy mature before regaling him with the stories of your boys' romantic prowess."

Once the train had arrived in Washington, Michael's family hired a carriage to take them home. Jacob immediately searched out his smallest clothes for Charlie to wear, until their mother could have the boy outfitted tomorrow. Then Jacob and Mickey took Charlie to the bathing room, and ordered him to strip. Jacob made sure to put extra soap powder into the bath water, then Charlie giggled, as Jacob and Mickey laughed while scrubbing the boy clean. Once Charlie was squeaky clean from head to toe, Jacob drained the bath water and refilled the tub for a rinse. Jacob and Mickey finally took turns drying Charlie off with a towel. Once Charlie was dried and dressed, he giggled as he watched Jacob and Mickey bathe together, lovingly cleaning each other off. Even though Charlie's clothes were now a bit large, he felt better than he had in the past year.

After dinner and family time, it was finally time for Charlie's first night in his new home. Mary showed the sweet boy to his room and tucked him in, but Charlie couldn't sleep alone in a new house on the first night. He went to Jacob and Mickey's room and wrapped lightly on their door. When Jacob told him to come in, Charlie entered the room to see they had hastily covered themselves.

"Oh, it's our little brother." said Jacob, as he let go of the covers. "What's the matter Charlie?"

"I can't sleep by myself in a new room, on my first night in a new home." replied Charlie. "I was wondering if I could sleep with you two, just for tonight."

"Well little brother, we were going to do something special tonight." replied Jacob.

"Wasn't what you did last night special?" asked Charlie. "It was the first time I ever saw two boys take each other's penises into their mouths, so I figured that must have been special."

"I think he's getting ahead of you my love." snickered Mickey.

"Well yes, that was special Charlie." replied Jacob, after sticking his tongue out at Mickey. "But what we were going to do tonight is even more special."

"How is that?" asked Charlie.

Mickey laughed as Jacob tried to come up with an answer to that question, but he couldn't. Then Mickey finally said, "If our little brother is interested in how boys make love to each other, he might as well learn from us brother. Would you rather have him asking some stranger about this? I'd rather think he learned these things from people who care about him."

"Okay little brother, you can sleep with us tonight." said Jacob. "It would be best if mom and dad didn't know we were teaching a twelve year old boy these things just yet though."

"They'll never hear it from me!" giggled Charlie.

As Charlie stripped to get into the bed, Jacob and Mickey climbed back out on top of the covers, and moved over to the side of the bed nearest the night stand. Charlie climbed onto the other side of the bed naked, and smiled at his two new brothers. Charlie watched in fascination once again as Jacob knelt between Mickey's legs, and lubricated his penis with mineral oil. When Mickey lifted his legs up onto Jacob's shoulder's, Charlie sat up and forward so he could get a good view of what they were about to do. Charlie gasped as he watched Jacob's penis slide into Mickey's ass, and his little penis became erect without being touched. Charlie stared in amazement as he watched Jacob's penis begin sliding in and out of Mickey's ass. Then he looked into his brother's faces, and saw they were both enjoying this very much.

"I have got to find a boy who will do these things with me!" said Charlie breathlessly, as Jacob and Mickey smiled at him.

Then Jacob leaned down to place his lips against Mickey's, so Charlie moved down so he could see between Mickey's legs, and underneath Jacob's ass. Charlie was mesmerized by the sight of Jacob's penis sliding in and out of Mickey, as Mickey reached up and began stroking Charlie's erect penis. Charlie was so entranced by what he was seeing that he didn't even notice his penis was being stroked. Once Charlie had been treated to the sight of Jacob's orgasm pumping into Mickey, Jacob and Mickey traded places. Charlie once again moved for a good view of Mickey's penis, as he prepared to put it inside Jacob.

"I'm sure that our little brother is homosexual, just like us." said Mickey to Jacob, as he lubricated his penis.

"What is homosexual?" asked Charlie.

"That means that you only desire to have sex with other boys, or men as you grow older." replied Mickey. "Most people will tell you that it's wrong to be homosexual Charlie, but if this is what you desire, never listen to those people. There is nothing wrong with expressing your love, even if it's with another boy."

Then Mickey slid his penis into Jacob, as Charlie watched in anticipation.

"I do think that I'm homosexual then." said Charlie. "I want very much to find a boy who will do these things with me. How do I find a boy who is like us? How does it feel to have another boy's penis inside you like that?"

"Having Mickey's beautiful penis inside my arse is the most wonderful feeling I have ever felt!" moaned Jacob in pleasure.

"The male arse has been perfectly deigned to accept the penis, and it is very pleasurable and stimulating." said Mickey, as he thrust in and out of Jacob. "I'm sure you will enjoy having another boy inside your beautiful arse someday Charlie. As for finding a boy, there are plenty who would do this, but few who would admit to it. You just have to get to know someone, and if they love you enough to do this, you will know. Then it's just a matter of getting them to admit their desires."

Then Mickey leaned down to kiss Jacob, and Charlie moved down so he could see. This time though, Charlie stroked his own penis passionately. As Mickey moaned in approach of his orgasm, so did Charlie. As Mickey shot his semen into Jacob, Charlie laid back and shot his onto his belly. Once Mickey's orgasm was over, Jacob took a small towel and cleaned them both off. Then he leaned down and quickly licked Charlie's semen off his belly, which made Charlie giggle. Jacob and Mickey both kissed the boy good-night on his forehead, then put Charlie between them in a three way embrace. All three boys drifted off to sleep smiling.

The next day was Jacob's first day back in school, and he was the center of attention. Everyone was thrilled by the story of his survival, even his teacher. Mickey had been through this as well when he began school, so he smiled as his brother now captured everyone's attention. Fortunately Jacob had kept up with his schooling in Southampton, so he was not as far behind as the headmaster had feared. Things would very soon be back to normal for both boys.

Mary and Michael both took Charlie to the clothiers that day to have him outfitted, so Michael could also take him by the private school and have him enrolled. Since Charlie had no school records available, he had to take an entrance exam. Instead of being placed with the other twelve year old boys, it was decided that Charlie should be placed with the eleven year old boys for now. Then if he did well enough, the headmaster would allow him to pass a grade level, and catch back up to the boys his age the following school year. Then they stopped by to visit the local magistrate. Since Charlie was an orphan, and none of his aunts or uncles demanded custody of him, the magistrate approved Michael and Mary's adoption of the boy on the spot. Charlie was now legally Charles Adams.

Charlie once again begged his older brothers into sleeping with them that night, promising he would begin sleeping in his own room the next night. Michael knew that all three boys were sleeping in the same room that night, so he went to have a talk with them just before bedtime. All three boys had just had an orgasm, and Mickey had licked Charlie's semen off his belly this night, when Michael knocked on their door.

"Come in father." called out Jacob, after the boys had covered themselves under the sheets and blanket.

Michael came in and sat on the side of the bed, and smiled at his three sons in the bed together as he said, "I want you boys to know that I'm not upset that you are sleeping together. Charles, I want you to know that you are legally my son now, and nothing will change that. I love you the same as I do my other two sons. I have two wonderful sixteen year old sons that are homosexual, and if my beautiful little twelve year old son is homosexual as well, I will love and support you as I do Jacob and Mickey. I will also hope that you find a very nice mate your age that you can love and cherish, and he will be welcome as a part of our family. Jacob and Mickey, if you are truly in love with each other, and I do believe you are, I hope I should not have to remind you that it would be improper for you to have sex with Charles. I do know that if he is homosexual, he will be curious, and that is natural. I think it is wonderful that you care enough about him to teach him about loving other boys, and I have no problem with that. I would much rather have him learn from his brothers, than to find some stranger somewhere to satisfy his curiosity and need to learn. As long as what you boys are doing with Charles is just teaching him about homosexual sex, that is fine, even if it includes intercourse with him. If it goes any further than teaching him though, it would be improper. He should save that activity for the boy he eventually falls in love with, as both of you should reserve that activity for each other."

"So dad, you're saying that it's okay for us to teach Charlie how to make love to other boys for when he finds a boyfriend?" asked Jacob, as Mickey smiled.

"Yes son." smiled Michael. "As long as it is just teaching Charles how to make love to other boys, that would be acceptable. Just be careful not to let it go further than that. I'm afraid that if it did, it could put a strain on the relationship between my three wonderful sons, and I wouldn't want that to happen. Good-night now sons, and I'm glad to see that you all love and care about each other as much as you do." Then Michael kissed all three of his sons on the forehead, and left them in bed together.

Mickey and Jacob whispered back and forth a few moments, then Mickey said, "Prepare yourself for tomorrow night little brother. Your other brother and I will train you in the proper techniques for making love to another boy, if that is what you want."

"I will look forward to it brothers!" smiled Charlie.

Charlie was very excited about his first day of school. Not only would he have a chance to make new friends that day, but he would learn even more that night. First though, he would have to get through his first day of school. Charlie had expected all of his classmates to be eleven, but there was one other boy who had been left behind one grade for his failure to pay attention in class the year before. That taught him to pay much closer attention this year. During the first break of the morning classes, Charlie went to the boy and introduced himself.

"Hi, my name is Charles Adams, but my friends call me Charlie." said Charlie, as he offered his hand to the boy.

"May I call you Charlie then?" asked the boy. "I would like for us to be friends. My name is Nicholas, but you can call me Nick if I can call you Charlie."

"That would be great Nick!" replied Charlie as he smiled.

"Thank you Charlie." said Nick. "This year has been a little disappointing, with all of my friends now in the next grade higher. A few of the boys in this grade level make nice friends, but it's not the same as having friends your own age. So Charlie Adams, if you will tell me about yourself, I will do the same about myself. If we are going to be friends, we should know each other better."

"Okay, I guess." replied Charlie hesitantly. "This is my first week in Washington, and I'm originally from New York City. My parents there took ill and died about a year ago, and I became an orphan. My other relatives were either unfit or unwilling to care for me, and I was going to be put into an orphanage. Instead though, I ran off and lived on the streets for a year. It wasn't easy, but I didn't want to be treated as a slave in a New York orphanage either. After the weather began warming up this spring, I moved from the tunnels under the city where I was living to Coney Island, and stayed under the boardwalk there. This past weekend I met Ambassador Adams and his family, who were spending the weekend in New York. They immediately took me in, and adopted me legally yesterday."

"Wow!" exclaimed Nick. "And here I was, feeling sorry for myself for having a tough year! Are you okay now Charlie?"

"Yes, this weekend was like a dream come true for me." smiled Charlie. "I don't know how much longer I could have made it if I hadn't met the Adams family."

Nick looked around to make sure no one was watching, then said, "I hope you don't think of this as odd Charlie, but I feel the need to give you a hug for what you've been through."

"I wouldn't think of that as odd at all Nick." smiled Charlie.

Nick gave Charlie a nice friendly hug, and the two boys immediately became best friends. Then Nick smiled and said, "It will be rather fun having the son of Ambassador Adams as my best friend now."

"I'm just glad to have made my first friend here in Washington." replied Charlie happily. "Now, tell me about yourself Nick."

"Well, my father is the curator of the museum at the Smithsonian." replied Nick. "It's pretty nice that I can visit there anytime when I'm not in school. My parents were disappointed that I was held back one grade level this year though. It's not that I'm dumb, it's just that my mind seemed to wander a lot last year. All of my friends were in class with me, and I could just look at one of them and my mind would wander to the fun we would have outside of school. Now that we're friends Charlie, I hope I have that under control now. I would hate to be left behind again, because my father has said if that happens, I will have to leave here and go to public school. It's not that I dislike public school, but all my friends are here."

"Then as your new friend Nick, I will help you with that in any way that I can!" replied Charlie as he smiled.

"That would be great Charlie!" replied Nick, as he smiled too. "I think you are already the best friend I've ever had. I hope we are friends for a very long time."

"Me too." replied Charlie.

Nick and Charlie also spent their lunch period and afternoon break together, although Charlie did also meet a few of the eleven year old boys too. He felt an immediate bond with Nick though, like they were meant to be friends. Even with that bond, Charlie felt it would be best not to tell Nick that he was homosexual yet. Charlie did secretly hope though that when he did tell Nick, Nick would be homosexual as well. Charlie couldn't help but to think that Nick was very good looking, and he definitely wouldn't mind having fun with his new friend.

On the ride home from school that day, Charlie went on and on about his new best friend Nick. Jacob and Mickey smiled, as they knew that their little brother was now starting to notice boys. Michael was just happy that his newest son had already made a best friend, and he was impressed that Nick's father was the curator at the Smithsonian. It looked like all three of his sons were now very happy, which was exactly what Michael wanted.

That night after dinner and family time, Charlie wanted to talk to his brothers before they did anything else. "How will I be able to tell if Nick is homosexual like I am?" asked Charlie.

"Is it THAT serious already little brother?" asked Jacob as he smiled.

"Well, I've begun to wonder what his penis looks like, and how much fun it might be to do things with him." replied Charlie. "I really need to know what to do now, in case he might be interested."

"That sounds serious to me!" chuckled Mickey.

"Well little brother, most people will not freely admit to being homosexual like we will." said Jacob, as he smiled at Mickey's comment. "No matter what they might say though, there is one thing that will never lie, their penis. If Nick is homosexual too, and he is interested in you, his penis will become erect when he's around you no matter what he says."

"Yes, but won't he notice if I always look at his crotch when I see him?" asked Charlie.

"If you stare at his crotch, he will most definitely notice!" smiled Mickey. "Erections are often pretty noticeable though, so all it really takes to spot one is a quick and discreet glance. Once you have established that he is likely homosexual, then you can stare all you want, and he may be flattered by the attention."

"Getting him to admit that he is homosexual after you've established that fact can be difficult though." said Jacob.

"How do I get Nick to tell me that he's homosexual then?" asked Charlie. "How did you get Mickey to tell you that?"

"Well, Mickey and I were both so attracted to each other that we eagerly admitted to each other that we were homosexual." laughed Jacob.

"Yes, the moment we met, neither of us could wait to get each other naked and in bed!" laughed Mickey.

"There is only one way to get someone to tell you that they are homosexual though Charlie." said Jacob. "If you've definitely established that he is homosexual, and you want him to be your boyfriend, you will have to tell him that you are homosexual first. At that point he will either admit it to you, and you will become lovers, or he will continue to try to hide his true feelings."

"What if he does that?" asked Charlie.

"Then there is a good chance that he may no longer want to talk to you, or be your friend." replied Jacob.

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Charlie. "That would be terrible! That would hurt very badly! Has that ever happened to either of you?"

"Yes." answered Jacob and Mickey together.

"It happens to most homosexuals like us, little brother." said Jacob. "It does hurt quite a bit the first few times, but you eventually get to where it doesn't hurt as much. That doesn't always happen though. I have known a few boys who's first loves have admitted their feelings, and the two boys became very happy lovers. That does happen sometimes, and if it happened that way with Nick, I would be very happy for you."

"Is there any way at all to tell which way he might go?" asked Charlie. "I wouldn't want to lose his friendship because he couldn't admit his feelings."

"There are two things which could cause a homosexual boy to deny his feelings." replied Jacob. "That would be influence from his friends, or influence from his family. You have to find out if Nick has any close friends besides you, and how important their opinions are to him. Once you have dealt with that, then you have to get to know his family. If his family is very loving and accepting like ours, you should be okay. If his family is very intolerant and controlling, that could be enough to cause him to deny his feelings. Then there is the possibility that although his family may be intolerant, he really doesn't care what they think. In that case, he would appear to be belligerent to his family's wishes at times. You would have to make sure that he really does not care what they might think though, because if they are intolerant people, and he chooses to have a homosexual relationship with another boy, they may throw him out of their house or be so strict on him that he would have no other choice but to leave home."

"It sounds like it could take a while to figure this out!" said Charlie.

"Well, it could happen quickly as with Jacob and I, or it could take months." replied Mickey. "That is one thing that is nearly impossible to tell."

"Then in that case, we better get started!" smiled Charlie. "I would definitely want to be ready for him if it happened tomorrow!"

Don't worry, it won't be all sex. I feel that right now though, Jacob and Mickey have an extremely horny boy on their hands who needs to know what do do with his hormones. Don't worry, I will handle that as tactfully as possible. Please send all comments to: timthestoryguy@yahoo.com. Also, don't forget to visit me at: www.timthestoryguy.us. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 9.