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by tim

Chapter 9

From the last chapter:

"There are two things which could cause a homosexual boy to deny his feelings." replied Jacob. "That would be influence from his friends, or influence from his family. You have to find out if Nick has any close friends besides you, and how important their opinions are to him. Once you have dealt with that, then you have to get to know his family. If his family is very loving and accepting like ours, you should be okay. If his family is very intolerant and controlling, that could be enough to cause him to deny his feelings. Then there is the possibility that although his family may be intolerant, he really doesn't care what they think. In that case, he would appear to be belligerent to his family's wishes at times. You would have to make sure that he really does not care what they might think though, because if they are intolerant people, and he chooses to have a homosexual relationship with another boy, they may throw him out of their house or be so strict on him that he would have no other choice but to leave home."

"It sounds like it could take a while to figure this out!" said Charlie.

"Well, it could happen quickly as with Jacob and I, or it could take months." replied Mickey. "That is one thing that is nearly impossible to tell."

"Then in that case, we better get started!" smiled Charlie. "I would definitely want to be ready for him if it happened tomorrow!"

"Okay then horny little brother, let's get our clothes off and get in bed." snickered Jacob.

Charlie excitedly took his clothes off and laid down on the bed, as Jacob and Mickey undressed and laughed lightly. Then Jacob looked his younger brother over from head to toe.

"You have a very beautiful body Charlie, which will definitely work in your favor." said Jacob. "You have very nice and soft features, your skin is fair and your muscles are smooth, and you have very little hair on your body. You also have a very beautiful penis, with the most nicely formed foreskin I have ever seen." Then Jacob reached down and rolled Charlie's foreskin between his fingers.

"Yes, that will definitely help you brother." said Mickey. "Any young homosexual male would take one look at your body and want to make love to you. If Jacob and I were not so madly in love with each other, either one of us would likely be making love to you right now."

"I think that worked Mickey." snickered Jacob. "We have his beautiful penis as stiff as a board now! Okay Charlie, the first thing you need to know is how to kiss your male lover."

"Kissing is easy!" replied Charlie.

"Have you ever kissed a boy whom you were about to make love to?" asked Mickey.

"No." replied Charlie.

"Then you will have to learn to do it properly." replied Mickey.

"I'm going to put my lips against yours Charlie, and I want you to show me how you would kiss a boy." said Jacob.

Jacob pressed his lips gently against Charlie's, and Charlie gave him a courteous and respectful kiss.

"That would be fine for kissing a friend good-bye." laughed Mickey. "I'm afraid it wouldn't do for kissing a boy you want to make love to though. Go ahead and show him how it's done Jacob."

Jacob pressed his lips back against Charlie's, and began sucking passionately on Charlie's lips. Charlie was very surprised when he next felt Jacob's tongue pushing into his mouth. As Jacob explored the inside of Charlie's mouth with his tongue, the younger boy began breathing heavier. After a few minutes, Jacob pulled back and smiled into Charlie's wide eyes.

"That's how you kiss a boy who you want to make love to little brother." said Jacob. "Now Mickey is going to kiss you just like I did, and I want to see you kiss him back in the same way."

Mickey leaned down and pressed his lips against Charlie's, and began kissing the boy as passionately as Jacob had. Charlie was a little overwhelmed at first, but with Jacob's coaching, he was soon returning Mickey's kiss passionately.

Mickey finally backed off and said, "Very good little brother. I think you are going to make a fine kisser!"

"This is turning out to be a lot more fun than I thought it would be!" moaned Charlie softly.

"You haven't seen anything yet brother!" laughed Jacob. "Now we are going to show you other things that will arouse your lover before you have actual sexual intercourse with him."

As Jacob leaned down and began sucking Charlie's nipples, Mickey said, "Besides the nipples, another stimulating area is a guy's ears."

Then Mickey began caressing Charlie's ear lobes, and Charlie moaned softly. When Mickey leaned down and began sucking on Charlie's lobes, the boy began to writhe on the bed in pleasure. Once Jacob had both of Charlie's nipples erect, he moved down and began sucking Charlie's navel. Mickey and Jacob finally stopped what they were doing, and Jacob looked into Charlie's face again.

"Are you having fun now, little brother?" asked Jacob.

"Oh yes!" replied Charlie breathlessly.

"Good, because now we are going to teach you about oral intercourse." smiled Jacob. "I think you will like this."

Mickey got down near Charlie's penis and said, "First, it is very important for you to know exactly how you make another boy feel when you take his penis into your mouth."

Mickey the took Charlie's penis all the way into his mouth, and gently wrapped his lips around the shaft. Jacob couldn't help but to chuckle at the look of bliss on his younger brother's face. Then Jacob lightly stroked Charlie's face.

"One thing is very important to remember when you are stroking another boy's penis with your lips." said Jacob. "The other boy will like it very much if you stick your tongue underneath his foreskin. The flesh under there is very sensitive, and loves to be stroked by your lover's tongue. Go ahead and show Charlie what I mean Mickey."

Mickey stuck his tongue underneath Charlie's foreskin, and made the boy gasp in pleasure. After a few moments, Mickey pulled completely off Charlie's penis, and joined his two brothers further up in the bed.

"Now we need you to lay on your side Charlie, and Jacob will move up until his penis is in front of your face." said Mickey, as Jacob began moving up. As soon as Charlie was on his side, and Jacob had put his penis in front of Charlie's face, Mickey asked, "How does Jacob's penis look Charlie?"

"It looks very nice." replied Charlie softly.

"Good, that is how your lover's penis should look as you prepare to make love to him." said Mickey. "As you take Jacob's penis into your mouth, it is very important to remember to keep your lips over your teeth. The penis is very sensitive to being scraped by teeth. That is very good Charlie. Remember to keep your teeth covered as you stroke the shaft with your lips, and remember to put your tongue underneath his foreskin occasionally. Listen carefully if Jacob gives you any further instructions. When he has an orgasm in your mouth, it may feel or taste kind of strange at first. When you are doing this with a boyfriend though, remember that it will show that you love him if you consume his semen with no problem. I am going to go back down and see if we can show you what your orgasm will feel like before you make Jacob have his."

Then Mickey moved back down, and took Charlie's penis back into his mouth as Charlie sucked on Jacob's penis. As Mickey stroked Charlie's penis with his lips, he knew that they now had the boy very aroused. Mickey couldn't wait for Charlie to have his orgasm now.

"You are doing very good Charlie." moaned Jacob, as he gently rubbed the back of Charlie's head. "Your lips feel very soft against my penis, and you are using your tongue very well. Just increase the amount of suction in your mouth a little bit. That's perfect! You are going to please your boyfriend very much like this Charlie!"

When Charlie began to whimper and moan around Jacob's penis, Mickey knew he was approaching his orgasm. Mickey sucked hungrily on Charlie's penis, and in a few moments, Charlie's semen began shooting into Mickey's mouth. Mickey eagerly sucked every drop of semen out of Charlie's penis, and then crawled back up in the bed, placing his mouth near Charlie's ear.

"You have a very nice penis Charlie, and it was a lot of fun making you orgasm." whispered Mickey. "Your semen tasted very nice, and I'm sure it will please your boyfriend. Now, Jacob looks like he getting close to his orgasm, so get ready for his semen to shoot into your mouth."

"Here it comes Charlie!" moaned Jacob.

Charlie got ready, and soon felt the semen shooting from Jacob's penis. Charlie started swallowing, and was surprised by how much he liked the taste. Jacob was also surprised by how eagerly Charlie was sucking the semen out of his penis. Jacob's orgasm finally ended, and his softening penis slipped from between Charlie's smiling lips.

"You seem very comfortable with oral intercourse little brother!" said Mickey. "If you do just like we showed you today, you will make any homosexual boy glad to be your lover. I'm going to give you a moment to recover, and then we will cover anal intercourse."

After a few moments, Mickey turned Charlie onto his back, and knelt between his legs. Mickey smiled as he looked down at Charlie's beautiful little penis, and gently fondled it for a few seconds.

"I couldn't help myself there Charlie, you have such a beautiful penis." smiled Mickey. "Now, have you ever had another boy's penis inside your arse?"

"No." replied Charlie softly.

"Then I will not lie to you brother, anal intercourse will hurt somewhat, until your muscles down there become accustomed to having a penis inside your arse." said Mickey. "I will be as gentle as I can with you. If the person you are about to insert your penis into has never done this before, you will want to loosen his arse up with your fingers before you put your penis into it. It is also a good idea to lubricate your penis, and the other boy's arse."

Mickey then motioned for Jacob to hand him the bottle of mineral oil. After Mickey lifted Charlie's ankles up onto his shoulders, he got a fair amount of oil coating the fingers of one hand. Then Mickey reached down to Charlie's ass. Mickey had Charlie hold his ass cheeks apart, then gently slipped one finger into Charlie. Charlie seemed to enjoy it as Mickey slid one finger in and out of him. When Mickey added a second finger, Charlie flinched a little.

"Are you okay little brother?" asked Mickey.

"Yes." replied Charlie. "The second finger was a little uncomfortable at first, but it was more of a shock than anything else."

"Don't worry, your arse will get use to it pretty quickly." smiled Mickey. "The real fun will be when I slip a third finger in there, so you may want to relax as much as you can."

Charlie thought Mickey was joking, until he felt a third finger push into him. That one made Charlie cry out slightly, so Mickey held his fingers very still.

Jacob stroked Charlie's face and said, "It's okay little brother. Mickey isn't going to continue until you are completely ready. Just relax as much as you can, and the pain will ease away."

Charlie concentrated hard on relaxing his ass, and after a few moments, the pain let up. Then Charlie told Mickey to continue. Mickey gently worked three fingers around inside Charlie, opening his little brother's ass as much as he could. As Mickey was doing that, he asked Jacob to lubricate his penis for him. Once Mickey's penis was generously oiled and hard, he pulled his fingers out of Charlie.

Mickey placed his penis at the opening to Charlie's ass and said, "This is going to be the worst of it little brother. After my penis is fully inside your arse though, it should never be this bad again. Just try to stay relaxed, and let your arse stretch around me."

Charlie tried to prepare himself for when Mickey's penis went inside him, but it still hurt. Once Mickey's penis slipped into the boy, he held it completely still. Jacob stroked Charlie's face and body to help relax the pain away. After a few minutes, Charlie's body relaxed enough to begin accepting Mickey's penis inside it.

"You're sure it will never be this bad again?" asked Charlie.

"We're positive little brother." smiled Jacob, as he stroked the boy's face. "The next time you do this with your boyfriend, it should be quite a bit more comfortable."

"Are you okay Charlie?" asked Mickey.

"Yes, it's much better now." replied Charlie. "If it gets even better, it might even be fun!"

"Okay then little brother, I'm going to start sliding into you deeper." smiled Mickey.

Mickey was very gentle and patient about getting all of his penis into Charlie. Once he had made it, Mickey began sliding in and out slowly, with very short strokes. When Mickey saw that Charlie was beginning to enjoy it, he began speeding up a little. Before too long, Charlie was smiling and moaning in pleasure, and his penis had become erect again.

Mickey saw Charlie's erection and laughed, "I think he's really beginning to enjoy this!"

Jacob smiled, then moved down and took Charlie's penis into his mouth. Charlie began moaning in intense pleasure, and Mickey had never seen such a wonderful look on a boy's face before.

"Are you feeling good Charlie?" panted Mickey.

Charlie was unable to do anything other than moan an unintelligible reply, so Mickey gasped, "I'm going to shoot my semen into you soon! Get ready!"

Then Mickey began moaning along with Charlie. When Charlie felt Mickey's semen shooting into his rectum, he began another intense orgasm. Jacob sucked hungrily, drawing all of the semen from Charlie that he could, as Mickey unloaded his semen into Charlie. When Mickey's orgasm ended, he gently slid his penis out of Charlie. Then the three boys laid together in an embrace. Mickey and Jacob caressed Charlie's heaving chest, and took turns softly kissing him until his breathing returned to normal.

"That was the most incredible thing I have ever felt!" exclaimed Charlie softly, just before all three boys drifted off in each other's arms.

Michael noticed that all three boys were in a good mood the next morning, although he didn't notice Charlie giggle as he had problems sitting down. Jacob and Mickey did catch it though, and when they saw Charlie was okay with it, they had a hard time not laughing. When it was time to go to school, Charlie couldn't wait to see Nick again. The boys spent the day talking about friends. Since Charlie only had one friend in Washington so far, most of the talk was about Nick's friends. Charlie found out that most of Nick's old friends didn't seem to have time for him anymore, after being left behind one grade level. That kind of made Charlie sad, but it also gave him hope. According to his brothers, that was one of the things to look out for already. Then the two boys talked about their new friendship. By the time the day was over, Nick had invited Charlie to go to the museum with him on Saturday. Charlie responded that he would love to, since he didn't think his dad would mind giving him a ride there.

That night, Charlie began sleeping in his own room. He spent a good amount of time thinking about Nick as he stroked his penis. Charlie's favorite thoughts were of Nick doing the things with him that his brothers had done. Charlie's feelings about Nick seemed to grow stronger every day.

Also that night, Mickey was awoke in the middle of the night by Jacob tossing and crying softly in his sleep. Then Jacob awoke with a start, and Mickey took him into his arms. "Was it about that night?" asked Mickey.

"Yes, but how did you know?" replied Jacob, as he regained control of himself.

"That's easy my love." replied Mickey. "I've had those dreams too. They should happen less as time passes though. What was yours like?"

"Well, it started exactly the same way as everything happened when we hit the iceberg." replied Jacob. "Everything happened so close to the way it really did that I thought it was real. Then I went down and found you in steerage, and that's when things began to change. When we tried to get out the way that we actually did, it was already blocked. We looked around for another way out, but couldn't find one. When we went back to your cabin, your family was no longer there. Then the water kept pushing us toward the back of the ship. We tried to find a way out as we went, but every gate we came to was locked. We finally ended up at the stern, several decks down from the top deck. We realized that we were trapped there, so we made love one last time before the end. That was the nicest part of the dream actually. After we made love, the water came after us again. It was lapping at us, almost as if it were teasing us. Then the ship must have went under, because the water came up very fast. Before we knew what happened, we were both underwater, hugging each other good-bye. Then came the worst part. You let out your last breath before mine, and I had to watch it. Then your face just went blank, with your eyes wide open. It was so awful Mickey!"

By that time, Jacob was crying again. Mickey hugged his lover tightly as he tried to calm him. It took almost an hour of hugging and gentle kisses to calm Jacob enough to go back to sleep. Just before he did, Mickey said, "When we do go, which I hope isn't for a long time yet, I hope we go at the exact same time, so neither of us have to see that."

That seemed to calm Jacob enough to make it through the rest of the night. When Mickey woke up in the morning, Jacob was looking into his face and smiling.

"What?" asked Mickey, as he returned the smile.

"I just wanted to say I'm sorry about last night." said Jacob. "I should expect that with what we've been through, we will have bad dreams. I just have to remember when I awaken that that's what they are, just dreams."

"Maybe, but I find it incredibly romantic that if we were dying, you would want to make love to me one last time." snickered Mickey.

"Would you like to re-enact that part of my dream?" asked Jacob seductively.

"How could I refuse an offer like that?" replied Mickey.

About a half hour later, Michael yelled up from downstairs, "Jacob! Mickey! You boys won't have time for breakfast if you don't get down here now!"

"I think they were making love after they woke up." smiled Charlie. "At least that's what it sounded like."

"Have you taken to listening to them through their door Charlie?" asked Michael.

"Oh no dad!" replied Charlie. "They're so loud that you can hear them without trying!"

"I guess I'll have to talk to them about that!" laughed Michael.

"Sorry dad, we were tied up." apologized Jacob, as he and Mickey came down the stairs.

"Are you boys into some kind of strange sexual perversion?" asked Michael, before realizing Charlie was still there.

He realized it quickly when Charlie began rolling on the floor in laughter. Jacob and Mickey were going to act shocked, but they instead joined Charlie in laughter as they helped him up from the floor.

"You boys don't tell your mother that I said that." said an embarrassed Michael. "I'm afraid that I would never hear the end of it."

Jacob and Mickey ate a quick breakfast, and then the three still giggling boys were of to school. For some reason that day, Nick seemed to want to talk about Jacob and Mickey. Charlie figured that it was due to them being somewhat famous at school, but some of Nick's questions did seem kind of personal. When Nick asked why Jacob stayed on the ship to get Mickey while his mother was in a lifeboat, Charlie told him that he would have to talk to Jacob and Mickey about that. Meanwhile in Mickey and Jacob's science class, the teacher was discussing modern technology.

"With the popularity of automobiles on the rise, aeroplanes that can fly several thousand feet into the skies, and everything that man can build getting taller, longer, or faster, this is the most exciting area of science today." said the teacher. "The author Jules Verne even writes of time travel and flying to the moon. With the rate of mankind's advancement, does anyone see that as a possibility?"

"Since Verne also thinks the moon is made of cheese, I would highly doubt it!" snickered one of the boys in class. "We all know that cheese is made from milk, so what kind of cows does he thinks lives on the moon?"

As the entire class laughed, the teacher smiled as he replied, "Well, I never said that all of his writings were correct. Not too long ago though, it was thought of as impossible for man to fly. The Wright brothers changed all of that practically overnight."

Another boy said, "Yes, and it was also thought that man could build an unsinkable ship, and the Titanic changed that in under three hours. Jacob, tell everyone that there is no such thing as an unsinkable ship."

"Well, I don't know why it happened, but for an unsinkable ship, it did sink very fast." replied Jacob. "It's just a shame that so many people paid for that mistake with their lives."

"So then, you boys don't think that it was just a faulty design, and that an unsinkable ship can't be built?" asked the teacher.

"After barely making it off that ship alive, I don't think anyone has the right to even try that again." replied Mickey. "How many more will die before people stop rushing into mistakes like that?"

"Well boys, death is an unfortunate by-product of life, and it doesn't take man made disasters to kill thousands of people." said the teacher. "Just look at the earthquake that destroyed San Francisco not very long ago. That was a natural disaster that killed thousands, and forced the rebuilding of an entire city."

"But what if they had never built in an earthquake prone area?" asked one of the boys. "Those people wouldn't have died then."

"That's a question you would have to ask the people who still insist on living there." replied the teacher. "But back to our ship question, did you boys know that the Germans are rumored to be building ships that can travel underwater? If they can do that, then haven't they built ships that are indeed unsinkable?"

"Or else they're building another incredible disaster waiting to happen." replied Jacob.

"That very well could be, but they obviously think that they have answered some of the questions about why ships sink." said the teacher. "What could have been done differently to avoid the sinking of the Titanic?"

"I'd say right off hand, don't hit the iceberg." replied Mickey, which got a chorus of laughter from the boys in class.

"Well, I suppose that might be the easiest solution." replied the teacher. "It wouldn't result in the advancement of technology though. I would like for you boys to think about that question overnight, and think of ways that technology might prevent things like the sinking of the Titanic. I know that this might be an emotional subject for Jacob and Mickey, so you two boys may answer the same question about the San Francisco earthquake if you like. We will continue this discussion tomorrow. Now, why would it be impossible to fly to the moon?"

After the class laughed at that question, the teacher continued his discussion. Meanwhile, Nick had finally moved off the subject of Jacob and Mickey. "What was it like living alone on the streets of New York City?" asked Nick.

"It was the toughest year of my life." replied Charlie. "It felt like a bad dream that would never end. I'm just so grateful that my new family did finally come along and end it."

"I've heard stories though about what kids who live on the streets have to do to survive." said Nick. "I've heard that sometimes they even resort to stealing, or doing certain things with adults for money. Did you go through any of that Charlie?"

Charlie glanced down very quickly without lowering his head, and saw the bulge in Nick's pants that Mickey had spoke of. Charlie smiled as he replied, "Well Nick, I would never do certain things for money. There are some things that should only be done for one reason, and I might do them for that reason, but not for money. I survived mostly by begging, and I did on occasion have to, um,... borrow things."

That reply made Nick smile, and the boys moved on to other subjects. Charlie was happy that Nick smiled at his answer, and he couldn't wait until they were together outside of school on Saturday.

On Friday evening, Jacob and Mickey went to Charlie's room, and Jacob asked, "So little brother, how are things going with Nick?"

"I think they're going pretty good." replied Charlie. "Yesterday he asked me if I had to do certain things to survive when I was living on the streets, and he had an erection when he asked."

"Well then, I'd say he's probably at least interested in the subject!" giggled Jacob.

"I was going to talk about the subject more tomorrow, but I'm nervous." said Charlie. "I know he doesn't have many friends to influence him right now, but I don't know much about his parents yet. I still want to talk about it though."

"I don't blame you for being nervous." replied Jacob. "If your discussion becomes too detailed, it will turn into the moment you either become closer, or drift apart. I do hope for your sake though, he becomes your first boyfriend. He sounds like a very nice kid."

"Well, I guess I'll at least have an idea of which way it might go tomorrow." replied Charlie.

"Well little brother, if you have problems sleeping tonight because you're worried about tomorrow, you know that you are welcome to sleep with us." said Mickey. "Just make sure that you give your brothers enough time to make love first."

Charlie ended up in Jacob and Mickey's room just a few minutes after they finished making love that night. The two older boys put their younger brother between them, and cuddled with him comfortably. Jacob and Mickey caressed their brother gently, and kissed him softly on the cheek and lips until Charlie began to drift off to sleep. Jacob and Mickey smiled as they embraced the young boy between them, and drifted off to sleep with him.

Charlie excitedly got ready to go to the museum the next morning to see Nick. This would also give Michael a chance to get to know the father of his youngest son's best friend. Michael and Charlie got to the museum, and were met outside by a smiling Nick. Nick immediately led them inside to meet his father.

"Father, this is my new best friend, Charles Adams." beamed Nick. "And this is his father, Ambassador Adams."

"It's so nice to meet you and your son Ambassador Adams." replied Nick's father. "I already feel as though I know Charles though, as Nicholas has talked about him so much this week."

"Yes, the boys do seem to be getting along well." replied Michael. "That's why I felt it was important to meet you sir. By the way, if the favorite in next year's election wins, I will be Secretary of the Interior Adams instead of Ambassador Adams. That's why I have remained in Washington instead of accepting another assignment."

"Well then, I wish you good luck next year." replied Nick's father. "Why don't you boys go ahead and look around, while us adults talk more?"

"Okay dad!" smiled Nick. "Come on Charlie, there are a lot of cool things to see here!"

The boys went ahead and began exploring the museum, and there was indeed a lot of interesting things to see. Then Nick, being the curator's son, got Charlie into the back to see how they maintain and restore current and future exhibits. That was interesting to Charlie too, but not nearly as interesting as the number of times Nick smiled at him. At one point, both boys had to pee, so they found the public facilities. No one else was there as Nick and Charlie stepped up to the trough to pee. As Charlie was taking out his penis to pee, he looked out of the corner of his eye and saw Nick watching him. Charlie smiled as he looked straight ahead, then pulled the foreskin back on his penis and began urinating. Charlie held his pee back as slowly as possible, so his friend would get a good view of his penis. When Charlie finally heard Nick's pee joining his in the trough, he looked down. Nick had been looking at his penis for a little while now, and now Charlie wanted his friend to know that he also wanted to see his. Charlie could see that Nick was now urinating, even though he had an erection. Charlie smiled as he looked at his friend's erect penis, which made Nick notice his condition.

"I'm sorry Charlie, it seems to get stiff like that a lot sometimes." said Nick.

"There's no reason to be sorry Nick." replied Charlie. "I think it looks nice like that."

"Really?" smiled Nick, as he once again looked at Charlie's penis, which had stopped peeing by this time. "I was going to say the same about yours. Would you like to hold mine for me Charlie?"

"Sure, if you'll hold mine." replied Charlie.

"But you're not peeing anymore." said Nick.

"So what, do I have to be peeing?" giggled Charlie.

The two boys moved up against each other, and took ahold of each other's penises. Nick slipped his other arm behind Charlie, as Charlie felt the last of Nick's stream pass through his penis. Then Charlie put his other arm around Nick, as he softly stroked Nick's penis.

"That feels nice Charlie." said Nick, as he began to stroke Charlie's penis. When Nick felt Charlie's penis stiffen in his fingers, he looked right at it and said, "I hope this doesn't sound odd or scare you Charlie, but your penis looks very nice right now."

Charlie looked directly at Nick's penis, then up into his face and replied, "Why should that sound odd Nick? Yours looks nice too, and I like what we're doing right now."

"I like it too Charlie." smiled Nick. "We don't want to get caught doing this though. We may want to get back out there soon."

"I don't want to stop quite so soon, but I guess you're right Nick." replied Charlie. "It probably wouldn't look good if some stranger were to walk in on us right now. Can we do something before we go back outside though?"

"What's that Charlie?" asked Nick.

Charlie moved his face toward Nick's, and gave his friend a very tender kiss on his lips. When the boys broke the kiss, Nick giggled, "I'm glad I asked Charlie!"

The two boys laughed happily as they put their penises back in their pants, and went back out to enjoy the rest of their visit to the museum. This was turning out to be the very best day of Charlie's life.

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