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by Jeff Allen


We had another away match on Thursday.  It was another squeaker, but this time it was our opponents who won by one goal which they scored in the last few seconds.

I gave the guys a little pep talk in the bus on the way home while Joe May drove.  I told them they had played hard, and I was proud of them.  I talked about some of our mistakes, and I told them that we'd be working on those during practice the next day.

They came back to practice on Friday ready to work hard.  We had one of the best practice sessions of the season.  I stopped practice a little early that afternoon because the first home football game was scheduled for that evening, and I knew a lot of the guys wanted to go and support the football team.

I had a quick meal from the local golden arches and then returned to school for the game.  Several of the guys on my soccer team located me in the stands and sat with me.  Some had their girlfriends with them, but most of the guys were stag including Karl Henson and TJ Ladd who sat next to one another right in front of me.

The hunky banker, Andy Hatcher, was in the stands a couple of rows away.  The new star wide receiver for the team was C.Z. Johnstone, Hatcher's ward.  This was his first year playing football.  He was obviously very talented and a big favorite of the home crowd.

Our team won the game.  It wasn't even close, and C.Z. Johnstone was responsible for two of the four touchdowns.

That night I had a really weird dream involving my brother Deuce, Andy Hatcher, C.Z. Johnstone, and Karl Henson.  I woke up with a big load of cum spread over my stomach, pubic hair, and the sheets.  I couldn't remember having had a wet dream for years.  I decided it was a sign that I'd been working too hard and needed a break.  I really had been working hard.  Between coaching the soccer team, making lesson plans, and grading papers I hadn't been able to do much else except eat and sleep.  I definitely hadn't had any sex in a while unless you counted the five-fingered kind or that strange wet dream.  That evening I threw an overnight bag in the back seat of the old Volvo and headed for Charlotte which was about a two and a half hour drive.  It was time for Parker Arnold to get laid!

I was a little early for the crowd at my favorite gay bar in Charlotte.  I got a beer from the barman and found a stool that had a view of the front door intending to find my partner for the night as soon as he walked in.  I wanted some man-to-man sex, and I didn't want to waste any time.

My attention was focused on the door so I didn't pay much attention to the young woman who took the stool next to me until she spoke.

"I thought I was getting away from Carterville."

I wheeled around and almost dropped my beer.  It was Ginger Watson one of the other new teachers at Carter County High School.  Ginger taught English, and we had spoken a couple of times before or after faculty meetings.  The expression on my face must have been priceless.  She broke out in a full laugh.

"Didn't expect to see a fellow teacher here, did you?  I have to admit I was surprised when I saw you come in.  I thought about leaving, but then realized you were here for the same reason I was.  It's kind of slow right now, want to dance?"

I never did get laid that night.  Ginger and I ended up dancing or talking most of the night.  Both of us agreed it was nice to know there was at least one other gay person in Carterville.  By the end of the night we were both feeling no pain.  We ended up sharing a motel room . . . platonically of course.

Ginger was a beautiful girl about five foot four with a classic slender figure with a beautiful face framed by almost black hair.  After less than a month in the classroom she had a reputation as a demanding teacher who challenged her students to stretch their abilities to the limit. 

Ginger and I became really good friends.  We often ate out together in Carterville, and Ginger began sitting with the soccer guys and me during the home football games.  I think most of the folks in Carterville assumed we were dating.  On weekends when there wasn't a home game, we often headed out of town to one of the bars in Charlotte, Asheville, Knoxville, or even Atlanta.  It was a good combination.  She liked the women and I liked the men.  We weren't competing for the same piece of ass.


Mid-September is a great time in the North Carolina mountains.  The leaves start to turn, the nights are cooler, but the days are still warm and summer-like.  I always enjoyed that time of year, but I knew that the winter snows were coming, and I also knew from experience at Adams State that my old Volvo was definitely not a good vehicle for snowy winter days.  I had that old 4x4 GMC pickup out in the barn, but I had no idea if it would run or not.  I decided what I needed was a mechanic.  Sooner or later I'd need one for the Volvo too.  Not knowing anyone at any of the local garages, I asked the high school auto mechanics teacher, Steve Pope, for a recommendation.

I explained my situation with the old truck to him and that I wanted a trustworthy mechanic who would get the thing running without charging me an arm and a leg.

He sat back in his chair and looked at me for a second or two before answering.  "You're not in a big hurry to get that truck running are you?"

"No.  I just want it before winter."

"What would you think about letting a couple of my guys work on it? It would be good experience for them, and one of them has the makings of a first class mechanic.  Real analytical and bright as all get out.  I know he'd do a good job for you, and all it'll cost you is parts."

I thought about it for about two nanoseconds.  It wasn't a question of the money.  I had more money from my inheritance than I could have ever imagined, but I just couldn't escape my parents' frugality. 

"Sounds good to me."

"Good deal.  Hey, I just thought.  You know the kid I'll have working on your truck."

"I do?"

"Sure.  He plays soccer.  It's Donnie Micheaux."

There weren't very many African-Americans in Carter County.  Donnie Micheaux was one of two black guys on the team.  He was a good player, five foot ten or so and maybe 170 pounds, nice smooth upper body with very muscular thighs.  He had a dark milk chocolate coloring, and beautiful almost black eyes that seemed to bore right into you when he looked at you.  His voice was silky and surprisingly high, not feminine but definitely a high tenor.

"Yeah, Donnie's a nice kid.  So he's good with engines?"

"Hey, that kid is good with anything mechanical.  I'll have Donnie and a couple of the other guys come out to your place on Saturday with a trailer and bring your old truck in.  Tell Donnie where you live, and I'll have him show up about ten or so on Saturday."

After practice the next day I was just starting to pull my clothes on after showering when Donnie stuck his head in my office.

"Hey, Coach, Mr. Pope says you have an old pickup truck you want us to get running again."

I finished pulling up my pants and looked up.  Donnie was dressed only in a pair of white bikini briefs that showed an ample bulge in front.  The stark white of the briefs against the dark brown of his body was a sexy contrast.

"Yes.  Mr. Pope said he'd have you come out on Saturday to haul the thing back in here to the shop."

"Umm . . . I want to talk with you about that.  I know Mr. Pope told you Saturday, but I have to work then.  Could I come by Sunday afternoon?"

"Sure.  What time?"

We settled on three o'clock, and I gave Donnie directions out to my farm.  I watched his high, nicely rounded, bikini brief clad ass as he walked out of the office and back into the locker room.  Woof!

Our soccer match that Thursday was at home, and we won handily.  The guys were elated.  There was a lot of back slapping and hugging out on the field before we lined up and shook hands with the other team.

Back in the locker room and shower the congratulatory back slaps and hugs expanded to pats on bare butts and almost full body hugs.  About half of the guys sported half mast erections and a couple had full blown hard ons.  No one seemed to pay any attention to the boners and semi boners.  Clearly they were getting more comfortable and accepting with each other.  It felt good.

I cut Friday's practice short again because we had another home football game.  Once again most of the guys found me in the stands and sat with me.  Andy Hatcher was sitting in the next section.  At one point our eyes met and he gave me a friendly wave which I returned.  Karl Henson and TJ Ladd were sitting next to me.  Karl noticed the exchange of waves.

"Do you know Mr. Hatcher?"

"We've met a couple of times.  I talked to him at the bank when I was looking around for a place to live.  He helped me get some things settled about buying the farm."

"You know that he's C.Z. Johnstone's guardian?"

"Yes.  I'd heard that."

"Everyone likes C.Z.  He's had it kind of rough, but things seem to be working out for him now."

Karl continued to fill me in about C.Z. Johnstone.  I heard about his mother's illness, his father's leaving, all of the jobs C.Z. held down to try to support his mother and himself, about her death early in the summer, and about the general surprise in the town that she had named Andy Hatcher to be C.Z.'s guardian just before her death. 

"Are folks upset about Hatcher being C.Z.'s guardian?"

"Well, not upset really.  Maybe a little surprised at first.  Him not being a blood relative and all, but folks are used to it now, and they see how happy C.Z. is.  He's a nice kid.  He deserves a break."


I got up early Saturday morning, ran, ate breakfast, and then worked on correcting papers and exams for the rest of the day.  I really liked teaching.  I really liked the students in my classes, and I loved the guys on the soccer team, but the workload was getting to me.  It seemed like all I did was grade papers, make lesson plans, and coach soccer.  Maybe I was just pissed because I needed to stay around Carterville that weekend instead of heading off to one of the out of town bars to pick up a trick. 

I met Ginger in town for dinner.  She was in the same slump I was, over burdened with grading and wondering why she was doing it.  We decided we were both experiencing the reality check of first year teachers facing up to the demands of our first job.

Sunday morning I lazed around the house drinking coffee and grading more papers until noon.  I ate a quick lunch and then decided it was time to do some yard work.  I pulled on a pair of running shorts and some socks and work boots and started the overdue yard work.  The day was sunny and pleasantly warm.  The trees were beginning to hint at the coming leaf change.  I felt better.  As I looked around at my small piece of the earth the frustrations melted away and everything was good.

I'd just finished cleaning the pool and wondering for the umpteenth time why I bothered since I'd only been in the darn thing a dozen times or so since moving to the farm.  I was surprised to hear a voice calling from the side of the house.

I'd forgotten about Donnie coming to get the truck.  I looked up.  Donnie Micheaux, Karl Henson, and TJ Ladd were standing beside the house.  I waved at them and they came down to the pool.

Karl spoke first, "Wow, nice place here, Coach.  Pool and everything."

"Well, I haven't used it much so mostly it's been a pain to take care of.  Sorry, Donnie, I forgot you were coming for the truck."

"It's okay, Coach.  The guy who was supposed to come out and help me load it bailed on me.  Luckily I saw Karl and TJ in town.  They agreed to come help.  I've got the trailer pulled up to the barn.  We can load it any time you want."

"Sounds good, guys.  Let's do it."

Donnie had a tilt bed trailer hooked to the back of Mr. Pope's Dodge pickup.  Even with the winch mounted on the front of the trailer, it was hard work maneuvering the truck out of the barn and into position to be winched up onto the trailer.  It took almost forty-five minutes before the old truck was secured on the bed of the trailer.  All four of us were drenched in sweat.  It didn't matter for me since all I had on were work boots and running shorts, but the other guys had soaked through their clothes.  Karl and TJ were in shorts and tee shirts, but Donnie had on a nice pair of slacks and a shirt.

Donnie wiped the sweat out of his eyes.  "Okay, guess that does it.  Man, I didn't think it would be such a hot job to get that baby up on the trailer.  I've got to go change clothes and take another shower.  I'm supposed to meet my girlfriend for dinner.  She wouldn't like it too much if I showed up like this."

"What time are you meeting her, Donnie?"

"Around six."

"Listen, all of us are pretty sweaty right now.  I've got a washer and drier in the house.  Why don't you guys throw your stuff in the washer and take advantage of the pool?  You'll be the first ones in it beside me."

Karl responded, "Great idea, Coach, but none of us has a swim suit."

"And that's not a problem.  No one can see the pool from the road so I never wear a suit.  Just skinny dip or I've got some more old running shorts up in the house if you're shy."

Karl smiled.  "Heck, we've seen it all in the showers, let's go bare ass."  The other two nodded their agreement.

"Okay, let's go up in the house.  You guys put your stuff in the washer, and I'll find us something to drink."

Donnie grinned.  "Got any beer?"

I laughed.  "Yes, but not for you guys.  You're all in training."

He grinned again.  "Well, it was worth a shot.  Come on, I'm ready to get in the water."

The guys stripped down in the laundry room and put their clothes, underwear and all, into the washer then started out the door for the pool.  I started the machine on a cold water cycle because there was a mixture of colors and fabrics.  I found four cans of coke in the fridge, grabbed a bunch of towels and headed out to join them.

They were already splashing around trying to dunk one another when I got there.  I set the cokes and towels down, quickly stripped, and dove in to join them.

We started chasing each other around at first, but that quickly morphed into dick tag.  Surprisingly it was Donnie that started it by grabbing my dick, yelling "Tag.  You're it" and dashing away.  I quickly grabbed Karl's member and made my escape.  Karl chased after TJ and finally cornered him before passing on the honor of being `it'.

Despite the fact that TJ was two and a half years younger than the other two boys, he was a physical match for them and for me.  We each suffered from being tagged numerous times.  Each time one of the guys grabbed me I felt my dick get a little plumper.  The same thing was happening to them as well.  After about half and hour I hauled myself out of the pool to go change the clothes into the drier.  When I came back to the pool, my erection had subsided but not those of the other guys.  They were still splashing around grabbing at each other, and whenever they moved into the shallow end of the pool it was clear that all three of them were sporting full blown hard ons.

I grabbed one of the cokes and sat down at the edge of the pool with my feet in the water.  A couple of minutes later Donnie pulled himself up to sit beside me.  Our legs were almost touching.  He leaned back exposing his hard penis to my full view.  Man, it was a beauty.  It was cut, nearly seven inches in length, very thick around, and the same dark brown as the rest of him with a slightly darker helmet.  His thick black patch of pubic hair formed a perfect triangle around the base.  I could see his plum sized balls in his scrotum which was hanging down between his legs.  There wasn't a visible hair on his body above his pubic patch except for the black hairs under his arms.  I felt my dick beginning to thicken so I looked back toward the other two boys in the pool who came over and began treading water in front of us

"You have a really neat place here, Coach.  If you ever need someone to help you with the yard or the orchard or a garden, let me know.  I really like doing that stuff, but my step mom won't let me." 

I was surprised when TJ spoke to me.  In the weeks he'd been on the team, he had started to emerge from his shell.  He smiled a lot more now, and he interacted with the other guys on the team, but I could probably count on the fingers of one hand the number of times he'd said something to me unless it was to answer a question.

"Why thanks, TJ.  I know the yard needs a little work.  I might take you up on that."

Karl gave TJ a shove underwater with his foot.  "Hey, do it, Coach.  He's a good gardener.  He helps me around our house all the time.  In fact my mom had him plan all the flower beds this year.  They look great too."

TJ smiled and kicked back at Karl.  "I really like doing that.  I want to have my own landscaping business when I get out of school, but my dad wants me to be a dentist like him.  My step mom says gardening is for Mexicans."

Donnie let out a long sigh, "Sheeez, remind me not to come around your house or she's likely to put this po' darkie to work."

There was a moment of complete silence before all of us began laughing hysterically.  TJ was laughing so hard he took in some water and started coughing.  Of course that made us all laugh even harder.

Karl pulled himself up out of the pool to sit on the other side of me.  He wasn't as close as Donnie but still close enough that I could enjoy looking at his erect penis without being too obvious.  Karl's dick was circumcised like those of all the other guys on the team.  He wasn't as fully erect as Donnie, but I estimated it was still a respectable six or six and a half inches.  It appeared to be a little thicker in the middle of the shaft than at the base or head.  Karl's body was more mature than most of the other guys on the team.  He had well defined pectoral muscles with a developing patch of hair between them and a treasure trail running down his six pack abs to the dark brown bush spread at the base of his dick.  His hairy thighs and calves were muscled and solid.  The way he was sitting, I couldn't get a good view of his balls, but I knew from seeing him enough times in the shower that his sac was moderately sized and quite hairy.

I turned my attention back to TJ and had to smile to myself.  Poor TJ was there in the water with three dicks staring him in the face.  He looked from one to the other and involuntarily licked his lips.  I thought, `Kid, you just gave yourself away.  At least to me.'

"TJ, you need to do whatever it is that's going to make you happy in life."

Karl stood up and motioned to Donnie.  "Hey, man, let's go up and check on the clothes."

They headed up toward the house leaving TJ and I at the pool.

"TJ, come on up here and sit beside me."

He hefted himself up on the edge of the pool and settled down about six inches away from me.  He tried to cover his erection by sitting slumped over with his arms between his legs, but I got a good look at it before he covered it up.  For a kid who was just 15, he had a man-sized dick.  It must have been a good seven inches long with a thick head sitting on top of a shaft that got even thicker at the base.  His pubic hair was thick; his hen's egg sized balls were enclosed in a fairly smooth scrotum.

"TJ, I know you have an erection.  Donnie and Karl had them also.  Don't be ashamed of it, buddy."

He blushed but moved his arms away from their post guarding the family jewels.

"I heard that your dad is sick.  That must be kind of rough on you."

"Yeah, my dad's got leukemia.  He's been going down to Charlotte for chemotherapy so he's pretty sick most of the time from that."

"He's the one who wants you to be a dentist?"

"Yeah, he and my step mom both.  My step mom though, she thinks I'm too stupid to be a dentist."

"Come on, TJ.  You're a bright kid.  You do well in all your classes.  You're a good soccer player."

"Thanks, Coach, but Angela, that's my step mom, she doesn't think so.  She doesn't like me much.  That's okay, I don't like her much either."

"What makes you say that, TJ?"

"She's told me a couple of times that she wishes I'd never come to live with my dad after mom died.  She's always after me for something or another.  Coach, my mom and dad were divorced when I was a baby.  Angela was my dad's dental assistant.  They got married only a couple of months after the divorce.  I lived with my mom until she died.  I only saw my dad three or four times a year before that.  Believe me, Angela wasn't happy when I came to live with them.  I took some of the attention away from  my step sister, Stephanie, and from Ryan, my half brother.  Don't get me wrong, I like Ryan pretty well.  He's a good kid.  He's only 12.  Stephanie, now that's a different story.  She's two years older than me, and she gets everything she wants.  She's a spoiled brat, and Angela lets her get away with it."

"What about your dad?"

"Oh, he's okay.  I know it's been hard for him with me coming to live with them and all, but he really treats me the same way he treats Ryan."  He paused and started to tear up.  "Coach, I don't know what will happen to me if my dad dies.  I don't want to live with Angela."

I pulled him into a hug, and he cried on my shoulder for a moment before regaining his composure.  There wasn't anything sexual about that hug.  His erection had subsided long before.

"Sorry, Coach.  My dad will be all right.  The chemotherapy's going to work.  I just know it will."

"I hope it will, TJ."  I decided to try to change subjects.  "Karl tells me that you're his neighbor."

"Yeah, we're just two houses down from his.  He's been really great to me since I moved here.  He's kind of been like a big brother to me.  Whenever things get too hot at my house with Angela, Karl lets me stay over at his house.  His parents are cool too."

"Hey, I'm glad some parents are `cool'."

He blushed.  "Aw, Coach, you know what I mean."

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Donnie and Karl returning from the house. 

"The clothes are dry, guys, and I need to think about getting back into town for my date."

TJ and I got up from the side of the pool and met Karl and Donnie about halfway toward the house.

"You guys should take showers to get the chlorine off your skin before getting dressed.  There's a small shower in the laundry room or there's a bigger one upstairs that would fit all of you if you're in a hurry."

"Thanks, Coach.  I think a shower would be a good idea.  I don't think my date would like the smell of chlorine."

I laughed.  "Well, she might like than better than the way you smelled before you got in the pool."

"Got that one right.  Come on, guys, let's check out coach's shower upstairs."

I led the way upstairs with three naked high school studs following me.  Guess they got a good view of my ass going up the stairs in case they hadn't checked me out in the showers at school.

Fortunately I didn't have any porno lying around in the bedroom.  I'd even made the bed that morning. 

They were truly amazed at the size of the shower.  It was one of the things that I'd liked the most about the house.  It was completely tiled and had shower heads on three of the walls that could all be pointed toward the center.  All three squeezed in and started the showers. 

I went out to the linen closet in the hallway to get more towels.  When I returned Karl was washing Donnie's back and TJ was down on his knees washing Donnie's thighs and calves.  Donnie's dick was coming back to full erection. 

Karl reached out of the shower, grabbed my arm, and started pulling me in.  I resisted at first, but then he said, "It's okay, Coach.  We all agree that this will be another `safe place' just like our locker room at school."

They got me wet down under the shower and then all three turned their attention to me.  Donnie soaped my back and ass; Karl took care of my chest and arms, and TJ remained on his knees applying soap to my legs.  Of course I got hard almost immediately.  When I was completely soaped up, they moved me back under the shower spray again and ran their hands over my body to rinse off the soap.

We next turned our attention to Karl.  I took care of washing his back and ass while Donnie took his chest and arms.  TJ was in his usual position doing Karl's legs with his face only inches away from Karl's full blown boner.

After Karl was soaped and rinsed, it was TJ's turn.  Donnie and I took our places in front and back while Karl administered to Donnie's legs.  Suddenly TJ leaned back against me and shot a huge load of cum across Karl's shoulder.

TJ was mortified.  "Oh, God, I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to..."

Karl sat down on his butt on the shower floor and just laughed.  "It's okay, TJ.  It'll wash off.  Just watch where you point that thing next time."

Poor TJ looked like he was going to cry.  I hugged him from the back, put my mouth close to his ear, and said, "It's okay, man.  It's okay.  It looked like you'd been saving up for a couple of days for that one."

"No, I jerked off this morning."

I whispered back into his ear, "Then I'm even more impressed."  I raised my voice enough so Karl and Donnie could hear,  "Just remember about this being a `safe place'."

All three nodded in agreement.

(To be continued)