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by Jeff Allen



I worried all the rest of the evening that my short career in teaching and coaching was over. I fully expected the cops to show up at the farm or for me to be called into the principal's office on Monday morning, but nothing happened. Everyone was there at six on Monday morning for the team run. Donnie, Karl, and TJ didn't say a word about Sunday.

The week went quickly. I had to arrange for a couple of tutoring sessions for guys on the team. The appointed tutors took over without a word of complaint. The two guys who were being tutored brought me their latest grades just before the Thursday soccer match, and they'd made A's. They were all smiles and the two tutors seemed pretty pleased with themselves also. To top off the week, we won the match.

The football game that Friday was away so there wasn't any expectation that I'd be there. Ginger and I talked about heading down to one of the bars in Charlotte, but we both had a lot of grading to do for our classes so we settled for dinner in town before heading back to our respective abodes to do what most teachers do on Friday night . . . fall asleep while grading papers.

I got out of bed just a little after seven the next morning. I peed and then headed downstairs to make a pot of coffee. I normally had a cup before my morning runs. Since my running clothes were downstairs in the drier, I didn't bother to put anything on before I went down the stairs.

My heart just about stopped when I saw faces looking in the kitchen door. It was Donnie, Karl, and TJ dressed in running shorts and sweat shirts. I hadn't heard a car come in the driveway so they must have driven up when I was upstairs relieving my bladder.

Recovering from my shock at seeing them and my surprising embarrassment at being caught naked, still half hard, and scratching my balls as I walked down the stairs, I did the only thing that was left for me to do. I let them in the house.

"What are you guys doing here?"

"Morning, Coach. We were going to go running and thought we'd see if you wanted to come along. Sorry if we caught you at a bad time." Karl grinned as he said it. He wasn't the least bit sorry about catching me in my embarrassing state of undress.

"Okay. I usually run on Saturday mornings anyway, but I need to have a cup of coffee first. Can you wait a few of minutes?"

They agreed and sat down at the kitchen table while I made the coffee. I stayed naked. I figured they'd seen it all before so why bother covering up.

After everyone had their shot of caffeine and I'd pulled some clothes on, we headed out the door for a run. I led the group on my usual weekend route. The morning was cool with small patches of ground fog, but it was sunny and the temperature soon climbed into the low seventies. By the time we got back to the house all of us were drenched in sweat. We did our cool down stretches beside the pool and then stripped out of our running togs and jumped in the pool. After forty-five minutes or so of splashing around and another game of dick tag we hauled ourselves out of the pool, headed back to the house, and all piled into the shower again. As before we all took turns washing the others or being washed. The previous week the guys had been careful not to touch someone else's cock or balls, but this time there were a number of "accidental" touches, and all of us had raging hard ons during the group shower which only ended when the hot water began to run out. I made a mental note to myself to see about getting a larger hot water tank installed in case those group showers continued.

TJ managed not to anoint any of us with his cum that time. We all congratulated him on his self control, and he took the ribbing good naturedly.

Afterwards the guys asked what I intended to do for the rest of the day. I replied that I was going to do some yard work and then go out of town in the evening. TJ asked if he could stay out with me and help with the yard work while Karl and Donnie, who both had other commitments for the day, went back into town. I agreed.

TJ removed a bag containing his work clothes from the car before Donnie and Karl left. After I had another cup of coffee, the two of us set out to tackle the yard. I ran the riding mower while TJ weeded and trimmed in the flower beds. He cut back all the summer flowers, allowing the fall mums to be more prominent in the beds.

I fed him lunch at midday and then we took the mower and weed trimmer down into the orchard that lay between the house and the road. Again, I mowed while TJ trimmed and cleared away fallen branches.

We finished around four o'clock. I was absolutely amazed at how much better the whole place looked, and I roundly thanked TJ for his help. He asked if I had any plans for the apples in the orchard.

"No, I thought I'd pick a few, but I imagine the deer will eat most of the rest after they fall off the trees. Did you have something in mind?"

"Well, they look pretty good. I think the people who lived here before did some spraying and trimming last spring. I was thinking that maybe me and a couple of the guys could come out and pick the apples and then sell them at school and give the money to the local chapter of the American Cancer Society."

I looked at him with amazement before reaching over and ruffling his hair. "TJ, that's a great idea, and I'm proud of you for thinking of it. Do you think the team would take that on as a project?"

He gave me a half smile. "They would if you asked them. They'd do anything for you."

I pulled him into a gentle headlock and used my knuckles on the top of his head. "I don't know about that, guy. But it would sure be worth a try to see if they'd do this project. I'll do some checking around at school on Monday and talk to the team after practice. Thanks again, fella. You're a great person for thinking of it. Now it's time for us to get cleaned up and get you back into town. You're a great person, but right now you stink to high heaven."

He smiled, took a dramatic sniff of my armpit, and announced, "I don't think it's me who stinks."

In the house, TJ hesitated in the kitchen. I realized that he couldn't decide if he should follow me upstairs to my shower or use the shower in the laundry room. I nodded my head toward the stairs. He smiled, picked up his bag of clothes and followed me up the stairs.

In the shower, TJ grabbed the soap and began running it over my chest and shoulders. He was already hard, and I was quickly getting there. He worked the soap down from my chest to my abs and then down to my pubic area. His hands cupped my balls and worked soap back into my crack while his other hand stroked my hard dick.

I took the soap from his hand and tried to return the favor starting first with his shoulders and developing chest then moving down his abdomen to his erection that was standing almost perfectly straight up toward his navel and pulsing with each beat of his heart. He moaned as my hands explored his dick and balls. He moaned even louder when I moved my fingers back behind his scrotum toward his hole. He spread his legs a little to give me better access to his butt, and I slipped a soapy forefinger inside the ring of his anus.

"Stop or I'll cum!"

I pulled my finger back and ran my hand up the side of his shaft and his abs to tweak one of his nipples. I was rewarded with another sharp intake of breath.

He pulled away slightly and looked deeply into my eyes for a few moments before pulling me into an embrace. I folded my arms around him and let my hands play over his back and the top of his butt. He began pushing his hard prick into mine. The soap between us provided plenty of lubrication as we humped each other with increasing intensity. I felt his body stiffen. His dick pulsed with his orgasm, and his warm cum flowed out between us. It only took another couple of humps before my climax overtook me, and my cum joined his spreading between our bodies.

We stayed in that embrace until the water began to get cold. Man, I really had to do something about getting a bigger water heater. I turned him into the cooling shower spray to rinse off the soap and cum and then quickly did the same for myself. Neither one of us said a word as we toweled off separately, but when we were dry he took my hand and led me into the bedroom and over to the edge of my queen sized bed. We snuggled against each other on the bed.

He was the first to speak. "Thanks, Coach. I've wanted that to happen since the first day of class."

"TJ, you know I could get into a lot of trouble if anyone ever found out about what we just did."

"Don't worry, Coach. This is a `safe place' just like the locker room. I think Karl and Donnie would like to be included some time, but I'm not going to say anything to them or anyone else."

"You mean you, Karl, and Donnie have all been together?"

"Just Karl and me. I stay over at his house a lot when Angela's mad at me, and Karl and I have sort of played around, but neither one of us has ever done anything with Donnie except for last week and today. I think he'd like to do more, but Karl and I aren't going to push it. It's got to be his choice."

"You're a wise young man, TJ. I'm trusting you."

"And I won't let you down."

We lay in the bed and snuggled for half an hour or so before getting up and getting dressed.

TJ waited down stairs while I threw some things into an overnight bag. Ginger and I had plans to hit one of the bars in Charlotte that evening. I'd told TJ that I was going down to Charlotte, but I sure as heck didn't tell him who was going with me or what we would be doing. I ran TJ home before picking up Ginger and heading out of town for some dancing, drinking, and debauchery.


We did all three: dancing, drinking, and debauchery. Ginger ended up spending the night with a cute little brunette with Dolly Parton hooters. I ended up with a blond frat boy from Duke. Despite a hunky, muscular build he was a total bottom. I fucked him three times Saturday night and once Sunday morning. We had great sex, but somehow it didn't satisfy something inside me. I was anxious to get back to Carterville and the guys on the soccer team.


I told Ginger about TJ's idea to sell the apples from my orchard to raise money for charity. She thought it was a great idea, and we worked out some of the potential logistics in the car on the way back to Carterville on Sunday afternoon.

I thought some more about it Sunday evening so I was ready with a plan when I talked with Dr. Bergmann, the principal, during my free period Monday morning. She also liked the idea, and gave me the go ahead to sell the apples on school property.

I asked TJ to talk about his idea with the team after practice that day. Everyone seemed to think it would be a good idea. I stepped up with some of my preliminary ideas for the sale. I asked the guys to get a group together to flesh out the details of the apple sale. The guys picked TJ, Karl, Larry Bledsoe, one of the seniors, and Ricky Jordan, one of the juniors, to be the planning committee.

On Wednesday after practice, Karl, speaking for the planning group, gave us the details of the sale. The plan was fairly simple. The team would show up at my place that Saturday to pick the apples and bag them. Another group of team members was placed in charge of getting publicity out about the sale, and the all guys were asked to sign up for times to man a couple of tables for selling the apples during lunch the next week and at the homecoming football game at the end of the week.

We lost our Thursday soccer match. It was another one point loss and against one of more highly rated teams in the league. I told the guys they should be proud of what they'd done because they'd played their hearts out, and that was what counted.

On Saturday morning the entire team showed up to pick apples. The pickers also included TJ's half brother, Ryan. TJ apologized for Ryan's presence saying that his step mother had company coming over that day and told TJ that he had to take Ryan with him. I told TJ that Ryan was welcome any time, and not to worry about it. Ryan looked like a slightly younger version of TJ. Anyone looking at them would know they were brothers. He had TJ's medium brown hair and hazel eyes, stood about five foot six inches or so but his large hands and feet promised a future growth spurt that would bring him close to TJ's six feet. He also had a mouth full of silver braces that he tried to hide by covering his mouth whenever he smiled.

The guys all brought their lunch, but I'd promised to feed them dinner. Joe May and his son Paul who was home from college for the weekend arrived in the late afternoon to help with the cooking. Paul had been on the team the previous year so he spent time catching up with his old teammates, leaving Joe and me to do most of the cooking. I had no idea that thirty teenage guys could go through so many hamburgers, hotdogs, potato chips, and soft drinks! I kept trying to catch glimpses of Paul. Man, was he a knockout. Blond with a lean and muscular build. He looked like a cross between a young Kevin Bacon and Brad Pitt. Woof!

The fall had stayed unusually warm. That Saturday was no exception so the pool got a lot of use as soon as the apple picking and bagging was done. No one bothered with a suit. It would have been fun to watch the antics down at the pool, but Joe and I were busy cooking hamburgers.

The guys sold bags of apples and took orders for more all that next week at school. Because of their focus on the apple sale I was concerned about what they would do in the soccer match on Thursday. Man, no need to worry. They creamed the other team four to nothing!

I didn't hold practice that Friday afternoon because the Homecoming Parade started an hour after last bell. Ginger and I joined the crowd lining the streets of downtown Carterville to watch the parade. More and more of the guys on the team showed up around us before the parade began. I really didn't think too much of that because we'd gotten used to sitting together during the football games. The parade was led, as are all small town parades, by a police car with lights blinking and siren sounding followed by some of the local dignitaries like the mayor, Dr. Bergmann, the homecoming queen and court, the high school band, and then the class floats depicting the pain and humiliation in store for the opponents during the game. The guys were in kind of a goofy mood laughing and joking with one another. The general goofiness and mild horseplay increased as the parade progressed. I was starting to get a little annoyed at them, but the reason for their light mood appeared at the end of the parade. It was my old GMC pickup loaded with apples and festooned with banners announcing the "Buy an Apple. Help Cure Cancer" fundraiser. Karl and TJ, decked out in bib overalls, checked shirts, and straw hats rode in the bed of the truck which was filled with the last bags of apples from my barn. A grinning Donnie Micheaux, also in bibs and straw hat, drove. Dang, the truck looked pretty good and the motor just purred along. They guys surrounding me all started laughing and clapping me on the back when they saw my reaction to the truck.

Donnie, Karl, and TJ parked the truck near the entrance to the football field before the game and sold apples. By the end of the game all the apples were gone. TJ's idea had raised nearly $3,000 for the American Cancer Society.


I expected Donnie, Karl, and TJ to show up at my house the following morning. Donnie drove the truck out, and Karl arrived with his car carrying TJ and Ryan.

TJ started apologizing for Ryan's presence even before he was completely out of the car. He said that his step mother and step sister, Stephanie, were out of town so that Stephanie could look at Duke and Wake Forest as potential colleges. His father was still not feeling well after the last round of chemotherapy so Angela had insisted that Ryan accompany TJ. I knew that one of the reasons TJ seemed so upset was that with Ryan present we probably wouldn't have a chance to "play" in the shower.

Ryan didn't look too happy with the situation either so I suspected that he and TJ had already had words.

I tried to put both boys at ease. "TJ, there's no reason to apologize. I told you last week that Ryan was welcome out here any time. I'd like to think of him as a future member of the soccer team." That got a full braces-covered smile from Ryan. "And, TJ, I want to tell you again how proud I am of you for the apple sale. You had the idea, and you carried through. You made a difference, man." I pulled TJ into a quick hug, and was rewarded with a smile from him as well. I also noticed Ryan smiling with pride as I praised his big brother.

I turned to Donnie. "And thank you, Donnie, for getting that old truck back into working condition. It looks and sounds great. You worked a major miracle with that one, fella."

White teeth flashed as his dark face broke into a grin. "Thanks, Coach. It wasn't in such bad shape, and I enjoyed doing it."

Karl moved in between Donnie and me and spread his arms over both our shoulders. "Enough of this `bein' nice' stuff. Let's go run. We've got another match this week in case you've forgotten." He swatted us both on the butt and moved away before either Donnie or I could retaliate.

We did our run. Ryan lagged a little behind most of the way, but one of the other guys was always back with him giving him encouragement. After the run, they helped me put the thermal cover on the pool to get it ready for winter. We showered (separately) and ate lunch before Karl left to take Donnie back into town. TJ and Ryan stayed out and helped me around the house until the late afternoon when I drove them back into town before picking up Ginger. Our destination that weekend was a new bar that had opened in Knoxville.

(To be continued)