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by Jeff Allen



My mom died of cancer when I was twelve. That's when I moved to Carterville, North Carolina, to live with my dad and his wife, Angela. I was the middle child in my new "family." Angela had a daughter from her first marriage named Stephanie who was two years older than me and who was practicing to be a terminal bitch just like her mother. There was also Ryan, my half brother. He was three years younger than me. I liked Ryan, but he sometimes got on my nerves just like any little brother would.

Carterville was okay. I met a bunch of new kids, and I liked my new school. What I didn't like was living in the same house with Angela and Stephanie. They were always on me about something. When my dad was around, which wasn't often because he was always working at his dental practice so that Angela had the money to buy more things, she was honey-sweet to me. When dad wasn't around, the tune changed. It seemed like she and Stephanie went out of their way to make life miserable for me. They told me I was stupid, that I'd never become a dentist like my dad, and that they were sorry I was living with them and taking money that could have been used for Stephanie or Ryan. That was a joke. Angela spent all the money on clothes and things for her and Stephanie. Poor Ryan wore my hand-me-downs. Angela and I got into shouting matches with each other all the time.

I was lucky to have Karl Henson and his parents living next door. They were always nice to Ryan and me. And to top it off, Karl was a real hunk! He was my first big crush. Man, was I surprised to find out that he was gay like me!

I'd only been in Carterville a couple of weeks when I stayed over at the Henson's for the first time. Dad had gone back in to the office that night, and Angela had started in on me right after he'd left. I mean, I was trying to wash the dishes from dinner like I was supposed to, and she was just standing there yelling at me. I can't even remember what she was so mad about. Finally, I just walked out the door. I went out to the back yard and just sat on the grass for a while until I'd cooled down. When I went to go back in the house, all the doors were locked. The witch had locked me out!

I sat down on the front porch to wait for my dad to come home. Around ten o'clock Karl came out of his house and told me I could wait over in his house. He and his parents knew about my argument with Angela. It was summer. The windows were open, and we were pretty loud. When my dad wasn't back home by eleven, Mrs. Henson said I could spend the night there. She went over and put a note on the door telling Dad and Angela where I was.

That was the first of the countless nights I spent up in Karl's room. Every time things got too heated between Angela and me, I'd go over to the Henson's. Most of the time I ended up spending the night. Mr. and Mrs. Henson were amazing. They always took me in. I never heard them say a cross word to one another. I wished I could live with them all the time. Karl always treated me like the little brother he never had, and like I said I had a big crush on him. Even though he was only a little more than two years older than me, we were three years apart in school because my birthday is October 20, and my real mom decided to hold me back a year.

I discovered that Karl was gay the next summer when I was 13, and Karl was 15. That night Angela and I had been in another shouting match. That wasn't unusual. Angela would start shouting about anything. Of course I shouted right back at her, and then stormed over to the Henson's to spend the night. I knocked on their door, and Mr. Henson let me in.

He gave me a hug like he always did and said, "You and Angela had another spat, eh? Karl's already up in bed. Just go on up. You know the way."

I made my way up to Karl's room. I wasn't trying to be quiet or anything, but Karl sure didn't hear me coming up the stairs. I opened the door and stepped inside his room.

Both of us froze. Karl was lying naked on his bed looking at some magazine and jerking off. I'd seen him naked dozens of times, but I'd never seen him hard. His dick must have been at least seven inches long! It looked huge to me. He had a great body from playing soccer, and he had a lot of hair for someone his age. In fact, he was one of the few guys I knew that had a little hair starting between his pecs and a thin line of hair from his belly button down to his dick hair. My cock twinged in my pants just looking at him.

Finally I swallowed hard and managed to squeak out, "Sorry."

He flipped the sheet over to cover himself and the magazine he'd been looking at. "Jeez, TJ, don't you ever knock?"

"Sorry, Karl, I didn't know you'd be jacking off."

He glared at me. I couldn't hold it any longer and started to giggle.

It took him awhile, but finally he started giggling also. "Man, you scared the shit out of me. Guess I need to learn to lock the door."

I walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed. It was exciting to know that he was naked under the sheet. When I'd slept over before, we'd always kept our boxer shorts on in bed. "Angela and I had another shouting match so I came over here to let her cool off." I reached under the covers for the magazine. "What'cha reading?"

He moved to stop me, but I had the element of surprise in my favor. I pulled the magazine out from under the sheet. I expected it would be some mag with lots of naked women in it. It was Playgirl! I just about shit in my pants. It was open to a double page spread of this really hunky looking guy lying naked on a bed. His dick looked humungous, and it was lying along his thigh. I looked again at the magazine just to be sure. It really was Playgirl. When I looked back up at Karl his face had lost all color.

"Ah...em...TJ, let me explain..."

"Karl, were you beating off to this picture?"

His shoulders slumped, and he looked away from me. "Yeah."

Damn! Karl was just like me! "Hey, it's okay. The guy's really hot."


"I said, I think the guy's really hot. I'd beat off to this too. In fact, I just might join you."

"You mean..."

"Yeah. I like looking at guys. Move over."

As I lay down on the bed, I pulled down my shorts and underwear exposing my rapidly hardening cock to Karl.

"See, it gets me hard too." I started stroking my meat. It rose up rapidly.

Karl's hand moved out toward my dick. I held my breath until I felt his fingers touch the shaft, and then I took in a sharp breath. I moved my hand off my dick, and Karl wrapped his around it. God, that felt so good! I moved the sheet away exposing his dick. It was fully hard again. I wrapped my hand around it.

He closed his eyes and sighed. "TJ, that feels great!"

"Feels good to me too."

We stroked each other with increasing speed. Soon we were both ready to come, and come we did . . . all over the bed sheets and my tee shirt. Man, it sure didn't feel that good when I jacked myself off!

We lay there for a minute or so holding each other's dick as they softened.

Karl reached down to the floor and brought an old hand towel up from alongside the bed. He wiped my cum off his hands before cleaning my dick and then his. He handed me the towel, and I wiped his cum off my hands.

"Man, that was fantastic! Are you spending the night?"

"Yeah, I don't think Angela is going to cool down until the morning."

"Then you'd better get out of the rest of your clothes and get back in bed with me."

We didn't get much sleep that night, but we did use that hand towel to clean ourselves several more times.


Believe me Karl and I spent a lot of time together the rest of that summer. I found myself actually picking fights with Angela, which was amazingly easy to do, so I'd have an excuse to spend the night over at his house. We just jerked each other off at first, but by the end of the summer we'd progressed to giving each other blowjobs.

Karl started it.

It was almost time for school to start for the fall, and I was spending the night over at his house. It was late, and we knew his parents were already in bed on the other side of the house. We took our showers and stretched out side-by-side and naked on his bed.

We were kind of slowly stroking each other, our dicks already rigidly hard, when he told me to close my eyes. I did. I felt him move on the bed; I felt his breath on my dick and balls, and then I felt his tongue move around the head of my cock before he took me into his mouth.

Man, I opened my eyes right away! Seeing his eyes looking up at me through the bangs of his dark brown hair as he moved his mouth up and down on my dick almost put me over the top. It was the most intense feeling I'd ever experienced up to that point.

"Karl, I'm going to cum."

He kept his mouth around my dick, and I unloaded into his mouth. Incredible!

He stretched out beside me again as I tried to catch my breath.

"Are you okay with that?"

"Karl, that was unbelievable! I guess that's what they call a blowjob. I can't believe you swallowed. What'd it taste like?"

"I didn't think I'd do that either, but when you said you were coming, I just didn't want to let go. The taste wasn't bad or anything. Kind of like that old white paste we used to have in elementary school."

"Well, you can do that anytime you want."

"Do you think you could do it to me?"


"Do you want to try it?"

In response I scooted down on the bed to where my face was opposite his dick which was still hard as a rock and leaking precum like crazy. I took hold of his shaft with one hand and brought my face closer. I tentatively ran my tongue around the edge of the head of his dick. Not bad. His precum didn't have that much taste. I liked the feeling of the smooth skin of his dick on my tongue, and Karl liked the feel of my tongue on his dick. He put his head back and moaned.

I grew a little bolder and took the head into my mouth. He liked that even more. I slid my mouth down around his shaft and despite almost gagging myself I really liked the feel of his cock in my mouth. I continued moving my mouth up and down while I pumped his shaft with my hand.

In just a couple of minutes I heard him say, "I'm cumming!"

I just couldn't do it. I pulled my mouth back at the last second and he shot his load on my face and neck.

Seeing him shoot like that was a real turn on for me. I wiped some of his cum off my cheek and tasted it with the tip of my tongue. He tasted slightly salty. There was a drop of cum oozing out of his piss slit. I leaned back over and took it off with my tongue. I liked it. Swallowing his load wasn't a problem the next time.


Once school started that fall it was harder for Karl and me to get together for sex since he was busy with soccer in the afternoons.

We started taking chances, and we got caught.

It was a Saturday afternoon. Karl's parents were home, but Angela had dragged my father off somewhere shopping and taken my bitchy stepsister with them. My brother, Ryan, was supposed to be over at one of his friend's.

Karl and I were naked and doing a 69 on my bed.

"Holy shit! What are you guys doing?"

The sound of Ryan's voice from the doorway of my room made us both jump. We scrambled to get away from each other and to cover ourselves at the same time.

"Ryan, what are you doing here? You're supposed to be at Tommy's."

"He had to go to a piano lesson so I came home. What were you guys doing? It looked like you were sucking on each others' wieners."

"Ryan, you can't tell Dad, or Angela, or any one about this, okay."

"Does this mean you and Karl are queer?"

"Don't tell anyone, okay? Karl and I would get in a lot of trouble if you told anyone. Please don't tell." I was in tears at this point.

He came over and stood next to the bed. Tears were running down my cheeks. Poor Karl looked like he was going to throw up.

He reached out and wiped at my tears. "Don't cry. I won't tell. I promise. Does this mean that you and Karl are like boyfriends or something? Do you love him?"

I looked over at Karl. He still looked like he was going to throw up. "Karl's my best friend, and I love him like a friend. Just the way you love Tommy, but we're not boyfriends. We just like to play around with each other. It feels really good."

"Okay. As long as you're not going to go around town kissing and holding hands."

"We've never kissed." It was true. Man, I'd thought about it a lot, but we'd never kissed each other.

"Okay. I'm gonna go get some coke. I'm thirsty. You guys can go back to slobbering all over each other."

He left the room closing the door behind him.

Karl and I got dressed right away. Neither one of us was "in the mood" after the scare of being caught blowing each other by Ryan.

We were a lot more careful after that. After Karl got his driver's license it was easier for us to get together. We'd just ride out in the country and suck each other off. And I was still staying over at his house once or twice a week. We had plenty of opportunities, but at our age, it was still frustrating because we wanted it every couple of hours.


My dad was diagnosed with leukemia the summer I was 14. At the first of that summer I was all excited about being in the starting ninth grade at the high school. I was excited about the classes I would be taking, and I was excited about seeing all the cool high school guys. Dad got the diagnosis in July, and then my life just went to shit. I was really scared when dad told us he had cancer. My real mom had died of cancer only two years before. I didn't want to lose my dad too.

I guess I kind of withdrew from every one that summer. I spent a lot of time in my room just listening to CD's or staring at the ceiling. Karl tried to get me out doing things, but I said `no' most of the time.

I kind of moved around in a daze the first couple of weeks of classes at the high school, and by that time people were used to me not saying anything. The classes were okay. I just couldn't get interested.

I did really like the teacher in my government class. His name was Mr. Arnold, and he was a new teacher that year who had just taken over coaching the soccer team. Mr. Arnold was really good looking with blue eyes and curly wavy dark brown hair that was just a little on the long side. He looked like he was just out of college, but I noticed some gray hairs around his temples. That kind of confused me about his age. I sure wasn't confused about his body. He was trim and about six feet tall. Even his casual slacks, shirt, and tie didn't hide the fact that he had a good body. I know all the girls in the class had a crush on him because I heard them whispering to each other before class started each day. He was always smiling, and when he did his eyes smiled too.

A couple of weeks after the start of classes, I was over at Karl's. We were just talking. I was feeling pretty good that night. Not antisocial like I had been. I asked Karl about the soccer team. He was real enthusiastic about what Mr. Arnold was doing as a coach. He said he liked him a lot, and I told Karl that I thought Mr. Arnold was hot.

Whenever Karl got an idea his eyes brightened up. It made him easy to read. His eyes brightened up right then, and he said, "Man, you should come out for the soccer team. Coach Arnold showers with us. You'd get to see him naked as well as all the other guys on the team."

I didn't reject the idea right away, and Karl kept pushing it for the next couple of days. Finally he just told me I was going to try for the team and to be ready to leave the house at five forty-five the next morning to join in the team's morning run.

I thought I was going to die the next morning when we started running. Two laps around the field, and I was winded. I couldn't keep up with the rest of the team. I started lagging farther and farther behind the team. Karl and a couple of other guys dropped back and kept pace with me. They kept telling me I could do it. I didn't think I could, but they kept encouraging me, and finally the run was over, and we headed into the locker room.

That afternoon at practice the coaches ran us through several drills. I thought Coach Arnold was watching me a lot. I guess that was normal since I was the new guy on the team.

In the showers that afternoon I got my first good look at Coach Arnold in the buff. He had a great body! Without his clothes on, he looked a lot younger but not quite like a high school guy because of the hair on his chest and the trail down to his pubic hair and dick. None of the guys, even the seniors like Karl, had that much chest hair.

Karl and I were sharing one of the showerheads and just chatting with one another when I heard Ryan O'Herron's voice cutting through the general noise in the shower room.

"Look! Whitaker's got a boner! What's with the wood, Whitaker? You queer or something?"

The candidate for scorn was Bobby Whitaker, a freshman like me. I wanted to sink into the floor.

Suddenly Coach Arnold was in the center of the shower room. "Okay, men, turn off the showers and sit down! We're having a team meeting right now!"

I looked over at Karl. He just shrugged his shoulders. He turned off the shower and sat down. I followed suit. In a matter of seconds the entire team had plunked their naked butts on the floor.

Then coach really laid into us. "Men, this locker room and shower are `safe places'. That means whatever happens in here, whatever's said in here stays in here. One of the things that's going to happen in here is a spontaneous erection. Now, Bobby's was the first one in here, but it won't be the last. Males your age generally have several spontaneous erections a day. It's almost like your penis has a mind of its own. It picks the most awkward moments to remind you that you're a male. Ignore it, and it will go away after a while. Think about it, and it will seem to stay around forever. If this is a `safe place' then you don't have to worry if you suddenly sprout wood in here. It's natural. No one should laugh at you, because they might be next."

Coach called Bobby and Ryan to come stand with him in the middle of the floor. He put an arm around each one and pulled them to his side. They tried to cover their dicks with their hands but coach told them to put their hands at their sides. We all watched as Bobby and Ryan's dicks started to lengthen and harden. Watching that, mine started to get hard too.

Coach waited until both guys had full-blown hard ons, and then he said,"Okay, now both Bobby and Ryan have spontaneous erections. My guess is that most of the rest of you do too. I want all of you to stand up. Hands to your sides."

We all stood.

"Okay, men, look around the room." We looked. Almost every guy, including me, was hard or semi hard. "Now you've seen `em all. I don't want to hear anyone getting razzed for sprouting wood in here again. Let's finish our showers."

There were lots of times later when guys had boners, but no one said anything about it. I was glad because being around all those hot soccer guys made my dick semi hard or hard a number of times. It was just accepted that boners would happen. It was more than likely that if someone popped wood they would get a pat on the shoulder or even on their bare butt from some one else on the team.


We lost the soccer match that week, but even though it was a close match, coach let me play for a few minutes. I didn't think I really helped the team much while I was playing, but when I came back to the sidelines coach gave me a pat on the butt and told me I'd done a good job. That made me feel real good inside.

On Sunday afternoon Karl and I were just hanging out together at the park in the center of town when Donnie Micheaux, one of the two black guys on the team, pulled up in a pickup truck with a trailer attached behind. He greeted us and asked if we could help him for a few minutes. He explained that he was supposed to go out to Coach Arnold's house and collect an old pickup truck from the barn, but the guys who said they would help him had canceled. He asked if we would mind helping. Karl looked at me, and I nodded.

Coach Arnold's place was really neat. Out in the country and very private. Coach was cleaning his swimming pool when we got there. Man, did he look good! He was dressed in just a pair of shorts and work boots. I could hardly keep my eyes off his chest. I hoped he didn't notice.

It took us a while to get coach's truck loaded, and when we did all of us were a sweaty mess. Coach invited us to use the pool to cool down and wash our clothes in his machine. Karl said something about not having brought swimsuits. Coach just laughed and said we could go skinny dipping because no one could see the pool from the road.

We splashed around in the pool and played dick tag until all of us including coach were hard as rocks. After a while coach got out of the pool and sat at the edge with his feet in the water and his legs spread giving me an even better view of his dick and balls. His dick had softened a little, but I was still fascinated.

Later, Karl and Donnie went back up to the house to check on our clothes. Coach asked me to sit next to him. He talked with me like I was an adult not some little kid. The entire time we talked I was hard as a rock.

At one point he said, "TJ, I know you have an erection. Donnie and Karl had them also. Don't be ashamed of it, buddy."

Donnie and Karl came back to tell us that our clothes were ready. Coach suggested that we take a shower to wash off the chlorine, and we all ended up in the shower off his bedroom. Man, it was huge. It had three showerheads. Karl turned them all on, and then started washing Donnie's back. I took the cue, got down on my knees, and started washing his legs. That put Donnie's beautiful black dick right in front of my face just inches away from my mouth. I watched it rise to full erection. I wanted to lean forward and take him in my mouth, but I wasn't sure that Donnie would really want that, and I didn't want Coach to see me and get mad.

When coach returned with some towels for us Karl pulled him into the shower with us. He protested at first, but Karl said we would consider the shower to be a "safe place" just like the locker room at school.

I remained on my knees and washed Coach's legs while Donnie did his back and ass and Karl soaped his chest. I liked the way the soap made the hair on coach's chest lie in swirls. After coach, we all washed Karl.

Then it was my turn. God, I was so turned on, I couldn't hold it back and shot a load across Karl's shoulder. I tried to apologize, but Karl just laughed it off. It wasn't like we hadn't shot all over each other before, but I was embarrassed with Coach and Donnie being there to see me shoot.

Coach was behind me. He pulled me into a hug, and I could feel his hard dick against my ass cheek. My dick twitched, and I thought for a second that I might shoot another load. He leaned in and whispered into my ear, "It's okay, man. It's okay. It looked like you'd been saving up for a couple of days for that one."

"No, I jerked off this morning."

"Then I'm even more impressed. Just remember about this being a `safe place.'"


Karl, Donnie and I started going out to coach's house on Saturday mornings to run with him. My brother Ryan started coming along also. At first I was kind of pissed off about Ryan coming along, but I got over it. It really wasn't his fault. Angela, my step mom, wanted him out of her hair on Saturday mornings so she could run into Asheville to spend money at the mall.

We were all out at Coach's the morning after my fifteenth birthday. Angela and my dad hadn't even wished me a happy birthday the day before. They'd completely ignored it. Guess my birthday wasn't too important to them. However, Coach had a coffee cake with a candle in it on the kitchen table. They all sang `Happy Birthday', and I almost started crying.

Coach gave me a big hug. Ryan came over and joined in the hug. We clung to each other for a good while. I didn't want the hug to end, and I don't think Ryan did either.


The first weekend of November Angela pawned Ryan and me off on coach for the whole weekend. Dad was down in Charlotte for chemotherapy. I heard Angela tell coach over the phone that she needed to be down there with him. Like Hell! She wanted to be able to hit the stores in Charlotte while dad was in the hospital.

Ryan came over to the high school on Friday afternoon, and after practice coach loaded us up with videos from Blockbuster and enough pizza to feed an army. Ryan and I had to share the bed in coach's spare bedroom that night, but I slept really well . . . way better than I did at home.

It was just Coach, Ryan and me for the run the next morning. Karl was out of town with his parents, and Donnie had called explaining he had girlfriend problems and wouldn't be out. Turned out later that he had really big girlfriend problems. We found out just before Christmas that Donnie'd gotten her pregnant.

The weather was unbelievably nice for that time of the year so after the morning run we spent the rest of the day working around in Coach's yard. I had a ball. I really like doing yard work. Maybe I'm crazy, but I really like it. Ryan liked it too because coach let him use the riding mower on the yard and down in the orchard.

We all showered together before dinner, and then coach really surprised Ryan and me by allowing us to have one beer before dinner. He told us it would be the only beer so make the most of it. We nursed those beers all the way through dinner and into the evening. They were awfully warm and flat by the time we drained the last drop out of the bottles.

We watched a really bad martial arts movie for a while, and then all ended up in a wrestling match. Suddenly Coach complained about his shoulder being sore. Ryan offered to give him a back rub. My little brother gives fantastic back rubs so I encouraged Coach to take him up on the offer. While Ryan worked on his shoulders, I knelt down and started massaging his feet. Coach really got into it. I think he fell asleep for a minute. I took the chance and undid the drawstring on his sweat pants, pulled them off, and extended my massage to his calves and lower thighs. Man, I loved the feel of his hairy muscular legs. Soon Ryan and I were sticking our hands under the waistband of coach's boxer shorts, and I was hard as a rock. However, just about that time Coach started to snore softly.

When we went to bed that night, I couldn't get the feel of coach's body out of my mind. When I was sure Ryan was asleep, I slipped out of our bed and climbed into bed with coach. I wanted to feel him close to me again.

Coach stirred when I got in bed with him. He started to protest.

"Ryan's asleep. There's something I've wanted to do for weeks now, but this is the first chance I've had. Lie back."

He was naked under the covers. I slid down until I was able to take his dick into his mouth. I tried all of the things that Karl liked when I gave him blowjobs. He pulled me around so we were in a sixty-nine position. When I felt his mouth go around my dick I thought I'd cum right then. Too soon I felt coach's dick start to swell. He blew a big load down my throat then he finished me off. I had one of the biggest orgasms of my life.

After catching my breath, I moved around so I was face to face with him. He kissed me! Karl and I had never kissed. The passion and intensity almost took my breath away.

Coach started to say something after we kissed. I could tell by the sound of his voice that he was feeling guilty about having sex with me. I put my finger on his lips and said, "Don't say anything. I wanted to do that. Just hold me for a little while. This is my `safe place.' Let me stay here."

I fell asleep with my face in the hollow of his neck.


When I woke up in the morning Coach was gone. Ryan was in his place. I have to admit that freaked me out a little. Ryan and I were going to have to have another talk, but first I needed to relieve the pressure in my bladder. As I lifted back the covers to get out of the bed, I noticed that Ryan was naked. That had to be a good story.

My brother was stretching when I came back into the bedroom.

"Morning, TJ."

"Ah, Ryan, why are you here?"

"I woke up last night and you were gone. I went in to pee and saw you and Coach Arnold here in bed. I sat on the bed and watched the two of you sleep for a while. Then Coach woke up. I asked him if I could stay in the bed with you guys. It felt good to sleep next to him."

"Ryan, you're naked."

"Oh, yeah. I figured out that you and Coach were naked so I took my shorts off."

"Ryan, about my sleeping in Coach's bed..."

"It's okay, TJ. I'm not going to tell any one. I haven't told any one about you and Karl, have I?"

"No, you've kept your promise. I bet Coach is a little worried right now though. Maybe we ought to go down stairs and you can let him know it's okay with you."

"Yeah, good idea. Besides, I kind of hungry."

We got out of bed, pulled on our boxers, and went down stairs. Coach was drinking coffee in the kitchen. We both gave him a hug, and then he said we needed to have a talk. I think Ryan and I made it clear that things were okay and that Ryan would never tell any one.

We all had a great day doing stuff out in the yard and the barn. Coach fixed spaghetti that night, and we watched TV until bedtime.

We all used the shower at the same time. When we were drying off, Ryan looked over at me and nodded his head in the direction of Coach's bedroom before heading into the spare bedroom. I led Coach to his bed, and we must have kissed and sucked and caressed for an hour or more. Each time I'd get close, coach would back off. Finally I was almost begging to cum. When I did come into Coach's hot mouth, he shot his own load down my throat at almost the same time.

Ryan came in and joined us some time in the night. I didn't hear him come in, but he was there in the bed with us when we woke up.


I really enjoyed the weekend with Coach Arnold. The sex with him was great, but I wasn't in love with him or anything like that. I would have enjoyed being with him even if we hadn't slept together. Unlike Angela and my dad, he treated me like I was a real person with some brains not like a stupid ten-year-old. Ryan really enjoyed the weekend too.

When we got back home after school on Monday Angela had just pulled up in the big Lexus she'd insisted dad buy for her. She ordered Ryan and me to help her unpack. To Angela helping meant she went inside the house while Ryan and I carried everything inside. She'd said she was going to spend the weekend with my dad in the hospital, but she'd found enough time to do some major shopping. The trunk was filled with packages from Montaldo's in Charlotte.

(To be continued)