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by Jeff Allen



The Christmas Holidays were quiet times for me. Actually, they were darn lonely! My long-standing plans to visit my brother and his family had been canceled so they could take a trip to Hawaii. Ginger left town to spend the Holidays with her parents as had most of the other younger teachers at Carter County High School. My students and the guys from the soccer team were delighted to be out of school, and most were wrapped up with their families as well. That left me pretty much by myself for the Holidays.

I read several detective novels. I worked on lesson plans for my spring term classes. I finally got around to painting the walls in the house. I traveled down to the bars in Charlotte a few times, but the bars weren=t very busy at that time of the year. Even on New Years Eve the bars weren=t too busy.

In short, I was bored and mighty glad when classes started again on January 4.

The old routine quickly reestablished itself. I ran at six in the morning with whoever showed up. It was mostly guys from the soccer team, but a few of the other athletes started showing up as well. When the weather permitted, we ran outside. When the weather was bad, we ran in the old gym. After school, the guys from the soccer team, minus Donnie who was now working after school to support himself and his new wife, showed up for the study hall.

On the Friday nights when we had a home basketball game, Ginger and I sat together in the stands surrounded by many of the soccer players. Karl Henson was normally there as well as TJ and increasingly his brother, Ryan.

Karl, TJ, and Ryan came out to my house almost every other Saturday morning. I=d cook breakfast and they=d stay through lunch. If the weather was too cold or snowy for running, we just hung out. TJ and Ryan=s dad had completed his chemotherapy and was in remission so I didn't have any more calls from Ms. Ladd to watch her sons for the weekend.

Saturday evenings usually found Ginger and me headed to one of the bars in Charlotte, Knoxville, or Winston-Salem where we hooked up with a new trick each weekend.

Soccer practice started again the first week in March, and we had our first match two weeks later. Let me tell you, playing soccer in the mountains of North Carolina in mid to late March is no treat. I don=t care if the state is part of the Old South, it=s still darn cold in the mountains at that time of the year. We were all thankful for the plentiful hot water in the locker room showers!

Speaking of hot water, I installed the largest hot water heater possible out at the house. Not that the excess capacity was used all that much. If TJ and Karl were out by themselves we=d all take a long group shower with lots of prolonged mutual washing, but that was as far as it went. I assumed that Karl wasn=t ready to take our physical relationship to the next level, and I respected that distance. If Ryan was out with the other guys, we all took separate showers.

Ryan started showing up at soccer practice almost every afternoon. He was eager to help in any way possible. He made sure there were water bottles out on the practice field. He handed out towels after practice, and helped clean up after the showers. The guys soon adopted him as a human version of the team mascot and little brother for the entire team. He got lots of hugs and shoulder pats, and when the guys found out how good he was with shoulder and leg massages his popularity skyrocketed. He soon became the de facto team trainer.

We had another great season, going 8 and 3 for the spring. The sports reporter from the local paper, The Carterville Crier, started attending our home matches, and the space given to soccer in the sports section expanded dramatically.

The first week in April, Karl Henson learned that he=d received a congressional appointment to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. According to the paper, Karl would be the first Carter County resident ever to attend West Point.

On May 15, I was called out of my senior history class to take a call from Donnie Micheaux. He told me Leigh had just delivered a seven-pound baby boy.

AWe=re going to call him Grant Lee Micheaux. Coach, I can=t believe how beautiful he is! I can=t believe I=ve got a son!@

AHe=s got two beautiful parents, Donnie. Love him like you=d want to be loved.@

AI will, Coach. I will.@

Soccer season and classes wrapped up at the end of May, and suddenly it was summer vacation time.

The guys on the team wanted a party to celebrate the soccer season and the end of school. Joe May (who was still the assistant coach despite his earlier vow that he would only do it for the fall season) and I decided to have a cookout and swim party out at my farm. We had some help with the cooking in the form of Joe=s hunky son Paul, who was home from college for the summer and looking hotter than he had when I=d seen him back in the fall. The guys had a great time splashing in the pool, chasing Frisbees and soccer balls, and eating what seemed like tons of burgers and hot dogs.

Donnie Micheaux came out to the party for a little while with his new son. One-month-old Grant was the hit of the evening. The normally macho acting guys vied for a chance to hold him and coo at him. I=m sure it would have won first prize on America=s Funniest Home Videos if anyone had recorded the scene. Donnie was clearly glad to see all the guys again. He had managed to graduate with his class, but I knew he was working long hours at the garage to try to support his new family.

I wasn=t able to talk with him very much, but the conversation I did have really troubled me.

We were seated at the picnic table. Joe, his son Paul, and TJ had started cleaning up the grills. Little Grant was being passed from one set of arms to another, and I took the opportunity to ask Donnie how things were going.

He looked at me for a second, and then he looked back down at his food. "It=s rough, Coach. Leigh=s parents still haven=t seen Grant. She was going over there tonight to visit because they=re still her parents."

AI=m sorry, Donnie. I know that has to be hard on Leigh and on you. I=m sure they=ll come around.@

AI don=t know, Coach. If you can=t accept an innocent baby just because he=s half Black, I don=t know if there=s much hope later on.@ He looked over at his former teammates who were crowded around Karl Henson who was holding little Grant. "Those guys don=t have a problem. None of the guys on the team had a problem with me being Black, but Leigh=s parents won=t have anything to do with me or my son."

I gave him a hug. "Remember, if you ever need any thing, you just call me.@

AI know I can always count on you, Coach. Thanks.@

Just then Ricky Jordan came over so our conversation changed course. That little snippet of conversation played in my mind the rest of the evening.

The cookout broke up around ten. Guys started packing up and heading home. I helped Joe and Paul May load their barbeque grill into the back of Paul=s pickup truck.

As he climbed into the passenger=s seat of the truck, Joe said, AYou be sure to tell me when you want to start soccer practice in the fall. If you want me, I=ll be glad to help out again next year.@

I shook his hand through the window of the truck. AYou know I want you, and I=ll let you know.@

More of the guys left. Most came over and gave me a hug before leaving and told me they=d be back in the fall. Karl, TJ, and Larry Bledsoe were the last ones left. They helped with the final clean up in the house, and then, to my surprise, TJ and Larry gave me a hug before piling into Larry=s truck.

As they headed down the drive I turned to Karl who was standing next to me, AI thought TJ would be riding back with you.@

ANo. I asked him to go back with Larry. I wanted to talk with you alone.@

ASure. What=s the topic?@

AThis.@ He leaned over and planted a gentle kiss on my lips.


"Let=s go inside, Coach. I want you to make love to me.@

AAre you sure?@

AOh, yes. I=ve wanted that for a long time, but right now I=m really nervous. Could we go inside and have a beer or something?@

AKarl, I=m stunned.@

ADoes that mean you don=t want me?@

I took his hand. ANo, no. It doesn=t mean that at all, but suddenly I=m kind of nervous too. I think both of us could use a beer.@

I led the way into the house and snagged a couple of bottles from the fridge on the way to the couch in the living room.

We settled next to each other on the couch and both took long swigs of our beers.

AOkay, Karl, all the times TJ, you, and I have showered together and washed each other, you have been the one setting the limits. Now you=re asking me to make love to you?@

ATJ and I are like brothers. I know TJ likes you a lot. He=s told me many times how sexy he thinks you are. I never wanted to get in between the two of you so I never let things go too far. TJ and I talk about everything, but he has never told me anything about the two of you. If he comes out here by himself, he never tells me anything. I think that means that you and he have made love. If I=m wrong and that offends you, I=m sorry. If I=m right, then I=m happy for TJ. He needs some good things going on in his life, and you=re a good thing for him. Coach, I=m heading off for the Army and West Point in two weeks, and while the official U.S. Military policy is >Don=t ask; don=t tell= I know the army still comes down hard on gays when it can. I think this might be my last chance to be with a man for a long time, and I want that man to be you. TJ=s not the only guy on the team who thinks you=re really sexy. I do too, and I have since the first day I saw you.@

AWhat=s TJ say about this?@

He smiled. AHe told me it was about damned time I put the moves on you.@

AAre you sure about this?@

AAre you turning me down?@

ANo, I just want to be sure...@

He interrupted me by leaning in and planting another kiss on my lips. This time it was a serious kiss. Tongue and everything. When the kiss was over, I was hard as a rock, and I knew he was too because I could feel his dick straining against his shorts.

He started giggling. AYou smell like the barbeque grill.@

AWe can fix that. Let=s go take a shower.@

We took our time in the shower. There was a lot of kissing and rubbing of soapy hands over some very sensitive body parts. Both of us were as hard as rocks, and it=s a wonder we didn=t explode right there in the shower, but we both wanted the evening to last so we kept ourselves in control . . . barely.

In bed, Karl lay on his back while I slowly worked my mouth and tongue down his magnificent body. His body had matured during the course of the year. He had more hair in between his pecs and it was spreading like weeds to colonize his chest muscles. His nipples were ringed with hair, and a thick treasure trail led down past his navel to his pubic bush. I used my tongue on it all. When I reached his erect phallus, I opened my mouth and sank all the way down to the base. It must have been a good eight inches! He grabbed the sheets and thrust his hips up to drive his prick even deeper into my throat. I moved off his cock and grinned up at him.

Suddenly aggressive, he flipped me over on my back and moved his mouth down my belly to my dick. His sucking techniques reminded me of TJ=s, and at that moment I knew for certain that TJ and Karl had been having sex. Other than one slip of the tongue by TJ, neither had ever said anything about having sex with each other. I appreciated the unusual level of integrity of the two young men.

Karl left my dick and came back up to kiss me. I took the initiative again, rolled him on his back, and restarted my oral exploration of his body. This time I bypassed his dick and began gently rolling his balls around with my tongue. He spread his legs giving me the opportunity and I went straight for his manhole.

His reaction to my tongue on his hole was dramatic. First he pulled his knees up to his chest exposing his most private area completely to my mouth and tongue. Second he started moaning and sucking air in between his teeth making a hissing sound. Third he tried to push his ass back into my face as I rimmed him.

AI want it! I want you to fuck me!@

AHave you ever done it?@

ANo. But I want it. Please, I want to feel what it=s like.@

AYou know it=s going to hurt.@

AYeah, but I don=t care. Please, Parker, I want to feel you inside me.@

AOkay, but if you tell me to stop, I=ll stop. All you have to do is tell me.@

AI know you=ll be as gentle as possible."

"Just lie back. I=m going to loosen you up.@

I went back to using my tongue on his virgin hole. I spread his cheeks with my hands and began spreading my saliva into his hole with my index finger. His anal ring began to relax as I worked my tongue and finger farther into his passage. I grabbed a lubricated condom from the drawer of the bedside table.

AYou don=t need that. I=m a virgin.@

AYou are, but I=m not. Always play safely.@

With my rod sheathed in it=s protective layer of latex, I squeezed some KY onto my hand and began working it into his relaxed hole.

ADo it now. I can=t wait any longer.@

AGet up on your hands and knees. It=ll be easier on you if I go in from behind.@

He moved around so his shapely ass was pointed in my face, I lined up with his hole, and began to ease into him.

I felt him tense as the head of my dick attempted to spread him further.

APush down like you=re going to the bathroom.@

Suddenly the resistance eased and I began to sink into him. He gasped. I stopped my progress. ADo you want me to stop?@

ANo. Just let me get used to it. It hurts a little, but I know I want it all inside me.@

Slowly he pushed backward swallowing my dick with his ass. I ran my hands up and down his muscular back as he impaled himself on my shaft.

I moved slowly with short strokes at first. As the resistance in his love chute lessened I increased my pace and the length of my strokes.

AI=m going to pull out so you can lie on your back.@

I pulled out, and he rolled over pulling his legs up as far to his chest as he could. I took aim again and sank myself into his body. There was no resistance that time. Only a satisfied sigh from Karl when my pubic hair came in contact with his butt.

We stayed coupled and unmoving as I kissed him. Then I started moving. His dick was leaking buckets of precum. I grabbed his slippery tool with my right hand and pumped his dick with my hand while I pumped his ass with my hard dick.

AOh, God! I=m gonna cum!"

"Do it!@

I pumped harder. He began shooting thick ropes of pearly white cum. I felt my climax building and increased the tempo of my thrusts and unloaded with a roar.

Afterwards we lay side-by-side exchanging small kisses and gentle caresses. Karl went down stairs to retrieve our beers. When he came back upstairs I noticed that his dick was getting hard again.

AAre you ready for another round?@

He looked down at his inflating member and smiled. AWould you let me fuck you?@

AMan, you are really determined to lose every aspect of your virginity.@

He just smiled and stroked his expanding cock. God, what a beautifully sexy sight he was. In reply, I rolled over on my back and pulled my legs up exposing my ass to him. The last time I=d been on the receiving end had been during my disastrous affair in college. Since then I=d always been the top. I was surprised when I realized that I really wanted Karl inside me.

ATake it easy on me. It=s been a long time.@

He was a gentle lover. I was surprised when he started rimming me. In my experience most guys new to gay sex take a while to get into the anilingus scene. I placed a condom over his dick. He pressed the head of his dick against my hole and slowly moved forward. He took his time thrusting for a while and then slowing down to short slow strokes. He found my prostate and adjusted his movements to stimulate it on almost every stroke. I wasn=t touching myself, and my dick was again at full mast and leaking precum like crazy. Despite having had a tremendous orgasm less than an hour earlier, I could feel the tension building in my loins. As his rhythm increased I felt my climax begin.

We came at the same time, and he collapsed on top of me. That=s the way we fell asleep.


Karl didn=t leave my house until the next evening. We made love in the morning before breakfast. We made love right after breakfast and again before lunch. After lunch we took a long nap and then made love again before he took a final shower and pulled on his clothes for the first time in nearly twenty hours. It was an incredible day for both of us. My encounters at the bars resulted in sex pure and simple. The time with Karl had been much, much more. We were making love not having sex. Maybe I was ready to consider the idea of a boyfriend or lover again. I was really attracted to Karl, but sadly he was leaving for four years at West Point and then four years on active duty. We both shed a few tears as we kissed and embraced before he got in his car to head back home to his parents.

My long-awaited trip to California to see my brother Deuce and his family was coming up on the First of July, the same day Karl was leaving for West Point. Deuce and I had talked on the phone two or three times every week since the previous summer. As the time for my trip grew closer we were on the phone four or five times a week. The plan was for me to be out there for the entire month. Deuce was taking three weeks of vacation, and he had plans to show me everything he could in Southern California during that time.

I asked TJ if he would take care of the yard and pool for me while I was gone. Of course he agreed. Three days before my trip Karl brought TJ and Ryan out to the house so I could give TJ a key and last minute instructions.

When we=d covered the details, TJ stood up from the kitchen table, grabbed Ryan=s arm, and giving me a broad wink said, ARyan and I are going to go down to the pool for a little bit. I know you and Karl have got a couple of things to talk about before he leaves. Why don=t you come down to the pool to get us when you=re done talking.@

TJ and his brother disappeared out the back door leaving Karl and me sitting at the table.

I laughed, ADid you put him up to that? What kinds of things do we have to talk about?@

ACoach, I haven=t said a word to him about the other week. He knows that I spent the night out here, but I haven=t told him what we did. That=s between me and you, but TJ=s a pretty smart kid. Looks like he=s got it figured out.@

I reached over and took his hand, ASo what should we talk about?@

AWhatever it is I=d much rather do our talking in your bed.@

We wasted no time in getting naked and into my bed. We kissed. I moved down and took his lovely, hard cock in my mouth. After bringing him to the brink of orgasm with my mouth, I pulled off, sat back on my haunches in the bed, and looked at the handsome young man in front of me.

He smiled. AThis may be my last chance to be with another man for a long time. I want to feel you inside me again.@ He pulled his legs up exposing his puckered hole.

I didn=t need a second invitation. I dove in and started rimming and fingering him while I searched for the lube and rubbers with the other hand. When I entered him, his eyes registered a brief moment of pain before the pleasure took over. He rose to meet my thrusts. I leaned forward and covered his mouth with mine. We continued thrusting and kissing until his body tensed and his seed spilled out between us. Two more thrusts and I emptied my balls into the condom.

I pulled my softening dick out of his hole, rolled over, and removed the condom.

Karl rose up on his elbows, a sheen of perspiration covering his toned body. AGod, I=m going to miss that.@ He swung his legs over the side of the bed. AI need to cool down. Let=s go join TJ and Ryan in the pool."

He got out of bed and headed down the stairs leaving his clothes scattered beside the bed. I gathered our clothes, transported them to the kitchen, sorted them into the appropriate piles, grabbed some towels, and headed down to the pool. Ryan and TJ were in the process of trying to dunk Karl. I jumped in and tried to even the odds by pulling TJ off Karl. We played around like that for the next half hour or so before pulling ourselves out of the water to dry our naked bodies in the sun.

I talked with Deuce again around eleven that evening, eight o=clock California time. We talked about my trip.

AI sure hope the weather clears up before you get out here. We=ve had nothing but rain for the last five days.@

AI=ve seen stuff about it on TV. Sounds like you guys are getting your entire yearly rainfall in just a few days.@

AThat=s for sure. We need it. It=s been dry out here for a couple of years, and folks were starting to get worried about wild fires. This should go a long way to easing the fire threat. Bring the sunshine with you when you come.@

AHey, I=ll try. I don=t care if it=s raining. I=m looking forward to seeing you, Christie and Trey. I=ll just be sure to pack some rain gear.@

AYou=d better do that. This stuff is predicted to stick around for another couple of days. See ya in a few, bud.@

ASee ya, Deuce. I love you.@

ALove you too, bro.@

We hung up.

Later that night I got the phone call that changed my life.

The noise brought me out of the middle of a dream. I reached over and slammed my hand down on the alarm clock. The ringing continued. My sleep-dulled brain finally registered the sound as the ringing of the phone.

I fumbled for the receiver.


APlease don=t hang up. This is Andrew Gordon, I=m one of your brother=s law partners. There=s been an accident.@

I was wide-awake. The bedside clock said three thirty.

AWhat kind of accident?@

AThere was a landslide, and Deuce=s house was destroyed.@

AWhat about Deuce? Is he okay? What about Christie and Trey?@

AMr. Arnold, things are pretty bad. You need to come out here as soon as you can. Tomorrow if possible.@

AWhat about my brother and his family?@

AThe slide happened just a couple of hours ago. We think everyone was in bed asleep. The rescue squad found Trey. He . . . he=s being checked out in the hospital right now. First indications are that he=s bruised and in shock, but no signs of serious injury.@

AWhat about Deuce and Christie?@

AThey haven=t found them yet.@

(To be continued)