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by Jeff Allen



Two days before we were to leave California for North Carolina, Trey and I loaded up the car and headed into the hills for a day of hiking. After about two hours on the trail we came to a beautiful spot over looking a small valley. We decided to eat our lunch and enjoy the view. I'd been putting it off, but that moment seemed like it would be a good time to tell him that his uncle and guardian was gay.

Trey wolfed down his sandwiches as only a teenage boy could. I chewed distractedly on mine.

"Trey, we need to talk about something."

"Sure. What is it?"

"I know you've gone through a lot in the last month. You lost your parents and your best friend. In a couple of days you're going to move across the country with an uncle you've only gotten to know since your folks died, and you're going to start in a new school. I want you to know that I love you. You and I are all that's left of the Arnold Family, but you need to know something about me before you come with me to North Carolina."

He put down his sandwich and looked at me. I caught a slight quiver in his lower lip. "What is it?"

"Trey, there's no easy way to say this. I'm gay. We've been living together for the last month, and we're going to be living together for the next several years, and you need to know that about me. I'm not going to try to seduce you or 'turn you' into a homosexual. I promise I'll respect you and the new friends you'll make in Carterville, but I need to be honest with you."

His face clouded, and he looked away. There were tears beginning in his eyes as his face reflected some emotion. I couldn't tell if it was anger, a sense of betrayal, or fear. What ever it was, it took a few moments for him to bring it under control.


He looked back at me. I still couldn't read his face, and his voice was flat when he responded, "It's okay, Uncle Parker."

"Trey, I thought you deserved to know. I don't want any secrets between us."

"I said it was okay."

"That's what you're voice is saying, but your body language is telling me some thing else."

He stood and moved a couple of paces away from where we'd been sitting side by side. His voice had an edge to it as he responded, "I guess I'd hoped . . . I mean, I thought . . ."

"I'm sorry. I realize this is a big curve to throw at you."

He looked away across the valley. "I . . . I don't think I can talk about it right now. Let's go back to the apartment."

He started down the trail back toward the car.

I picked up the day pack and followed thinking, 'Well, Parker, you handled that with skill and sensitivity. Way to go.'

Trey was almost silent on the way back to the car and on the drive back to the apartment. I tried a couple of times to start a conversation but failed. He answered me with single words and simple sentences. It was clear he didn't want to talk. Back at the apartment, he said he was tired and was going to take a nap. He disappeared into his room for the rest of the night.

I ate some leftovers for dinner and then sat on the balcony of the apartment and watched the sunset over the city. It was a beautiful sunset, but my mind was elsewhere. It was obvious that Trey was upset at the news that I was gay. Would he learn to accept me? Could we live together if he didn't accept me? Was I doing the right thing by taking him back to my home, to a part of the country he'd only visited a few times and away from every thing and every one he'd known all his life?

Trey still hadn't come out of his room when I was ready to go to bed. I knocked softly on his door. No response. I opened the door and looked in. He was curled up in the bed. I went over to check on him. He was asleep so I quietly turned around and closed the door again.

I didn't get much sleep that night.

The next morning, Trey was a little more responsive to my attempts to start conversations. He didn't say a word about my being gay. It appeared that his way of "coping" with the fact he was going to be living with a gay uncle was to ignore it. The old "If you don't talk about it, it isn't a problem" approach to life.

Trey seemed to come out of his shell more and more as the day progressed. By the next morning our relationship and interaction was almost back to "normal." What ever that was.


Andrew Gordon and Clint McKnight helped us get to the airport. Their support and assistance to both Trey and me over the month had been invaluable. I was going to miss both of them.

Andrew had insisted on first class seating for us on the plane back to Charlotte. Trey watched out the window as we taxied and took off. He strained to watch the familiar California hills grow smaller as we gained altitude. When he finally turned around in his seat, there were tears in his eyes.

I took his hand, not certain how the gesture of support would be taken. I was pleased when he put his other hand over the top of mine.

"I know it's tough leaving everything you've known. I'll be there for you, Trey."

"Thanks, Uncle Parker. I know you will. I'm excited about going to Carterville and the new school and all, but I'm kind of nervous about it at the same time."


Flying east means losing an hour of daytime for every Time Zone. We'd left Los Angeles before lunch for a five hour flight, but it was nearly seven local time when we landed in Charlotte. It was almost ten and dark as pitch by the time we got up the mountains to Carterville.

I opened the door to the kitchen. The house seemed to welcome me. Everything was clean. Ginger and TJ had taken care of it while I was gone. Mail was piled up on the kitchen table. I found notes from Ginger, TJ, and Joe May welcoming me home and telling me to call.

Trey and I hauled the luggage in from the car. I showed him around the house, and then left him up in the spare bedroom, now his room, to start unpacking his things. I thought it would be too late to call TJ. I dialed Joe May and we made arrangements to meet in town for lunch the next day. He said most of the soccer team had been showing up for morning conditioning runs and they were all looking forward to having me back. I didn't tell him that I would have to resign as soccer coach. Trey was going to need continued counseling. Dr. Zimmerman in California had made the arrangements with one of his contacts in Charlotte. Trey and I would be traveling down there once a week for the foreseeable future. There was no way I could continue as the coach.

Ginger and I talked for a long time. It wasn't like we hadn't talked on the phone from California. We just liked to talk. I was going to miss our trips to the bars. No way would I be able to get out of town two or three weekends a month with a fifteen-year-old living in the house.


Trey and I didn't get moving until nearly ten the next morning. We had a cup of coffee (a habit of mine he'd picked up) and went for a short run. It was glorious! The day was sunny and mild for that time of the year. Trey's head swivelled from side to side as he took in the scenery for the first time. Several times he remarked how green everything was compared to the soft pastels and earth tones of the California country side. It dawned on me that the only times he'd ever been in the East was when he and his parents visited my folks in Atlanta at Christmas when the trees were all barren and brown.

When we got back from the run, I showed Trey around the farm before we showered and drove into town to meet Joe May at the Mountain Café.

Joe greeted me with a bear hug. I introduced Trey.

Joe grabbed his hand. "You look just like your uncle."

"Thank you, sir."

"Trey, I'm sorry about your parents. I wish you were coming here under happier circumstances, but I want to be one of the first to welcome you and say we're glad you're here."

Trey's eyes glistened. I thought he might lose it, but he pulled himself together. "Thank you, sir. I appreciate your thoughts."

The waitress showed us to a table and took our order. Salads and ice teas for Joe and me. A cheeseburger, fries, and coke for Trey.

"Trey, I understand that you play soccer. Are you going to play for your uncle this year? I can tell you, he's one heck of a good coach."

"Yes, sir, I do play, and I'm looking forward to being on the team."

"Uh, Joe, that's something we have to talk about. Trey and I will be going down to Charlotte once a week for a while to see a psychiatrist. I won't be able to coach the team this year."

"Nonsense! You guys go down when you need to. Once a week. Twice a week. It doesn't matter. You guys go when you need, and I'll take care of practice on those days. What matters is that you stay on as the coach."

"Joe, I can't ask you to do that!"

"Parker, you're not 'asking' me to do anything; I'm telling you what I going to do. You're the best darned thing that's ever happened to the soccer program in this town. You built a real team . . . no a real community . . . out of those guys on the team. They all want you back, and they all want to play for you this year. Once the news got around about Trey's family, every single guy on the team called me and wanted to know what they could do for you. I told them the best thing they could do was to be ready to play some soccer when you came back. You can't let them down."

I nodded my head in agreement. If I'd tried to talk at that moment, I would have ended up in tears.


I was buoyed up Joe May's insistence that I continue to coach the soccer team. I had been irritated the previous summer when Dr. Bergman, the principal, had asked me to be the coach, but I found that I really enjoyed coaching. I would have missed it.

After lunch I drove around to show Trey the town. It was near three when we pulled up the driveway to our house. I spotted TJ and Ryan's bicycles leaning against the garage.

We found them cleaning the pool. When they spotted us both boys came up and gave me a big hug.

"Coach May said you'd gotten back in town last night. We're glad you're back."

"Trey, this is TJ and Ryan Ladd. TJ's the one who's been taking care of my yard all summer. He's also on the soccer team. You two will be in the same class at school. Ryan's going to be the equipment manager for the soccer team this year."

TJ and Trey shook hands.

"Hey, Trey, welcome to Carterville. Are you going to be on the team?"

"Yeah, I'm looking forward to it although I hear the coach is a real jerk."

I feigned a hurt look. "Ouch. You haven't even given me a chance."

TJ laughed, "You're right, Trey. Soccer's cool, but the coach can be a jerk."

"If you guys are going to abuse me like that, I'll just go into the house. By the way, TJ, the yard looks really great! Thanks for keeping up with it this summer."

"Thanks, Coach. You're welcome. You know I like to do yard work, but I have to tell you that Ryan helped me with this yard."

I pulled Ryan into a hug. He'd grown about two inches over the summer. "Thanks, Champ."

"Yup, every time I started to come out here, Ryan wanted to come along and swim in the pool. I told him he'd have to help if he wanted to use the pool."

"Hey, go ahead and use it. I'll go get some cokes from the fridge."

Ryan grinned at me before shucking off his shoes and shorts and jumping bare assed into the pool. Before he hit the water I noticed two things. First, height wasn't the only place where he'd grown over the summer. His dick and balls were now almost the same size as TJ's. Second, he had no tan line. He must have spent a lot of time naked in the pool over the summer.

TJ noticed the shocked look on Trey's face. "Don't worry. We go naked in the pool all the time. No one can see so there's no problem. You can wear a suit if you want. It doesn't make any difference, but it feels a lot better in the water if you're naked."

With that he pulled off his own clothes and headed toward the pool. TJ's golden brown tan wasn't broken by a tan line either.

Trey looked over at me. I shrugged my shoulders. "It's your choice, bud. Suit or no suit is fine. I'm gonna go up and get some cokes for everyone. If you decide to go in the pool, ask TJ to explain the idea of a 'safe place' to you."

When I returned with the drinks and towels Trey was in the pool and as naked as the other two boys. They were chasing each other around and splashing each other. I set the soft drinks and towels down on one of the pool side tables, and settled into one of the chairs to watch the boys play in the pool.

"Hey Uncle Parker, aren't you going to come in?"

"No, I think I'll just sit here and watch. Cokes are up here when you get thirsty."

The three guys exchanged glances. I swear there must have been some form of telepathic communication between them. They climbed out of the pool and headed over toward me. I thought they were coming over for the cokes, but they grabbed me out of the chair and propelled me toward the pool. I grabbed them. We all went in.

We came up sputtering and laughing. I tried to dunk TJ, but my wet clothes slowed me down, and he easily escaped.

I climbed out of the pool and peeled off my wet clothing. The guys whistled and cheered as each wet article of clothing was discarded. When I was completely stripped I dove back into the pool. This time I was able to catch up with each of the guys and dunk them. We horsed around for a while before I pulled myself out and sat on the side of the pool with my legs dangling in the water.

"Hey TJ, do you and Ryan want to stay for dinner? I'll cook some burgers on the grill. I'll drive you guys back into town afterwards."

"Sounds good to me, Coach. Let me go call Angela." He paused for a moment. "Ryan, maybe you'd better be the one to call and ask. Angela may still be pissed at me."

Ryan nodded his head, climbed out of the pool, and headed up to the house to make the call.

When Ryan returned, he was all smiles.

"I take it your mother said it was okay to stay for dinner."

"Better than that. She said that she and Dad wanted an evening alone so we should just stay out here tonight."

I must have looked stunned because Ryan quickly added, "That's if it's okay with you, Coach. We could all go in for the morning run, and then TJ and I could go home."

I was happy to have TJ and Ryan staying over, but I was amazed at Angela Ladd's forwardness to suggest that they should stay. Of course when I thought about it, it wasn't really a surprise. She'd done similar things several times before.

I went into the house, pulled on some dry clothes, and drove back into town to visit the grocery store. I had some major shopping to do. The previous year I'd fallen into the habit of just picking up something at one of the local restaurants and taking it back home for dinner. While I was pretty choosy, my past habit wasn't the best way to provide nutrition for Trey. I needed to start cooking meals at home.

Two grocery carts full and a couple of hundred dollars later I pulled up to the house with the back end of the Volvo filled with food. I hauled a load of groceries into the kitchen and looked out the back window. The guys were still down at the pool. I stuck my head out the door and called down to them asking for some help putting the groceries away. Three very wet and slightly sunburned teenagers appeared in the kitchen and made short work of carrying the groceries in from the car.

When the groceries were all spread out on the kitchen table and counters, they grabbed three cokes and a bag of chips and disappeared upstairs. I heard the shower running as I put the groceries away.

Their timing was excellent. I'd just finished finding places for all the groceries and was starting to get things ready for dinner when Trey, TJ, and Ryan came back down the stairs. All three had towels wrapped around their waists.

"What's with the towels, guys."

TJ smiled, "Our clothes are all still down at the pool. We thought we might go back in the pool after dinner so we'll just wear these towels for a while if it's okay with you, Coach."

I laughed, "TJ, you guys have been bare assed most of the afternoon. Wear the towels if you want, but I don't care if you stay naked until we go into town tomorrow morning."

As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I knew what would happen. The three guys exchanged a conspiratorial look and then dropped their towels in unison.

TJ looked at me and grinned. "What about you, Coach?"

"I'll keep my clothes on at least while I'm cooking dinner. I don't want to stand too close to a charcoal grill without some protection."

They must have worked up an appetite in the pool. Trey and TJ ate three hamburgers each. Ryan had two. In addition to the hamburgers, a whole pan of baked beans, another big bag of chips, and six more cokes disappeared at dinner!

The guys went back down to the pool after dinner. I worked on planning for my classes and the soccer team. When they finally came back in the house, it was well after dark. They took another group shower while I made two palates on the floor of Trey's room from the cushions on the living room furniture.

I peaked into Trey's room after taking my shower. Trey and TJ were side by side on the palates on the floor. Ryan was in the bed. They were all asleep.

I climbed into my bed thankful for how well Trey seemed to be getting along with TJ and Ryan. I hoped they'd become good friends. I fell asleep quickly.


Trey's screams woke me up. I ran into his room. He was thrashing around on the palate, fighting the covers, and screaming in his nightmare. TJ and Ryan were sitting up staring wide-eyed at Trey.

I'd hoped the nightmares had ended. He hadn't had one for almost two weeks. I pulled the covers away from him and wrapped my body around his. Immediately his trashing stopped and his screams turned into low moans as he buried his face in my chest and began to cry.

TJ reached out and tentatively touched Trey's shoulder. I looked at him and nodded my head encouraging him. He moved closer and enveloped Trey from the other side.

I whispered to TJ, "He's reliving being buried in the landslide and trying to find his parents. He'll go back to sleep in a couple of minutes."

TJ softly rubbed Trey's arm and whispered close to his ear. "It's okay, man. You're safe. You're safe here. Go back to sleep."

Gradually Trey's sobs subsided and his breathing took on the soft, regular pattern of sleep. I pulled away a little. Trey moved with me, but TJ tightened his grip, and Trey relaxed back against TJ.

Ryan climbed out of the bed and knelt next to me. "Go ahead and go back to bed, Coach. TJ and I will take care of him tonight."

I looked back as I entered the bathroom that connected their bedroom and mine. Ryan had taken my place on the palate. He and TJ had Trey sandwiched between them.

I knew my nephew was in good hands.

(To be continued)