Finding Love: A Journey
By: Scotty
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"I am reminded of a quote I read a long time ago. It seems to fit each of us in one way or another since we have all lost someone dear to us, someone who was a major force in our life. It's a rather simple little quote, but it is filled with extraordinary wisdom. It's just this."

After a moment of silence,

"Memory," she said, "is how we keep those we love."

Special thanks to Peter for his intelligent and sensitive editing. His work contributes much to the success of this story.

Chapter 19

Listening to Sadie's story had a remarkably quieting effect on everyone who heard it.  After Father Jim and Gary said good night to Jacob and Brad, they hurried to the SUV and climbed in. Gary took the driving duties with Father Jim as navigator.  After they were in the vehicle, they just sat there for a quiet moment.

"That was very emotional, wasn't it?  I'm not sure how Sadie was able to tell that story to all of us.  She's a wonderful human being and I feel very unworthy to be her friend.  She has a real sense of kindness and forgiveness, something that I strive for, but I am  far from the kind of perfection she has attained," said Jim.

 Gary turned the key in the ignition and started the SUV.  He looked to his right and studied Jim's face.  He smiled as he realized that Jim was deep in thought.  He leaned across the center console and kissed Jim on the cheek.  Jim quickly returned to the present.  Gary laughed softly.

"I don't know where you went, Jim, but I needed to have you back for a minute so that I could tell you how inadequate I feel in comparison to Sadie and you.  I'm just a regular guy, maybe even a geek or jerk, so I know that I don't have the wonderful qualities that you and Sadie possess."

Before he could go on, Jim pulled him across the console and holding him tightly in his arms kissed him with a passion that brought  Gary quickly to erection.  Jim's tongue was deep in Gary 's mouth as Gary gave up on the tongue fight.  He now just relaxed as best a horny guy could, and enjoyed the moment.  It was Jim who broke the kiss and embrace.

"You are a wonderful, caring, and gentle man.  Gary , let's go home.  I need you, and I will not give up this desire."

"Thank God," Gary said, as he pulled out of the Neilson driveway and sped down the highway toward what he dared not think.

"I've shocked you, haven't I?" asked Jim.

"No.  It's just. . ." Gary began.

"It's just what?" interrupted Jim.

 Gary giggled and reached for Jim's hand.  He squeezed Jim's hand, and told him,

"I thought I might have to wait almost a lifetime for you to come over to my side of the fence.  But, Baby, you just ran and vaulted over the fence and I hope into my arms.  It's amazing, Jim."

"Hmm, I guess I surprised myself, too.  I've been fighting the attraction I have for you since we met, and well I scolded myself for having feelings about you.  I told myself that I was a priest and that I should hold those desires in check.  I needed to turn away from the temptations of the flesh.  I prayed a lot, Gary , but God chose not to answer me.  All I have now to accept is the guilt that will follow whatever we end up doing as lovers."

"Lovers?" gasped  Gary , "Did you say lovers, Jim."

"I did." was his quick reply.

"If I was a cute blond babe with nice tits and a body that wouldn't stop and you wanted to fuck me, would you have any guilt about it?"

"No, Gary, but that's heterosexual love and sex.  It's different."

"How is it different?  If you love someone, does it matter the opening in the body in which you put your engorged penis?  You do that to show your love, Jim.  It's called making love.  So, if you want to make love to me in that way, and I want you to, then how can it be wrong?  I'm not a whore and you're not sticking your wick into every lantern whether it sheds light on the relationship or not."

Jim laughed and playfully messed up Gary 's hair.  He ran his hand up his soon-to-be lover's thigh and massaged  Gary 's semi-erect penis.  Gary gasped, but still looking straight ahead, it was a gasp of approval.

"It isn't that I don't want to be with you, Gary, that's clear to me.  It's just that I don't want you to feel guilty about my removing my collar and entering into a relationship that isn't what is expected of a priest.  And I don't want guilt about it either."


"We can wait." said Gary .

"Is that what you want?" asked Jim.


"Then why did you say it?"

"Because I don't want you to ever feel guilty about loving me."

"I would never feel guilty about  loving you.  Never!"

"Then why are we having this discussion?  I could never have any guilt about loving you, only if you felt guilty about loving me."

<More silence.>

"We're not really talking about love, are we Jim?"

"I don't know what you mean, Gary ?" said Jim.

"Sure you do.  You just don't want to admit it to yourself or to me: we're both talking about hot, sweaty sex.  I want you very, very much.  And I have an idea that you want me as much.  You're handsome, you have a terrific body, and from some groping excursions, I know you are well endowed.  I want you naked in bed so that I can feel your skin against mine, your erection pushing mine, your hands wandering over my body, your lips on mine, the feel of your tongue as you lick my nipples . . ."

"Enough!" cried Jim, "I can't take any  more.  Yes, that's what I want, too.  I want you, Gary.  I want your body, your lips, your tongue, your cock, your ass.  I want to make you mine, to mark you somehow as we make love. I want to fuck you."

"Hurrah!  That's what I wanted to hear from you, Jim.  I want the same from you.  Is this little guilt trip over?"

"Yes, it is," Jim said, as he pulled down the zipper of Gary 's pants and pulled out his almost totally erect penis. 

Before Gary could say anything more, Jim kissed his cock and then slowly enveloped it in his warm, moist mouth.

"Stop!  Please stop.  I want to have your cock, too!  Your place or mine?"

"Whichever is closer," a frustrated Jim said.

"That would be mine," came the swift reply.

"Then move it, my hot friend, `cause I have some things I want to do to you tonight," Jim said.

"But, Jim, what about your job, Father Crowley, the church?" Gary asked.

"Right now, Gary , my only concern, my only interest, is you.  All the rest I will have to take care of later.

"Hmm, I like it when you take charge, Jim."

With a rather lame impersonation of Groucho Marx,  Jim wiggled his  eyebrows, then tapped his imaginary cigar and  uttered,

"You ain't seen nuttin' yet!"


After we left Sadie standing alone in the kitchen, we hurried to the Mustang and got in.  We fastened our seat belts and Brad pulled the Mustang out into traffic.  We both had tearstained faces and our emotions were raw.  What Sadie had told everyone was moving, and for the two of us as young gay lovers, disturbing.  I don't know about Brad, but I had never thought of sexually transmitted diseases until Doctor Norris mentioned testing to us.  Since I had never had sex with anyone until I met Brad, I would think that I was safe.

It's strange how loud silence can become when it ricochets around a small space such as the inside of a motor vehicle.  That's exactly what was happening in the Mustang as we drove to pick up Brad's clothes and other belongings.  I had decided that I didn't know what to say considering what Sadie had told us.  I knew that Brad was probably agonizing over the same problem of what to say.

In one very important way I knew exactly what I wanted to say, but I feared that at this moment it might not be what Brad would want to hear.  My mental meanderings were brought into focus when Brad pulled the Mustang into the Walgreen's parking lot.  He was still looking straight ahead as if he was driving down the highway.

I remained quiet.  Suddenly he turned and I could see the tears streaming down his face and my heart broke as I looked at him.  I wanted to embrace him and tell him that everything would be okay, but I controlled all my warring emotions and waited for him to speak.

"Jake, if I ever lost you the way  Roy lost Erik, then... then I would want to die.  I couldn't go on living without you.  I just couldn't," Brad said as his sobbing gained momentum.

He undid his seat belt and threw himself into my arms where we both sobbed as we contemplated the horror that losing each other would mean.  I fought my sobs long enough to tell Brad,

"May God save me from that, Sweetheart.  If I were to lose you as Roy did Erik, then I know what I would do.  I would find a way to join you."

We held tightly to each other, both sobbing, both in agony as without speaking a single word to the other, we relived the terrible day we had experienced.  Our weeping slowly diminished and as it did, Brad began to kiss my face, in short hungry-like pecks, each one signifying his fear of not having me beside him. 

I  began moaning and then I pushed him back onto his seat and crawled over atop him.  Now I kissed him in a kind of hunger that I had never experienced before, a desire that was molten and would not be satisfied here in the front seat of the Mustang.  I couldn't remember ever being so sure of what I wanted sexually, and I knew in my mind, that tonight would be the time when everything would be right, when we would experience the ultimate in love making.  I only hoped that Brad's thoughts were running parallel to mine.

Brad pulled away from me for a moment, looked directly into my eyes and told me,

"Tonight, Baby, I am going to make you mine.  I can't wait any longer.  I don't want to wait any longer.  I have to have you."

I just kissed him again covering his mouth with mine and shoving my tongue deep into his willing mouth answering him with certainty that I also wanted what he wanted.  I wanted him in me.

Finally  we collapsed each in our own seat.  Neither of us spoke for a while.  Then I asked,

"My beloved Brad, are you okay?"

Taking my hand and bringing it to his lips, he kissed it, and then said,

"As long as I have you by my side, I will be okay.  Tomorrow we will call Dr. Norris to set up the tests."

"Okay," I forced out.

Brad smiled at me, started the Mustang, and we were on our way to Sea Breeze where he had lived all of his life.  A moment of guilt passed over me when I realized that I was the cause of his breaking away from his family.  I would never speak of that guilt to him as I knew he would be angry and remind me that he  made his decisions for himself. Not only would he pick his friends, but more importantly to him and to me, he would pick his lovers.  And finally he would pick where and how he would live.  God, I loved my fantastic footballer!

We arrived at Sea Breeze where Brad parked in one of the three spaces reserved for vehicles whose occupants had business with the Security Officer who was on duty.

"We're lucky, Baby, `cause Sam is on duty tonight.  You'll like him, and I know he'll like you, too."

With that reassurance, we got out of the car and walked to the security hut.

Brad went into the hut first and without a word being exchanged, Sam swept Brad into his arms and hugged him mightily.  Closer now, I could see that Sam's hair was totally white but thick and well kept.  His face was tanned and wrinkled, more from the Florida sun than age.  He was tall and angular, and his body reflected someone who had been strong and athletic, now a little stooped and less massive.  Nonetheless, he exuded a strong sense of strength.

"And who's this strikingly handsome young man,  Brad?"

"Ah, he's my boyfriend, Sam."

"Well, boyfriend, how's about a hug for an old man?"

"Shit, I'm sorry, this is Jacob Neilson, but he's Jake to me," said Brad.

"Nice to meet you in person, Sam," I said as we hugged.

"You guys look a little sad.  Anything I can do to help cheer you up?" asked Sam.

Brad looked at me and then back at Sam, and told him,

"Not really, Sam, it's been a difficult day and we're both tired and have homework to do before we can go to bed."

Sam smiled knowingly at the two of us, and as he handed Brad the suitcase and laptop, and me the backpack, he said,

"You know don't you that sometimes going to bed is the best cure for a busy unhappy day.  It might be more important than homework, especially for you two."

I know I looked a little startled and as I moved closer to Brad, I said,

"I don't know what you mean, Sam."

Laughing a little more boisterously now,  he said,

"Look, guys, I've been around a long time, and had children of my own.  One of my boys was gay.  I knew he was in love the minute he and Carl walked into the room.  Now, see, when I look at the two of you, I see the same energy flowing, the same love on your faces.  It's okay.  I'm not a bigot.  You don't have to worry about Sam outing you.  Your private life is just that, Brad, private.  By the way, I think you have great taste because Jake here is a real prize."

"Is it that obvious, Sam.  I mean, do we give it all away?" asked Brad.

"Kinda, if the person observing knows what to look for.  And even a novice senses when two people really love each other.  That surely shows on you two," said Sam.

"You're right, Sam, "I love Brad with my whole being," I said.

"Ditto, for me.  Jake is the center of my life" Brad added.

Sam gave us that  devilish smile again, and reminded us,

"That's as it should be.  Much luck to both of you, and may God bless you both.  Now, Brad, how's about a little story?"

Brad snorted and hugged Sam.  I laughed a little, too, although I wasn't exactly sure why.

"A story from you, Sam, will certainly pick us up and make us smile," said Brad.

"How `bout you, Jake?" Sam inquired.

"Anything that can make me laugh would be appreciated." I said.

"Well, here goes then.  You're both young men so I doubt anything I say will shock you.  If it does, just say so and I'll stop."

"I doubt you will shock us, Sam, although Jake is a little naive," Brad said with a laugh.

I poked him in the arm forcing him to drop the suitcase.

"You are such an asshole, Brad.  Pay back time will come later.  Go ahead, Sam, tell us the story," I said and we all laughed.  Sam began.

"A guy who was in the Air  Force had just spent a year tour unaccompanied to Alaska .

"The first night he got home, he exclaimed to his wife, `Honey, I want you to know that I haven't wasted all this time alone. Instead, I've mastered the art of mind over matter. Just watch this!'

"And with that he dropped his trousers and shorts and stood before her in his altogether."

"`Now watch," he said. Next he said, `Dick, ten-HUT!' And with that, his dick sprang to full erection. Then he said, `Dick, at EASE!' And his dick deflated again."

Brad guffawed and I snorted out a half stifled laugh.  Sam looked at us, and asked if we were shocked.  We assured him we were not, so he continued.

"'Wow, that was amazing,' said his wife. `Do you mind if I bring our next-door neighbor over to see this? It's really something else!'"

"The guy responded that he didn't mind at  all, since he was proud of what he had accomplished."

Brad interrupted, "Yeah, I know what's coming.  Betcha!"

"Shut up, football jock, and listen," I said.  Sam laughed at us and chose to continue.

"So the wife goes next door and comes back with a delicious looking woman who got this guy's full attention! After a brief pause to take her in, he said, `Now watch this.'  Then he said, `Dick, ten-HUT!' and his dick sprang to life.

"Then he ordered, `Dick, at EASE!' But nothing happened."

"So the guy again ordered, `Dick, at EASE!' But still nothing happened!"

"Now the guy is angry and embarrassed, so he now yells,

`For the last time, you son-of-a-bitch, I said AT EASE!!' Still nothing!"

By this time I was laughing so hard I thought I might piss my pants and Brad was sitting on the fallen suitcase holding his sides and laughing as hard as I was.  Sam smiled at the two of us and continued

"Well,  the guy was embarrassed and ran off to the bathroom. His wife made excuses for him and then joined her husband in the bathroom, where she found him masturbating."

"'What in the world are you doing!?' she asked."

"The guy says, `I'm givin' this son-of-a-bitch a dishonorable discharge!'"

Brad yanked me down on top of him and the two of us were rolling around on the hut floor laughing and then kissing.  Finally we stopped and looked up at a smiling Sam.

"There, boys.  That should get you going in the right direction for the rest of this day.  Now get along before Jake's parents begin to worry.'

Getting our clothes straightened and the tears of laughter wiped from our faces, we hugged Sam and ran to the Mustang.  We put Brad's stuff into the back of the car, got in, and left for home.


Roy Taylor sat by the telephone.  He would pick up the receiver and dial the area code and then stop, replace the  receiver and sit quietly for a few moments.  He could hear the shower running so he knew that if he intended to make the call, it would have to be now.  He dialed again, but before he could finish, Bryce came into the bedroom from the bathroom.

"What's up, Honey," Bryce asked.

"Was just about to call Sadie in Florida , but that can wait.  It's late and we're ready for bed, so I will call tomorrow.  I just like to keep in touch with her."  Roy hung up the receiver.

Bryce sat down next to Roy on the bed.  His towel opened and his penis and testicles were clearly visible.  Roy took a deep breath.  Bryce smiled at him,  saying,

"You want to tell Sadie about me, don't you?  You want her to tell you that it's okay after all this time for you to have another partner.  Right?"

 Roy giggled in embarrassment,

"Kinda.  I mean, I won't let you go for anything because I want you with me forever.  It's just she's been such a wonderful friend and supporter.  I want her to know that I won't ever forget Erik.  I want her to know about you and that you know about Erik.  We both deserve happiness, Bryce.  I mean you have had your share of shit in life and so have I.  This should be our time."

Bryce hugged Roy and kissed him softly and long on the lips.  He thought to himself how much Roy meant to him, how Roy had in every sense of the word rescued him from himself and a world he couldn't understand.

"I love you, Roy, and I trust you.  Do what you have to do.  Just keep loving me."

Bryce pulled Roy 's T-shirt off over his head and pulled off the boxers he still wore.  Now they sat there, both naked, both aroused and kissing.  Roy pushed Bryce down on his back on the bed and quickly engulfed his throbbing penis in his mouth, enjoying as always his lover's taste.  Sadie would have to wait until later to know about Bryce.  At this moment, Roy wanted to make love.  So did Bryce.


As we drove toward home, I kept giggling.  Brad was laughing quietly, too.

"I keep thinking about Sam's joke.  It was a good  one.  Brad, Sam is a really nice guy.  I can see why you like him.  Do you think he likes me?"

"Look, Baby, he fell for you as soon as he saw you.  Sort of like me, only he doesn't necessarily want to get into your boxers, but I do." said Brad.

"You can get into my boxers anytime you want, but I don't think I would enjoy Sam doing the same thing," I said as I laughed.

We were silent again, but I needed to do some things for tonight.  I had to ask Brad to stop at Publix and Walgreens.  I hoped he wouldn't ask why, but if he did, I would try to come up with some explanation that he would accept.

"Hon, could you stop at Publix for a minute while I run in and get a couple of things for the house?"

"Sure, Baby, you want me to come in with you?"

"No, no need, I'll only be a minute.  Will you miss me while I'm gone? I asked

Brad laughed and grabbed me and pulled me over to him. 

"I won't miss you if you give me a long, hot kiss." Brad said.

I did just that until we both were gasping for breath.  Then I squeezed Brad's hardened penis, opened the door, jumped out, and ran into Publix.  In less than five minutes I was back carrying two large bags.  I opened the door and put the bags in the back seat.

"What's in the bags?" asked Brad.

"Hmm, that's a surprise.  No more questions, but stop at Walgreens, too."

"Anything for you, fins for feet," came his smart-ass reply.

"Watch you mouth, football jock, or I'll put Bengay in your jock and then watch you dance," I told him as I giggled.

Brad glared at me, but his angry look was all acting and he knew I knew it.  I reached over and began to stroke Brad's thigh.  He began to laugh.

"You wait until I get you back at the house and in our bed.  I'll fix you," he said.

"Will I like it?" I asked him.

"Hmm, I  hope so, Baby.  I hope so.  It might be a good idea to stop stroking my leg or I might drive off the road," he said with a snort.

"I'm counting on tonight in our bed, more than you can imagine," I said as we pulled into the Walgreen's parking lot and stopped.

Brad looked at me, smiled that smile that melts me, took my hand and kissed it and then whispered,

"I love you so much, so much.  Don't ever leave me, Jake, please.  Stay with me always.  Please."

I kissed him hard on the lips and then softly chewed on his lower lip. 

"You will never get rid of me, Bradley Mason, never.  I am yours forever."

I slid out of the Mustang and ran into Walgreens.  I quickly got the items I wanted and checked out.  Hurrying back to Brad and the Mustang, I was welcomed with a huge kiss and an active feeling up of my privates.

"I did miss you, Jacob Neilson.   I really did.  Let's get home, get out homework done and get to bed."

"That sounds like a plan to me," I said.

When we arrived home Brad helped me with the bags, but didn't look into any of them nor did he ask about the contents.  We stopped in the kitchen where we found Sadie sitting at the island with her inevitable cup of hot tea.

"My, my," she said, "you two must have been shopping."

We both laughed as we sat down the bags on the counter and went to Sadie for a hug and a kiss.  She seemed to be her old self again; the trauma of the early telling of her personal story didn't seem to have changed her.

"Not really shopping, just a few things.  Are Dad and Diane in the living room?" I asked.

"Yes," she said.

"Brad, I'll be right back.  Why don't you chat with Sadie," I suggested.

"Not a problem," replied Brad.

I hurried left the kitchen and went into the  living room where I found my parents and the Li's chatting.  Diane saw me and stopped talking.

"Jacob, is there something you want?" she asked.

"I do have a favor.  I am planning a little surprise for Brad, but he needs to stay down here until I have everything completed, it would be a great help."

"How can we do that?" asked my father.

I laughed at little and said,

"Well, I was thinking this.  When we walk by to go to my suite, you could stop us and ask if we have homework to complete before tomorrow.  We'll both have to answer yes.  When we do, maybe you could suggest that Brad remain here or in the kitchen and that I go to my rooms so that we can complete our homework."

"And if he asks why, what do we tell him?" asked Diane with a knowing smile.

"Tell him you don't think we'll get much homework done if we are together."

Everyone in the room laughed and then my father asked,

"What's  the surprise. Jacob?"

" I don't want to sound flippant, but if I tell you, it won't be a surprise."

"That's true," said Mrs. Li.

"Okay, Jacob, we know the routine.  Hope we don't mess it up for you," said Diane.

"I trust you all," I said.

I hurried back to the kitchen where I found Sadie and Brad in a quiet, but intense conversation.  I wondered what they were discussing, but I soon found out as they continued to talk even as I got close to them and could hear everything.

" . . .but, Sadie, Jacob and I have never been with anyone else sexually, doesn't that mean anything?"

"Of course it does, Brad.  It means that you should be free from all STD's.  All Dr. Norris wants to do is to be sure that you are both clean of all STD's.  Remember, AIDS is only one sexually transmitted disease."

"I understand that Sadie, but why should Jake and I wait for results which have a 99.99% chance of being negative?" asked Brad.

Sadie sighed deeply, then saw me, and smiled.  I went to her and put my arm around her shoulders.  I kissed the top of her head and added my question to Brad's.

"Why is it, Sadie, that most of you adults think we might have some sex disease when we haven't had sex with anyone except each other and that sex, as a matter of fact, has been minimal and not anal?  I don't understand."

Sadie turned on the stool and put her arms around me.  She hugged me tightly and motioned to Brad to come and join us.  He came to us and we were all hugging tightly.  Without letting us go, Sadie continued,

"Jacob, Brad, we all trust you two completely.  We know that everything will undoubtedly come out fine.  But, and this is where adults sometimes differ from people your age,  we've lived long enough to know, or at least to understand, that sometimes things don't turn out the way we think they will or should.  What if for some reason I can't fathom, Jacob, your tests came back with a positive STD?  Would you want to be the one who infected this man you love?  Or would you, Brad, want that responsibility?

"No!" I exclaimed.

"Certainly not!" Brad almost shouted.

"Well, that's why we adults want you to wait before you have any unprotected sex.  And we will probably urge you, even if you are disease free, to continue to use protection.  Does that sound silly?"

"No," we said in muffled unison.

"Look guys, we all know that you will soon want to make love in the most intimate of ways.  We can't stop that as nature and desire will take over.  All we can ask is that you are sure and that you are careful."

"Sadie, excuse us for just a minute.  I need to talk with Brad for a minute.  Brad, come with me out into the mud room."

Brad followed me.  I took one of the large bags from  Publix.
I went immediately to the sink in the room. I found a vase, filled it with water, and then took the two dozen red rose out of the bag.

"What the hell?" asked Brad.

"They're for Sadie from the two of us."

"Sweet!" said Brad.

Brad came up behind me and took me into his arms.  He kissed my left ear and whispered,

"You are such a wonderful person, Jake.  That's why I am gung-ho for you."



"I have some for Diane, too," I said.

"You imp, why didn't you tell me.  I want to help pay for them.  If they're from us, then I want to pay my share.  Understand?"

"Sure, get the other bag and we can take care of them now, too."


In seconds Brad was back carrying the other bag with the roses inside.

"Shit!" I exclaimed.

"What's the matter?" asked Brad.

"I forgot about Mrs. Li." I informed him.

"Fuck!   Wait.  I know how we can fix it.  Lets take the four dozen which is forty-eight.  If we divide that by three we get sixteen.  So we give each of them sixteen roses.  That should work," Brad said.

"My hero," I said as I gave Brad a quick kiss on the cheek.

In short order we had three vases each containing sixteen red roses.  We both stood there and admired our handiwork.

"Brad, ask Sadie to go with you into the living room.  Then ask everyone in there to wait a couple of minutes.  Then we'll take the roses in and give them to the ladies," I instructed him.

Brad went off and did his duty and soon returned smiling like the proverbial Cheshire cat.

"Why so happy and such a big smile?" I asked.

"You, sweet breath, have them befuddled.  They don't know for shit what's going on," he said as he laughed.

"Great," I said, "now you take two vases `cause you are the strong one, and I'll take  the other.  You give yours to Sadie and Mrs. Li, and I'll give mine to Diane.  Wait for me to say a few words first, okay."

"Yes, your majesty, I serve at your pleasure."

"Prick!" I said with a smile.

"Is that what you want of me, Jake?" he asked with a laugh.

"We'll straighten that out later.  Come on, let's get this done, I have a lot of homework and so do you."

Carrying the roses we walked into the living room.  Everyone looked at us.   We stopped in the doorway and I stepped forward.

"These roses represent our thank you to you dear ladies who have supported us and helped us.  We haven't forgotten you, dad and Mr. Li, our thanks to you are with the roses we give to your wives."

We walked forward, Brad giving Sadie and then Mrs. Li their roses.  He kissed each of them on the cheek.  I went to Diane, kissed her and handed her the roses.   Then I kissed Sadie and Mrs. Li as Brad kissed Diane.

There were tears in the ladies' eyes, but Diane took the responsibility to answer for all of them.

"Thank you so much, Jacob and Brad.  This means a great deal to all of us.  It is so much like the two of you, thinking about others before you think about yourself.  You know all of us love both of you.  The reasons are many, but the major one is that you are just good guys.  Hopefully you will be able to spend your lives together if that is what you choose."

"That goes for Mr. Li and me, too, boys.  At the hospital you took the lead in checking on both Chris and Peter.  Again you thought of others before yourselves.  You may not realize it, boys, but that demonstrated maturity beyond your years.  Thanks again from all of us for your kindness,' said my father.  Mr. Li shook his head in agreement.

"Now if you  will excuse us we have homework to do.  But first we have to pick up some things in the mud room." I said.

"That's not a problem, but don't dally, or you'll be up half the night doing your homework, "said a testy Sadie.

We quickly left and went back to the mud room.  I had surreptitiously hidden a half dozen of other roses that I had plans for later.  I also had the other bags which contained items that I hoped would add to our evening together.  Brad was more interested in hugging me and kissing me on the neck. Then he turned me and was soon kissing me on the lips, and before long he was Frenching me like there was no tomorrow.  I was hard as steel and, from the feel of his cock as he  pressed it against my leg, he was really hot.

Suddenly I couldn't contain myself and I began to maul Brad, struggling to get him naked, kissing him wildly.  He finally pulled away from me, and with a gentle loving laugh told me,

"Holy shit, Jake, you are so fuckin' hot.  You almost made me cum right here.  Let's get it together and save this for later."

I laughed as I asked him,

"And who started this, footballer?"

Rather sheepishly Brad looked at the floor and ran the toe of his sandal around in little circles.  The he looked up at me and saw that I was smiling.

"I guess," he whispered, "that I kinda started it."

"Kinda," I snorted, "kinda!  I guess you did, and thanks for that.  Now let's get upstairs and get some homework done so we can continue what you started."

Before I could move, Brad had me again in his arms kissing me passionately.  God, I wanted him so badly, but it would  have to wait.

"Enough," I laughed, "or we'll be doing the dirty right here and it will shock everyone.  Come on, let's go." 

I picked up the several bags and headed toward my suite.  As we passed the living room, Diane called out. 

"Come in here a minute, boys." 

We obediently did as requested.  We stood by the door, Brad with his suitcase and book bag, me with the bags.

"Yes?" I asked.

"We think it would be wise if you went to your suite, Jacob, and did your homework and Brad stayed in the kitchen and did his.  When you finish, come back and get Brad.  If you two go up to the suite together, we are certain that you won't get your homework finished.  Do you accept this idea?" asked Diane.

The other adults looked expectantly in our direction waiting for some signal from us.  Brad did not look too happy, but he forced a lukewarm smile and  said,

"Okay, I guess."

"Yeah, I'll do it," I said.

"Fine," said my father, "Brad, you keep what you need for your homework, and I'll take the rest of the stuff up to Jacob's suite.  Now get along, you two."

Brad put down his suitcase, gave me a quick kiss, threw his book bag back over his shoulder and headed to the kitchen with Sadie following.  I left for the suite with my dad and Diane following me.  When we arrived at the suite, Diane said,

"I hope this all works out the way you want it to, Jacob.  Just remember that Brad will not want to be kept in the kitchen for a long time.  Whatever you have planned, get it accomplished quickly, and don't forget, you need to do some homework, too."

"I agree," said my father.

Some quick hugs and kisses and I was left alone in the suite.  First I hurried to my desk and did my homework which was not at all demanding.  Then I set about the task I had been thinking about for sometime.  I hoped it would work.


Brad sat on a stool at the island, slammed his books down, and began doing his homework.  He was fuming.  Sadie went to him and put her arm around his shoulder.

"Brad, I know you would prefer to be with Jacob right now, but it's important that you keep up with your school work and continue to get good grades, especially if you are hoping for a scholarship.  Jacob is probably angrier than you about this temporary separation.  But it's the right thing to do, Brad.  Concentrate and get your work done, then you can go to him," Sadie said.

"I know this is the right thing to do, Sadie, but after all that has happened today, I really wanted to be with Jacob.  We depend on each other and we love each other and so we should be together as much as possible.  I worry about him Sadie, because I know how he gets when  I'm not around.  I'm going to try to work on that with him, and maybe tonight will be a good starting point.  Forgive me for being so angry when I first sat down."

Sadie laughed lightly, and kissed Brad on the head.  She moved to the stool adjacent to his.  She sat quietly watching Brad leaf through the pages of his textbook.  It was pretty obvious to her that he was not studying, but simply trying to look as if he were.  She reached over and patted his hand.  He looked up at her, his eyes glistening a little.

"If I can help you, Brad, don't be afraid to ask.  I can see that it's difficult for you to keep your mind on your studies, but please try.  I'm sure Jacob is hurrying to get his work done so that he can come here and get you.  Try to be ready when he gets here," Sadie said.

"I'll try, Sadie, and thanks for offering to help.  You're a wonderful person and I love you," Brad  said.

Sadie moved off the stool and walked a little way toward the living room.  She stopped and turned, speaking as she did.

"I need to pick up some cups and things in the living room, but I'll be right back."

As soon as Sadie was in the living room, she went to the group and asked,

"Just exactly who came up with this terrible idea of keeping the two of them apart so that they could study."

"Jacob did," said Diane.

"Who?" Sadie asked again.

"Jacob did, Sadie.  He's planned some surprise for Brad and he needed time to get things ready.  I agreed to help in the way we did," Diane replied.

"Oh!" said Sadie, her voice suggesting surprise and confusion.

"Are you angry about it?" asked Doug.

"No, it's just that poor Brad is beside himself.  He doesn't understand why we don't want them to be together.  I used the old bit about their not being able to study successfully together, but he  wasn't buying that," Sadie told everyone.

"Then," Mr. Li said, "all the guilt belongs to Jacob for the idea."

"All I can say is that it had better be some surprise, or Jacob will pay the price," said a laughing Diane.

<General laughter.>


I had the Jacuzzi ready, the bed ready, the lighting ready, all the necessary items in their place.  I had hurried because I knew Brad would be pissed about having to stay in the kitchen and study rather than be with me.  I bet that I would get a lot of shit from him when he found out it was my fault.  I'd have to deal with that when the time came.

I looked around the suite and smiled.  I had done a good job.  I know I would have been impressed if Brad had  done this for me.  I would find out soon from him if I had been successful. 

In the bathroom, I stripped off all my clothes.  I checked the temperature of the water.  It was fine.  I filled the bag along with some of the special formula from the drugstore.  I stood with my ass over the toilet and put my well lubed finger up my ass, opening me slightly.  After I withdrew my finger,  I inserted the end of the enema tube well up into me and released the clamp allowing the warm fluid to run into me.  I let it continue until I began to feel some discomfort.  I shut off the flow, and sat down on the toilet.  When I couldn't hold it in any longer, it exploded out of me and into the toilet.  I cleaned myself, refilled the bag and did it again.  Finally the last time  the fluid coming out of me was a clear and I knew I was thoroughly clean.  I knew I was ready.

I took a quick shower,  dried off and then I splashed cologne on my body and used some deodorant under my arms.   I decided to go commando, so I pulled on a pair of board shorts, a T-shirt and my sandals, then I headed to the kitchen.

When I passed the living room, I waved and smiled at the adults.  Sadie was not there.  I found her in the kitchen with Brad.  When he saw me, he smiled that smile, jumped up, ran to me, and hugged me. Then he laid a kiss on me that would have been extremely stimulating, except he stopped and said,

"My God, Baby, you smell wonderful."

"Glad you like it.  It's all for you," I said.

Sadie came over to us and hugged us both.  She was smiling broadly when she said to Brad,

"See, I told you it wouldn't be that long.  Now get yourselves up to bed.  Six thirty will come quickly.  Good night to both of you." 

She kissed us on the head and gave each of us a gentle slap on the  butt.  We hurried past the living room, waving and smiling as we raced to the suite.


"Wait here," I told Brad.

I went into the room and removed all my clothes.  I took the blindfold and went back to the door, telling Brad to turn around, which he did.  I put the blindfold around his eyes and secured it in the back of his head.

"What the fuck's this all about?" he demanded.

"Patience, Brad, it will all be worth it.  Just chill!"

I took Brad's hand and pulled him into the suite closing the door and locking it.  He smiled at me, which even in the dim light I could see.  I walked him to the bathroom. When we were inside, I kissed him gently and unbuttoned his shorts and let them drop to the floor.  Next, I asked him to put his hands over his head and as he did, I pulled his T-shirt off. 

Finally I kneeled on  the floor and slowly pulled down his boxers.  He was already fully stimulated.  I was pleased.  I loosened his sandals and pulled them, his shorts and boxers off.  He stood there in all his wondrous beauty, the perfect specimen of a young virile man.

I undid his blindfold.  At first he couldn't see very well, but when he could, he simply said,

"Fuck, this is amazing!"

There were candles of different sizes at various places about the room.  A number were about the Jacuzzi which I had on low.  The Jacuzzi had rose petals floating on the surface.  I could tell from his body language that Brad was impressed.  I walked to him and put my arms around his neck, kissing him firmly.  Our cocks were rubbing against each other.   Brad picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him as we continued to kiss.  I loved the feel of his hands on my butt as I hung to him, trying to get closer to be more a  part of him.

"Baby, this is wonderful.  Thank you for doing this for us.  I love you baby," he told me as he walked to the Jacuzzi and got in. 

Still holding me in his arms, he sat down and we were both now in the tub, again kissing deeply.  His penis was rubbing against my ass crack stimulating me in a way I couldn't believe.  Brad began to hump against my butt, rubbing his love tool up and down my channel.

"Jake, Jake, Jake, you are so beautiful, Baby.  I want you right now, Jake.  God, you are so hot.  Hmmm, every part of your body is working with mine."

I pulled away from Brad and pushed him onto his back in the tub.  I then straddled him and sat down on his very hard cock.  I didn't move much because I knew if I did I would reach a climax that I wanted to save for later.

"Brad, my wonderful lover, is this the moment we talked about?  Is this the  time and the place for us to go to the next level?"

Brad pulled my head down and kissed me gently but with an urgency that I didn't miss.  I licked his lips and ran my tongue around his teeth and then I pushed my tongue into his mouth.  He sucked on my tongue causing goose bumps to spring up all over my body.

He stood, picking me up again, and stepped out of the Jacuzzi.  As he walked to the bedroom, he pulled a couple of big towels with him.  The bedroom, too, was lighted with candles of all shapes and sizes and the bed was strewn with rose petals.  He threw a towel on the bed and gently placed me on the towel. Using the other towel, he began to dry my body.

As he dried me, he kissed my nipples, my belly button, my erect penis, my testicles.  He rolled me over and dried my back, kissing his way down to my buttock, where after he dried them, he kissed them and licked them before moving down  my legs to my feet.  He kissed my feet, and then rolled me over again.  He leaned in and kissed me firmly on the lips, his desire and urgency quickly revealed.

Standing naked before me, he toweled off, allowing me to enjoy his handsome face, his masculine body, his ample penis and testicles.  We were both steel hard.  He reached down and placed me in the middle of the bed crawling in after me.

"You are so beautiful, Jake.  My God, I could eat you.  I want you, Baby, and yes, this is the moment for which we have been waiting, hoping, and saving ourselves."

"No more talking, my Lover, I want you so much.  Please, Brad, make love to me.  All you need, you'll find on the night stand on the right side of the bed."

Brad laughed and kissed me again.  I smiled up at him, and in that moment I was sure that I would never need any other lover in my  life.

"You planned all this you little devil, didn't you?" asked Brad.

"Yes, I did.  Now let's not waste any more time.  Make me yours, Sweetheart, please," I begged.


Slowly lowering his body down on mine, we made our cocks  press against each other as they responded to the myriad of feelings that were coursing through our bodies.  Brad kissed me slowly and with a confidence that thrilled me. His lips moved from my ears, to my eyes, my chin, my lips.  I forcefully sucked Brad's tongue into my mouth, and as I did, I ran my hands over his ample and muscled ass.

"Jake, Baby, you are so hot, so sexy.  You turn me on so much.  I want you, too.  I want you in me, too."

I kissed Brad's nipples and ran my finger up and down his ass crack, stopping to run my finger tip around his hot anus.  He was groaning and backing his  ass against my finger.  Suddenly I felt his finger at my anus and I was stimulated beyond my wildest dreams.

"Please, Brad," I begged, "take me.  Please fuck me!"

"Damn, Jake, your ass is so soft and clean.  What did you do?" asked Brad.

I giggled as I rolled Brad onto his back.  I looked down at him, his eyes ablaze with desire.  He pulled me down and kissed me gently on the lips.

"Come on, Baby, tell me whatca did?"

"You won't get angry?" I asked.

"No promises, but it's doubtful, you silly swimmer.  I love you," he told me.

I bent down and licked his left nipple, then kissed it.  I giggled a little more, and finally said,

"Well, I took three enemas and a shower."

"You fuckin' did what?"

We were both laughing now.  He was looking up at me with a silly grin on his face.  I wanted to eat him up at that moment, but instead, I repeated myself, amid  giggles.

"I took <giggles> three <more giggles> enemas <now almost choking on giggles> and a shower!"

"You imp," said Brad, "you had quite a bit planned.  But did you think of me?  No!.  I want you in me, too, but you didn't give me warning so that I could be clean.  I should, should..."

"Fuck me," I laughed.

"You bet your ass, Baby.  That's coming before the night is over.  But first, we are going into the bathroom and you are going to help me with the enema thing.  Understand?" he said, laughing so hard that the bed was shaking a little.

"Yes, master, I understand."

"Come here, you wonderful lover," he said as he pulled me into a wild kiss and embrace.  Our cocks were now getting very hard again.

"Hmmm." I groaned.

"Now get going.  I'm right behind you `cause I want to admire your beautiful ass, which I plan to make mine  in a very short time.


Elizabeth Mason's drive from her home to the security hut took only a few moments.  She had struggled with her emotions as she was packing the suitcase with some of Brad's clothes.  `Was she about to lose another son?' she wondered.  At that moment she felt an emotion that frightened her.  It was hate!  She hated Travis for destroying the family.

Admittedly she was not happy with the sexual orientation of her two sons, and in a strange way she felt some guilt about it.  Was it her fault?  Had she somehow turned her sons gay by the way she raised them?  She knew better, even if she had been brainwashed at her church.  People are gay because that's the way they are.  No one makes anyone gay, but still there was that gnawing feeling that she had done something  wrong.

Travis, damn him!  He had never tried to understand his sons, not just their sexual interests, but even their participation in school activities.  He was the busy lawyer, so it was she who attended the games, went to programs, encouraged them in their studies, and congratulated them for their athletic prowess and success.  She thought angrily to herself that he had been there at conception, and again at delivery, but he had not done much else.

She drove into one of the three spaces near the hut, and hurriedly got out of the car, grabbed the things she had for Brad and went to the hut where she found Sam sitting and reading Newsweek.  He glanced up immediately,

"Mrs. Mason.  Nice to see you.  What can I do for you?" he asked.

"Sam, these things are for Brad.  He's staying with a friend for the next few days.  He had a bad day and this will help him get back to  normal.  He should be along in short order."

"That's no problem, Mrs. Mason.  Is Mr. Mason okay? He was very angry when he drove in earlier.  I don't wish to pry, but I would like to help if I can," said Sam.

"He just got upset with some of the things that happened today, that's all.  He's much better now," she lied.

"Good. good!" said Sam, "I'll be sure to let Brad know that everything is fine at home."

"Thanks, Sam, I have to get back home.  Good night."

"'Nite, Mrs. Mason," Sam said as he moved the suitcase and backpack and laptop to the side of the hut.

He watched as Elizabeth Mason drove back into the Sea Breeze community.  Something was amiss and Sam knew that.  Mrs. Mason was not herself.  And why was Brad not going to be at home where he belonged.  Could it be?  Was Brad gay,  too?  As he pondered these thoughts, a car drove into one of the parking places near the hut.  Sam knew the sound of that vehicle.  It was Brad's Mustang.  He would know more soon.

Elizabeth Mason had an overwhelming feeling of loneliness as she drove into the garage.  There was nothing here that she really wanted.  Her sons were gone.  Travis was acting as strangely as she could remember.  And he had threatened her.  `What was left of this marriage?' she wondered.

The only lights in the house were those that she had left on when she went to drop off Brad's things.  The house was silent.  She quickly locked the door and set the alarm, finally making her way to the master bedroom which she found empty and dark.  No doubt Travis had secreted himself in the spare bedroom, his so-called office.  The phone rang and Beth picked it up.

"Hello," she said.

A young man began speaking  immediately. 

"I've been asked to call for Reverend Colchester who was stricken with a serious illness tonight.  He is hospitalized, but wanted Mr. Mason to know that he was keeping a place open for Bradley.  If you have any questions, please call us 555-555-5555, that's the main switchboard at Regency Readjustment Colony.  Ask for Mr. Kosinski.  Thank you."

"Just a minute, sir," demanded Beth.  But it was to no avail as the caller on the other end had broken the connection.

Beth sat on the edge of the bed trying to figure out what she had just heard.  When she looked up, she saw Travis standing in the door.

"Who was on the phone, Beth?" he asked.

"Oh, it was a wrong number, Trav.  Why, were you expecting a call tonight?"

"No, I just wondered if it was anything about Chris."

"Just a wrong number or maybe it was a crank call.  But it had nothing to do with us.  Someone  talking about a Reverend Colchester or some such thing.  It didn't make any sense to me.  Does it mean anything to you?"

She noticed that Travis fidgeted a little before he answered,

"Doesn't mean anything to me.  Some jerk trying to be funny or something... or maybe a wrong number.  I have to get back to work.  'Nite, hon."  Turning on his heel, he left the bedroom.

Elizabeth Mason smiled knowingly.  She had some detective work to accomplish.


Jim was impressed by the neatness and orderliness of Gary 's apartment.  It was also attractive with the interior decoration masculine and calming.  Gary tossed his keys onto the small table in the entry way.

"Well?" asked  Gary .


"Hmmm.  Me or the apartment?" asked Gary .

"I'm thinking," replied Jim with a soft, sexy laugh.


"I want to be sure I give you the right answer," said Jim as he removed his collar and dropped it on the sofa.

 Gary pushed Jim onto the sofa to join his collar.  He laughed as he kissed Jim on the lips.  Jim sighed and stroked Gary 's muscular back.

"Are you planning to be the top in this relationship?" asked Jim.


"Maybe," chuckled Gary .

"In your dreams, Lover," Jim said as he rolled the two of them off the sofa and on to the floor.  He sat on Gary 's chest and looked down at the man he had finally accepted as someone he wanted to be with, to love.  Gary smiled up at him, reached up and ran his index finger along Jim's lips.

"That's nice."

"I have other talents, too," Gary whispered.

Jim sat back, his butt resting on Gary 's crotch.  Soon it was evident that Gary was stimulated both by Jim's butt rubbing on this penis, but more importantly it was Jim's gentle touch on his face, and when Jim's lips met his in a soft, passion-filled kiss, Gary was there.  Jim snickered.

"So, you like me a little?" asked Jim.

 Gary laughed and rolled them again with him sitting on Jim's chest, his ass rubbing Jim's hardening penis, and his kiss a total replica of Jim's earlier kiss.

Jim moaned.  "I think it's time for bed," he whispered into Gary 's right ear as he kissed and licked it.

They collected themselves, got up off the floor and as they walked down the hall to the bedroom they began to drop articles of clothing.  They stopped by the door of the bedroom and the two naked, aroused men kissed deeply. Then they disappeared into the bedroom.


The giggling and laughter coming from the bathroom in Jacob's suite belied the seriousness of what was happening.  But Brad couldn't remain serious with the whole enema thing.  Soon, Jacob was a giggling mess which only supported Brad's silliness.

"Don't yell at me, Jake.  I  know this is serious shit, but well, it's sort of funny, too.  I mean, enemas!  I never had one, but for you, Baby, I`ll do anything."

"Remember, Brad, this was your idea.  I got myself ready for you tonight.  You wanted to be ready for me, too, so don't blame me, asshole," I said and there was more giggling and laughter.

"Certainly has something to do with my asshole, doesn't it Baby?" Brad said.

<More laughter.>

"Okay, the water's the right temperature.  Here, take some of this lube and push one of your fingers up your butt, so that the nozzle of the enema tube will slide in without difficulty," I said.


"What do you mean, no?" I asked Brad.

"You do it for me.  I want you to push your finger up inside me.  I insist on it," he said, a smirk the size of the Mississippi spread across his face.  I laughed at  him.

"I wish I had a huge black dildo to shove up your ass;  that's what I wish."

"I want a very large white cock in me tonight and it's attached to you, Baby.  Understand?"

"Yes, yes.  I understand.  But you have to wait until you satisfy me first."

"Gladly," Brad said.  I jumped into his arms and wrapped my legs around him, kissing him passionately.

"Now, bend over," I said laughing.  Brad bent over and I lubed up my middle finger.  I slowly began to push it into him."

"Shit!" he said.

"Not yet, please," I said laughing and also moving my finger around and deeper into him. 

"Fuck," he moaned, "you just hit something that gave me such a nice feeling.  Do it again, please."

"Forget it!  This isn't sex, you know," I said as I pulled out my finger.  Now move over to the toilet so I can give you the first enema," I told Brad.

"What the fuck do you  mean, the first enema?" he asked.

I had the opening I had been hoping for in the last few minutes.  I slapped Brad's beautiful butt, and laughing I said,

"Look, you're so full of shit that it may take many enemas to get you cleaned out."

Before I could think, Brad had me on the floor kissing me wildly as he humped me, rubbing our cocks together.

"Ooh!" I said.

"Say you're sorry or you'll get a cum enema right now from me, "he said as he kissed my chest softly.  I pulled him roughly down on me and kissed him with an open mouth and a wild tongue.

"Let's finish our job here so that we can go back to bed and make love the rest of the night," I said.

"Right," he said, as we got up from the floor.  I inserted the enema nozzle into him and released the clip allowing the warm mixture to flow into him.  He began to grimace at  little.

"When it begins to hurt a little tell me and I'll turn off the liquid and pull out the nozzle.  Sit down on the toilet immediately and hold it as long as possible, then enjoy the relief as you let it go."

"Damn, Jake, it hurts.  Shit!" Brad exclaimed.

I immediately closed the clip stopping the flow.  I pulled the nozzle out of him and he sat down on the toilet immediately.  I walked away from him, not wanting to embarrass him when he exploded.  I made my way to the shower and that was when he released his enema.  I hurried back to him just as he was wiping himself.

"One more time," I said.

Shortly, Brad had finished his three enemas. We stepped into the shower where we quickly rinsed off.  Leaving the shower, we dried each other.  We extinguished the candles, kissing frequently.  Brad took me into his arms once again and carried me into the bedroom and to  our bed.


Brad gently placed me on the bed.  I smiled up at him as he looked at me with intense desire on his face.  He crawled into bed and lay beside me.  We faced each other, our lips a short distance apart.  He pushed back some itinerant curls from my forehead.  He kissed my forehead softly.  His green eyes were filled with tears, and I felt my heart nearly break.

"What?" I asked him, "is the problem?  Why the tears?"

Brad cleared his throat as he ran his hands feather-like across my chest.  He kissed me on the lips, and then in a lover's whisper, he said,

"It's just . . ."

"Just, what?" I asked.

"You're so handsome, no beautiful.  My God, Jake, it's difficult to tell you exactly how I feel right now.  I know I want you in the worse way, but I want to make slow, gentle love to you.  I want you to feel about me the same way that I feel about you.  I bet  this doesn't make much sense to you, does it?  I'm sorry that I'm such a dope who can't even tell a guy that he loves him more than life itself.  I'm sorry.  I . . ."

"No, no.  I know you love me, Sweetheart.  Just your touch makes me tremble with pleasure.  Your kisses reveal your intense caring and love for me and they transport me to a place of great pleasure.  Don't talk anymore about how you love me. Show me!  Please, Brad, make me yours.  I want you to do that," I whispered to him.

He took my hand into his and kissed it, continuing to slowly kiss up the length of my arm like soldiers in a file marching to duty.  It made me shiver.  He didn't stop there, but continued up my shoulder to my neck and then my ear, kissing continually to my forehead, my eyes, even the tip of my nose.  When his lips met mine, a kind of emotional blizzard happened and my senses were buried in that avalanche of sensation.

My penis was steel hard, and as Brad continued to kiss down to my nipples where he sucked on them, I thought I might lose it, but he was tuned to me, and stopped. He moved up and kissed me again on the lips.  My hands were moving over his body, and I so wanted to give him the pleasure he desired.  Suddenly he had my cock in his mouth, his head bobbing up and down. He moved to my testicles which he licked and then took them singly into his warm moist mouth.  He pushed my legs back exposing my anus.

When he licked my ass crack and began kissing and licking my anus, I thought I might cum right then.  But he stopped.  I sighed deeply, opening my eyes to see Brad smiling that smile at me.  He reached for the lube, put a gob on my anus and some on his finger.  I tensed  a little.

"Jake, baby, I've never done this before so if I mess up and it hurts, you have to tell me.  I don't what to hurt you, understand?  If I hurt you, I could never forgive myself," he told me.

"I trust you, Sweetheart. Please do it."

Brad slowly pushed one of his fingers into my rectum.  It did hurt a little, but not anything that was unbearable. As he continued to move his finger, he leaned forward and kissed my stomach.

"Are you okay, Baby?"

"Hmm. fine.  Go on."

It felt as if he was putting two fingers into me and that hurt a little more.  I almost said something.

"Am I hurting you?"


"You'll tell me if I am hurting you, won't you, Jake?"

"Of course, just continue.  Please, please," I said.

"This may hurt a little more than  before.  I'm going to put three fingers into you.  I have to open you a little more, Baby, or when I push my cock into you, it will hurt too much."

"Go on, Sweetheart, do it.  I want you in me."

It did hurt more and I know I tensed up more than I had previously.  Brad reacted immediately.

"I'm hurting you.  Damn!" he said.

"I'll be all right, Brad.  Please go on."

I felt him take his fingers out of me.  He leaned in and kissed me again, reached for a condom and handed it to me.  I tore open the foil wrapper.  Brad was now on my chest his penis hard and throbbing and close to my mouth.  I put the condom on his cock, and then with my mouth I worked it down until it was firmly in place.  Brad pulled on the reservoir making sure there was room for his ejaculate.  He kissed me again.

He moved into position between  my legs which he lifted to his shoulders.  I was excited but a little frightened.  Brad rubbed his penis against my anus, but didn't push into me.

"Jake, when I push into you, push back like you would if you were going to take a dump.  It won't hurt as much.  And tell me if it hurts too much and I'll stop.  Promise?"

"I promise."

I felt him push his cock against me slowly, but firmly.  I did as he told me and although there was a great deal of pain, and I think I gasped, I reached out and took Brad's butt into my hands and pulled him into me.  My legs dropped and I had them wrapped around my lover.  Brad stopped.  I pulled him down and kissed him with an open mouth.

"Are you okay, Baby?  You're so tight and hot; it's amazing."

"I like you in me, Sweetheart.  Now make love to me, please," I said.

Without another word, Brad began to fuck me.  As he did, his penis moved  across my magic spot and I felt an amazing increase in pleasure.  Brad increased his speed and I pulled him tighter to myself with my legs.  Without realizing it my nails were digging into Brad's back, but he didn't seem to notice either.

As he continued to pummel my ass, the urgency of climax increased exponentially with the increase in the speed in which Brad was moving.  I was groaning and begging him to make me his, and his moaning increased until the sound the two of us were making echoed in the room.

Suddenly I was there, and without either of us touching my cock, I began to ejaculate showering our chests and stomachs with large puddles of cum.  I must have tightened my sphincter, because Brad pulled out of me, quickly removed the condom and shot his load all over my body.  Both of us were gasping for breath, and as I pulled Brad roughly to me our cum-covered bodies began sliding together.  Brad was kissing me wildly and I  began weeping with joy.

Brad raised himself up on his elbows and looked at me with fear written across his face.

"I've hurt you, haven't I?  Why didn't you tell me, Jake?" he said.

Between soft sobs, I kissed him gently and told him,

"You didn't hurt me, Lover.  You made me the happiest I can ever remember being.  You brought me to a sexual high I could not have imagined in a thousand years.  These are tears of joy.  Brad, you were wonderful!"

"I'm not done yet, Baby.  Just lay still, please." he said.

Brad began to lick my body, licking up both my puddles of cum and his own.  He smiled at me as he continued until my chest was clear.  Then he lowered himself on to me again, and kissed me.  I opened my mouth to him and as he kissed me he shared our cum, swishing his tongue in my mouth.  It was so hot!  We both swallowed and then he rolled to my  side.

"That whole thing was awesome, Jake.  I never thought it could be as good as it was.  You are so hot, so . . . I don't know how to put it . . . I mean  . . . what I'm trying to say is . . ."

I leaned in and kissed my lover and he stopped talking.  I knew what he wanted to tell me, so I said,

"Are you trying to tell me that I'm hot?" I asked.


"Exactly, Baby." he told me.

I giggled at little and ran my finger on his lips.  He pulled me close, and with his green eyes sparking, as he looked into mine, I reminded him,

"If we were in a hot guy contest, I know you would win."

"Not a chance, Jake.  You, Baby, are so much hotter than I am," Brad confessed.

I laughed, and gently kissed his lips.

"We'll talk about his later, when, and if, I provide you with the same level of sexual excitement you gave me.  Now go get a damp wash cloth and a towel so that we  can clean up a little."

"Your wish is my command, Sweet Butt," he said as he hurried to the bathroom and very shortly returned with the washcloth and towel.

He carefully washed my chest and abs, and my ass.  I thought he would clean my penis, but instead, he took it into his mouth and sucked it until he had removed every drop of my juices.  I was getting hard again.  He stopped, looked up at me, and laughed.

"Wow!" was all I could say.

Brad cleaned himself, including, I might add, his own penis.

He blew out the remaining candles and turned the bed-side lights on low.  He climbed back into bed and lay down beside me.  He took my hand into his, smiled at me, and then kissed my forehead.

"Thanks," I said.

"Yeah, but I think you deserve the thanks."

I moved to him and put my head on his chest.  He began to run his fingers through my hair.  I was completely  relaxed, my hand now resting on his abs.  He took a deep contented breath.

"'Nite," he said.

"'Nite," I answered.

We drifted off to sleep.


The room was still dark, but early light was just starting to appear in the eastern windows.  I felt perfectly at ease and comfortable.  Brad's arm was over my body and he was spooned up against me, his penis rigid against my body.  I thought he was asleep, but he kissed my back, and then his penis jumped alerting me to the fact that he was awake.  I smiled, happy in knowing that my lover was here with me, and confident that today at school would be bearable because he would be there.

"You awake, Baby?" he asked.

"Yeah, and I like the feel of your body against mine.  You're already horny, you devil," I said and giggled.

Brad snorted.  He pulled me onto my back and climbed on me, kissing me roughly on the mouth.  He leaned back as he sat  on my chest, smiling that smile of his.  He shook his head from side to side as he drew little circles around my nipples.  My cock was coming alive now.  I smiled up at him, reached up and tweaked his right nipple.

"Nice," he said.

"I'm glad you like it," I chuckled.

He moved back until he was sitting on my penis.  He rubbed against me causing me to gasp in pleasure.  He bent down and kissed my nipples, licking on them, and then tenderly biting them.  I suddenly realized that I was pushing my penis against his ass.

"I want what you promised me," he said.

"And that would be what?" I asked, knowing the answer, but hoping for a little fun.

Brad began to bounce up and down on my cock, giving me something to think about.  He glared at me with love-filled eyes, and with a snicker said,

"I want that monster lovestick of yours in me.  Can you picture that, my hot lover?" 

He moved  enough to be able to reach back and take my member into his hand.  He stroked it a couple of times, smiling a shit-eating grin at me.  I ran my hands up his thighs, then to his balls which I lifted and rolled in the palm of my hands.  He groaned in pleasure.

"Maybe we should wait until tonight.  We probably need to get some sleep right now," I said with a snicker.

"Not fuckin' likely," he said, "I want that huge piece in me and I don't plan to wait until tonight and I don't give a shit about sleep.  What I want, Swift Swimmer, is for you to make love to me.  I want you to shove that big cock of yours deep into me, and pound some sense into me.  Love me, Baby, please," he sort of begged.

I knew I couldn't put him off any longer, and frankly I didn't want to do that.  I was so horny for him! I felt such a deep seated need to make him happy, to be his passionate lover, to make him go to new heights of sexual pleasure, and I knew that if he did then I would certainly go there, too.

"Come here," I said.

Brad moved to me and I grabbed him and pulled him into a tight embrace and a hot kiss.  As I did, we rolled over and I ended up on top of him. 

"I want you so much, my Fabulous Footballer.  I have wanted you since the moment I laid eyes on you.  Call it lust.  Call it love.  Call it what you will, but I can only tell you that it is intense, real, and long lasting.  I pushed his arms above his head  <he allowed me to do that>, and began to kiss him in every place I could think of, paying especial attention to his ears, eyes, neck, and when I moved to his mouth, he turned his head a little and said in a voice which betrayed his desire,

"Maybe I should brush my teeth."

I took his head between my two hands, held him steady, and kissed him hard and with much tongue.  The kiss lasted a long time, both of us ending it with gasps for breath.  I laughed and told him,

"I love you the way you are.  No need for brushing of teeth, not with what I have planned."

Brad snorted, "Promises!  Promises!  How about some action?"

I began to lick my way down Brads body, starting at his pits  <I read about licking your lover's armpits on Nifty>, then moving to his nipples where I spent time and effort to bring him pleasure.  His response was moaning and grabbing my head and pulling me tighter to his chest.

When I reached his pubes, after licking my way across his abs, I buried my nose in them and inhaled his scent which intensified my desire for him.  His hands were moving through my hair with a slight pressure downward.  I took his penis into my mouth and slowly moved down the  shaft.
We were both moaning, and Brad had begun to raise his butt off the bed as he tried to push more of his penis into my mouth.  I pulled off his love pole and began licking his testicles.

Without any urging from me, Brad raised his legs up and pulled them back with his hands, and in so doing he exposed his pink anus to me.  I only thought a moment before I plunged my face into his butt crevice.

"Jake, Jake, Jake, please, open me up.  I need you, Baby.  I want you.  Please," Brad said in a rasping, sexy voice.

I reached for the lube and a condom on the night stand and brought them near to me.  I squeezed out a large amount and rubbed it on Brad's anal opening.  I made certain that I had lubed my middle finger carefully.  I rubbed my finger around his rosebud slowly inserting it into him.  I could feel his tense, so I spoke softly to him.

"Relax, Sweetheart, I promise not to hurt you.   If I hurt you, tell me and I'll stop.  I don't want to hurt you, Brad; I want to give you pleasure."

"Just continue, Baby, this is what I want and even if it hurts a little at the beginning, I still want it," Brad whispered.

As he was talking I began to move my finger around in side of him.  Brad gasped, but his body didn't tense.  I knew what I had to do next, so I leaned forward and kissed him pushing my tongue into his mouth as I shoved two fingers into his rectum.

"Ooh!  Shit!  Fuck!" he groaned.

"Relax, Sweetheart, relax," I said softly into his ear as I kissed it.

"Hmm.  Nice. Oh, Jake, Jake.  I want you in me, please," he told me.

I put three fingers close together and slowly pushed them into him.  He sighed, but didn't tense.  I knew he was ready, then I realized how much bigger I was than those three fingers.  Somehow he had to have control of how much and how fast he could  take me.

"Brad, I'm pretty big.  You have to control the speed and the depth of me being in you.  Got any ideas?"

"Do I ever, Baby."

He pushed me onto my back, and began kissing me wildly as he reached back and stroked my cock getting me steel hard.  He took the condom and broke open the package, placing the unrolled condom on the head of my penis.  Then he slowly pushed the condom down my shaft with his mouth.  I was close to wild with desire.

He kissed me again and then straddled my cock, slowly lowering himself.

"Wait, Brad, wait.  What the hell are you doing?" I asked.

He laughed as he rubbed my cock head against his anus.  It felt so great, so sexy.  Then he sat lower and my cockhead popped into him.  He groaned and stopped, holding himself steady with only a small amount of my penis in him.

"Brad, be careful.  I'm too big.  Let's forget it.  Please," I said  with urgency in my voice.

"Relax, Jake.  I kinda know what I'm doing.  I've read about it.  Quiet and enjoy," he said.

Then he lowered himself some more and another inch or two of my cock slid into him.

"Oh, God, yes.  Yes!  Oh, Jake, yeah."

And he lowered himself some more and my penis slowly disappeared into him.  We were both groaning as he took more of me into him, finally sitting on my pubes.  He stopped and didn't move.  I loved the feel of my cock in him and I had an unbelievable urge to fuck him, but I held still.  Perspiration was dripping from his body as he began to ride my penis.  Without warning he rolled over putting me on top.  I knew what he wanted and what I wanted.

As soon as he was under me, my cock deep in him, I began doing what nature and my sexual desire demanded of me.  I began a slow in and out movement, my hardened penis moving in and out of Brad.  As I did this, my cock rubbed his love button and he was soon in ecstasy as was I.

I had pulled Brad's head down and he was kissing me roughly, chewing on my lips.  That caused me to increase my speed and soon I was pounding in and out of my lover.

"Oh, Jake, yes, yes.  Oh, Baby, keep it up, oh, yes, yes, this is what I have wanted from you for so long.  Oh, my God, Jake, I . . ."

"No, don't you dare cum, Sweetheart.  Not yet.  I want more of your beautiful ass.  God, you're so tight and hot"

I was at the top of the mountain of pleasure.  Every fiber of my body was moving toward an explosion which I could no longer control.  Just as I was about to ejaculate, I pulled out of Brad, ripped off the condom and as Brad pumped out his load of love juice, I began shooting mine, our love joices mixing together on our chests, faces, necks, nipples, that torrent of semen, our essence, now mixed together.  I collapsed on Brad, struggling to catch my breath.

We were both silent.

Finally, Brad spoke,

"Jacob Neilson, that was magnificent.  After tonight we are surely boyfriends, partners, lovers.  You have made me yours and I have made you mine.  Jake, I love you."

I was lying on top of Brad, my head in the hollow of his neck.  I had been smiling with happiness and fulfillment as Brad had spoken to me.

"Bradley Mason, I love you, too.  Tonight has been magic and now more than ever, your touch excites me, calms me, makes me feel whole.  Let's take a shower and then get some sleep, that's if I can keep my hands off you.  We have school tomorrow and we have to be ready for anything and everything."

Brad laughed.  He rolled on top of me, our bodies sticking together from our recently expelled body fluids.  He kissed me gently, and softly ran his fingers across my  nipples picking up the cum that was there.  His fingers danced across my lips.  I licked them.  He then ran his fingers across his lips.  He licked them.  We kissed.

"Jake, you are the magic in my life.  Let's get showered.  I want to fall asleep with you in my arms."

We moved out of the bed and into the bathroom.  In the shower we washed each other, kissed, and caused each other to get hard again, but there was no more sex.

After we dried off,  brushed our teeth, and relieved ourselves,  we returned to the bedroom.  We picked up the remnants of our love making, secreted them in the wastebasket, hoping that Sadie or Diane would not find them.  We climbed into bed and after we found each other's embrace, and I was comfortably in Brad's arms, we fell  into the sleep of innocents.


To be continued...

"The measure of love is to love without measure"

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