Finding Love: A Journey
By: Scotty
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Chapter 2

Our trip up US 1 to the mall was uneventful, but as always, It was interesting to cross the new Roosevelt Bridge.  Brad remarked about all the new commercial building that was happening in Florida.  I let him talk as much as he wanted, but when he stopped, I took advantage and asked,

"Brad, tell me a little about yourself, please.  And your family.  That is if you want to, and please I'm not trying to pry.  It's just that I want to know how you became the wonderful person that you are." 

Brad was quiet for a bit.  Looking at him, I thought he might be getting the answer to my question arranged in his mind.  He was drumming his fingers on the steering wheel; an attempt, I guessed, to calm his nervousness.  I smiled to myself.  Brad, the apparent tough, no bullshit kind of guy, was nervous because he had to talk about his family.

As I waited for his reply, I took note of his handsome face, his beautiful green eyes.  His black hair was of medium length and had been styled by someone in the know.  His features were sculpted and handsome, my eyes settling on his full, pink lips that had touched mine only minutes ago.  I wanted so much more at that moment, but I would have to wait.  He was taller than I, and his body was fuller and looked as if he worked out regularly.   He had large hands with carefully manicured nails.  He had a great tan and that smile; oh, that smile.  If he smiled at me, I knew I would do anything he wanted.  Anything!  He coughed and cleared his throat,

"I have one brother, Chris, who's a sophomore at Gainesville.  He's a good baseball player and got a full athletic scholarship.  Chris is also a math genius;  at least I think he is.  He's a bright, interesting, and funny guy.  I love him.

"My dad's an attorney with a firm in West Palm and my mom teaches at an elementary school in Jupiter, so they both have to commute.  We live in an attractive gated community.  There are three pools, tennis courts, all sort of things.  The club house has a well-equipped gym.  It's a great place to live.

"There aren't too many kids my age, though; most of the kids are younger.  You'll have to come and see my room and maybe we can take a swim in the Olympic pool.  You'd enjoy that, wouldn't you?"

"Yeah, I would love that.  Does Chris get home very often?"

"Not really, he's kinda on the outs with my parents."


"We're here," he said and any information about the family problem with Chris was gone.  I wondered if perhaps Brad didn't want to share that private information with me.  He had only known me for part of a school day.  I decided to leave it there and got out of the Mustang.  Brad joined me after locking the car door.  We walked slowly to the entrance to the mall, silently at first.  Brad stopped walking so I turned to see what the problem was .  He looked at me, his face a mask of seriousness.

"Chris is gay.  My folks aren't happy about it.  They don't make coming home very pleasant, so he doesn't come home.  He didn't even come home last year for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  I miss him so much.  I want to drive up this Thanksgiving to see him.  I know it will start an argument at home, but I feel I have to do it.  You probably don't want me for a friend now that you know about Chris."

 I punched Brad's biceps hard.

"Why would you think that?  I have no reason to dislike you or Chris.  I don't know him, and if he's gay, he's gay.  I can't help that and neither can he.  I really like you, Brad.  I wouldn't let your brother's sexual likes or dislikes make me change my mind about you.  I'm sort of naive about gay people.  I know that fag and queer aren't very nice labels.  I've seen some stuff on the Internet, but other than that, I'm basically ignorant about it all."

"God, Jake, you're terrific.  You just made me feel so much better.  Maybe your dad will let you drive up to Gainesville with me at Thanksgiving.  You could meet Chris and we could have dinner together and become a little family for that day."

"I don't know if my dad would let me do that.  He might.  Wait!  I have a better idea.  Chris could come home and stay at my place, have Thanksgiving there, and if he wants, Christmas, too."

We were now in front of the GAP.


"Sorry, Brad, that was a stupid idea.  Forget it." 

Brad took my hand in his and squeezed it hard.  There were tears in his eyes.

"Jake, that's so awesome an idea.  It would be great for Chris 'cause then he could see some of his high school friends.  If your dad says that's okay, I know Chris will come home.  How can I ever repay you for this?"

 I started to laugh and said,

"I'll find a way, just you wait and see, bro."

"Yeah, I bet you will.  Come on, Jake, let's get going.  I plan to turn you into a sexy stud before we leave here.  You ready?"

"Lead on, Master.  Lead on."


Herman Shanks was seething.  Brad Mason, the prick of misery, had almost run him over.  He knew why, too.  That new kid, Jacob, was his bitch.  Well, if Jacob was a little fag, maybe he could get some of that cute ass, too.  Shanks laughed to himself, thinking about sharing what Brad had.  Wasn't that the Christian way?  Sure it was.  Well he'd sure as hell get his share of that ass.  He had to plan it, to careful not to be found out until he had raped the little bastard.  That would fix Brad.  He'd drop the damaged goods in a minute.

He kicked his dirty clothes to the side, took a long drink of his warm beer, made his way to his bed, which was messed up and covered with dirty sheets.  He pulled off his clothes and sat naked on the side of the bed.  He began to stroke his cock, bringing it to its fullness.  He lay back on the bed and began to jerk off, his mind wandering to a time last week when he met a young guy at the theater. After a chat, they took off in his truck and found a deserted dirt road and pulled off into a grove of pin oak trees. 

Dan was quickly sucking his cock, slobbering all over it.  Shanks remembered with pleasure getting Dan naked in the back of the truck and fucking him so hard that his anus bled a little.  The kid cried out, screamed, in fact, and how Shanks loved that.  The little fag got just what he wanted and needed.

Jacob would find out how big and hard his cock was when he fucked his tight ass, probably still a virgin hole.  He imagined how Jacob would love it and ask him to fuck him harder, to make him cum.  He was now beating his cock at a furious pace, and as this fantasy got hotter, he suddenly stiffened and shot a copious amount of cum into the air and onto his naked chest and face.  He rubbed the cum into the hairs on his chest and stroked his softening prick with some of the cum.

 And then in a strange little twist, he pulled back his legs and began to finger his hole, groaning and beginning to get erect again.  Maybe that would be how he would make Brad pay.  He'd make Brad fuck him.  Shanks knew he wanted to be fucked, and Brad was handsome and sexy.  Yeah, that would be perfect.  He kept rubbing his finger over his hard love button, and in minutes he was shooting again.  This would be his revenge.


After three hours at the mall where we visited just about every store, and after trying on and modeling for Brad outfit after outfit, we finally decided we were finished.  Our one last stop was at Cuts for Men, where Brad instructed the stylist on what he wanted for my styling and cut.  Forty-five minutes later we left the shop.

We had  a slight argument since Brad wanted to pay for the styling.  I was adamant that I would pay.  I liked the way I looked, much like so many other South Florida boys.  Still, I wondered what my father would think of some of the clothes and the new haircut, but I said nothing to Brad.  My new friend  had taken great pleasure in seeing what he claimed was the transformation of an ugly duckling into a handsome prince.  I did realize some truth in that, as I had taken a peek or two at myself in the mirrors in the changing rooms.  I liked what I saw.

"So, whatcha think?  Ya like what we did?" asked a pleased Brad.

"I'd like it better if you'd take a couple of these bags and boxes.  If I could breathe, I'd tell ya I love it," and I laughed.

Brad came and grabbed some bags.  I thought he wanted to hug me again, but he chose not to in the middle of the mall.  I would have gladly welcomed it.  Laughing like two kids on Christmas morning, we got all the stuff to the Mustang and loaded it.  When we were settled in and ready to leave,  I reached over and took Brad's hand in mine.

"Thanks, Brad.  This means a lot to me."

"Nothing, Jake.  Nothing. I had fun, too.  Wait until Monday when we go back to classes.  You're gonna knick ass.  Wait and see, Jake, you're gonna be noticed.  You'll have to chase the girls away."

"You are so full of shit, Brad.  But thanks.  I'll be happy if you think I look good.  That will be enough." 

Brad's face got red as he started the Mustang.  He looked at me carefully and quietly said,

"I've thought you looked good from the moment I saw you."

 I couldn't speak for a minute.  But I forced myself to say,

"And I thought you looked good from the moment you helped me pick up my stuff in the boys room."

"What is this, a mutual admiration society?" Brad asked with a laugh.

 I didn't know what else to say so I quickly asked,

"Would you like to have dinner with me tonight? Otherwise, I'll be alone.  My dad doesn't get home until late most nights, so it's just Sadie and me.  Probably you need to get home, though, I mean, your mom will be expecting you, and you probably have chores to do, and maybe you need to wash the car, and...."

Brad was really laughing now as we sped down Route 1,

"Will you can it, Jake?  I'll stay for dinner.  I'll just call my mom on my cell phone.  Here, check the directory, highlight `Mom' and push call.  Then hand it back to me." 

I did as instructed and as the phone on the other end began to ring, I handed it back to him.

"Hi, Mom.  It was a good day.  How about you?  Oh, okay.  What time will you guys get back?  Yeah, okay.  Hey, Mom, is it okay if I have dinner with Jacob Neilson?  He's new at school and he invited me to have dinner with him and his housekeeper.  No, no.  Okay.  They live in that huge yellow place on the intracostal.  Yeah, that one.  Yeah, that's his dad.  No, I haven't met him, but I did meet Sadie.  She's a gem and she makes awesome cookies.  Well, it's Friday night, Mom, so can I stay out a little later?  Thought we might take in a movie after dinner.  Here talk to him yourself." He handed me the phone,

"Hello Mrs. Mason.  Your son has been very kind to me."

"Hi Jacob.  How was he kind to you?"

"He helped me out of a serious situation at school and then he took me shopping for some new clothes that are like what most young guys are wearing in South Florida."

"Are you sure your housekeeper won't mind if Brad stays for dinner?"

"No, not Sadie.  She's a gem.  She always has enough food for a small army."

"Well, if you're sure it's okay, then it's okay with me.  I don't like him driving late at night."

"If it's late, I will make him call you and he can spend the night.  We have enough rooms, so it won't be a problem."

"Well, okay.  Let me talk to Brad again, please."

"Sure.  Nice talking with you, Mrs. Mason.  Here's Brad."  I handed the phone to Brad.

"Yeah, Mom.  Okay.  You're sure now?  Oh, I didn't realize you would be that late.  Love you, too.  Bye." 

Brad clicked the phone shut and handed it back to me.

"Hold on to that for me," he said, handing me his cell phone. "Mom and dad are going out tonight, so it worked out fine.  She asked me to spend the night at your place if it's late when we finish watching a movie.  Do you want to go to the theater, or should we rent something?"

"Let's play it by ear, okay?  I'm glad you're stayin' for the night.  It will give us time to talk. I'd like to do that, Brad.  We need to talk."

"Okay with me.  Use your remote to open the gate, will ya?" he said.

 I clicked the button and the gate opened.  We drove up to the garages and I clicked the remote again for one of the bays to open.

"Park in there." I said.


Brad shut the engine off and we climbed out of the car, taking the bags and boxes with us through the garage and into the mudroom and then the kitchen.  Sadie stood there with her hands on her hips.  She laughed and asked,

"Is there anything left at the mall?" 

I gave her a hug and laughed, saying,

"There's plenty of stuff still there.  Sadie, Brad is going to stay for dinner.  Is that okay?  And he's spending the night, so please get the guest room next to my suite ready."

"Welcome, Brad."  Sadie said as she went to Jake and told him,

"No, Jacob, there's no problem.  By the way, your dad called and he's not coming home tonight.  He's going up to Orlando on business.  He said he would be home late Sunday.  I'm sorry, Jacob.  I know it's another weekend without him, but try to understand.  He wants you to have what you need, so he works hard to provide it."

I looked at Brad, who smiled at me, but this one time, it didn't lift my spirits.  I started down the hall to my suite, but turned and told Sadie,

"He's never understood that sometimes I only want to be with him.  He's never been able to do that for me.  But I try to understand, Sadie.  I really do.  Come on, Brad, let's go and I'll try on some outfits for you."

"I'll call you fifteen minutes before dinner." Sadie added.


Elizabeth Mason sat at her dressing table.  She was applying her base before adding the other cosmetics that she hoped would make her look younger than her 43 years.  Her husband Travis was in the bathroom finishing his shave.  She was thinking about Chris.  She missed him.

"Trav, do you think we might invite Chris home for Christmas.  It's a major holiday and I do miss him."

Travis Mason came out of the bathroom wiping the excess shaving cream off his face.  He stopped and leaned against the door casing. He thought for a moment, and told his wife,

"You know I want him home with us, but Beth, you know we can't condone his sexual orientation.  It's wrong.  You and I know the Bible tells us it's an abomination.  How could we face Reverend Colter?  He wouldn't understand our loss of faith.  Chris has decided to abandon God.  I can't ask him to spend Christmas, the birthday of the Christ he has abandoned, with those of us who love and fear God.  I just can't do it."

Beth was quiet as she applied the rest of her makeup.  Travis watched her carefully.  Her face told him volumes about her feelings.

"You're not buying it are you?"

"No, not completely.  He's our son, of our flesh and blood.  I can't stop loving him because he finds love and sex in a way that's foreign to us.  If he's gay because of genes, then it's our fault.  If he's gay because of the way he was raised, then it's our fault.  Or maybe he is what he is and it's not anyone's fault.  But Trav, if we believe that God made him, then God loves him and so should we."

"Let's talk more about it.  I wonder what Brad would think about it."

"He'll be thrilled.  He's already talked to me about driving to Gainesville to have Thanksgiving with Chris.  He doesn't want him to be alone.  He told me he loves him as he always has and that whether if he is gay or straight doesn't matter, because more important than that, is that Chris is his brother."

"I'm not surprised by that.  Are we going to let him drive to Gainesville?"

"I am, but I don't know what you will do."

"Beth, I do love Chris, you know.  I'll let Brad go, and maybe I will enjoy the day more because I will know that my two sons, both of whom I love deeply, are not alone and are enjoying the day.  I really need to think about Christmas, though.  Can you be patient with me?"

"Dear, dear Travis, when have I not been patient with you?"

"Sometimes in our bed, you aren't too patient with me.  I need to get some new lessons on lovemaking, I think.  I want you to be happy with me as your lover."

 Beth was laughing lightly.

"You are just an old billy goat, my dear.  Our bedroom antics are as good as any.  I haven't done a study about it, but I know how you make me feel when you make love to me.  I know that if that's the measure of you as a man and lover, then you get an A+."

"What a liar.  But thanks.  Watch out, because tonight I will be Casanova."

"Just my luck, and I was planning on having a headache."



Chris Mason sat at the desk in his dorm room.  Peter was out at soccer practice.  He smiled to himself thinking about his lover.  It had been such a strange beginning.  He had been afraid to say anything to Peter, and Peter was shy about telling Chris that he was gay.  So for the first three weeks they both went around the room like they were walking on eggs. 

It had happened on a Saturday night.  Chris had stayed home because he had so much studying to do.  Peter had wanted him to go out to a party at a frat house.  Chris knew they would be late, so he decided to stay home.

Peter came home early; it wasn't ten o'clock.  He came into the room, locked the door, got out of his clothes, went into the bathroom, brushed his teeth, came out, slipped out of his boxers and got into bed naked.  Chris had noted his sexy body and that when he came out of the bathroom he was partially hard.

Chris had turned back to the computer, essentially to hide his hardening cock.

"You about done?" asked Peter.

"Almost, why?"

"Could you come over and turn off the light.  I can't reach it."


Chris walked over, leaned across Peter and switched off the light.  Moving back to stand up straight, he  lost his balance and fell forward onto Peter.  Chris struggled to right himself, but before he could, Peter pulled him down to his hard body and kissed him passionately on the lips.  Chris didn't fight it, but allowed himself to finally taste this stud who he had wanted to have since he met him when he moved into the room that afternoon three weeks before.

"Sorry, Chris.  Shit, I'm a real jerk.  Anyway, you might as well know, I'm gay.  And worse than that, I think I'm in love with  you.  I'll change rooms.  I'll be out of your hair before..."

Chris silenced him by putting his mouth over Peter's.  He moved his tongue across Peter's lips.  Peter opened his lips and his mouth letting Chris' tongue invade.

"Peter, I'm gay, too.  And I've wanted you from the moment I met you.  I don't want you going anywhere, except to my bed.  Let's make love," he said as he removed his boxers and slid into bed taking Peter into his arms.  Their warm skin touched and their lips moved silently over each other's bodies.  They moved into the 69 position and pleasured each other until they tasted the other's essence.


Today they were committed lovers, partners.  Chris sighed and as he did, Peter came into the room, locked the door, and striped naked in front of his lover.  Chris got up from his chair, pulled off his clothes and walked naked to Peter.

"I love you, Peter, with all my heart."

"And I love you with all of my heart. Come with me and let me show you," Peter said as he moved to the shower.

Climbing into the smallish shower, their bodies were tight against each other.  Peter dropped to his knees.  He turned Chris around and put his face in his lover's ass.  Chris moaned and leaned forward until his spreading legs revealed his rosebud.  Peter worked  his tongue around the sensitive hole, finally moving his tongue in and out of it.  Then Peter turned him again, and took his hard cock into his mouth and throat, caressing his balls. Finally, after moistening his finger by sucking it into his mouth, he reached around Chris and slowly pushed his middle finger into his lover's anus.  He matched his blowjob with his finger action and in moments, Chris filled him with his hot cum.  Peter didn't miss a shot and swallowed it all, cuming himself almost at the same moment as Chris.

When their breathing returned to some level of normalcy, they clung to each other, Peter's head on Chris' chest.  Chris told Peter,

"And to think we missed three weeks of making love.  I promise you that I will make it up to you in all the years we have to love each other.  That's a promise."

"I plan to keep you to that promise," Peter said as he kissed his lover softly on the lips. " Let's take a nap."

They walked naked into the room, and got into Chris' bed.  Moving into each other's arms, and after some gentle kissing and caressing, slipped off to sleep.


When we arrived at my suite, we dropped all the packages on the bed.  Brad was looking intently at me.

"What?" I asked.

"I like looking at you.  That's pretty gay isn't it?"

"Maybe, but I don't know what makes something gay?"  I said as I removed all my clothes except my boxers.

"Should I put on clean underwear?" I asked Brad.


Removing my boxers, I stood there naked, my cock semi hard. I turned and bent down to get a clean pair of boxers from the drawer of the bureau.  I heard Brad take a deep breath, and my mind wandered away as I began to slowly pull on my boxers.  My cock was now very hard.


"This is gay, Jacob."  He walked to me and took me into his arms and kissed me, much more strongly then the time before.  I returned his kiss and soon his tongue was exploring my mouth.  My cock was getting harder and I could feel his cock pushing against my thigh.  Brad's hands were moving over my naked body.

"Do you like this, Jacob?"

"Yes, I do.  Does this make us gay?"

"Maybe not this, but maybe we can explore the things that might make us gay.  I don't need any help 'cause I know I'm gay.  I think I'm in love with you, Jake.  Maybe I should go home.  I think I'm taking advantage of  you."

"Brad, please don't leave.  I want to lock the door."  I hurried to the door.  I  could see that Brad was watching my naked body as I moved across the room.  When I got back to him, I lifted his T-shirt up and off.  I looked up at him and slowly rubbed my hands across his chest.  He kicked off his sandals and dropped his shorts.  I pulled down his briefs.  His cock sprang free,  pointed out at me and then up toward his heart.  I wanted to feel all of his body.  I kissed his nipples and his chest.  He was moaning.


"Jake, are you okay? Jake!"

"What?  Oh, shit.  Sorry my mind was somewhere else."

"Looks like wherever it was, you liked what you were doing.  Old peter doesn't lie.  When he firms up, you know he means business."

"Yeah, I guess.  Fuckadoddle!"

"What did you just say, Jake?" he asked with a laugh.

"I said `Fuckadoddle!'  I like the sound of it, and you said it first and, well, I like you and so I like it, too.  If you don't want me to use it, just say the word..."

 I couldn't continue because the sense of what I had just said became clear to me.  Brad was bent over laughing, and I had tears running down my face.

"You are the world's biggest shithead, Jake.  Of course I don't care if you use it.  It's kind of a compliment.  Yeah, I'm glad you used it.  As I am wont to say, `Fuckadoddle!'"

As I pulled on a pair of khaki cargo shorts and then slipped on a bright red T-shirt with some drawings on it and some words I didn't have a clue about.  Finally I pulled on some ankle length white sweat socks and my new Vans.  I turned and faced Brad.

He inspected me carefully, walking around me as if I were a piece of meat or a animal at an auction.  He was smiling,  which made me feel good.  He stopped and brushed my hair back with his fingers, but not satisfied, he pulled out his comb, and with apologies for using it, got my hair just the way he wanted it.


I rolled my eyes at him, giggled a bit, and asked,

"There, what?"

"You, Jake, are one hot stud.  Believe me, you will turn many heads on Monday at school.  I think we should go back up to the mall and go to the movies there.  I want to see how many guys and girls give you the once over.  I know I would look twice.  Hawet, hawet, you are one extreme hawtie!"

My face flushed, and without knowing why, my penis began to respond to Brad's words.  I didn't know what to do about it, but Sadie saved the day,

"Jacob, Brad, dinner's ready."

"We'll be right there," I shouted. 

Brad smiled a knowing smile at me, but said nothing.

"I have to unlock the door."

"The door's not locked, Jake."

"Yeah, it is.  I locked it before we..."

"Before we what.  It's not locked, dufus.  Believe me, you didn't lock it while I was here.  You look sharp, Jake.  What a change!  Wait until Sadie get a gander at you.  Bet she says something."

"Whatcha wanna bet?" I asked with a giggle." 

Brad looked at me with a kind of sinister smile.  He laughed softly and moving toward me he said,

"I'll think of something good if Sadie makes a comment.  If she doesn't, then you make the call."

I moved my right foot in little circles as I looked down at the floor.  I hoped that he would want to kiss me again, or something like that.  If I won, I thought I knew what I would ask him.  I finally told him,

"If I win, Brad, you are going to pay big.  We'll see who the dufus is then."

"Well, fuckadoddle!" he exclaimed almost choking on his laughter.

"Boys, get going or dinner will be cold." 

Sadie's voice broke our little exchange and we quickly went to the dining room where things were laid out on the table.  There was a steak for each of us, baked potatoes, a salad, and cake for dessert.  We both had milk.  Sadie said nothing until she had finished serving us.  She started toward the kitchen, then turned and looked directly at me,

"Are you the same Jacob who used to live here? Because you don't look like him, I can tell you that.  You're some hip kid, and the haircut is WOW!  Not the same boy.  I'm certain, not the same boy." she kept repeated as she went into the kitchen.

Brad was coughing and laughing.  He had stopped eating and was looking directly at me, his green eyes filled with smiles.  I was laughing, too, happy that Sadie had noticed, that she liked my change.  In a sing-songy playground voice, Brad began chanting,

"It's my call.  It's my call.  I get to choose.  I get to get even with Jacob Neilson.  He lost the  I'm the winna.  Brad Mason is king of the hill!"

I tossed a half eaten dinner roll at him which he caught.  I was laughing so hard I was crying.  Then I saw Brad's face change and he was serious.  I stopped laughing and waited.

"Jacob, I just want you to know, well, I really like you a lot.  Probably more than any other person I can think of except my brother Chris and my parents.  I promise I won't ask or do anything stupid.  I mean, what I might want to ask, I won't."


I reached across the small space that separated our hands, but which at that moment seemed to exceed the width and depth of the Grand Canyon.  I patted his hand and as I did, I told him,

"Brad, can you imagine how I feel about you?  Look at what you have done for me in one day.  You've changed me.  You made me into someone who has a little more self-esteem, more confidence.  I'm not the schnook I was.  I'm a young guy who looks like he belongs in the 21st century.  You did this for me, Brad.  You filled a large hole in my heart.  I like you more than I know how to say.  Just being with you makes me happy.
"Please, Brad, please understand how much I care, even though I can't say it the way I want to say it.  Whatever you decide because you are the `winna', is okay with me.  Now let's finish dinner so I can take you out to the movies.  I want to show off the new me."

That smile of his was melting my heart again. He exploded,

"Ha!  You're gonna take ME out to the movies?  Wrong!  I'm taking YOU out to the movies.  I want to walk you around the mall and watch all the folks look at you with envy.  They will all want to be with you, but I, Superduper Brad Mason, will be your escort.  No one else can touch you tonight, Jake.  Tonight you belong to me.  Understand?"

"Well, if you put it that way, what can I say.  I'm lucky, you know, because you are one hot and sexy escort.  My guess is that many people will ogle you and not me.  You're the hawtie football quarterback.  Me? I try to swim."

Brad guffawed.

With a smirk worthy of some jokester, he challenged me,

"I saw your trophies and medals and ribbons in your room, dufus.  You don't get those for trying to swim.  You're really good, aren't you.  And no shitting me this time.  I want it straight."

"So I got a couple of awards.  Big deal!" 

In a whisper, he replied,

"You bet your fuckin' life on it, man.  You're a really good swimmer.  I bet you have some great times.  We'll play a little game.  Here's how it will works.  I'll name a stroke and you tell me your best time.  Easy, right?  Okay.  Here we go, and no damn cheating.  If you cheat then I beat.  Got it?" 

I shook my head `yes', working hard to keep from laughing.

"100 yard backstroke."


"100 yard freestyle."


"100 yard butterfly."


"100 yard breaststroke"


"200 yard..."

"That's enough, Brad.  I don't remember all the times."

"I don't believe you, you little smuck.  This embarrasses you doesn't it?  You don't want to admit to the success you have had in swimming.  Why not?"

"It doesn't matter in the whole scheme of things.  No matter how fast I could swim, it didn't save my mom.  I couldn't escape from the sorrow either, no matter how fast or how far I swam.  The pool was my prison.  So, I swim now for me, for my pleasure, not for records or medals or trophies.  I swim for me."

I knew there were tears in my eyes and I tried to turn away from Brad.  He would not have it.  He took my arm and turned me toward him.  His eyes were misty, too.

"Jake, I really fucked this up, didn't I?   I mean, well, what I'm trying to say, oh shit.  I'm so sorry."

I stood up and walked over to his chair.  He was sitting with his head bowed.  I put my arms around his shoulders and leaned forward.  I whispered into his ear,

"I'm okay, Brad.  I just had some memories that hurt a little.  It wasn't your fault.  Come `ere, give me a hug and let's be off to the theatre, my handsome escort."
Brad sort of stumbled to his feet and gave me a half-hearted hug.  I was a little pissed, so I told him,

"Look, I'm not going anywhere with a saggy-assed prune.  Let's have a smile and a laugh, or the evening is finished.  It's up to you, dufus." 

Brad turned and looked at me with a little bit of disbelief on his face.  Then he smiled and pulled me tightly into his arms.  My heart almost stopped again, but I returned the pressure and enjoyed his closeness, his intoxicating scent.  We broke our hug and I called out,

"Sadie, we're headed to the movies.  We'll be home by ten."
We were in the kitchen now as I continued,  

"I have the remote gate and garage door opener and my key  to the back door.  If you go to bed before we get home, I'll set the alarm.  Don't worry, Sadie, Brad's a careful driver.  I'm all set for money.  How about breakfast at nine in the morning?"

Sadie smiled and walked over and gave me a hug.  I kissed her on the cheek.

"Everything will be fine, Jacob.  Don't worry.  You, Mr. Mason, had better take good care of this boy.  He's a little shy, you know."

"I'll take good care of him, Sadie, but I can assure you that he's not as shy as you think he is.  No way, Jose." 

I giggled, and added,

"Let's get out of here before you destroy my cover."


It was dusk when we left to go back to the mall.  Bright lights sparkled in the near dark and in places looked like millions of tiny white Christmas lights.  We were both quiet for a while.

"Thanks, Brad."

"For what?"

"For being there for me.  For helping me at school.  For showing me how to be a young man here.  For caring about me."

"Forget it."

"No.  I won't forget it.  I won't ever forget it.  You may have created a monster," I said with a laugh.

"You are no monster, Jake.  You're..."

"I'm what?" I asked as we stopped at the red light.  Brad looked over at me.

"You're wonderful, that's all."

 I started to shake.  Had I heard him correctly.  I stammered the question,

"What did you say, Brad?" 

He paused for only a moment,

"I said you were wonderful, and I mean it.  Okay?" 

Tears were beginning to run down my cheeks;  I struggled to get control so that I could answer him.  Finally, as we pulled in and parked at the mall, I spoke quietly; it was really a whisper.

"That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.  Thank you, Brad.  Believe me when I say this, because it's true and it comes from my heart, you are wonderful and more."

"Yeah, yeah.  I know.  Brad Mason, big man on campus, friend to babies and dogs. Athlete supreme.   What else should I include?"

"You should include that you are a true friend and that you pick your friends as you please.  I...I..."

"What now, swim man?"

"Nothing.  Let's go.  Do we have time for you to show me off?"

"I'd miss the movie so that I can show you off, Jake.  It's my job, my responsibility.  You're mine to care for, mine to protect, and..."

"Let's go show off, Brad.  I wanta be in the spotlight," I said with a giggle.

"You're the boss, Baby.  Let's get movin'!"

"What did you call me, Brad?"

"Nothing special.  Why?"

"I think you called me `baby'."

"Did I?  Do you mind?"

"No, I don't think so.  But, Brad, you can't call me `baby' in school.  I mean, shit, everyone would think we were, well that we might be..."

"Gay and boyfriends?  Is that what you're trying to say?" 

I took his hand and brought it to my lips and kissed it.   In his eyes and demeanor I could see shock and relief.

"I don't think we're lovers, not yet." 

I chose to stop there.  Brad brought my hand to his lips and kissed it.

"Jake, I..."

"I know.  You're gay.

"How did you know?

"Because, because, I...I think I'm gay, too."

"I've known for a while, since I was thirteen, in fact.  Would you like me to take you home, Jacob?"

"No, I don't want  to go home without you.  Don't you see, Brad.  I've fallen for you and if that makes me gay, then damn it, I'm gay and happy about it.


I noticed tears running down Brad's face.  I wondered what I had said that would have caused him grief.  I was about to ask when he said,

"I'm so happy right now that I don't know what to do.  You might as well know, Jake, I fell for you when I helped you in the school bathroom.  I...I don't know what else to say or do."

He seemed embarrassed by what he had just said.  I took a big step and it took all my courage, but I did it.

"I know what you can do, Brad. You can kiss me, please.  I want to know what it feels like to get kissed by someone who cares for you."

He pulled me to him and, although awkward in the front seat of the Mustang, he kissed me.  All my emotions came flooding on to me and, with a gasp, I kissed him back, clinging to him as if he were the life boat on a turbulent sea.

When we broke our kiss, neither of us spoke for a long time.  We just held each other and caught our breath.  Finally, Brad said,

"WOW!  I...I...WOW!"

I was laughing now as was he, and there in the middle of the parking lot, the two of us had experienced the first overt expression of our love.  It couldn't have been better.

to be continued...

"The measure of love is to love without measure"

Thanks to my editor, Wayne, and to my readers, Peter and Rock.  Their help has added immeasurably to the story. Best of all, they are my friends.

To be continued...

"The measure of love is to love without measure"

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Thanks to my editor, Wayne, and to my readers, Peter and Rock.  Their help has added immeasurably to the story. Best of all, they are my friends.

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