Finding Love: A Journey
By: Scotty
( 2007 by the author)

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"Ms. Neilson, this is Sadie. Something bad has happened. You and Doug have to get to the hospital. I'm on my way right now. Jacob's been hurt and Brad has been kidnapped," she said, weeping.

"Oh, my God! How?"

"Diane, what's the matter?" demanded Doug.

"I'll tell you in the car, Doug." Into the phone she said quickly,

"Meet you there. We're on our way."

The sunny Florida afternoon had become overcast and gray.

Chapter 22

Kev had hurried to his truck.  What he found did not make him happy.  The rear passenger side tire was flat.  He had been having trouble with the tire losing air, but he thought he had taken care of the problem.  In fact, the spare was in the back of the truck as he hadn't taken the time to put it back where it belonged.  Now he had the chore of changing the tire by himself.  As he was feeling sorry for himself, Todd came by on his way to his father's car which was in the adjacent parking spot.

"What's the problem, Kev?" asked Todd.

"I'm really pissed `cause I've been working on this tire for the last week or so and now the fuckin' thing is  flat.  I have to change it here and get it to the garage to be fixed.  I really can't afford to buy a new one, so I hope this can be repaired.  Shit, I could scream," said Kev.

"Calm down, buddy, I'll help you change the tire.  Let's get at it.  I have to get my dad's car home or he'll cut my nuts off," Todd said with a laugh.  Kev joined the laughter.

The two boys soon got about the business of changing the tire.  Without any difficulty, they had the tire changed and most everything put back where it belonged.  As they worked, they talked about Jacob and Brad.  Todd was outspoken in his support of them.  Kev admitted that at first he hadn't really liked Jacob.  But he got respect for Jacob that night at the mall when Jacob stood up to him, and made it clear that he could take care of himself.  He knew then that Jacob was not a  pantywaist.  He was a young man to be respected.

"I don't think I could handle the shit they have gone through and just because they love each other.  I mean, I would fight to keep that sort of thing in the closet.  I wouldn't want to put up with all the crap that comes with everybody knowing that you love another guy," Todd said.

Kev was strangely quiet which surprised Todd.  He watched Kev as he put away some of the tools.  Kev turned and approached Todd.

"You may not know it, Todd," Kev said, "but many of us knew about you and Trent.  Most of your friends don't like Trent , but we kept out of your life.  You were always discrete, but Trent sometimes ran off at the mouth bragging about his sexual  accomplishments.  Sometimes your name came up, sometimes it was a girl.  He told us he was bisexual and that he liked to dip his wick in both sexes."

"That bastard!"

Kev looked sympathetically at Todd and put his arm on Todd's shoulder.

"Todd, I think Trent may have been your sex partner, but he wasn't your lover or your friend."

"Yeah, I know that now, but for a long time, until he started mistreating me. I thought he could do no wrong.  I was a fool."

Kev picked up the last tool, and as he walked away from Todd, he said,

"Don't think too much about it, Todd.  Anyone who has ever been in love is a fool at one time or another."

"You're  pretty philosophical for a truck-driving football player," said Todd.  "Have you ever been a fool in a love affair?"

"Sure have, but not with a guy.  That's not a criticism, man.  It's just that's not my thing.  I was a sophomore.  Do you remember Charlene Holsten?"

"I think so, she had huge tits, right?"

"Right.  Remember some of the guys called her Charlene the Holstein .  Her tits were the talk of the locker room.  Anyway, she took a liking to me and we started dating.  I fell for her, and not just because of her jugs.  They were great and I played with them more than once."

"Fuckin' hot!"

"Yeah, and she was a wild kisser.  I fingered her a couple of times, but she shied away from that.  I think she was afraid I would want to mount her and screw the shit out of her."

"Is that what you wanted, Krazy  Kev?"


"Fuckin' right man.  I went home with blue balls a number of times and had to put my talented right hand to work.  But that's not what broke us up.  I mean, I would have stayed with her until she spread `em and invited me in, but it was something really shitty.  She sprung it on me one night while I was licking her nipples.  Out of nowhere she says, `Kev, my family is strict Lutheran and my folks and I had a long talk.  Since you're not a church goer, we think perhaps we should stop seeing each other."

"Holy shit!" said Todd.

"I didn't know what to say or do, but I decided I would try for one last fun night.  So I told her I wanted her to suck my cock to get me off.  I thought she would give me a pile of shit, but she didn't.  Instead, she smiles at me, and says,  `I thought you'd never ask.'  She helps me get my pants and shorts down and she proceeds to give me a  first-class blow job.  She finished and laughed.

"I asked her why she had never said anything about it.  She told me she didn't want me to think she was a cock whore.  Then she tells me she'd sucked a bunch of guys at her last school.  I was floored.  I finally asked her, `Did any of the guys fuck you?  She laughed again.  That was it for me.

"I took her home immediately, left her off, but only after I told her I agreed with her parents and that we should break it off.  So, before she gets out of the car, she says,  `Can I kiss your cock, Kev; it's a beauty."  I told her fuck no, good night and goodbye.  But I had really fallen for her.  She was beautiful, sexy, and smart.  She made me laugh, and she made me feel important.  We always had fun times when we went out, and I don't mean the sex.  I thought we were really  compatible.  I found out I was a fool.  Charlene was really a cheap whore!  At least that's what I thought then.  I know better now.  I was probably more angry about the criticism that I wasn't a church- goer" 

"Shit, Kev, I'm sorry."

"Don't worry about it.  I got over it and found other gals who I liked dating.  Most never did anything too extreme, just some petting and kissing.  I discovered that all tits ain't the same.  Now here's an IM for you: I'm still a virgin.  My cock has yet to know the pleasure of a wet, hot pussy.  But have no fear, my friend.  I'm going to get it and I know it will be  good."


Kev was checking everything to make sure things were where they belonged.  His back was to Todd.  Todd was admiring Kev's well formed ass.  Without really thinking, he said,

"You know, Kev, I would have been happy to have been your lover.  I would have enjoyed letting you fuck me as often as you wanted.  But I knew that could never happen.  I knew you were too straight for that shit."

"It's nice to know, Todd.  You are fuckin' hot, you know.  But I want to lose my virginity when I plug a pussy on a hot gal.  No offense."

"None taken."

"Got to get going so I can get this tire to the garage."

"Yeah, me too.  I suspect my dad has already had a shit fit thinking I was in an accident and wrecked his car," said Todd.

"Wouldn't he be more worried that you had been injured or worse?" asked Kev.

"I'd like to think so, but he does love this car."

Both boys were laughing as they got into their vehicles.  Kev led the way toward the exit in his truck.  Todd followed in his father's car.


Not only had Brad and Jacob seen the car, but Travis had immediately recognized his son and his slut.  He also saw Brad's Mustang and pulled into the parking space beside it.  Seeing the two boys together caused Travis' blood pressure to shoot to new heights.  `Oh to be rid of that queer,' he thought.   He stayed seated in the car as he didn't wish to give the two boys any idea of what might be happening.

Jacob had to really push himself to keep up with Brad.  Brad was a football player, he was a swimmer, and their breathing techniques were different.  He was getting tired and so was happy to see  the finish line ahead: there sat Mr. Mason in his car.

Brad wondered what was so important that his father had driven to school.  He prayed nothing had happened to his mother or that Chris hadn't taken a turn for the worse.  He finally stopped running and turned to see a panting Jake pull up beside him.

"What the fuck were you trying to do?  Kill me?  Holy shit, Brad, you can really run.  I'm impressed," said a winded Jacob.

"Had to learn it early and refine it as I got older and began football.  I still have to be able to run or I'd get sacked more often than I do now."  He laughed.

Travis Mason got out of the car, taking the pistol and putting it in his coat pocket.  He put on his best smile and called out in greeting,"

"Hi guys.  Brad, I really need you to come to the office and help me move some stuff around."

"I'll be happy to help, too," I said.

"No need of that.  I thought you could drive Brad's Mustang home and I'll drop him off later after we finish the work," Travis said in his best controlled voice.  

How he wished that little freak would just shut up.  He didn't wish to have trouble, but he was willing to do whatever he had to do. He was certain that before the sun set tomorrow night, Brad would be safely inside the Colony receiving the help he so critically needed.

Brad was agitated.  Why hadn't his father called?  Why the sudden urgency?  He told his father,

"But Dad, I'm supposed to go with Jake to help him get a car.  His folks are counting on us being there in a little while."

"Sorry, Son, but family has to come first.  Jake's car can wait until tomorrow," said Travis.

Brad was  beginning to feel even more concerned about the urgency of this whole matter.  He recalled his brother's admonition to him not to trust their father.  He was about to tell his father something when Jake said,

"We could follow you in the Mustang.  I could help.  And then we could leave for my place.  It would save you time, Mr. Mason.

Travis Mason's face reddened; in fact, it almost turned purple.  He tried to speak in regular tones, but it was obvious that he was angry.  He moved between the two boys and leaning forward and shaking his finger in Jake's face he said,

"My good young man, this is a family affair and not any of your goddamned business, so shut your fucking mouth or I'll knock you into next week."

Jake didn't move, but Brad did.  He pushed his father aside and went to Jake.  He stood next to his lover, and in a loud angry voice told his father,

"Don't  you speak that way to Jake.  He hasn't done anything to you or to me."

His father laughed an almost villainous laugh.  He faced the two boys, and sneered,

"This little slut has made you into a queer, a faggot, so I'll talk to him anyway I want.  And you, Brad, how could you become a queer?  Don't you see how wrong this is?  Jake has pulled you into sin.  You'll both burn in hell if I don't do something.  Brad you're coming with me, and as for this little male whore, he can rot in hell.  Now come on, get in the car, Brad."

"I'm not going any where with you, dad.  You're acting crazy.  Jake didn't make me into anything I wasn't already.  I've been gay for a long time.  It wasn't Jake's fault that I fell in love with him," shouted Brad.

"Enough of this shit, you're coming with me," Travis said  as he reached out to grab Brad.  Jacob pushed him away and said in a fierce voice,

"If you touch him again, I'll hit you hard.  Mr. Mason, you'll need to go through me to take Brad.  Don't you understand? We love each other!  We're not sex fiends.  We just want to live our lives, that's all."

That was when the pistol made its appearance.

"Look you little shit face, you either help me or I shoot you and then my son, but either way he comes with me or he will never move his feet again.  And throw your cell phones on the pavement over here," bellowed Travis as he waved the gun around so that they both could see it.

The two boys were frozen in place, both trying to come  up with a plan, anything to diffuse the situation.  But Brad realized even if Jacob didn't, that his father had flipped out and reasoning wouldn't change things. Both boys threw down their cell phones, including the special phones from Principal Treadwell.  Travis Mason raised his foot and began to destroy the cell phones, crushing them under his heel.  Both boys looked on in utter amazement.

Brad pleaded, "Dad, think about what you're doing.  It's crazy!  Why is it so important that I go with you?  Where are we really going?"

"You're coming with me and we're going to a place that will help you recognize that you're really a heterosexual.  Your homosexuality can be cured.  I know it can.  It has to be cured.  I can't live with two queer sons," said Travis in a voice muted by near  sobs.

Jake moved quickly, pushing against Travis and knocking him away, but not totally off balance.  As he did this, he screamed.

"Run, Brad.  Run!  I love you."  But Brad did not move.  Travis Mason did.

He swung his right hand which held the pistol and hit Jake on the side of the head knocking him to the ground.  Blood began to flow immediately.  Brad was on his knees trying to minister to his lover.  Travis Mason warned his son,

"Get the fuck up here and do as I say or I'll finish the job.  He's not worth your worry, Son.  He's a cheap cock slut!"

Brad dashed toward his father, screaming as he did,

"You're crazy, Dad.  Look what you've done.  Can't you see he loves me?  My God, Dad, he put himself in danger so that I could escape.  Can't you see the intensity of his love for me?"

"Fuck all  that! Now get the duct tape and the rope out of the car.  Do it now, or he's a dead cocksucker!" warned Travis Mason.

Brad leaned forward and kissed Jake on the cheek, tasting his lover's blood.  Infuriated, he wanted to kill his father to rid the world of his craziness, but he couldn't do that because he would have to sacrifice Jake, and he would never do that.

"Do what he says," whispered the half-conscious Jake.

Brad hurried to the car and carried out the bag of things Travis had packed.  By this time Jake was sitting up, his bleeding beginning to slow.  Travis noticed this immediately.

"Get your ass over here, slut," he ordered Jake.

Jake moved slowly, but got up and went to Brad's side.  Brad put his arm around his lover, as tears flowed freely from his eyes.  Jake had no tears.  He wanted  revenge.

"Understand, you two queers, I'll kill you both if you don't do what I want.  You, slut, get the rope and tie Brad's hands behind his back.  Do it."

"Jake, Baby, do as he says.  Don't risk anything more.  He's crazed."

Jake tied Brad's hands behind his back, pulling the rope tight, but thanks to his scouting background, made what looked like an intricate knot, but which in reality was a disguised slip knot.  Hopefully, at some point, Brad would be able to free himself.  Travis watched carefully. 

"Nice job for a cheap male whore.  Who would have thought?" he harassed Jake.  "Now take the duct tape and tape Brad's mouth so I don't have to listen to him.  Do it right, or else."

Jacob was ready to tape Brad's mouth, but before he did, he kissed Brad on the lips, and then told him that he would love him forever.

"Stop that fuckin' queer stuff.  Just do as I tell you, or I send you to hell which is where you're going to end up anyway," warned Travis.

Jake placed two or three pieces of tape over Brad's mouth, but chose not to move away from his lover.  It did not go unnoticed by Travis.

"Over here, now!" he ordered, and to Brad.  "You get in the back seat and don't try anything funny or your friend's brains will be all over the pavement.  Now do it."

Brad moved to the car, the back door still open from when he went to get the rope and tape.  As he tried to get in, he fell  face first into the vehicle.  His legs were still outside, but Travis moved to him and, taking him by the belt, lifted him into the car and slammed the door.

Jake seized that moment to charge Travis in hopes of knocking the gun out of his hand.  But Travis was ready for him and swung again with his pistol and hit Jake on the bridge of the nose, and as he fell, on the temple.  The pistol discharged.  Jake fell.  Brad's fear-stricken face appeared in the back window of the car.

At that precise moment, Kev noticed the confusion near Brad's Mustang. Then he heard the shot.  He got a glimpse of Brad's gagged face in the car window as the silver Mercedes flew out of the parking lot.

He was stopping when he saw Jacob lying on the pavement in a pool of blood.  He screamed "no" and jammed on the brakes.  Luckily, Todd had time to stop before running  into the back of Kev's truck.  Todd jumped out of the car after he saw Kev barrel out of the truck.

As Todd rounded the truck, he saw Kev kneeling on the pavement next to a body.  Then he realized it was Jacob.

"Call 911, oh my God.  Get Kinkade!  Get Treadwell!  Oh my God!  This can't be happening.  It can't be happening," screamed Kev.

Todd froze for a second, but regaining some composure,  he pulled his cell phone from his pocket and dialed 911.  In short order he had relayed the information on the situation as he could see it: there was  a body on the pavement, and lots of blood.  He begged them to hurry.  Then he speed dialed the school's main office.  He breathlessly told Mrs. Shover, the secretary, to send Principal Treadwell and Kinkade immediately.  It was terrible he told her, terrible!  As he hung up, he  went to Kev and knelt beside him.

"Is he dead?" whispered a shaken Todd.

"Oh, my God! Oh, my God!" was the only reply he got.


When Sadie answered the phone at the Neilson house, she had no inkling of what she was about to hear.  It was the principal of Palm High School , Delores Treadwell.  She had immediately asked to speak with Mr. Neilson.

After telling her that he wasn't home, she asked if Sadie knew where they were and if she could get in touch with them.  Sadie told her that she would be able to do that.  Then Ms. Treadwell said,

"Tell  Mr. and Mrs. Neilson to get to the hospital as soon as possible.  Jacob has been injured and is being transported there as we speak.  I can't tell you how severe his injuries are as I don't know.  I also am trying to reach Mrs. Mason.  It's very important. Her son, Bradley has been kidnapped.  Police are questioning witnesses, but I have no additional information."

"Oh, no!  Jacob has been hurt.  Oh, no!  And Brad has been kidnapped.  My good lord, what is going on?"

"It doesn't appear to be school related.  Preliminary information suggests that it was an adult from the community.  I have to go now.  I have members of the police waiting.  Thank you for your help.  Goodbye."

Sadie promptly went into overdrive.  First she called Father Jim who was just about ready to leave for an afternoon meeting.  He told her that he would be at the hospital and that Gary would be with him.

Next she called Diane's cell phone, reaching her at the Ford dealership.  She gave Diane all the information that she had.  Diane assured her that they would be at the hospital when Sadie arrived.

Finally, she called Beth Mason's cell phone.  When Sadie told her what was happening, Beth gasped.  Sadie could hear a man in the background asking if Ms. Mason was okay.  Then she heard the voice of a man, who identified himself as a Roger Gimple, Beth Mason's private detective.  Sadie quickly told him what had happened.  He told her that Mrs. Mason had fainted, but he would get them both to the hospital.

Moments later, after grabbing a light jacket, Sadie rushed to the garage, jumped in the car and sped away.  She headed toward the hospital and her dear Jacob.  She prayed again for his safety, as she started to cry softly.


"I'm going to drive, Douglas .  I don't want to hear anything about it," said Diane.

Doug Neilson knew that when Diane spoke to him in that tone, that he had better listen and do as she asked.  In this case,  it was more like a command.  He could see the tears running down Diane's checks and was aware of her valiant attempt to control her near sobs.  

They were in the car and Diane sped out of the dealership and onto Federal Highway going north toward Jensen Beach .  Doug was really agitated that he still didn't know what had happened, but every cell in his body signaled that it was bad.

"Damn it all, Diane, what the hell is happening?"

"Jacob's been injured at the high school.  He's been taken to the hospital.  I don't know anything more," I said.

"No, no, no, this can't be happening, not to Jacob.  He's the only child I still have.  God can't be that mean.  I don't  deserve this.  How bad is he injured?" asked Doug.

"I don't know. Sadie didn't know, but I guess it could be serious.  That's why I wanted to drive because I knew that you would be too emotional to drive safely," she calmly told Douglas .

Doug had taken to pounding on the dash, screaming at the powers that be, at what he called an unfair God.  Diane did not intervene.  She understood that his agony must be unbearable.  She felt something gnawing at her soul.  She loved Jacob so much, and he had shown his love for her, too.  How could Doug deal with this, especially if it was serious and he might lose Jacob.  She couldn't imagine.   Luckily she made every light on the trip to the hospital, shortening their journey of agony.

Doug had become strangely quiet and was staring straight ahead, lost some place where only he could be.  It was a little frightening, but Diane felt some of the same agony.
"He needs me to hold him and for him to hold me," she thought.  We can only get through this together."  And then her thoughts went to Sadie.  Poor dear Sadie.  Might she lose another of the young men she loved so dearly, loved as any mother would love a child?

They sped toward  what might be one of the worst moments in their lives.


When Mrs. Shover told Delores Treadwell what Todd had reported, she jumped from her chair and was out the door in seconds.  She was running.

She met Kinkade at the main entrance of the school.  They did not speak, but hurried out into the parking lot.  It only took a second or two to see the truck and a car parked in the lane showing them the location of the problem.

Delores Treadwell began to increase her pace, again running.  She ran much like a mother might run to care for an injured child.  Kinkade had only admiration for this woman. She was fragile in appearance but so strong of character that she could make him feel inadequate.  This was one (one) of those times.

When Treadwell and Kinkade arrived, they discovered Kev and Todd kneeling  beside the body of Jacob Neilson.  There was lots of blood.  Delores Treadwell shuddered.  Both the boys were emotional, and it was obvious that they had been crying.  Mrs. Treadwell knelt with the two boys as Kinkade moved to the opposite side of Jacob's body.  Delores reached out and tried to find a pulse in Jacob's neck.  On her second try, she felt a weak, but steady pulse.

"He's alive, but he's in tough shape," she told the other three.

"Do you guys know what happened?"

"Not really," said Kev.  "I think maybe it all happened because someone kidnapped Brad and I know that Jacob would try to stop it.  I saw Brad looking out of a window in the back door.  He was gagged and he didn't show his hands, so I guess he was probably tied up.  I didn't recognize the car, but it was a silver colored Mercedes and I did see the license plate.  It was a  Florida tag and was a vanity plate, but I couldn't make out what it said.  The car peeled out of the lot."

"Thanks, Kevin," said Mrs. Treadwell.  "Todd, did you see anything?"

"No, ma'am.  When I got here, Kev had stopped and I saw him fly out of the truck.  I stopped and I found him here with Jacob.  I . . .'

The sirens of the approaching ambulance and fire truck distracted everyone from further conversation.  Kinkade had run to the exit and was motioning the emergency vehicles into the parking lot.  They pulled up to Kev's truck and stopped.  Two EMT's ran to Jacob and began to examine him.  In only moments, they informed Treadwell that they would be taking Jacob to the hospital.  As they prepared Jacob for transport, the Sheriff's car arrived.

The Sheriff talked briefly with Kinkade and then Mrs. Treadwell.  He then approached Kev and  Todd and asked them if they would answer some questions about what they saw.

Kev quickly answered, "No, I won't answer any questions until I go with Jacob to the hospital.  I'll answer all your questions there.  He needs someone with him.  His parents don't even know what's happened.

"Calm down, young man.  You can't ride in the ambulance, but you can follow me in your truck."

"Mrs. Treadwell, will you notify the parents, please?" asked the Sheriff.

"I want to go, too, Kev, but I have to get home with my dad's car.  I'm sure he'll take me to the hospital."

"He'll have to do that, young man.  You're a witness," the Sheriff informed us.

Quickly, the ambulance backed out of the exit.  The Sheriff's car followed, then Kev in his truck.  Todd left next, but turned in the opposite direction.  Finally, the fire truck left.
By then, a fairly large number of students had arrived at the  scene.  Whispered information had made its way through the crowd.  Treadwell told the students to please leave.  She would have more information for them in the morning.  Slowly the crowd trickled away.

Kinkade and Delores Treadwell hurried back to the school as she had to call parents.  Just as they arrived at the school's entrance, two Sheriff's Department cruisers pulled up.  Two deputies quickly exited the cruisers and followed the school administrators into the waiting room of Treadwell's office.

The deputies quietly informed Treadwell that the Sheriff needed Kinkade and her to meet him at the hospital.  Delores told the deputies that after she made important phone calls to parents whose children were involved, that she and Kinkade would be ready to leave.

As she went into her private office, Delores wondered what else might happen to add to the confusion and horror of the day.


As Roger Gimple  watched Beth Mason answer her cell phone, he was ruminating on a way to determine the next move.  They now knew how deranged Colechester and the so-called Colony were.  Obviously Travis Mason must have made the arrangements for his son's enrollment in the Colony.  But why did Beth not know about it?  He actually knew the answer to that question.  Beth would never have agreed to the plan.

Now that Gimple was certain that Travis was intimately involved, he worried even more that Brad had not answered his phone.  That fact alone could spell disaster!  Gimple was about to get up and refill the coffee cups, when Beth gasped and fell forward onto his desk, knocking a couple of photographs of his wife and children onto the floor.

"Ms. Mason, are you okay?" asked Gimple.

There was no answer.  Gimple acted with surprising agility for such a big man, as he moved speedily to the other side of the desk.  Holding Beth so that she wouldn't fall to the floor,  he took the phone and spoke into it.  What's the problem?  Sadie quickly told him what had happened.  He informed her that Ms. Mason had fainted, but that he would get them both to the hospital.

From his desk drawer, Gimple withdrew some smelling salts, broke open the vial and held it under Beth's nose.  Slowly she regained consciousness and then began to weep uncontrollably.

"Brad's been kidnapped.  It has to be Travis.  Jacob's been injured.  It has to be Travis.  He's crazy.  God, what am I going to do?   What am I going to do?"

"Please try to calm down, ma'am," said Gimple, "your husband wouldn't hurt your son."

Beth Mason laughed cynically, and amid sobs and laughs, spit out,

"You don't know the bastard.  When he's set on something, he'll do most anything to accomplish what he wants.  I know he could hurt Brad.  If Brad is foolish enough to resist, then he definitely could be hurt.  You don't know my husband.  Oh God!"

Gimple was touched by the level of his client's anguish.   He silently thanked God that he had a wonderful wife and two great kids.  He couldn't imagine what his emotional state would be if someone, anyone, were to kidnap one of his kids.  He had to help this woman.  He had to save Brad.  And even more now than before,  he wanted to see Travis Mason brought to justice.

He had gotten a glass of cold water which he brought to Beth.  At first she pushed it away, but with a little coaxing from Gimple, she finally drank freely.

"Thanks," she said, "now what do we do?"

"As soon as you feel up to it, we're headed to the hospital where everyone else is congregating.  Hopefully, we'll find some answers there," said Gimple.

"I'm ready now.  I want to stop that bastard husband of mine, either here or in Georgia or wherever.  But he has to be stopped."

"Ma'am, nobody wants to bring him to justice more than I do.  Sooner or later, he'll pay for his part in all this.  I promise you that!"


When Diane and Doug arrived at the hospital and hurried into the Emergency Room, there was an eerie sense of deja vu.  They had been here only a day ago, and now they were here again, but this time it was for their Jacob.

Diane worried about Doug as he was almost out of control as he contemplated what could happen.  He rushed to the desk and identified himself and his wife.  He wanted information on his son and he wanted it now.  The young nurse on duty was concerned with his anger.  She tried to quiet him with assurances that he would be informed as soon as the doctors finished their examination of Jacob.

Just as Doug was about to explode, Sadie ran into the waiting room.  She went directly to Douglas and they hugged each other, trying if they could, to get strength from each other.  It didn't really work, but at least it was comforting.  Diane soon joined them; the three, like lost souls,  wandered to the chairs and sat.  Sadie's eyes were red from crying.  Doug noticed and took her hand,

"Dear Sadie, we know how much you love our son.  Try to remain calm.  If you can do that, it will help me,' said Doug.

"Douglas, all I can do right now is pray that Jacob will be fine," she said.

Diane looked at the two of them, and although she loved Jacob with all her heart, she understood the agony that these two must have been enduring.  She pulled the two of them to the sofa and had them sit down.  She was in the middle with the other two on either side of her.

"Do you think I should go up to Chris and Peter's room and tell them what's happening?" she asked.

Sadie looked at her with disbelief.  Doug didn't respond at all, his mind completely focused on his son.  He had just begun to make up for all those years he didn't show his son his love and concern.  And now it might be too late.   Thank God that Jacob now knew how much he was loved.  Tears began to slide down Doug's cheeks.

"Diane, I don't think it would be a good idea to go to Chris and tell him anything until we know exactly what's happening," Sadie said.

"You're probably right, Sadie, now is not the time to say anything to the two of them, especially telling Chris that his brother has been kidnapped.  It would be much too upsetting.  It should be his mother who tells Chris what is happening.  I wonder if Brad's dad will show up here."

"Why, Sadie, why, did this happen?  Is it because of my failure as a father? Is it because my son's sexual choices are outside the usual?  Whose fault is it?"

Sadie and Diane looked at each other, both with hearts that were breaking.  Seeing Doug cry in a public place demonstrated his deep love for his son.  Sadie swallowed hard and spoke,

" Douglas , we don't  know the actual answer, but we do know a few things.  First, you are not a failure as a father.  You must know by now that Jacob loves you very much.  It may be connected to Jacob's sexual orientation, but if it is, don't think it is because of Jacob.  No, Doug, it's because of hate and bigotry and ignorance.  Whoever did this is not a good person.  They may think they are, but they're not."

Diane sat down beside Doug and put her arm around him.  She could feel the tension in his body, and his slight shaking signaled to her that he was holding in sobs.  She took his hand and kissed him on the cheek, tasting the saltiness of his tears.

"Douglas Mason, I won't listen to you blame yourself for whatever happened today.  I won't!  Listen to me.  You are a wonderful human being and you have shown your love for me and for Jacob.   You have supported Jacob and Brad, and you welcomed them together into your home.  You have provided everything a young teenager needs or wants.  You have expressed your regret for years past, but I know, as does Sadie, that you had to deal with some heartbreaking times.  

"Your fear of losing Jacob, as you had lost the others in your family that you loved, caused you to recoil from the one you loved most.  What followed was the inevitable drifting apart.  But, Honey, you pulled it all together and Jacob knows that and loves you more deeply then you can imagine.  There is no hate in that boy; I don't believe there ever was.  There was disappointment and confusion because he didn't understand.  Dear Sadie here helped to keep him on track while you pursued your  work.  It is no surprise that Jacob turned out to be a wonderful young man," said Diane.

Sadie looked on, tears running down her face.  She wondered how Jacob had made such an indelible mark on her heart and soul.  But she knew that he had, and that she loved him as she would her son.  Over the years their connection went far beyond housekeeper and baby sitter to a young man, as she became a mentor, a listener and a mother.  And he had called her mother and she knew he meant it.  `God,' she prayed. "please, please keep my Jacob safe.'  She sobbed quietly.

Dr. Norris came into the waiting room, ashen faced, but with a small smile.  The three adults rose to their feet, praying that the smile meant hope.


Wilfred Comstock had ended the conversation with Travis Mason on his terms.  `What an asshole,'  he thought, `thank God I didn't have such a father.  A devilish grin spread across his face.  He would take care of Bradley Mason.  He and Grant would show him a few new tricks.  He found himself laughing.

Grant Specter came into the room.  He was a handsome young man, tall, well built, and buff.  No wonder Comstock desired him, and had him whenever he wanted.  Not even stupid Colechester had any idea about their liaison.  Because Grant was an orderly, he got to know the patients well, and when he found one or two who were receptive, then hot escapades followed.

Grant quietly locked the door to the office.  He walked over to Comstock, turned him around in the leather office chair, dropped to his knees, and began to massage Comstock's ample package.  The sound of a zipper opening and  then slurping confirmed the action.  Comstock's groans added to the scene.


When the gun went off and Jacob fell to the pavement, Travis Mason was filled with fear.  Instead of checking on the boy's condition, he ran to the car and drove like a maniac out of the high school parking lot.  He had to get away.  He had to save Brad.

Brad was making noises that startled Travis.  Some sounded like cursing while others were sobs.  He knew he wouldn't be able to listen to those noises for much longer.

"Shut the fuck up, Brad.  No one is going to hurt you, I promise you that."  The noises didn't stop and Brad was now moving about in the back seat.

"Brad, either you stop this shit, or I'll find a way to keep you quiet, do you understand?"  It got quiet.  Travis smiled.  He was in charge as he had never been before in his family.

In the back seat Brad stopped moving around and  held his tongue.  The sobbing was more difficult to control.  As he slid against the back seat, he noticed that the rope tying his hands together seemed looser.  He immediately began to try with his hands to work on the knot that held the rope in place.  Almost at once the knot fell apart and suddenly he knew the truth: Jacob had not tied the knot the way he should have.  How he loved him!  How he wanted to be with Jacob!  How he hated his father!  How he wanted to escape!  He would need to plan, to think, if he was to outsmart his father.

Brad quietly began to remove the duct tape from his mouth.  It hurt like hell, especially where it stuck to his day-old beard.  It felt like he was pulling out each individual whisker.  But he didn't make a sound.  He couldn't rip it off, suffering for a moment but then knowing total relief.  No, he  had to remove it in small pulls mostly so that his father wouldn't hear it.  It took some time, but finally it was all removed.  He slowly ran his fingers across his lips and chin.  There were tears on his cheek, not from sadness or anger, but this time from the intensity of the pain in removing the tape.  He could still feel small sticky places on his face where the tape's sticky side didn't pull away from his beard.  His anger was building, but then he thought of Jacob.

`Jacob, my love, what has my father done to you?  I heard the gun shot, Jacob.  I saw you lying on the ground.  I screamed but no one could hear me.  Dear, dear Jacob, I pray to God that you are okay.  I don't care what happens to me.  I just want you to be okay.  Please dear God, keep my Jacob safe.  I have to get away.  I have to . . ."

"Bradley, this is going to be a long ride, so get as comfortable as you can.  If  you have to piss, I'm sorry to say you will have to do it in your pants.  I don't plan to stop for anything except gasoline.  I have some food and water.  I'll stop occasionally for gas and I'll be sure you eat and drink," Travis said to his son.

Brad could take it no longer. He sat up and shouted at his father,

"How could you shoot Jacob?  He did nothing.  I hate you!"

Travis was startled by Brad's unexpected outburst and nearly lost control of the Mercedes.  He braked and began to pull over to the break down lane.  Brad knew what he had to do.  He moved near the passenger-side door.  When he judged his father had slowed down enough, he opened the car door and flung himself out, falling in a ball and rolling down the small embankment toward the canal.  A short distance from  him an alligator slid noiselessly into the canal and swam toward the flailing young man.

To be continued...


"The measure of love is to love without measure"

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