Finding Love: A Journey
By: Scotty
( 2007 by the author)

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"Oh, Brad, Brad, come and sit awhile with me!" Jacob whispered, as the tears ran down his face. As the song continued to its end, Jacob's eyes fluttered and closed. His weary body had succumbed to the long event-filled day.

He slept.

Chapter 25

While Jacob slept fitfully, plans for helping with the rescue of Brad were being discussed down the hall in Chris and Peter's room.  After the preliminaries of introductions and the surprise of seeing Greg get out of the wheel chair, Kev introduced the beginnings of the plan.

"Chris, take a good look at Greg.  Does he remind you of anyone you know?"

"Yeah, he looks a little like Jacob, especially body build and hair, but I don't see why that's important to us right now."

Greg snickered, stood tall, and declared, "Ever hear of a  decoy?"

Peter looked askance at Chris, a doubtful gleam in his eyes.  Chris nodded, and said,

"Do you guys take us for fuckin' idiots?  `Course we know what a decoy is, but what's that got . . .  Wait a fuckin' minute, do you collective assholes plan to switch Greg for Jacob?"


"That we do, buddy.  Ain't it a clever bit?" said Kev.

Peter was now sitting straighter in the bed, a look of amazement on his face.  Chris also was a little taken aback, but neither said anything.  As the room remained in a temporary silence, the two older guys, thought about what had been revealed to them.

"The fuckin' wheelchair!  Of course! You need it to get Jacob out of here because he has a sore leg, so your decoy has to be in a wheelchair.  Fuckin' clever idea, Kev," said an impressed Chris.

Peter shook his head in agreement, but asked,

"How do you plan to get the IV out, and that  shit?  The nurse isn't going to do that for you.  And how long do you think you have before someone notices that Greg is not Jacob?"

"That's where you guys come in," said Todd.

Tim had put his arm around Todd and it didn't go unnoticed by Peter.  He looked at the two of them and smiled.

"So, Todd, care to explain that to us, or has that hunk Tim taken your mind off the problem," Peter said.

Tim, as was his usual behavior, got red faced and became shy.  Todd, grabbed him, hugged him tightly and laid a great kiss on his lips.  Tim groaned.  Everyone laughed.  Kev moved closer to Peter's bed, saying,

"Perhaps I can fill you two in with all the details as we're thought them through.  You need to tell us immediately if you see any errors in the plan we're about to tell you. If you find any, we will fix them.

"First we need to arrange a vehicle to take Jacob and the rest of this motley crew to  Georgia .  Ashton thought he had a connection, but it didn't work out.  So that's our first problem."

By this time everyone had found a place to sit.  Greg was back in the wheelchair, Ashton in one of the chairs, Kev in the other, and Todd and Tim sitting on Chris's bed.  Peter smiled at the group and spoke with pride,

"No problem with a vehicle, guys, my dad will take care of that, won't he, Chris?"

"You can bet your ass on it!" Chris said.

"Hey, no sex here," offered Tim.


Todd gave Tim another penis-raising kiss.  Tim really groaned, perhaps a little theatrically, but the guys enjoyed it all.  In fact, there was applause which indicated the level of good brotherhood in the room.

"My dad said he would provide  whatever we needed to make sure that Chris could help get Brad back," offered Peter.

Kev stood up and walked toward the door of the room, then  returned to Peter's bed.  He looked a little uncertain, but screwed up his courage, and said,

"Peter, this is a lot to ask, but do you think your father would be able to get some kind of limo?  It would have to be one that could take a guy in a wheelchair and six or seven others of us."

Peter and Chris laughed which wasn't immediately appreciated by the other young men in the room.  Peter sensed their concern with the laughter, so he quickly told them,

"My dad will get you exactly what you want.  Let me call him.  By the way, when do you want it and where do you want it?"

"That's another problem.  Do we leave tonight, or early  tomorrow morning?  If we leave tonight, there's the problem of hotel rooms, meals, all that shit.  If we leave tomorrow morning, it will be more difficult to get Jacob out of the hospital, and we might also be late for the coming home party for Brad," Kev said.

"I think we can work all that out with Peter's dad.  It would be best to get out of here tonight.  So, we'll have to get Jacob out of the room and then the hospital.  After that, Greg can simply walk out of the hospital and the staff will find Jacob's room empty.  I'll sneak out with the group of you when we take Jacob out.  This isn't going to be easy, and if we're caught we will be in deep shit," said Chris.

He continued, "I want you all to realize that we may be in big trouble when this is over, because we're doing some things which I suspect are illegal."

"I've thought about the problems we might get ourselves into, but I am  willing to risk it for Jacob and Brad.  They are true friends and had it not been for their kindness and caring, Todd and I would never have met.  I owe those two guys more than I can explain," said Tim with a rush of emotion.

"I second that," Todd said.

Kev moved over to Todd and Tim.  He hugged them tightly, then turned and said to everyone in the room,

"I have always thought of Brad as a special friend.  Our time together on the football team has made that friendship even stronger.  I confess I didn't like Jacob when I first met him, but I realize now it was because I saw that Brad had taken him on as a special friend.  I called him a bad name at the theater one night, and as Ashton can tell you, he put me in my place.  There was nothing "faggy" about him.  I started respecting him then.  I also could see how much my bud, Brad, loved him.  They both suffered all the shit that happened a few days ago. Now they've had to deal with what happened earlier today.  Jacob's been heroic, and I just love him.  I'd do anything to help him," said Kev, his voice filling with emotion.

Todd's cell phone rang.  He quickly answered it.

"Yeah, your mom told me.  Did she tell you about helping us?
Oh, is that so?  So whatcha gonna do?  Yup, I don't know for sure.  Yup, you'll have to miss school tomorrow, maybe the next day, too.  Great!  Yup.  I'll tell them.  Room 69.  Yup.  Sure.  Kewl!  Back at ya."

All the guys were smiling as they listened to Todd's cryptic chat on his cell phone.  After he finished, Todd surveyed the group,

"What's so funny?" he asked.

Speaking for the group, Chris said,

"We just are amused by the mystifying conversation you just had.  Care to tell us plebes what that was all about?" Chris inquired.

"Yeah,  what the fuck was that all about?" said Kev.

"That, my foolish friend, was Conner.  He's coming on board, too.  His mom isn't too happy about it, but he's coming to join us anyway.  His father is away on business so he didn't have to contend with him.  He's a bastard always giving Conner shit about everything, but especially about football because he doesn't always get the playing time his father thinks he should.  No love lost between those two," Todd informed the group.

"That's great!  Conner is a great guy and he's big.  He could snap most of us in two.  He'll be a good guy to have on our side.  He's not the best student at school, but he's wise in many other ways.  I'm fuckin' glad he's going to help us," said Ashton.

"Okay, okay!  Let's get back to the planning," said Chris,  "one of us has to go alone to Jacob's room to tell him about the plan.  Who do you think should  go?"


"Come on guys, how about a suggestion?" said Peter.

Todd looked at Tim who nodded his head in the affirmative.  Todd smiled and then kissed Tim gently on the cheek.

"I think Tim should do it," Todd said, "he's got a nice way about him (kissing Tim's cheek), and he'll be able to do it in a way that won't upset Jacob. (Another kiss.)  And beside that, Tim will be able to keep Jacob calm if he does get upset.  I nominate Tim for the job." (A hot kiss on Tim's lips.)

"Second that," Ashton said, with a giggle.

"Any objection?" asked Chris.


"Congratulations, Tim.  You're our spokesman.  Jacob is chafing at the bit to start.  Your major job will be to keep him from jumping out of the bed and running down to the lobby," said Kev.

"I'm on my way," said Tim, as he walked to the door, "I'm humbled by your choice.  I'll do my best."  He turned  and walked out of the hospital room.  Todd threw a kiss to him, but Tim's back was to his boyfriend, so he didn't see it.


Tim made his way down the corridor to Jacob's room.  He silently slipped into the room.  It was in semi darkness, but he could see Jacob lying on the bed and apparently asleep.  Tim moved cautiously to the bedside.  He looked carefully at the sleeping young man.

`He's beautiful,' thought Tim, `if he wasn't all ready taken as Brad's boyfriend, and if I had met him before Todd, I would have wanted him.'  His thoughts were interrupted when Jacob jerked in the bed and whimpered.  Tim ran his fingers gently across the top of Jacob's hand, caressing it.  Without giving it  a thought, he leaned down and kissed Jacob's hand.

It was not enough!

Tim knew he had to do something.  He had to know the feel of Jacob's lips on his.  He needed to know what his reaction would  be.  He leaned across the bed and kissed Jacob tenderly on the lips.  There was no response, but Tim felt a certain quickening of his heart beat, a twinge of activity in his penis, and a warmth that coursed throughout his body.

`God, why did I do that?' thought Tim.  `It was wrong, but it felt so good.  Man, I could fall in love with him if he wasn't in love with Brad.'  He sat heavily in the bedside chair.

Jacob moved again in the bed.  This time his eyelids fluttered, and momentarily opened.  He smiled.  His eyes closed again, but the smile remained.  Tim was watching him intently.

"Did you enjoy that kiss?" asked Jacob.

In response Tim gasped and stood, ready to flee from the room, but Jacob's voice held him where he was.

"Well, did you?"

"I . . .I'm so sorry, Jacob.  It was a mistake.  I shouldn't have done it.  Please forgive me.  I'll leave now, as I'm sure you  don't want me around anymore.  I really screwed up our friendship, didn't I?

Jacob didn't answer for a bit, but his eyes were now wide open and he looked directly into Tim's beautiful eyes.  He raised his hand and motioned Tim to his bed.  Tim sat on the edge of the bed.  His face red with embarrassment and his body shaking with confusion, he waited for Jacob to say what he knew he didn't want to hear.  Jacob smiled again, and taking Tim's hand brought it to his lips and kissed it.  Tim was actually trembling now.

"You should know, Tim, that I was awake when you came into the room, and I saw you through my partially opened eyes.  I waited to see what you would do or say.  When you finally kissed me, I was pleased that you cared enough about me to do that.  You know that I'm in love with Brad, but yet you were willing to lose everything to simply express your love for me.  Thank you for that, Tim.  Now,  relax!  You're like the brother I always wanted but never had.  Don't you realize that I love you in that very special way?" Jacob asked.

"Jacob, I'm not worthy of your love.  I took advantage of you because I thought you were sleeping."

Jacob giggled a little and told Tim,  "But I wasn't asleep.  I let you kiss me, for a number of reasons.  One, I wanted to know if it would feel as it does when Brad kisses me; well it didn't.  That's not a criticism, it's just a fact.  But I liked it, Tim, because it expressed your love for me.  I cherish that.  This is between you and me and no one else: not Todd, not Brad, not anyone."

Tears were sliding down Tim's face and he worked to pull his emotions back in check.  He looked at the smiling young man in the bed and realized how lucky he was just to have met him.

"You're too good, Jake.  But I do love you like a brother, and I want you to love me  that way, too.  I'm here to tell you about our plan to help rescue Brad.  I'll go on, but only if you stay calm and listen intently because we will need you to do exactly what we ask of you.  You don't have any IV's?"

"No, the nurse took them out a couple of hours ago.  I've eaten, and I haven't had any trouble from my concussion either.  If I think too much about Brad, I tend to get distraught.  My dad kept them from giving me a sedative, but I was scared when the nurse came in with a needle.  But I was exhausted and I fell asleep and slept until a few minutes before you came in.  I promise that I won't get emotional.  So tell me more."

Tim, still sitting on Jacob's bed, began to relate the plans to a guy who had suffered so much in the last couple of days.  Jacob showed little emotion and did not ask any questions.  When Tim finished, Jake asked,

"Who was clever enough to think about my leg  and the need for a wheelchair to get me out of here? And the decoy, top drawer, amazing."

"Kev is the one you have to thank for all this.  Mr. Li is providing all the transportation and whatever else we need.  You realize that what we're doing may be illegal and that we all could get into trouble.  I suspect that even you could be called to task," said Tim.

Jacob was silent for a long moment.  He looked at his friend, nay, his brother now, and smiled tentatively.  His eyes pierced Tim's eyes.  Tim shuddered a little, but returned Jacob's stare.

"Give me your hand, Tim," said Jake, "I want you to know that I would travel through the fires of hell to help Brad.  I would die for him if it meant he could be free.  So, if I get in trouble, big or small for trying to help him, I don't care.  They can all kiss my  ass, Tim.  I will do anything for my lover.  I hope you can understand this."

Tim didn't know exactly what to say, instead, he leaned forward and kissed Jake again on the lips.  As he pulled away, he saw Jacob smiling.

Tim knew that Jake understood.


Sadie was preparing a kind of pot luck for dinner.  The other women were helping her and there was much conversation about the boys and the happenings of the last few days.  Out by the pool, the men pondered what would happen tomorrow, none of them sure of the outcome, but all of them hopeful that above all else that Brad wouldn't be hurt, or in their most morbid moments that he wouldn't be killed.

Father Jim and Gary had also been invited to dinner.  Jim's presence kept a kind of peace hovering above the get-together.  Even Doug had become aware of the closeness of Jim and Gary.  If Mr. Li noticed, in the inscrutable manner of the Oriental  behavior, it was not obvious by his words or actions.  There was little doubt that the women in the kitchen and dining room were aware of a kindredness between the two men.

For Sadie it was obvious that Jim and Gary were in love.  She did not need to be told because she had seen the love in their eyes, just as she had seen it before in the eyes of her brother, and in the eyes of Jacob and Brad, Tim and Todd, and Chris and Peter.

She did wonder how this relationship would affect Jim's place in the church.  Perhaps she should have wondered if Jim should give up the priesthood, but she did not.  He should continue to love God and Gary as neither love was exclusive of the other.

She understood that Jim and Gary could not flaunt their relationship. Still, she believed deep in her soul that it could not be evil to love someone, regardless of their  sex.  She knew that the real reason for such outcry from certain segments of society came from their inability to accept the sexual union of same sex couples as the ultimate expression of their love.  For them, the only acceptable sexual union was between a man and a woman and that for the purpose of continuation of the species.

Sadie had realized long ago that there was a hypocritical component to that thinking.  Married men with mistresses had sex for the pleasure of it, not to produce offspring.  Unmarried men had sex with various women, not for propagation of human kind, but for the pleasure of it.  In the past couple of decades, the entire view of sex had changed rapidly.  It seemed to her that to exclude sexual contact between same sex couples was a silliness she could not accept.  Better to spend the time and energies of people and governments on the pressing  problems of the world and to use that dynamism for good.  Beth's question brought Sadie's mind back to dinner.

"Sadie, would you like me to begin bringing food into the dining room?"

"Of course, thanks, Beth," said Sadie.

"There," Lorraine said, " the Chinese salad is ready.  I'll have the stir fry ready in about two minutes.  Is there rice?"

"Yes, dear, the rice is ready.  Should I put soy sauce on the table, Mrs. Li?" asked Sadie.

"That would be nice," Mrs. Li answered.

As Beth entered in kitchen again, Sadie asked her,

"Beth, would you pull the rolls out of the oven, butter the tops, and get them into baskets?"

"Consider it done," said Beth. 

Diane returned to the kitchen after having checked on the men and their drinks.  She was smiling broadly and told the other women,

"You know, don't you, that if you  put more than two men in the same room, they become bigger gossips than women."



It was easy for Tim to tell the gang waiting in Chris and Peter's room about Jacob, since he was completely on board with the whole idea of rescuing Brad. He related to them how well Jacob had been, calm and attentive.  When Tim told them about how clever Jacob thought the plan was, Kev's face reddened, but he smiled broadly and accepted the kind words from his buddies.

But when Tim told them Jacob's reaction to being told about the risk of getting into trouble, there was general cheering and applause.

"He really said that anyone who disapproved of his going to help his boyfriend could kiss his ass?" asked Peter.

"Absolutely, and he also told me that he would crawl through the fires of hell to help Brad.  He's really committed to helping us; in  fact, I think he would take off by himself if he could just figure out how to do that.  He's remarkable as you all know.  Despite all that he went through today, all he can think of is Brad.  Brad is one lucky guy, that's for sure," said Tim.

Chris looked over at Peter and his smile and his eyes sent a silent but powerful message to his lover: `Peter, I would crawl through hell for you, too.'  Peter's silent return said the same, confirming his love for Chris.  Kev had something to say,

"Okay, guys.  Let's get this plan in action.  Why don't you call your father, Peter, and find out what he can do to help us?"

"Sure.  I need a cell phone."  Kev handed his over.  Peter quickly punched in the number and  waited.  Almost immediately he father answered.


"Yes, Dad."

"Is there a problem?"

The other men lounging around the pool stopped their conversation and listened quietly.  They watched as Mr. Li listened attentively.

"Dad, we need your help.  We need a limo that can take a wheelchair and seat seven or eight.  We want to go to Georgia and help find and rescue Brad.  Chris is really committed and so are a number of Brad and Jacob's friends." 

Mr. Li didn't respond immediately, but then asked,

"Why must the limo take a wheelchair.  You're not thinking of going are you?"

"No, dad, of course not.  I'm not well enough healed to go, but I really want to.  The wheelchair is for Jacob.  He insists on going with  them.  He's much better."

"Peter, I'll get the vehicle, but I think we should let his parents know he plans to go.  Don't you?"



"Yeah, I guess so.  Tell them while I wait."

Mr. Li took the phone from his ear and turned to Doug Neilson.  He smiled and then spoke,

"Doug, it's Peter, as you can tell.  He wants me to arrange some transportation for a group of Jacob's friends who want to go to Georgia and help find and rescue Brad."

"That seems reasonable to me, especially if they don't get in the way of law enforcement," said Doug.

"Yeah that's very important, John.  We wouldn't want them to screw up things.  We don't want anything bad to happen to Brad," said Gary .

"There's more to it than that, Doug.  Jacob wants to go with them.  They want a limo that can take a wheelchair.   I don't know anything more about how they'll get him out of the hospital, but apparently they have it all planned," added John Li.

Doug Neilson's face grew pale and he seemed near to anger.  Father Jim had moved to him and placing his hand on Doug's shoulder, said,

"Doug, Jacob loves Brad in a way that it is difficult to understand.  He's already suffered trying to help Brad.  If you don't let him go, he may do something really stupid by our standards. He can only feel at the moment, he can't really think about it in the way we can.  You realize, I know, that for him there is no one else who can make his world complete except Brad.  And Doug, imagine the agony he is suffering not knowing if Brad is even alive."

"I know," whispered Doug. "I know."

"What shall I tell the boys, Doug?   Will you allow Jacob to go?" asked John Li.

"Yes, yes," he said as he collapsed into one of the deck chairs.

"How can I not let him go?  It would kill him if he couldn't help his lover.  He has to go.  I'm probably going to be in trouble with Sadie and Diane, but I don't care.  He has to go.  John, let me have the phone," said Doug.

"Peter, this is Doug Neilson.  I want Jacob to go because I know he has to go or it would destroy him.  Just be careful of him, and Peter, I don't want to know any of the details.  We'll see all of you in Georgia tomorrow morning."

"Thank you, Mr. Neilson.  We'll not let anything happen to him because we all love him, not as you do as his father, but certainly as  his brothers.  He'll not know about this conversation, Sir; we'll let him think that he's doing this himself without you or his mom knowing.  May I speak with my Dad, now?"

Doug handed the phone back to John Li, saying as he did, 

"I'll be back in a couple of minutes, but I think I had better let Diane and Sadie know what's going on." he told Gary, Jim, and John Li.  He hurried into the house.

John Li finished a long conversation with Peter which Jim and Gary tried not to overhear.  Finally, he excused himself, telling Gary and Father Jim that he had many phone calls to make.  He left and Gary and Jim found themselves alone.

 Gary kissed Jim quickly and softy on the lips.  Jim smiled and kissed his lover back, applying a little more force than Gary had used.  They looked at each other, silent in the moment, but filled with a growing love.  Jim sat next to Gary and still holding his hand, said,

"It's been a strange few days hasn't it?  I mean, I don't think I would believe all that has happened if someone told me about it.  And now we have to face tomorrow, Hon.  It worries me a little because I don't trust Travis Mason.  I think he's out of control."

 Gary ran his thumb across the top of Jim's hand in a meager attempt to calm this wonderful, loving man.  Then he raised Jim's hand and kissed it.  Finally, after clearing his throat, he told Jim,

"There was one wonderful thing that happened when we were truthful with each other about how we felt.  We're in love, Jim, and we have finally found some  of the happiness that we both deserve.  We're as much in love as Jacob and Brad, and right this minute I want you so much I can hardly contain myself."

"You're a dirty old man," said Jim with a laugh.

"Hmm, and aren't you glad that I am?" Gary asked.

"You bet I am.  But there's much more to you than just your sexiness.  You're bright, fun to be with, a good conversationalist, and, and..."

"And I'm hot in bed.  Say it, Jim.  `Cause you, Father, are certainly hot."

"Enough!  I'm losing self control and I don't want to shock everyone by throwing you to the pool deck and having my way with you," said Jim with a gentle laugh.

"Promises, promises.  I'll make you pay later tonight."

"Ha, that's what you think.  We're not going to be home," said Jim with glee in his voice.

"Shit!" exclaimed  Gary .

Jim ended the exchange by taking Gary into his arms and kissing him hard on the mouth.  Gary shivered and clung to Jim.

"There," said Jim, "that ought to hold you until we can get some time to ourselves."

 Gary just hugged Jim tighter, kissed him again and then let him go.  As they separated, a smiling Sadie appeared and announced dinner.  Jim's face reddened, but not Gary 's.  Sadie put them at ease, when she told them,

"Relax, gentlemen, I know you're in love; it's pretty obvious.  You're both just about floating.  I'm happy for you.  Come on, dinner's ready, and Mrs. Li created some remarkably wonderful  Chinese food."

Sadie exited into the house leaving the two lovers to look at each other in a cross between surprise and joy.  They hurriedly followed her into the house.


Conner arrived just as Peter finished his conversation with his father.  The room had been quiet so that Peter's talk with his father would not be disturbed.

"Hey, my man, good to see ya," Kev said as he walked to Conner and gave him a friendly tap on the seat of the pants.

"Hey, guys, good to see you all.  Isn't anyone going to introduce me?" asked Conner.

Todd stepped forward and pointing to Peter's bed, told Conner,

"The one in the bed as the patient is Peter Li.  The one sitting on the bed, looking kinda cute is Chris Mason, Brad's brother.  They're a couple.  You know what I mean, don't you?"

Conner shot right back,

"'Course I know.  They're gay, right.  So what?  Brad's gay and so is  Jacob, and I for one think they're both top drawer.  Anyone who wants to hurt either of them has to go through me first."

Everyone in the room smiled and quietly applauded.  This was why so many guys at school wanted Conner for a friend.  He didn't have any hang ups.  If you were a good person and he liked you, it didn't matter to him if you were black or white, gay or straight, Catholic, Jewish or Muslim; you were his friend and he would do anything he could for you.

"My brother is lucky to have a guy like you as his friend.  I hope that you can also be Peter's and my friend.  Welcome aboard on our rescue mission," said Chris.

Peter started to tell us what his father had taken care of,

"Here's what my dad is arranging for us.  He plans to have the limo here no later than 8:30, which gives us about one hour to get things going.  It will take  a wheelchair; there will be food and drinks, all nonalcoholic, in the limo.  The driver told my dad how far north we could get in three hours, so he has made reservations for us at a Marriot motel just over the Georgia line in Voldosta.  He also called Denny's in the same town, so we can all have a hearty breakfast before we arrive at the staging area at ten in the morning.  He took care of paying for all of it.  Don't worry, my parents have more money than they can ever spend."

"'Cripes, that's a lot for him to do for us," said Kev.

Peter snickered and added,

"He isn't doing this for any of us.  He's doing this for Jacob and Brad.  He met them and he knows that they are good guys who love each other.  And Chris is Brad's brother.  He knows that, too.  And finally, if all of you guys are willing to help even though it  might get you into trouble, he wants to help.  By the way, if there is legal trouble, my dad's lawyers will be on board immediately to help take care of things.  The Limo is going to get here no later than 8:15, so it's best if everyone gets ready.  It's time to get the plan moving," said Peter.

Kev began pacing about the room.  He stopped and began,

"Let's see: Greg, Conner, Ashton,, Todd, Tim, Chris, and me.  That makes seven of us.  I don't think we should count Jacob since he probably won't be able to get around.  What about you, Chris, will you be able to get around?"

"Bet my ass on it," Chris said.  Peter quickly poked Chris in his biceps and laughing, said,

"Don't bet your ass on anything, my hot lover.  You know how I feel about your ass.  It's mine!"


"Oooooo!" said Greg.

"Enough!"  said Todd, "Let's get back to the plan."

"Right," said Kev.  "Here's what we're going to do.  Greg, Tim, Todd and I are going to Jacob's room for the big switch-a-roo of Greg for him.  Conner, you be the lookout here.  Stay outside the room until you see us coming back down the corridor with Jake.  Then quickly get Chris and join us.  You,
Ashton are lookout outside Jacob's room.  This will take a few minutes, especially if a nurse shows up early on.  So don't expect us to return in two minutes.  It will probably be more like ten minutes.  Does everyone understand?"

No one spoke, so Kev assumed that everyone knew what they were up to, and he said,

"Let's go then."

The boys hurried out of the room leaving Chris and Peter alone.  Chris moved to Peter's bed, pulled back the sheet and light- weight blanket and his  boyfriend's gown.

"What the fuck's going on now," asked Peter.

"Just shut up and enjoy," Chris said as he lifted Peter's hospital gown, exposing his penis which was soft.  He took Peter's cock into his hand and began to stroke it slowly.  Peter gasped and his cock grew in size and hardness.  Chris looked up at his lover, and told him,

"This is because I love you more than anything else in my life.  Believe me when I say that."

Lowering his head Chris took Peter's now fully engorged penis into his mouth and began giving his lover a long, sensuous blow job. Peter's groaning and moaning increased until he was almost shouting.  Chris didn't stop and he felt Peter's cock increase in size and then throb as he filled his lover's mouth and throat with spurt after spurt of his seed.  Chris sucked until he had every drop of his lover's hot cum which he swallowed greedily.  He stood as he wiped his mouth with the back of  his hand; then he kissed Peter.

Peter grabbed his man and pulled him sharply to his chest.  He kissed him passionately and fought to keep the tears from running down his face.  Chris made no effort to move away.  Peter whispered into Chris's ear,

"Thank you, Chris.  I love you so much.  I'll be in better shape now to spend some time without you with me.  But find Brad and bring him home.  I want you back here in my arms.  I want to be in good enough shape to return the favor, babe."

The door opened quietly, but by the time it did, Chris had gotten away from the bed and had pulled Peter's hospital gown and bedclothes back into place.  It was Conner.

"There's a nurse on her way here," he said and then stepped back out of the room.  Chris sat on his bed and waited.  A tall, well built blond nurse entered the room.  Her nametag declared that she was Evelyn Finney.

"Is everything okay  in here?  Do either of you need anything?  Mr. Li, you're going to have a sedative so that you will sleep soundly tonight.   Mr. Mason, do you need a sedative?"

"No," answered Chris, "I'm fine."

Nurse Finney brought the little white cup containing the pill.  She poured a small glass of water.  She handed the pill container to Peter, who tossed the pill into his mouth, drank the water and swallowed.

"Thanks," Peter said.

"No problem," said the nurse, "I'll check on you later tonight.  Sleep well.  By the way, who's the young man outside of your room?"

The two young men looked at each other, as Chris quickly answered,

"Oh, that's a good friend, but we asked him to wait outside as we had some personal matters to discuss.  Please tell him he can come in now.  Thanks."

Finney quickly exited the room and shortly thereafter Conner came back into the room.  He was smiling a knowing smile, but said nothing.  Both of the guys wondered what he had heard or seen.  It was titillating to think about it.  Chris was busy getting into the clothes the guys had brought and preparing to leave.  Conner looked out the door, returned and announced,

"They're coming down the corridor.  Let's go."

"I'll be right out.  Go along Conner." suggested Chris.

Chris crossed to Peter's bed and leaning in, kissed him firmly on the lips.

"I love you, Peter, and I promise I'll be careful and return to you with my brother in tow.  Goodnight, my sweet love."

All Peter could do was murmur in an emotionally charged whisper,

"I love you, too.  Goodnight."


I was wide awake and sitting up in my bed when the boys arrived at my room.  Kev, Tim, and Todd, who was pushing Greg in the wheelchair, came into the  room.  I smiled broadly when I saw them.

"Hey, man, how ya doin?" asked Kev.

"Fine, really fine.  Are we ready to get this show on the road?
I'm anxious to get going," I said.

"Calm down, Jake.  I told you earlier you have to be calm and listen carefully to everything we tell you.  Okay?"


"Greg, get out of the hoodie and sweats.  Tim, Todd, you help Jacob get out of bed.  Take care with his leg.  Take off his gown and then get him into the hoodie and sweats.  We'll cover his feet with a blanket, so if Greg's shoes don't' fit, it won't matter."

"Wait, look in the closet; there may be some of my clothes in there," I said as I pulled the gown from my body.  All chatter stopped and all eyes were on my ample package.

It was Greg who broke the silence,


"You  can say that again," said Tim.

Wow!" repeated  Greg.


"Haven't you guys ever seen a cock before?" I asked.

"Not like yours, man.  It's huge!" said a laughing Todd.

Kev had gone to the closet and found a T-shirt, a pair of shorts with what looked like blood on them, a pair of underwear (slightly used), and a pair of sandals.  He tossed the underwear to Tim who hurried helped me into them.  The show was over.

Kev helped Tim and Todd get my shorts and T-shirt on. Then it took a little longer to get the sweats on  because they wanted to be careful about the wound on my leg.  Finally they got me in the hoodie.

"There," proclaimed Kev, "you're ready to go.  Help Jake into the chair and then get his sandals on.  Use the extra blanket on him.  Put your hood up, Jake.  And when we take you down the corridor, look down at the floor, or whatever, so that most of your  face is not visible.  Greg you get in bed and pull the covers up over your face.  Give us five minutes, then leave.  Meet us outside at the limo."

"Let's go," I urged. 

Immediately we moved down the corridor and past the desk where the charge nurse was busy and paid little attention to us.  Shortly thereafter, we were in the elevator and on our way to the lobby.  Conner and Chris had joined us.  When we exited the elevator, Conner, Todd, Tim and Ashton kept Chris between them.  Kev pushed me in the wheelchair.  No one seemed interested in our little group.  We could see the Limo waiting so we increased our speed, but not so much as to draw attention to ourselves.  We were soon outside and boarding the limo.

Out of the hospital revolving doors hurried a smiling Greg.  He ran to the limo and jumped in.  The chauffeur closed the door, went around to the  driver's side, got in, and shortly the limo pulled out of the hospital parking lot.  As we were approaching the highway, Tim looked back and saw two or three medical personnel rushing out of the lobby, waving their arms and running in various directions.

We had been found out.

To be continued...


"The measure of love is to love without measure"

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