Finding Love: A Journey
By: Scotty
( 2007 by the author)

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Out of the revolving doors came a smiling Greg.  He hurried to the limo and jumped in.  The driver closed the door, went around to the driver's side, got in, and shortly the limo pulled out of the hospital parking lot.  As they were approaching the highway, Tim looked back and saw two or three medical personnel rushing out of the lobby, waving their arms and running in various directions.

They had been found out.

Chapter 26


Peter was on the hot seat!  It wasn't more than five or six minutes after Chris left that Nurse Finney came flying into the room.  She was flustered and very upset. 

"Where's Chris?" she demanded.

"I don't know.  He left the room a bit ago.  He said he would be back.  What's the matter?" Peter asked.

"Do you know the patient in Room 65?" Finney asked.

"Who's in Room 65?  I haven't been out of this room since I was brought here from recovery."

"His name is Jacob Neilson."

Peter turned his head slightly to hide the smile he couldn't control.  He answered quietly,

"Oh, Jacob.  Sure I know him.  He's a good friend of my roommate's brother.  Is he okay? Tell me that nothing is wrong with Jacob."

"I can't say more at the moment, but as soon as I am allowed, I will tell you what I know.  We doubt that anything is wrong with Jacob.  It's's just..."

"It's just what?" demanded Peter.

"We can't find him.  We can't find him," she said, so upset that she was near tears.

"Maybe he's in the toilet," Peter said with a laugh.

"It's not funny.  This is serious.  I have to go now.  If Chris comes back soon, ask him if he knows what's going on.  My God, Peter, this is something that has never happened in this hospital.  We've never misplaced a patient or lost one," she said as she hurried from the room.

It was a good thing that she left when she did, because Peter was now laughing so hard that it began to hurt his battered body. `If they only knew what was happening here. Wow!' he thought.

Peter had dozed off and was awakened by his father's voice.

"Peter, please wake up.  It's important."

Peter forced his eyes open and rubbed them with his good hand.  He saw his father standing at the foot of the bed smiling, but his mother was not smiling.  Nor was Beth who was also there.

"This hospital is in an uproar because of what you young men have done.  Peter, I am not happy about his.  What on earth were you thinking?" asked his angry mother.

"It's just, well, see this is how it all happened.  Chris had . . ."

"How much was my son involved in this silly endeavor?" interrupted Beth Mason.

"He's gone with them.  You don't think he could stay here when he knew they were on the way to find and rescue his brother, do you?  He loves Brad.  He needed to go and frankly I urged him to go.  Chris is pretty much healed, and for God's sake, it's his brother," said Peter, now with some anger in his voice.

"Calm down, Peter," practically ordered his father.

"Why are you all here?  I don't understand.  Dad?" said Peter.

"The hospital called.  The staff and administration are frantic.  They don't know the real story, so they are afraid that both Chris and Jacob haven't been kidnapped.  They saw a large black limo speeding from the hospital parking lot.

"So what are we going to do about this mess" asked a very agitated Beth.

The two women took chairs by Peter's bed while John Li began to pace about the room.  For a long moment, the room was silent, then John Li spoke.

"We have to wait until Dr. Norris finishes talking with Doug, Diane, and Sadie.  They know the truth, but I'm not sure what they are going to tell Dr. Norris.  This could get hairy, Peter.  Eventually, we have to tell them about the plan.  They are just about to call the police and the FBI.  That would cause a real problem."

As John Li finished, Dr. Norris, Doug, Diane, and Sadie came into the room.  Dr. Norris was red faced and obviously very angry.  He stopped at the foot of Peter's bed.

"So young man," he said, "how involved are you with this plan to kidnap patients from this hospital?"

"Kidnap?  You have to be kidding.  Both Chris and Jacob wanted to leave.  They have something very important to do.  I asked both of them about their health, and neither of them cared.  They want to find Brad and save him.  They love him.  They love him very much.  They love him enough to risk everything for him.  I'm sorry that this has caused you and the staff of this hospital trouble, but I'm glad they left.  If I had been just a bit stronger, I would be with them. 

"There are some things in our lives that are more important than anything else.  For Chris and Jacob, finding Brad and bringing him home safely was more important than their aches and pains or even the  probability of other serious problems.  Jacob and Chris, and all the others guys, knew there was a real chance that the law might pursue them and even punish them, but that didn't matter.

"Dr. Norris, for them it's a matter of life or death and you as a doctor surely understand that.  The desire to do what is right is strong in the human psyche.  That desire to save and to help is the strongest force in the battle all of us fight.  Chris and Brad's father apparently has lost sight of that and has really caused  this unrest.  But again, I'm not sorry for the part I played in this.  I will happily take whatever the punishment is."

As Peter spoke, Dr. Norris calmed down.  His face returned to a more normal shade of pink, and his fists were now unclenched.
He sighed deeply, look directly at Peter and said,

"Peter, I accept all that you have said, and I do understand the intensity of love that exists between all of you young men.  On the other hand, you have to understand that I am worried about the health and welfare of two of our patients.  That is foremost, but additionally, I have to be concerned about the reputation of this institution.  All of us here are here because we want to help those in need of medical intervention.  Our reputation has been damaged slightly by those two boys getting out of here without anyone seeing them.  It's mystifying!"

"I need to take some of the responsibility for this, Dr. Norris," said John Li.  "I arranged for transportation, lodging and meals for the boys.  I thought it was important that they try to help their friends.  I have gotten to know Jacob and have learned how sincere and truthful he is.  When he says he loves Brad, I know that is true.  But I know Chris better.  He loves his brother who he felt was his only connection to family.  Both Peter and I knew it was imperative that he go to help in his brother's safety return.  I am sorry that this has caused you and the hospital difficulties.  If you wish, I will have Peter transferred to another hospital in the area, as eventually he and Chris are coming to the west coast to stay with us until they are both healed."

Beth was standing away from the others with Sadie by her side.  Tears were streaming down her face and she was working hard to control sobs which were attempting to break out as prisoners from a jail.  Sadie had her arm around the emotional  mother and was trying to assuage Beth's agony.

"What have I done, Sadie?  I've lost my sons.  How could I let Travis do what he did?  I have not been a good mother.  I have failed to provide my sons with the love they needed.  I'm a terrible person, Sadie.  I doubt that God will ever forgive me.  I know my sons won't."

Lorraine Li had moved over to the two women in time to hear what Beth was saying.  She reached out and placed her hand on Beth's arm.  She smiled quietly for a moment, and then spoke.

"Beth, don't you understand, your sons love you.  They don't believe that they have anything to forgive.  It's their father who must, at some point in time, answer to them.  Even Travis loves his sons, but he has been deceived by someone he trusted and has lost his way.  It's obvious, Beth, that when he takes time to think about what he did, he will have guilt and shame.  He was already concerned about his plan, Beth.  If he hadn't felt that way, he would have told you about it.  Whether Chris and Brad can forgive him is yet to be seen.  I feel strongly that Peter and Jacob will be urging them to have a reconciliation with their father."

Sadie shook her head in agreement, but before she could contribute anything more, Dr. Norris, spoke firmly to everyone in the room.

"You do realize that I personally think it's great that these young men are sticking together and are willing to take risks to help their friends.  I certainly hope my sons will grow into the same kind of young men.  I'll get over this little blip in the reputation of the hospital.  I wish the boys well. Now, Doug, what can I do to help?"

Everyone in the room either looked at someone else or almost absentmindedly about the room.  Diane, who was standing beside her husband, poked him in the arm.  He looked at her and then at Dr. Norris who was waiting patiently for an answer.  Sadie who noticed Diane's punch, smiled and then glared at Doug.

"Well, Dr. Norris, I guess what would be most helpful to the guys would be if the hospital didn't press charges.  I know that's asking a lot, but it would really put all of us at ease knowing our children wouldn't be in trouble with the law.
And it would also help us if you could tell us if you think that Jacob and Chris are in any serious danger.  Beth Mason has two sons to worry about, one in danger from his father, and the other your patient.  Diane, Sadie and I have Jacob whose medical condition we're concerned about and additionally we are worried about Brad who is Jacob's boyfriend."

The attention in the room was now on Dr. Norris, each person in the room hoping to hear only good news.  Beth had taken Sadie's hand, attempting to find some security.  It was fine with Sadie, who at that moment was uneasy wondering if she would hear some bad news about Jacob's medical condition. Would his decision to help Brad be a serious risk to his health?  But she understood Jacob's love for Brad, and she had already accepted Jacob's decision.

Peter moved uncomfortably in the bed, his mind and heart with Chris.  He feared he might have urged Chris to do something that might adversely cause him additional medical problems.  Lorraine and John Li watched their son intently, knowing as parents often do, the turmoil that bad news about Chris would cause Peter.  They, too, worried about Chris whom they long ago accepted as their other son.  Chris was well loved by the three Li's.

For the second time in their short marriage, Doug and Diane were worried about Jacob.  For Doug, it was a deeply emotional time, as he had already lost one son and had lost contact with his daughter.  His love for Jacob had increased more since he had arrived home with Diane.  In recognizing the long months that he had neglected to show his son any real affection intensified his love for Jacob.  The thought of losing him was more than he really could deal with since his emotions were raw.  Diane had been the bright light in the darkness of his sorrow.  She was steadfast in her support and in her understanding of her husband. 

"Chris should not experience any difficulties.  He's well on his way to complete recovery.  Jacob has no real problem with his wounded leg, especially if it doesn't get dirty.  I doubt that his concussion will cause any real problem; but in all candor, I can't guarantee that.  He also should be fine.  I just hope that the boys don't expect too much physical help from Chris or Jacob. Both of them are still in recovery.  When they do find Brad, I pray he is okay as I fear what emotional distress it would cause for both of them, especially for Jacob.  I suggest that we keep all of them in our thoughts and prayers."

"Thank you, Dr. Norris, for your honest and sincere appraisal of the situation.  We all owe you more than we can ever imagine being able to repay," said Diane.

"Not to worry.  It's my job, and besides, I really like those guys.  You, Peter, need to get a good night's sleep.  You're doing remarkably well and I wouldn't be surprised if you were able to be out of that bed in a couple of days.  Keep in touch, Doug, and let me know what's happening.  Goodbye."

Norris quickly turned and strode authoritatively out of the room.

"Did you hear what he said, Mom and Dad?  I might be able to be up in a couple of days.  That will surprise Chris," said a smiling and happier Peter Li.

Sadie spoke, "So far so good.  Let's hope the rest of tonight and tomorrow go as well.  I think we should leave the Li's to spend some private time with Peter.  Beth, why don't you spend the night with us?"

"I think I will," she answered.

"'Night, Peter," said Diane as she and Doug moved toward the door.  Doug reached out his hand and restrained Diane.  He told everyone,

"We're off to the house.  Peter, you get some sleep.  John and Lorraine we'll see you later at the house.  It's been a very interesting night.  Tomorrow will be even more interesting.  I guess we could all use some sleep."

Sadie and Beth exited with the Neilsons, leaving the Li's in the semidarkness of the hospital room with their beaming son.

Unspoken but in the minds of all those who had been gathered in the hospital room was what tomorrow would hold for them and for those they so dearly loved.


I couldn't believe the limo when I was pushed aboard and secured in place by the driver.  All the guys were looking around in awe at the vehicle.  The huge Hummer limo was unbelievably beautiful and luxurious on the inside.  There was ample seating for fourteen people, only one seat had been removed to make room for my wheelchair.  On one long side were refrigerators, drinks, snacks.  There was a DVD and a large television screen, a CD player and a number of current movies on DVD and the latest CD's.  At the back of the limo was a small bathroom where one could relieve themselves.  It was the ultimate in a vehicle to take us to Brad.

Greg jumped into the limo, and the door slid shut.  Soon the driver chauffeured all of us out of the hospital parking lot.

"Look!" shouted Tim, "they're rushing out of the hospital.  They appear to be frazzled."

"Shit, I wonder why," laughed Kev.

"Yeah, `cause we really fucked with their hospital, didn't we?" Greg added.

"But we're FREE!" shouted Chris, as he leaned into me and kissed me on the cheek.  I smiled, but it wasn't convincing.

"We're some team, we are," offered Conner.

I sighed and in a whisper said, "I hope that we can help Brad.  I just hope we can save him from this horror."

Todd moved up to my wheelchair and took my hand assuring me that everything would be fine tomorrow.  There was a long bench-like seating area on the long side of the limo.  Todd motioned to Tim who quickly came to help as did Kev. 

"We're gonna move you on to the couch seat so you can get some rest.  Even if you don't sleep, you can rest," Todd told me.

I didn't answer.  With the care of experienced nurses, the guys, now with Conner helping, moved me to the couch.  All of the guys gave me a kiss on the forehead, including Greg and Chris who came forward.  There was a strong sense of concern for me.

"I'll sit with my back against the couch.  That way you won't roll off and hurt yourself," offered Conner.

"Good idea," said Kev, "and Chris, you get the long seat at the back of the limo.  Lie down and get some rest."

Someone dimmed lights in the limo. A couple of the guys were watching TV, but they had lowered the sound. The flickering light from the television should have acted like a sleeping potion, but it didn't.  Soon many the guys were yawning and getting comfortable in selected chairs.  Todd and Tim had found another couch-wide chair where they settled.  Ashton had come and sat down beside Conner.  They were sort of like the rails on a hospital bed.  They stared ahead at the television, but said nothing.

Even with the quiet, I couldn't sleep.  As soon as I closed my eyes, images of Brad came immediately.  Some of the images terrified me as I saw him, bloodied, badly beaten, and in one goulish image, I saw Brad dead.  I called out to him, but he didn't answer.  I couldn't help myself and I burst into sobs, howling and bringing everyone into a wide-awake fear that something terrible had happened.

Chris was at my side, taking me into his arms and cradling me, whispering that everything would be fine.  It did little to quiet me down, and Chris later told me I kept crying out,

"He's dead!  He's dead.  They killed him.  He was covered in blood.  God, why?  Why?"

Finally, it was Tim's voice that quieted me.  He had taken me from Chris's arms and held me tightly.  He shushed me gently, and assured me that it was just a bad dream.  He stroked my forehead as he consoled me.  A couple of times he kissed my cheek.  As I calmed down,  I became aware of Tim  holding me.  He kissed my cheek again and asked me how I was doing.

"Todd will be angry with you, Tim, for kissing me.  You should not make him angry," I half whispered.

I looked up and saw Todd standing beside the couch.  I was worried about what he had seen and what he might have thought.  I knew that Tim and I had a love for each other, but it was as brothers, not lovers.  Todd smiled at me.

"Relax, Jacob, I was right here with Tim and Chris.  Ashton and Conner are here and Kev also came running.  We were all concerned about you," he said.

<Light, controlled laughter.>

Tim and Chris helped me to sit upright.  I saw all the guys standing around watching me intently.  I realized that the limo had stopped.  I later discovered that Kev had used the intercom to ask the chauffeur to stop until I had calmed down.

"Where are we?" I asked.

"We're about a half hour from Valdosta where we're stopping for the night.  It's about 11:15."

"So, I guess I must have slept some?"

"Did you ever, and you snored like a fog horn," Chris told me with a laugh.

"Yeah," said Kev, "how the hell does Brad sleep through that?"


Tim hugged me, kissed me again on the cheek, and said with a chuckle,

"I suspect that Brad sleeps well when he's in Jake's bed.  It's probably the exercise before sleep."

<More Laughter.>

Kev took over, and as usual knew exactly what to say and do.  I admired him more each time I had anything to do with him.  He was one hell of a guy.

"Okay find your seats because I am going to call Raymond and tell him to get going.  Tomorrow's a big day."

Kev pushed the intercom button and told Raymond we were ready to leave.  Almost immediately the limo pulled out onto the highway and quickly was speeding toward Valdosta and whatever lay ahead.


It had been a long and challenging day for Wilfred Comstock at the Readjustment Colony.  First, it had been a day of dealing with the Reverend Colchester's illness.  Second, he had to cope with the idiot father, Travis Mason.  Comstock sat at the desk in Colchester's office.  He really hated the old bastard and if  the reverend kicked off,  it wouldn't really bother him. 

All that had been trying enough, but Grant had come to him  in the late morning to report that Spencer Reynolds was acting up again.  Reynolds had been an ongoing pain in the ass.  He wouldn't follow directions, wouldn't take his medications, and fought every type of  intervention to correct his warped sexual preference.  Tonight he and Grant would work on the uncooperative Spencer.  And maybe he would immediately use the same technique on Bradley Mason insuring that he wouldn't have to deal with the nut case Travis Mason, Bradley's nasty bully father.  Also, it might keep Bradley from becoming a pain in the ass like Spencer.

Comstock pushed the call button on the desk.  Soon Grant Specter was knocking at the door.


"It's me, Willie."

"Come in, I need you," said Comstock.

When Grant entered the room he found Willie leaning back in the leather office chair, his feet on the desk, smoking a large cigar.  Grant smiled inwardly noticing how easily Willie had fallen into the role of `Director'.  Grant remembered Colchester who for all his failings, was essentially a man who had lost his link to the real world.  Unfortunately, he had been persuaded by his overzealous religious colleagues to pursue a drastic plan for dealing with homosexual men.  From what he had seen, and from his own experience, he knew the program didn't work.  Those patients who left `cured', were playing a game with the institution acting the part of a red-blooded heterosexual.  Grant wondered about Willie's agenda.

"What can I do for you, Willie?" Grant asked.

"We need to talk about Spencer.  That little bastard has been a total prick since he arrived.  I'm fucking sick of it.  Let's use the dungeon and some of our more convincing methods.  What do you think?" Willie said as he took a long drag on the expensive, illegally imported Cuban cigar.

"You're in charge, but I don't like the dungeon or those drastic methods.  Are we trying to change behavior or push Spencer into a more risky sexual behavior? Grant asked.

With a lurid chuckle, Willie replied,  "You seem to have liked what you learned in the dungeon.  Remember, Grant, I was there when you got the treatment.  Now, you like what you learned."

Grant rushed across the room, knocked Willie's feet off the desk, grabbed him and pulled him to his feet. 

"You're a bastard, my friend.  Frankly, I have done what I needed to do to be removed from the run-of-the-mill patients so that I could escape the repulsive methodology that Colchester and his cronies adopted.  You think I accepted it because I submit to your sexual needs. Don't fool yourself!  I don't enjoy it;  I endure it," shouted Grant as he threw Comstock  into the desk chair.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?  If you get too big for your jock, I'll throw you back with the others.  Understand?" fumed Comstock.

"I doubt it," laughed Grant, " I know too much!  You forget I know how to get out of here, so don't threaten me.  Not only that, Willie, but I know enough about you and this place, so that when I got out I could shut this place down. And you, Willie, would spend a good part of your adult life in the penitentiary."

Willie glared at Grant.  His fury began building like a volcano's  impending eruption.  His face reddened obviously connected to his spiking blood pressure.  He screamed,

"You fucking idiot, don't you understand that I care about you.  I believed we thought alike about many things.  But now you want to turn me in and get this place closed.  Now I run this place, now I am able to do nice things for you.  Grant, how could you turn on me?  How?"

The office rang with silence.  The two men stared at each other, both of them emotionally charged.  Grant wondered what would happen to him now that he had been so honest with Willie.  And he also wondered what he meant by `I care for you'.  Did Willie mean he was in love with me?

"I didn't know," Grant chocked out.  "I didn't know."

"You didn't know what?" asked Willie.

Grant paused for a moment considering if he should say what he had been thinking.  He decided that it couldn't make matters worse, so he softly said,

"That you're in love with me, Willie.  I didn't know."

"How could you not know?  You spend your nights in my bed.  We make love as partners.  How could you not know?  You better get out of here," Willie said, tears running down his face.

"I can't leave," whispered Grant.

Willie pulled himself up out of the chair and stood as tall as his 5'9 frame would allow.  He walked around the desk and to Grant.  Grant did not move and held his ground.

"I told you to leave.  Didn't you hear?" stammered Willie.

"I heard you, but I'm not leaving."


"Because, I want to be with you.  I have strong feelings for you, too.  Come here," ordered Grant.

Willie moved into Grant's arms and the two young men embraced passionately which led to a torrid kiss.  Eventually they ended the kiss.

"I don't care about Spencer or Bradley Mason.  I only care about you, Grant.  Forget them.  Come with me to my room and our bed," said Willie.

As they left the office, Grant switched off the lights.


Brad had grown increasingly uncomfortable.  The back seat of the car wasn't long enough for him to stretch out and really fall asleep.  He sensed that his father was not comfortable either because he could hear him moving about in the front of the car.  And it was hot and muggy.

"Brad, will you stay still.  You're driving me crazy," Travis Mason said.

"Dad, it's so hot and muggy, and I can't get comfortable.  I'm miserable but I guess that's what you want," said Brad.

"No, I don't want you to be miserable.  I just want to help you forget Jacob and your gay thoughts.  I want you to be a normal young man whose sexual desire is for girls.  I want you to be normal and not a sinner who God will punish for all of eternity.  Try to understand that, Brad," his father said.

Brad said nothing because if he did it would simply make matters worse.  He resolved to suffer the rest of the night, and perhaps in the morning he somehow might escape his father's stranglehold.  Every time he was near sleep, images of Jacob would flood his mind and sleep escaped.  `Jacob,' he thought, `poor Jacob.  How badly was he wounded?'  He turned again on the back seat trying to find some measure of comfort, but it was useless.

His weary body and mind were finally giving way to sleep, when his father's voice brought him back.

"I can't take anymore of this.  We're driving to Valdosta to spend the night in a motel.  I am a frequent customer of Marriot, so I'll call them on my cell and get us a room.  A hot shower and a comfortable bed would be welcomed.  They only proviso is this: you can't try to escape.  Do I have that promise from you, Brad?" said his father.

Brad thought only briefly about a hot shower and a bed,

"Yes, Dad, I promise I won't try to escape while we're at the motel."

"Good," said his dad.  He quickly dialed on his cell phone and was almost immediately reserving a room.  He started the car and they were soon on their way to comfort.

"It will take us about forty minutes or so to get to Valdosta.  Try to rest.  I took some clean clothes for you, shorts, underwear, T-shirts, so you can have clean clothes for tomorrow.  I'll order some pizza and soda when we arrive and have it delivered to our room.  Then it's bed for both of us as by then it will be well after midnight."

Brad forced out his reply, "Thanks, Dad."

It was strange, but as they sped toward Valdosta and some of the luxuries of modern living, Brad dozed off and was startled awake by Jacob's cries.  His blood ran cold as he imagined his lover, injured and apparently dying.  When this happened, the hatred for his father grew in intensity, and he had to fight to keep it under control.  Praying helped, and he did pray as best as he could, remembering Father Jim and the ease with which he could speak to God.  Instead of any formal prayer, Brad found himself talking with God.  And he was certain God listened.

Brad dozed again.  Weariness is a magnificent sedative.

"We're here.  Sit tight while I register.  Brad, don't try anything funny.  I still have the pistol and ammunition and I'm not afraid to use it to keep you from ruining your life," Travis warned as he got out of the vehicle and hurried into the lobby of the motel.

"You bastard!  I could fuckin' kill you with a smile on my face," yelled Brad aloud.

Sitting in the back seat of the car in the darkness, Brad suddenly felt so alone.  It was something he had not experienced in his young life.  He glanced out the window as a large Hummer limousine pulled in.  `Someone with a bundle of money must be in there,' he thought.  Before he could think more about it, his father was getting into the car.

"They're really busy tonight for some reason.  I got us the last room with two queen beds.  It's down a bit from here.  Lean forward so I can cut the cable from your hands.  That's it.  Good.  Now lie back and put your feet up.  That's the way.  Now let me cut the cable there.  Shit!  That bastard is really strong.  There! You might want to rub your wrists and ankles to get them stimulated," his father cautioned as he started the car and drove to Room 1145.


A limousine pulled into the motel parking lot and stopped not far from Travis Mason's automobile. Brad watched as the chauffeur exited the vehicle and hurried into the lobby of the motel.  He came running out almost seconds after he had disappeared into the building.  He got in the limousine and shortly the vehicle pulled away. Brad snickered as he thought, `some rich pricks get a room before we did and we were here first.'

Kev had glanced out the limo window as they were pulling away and was certain that the car parked there belonged to Mr. Mason.  He said nothing because he realized that if they made any kind of move, they might cause a real crisis.  Kev didn't want anything to happen to Brad and he was well aware that if he told Jacob and Chris about what he had seen, he would lose control of the group and tragedy could follow.  `Better,' he thought, `that everyone got a good night's sleep.'

The limo stopped in front of four motel rooms, one of which was for handicapped.  The guys piled out and made their way to various rooms.  Jacob and Chris had the handicapped Room 1015, Conner and Greg were in Room 1017 while Tim and Todd were housed in 1019. Finally,  Kev and Ashton were in Room 1021.  As soon as the guys were inside, the limo disappeared into the night.

Minutes later Brad and his father drove into the space reserved for Room 1025.  Travis guided Brad into the room and immediately shut the door.  Brad looked around the nicely furnished room.  He wanted to collapse onto the bed, but he waited for his father's orders.

"Take your shower while I ordered the pizza and soda.  Then I'll take a quick shower before the pizza arrives.  Get going," demanded his father.

Brad looked in the paper bag his dad had brought with him, and finding a clean pair of boxers, went into the bathroom where he quickly disrobed and got into the shower.  As the hot water streamed down over his tired body, Brad began to weep.  Would he make it out of this crazy experience?  Would he ever hold Jacob in his arms again?  Would they ever make love again?  Could he ever forgive his father?  He pushed these thoughts from his mind, shampooed his hair, rinsed, and quickly got out of the shower, dried himself, put on the clean boxers, and went back into the bedroom.  His father had removed all his clothing except his boxers.

"Come here, Brad," he said. 

When Brad got there, he discovered his father had made a chain of cable ties which were attached to the heavy desk which was near one of the beds. 

"Sit!" ordered his father who quickly wrapped the last cable tie in the chain around Brad's left wrist.

"There," he added, "that should hold you while I'm in the shower.  Without another word he disappeared into the bathroom and shortly Brad could hear the shower running.

Brad thought briefly about trying to get out of his bonds, but thought the better for it, and just laid down on the bed.  He was tired.  He was too tired to care much any more.  Whatever came of this episode would be what happened.  He would go with the flow.


Only four rooms from Brad and his father's room, was Room 1015 where Chris and Jacob were getting ready for bed.  Chris had been helpful taking care of any needs that I was uneasy about. There would be no shower as I didn't want to get my dressings wet.  That was fine with Chris.  Finally Chris had me in bed and had pulled the covers up over me. 

He looked down at the young man lying there and it became obvious to him how Brad had fallen in love with Jake.  He was sexy and handsome, and his smile could melt a glacier.  But there was more to Jacob than that.  He was intelligent, driven, and willing to give up much to find and and rescue his lover who also happened to be Chris's brother.

"Try to get some sleep," Chris said.  He leaned down and kissed me on the forehead.

"I will," murmured an apparently exhausted Jacob.

Chris climbed into his bed, pulled up the covers, turned off the light, poked his pillow a couple of times as he settled down to sleep.

"Goodnight, Jacob.  Don't worry about tomorrow or about Brad.  I'm sure everything will turn out fine."

There was no answer from me so Chris turned his back to my bed.  Unknown to me, he immediately began worrying about his brother and all the things that might go wrong tomorrow.  He glanced at the clock and saw that it read 12:16, so it was today that he should be worrying about.  He dozed.  He could hear a strange noise in the room and brought himself to a full awakening.  What was the noise?  Then it dawned on him.  It was someone weeping, almost uncontrollably.  It was me.

"Jacob, are you okay?"

"No, no, I'm not.  I'm so worried about Brad.  I'm so lonely without him.  I miss him, Chris.  I'm a mess.  Forgive me, please," I said trying to muffle a sob.

Chris slipped out of his bed and came to mine.  He crawled into the bed, moved to me and put his arm around me.  I relaxed, as he kept whispering to me to get some sleep.  Finally, I fell into a deep sleep.  I remember nothing until Chris shook me awake in the morning.  The clock read 7:30 AM.  Whatever would play out today was about to begin.


When the alarm buzzed at 7:45 in Tim and Todd's room, Tim stretched and turned.  He gazed at Todd who was still fast asleep, and apparently had not even heard the alarm.  `No wonder,' thought Tim, `last night had been filled with much love making.'  It had been more that he had ever anticipated it could become.  Todd was so gentle, so much the lover.  They had explored each other's bodies, finding every erogenous zone.

Tim remember they had reached a climax twice and were working toward a third when lack of sleep took over, and they both fell asleep.  Tim reached out and stroked Todd's forehead, pushing some errant hairs back.  Tim took a deep breath as he thought how lucky he had been to meet Todd.  He wanted to kiss Todd, but he decided he would take a quick shower before he woke him up.

He noticed Todd's eye open slightly and then close.  Tim moved slowly to get out of bed without waking Todd.  He almost made it, when Todd suddenly grabbed him, threw him on his back and sat on his chest.  They were both naked and Todd's penis was erect.  He smiled down at Tim as he reached behind himself and stroked Tim's very hard cock.

"What's your pleasure?" asked Tim

"You need to ask?" chuckled Todd.

"I love your body, cute stuff," Tim said as he leaned up and kissed the head of Todd's throbbing cock.

"Oh, God," gasped Todd, "if you do that again, I sure as hell will cum."

"Promise?" said Tim with a laugh.

"Yeah, oh, yeah!"

As if directed by some outside force, the two were soon in the sixty-nine position enjoying each other.  They were really getting into it, when there was a knock at the door.

"Yeah, yeah!" shouted Todd as he let Tim's prick slip out of his mouth.

"Get your lazy asses out of bed and get ready `cause we're leaving at 9:00 when the limo arrives to take us all to breakfast," Kev said.

"We'll be ready, Kev.  Please don't worry, said Tim as he slowly licked Todd's penis.

"Don't screw up, you two.  Today's important.  See you outside at 9," grumbled Kev.

"Let's take a shower together," suggested Tim.

Todd moved around and faced Tim.  He kissed him softly on the lips and then whispered,

"I'll do anything that keeps me with you, handsome."

"Hmmm, you say all the right things, stud," said Tim as he moved out of the bed.  "Come on, droopy dick!"

"You asshole, you have never seen me with a droopy dick," laughed Todd.

"You can show me your prick at various stages of stimulation while we take a shower.  Come on, baby.

The shower was a short one, but before they left the stall, they had pleasured each other.

To be continued...


"The measure of love is to love without measure"

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