Finding Love: A Journey
By: Scotty
( 2007 by the author)

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"Thank God you're here.  I'm okay, just cold and dirty.  I don't know about Brad's injuries.  It seems to be a shoulder that really hurts him.  I haven't moved him because I can't see anything in  the darkness.  He has spoken a few words to me, but that's all.  He sleeps most of the time.  Is there a doctor with you?  Tell me!" Jacob demanded.

"Just hold on a little longer.  Lots of help is on the way.  I'm going to say a prayer for you and Brad," offered Father Jim.

"Thanks, Father," said Jacob, his shivering making his voice sound odd.

Father Jim knelt down on the corridor floor.  Gary and Chris joined him even though it caused Chris some pain.  They joined hands, and after bowing their heads, Father Jim prayed.

"Gentle Jesus, we humbly ask You to look with loving favor on Your servants Brad and Jacob.  Protect them from harm, and give Brad comfort from his injuries.  Place Your gentle hands on both of these young men, and encircle them in Your holy arms providing them comfort and solace.  Amen."

Chapter 29

In the depths of the  dungeon-like cellar, Jacob felt great strength surge through his body as the prayer ended.  He leaned again to kiss Brad, who was now awake and returned Jacob's kiss.  Then he spoke, albeit, weakly,

"Jake, I . . . I want . . . get out of here.  Help me move."

"No!" shouted Jacob, "I won't help you move, Sweetheart, we don't know if you have broken bones or what other injuries you might have.  If I help you move, you could be permanently injured.  Please, Lover, let's wait a little longer until we get some medical help.  Then we'll get you out of here, but safely, Brad.  Please, stay still for me."

Brad giggled and little and in a raspy whisper said,

"Relax, Jake.  I love you.  I won't move a muscle.  But if you keep kissing me,  and I hope you will, one of my muscles is going react."

Jake laughed louder than he intended, and leaned in and kissed Brad again.

"You dirty old man," said Jacob and he kissed Brad again.

"Are you guys okay?" asked Chris.

"We're fine, just hurry up and get us out of here," pleaded Jake.

At that point, a group of people led by John Li came hurrying down the hall.  They carried various types of equipment including a stretcher.

There were at least four EMTs, three police officers, a counselor, and two members of the SWAT team.  At the back of the group was a police officer who was with a youngish man who was the school janitor.  At the moment he was in hand cuffs.

"Get Finnegan up here," yelled one of the police.  The two at the back of the group came forward.

"Finnegan," asked the officer, "how do we get the lights on here?"

The janitor looked surprised, and quickly  answered,

"Can't.  No wiring in this part of the cellar."

"Just great!" said an annoyed Gary .

"Stay calm, Gary ," suggested Jim.

"We have powerful flashlights," said one of the EMTs. Two of us will go down first and see what we need."

"I think that we should go down with you.  I'm the pastor of the two young men, and this is an FBI agent who should also have immediate access."

Art, the EMT who had indicated that only two should go down into the cellar, called over the police captain.  They conferred for a couple of minutes before he returned to Jim and Gary.  Before he could speak, Jacob screamed,

"What the hell's the matter?  For God's sake, Brad's hurt!  He  needs help!  Please hurry up!"

"You can join us," said Art.

"We're on our way down, Jacob.  We'll be there as quickly as we can negotiate the wet steps.  You've been a brave young man so don't lose it now," cautioned Jim.

"Just hurry, Father Jim.  Please."

By this time, Art and Ed, the other EMT, had begun their descent into the cellar.  Jim and Gary were right behind them.  The beam from their powerful lights shone upon the wet and dripping walls.  As they got closer, the light fell on the two bodies lying a short distance from the last stair.  Their resting place was wet and dirty.  Spider webs hung from the walls and the ceilings of what more and more resembled a cave.  One boy was lying on his stomach, while the other boy was cradling the head of the first young man.  Neither of them were  moving, and both were filthy, their faces covered with grime.  The boy on his stomach also had blood all over his face and shirt.  It was an ugly sight, and one that took one's breath away.  It had done just that to the four men who had stopped momentarily, aghast at what they saw.  The EMTs hurried to the boys, followed by Jim and then Gary.

"Thank you for coming to help us," said Jacob, his tear streaked
face contorted with emotion.

"You've done a great job, young man," said Art to  Jacob.  I think you kept this guy alive.  Please don't move until we tell you that it's okay.  Turning to the three men waiting, he added,

"We need the stretcher and a back board.  I think we have everything else we'll need.  I am going to take the boy's vital signs: blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and temperature.  Then I want to start an IV line"

 Gary was already on his way up the steps when Art, now on his knees next to Jacob and Brad, took Brad's pulse.  Father Jim was on his knees behind Jacob.  He put his arms around Jake and held him tightly, trying to send some of his energy through to Jacob.

"Young man," Ed asked Brad, "can you speak, can you hear us?"

"Yeah." came the soft reply.

"Where do you hurt?"

"Shou . . ."

"Your shoulder?"

"Yes.  Head," said Brad but it was difficult to hear  him.

"Shoulder, head.  Any where else?"


"You're doing fine.  Any other place?"


By this time Art was about to put a IV line into Brad's available arm.  When Art leaned across his body, Brad moaned loudly.

"Sorry, . . ."

"His name is Brad," Jacob interrupted.

"Oh," said Art, "sorry, Brad.  I didn't mean to hurt you."

"'k" whispered Brad.

Art leaned close to Father Jim and quietly said,

"I suspect that he's got a dislocated shoulder which is incredibly painful.  I think he'll need to be taken to a hospital so that the shoulder can be reduced.  It's been too long since the injury for us to try to reduce the shoulder here.  He will need a doctor and maybe some anesthesia, but that will decided at the hospital.  Are his parents here to give the hospital permission to take care of his injury?"

Before either Jim or Jacob could  answer, Gary and two other EMT's and the two SWAT officers came down the stairs with the stretcher and back board.  Gary came directly to Jim and patted Jacob's head.  He found himself whispering,

"How is he?"

Jim related the possibility of the shoulder dislocation and the need for hospitalization for the reduction of the shoulder and further evaluation.  Art had the IV line in and had taken out a neck support collar.  He was about to put it on, when Jim said,

"The only person who is here who could give permission is Brad's father and he's been arrested."

"Arrested, what the hell?"

Jacob was shaking with anger, and he exploded,

"His father kidnapped him after he shot me in the leg and hit me in the head with the damn gun knocking me out and giving me a concussion.  He's a terrible  person.  He would have killed Brad, I know he would have.  I don't think I can ever forgive him."

"Must . . . like Shanks," mumbled Brad.

"Oh, sweetheart.  God, I'm such a jerk, such a terrible person," said an emotional Jacob.

"No . . . love you," whispered Brad.

Jake leaned in, as he had previously, and kissed Brad.  Art looked at Jim and Gary.  Perhaps there was a little disapproval in his look. 

"Do you have a problem with these guys?" asked an angry Gary.

Art stood up and faced Gary .  Jim stood, too, but didn't get between the two.  Both Art and Gary raised themselves up, making them seem a little taller and a little fiercer.  But then Art smiled and said,

"I don't have a problem with  these two guys, none at all.  It was just a little bit of a surprise to see them kissing, that's all.  It's pretty obvious that they care a great deal for each other."

"They love each other, Art.  They have both suffered for the other and have weathered some terrible times in the last few days.  They have survived all that and now this.  I think they are remarkable and I am glad that I have them as friends," said  Jim.

"And I agree.  I've seen a lot of crap in my FBI job.  I've met many young people, but I don't think I've ever met two guys who have impressed me more or for whom I have developed a father's love," added Gary .

Art's face reddened, and he looked quickly down, and saw how Jacob still cradled Brad's head.  He also noticed that they were holding hands, and with closer  observation, he discerned tears in both the boys' eyes.  He didn't feel very good about himself because he had actually felt distaste for the two boys when he saw them kissing.  Art did understand the difficulty of being gay in a society where many people would never accept gays, not even these two young men.  It came to him, almost as a revelation, that they had already suffered from bigotry.  Brad's own father had hurt them both with his hatred.  Father Jim and Gary were right: these were remarkable young men!

"I need to apologize to everyone for my behavior.  I guess it was more what I was thinking.  I'm not a bigot, just a little ignorant," said Art.

Jim looked at Gary who smiled.  He put him hand on Art's arm, and told him,

"Art you're not really ignorant.  It's more the way our society has trained us to react to certain things.  In our society, men holding hands, or crying, or, God forbid, kissing  is seen as a lack of masculinity.  In some societies, men kiss as in France , and hold hands walking down the street as in Spain .  We have a great deal to learn from the rest of the world.  We don't have all the answers, and recent history proves that our leaders don't have them either."

Ed had moved to where the other three men were standing.  He hesitated a moment, and then spoke.

"Hate to interrupt you three, but we have to get this young man to the hospital.  So, could we get on with it?"

"Yes," said Art as he moved back to Brad and with the help of Art, was able to stabilize Brad's neck.  Brad was obviously restricted in the neck restraint, but he didn't complain.  Ed knew that the boy's neck was uncomfortable. He also  knew it had to be stabilized before they could turn the patient from his stomach to his back.  Then they would transfer him to the stretcher.

Art soon took over and said to the assembled group,

"We have to turn Brad over onto his back.  It's going to take all of us to do this because of his injured shoulder.  We don't want to hurt him anymore than he is hurt now.  Let's see, there are six of us to do this.  Ed, you and the two SWAT guys get on the side opposite Jim, Gary and me."  Before he could continue, Jacob asked,

"What about me?  I want to help Brad.  Please let me help."

"Relax, Jacob.  You have one of the most important jobs of any of us.  You have to take care of Brad's head.  Make sure as we turn him that his head turns in the same direction.  Use your hands to gently assist his head in the turn."

Jacob became extraordinarily quiet.  He stroked Brad's forehead, but  did not try to kiss him again.  He had heard enough of the discussion to know it wouldn't be a good idea.
Jim and Gary looked at each other and then at Jacob.  They both smiled simultaneously.  The message was received by Jacob.

"Okay," said Art, "let's do it."


As soon as Gary had come back up the stairs and asked for the stretcher and help, John Li knew what he had to do.  Chris was a nervous wreck, pacing and continually asked it he could go down to his brother.  Li had been firm in telling Chris that it was too risky, especially because of his physical condition.  Although he wasn't happy about it, he respected Peter's dad enough to do as he was asked.

Li quickly began dialing on his cell phone, calling a number of people, speaking quickly and with authority.  Finally he dialed the Neilson's residence.   Sadie answered,

"Neilson residence, Sadie speaking."

"Sadie, it's John Li.  Look, I don't have much time but I wanted you to know that Brad has been injured.  I'm not sure about the details, but he will be taken to the hospital immediately.  I have a medical helicopter coming, and if it's possible we'll be taking him to the hospital where the boys have been.  Let Elizabeth know Brad is alive and will be okay.  I'll call if they agree to let Brad take the flight to Florida.  It should take about an hour or so.  You can all meet us there.  I have to go now, Sadie.  This nightmare is almost over.  By the way Jacob is okay.  Bye."  Li hung up and went to Chris who was distressed.

"Come here, Chris," order Li. 

Chris  crossed slowly to Li, who immediately took him in his arms and held him tightly.  He could feel Chris holding in some enormous sobs.  He knew he had to let them out and get control before he saw Brad.

"Listen to me, Chris.  You need to let the emotion out.  You have to be in control when you see your brother.  He'll need your strength.  So let it out, son."

It was when Chris heard the word "son" that he let out all his fear, his agony and his sadness about his father's horrible behavior; he was secure in his knowledge that John Li loved him as a son and wanted him to be a member of his family.  The sobs were deep and filled with an agony that most would not have recognized, but Li knew the whole story, and continued to hold Chris as he might if he were a young child.  It was what Chris  needed.


"Okay, easy now.  You guys ready?"

Everyone nodded and the two SWAT troopers and Ed lifted Brad's body from the opposite side.  Art, Jim and Gary had already put their hands under the boy's body.  When Brad was lifted up on his side, Art left Gary and Jim and hurriedly got the back board.  Ed had done the same on the other side.  Placing the back board against Brad's back, slowly they collectively lowered the young man onto the board which they then lowered to the floor.  Jacob had protected Brad's head, but he was emotionally distraught at the moans escaping from his lover.

"Good boy," Jim said as he stroked Brad's head.  He put his arm around Jacob and  kissed the top of his head.

"You, my young friend, have done a remarkable job staying here with Brad, helping him as best you could, and by your presenc giving him the strength he needed to fight.  I am so proud of you, Jacob.  Wait until we tell your dad about this.  He will be so proud, so happy with you," continued the young priest.

Art and Ed had a short conversation which ended with Ed using his phone.  Art came over to the group by the back board.

"Ed just called for a gurney to get Brad to the front of the building.  We're going to get Brad on the stretcher now.  Then we're going to carry him out of this goddamned place.  Sorry Father, I didn't mean to use that kind of language.  It's just I can't believe  this place.  It's like, I don't know, like the middle ages," Art said.

Jacob had been able to get up from the floor, but it was obvious that he was hurting from being in the awkward position for so long.  Gary went to him and put his arm around the boy supporting him until his legs were used to the blood flow.

"Let's get the boy on the stretcher," suggested Ed.

Immediately, the six men had lifted the backboard and Brad and placed them on the stretcher.  They now stood there each beside one of the hand holds on the stretcher. 

"Let's pick him up," ordered Art. 

Everyone bent, grasped the handholds and lifted.  Jacob moved over to Brad's head and leaned in and spoke quietly to him.  The men all tried to give the two young men some privacy.

"Brad, we're going to get you out of this terrible place.  Are you okay?  I love you,"  whispered Jacob.

Brad reached out with his good arm and pulled Jacob's head down to his.  Their lips were only centimeters apart.  Brad whispered to Jacob,

"I need a kiss from you so that I can think about that when they start moving me.  I think it might hurt."

The men had heard Brad's request and to a person turned away, allowing Jacob to kiss his beloved gently but firmly enough to convey the deep feelings he was experiencing.

"Okay," said Jacob.

"You go first, Jake.  We'll follow you up the steps.  Take this light and hold it so some of the light shows you where you are going and the rest will help us on our climb," suggested Jim.

So without any further discussion, the little procession began the difficult ascent.  The movements were slow and deliberate, giving Jacob time to maneuver his way up the wet and slippery steps.  Once Ed slipped and fell to his knees,  but he didn't drop the stretcher.  Luckily, Brad had been strapped onto the stretcher so he was fine.  The jolt had caused him to cry out in pain.

"Careful, everybody.  This is really difficult.  Take your time and be sure of your footing.  Hopefully, we'll have some help when we get to the top," said Art.

When Brad cried out, Jacob wanted to turn and go to him, but that wasn't possible, so plodded up the stairs which were beginning to take on the difficulty of ascending Mount Everest. The light from the open door continued to brighten and he knew that they would soon be on their way to get Brad the help he needed.

Jim prayed all the way up the steps, asking God to give them all the strength and agility needed to complete the task.  They moved on, slowly but steadily toward their goal, the corridor and the light.

At the top of the stairs waited Chris, John Li, four other EMT's and a doctor.

First through the door was Jacob who fell into Chris Mason's arms and wept openly for the first time since he had found Brad.  Then Art and Ed appeared and two of the EMT's stepped forward and helped with the stretcher, next Jim and Gary, and finally the two SWAT guys who were assisted by the two other EMT's.

A young blond-headed man stepped forward.  He looked at all the gathered group, and spoke.

"I'm Doctor Cavanaugh.  Put the stretcher up on the gurney so that I can take a look at the boy."

The men did as the doctor suggested and then stepped  away.  Dr. Cavanaugh moved to the stretcher and began his examination of Brad.  When he touched his shoulder, Brad cried out in a muffled, gasping sort of way.  The doctor continued his examination.  Finally he turned to John Li.

"I think we can safely transport him to the hospital you indicated in Florida .  We can take only four others with us.  Please decide who's coming, as we should get him there as soon as possible.  I'm going to give him a medication that will help with the pain.  We'll have to wait to reduce the shoulder at the hospital."

Jim interrupted,

"John, what's happening?"

John Li laughed softly, saying,

"It's a long story!"

To be continued...


"The measure of love is to love without measure"

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