Finding Love: A Journey
By: Scotty
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Chapter 3

Talk about two happy campers, we almost floated into the mall.  Brad whispered into my ear,

"I want to hold your hand, no; I want to kiss you again, but not here.  I'm as happy as I can ever remember being since Chris left." 

I smiled at him, remembering how it felt when he kissed me, how all of my being was connected to him, how I felt his most private part, hard and pushing against me, my penis erect also.  I quickly took his hand in mine and said.

"I want you to kiss me right now.  Do you dare?"

"No, I guess I don't."

"Why not?"


"That's not an answer.  What if I kiss you?"

"God, Jake, I want to so much, but this wouldn't be a good place to do it.  There are many people in this part of the country who would make life very miserable for us.  I don't want that.  If the time comes when we have to tell everyone about us, then I will be the first to speak.  Okay?"

"Sure, I was just pullin' your chain."  He smiled and squeezed my hand and then let it go.  I suspected that no one had seen our holding hands.  I observed him carefully and was awed by his handsome face, his to-kill-for body, and his sensitivity and caring that took my breath away.  I asked him,

"You really love Chris, don't ya?"

"More than I can say.  It hurts like hell, Jake, to see him in such distress just because he likes men more than women.  Who cares about that shit?  I mean, isn't the important thing that we love each other, that love conquers all?  I have a lot to learn, but I know one thing for certain right this minute and that's this: loving you makes me whole, Jake.  It makes me happy.  It makes me want to be a good guy.  Is that crazy?"


We stopped and looked in the window of the Foot Locker.  Brad moved closer to me and our shoulders touched;  with a little effort, we could touch legs, which we did.

"No, it's not crazy.  It's wonderful.  I have so many emotions, warring for the first place in my heart that I can't explain exactly how I feel.  I know I feel wonderful, better than I can ever remember feeling.  And it's because of you.  I...I.."

"You what?" he demanded.

Could I say it?  Could I get my tongue and lips to say what my heart was shouting?  I turned and faced him, saying,

"Brad, this isn't the place where I wanted to say this.  But I need to say this or we won't know where we stand.  I need to tell you..."

"You like me, but that's it, right?  I should have known.  My expectation was too high.  You're too good for me; I don't deserve you.  Maybe we should call it a night.  I think..."

"SHUT UP!" I practically shouted. 

People did turn to look at us.  Brad's look of astonishment almost made me laugh, but I knew this was an important and serious moment.  I remembered the kiss in the Mustang and knew that I had taken the lead there, so I knew that there could be no hesitation here.  I spoke quietly but with great emotion,

"I don't intend to call it a night.  Do you understand that?"  He shook his head yes.

"Can you keep still and let me have my say, and then you can say or do whatever you want?"


"Fine, then.  Now listen carefully, Brad Mason.  I love you!"

Before I could say another word or even look at him, he had me in his arms hugging me tightly.  I noticed people stopping, most with smiles on their faces, but some with looks of hatred.  I was able to whisper,

"Think of something to say that will cover for this long hug, which I happen to love."  He laughed.

In a voice stronger and louder than was necessary, he said,

"I'm so proud of you, Jacob.  Imagine winning all those swimming events and you waited to tell me right now.  God, I'm proud of you."  And, much to my pleasure, he hugged me again.

"Thanks, you're a sweetheart.  Let me edit that, ya MY sweetheart."

"Let's take a walk, kinda like a parade," he said.  "I want to show the whole mall, no maybe the whole state of Florida, the guy I love. Notice, shithead, that I'm right.  Everyone is looking at you.  Told ya." 

We were both laughing.  I poked him on his arm, and I pointed out that they were also looking at him.

"After all, Brad, you're the hunk.  I come in second or third in comparison to you."

"Really, then watch and listen." 

Brad moved over to an older couple who had been watching us.  He approached them with a broad smile and asked,

"Were you looking at HIM or at ME?

The woman answered immediately,

"Truthfully I was looking at him.  But you're not too bad yourself.  But HE could be a model."  I blushed a bright red.

Then he moved on to two young girls, probably in high school and asked them the same question.

"Well," the cute brunette said, " he's a charmer, and that blond hair, yikes, he's pretty spectacular." 

I blushed a deeper red.  The blond girl with big tits looked both of us over,

"I'll tell you what.  He's so darn cute that it hurts.  But honey, you got charms I would die for."

I was laughing so hard that I had to sit on one of the benches to try to contain myself and to be sure not to wet my pants.  When Brad. continuing to blush, saw me, he began to laugh, too.  Together on the bench, we made a spectacle of ourselves, much to the delight of the passersby.

We continued our "parade", as Brad called it, and I noticed that we had many people looking at us.  I also became keenly aware that many of them were good looking young men.  When I mentioned it to Brad, he just smiled and said,

"I told ya, Jake. I found you attractive and sexy, so why wouldn't these other guys look at ya, especially since I made you into such a hot stud."

"Sure, you dickhead, sure!  They're looking at you `cause they can't get past that body of yours.  Wow!"

Brad began snickering.  I smiled at him and he said,

"Are you telling me that you noticed.   Hmm, I certainly noticed you this afternoon.  Your body is awesome, especially when you're naked."

"You'd be so lucky to see that again.  From now on, Brad, you only see me with all my clothes on.  And..." 

Brad was laughing and I already knew I was in for some of his shit.  He stopped and looked directly at me.  He reached up and lifted my head by my chin so that our eyes were directly in line.  Then he smiled, saying

"So that's the way it's gonna be, is it?  Fine then, you don't see me naked, not for a long, long time.  What's good for the goose is good for the gander." 

I moved away from him just slightly and, amid giggles and laughter, I said,

"Goose and gander.  What's that crap all about?  Sounds like Sadie talking."

"What I'm saying pool-soaked brain is that you no nakie, me no nakie.  Get it?" 

I lost it and was sputtering and almost choking, but I forced out a quick reply,

"And, Sir Brad, how ya gonna get into your Speedo without my seeing your prize package if we share the same locker?" 

Brad had sat down on one of the numerous mall benches, and bending over with laughter, replied,

"No problem, after you get your stuff out of the locker, I'll climb in and change there.  Now to continue my Oriental explanation, `No lookie, no seeie.'"

"You are one dumb football-crazed jock.  How are you going to change tonight for bed if you don't take off your clothes?"

"I have my own room, so there clorine breath." 

I frowned and gave my best impression of disappointment.

"Oh," I said, "I thought you might want to spend the night in my room, but I guess I'm wrong.  That's okay, I'll probably sleep better alone." 

I casually placed my hand on his thigh and squeezed.  I wanted to smile, but I didn't because I saw movement in his crotch.

"Why would I think I could spend the night in your room.  You didn't ask me," he said glaring kiddingly at me.

"It's not very romantic if I have to ask you.  I was thinking more in the line of Casanova or some other great lover.  But it's okay, maybe the next time that you stay over at the house."

"You asshole, just wait until I get ya in the theater.  That will be payback time."

"Are you planning to hurt me, slick-fingers?"

"Haven't decided, Speedo boy.  I might.  I might not.  I'm thinking more along the line of torture.  Yeah!  That's it you horny little swimmer, I'm gonna torture you, punish you for being a turdhead and making me feel like a loser."

"But you are a loser, pads-power.  I mean, you're waiting for an invitation to visit 'moi' in my suite of love.  How much of a loser is that?" 

I was laughing too hard now to keep it in and we soon were both laughing so loudly that passersby would stop briefly and give us strange looks.

"I guess they think we're high on something," offered Brad.

"We are Brad.  We're high on each other.  I can't believe that this is happening to me.  Jacob Neilson the biggest smuck at the high school.  And who am I with; the sexiest, nicest guy at school, no I take that back, the sexiest, nicest guy in Florida."

Laughing, Brad said, "Yeah, you are lucky.  I mean, I am a pretty sexy dude.  And handsome.  And endowed.  And well-built.  And intelligent.  And athletic.  Yeah!  You're damned lucky to have me as your...what is it you want to call me, Jake?

"Asshole!" I said laughing so hard the tears were running down my face."

"Oh, disappointing, Jake.  I was hoping you might call me your boyfriend.  Guess that's out, though," a now serious Brad said.


I moved closer to him on the bench, our legs touching, our faces closer now, just a short kiss away.  I didn't know what to say.  Did Brad just ask me, in his own way, to be his boyfriend?  I couldn't help it but I knew there were tears in my eyes, a couple of them slowly sliding down my reddened face.  I didn't care who saw as I took his hand into mine and I squeezed it tightly, I whispered in a voice choked with emotion,

"I have been your boyfriend since I saw you today before lunch.  I would be honored and thrilled to call you my boyfriend.  But, Brad, I don't deserve you.  I don't . . ."

"You just shut yur beautiful face, Jake.  I want to be your boyfriend.  I told you once today I fell for ya when I saw ya in the boys' room today.  Jake, I'm asking you, with all my heart, will you please be my boyfriend?"

I was now crying quite noticeably but I was able to murmur, as I leaned as close as I dared in this public place, and stammered,

"Yes, I want to be your boyfriend.  I want to be your lover.  I want to be yours.  And I want to kiss you so badly right now that I may scream if I can't." 

Brad grabbed my hand and pulled me into the nearest store which was `Linens and Things' and found a quiet secluded corner.  He looked both ways, kissed my tears away and then pulled me hard against his body and kissed me with an open mouth, his tongue probing my mouth.  I was so involved, so happy, that I didn't realize that I had pulled away from him, and was telling him over and over, `I love you, I love you..."

Our little tryst was interrupted by a cute clerk whose nametag read, "Connie."  She was smiling broadly and asked,

"Is there anything I can do to help you two?"

A red-faced Brad replied, "No, I think everything is under control."

"That's what I thought, she said.  "Good luck, lovebirds!"

We made a quick retreat from the store and moved toward the theaters.  We hadn't gone far when Brad stopped and looked at me with such love that I almost lost it again.

"You need some ice cream.  Come on, Baby, let's get a cone before we get our tickets and settle in the theater so that I can torture you." 

I walked with him toward Baskin-Robbins.  As we walked into the shop we noticed the clerk leaning nonchalantly against the ice cream cooler, a mask of boredom.  But he was cute.

"Whatcha want, Jake?"

"Holy moly, 31 flavors.  This could take a while."

"The movie starts at seven-thirty, so you will have to make up your mind quickly.  Got any favorites?"

"Duh! All ice cream is my favorite.  But let's see.  Sir, what's the most popular flavor."


"Hmm, vanilla isn't my favorite.  Let' see.  Ooo, Strawberry Cheesecake sounds good."

"We're out of that tonight," the clerk informed me.

"Brad what do you like?"

"Jamoca Almond Fudge sounds pretty interesting.  And so does Rum Raisin." 

I began tapping the glass shield that separated the ice cream from the customers.  Brad smiled.

"Chocolate mousse, hmmm, that sounds delicious."

"Want a sample taste?" asked the clerk.

"That would be great.  I'll try the chocolate mousse.  What do you want to taste, Brad?"  He laughed and whispered in my ear,

"I want to taste you."  I noticed the clerk perk up and pay attention.  Then aloud Brad said,

"I think I'll try the Jamoca Almond Fudge."  The clerk smiled at both of us, and with a wink, said,

"I vote for tasting him." 

I was embarrassed, but Brad took control.

"You wouldn't have a chance in hell, my friend.  He's mine, all mine, and I don't share.  Now let's have those samples."

"Certainly, sir.  My, my, what a studly guy."  He quickly gave us each a small dab in a paper cup.  We tasted.

"Yup, I want the chocolate mousse."

"I'll have the Jamoca Almond Fudge.  Make `em large and in sugar cones."

"Sure thing, sir." said the smirking clerk.  He dipped the ice cream and handed me mine first and then Brad got his.

Brad and he settled up the bill, and as we were about to leave, the clerk said,

"You sure there isn't anything else I can do for you, sir.  I mean, I would really enjoy a taste."

Brad stopped and turned.  He handed me his cone, and I wondered what he was going to do now.  He walked up to the counter, reached across and took the clerk by this collar.  The poor guy's eyes were popping out of his head.  Brad had his face almost touching the clerk's face.  In his most threatening voice, he warned him,

"I told you once, he's mine and only mine.  If you ever say or do anything that upsets him, I'll be back and I'll fix you so you'll fit into one of those five gallon ice cream containers.  Got it?"

"Yes, sir.  I won't ever bother him, sir, never." 

Brad smiled at him, mussed his hair and said,

"Good.  Have a great night." 

He returned to me, took his cone from me and held the door so that I could go out first.  I didn't say anything for a minute, but then I giggled and said,

"You scared the shit out of that poor bastard.  I thought he might faint."

Brad smiled a devilishly cute smile and said,

"Good.  I wanted to make sure he knew we were lovers and he wasn't invited to join us.  Here lick my cone.  Give me yours to lick." 

I was a little surprised, but I did what he said.  I watched him as he moved his tongue around the ice cream, molding it as he did, into a cylindrical shape, which he then kissed on the top and handed back to me.  I tried to do the same with his cone, and with a little effort I did.

"What . . .?"

"That's the best we can do for now, but maybe later I might visit your `chambre d'amour' ".  Then he laughed.

"What the fuck does that mean, you football jock?

"My God, do you have shit for brains?  It means your bedroom of love."

"Oh, so we're back to that again, huh?  And where did you learn French, at least your version of French." 

Laughing I slipped the long roll-shaped ice cream into my mouth and moved it in and out a couple of times.  Brad almost dropped his cone.

"You devil.  You wonderful sexy devil.  So you got the message, right."

"I might be a schmuck, but I'm not totally stupid.  Of course I got the message. And I liked it.  Maybe later, maybe."

"Oh, you cute, water baby, you're such a tease.  Just you wait until the theater." 

We both were giggling as we got to the ticket booth.  I tried to buy the tickets, but Brad quickly made it clear that he was bigger and stronger than I was, pushing me gently aside and getting the tickets and paying for them.

"Thanks, Brad.  I really appreciate this.  I'll try to repay you somehow.






"Something to drink?"


"You're easy.  To please, that is."

"I try to be accommodating."

"Let's go up to the back row of the stadium seating."


"It's private and I want to torture you."

"You wouldn't would you, I mean, torture me?"

"What do you think.  Don't you think you deserve it."


We climbed the steps to the very last row, I went in first and Brad prodded me until we were in the last two seats in the row, and against the side wall.  There weren't that many patrons in the theater.  Brad was smiling.  I thought it was a kind of evil smile, a knowing smile.

"By the way," I asked, " what's the movie?  You didn't tell me."

Brad patted my hand which was resting on the arm of the chair.  That same naughty smile spread across his handsome face.  He sighed deeply and leaned in, and after he planted a light kiss on my ear he told me,

"Don't worry, Jake, you're not gonna be watching the movie.  But in case Sadie asks you, we saw "Pirates of the Caribbean:Dead Man's Chest"

"Wow!  I wanted to see it.  Johnny Depp is really hot.  Don't you think?" I asked.

"Does Saturday follow Friday?   He sure is.  He seemed a little swishy in the first movie, didn't you think?'

"I didn't see it, Brad.  I had no one to go to the movies with.  My dad went with me to the first episode of the `Lord of the Rings'.  He hated it and wouldn't go again.  I need to rent it on DVD and watch it home."

Brad picked my hand up off the arm of the chair and kissed it.

"That's on my list of things to do with you.  It's getting to be a long list, so time will tell."

I was about to make a wise remark to Brad when the lights went down, and the previews began.  Almost immediately, Brad's arm went around my shoulders.  I  quickly snuggled against him.  We sat there, silently, as we each wondered what would happen next.  Brad began to press his leg against mine.  I pushed back, holding my breath.  Was this his torture?  If he didn't do something soon, it would certainly be torture.

"Are you comfortable," he whispered in my ear, which he then kissed lightly, and then licked it."

"Ooooohhh...." I moaned.  Brad pulled away a little and with a gentle laugh, he whispered,

"Sssshhh, you'll have everyone in the theater waiting in line for some lovin'. " 

Instead of answering, I leaned into him, kissed his ear and then licked it as he had done me.

"Oh my God.  Jake that's so, so..."


"Yeah, hot." 

Ignoring the film, I continued,

"How about this."

I took his head into my hands and leaned over him and pulled his face to mine and then I kissed him, tenderly at first, and then as the feelings increased, my kiss became passionate. I wanted to kiss Brad so that he wouldn't soon forget.  Without warning, he pulled me on top of himself, kissing me with an urgency that I didn't expect. 

His hands were on my ass massaging my cheeks. I could feel his hardness against my own, and I thought I might reach a premature climax, but I wouldn't pull away from him.  I put my head on his shoulder and lay there enjoying his hardness, his scent, while his hands were roaming over my body.  We were silent for quite a while.

"Jake, I want you so bad, forgive me because I know this is too fast.  I think we need to cool it a little."

"I know what I'm doing and it isn't too fast.  Being in your arms makes me feel loved as I never have been loved before.  I don't want to cool it." 

And I reached between us and began to rub his hard cock as it pressed against his shorts.  It was larger than I had imagined and now I wanted to see it, to feel it, flesh against flesh.  Brad was rubbing my back and soon he reached under my shorts and his hands touched my bare butt and I gasped.

"Jake, Jake, Jake," he whispered.  I began sucking on his neck, and he laughed.

"Stop, stop, you'll give me a hickey.  How will I explain that to the guys?  No, don't stop.  Oh, God, Jake, I want you so much.  Your ass is so smooth, kiss me, baby, kiss me."

"Brad, I have to stop or, or..."

"I know.  I know." 

I pulled away from him and sat back in my own seat.  Brad had my hand in his and he was kissing it.

"That torture was the greatest.  I volunteer to be your victim any time you want, Brad."  He laughed quietly.

"Hey, I want to be the victim once in a while." he said. 

He reached over and started to rub my crotch and immediately I was hard.  It felt so good that I just sat there, my head thrown back, wishing he might go further.  He stopped and, with a quiet intensity in his voice, he exclaimed,

"Holy shit, Jake, your cock is huge.  Wow!  I guess I know how to pick `em.  And you, Jake, are a winner!

"Brad, take me home.  Right now."

"I did something to upset you.  Shit, I did it again."

"No, no, it isn't that.  It's just, well, I want to see and touch all of you.  Please.  I want you so bad.  I need to be completely, totally yours."

"Let's get out of here," Brad said.

Stumbling some in the darkness, we hurriedly left the theater.  Once we were back in the mall we headed toward the parking lot and Brad's Mustang.  We were almost at the exit when we ran into Kevin and Ashton.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Brad and his concubine," Kev said as  Ashton laughed.

"Knock it off, Kev.  Jake's a nice guy; he might even like you if you acted like a human being and not like a piece of day-old dog shit."

"Touchy, touchy.  Just thought we'd say `Hi' to you and your bitch," snickered Kevin.  Again Ashton laughed. 

Before Brad could react, I grabbed Kevin by the collar of his shirt and pulled him to me.

"If you ever call me anyone's bitch again, I might end up worse than you, but I will get my licks in and you won't be bothering anyone for a couple of days." 

Ashton didn't laugh this time.

"Jake, take it easy.  Kev's just being a wiseass.  Let's go.  See you two in school on Monday.  Get with it, Kev.  See ya, Ashton.  Oh, and one thing more.  If either of you gives Jake any shit anytime, then you can answer to me." 

We left the two of them standing there looking surprised and slightly pissed.

As soon as we were in the Mustang, Brad pulled me over onto himself and started kissing me wildly.  I was in heaven.

"I'm so proud of you, Jake.  You really surprised the shit out of Kev.  He needed that.  I can't believe you.  You are something else."

I didn't want to hear anymore, so I kissed him again and again and again.

"Take me home, please.  I want to go to bed."

"Oh, Jake, you're exhausted.  I'm sorry."

"Brad, I'm not tired.  I just want to go to bed.  With you."

The Mustang got a good workout speeding to my home.

To be continued...

"The measure of love is to love without measure"

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