Finding Love: A Journey
By: Scotty
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"Forgive me for laughing, but my God, Jake, you have two of the most awesome black eyes I have ever seen.  I mean, it's unbelievable!" he said as he worked hard to contain the laughs he wanted to let loose.

"So, Mr. Mason, now I'm ugly, huh?"

Brad pulled me further down and before I could say anything, he quickly moved his arm and hand from mine to the back of my head pulling my face to his where he kissed me so hard and with such ardor that I couldn't breath.  He kept kissing me and then forced his tongue deep into my mouth and explored.  I was soon sporting an enormous hardon.  I moved my hand to his crotch and discovered that he, too, was  erect.  I forgot everything else. 

We were together!  We were home!

Chapter 31

After he learned that Doug would be held up at the hospital, John Li immediately decided how he intended to get everyone home.  It wouldn't be in a limo, as that would take too much time.  He made some calls, arranging for two executive jets to take everyone back to Florida.  At that time he did not know about Doug's plan to bring Adam to Florida.

He assumed that the ladies were all at the hospital, his wife to see Peter while Beth, Diane, and Sadie would see Brad and Jacob.  He had no doubt that they would also spend some time with all the boys at the hospital.  The entire episode had been as strange as Li could imagine.  He pondered how so much pain and confusion could be visited upon these young men who only loved each other.

Brad and Jacob's friends had been hesitant to leave the Colony until they were assured that all the boys had been interviewed and that parents, relatives or a social agency were available to take good care of them.  It had been difficult to say goodbye to guys like Benjamin who had tried desperately to help and shelter the younger guys.  His reward had been mistreatment and abuse, both physical and sexual.

Of all the friends of Brad and Jacob, Kev was the most infuriated about what he had seen and heard.  He wanted to take care of Grant Specter and Wilfred Comstock.  He felt that if he could just be left alone in a room with them for a few minutes, he would happily rearrange their faces so that even their mothers wouldn't recognize them.  And if he had known more, he might have subjected them to the same kind of sexual abuse that they had used against the young boys.  But despite his anger, Kev realized that he would not do that.  The law should punish them for their despicable behavior, not some individual acting on their own.

John Li had noticed that the boys were pleased to be going home later that day.  He also discerned a different reaction from Tim and Todd which at first he didn't understand.  Then it dawned on him that they had been together for a couple of days, even sharing a motel room.  They probably didn't want to have to leave each other.  He understood that now, better than ever, because in the past few days he had learned how intense the love could be between young men like Peter and Chris and Jacob and Brad.  It might be, he thought, that these two were experiencing the same intense emotions.

All of Brad and Jacob's friends were sitting on the front steps of the school chatting and drinking soda.  Their conversation ranged from what they had seen and heard that day to the high school football team, to classes they enjoyed, to others that they disliked, and of special concern to them, the condition of Jacob and Brad.  Tim expressed his desire to visit their friends that evening before everyone left for home.  He asked Todd to take a walk.

The group noticed the two boys walking together down the driveway away from the front of the house.  They walked side by side, but were not holding hands or in any other way showing affection.  It was just two guys walking together.  But if they could have heard the conversation, they would have had a far different impression.

The two boys stopped and faced each other.  Neither was smiling and there was a tension between them.  Tim started to reach for Todd's hand, but quickly withdrew his hand.  Todd looked both confused and hurt, but said nothing.  Tim finally started talking.

"Todd, what are we going to do?  I don't want to leave you tonight.  I thought we would spend tonight together in our bed.  I want to make love again.  I'm upset about the plans to go home tonight.  I wanted to spend tonight with you at the motel.  But that won't happen.  Sometimes I wonder about things. 

"I mean look at what has happened to Brad and Jacob for loving each other.  I guess I shouldn't compare us to them.  I mean, I don't know if you love me or not.  I think you do.  I know that I'm in love with you, Todd.  God help me, but I'm hopelessly in love with you.  Life can be cruel!"

Todd's face had continued to show no emotion.  At best it reflected confusion.  When he saw the hurt on Tim's face, his heart broke.

"Just one fuckin' minute, Tim," Todd almost shouted, "of course I'm in love with you.  You're a ninny to think otherwise.  I remember telling you that I loved you many times last night when we were making love.  I can't even think about what my life would be without you in it.  I always want you by my side.  I want to kiss you every morning and every night.  After we graduate, I want to go to college with you, live with you, love you every day.  I want to share our first house with you.  I want us to consider adopting a child or maybe two, or maybe more, but only with you."  Without knowing it Todd had been shaking Tim slightly by the shoulders.  Tim was smiling broadly and asked,

"Is that a proposal?"


"I asked you if you just proposed to me.  Did you?"


"No maybes, Todd.  Either you did or you didn't."

"Well, yes, I did.  So what's your answer?"

"Are you sure that you can put up with me for the duration?"

"I've never been so sure of anything in my life.  Come here, lover, and let me show you," said Todd.

Tim moved a little closer to Todd who pulled him tightly against his chest and kissed him hard and passionately on the lips.  When they both came up for  breath, Tim gasped,

"Oh, God, Todd, you really do want me.  I love you, and my answer is `yes'."  And they clinched again.

The boys sitting on the stairs whistled and gave a few cat calls, which the two lovers ignored.  John Li, as the only adult observer, smiled knowingly. 

The limo drove into the driveway and down to the colony's front door.  Everyone, including Tim and Todd, hurried into the limo.  Mr. Li followed them in and informed them that they were going to the hospital in Valdosta to get Mr. Neilson.  He decided to keep to himself the mode of transportation back to Florida.


Lydia Tetro was true to her word, and in about an hour Lincoln Knowlton returned to the hospital with all the necessary paperwork naming Douglas Neilson as the appointed foster parent of one Adam Martin.  The boy continued to sleep and as much as Doug wanted to tell him the news, he chose to let the boy slumber because he needed the rest to rebuild his emaciated body.

After Knowlton left, Doug called John Li's cell phone and informed him he was ready to leave for Florida.  Li told Doug his plans and anticipated that they would be at the hospital in about an hour.  Doug said nothing about Adam.

It was time, thought Doug, to call home and let Diane and Sadie know what was happening.  He assured himself a number of times that they would both be in favor of his decision about Adam.  When he called home, there was no answer, and finally he got the answering machine.  Irritated and frustrated, he decided to call Diane's cell phone.  Then it dawned on him that everyone was at the hospital checking on the condition of Jacob and Brad.  Nonetheless, he decided to call her.

She answered almost immediately, and her voice seemed natural and familiar.

"Hi, Hon.  It's just me."

"Doug, we were beginning to worry about you and John.  What's happening?  When can we expect you home?"  Diane asked.

There was a moment of silence as Doug tried to think of the best way to tell Diane what he needed to tell her.  Finally, it was only a few seconds, when Doug said,

"We should be home in a few hours.  John is arranging to get us home.  I know he wants to get home, so I assume he will be arranging air transportation.  He's going to pick me up in the limo in a bit."

"That sounds good.  So we can plan a late dinner?"

"No, just wait `til we get home.  There are lots of options.  Now Diane, please listen carefully to what I am going to say.  I want you and Sadie to set up another bed in our bedroom.  I'm bringing a badly abused sixteen year old boy home with me.  He needs some love and he's frightened and doesn't really trust adults.  It's a long story, but I will fill you in with all the details when I get home.  His name is Adam," said Doug.

"You're bringing home a strange boy?  I don't understand, Doug.  Haven't we had enough chaos in the last few weeks?  How could you do this without asking your family first?  I'm not happy nor will Sadie be," came Diane's angry reply.

After a single beat, Doug replied,

"I'm sorry this upsets you, Diane.  Please do as I ask.  When you hear the whole story, you'll feel differently."

"Just a minute . . ." began an irritated Diane.

But Doug had hung up!


John Li and the boys relaxed during the limo ride to the hospital where they were picking up Doug Mason.  There he would tell the boys they were flying home.  Li enjoyed watching and listening to the boys as the rode on their way.  Kev, as usual, was the leader, starting the guys talking about what they had seen that day, and how Brad had been found by Jacob.  All of the boys were in awe of what they had seen at the colony, disbelieving much of it.  They had prayed that Brad hadn't been hurt, but they now knew that he had been taken to the hospital in Florida.  They all agreed that might suggest serious injuries.

John Li tried his best to tell the boys that Brad was probably not seriously hurt, but that it was important that he be taken back to Florida so that his mother could be with him.  Jacob was with him which made the boys feel better, but Li could tell that they still had concerns.  The quietest of the boys were Tim and Todd.  Li understood that of all the group, those two were the only openly gay boys and an obvious couple. 

Li recalled the happenings of the last few days.  He had learned a great deal more about love.  He knew that love was an essential aspect of heterosexual unions.  Despite that, somehow he had never seriously considered that gays loved too, assuming rather that they were drawn to each other only for sexual satisfaction.  He now knew that there was more to it than that. 

Love was real and strong between the couples he had gotten to know better and fully accept.  This even included, he wouldn't hesitate to tell anyone, his own son, Peter, and his partner, Chris.  He loved and accepted them fully.  Now he couldn't understand how a parent could be as misdirected as Travis Mason.  That man had caused such pain and agony, not only for Brad, Chris, and Jacob, but also for Beth Mason, the Neilsons, Sadie, and even these young men.

Li smiled as he thought of Father Jim and Gary.  How wonderful that a priest could openly express his love and still maintain his devotion to the church!  He wondered if society and the members of his church would accept this gay priest and his handsome lover?  He prayed that they would be accepted. 

As the ride went on, some of the boys began to watch television, and a couple fell asleep.  Tim and Todd, sitting at the back of the limo, held hands and chatted softly.  Their eyes told the whole story.  They were in love!  John Li was certain that had he not been there, the two lovers might have been more demonstrative of their strong affection.


When Dr. Norris returned to the waiting room, he was quickly approached by Beth Mason.  Sadie and Diane were following her.  Diane spoke first.

"Where's Jacob?" she asked.

"Is he all right," ventured Sadie.

Before Dr. Norris could answer, Father Jim and Gary came into the small waiting room.

Dr. Norris stopped near Beth.  He smiled at her and told her that she should go up to the 4th floor, Room 65, where she would find Brad and Jacob.  Beth hugged Dr. Norris.

"I think, the doctor said, "that two visitors at a time is fine.  I also think we should not ask Jacob to leave so that two of you can visit at the same time.  He was heroic in staying with Brad when he really needed it.  Let's allow them to spend this quiet time together."

"You're correct, Dr. Norris, Jacob is a special guy, but so is Brad.  That young man has suffered greatly at his father's hands.  When he is better, I'm sure we'll hear more from him about what happened at the colony," said Jim.

Gary was standing with Jim and the two of them looked at each other, smiling.  Sadie and Diane grinned knowingly, and Diane suggested that she and Sadie go up to see Peter.  No one objected.  Father Jim indicated that he and Gary had some business to attend to, but would go up to Chris and Peter's room before Beth returned from Brad's room.  Everyone was in agreement.  The women left immediately, but Dr. Norris waited for a short moment and then moved closer to the two men.

"I drew blood from Jacob and Brad and I'm sending it to the lab for testing of HIV and other STD's.  Don't take this the wrong way, but are you two interested in that testing?"


Father Jim's face had reddened, but Gary remained stoic.  In fact, he seemed to take on an angry countenance.  Jim noticed and quickly said,

"Yes, I think we would like to take advantage of the testing."

"Yeah, it seems like a good idea," Gary said.

"Good," said Dr. Norris; "come with me and I'll draw some blood.  It will only take a minute to two."

The three men quietly left the waiting room.  Jim and Gary followed Dr. Norris into a cubicle in the emergency room where he drew blood from them.  They left to take care of various responsibilities.


Doug Neilson kept looking at Adam, wondering if he might have gone a little too far with this whole thing.  He sensed that Diane was not happy with him, and he imagined that Diane would quickly make Sadie her ally.  But seeing the sleeping young man, he knew he had to do something.  All he could think of was Jacob.  What if Jacob was in this kind of situation?  Wouldn't he want someone to care about him, someone who would try to protect him?  Adam stirred in the bed, opened his eyes slowly and looked up at Doug.

"You're still here?  I thought you might leave once I was sleeping.  But you didn't.  Thank you," said a groggy Adam as he pulled away the sheet that covered him.

"I told you I would stay here, didn't I?  Well, I keep my word."

"I have to pee."

"Don't let me stop you.  Go to it.  When you're finished and have washed your hands, I have something to tell you.  Get going before you wet the bed," said Doug.

"Yes, mother," Adam replied with a laugh.

Doug smiled because he could already see the teenager in Adam returning.  It was a pleasure!  He wondered, as he waited for Adam, what the boy's actual sexual orientation was.  It didn't matter to him, but he was aware of the boy's refusal to surrender to the sexual demands of the men at the colony.  Was that just his strong will and his objection to them for their age or for the type of sex that they wanted from him?  At the moment he knew that he couldn't worry about that.  It would, he realized, take care of itself.  He felt comfortable about it all with Jacob and Brad at the house.  He also knew that he could ask for and get assistance from Father Jim and Gary.  His ace in the hole was, of course, Sadie, whose life experiences made her a stalwart champion of young, gay men.  Adam came out of the bathroom, still yawning.

"There, that's done.  Even washed my hands.  Now, sir, what do you want to talk to me about.  I'm a little nervous about what it might be.  Does it have to do with where I'm headed from here?"  Adam asked.

"Yes, it does," replied Doug as he moved to the door of the room and closed it. 

Adam was immediately more uncomfortable.  He was also a little angry, imagining what was now about to happen to him.  Mr. Neilson was going to be like most of the other adults in his life, making promises that they didn't intend to keep.  Adam sat on the edge of the hospital bed, looked at the floor and said in a soft but angry voice,

"So where are you planning to dump me?"

Doug Neilson could also have become angry, but that would not have served any intelligent purpose.  He could see and sense the deep rejection that the boy was feeling.  But he did not intend to let him look at the floor while he told him what was about to happen.

"Look at me, Adam.  I have something important to say to you and I want to be sure that I have your complete attention."

It took a moment or two before Adam looked up at Doug, moisture in the corners of his eyes.  He had steeled himself for the worst news of his life.

"Thanks for looking me in the eyes, Adam.  Look, I have been appointed your foster father.  You're coming home with me to Florida.  I want . . ."

But before he could say anything else, Adam had rushed across the room and into his arms.  He held tightly to Doug and his sobs, although intense, increasingly seemed to release him from his long-held agony.  Through his sobs, he continued to whisper only this, "Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you . . ."

Douglas Neilson swallowed hard, keeping his composure.  He knew he had done the right thing.


Beth Mason hurriedly made her way to Brad's room.  She knew she would find Jacob there, and in a selfish moment, wished she could be alone with Brad.  Then she silently admonished herself.  From what she had heard, Brad might not be there at all if it hadn't been for Jacob.  She realized in a moment of sublime intuition, that she probably resented the love that Jacob was receiving from Brad.  Should all that affection have been hers?  As she thought this, she was filled with embarrassment at her egocentric thoughts.  If she hadn't internalized it before, in a kind of epiphany, she realized that Brad no longer belonged to her.  With that, she found a profound calmness and even an exhilarating moment of joy.  Slowly she entered the room.

What she found brought tears to her eyes, for it only strengthened what she had muddled through as she raced to the room.  In the dimness of the partially lighted room, she saw Jacob on his knees, his head resting on Brad's hand, his lips in a frozen kiss, as both boys were asleep.  She tiptoed to the bed and looked down at her youngest son, reacting momentarily to his battered face and his injured shoulder and hand.  Then she saw Jacob's two back eyes, understanding that those were the result of her husband, of Travis' fury.  She winced.

I was the one who moved first, kissing Brad's hand again.  Then I noticed his mother standing next to the bed watching both of us.  As I got to my feet, I smiled and whispered softly,

"Hi, Mrs. Mason.  Brad will be thrilled to see you.  I think we should wake him so that he can talk with you.  He's doing much better.  It's been a terrible ordeal for him.  He's such a wonderful person; I wish his dad could have seen that in him."

Beth Mason came to me and took me into her arms and hugged me against her.  She whispered in my ear,

"Please forgive Brad's dad and me for what we've done.  You have been so strong.  You saved Brad from God only knows what.  I can't ever repay you for that."

I moved away from Beth Mason, and looked her in the eyes, my own blue eyes shining in their nest of purple, blue and black.  After a moment, I kissed Beth on the cheek, and in a slow, but firm voice, told her,

"Mrs. Mason, you don't owe me anything.  You have done nothing that needs to be forgiven.  I didn't do much except find Brad and stay with him until help arrived.  I kept him quiet and prevented him from moving and that may have helped in some small way.  I did what anyone would do to help the person they love.  I love your son so much that it hurts at times, but in a wonderful way.  Thank you for raising such a remarkable human being."

From the bed came a chuckle followed by a softly spoken comment.  "You must be talking about me.  Who else in this room is remarkable?"

Beth Mason went to the bed and leaned down and kissed Brad on the forehead.  "Hi, honey.  I am so happy to see you and to know that you'll be fine.  But what about Jacob?  Isn't he remarkable, too?" she asked.

"No!" Brad replied.  I looked bewildered, but said nothing.

"How can you be so egotistical, Bradley Mason?" asked his mom.

"Jacob is not remarkable, he's perfect, and I love him more than anything or anyone.  I want him with me always."

Beth Mason smiled, looked at a dumbfounded Jacob and told both of them, "That's more like it, Brad."  She began straightening the bed clothes as a good mother would.  I hadn't moved.

"Are you pissed at me, Jake?" asked Brad, as I moved back to the bedside.  I was not smiling, but it wasn't because I was unhappy.  It was because I was trying to understand what my lover meant by his comment that he wanted me with him always.

"No, I'm fine.  Actually I'm a little confused.  I mean, what did you mean that you wanted me to always be with you?"

Beth Mason laughed aloud, grabbed me and hugged me.  Still I was waiting for something which I understood on one level, but couldn't comprehend on another more spiritual level.

"Well," said Beth, "I'm not an expert on this, but I think it was a proposal.  At least that's what it sounded like to me."

Brad smiled up at me, took my hand and drew it to his lips and kissed it.  "Yeah, that's exactly what it was.  Jake, I want us to be a couple who spend our lives together.  I love you so much that I can't find words to adequately express it.  Jake?"

In a small trembling voice, I said, "That, Brad, is the only thing I have ever really wanted.  I just want to spend my life with you, however short or long it is, whatever we have to face together in good or bad days."  I fell on the bed and covered much of Brad's body with mine.  My kisses fell all over Brad's face, as neither of us could decide whether to laugh or cry.

Beth Mason looked on, happy at what she saw.  She told us,  "I think this is a time for joy!"

From the bed came the laughter of two happy young men.


After Adam has finished his shower, he came out of the bathroom with a large white towel wrapped around his waist.  As Doug looked at him, the boy seemed even smaller than he remembered.  Doug wished he could capture and preserve Adam's smile so that on a gray day he could take it out and be made happy.

"Mr. Neilson...  No, is it okay if I call you 'Dad'?" asked Adam.

"I would be honored if you would call me 'Dad'," said Doug.

"Dad, what am I going to wear?  I don't think I can go to your home in a towel, can I?

Doug laughed, joined immediately by Adam.  "I wouldn't think so, but there's someone who is coming soon who has some things for you.  Try to be patient."

"But I feel naked.  It shouldn't bother me `cause I was kept in rags or naked for a long time.  It's just that with you and with your family, I would feel strange.  I'll bet you can understand, can't you?"

"Come here," requested Doug, "I want to say something to you.  You're not in any kind of trouble, so relax."  Adam moved cautiously to his foster dad.  He stopped at his dad's side and stood there, almost lost in the big fluffy towel.

"Adam, I love you like a father loves a son.  Just remember this, please.  It's not my family or anyone else's family.  It's our family, Adam.  Please understand that you are not alone anymore; you are a member of our family, and when you meet the other members of our family, you will understand better how it feels to be loved and to be a member of a family.  We will not always agree about everything, but there will not be any abuse or torture.  You might get grounded or have some privileges taken away, but that's all.  Your brothers will love you to pieces, and your mom, my wife, and Sadie, our housekeeper, will spoil you rotten.  So prepare.  Now..."

A knock at the door stopped Doug's explanation of family.  Adam jumped, but Doug's calming hand on his shoulder brought back that wonderful smile.  "Yes?" asked Doug.

"May Lincoln and I come in?"

"You certainly may.  We've been waiting for you two.  Adam likes his towel, but he might feel more comfortable in some clothes.  Right, Adam?" said Doug.

"Yes, I would, Dad."

Lydia Tetro and Lincoln Knowlton came into the room carrying bags and boxes.  They both seemed happy."

"Adam, this is Ms. Tetro and Mr. Knowlton.  They had a lot to do with your being able to come and live with our family in Florida.  Now, they have something to say to you."

Lydia Tetro moved closer to Adam and handed him one of the bags she was carrying.  Adam took the bag, but didn't know what to do with it.  Lydia helped by telling him,

"Go into the bathroom and change into some of the clothes you will find in the bag.  Then come back and we'll talk.  Do you think you want some help.  Mr. Knowlton will be glad to help you."

Adam looked at Doug and then at Knowlton.  He hesitated just a second and asked,  "Could my dad come and help me?"

Both Lydia and Lincoln smiled. 

"That would be fine," she said as Doug and Adam disappeared into the bathroom, shutting the door quietly behind themselves.

"Did you hear that, Lydia?  He called Neilson, 'Dad'," said a smiling Lincoln.  Lydia sat in a chair, and put the other bags she was carrying on the table which was nearby.  Lincoln had placed a couple of shoe boxes on the table, too.

"When you show love the way Doug Neilson does, it's not difficult to understand how Adam is so comfortable with his new dad.  He's probably the only dad the poor boy has ever had.  I'll tell you one thing, Lincoln; we are going to do everything we can to make this thing work."

"I'm all for that," said Lincoln. 

The door to the bathroom opened and Doug and Adam came out.  Adam was dressed in new clothes, all of which fit him reasonably well.  He had on new socks, but had no shoes.  His hair was brushed back revealing how handsome a young man he was.

Lincoln picked up one of the boxes and brought it to Adam.  "We hope you like the new Vans, Adam.  The other box has dress shoes in it.  This is all yours through the kindness and generosity of Ms. Tetro and the State of Georgia."

Adam was not really sure what to do, so he just did what moved him.  He ran to Lydia Tetro and hugged her.  "Thank you, ma'am.  You have been so good to me."  He turned and went to Lincoln and hugged him and thanked him.  There were some wet eyes in the room, but none were Adam's.

Lydia Tetro stood up and walked over to Doug.  She hugged him. 

"I want you to know, Mr. Neilson, that I realize how lucky this young man is to have you as a foster father.  I hope that he will be happy with you as I am sure he should be.  I will be visiting you in Florida to check on how things are going.  We have all the information necessary to contact you.  Thank you for what you're doing.  There are so many children who need a person such as you in their lives.  Good luck."

Knowlton shook hands with Doug, assuring him that he would keep in touch with him and Adam.  Both of them said goodbye and left.

Adam was standing close to Doug.  He took his new dad's hand in his and kissed it.  Doug was deeply moved.  To save himself from an emotional moment, he quickly began to tell Adam about all the people he would be meeting shortly.  As if on cue, there was a knock.  When Doug looked up, he saw John Li standing there.

"John, it's great to see you.  We're about ready to leave.  How are we getting back to Florida?"

John Li walked into the room, unfortunately staring at Adam who continued to hold Doug's hand.  He stopped a few steps from his good friend and the unknown young man.

"Doug, are you going to introduce me to your young friend?" asked Li.

Doug seemed surprised and perhaps a little disconcerted by John's question.  He had to be cautious in how he introduced the boy, especially with him right there.  So he simply said,

"This is Adam Martin.  He was one of the victims at the colony.  He's coming to Florida with me.  I'll fill in the details later."

Li made no attempt to inquire further, but indicated that he was ready to leave.  Doug helped Adam with his couple of bags of clothes and the box with his dress shoes.  They followed Li out to the limo.  "I plan to tell the boys we'll be flying back to Florida in corporate jets.  Why don't you and Adam fly back with Tim and Todd in the first jet which is configured for fewer passengers?  I'll fly back with the other boys in the second jet which is configured for more passengers.

"Whatever you say, John, is fine with me.  By the way, Adam, have you ever flown?"

"No, sir, I never have.  I'm a little frightened, but if you're with me, I'll be okay."

John Li opened the door to the limo and got in.  Doug and Adam followed them.  The boys were all interested in the new passenger, so Li quickly introduced Adam to the guys.  Adam stuck close to Doug, sitting beside him.  He wanted to take his dad's hand, but he hesitated because he didn't want to give all the guys the wrong idea.

"Look, guys, we're headed to the airport where we're going to board two corporate jets to fly back home.  We'll be using two jets, because one cannot carry all of us.  In the first jet, Doug, Adam, Tim, and Tom will be the passengers.  The rest of us will be in the second jet.  We'll be home before you know it."  Li found a seat as the boys cheered.

The limo had been moving all this time, and within a half hour it was at the airport.  The two jets were parked outside a hanger on the far side of the airport.  Each plane had a pilot, copilot and a steward.  After the two groups boarded their respective jets, were helped to seats by the stewards.  In short order, both planes were waiting for permission from the tower to take off.  Before anyone had a chance to get involved in much, the planes were suddenly airborne and shortly were at cruising altitude.  It was then that the stewards began offering passengers snacks and drinks.

Adam had sat as closely to Doug as he could, and Tim had noticed how Adam had grasped Doug's hand and clung to him during takeoff.  He knew a little of the feeling as he and Todd were also holding hands and squeezing them so tightly they hurt.  Neither of the boys had flown on a plane of this size.  In fact, Tim had never flown before and Todd had flown only once as young boy to visit his grandmother.

After selecting snacks and drinks, Adam sat near his foster father, contemplating what lay ahead for him when they arrived in Florida.  He had noticed the two young men who were on the plane.  They were both handsome and very sexy.  He tried to think about other things, but his mind kept returning to very sexy thoughts.  This was different.  He wasn't being forced into a sexual act; rather he was simply enjoying a fantasy.  He found the young man, called Tim, to be the one he most desired.

Tim had mentioned to Todd about how cute Curtis, the steward, was.  But he was older, probably in his mid-twenties.  Todd had nudged his lover when Curtis walked past them, both of them admiring his tight, firm ass.

"Bet he's a hot fuck," confided Todd.

"Not as hot as you, baby."

"Hmm, you have all the equipment to make it a pleasure."

Todd slid his hand up Tim's thigh, rubbing his lover's hardening cock.  Tim gasped as quietly as he could, causing Todd to giggle.

"I want to be with you tonight," Tim said as he placed his hand on Todd's and pressed it against his hard member.  "I like what you're doing."

Todd smiled sweetly, trying as he did, to get his fingers around Tim's hard cock, but the fabric of the shorts prevented much success.  He leaned to Tim. 

He whispered, "I want you to fuck me all night long!"

It was Tim's turn to laugh lightly.  "Not as much as I want to fuck you all night.  How can we arrange to do it?"

Neither of them said anything for a bit as they both tried to think of a solution to their problem.  Tim leaned his head back, yawned, and closed his eyes.  Maybe that would help him think of a solution.  Todd was looking out of the window, trying to think of something to get them together for the night.  He rested his head against the edge of the window and closed his eyes.  They both fell silent. 

Curtis walked back to the galley, and as he passed them, he smiled and coughed.  He stopped and sat on the arm of Tim's seat.

"How you guys getting along?" he asked as he leaned his crotch against Tim's hand.  Tim could feel the steward's hardening penis, but he did not react.

"Flying always makes me horny," the steward confided to the boys.

"Really?" asked Todd, a smirk on his face, "I don't think that I have that problem."

"Of course you don't," said Tim, "you're always horny anyway."

"Wish we were alone on the flight," said Curtis, "because if we were, I could show you a good time.  I bet I could please both of you at the same time."

Tim and Todd exchanged a knowing glance, straightened up in their seats and announced that they needed to go to the bathroom.  Their decision pleased Curtis who preceded them up the aisle.  Adam was asleep, his head resting on Doug's shoulder.  Doug had not taken notice of the three because he was preoccupied with how he was going to handle Diane and Sadie when he got home.

Instead of going into the bathroom, the boys followed Curtis into the galley.  He drew the curtains giving them privacy.  In a nanosecond, Curtis had dropped his pants and shorts and stood there naked with an erection.  His six inch cut cock was waving at the two boys.  They both dropped their shorts and boxers.  Curtis was staring at Tim's big fuck stick as he stroked his own cock. 

Curtis opened the foil wrapper of a condom and moved to Tim, slowly unrolling the condom down around the rigid cock he wanted deep inside him.  Then Curtis quickly lubed his hole, got on his hands and knees, and asked Todd to crawl underneath and 69 with him, while Tim fucked him.  Tim pushed his rigid cock deep into Curtis' tight ass, as the steward swallowed Todd's hard cock in one gulp.  Todd was enjoying sucking Curtis' throbbing cock.

After a while, Curtis and Todd exchanged places and soon Tim was fucking his lover's tight hole, giving him everything he desired.  Just as everyone was ready to shoot . . .

"Guys, wake up.  We're about to land.  Fasten those seat belts, please," said Curtis as he walked to the front of the plane and took his seat.

Tim was smiling broadly which did not go unnoticed by Todd.  He whispered into Tim's ear, "What's so funny?"

"You won't believe it, Todd.  You won't believe it.  I'll tell you tonight.  By the way, I thought of a solution to our problem.  Let's ask Mr. Neilson if we can spend the night at his place.  I know the answer will be yes.  Maybe we will be able to see Jacob and have some time to chat with Adam.  He seems like a nice guy."

Todd grunted, "Yeah, and he hasn't taken his eyes off you since we boarded.  I think he's got the hots for you."

Tim smiled again, saying, "Not likely, not likely!"

There was an audible gasp from Todd as the plane touched down.  He turned and looked at his lover, wondering for a fleeting moment if Adam would try to get into Tim's pants.  He sighed, remembering his past.  Would he get fucked over again?  Only time would tell, and he was ready to wait a long time to find out.

To be continued... 


"The measure of love is to love without measure"

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