Finding Love: A Journey
By: Scotty
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By the way, I thought of a solution to our problem.  Let's  ask Mr. Neilson if we can spend the night at his place.  I know the answer will be yes.  Maybe we will be able to see Jacob and have some time to chat with Adam.  He seems like a nice guy."

Todd grunted, "Yeah, and he hasn't taken his eyes off you since we boarded.  I think he's got the hots for you."

Tim smiled again, saying, "Not likely, not likely!"

There was an audible gasp from Todd as the plane touched down.  He turned and looked at his lover, wondering for a fleeting moment if Adam would try to get into Tim's pants.  He sighed, remembering his past.  Would he get fucked over again?  Only time would tell, and he was ready to wait a long time to find out.

Chapter 32

When Chris arrived at his and Peter's room, he found Mrs. Li there.  Both of them appeared to be dozing so he went directly to Peter's bed, bent down and kissed him on the forehead.  As he was about to stand  back up,  Peter's eyes flickered open and a smile broader than the Mississippi spread across his face, his brown eyes alive with joy.  He pulled Chris down and kissed his lover hard and with an open mouth.  Chris gasped a little, but returned the kiss.

"Thank God that you're okay.  I was so worried, Chris.  It's been the longest time in my our partnership that you have been away from me.  Thank the good Lord that my mother has been keeping me company.  Otherwise I might have lost my mind.  Kiss me again, please, and hold me."

Chris did as his lover requested sensing as he did that Peter did not moan from the pain.  He clasped Chris in his arms and held him tight.  "I hated not having you here."

"I just had to help find Brad."

A soft cough came from the chair in which Mrs. Li had been dozing.  She was sitting  erect, looking at the two young men. Her heart was full, and she experienced a joy she had not known since she had lost her daughter.  Here before her were two sons, both of whom she loved deeply.  If loving Chris brought the happiness she had seen in her son, then it was a good thing.  In seeing the love between the boys over the past days, she and John had learned something about their own love.  It was better now.  Much  better!

"Thank goodness you're back, Chris.  I was ready to have the doctors give him a shot to quiet him down.  He missed you a lot, Chris."



"I wasn't that bad, was I?"

"Yes, you were!"

"See what happens when you're not with me, Baby?"

"I know now.  He was a real pain, wasn't he, Mrs. Li?"

"If you don't mind, Chris, it's Mom.  Remember?"

Peter was laughing now, "You'd better not forget that, my handsome partner, or Mom will  bat your ears."


"What, Mom?"

"I never batted your ears, you naughty  boy!"


Chris couldn't stop giggling.  "Peter, a naughty boy?  That sounds promising."

"I don't understand," said Mrs. Li.

"Never mind, Mom, Chris is being a naughty boy now."

Before the repartee could continue, Diane and Sadie came into the room.

As they looked at the three people in the room, Diane said,
"We could hear the laughter in the corridor."

"I guess we could!  It almost sounded as it you were enjoying yourselves in a pub," Sadie said.

Mrs. Li went to the two women, giving each of them a quick hug, saying as she did, "It's difficult to keep order when you have two naughty boys in the room together.  And my son is accusing me of batting his ears. Then he threatened Chris that I would do the same to him."

<More laughter.>

"Where's Jacob?  As if I didn't know," said Chris.

Peter quickly said, "Bet he's with Brad."

"You're right,  boys.  We're headed there in a bit.  Chris, your Mom is with Brad, too," offered Sadie.

"What happened to Father Jim and Gary?" asked Chris.  "I thought they'd come up to see Peter."

Sadie had moved to one of the straight chairs in the room and sat down.  Diane was in the recliner chair, Mrs. Li was sitting on Chris' bed and Chris was sitting on Peter's bed.  Diane answered Chris' question.  "They'll be up in a bit.  Dr. Norris wanted to see them privately."

Peter pulled himself up a little straighter in  the bed, and with Chris' help he was sitting upright.  He surveyed the group in the room, and asked, "Chris, what was it like at that place where Brad's father took him?"

"It was a terrible place.  Terrible!

Sadie turned in her chair  and looked at Diane and Mrs. Li before she asked, "So, do you think you can tell us about it; I mean, is it too awful for us to hear?"

"Chris, would it be better to wait until we're alone?"

"It was pretty bad, Peter.  I don't know if the ladies should hear all the details, but I guess I can tell some of what we saw and learned about the damned place.  Sorry, I didn't mean to cuss in your presence."

"I think that we can handle what you have to tell us.  We're all grown women who have seen much of the world.  So tell us what you think is appropriate." Diane said.

Chris coughed, took Peter's hand and began.  Just as he was telling of the terrible conditions at  the colony, someone's cell phone began ringing.

"Excuse me, that's my phone.  I'll go out in the hall and answer it.  It's probably Douglas.  I'll be right back," Diane informed the group.  She hurried out into the hall and flipped open her phone.
After Diane answered her cell phone, she and Doug exchanged  brief pleasantries.  Quickly, she became aware of an unfamiliar edge in Doug's voice.  It was sterner and less light and friendly than it usually was when he talked with her.

Things then soured rapidly. Soon she was angry at Doug for deciding something as radical as bringing home an abused young man  to live with them, and this without a discussion with her and Sadie. Doug, however; did not relent, sealing the discussion when he hung up thereby ending the conversation.

How Diane would handle this change in her husband's natural pleasantness, she did not know. One thing she was sure of, and that was that when Doug arrived home with Adam, he would have some explaining to do!
Defeated, Diane sank onto the bench outside the room.  She clicked her phone closed and dropped it into her purse.  Her mind was a whirlwind of thoughts. `A sixteen year old abused boy!' she thought,  `Hadn't Doug thought of Jacob who had been injured, who could have been killed?  Had he forgotten that Brad had been kidnapped and brought to that terrible place?  Had he failed to consider how much Chris and Peter had been through?  And what about Sadie and her?  Hadn't they endured a great deal in these last days?  And Beth Mason, the Li's, even Father Jim and Gary all needed some peace and quiet.' 

Diane's shoulders drooped as she resigned herself to the determination of her husband.  At the same moment, however, she was angry, not that he felt compelled to rescue the boy, but that he hadn't asked Sadie or her for their imput.  He must have been in a pressure-filled situation, one that did not allow him time to call before the decision was made.  She loved Doug dearly, but at the moment she was very unhappy.  She was trying to pull herself together, when Father Jim and Gary came walking down the corridor.

Father Jim recognized Diane's body language immediately as did Gary.  "Diane, is something wrong?" he asked.

Diane looked up at the two handsome young men and tried to smile, but she wasn't able to smile with any kind of authenticity.  She shrugged and told them, "No, no.  It's just that I learned from Doug that he's bringing home an abused young man by the name of Adam.  He didn't discuss it with me or Sadie before he made the decision.  It's not like him, Father."

Gary sat down on the bench next to Diane and put his arm around her.  She looked at him and smiled.  "It might be, Diane, that he didn't have time to call you until after he had to make the decision," he said.
Jim had been watching  Gary, as he comforted Diane.  How he loved that man.  He was everything Jim had ever hoped to find in a lover, a partner.  All the trauma of his earlier relationship had disappeared when he fell in love with Gary.  It was a kind- of-love-at-first-sight sort of thing, but Jim knew it was more than just the physical and sexual attraction, even though they were strong and satisfying.  It was Gary's gentleness, his desire to be helpful, his knowing his own limitations, his strengths.  Gary knew when to take control, when to stand back, when to ask, when to tell.  His love making was formidable, deep, and satisfying.  Jim realized how lucky he was, and strangely, after all he had seen and heard at the colony, he recognized that at this very moment he wanted Gary as he never thought possible. 

When Gary looked up and saw Jim's intense stare and the strength in his eyes, he recognized, without a word being spoken, that there  was an energy, almost electrical, emanating from Jim and directed toward  him.  It took his breath away, gave him goose bumps, and caused a twitch in his penis.  "Jim, what do you think?"

"Ah, well..." Jim began, as he tried valiantly to get back to the reality of the situation, "Diane, if you had seen and heard what we and Doug did today at the colony, perhaps you would understand from the awful sights and smells, the urgency of decision making.  What we heard had been done to these boys was horrifying.  They were sexually abused by older men, beaten, kept naked and locked in cold, cell-like rooms.  Those who wouldn't give into the demands of the pedophiles, were mistreated even more. 

"All I can tell you is that if Doug wanted to save this young man, then I can assure you, what happened to Adam while he was  there must have been horrifying.  Doug is not emotional or casual when making a decision.  I think,  Diane, that he must have been sure of what he was doing.  I'm certain that when he explains it all, you will understand and will love him more than you do now. Both you and Sadie will welcome Adam into the family."

Diane got to her feet and walked to Jim; she told him, "You are always able to shine a light on confusion and uncertainty.  That, I guess, is why you are such a wonderful priest and human being.  I'm glad I know you.  I need to go back into the room or they'll think something bad has happened."

"We'll join you as that is where we were headed before we stopped to talk with you.  We'll only stop a minute as I have to get back.  I still have duties to attend to, and Gary has some matters that need his attention.  So let's go in," Jim suggested.

The three entered the room just as Lorraine Li was on her way out to find Diane.  She stopped abruptly when she saw the three, and quietly returned to her chair.

"Was it Douglas on the phone?" asked Sadie as she went to Father Jim and Gary and gave both of them firm hugs.

Diane stopped, and turning toward Sadie related a little of the conversation.  She neglected to mention Adam, as she decided to tell Sadie that privately.  Mrs. Li was pleased that everyone would be home soon.  Chris was holding Peter's hand and he motioned for Jim and Gary to come closer.  When they reached the bed, Chris stood and hugged both men who then leaned down and hugged Peter.

"We'll say goodbye now as we want to go to Brad and Jacob's room to check on them before we head home.  Keep well all of you, and Peter and Chris, we hope you will soon be at Gainsville," said Diane as she and  Sadie moved to the door.

"I will see you later, then?" asked Lorraine.

"At the house later for a bite to eat and to learn more about the events of today," said Sadie.

"Goodbye," offered Gary who was joined by the other men in the room.

"It looks as if you two are continuing to heal.  I bet you're out of here late tomorrow or certainly the next day," said the good priest.

Peter, moved his body a little trying to find a more comfortable place, and as he did, he told the priest and Gary, "I hope so.  I need some fresh air, some space.   I'm going to try to convince my folks to let us return to school.  I don't think that is what they want, but that's what I want, and I hope, it's what Chris wants."

"That's exactly what I want, Baby."

Lorraine Li laughed as she moved to her son's bedside.  "But that's not what I want.  And your father won't accept that either.  Don't you understand, we  want to cater to you, spoil you.  We need that."

"Sounds like a wonderful offer to me," Gary confided as he walked back toward the door, glancing at Jim as he did.  Jim sensed that Gary was ready to leave.

Jim hugged the boys again, and then quickly hugged Mrs. Li assuring her that Brad and Jacob would be fine as Dr. Norris had explained.  "We'll be going now.  We both have things to do and it's been a long couple of days.  I'll say a prayer for all of us tonight.  God bless you."  The two men left without emotional  goodbyes.


The two jets landed without incident, and shortly thereafter the passengers were in a limo headed to the hospital. Adam still stayed close to his foster father, and no attempt by any of the boys to get him to talk worked.  His responses were `yes' and `no', both said with his eyes diverted from a face-to-face with the other boy, to looking at the floor.  They all  noticed this, as did Douglas, but no one said anything.  Soon the limo was quiet and John Li suggested the boys put on some music, or perhaps the television, or maybe play some games.  Within seconds the limo was filled with music.

Li tried to imagine the reception that Doug would get when he finally met up with Diane and Sadie with the boy in tow.  He knew that finally the women would quickly accept Adam, but he contemplated how long it might take for the women to smile at or welcome Douglas.   The complications that come into everyone's life often cause confusion, distrust, and momentary unhappiness.  Li had long ago learned that lesson.

Finally, the limo drew up at the main entrance to the hospital.  The boys quickly left the limo and went directly into the main waiting room of the building.  Li, Doug, and Adam followed them, wanting to make sure that they did not descend en masse to check on Jacob and  Brad.

The boys had all found comfortable sofas and chairs on which to sit, and waited for instructions.  Doug, Adam, and Li stood, chatted quietly for a few seconds, and then Li began to give instructions.

"Look, guys, here's how we'd like to do this.  Tim, Todd, Kev, and Greg in the first group, the rest of you in the second group.  Doug will go with the first group, and I will wait here until their return.  Then the rest of you join Doug, and I'll go to my son's room and visit him.  If you all wait here, the limo driver will deliver each of you wherever you want to go.  Are there any questions?"

Tim stood up, and faced Doug, "Mr. Neilson, may Todd and I stay at your place tonight?  We have rooms already, so it wouldn't be any additional work for anyone.  Also, we promise not to be a problem, and maybe we could show Adam around the place so that you can spend some time with Mrs. Neilson and Sadie."  As the  group walked toward the elevator, Doug told the boys, "No  problem, Tim."

"Thanks, Mr. Neilson," said Todd, "it means a great deal to both of us. We'll be sure to let our families know what's happening."

The elevator door opened and the first group moved into it.  As the door closed obscuring the boys,  Li and the other boys were immediately engaged in a heated discussion of what they had seen that day.  There were no forgiving tones in any of the boys' voices, and even Li, with his quiet demeanor and forgiving nature could not change such strongly  held opinions.  In his heart of hearts, he actually agreed with them.  His final caution was simply not to get into too much of it with Jacob and Brad as he didn't think it prudent to upset them.

As they continued discussing the day, the elevator was opening on the fourth floor and the group exited the elevator and moved  down the corridor.  The charge nurse  looked up from  her paperwork, signaling by her stare that they should stop.  Doug moved to the desk with Adam in tow while the four other boys waited patiently.  A quick discussion with the nurse proved beneficial as Doug motioned the boys to follow and they moved to Jacob and Brad's room.

When they arrived outside the door, Doug could hear Diane and Sadie's voices.  He took a deep breath and walked into the room, Adam close by his side.  Diane and Sadie stopped chatting with Brad and Jacob, and looked toward the door.  Beth Mason also took interest in the boys and Doug.

"Thank God you two are okay.  We've been so worried.  Thank God," Tim said as he moved to Brad's bed and grabbed his good hand.  Todd was right behind him, followed immediately by Kev.  Tim and Todd quickly hugged me, with Kev following suit.  Greg stayed back a little with Doug and Adam.  "Hey, you, two, you scared the sh...  bejeebers out of me.  Man, am I glad to see you both," sputtered Kev, much emotion in his voice.  As Tim, Todd, and Kev went to Brad's bed, Adam moved behind Doug, hiding himself from everyone in the room with the exception of Greg.

I stuck my head out from around the guys standing near the bed, and in a jocular way asked, "Hey, Greg, not gonna come here and say hello?"

"Greg, get over here, or else . . ."

"No threats, boys," cautioned Sadie, as Greg moved to the bed and hugged me and then took Brad's hand and assured us both that he was happy to see us.  As we all chatted together, Diane moved toward Doug.

"It's nice to see you back here with us, Doug," said a cool Diane.  Sadie got to Doug first and hugged him.  Adam had grabbed Doug's shirt from behind.

"Who's the boy hiding behind you?" asked a curious Sadie.

"This is Adam.  Didn't Diane tell you about him?"

"I haven't had a moment to get  away with Sadie to tell her.  I'm sorry I let you down, Douglas."

"You didn't let me down, Diane," he said as he hugged his wife.

Adam was still hiding behind Doug when Sadie said, "Adam, come out so I can see you.  I'm Sadie." 

Adam peeked around Doug, somewhat put off by the cool reception he was getting from Diane.  Sadie went to the boy and put her arm around his shoulders, hugging him.  He relaxed letting go of his foster dad's shirt.

"This is Diane, Doug's wife.  Say hello to her, " suggested Sadie.

Adam looked at his new dad, with only questions showing on his face and in his eyes.  Doug smiled at him and nodded.

"Hello, Mrs. Neilson.  I'm glad to meet you.  I hope that you won't send me away.  Please don't do that.  I think it would kill me," Adam said in a whisper.

Diane's face reddened and she squeezed Doug's hand so tightly that he almost asked her to  stop.  Diane told Adam,  "I am not going to send you away, young man.  Please don't think that.  You're welcome at our home." 

Sadie then assured Adam that she would take good care of him as she did Jacob and Brad and some of the other boys who were often at the house.

As Brad talked to the other guys, I walked back to my dad, mom and Sadie.  I smiled at  Adam and asked, "And who is this handsome young man?"

Brad's voice broke through the chatter, "Never mind getting to know any handsome young man, Jake.  You're mine!"


Adam smiled at me and explained, "My name is Adam.  Mr. Neilson is my foster father."  There was an audible gasp from Diane.  Sadie smiled.

"Okay, Adam.  That makes you my brother, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"You are Jacob's brother and I am your foster mother if my husband is your foster father," Diane said as she turned  and hugged her somewhat surprised husband.

"I wanted to tell you this later, but I guess we all know now, so the details can come later," said  Doug.

From Brad's bed, "Hey, did I hear you have a new brother, Jake?  Let's meet him, okay?"

"Wanna meet my boyfriend?" I asked.

"Sure.  I don't get the boyfriend thing.  You mean like a girlfriend-boyfriend?" Adam inquired.

"Well, sort of," but it's just two guys who love each other.   Brad and I love each other and we want to be together always.  Do you understand?"

Diane interrupted, "Adam, Jacob and Brad are gay.  Do you understand that?"

"I sure do.  I'm not gay.  At least I don't think I am," confided Adam.

I laughed, "That's not a problem.  You're safe here.  Brad and I only care sexually about each other.  Don't fret.  And Kev and Greg are straight, too.  Tim and Todd are a couple, but they  won't bother you either.

"We support the gay young men in our family, Adam.  We love them just as much as we could love them if they were straight.  After you are with us for a while, you'll see what I mean," Sadie said.

"Come on, let's go to Brad's bed so you can meet him.  He's a great guy, quarterback of the football team, things like that.  I was so lucky to meet him when I did.  I really love him, Adam, I love him a lot."

They had almost reached the bedside, when Brad called out, "Who do you love a lot, Jake?"


"Ah! That makes my day."



Travis Mason was transported to the jail in Valdosta. As an attorney, he had occasion to visit clients in jail from time to time. However, now he discovered firsthand how it felt to be viewed as a criminal by everyone.  Having his photograph taken, being in a lineup and being finger printed were embarrassing and demeaning.  Mason who, for the best part of his life, had been a successful professional and a community leader was now a member of the underbelly of society: a criminal.  He was now beginning to understand just  how wrong  and misinformed he had been.  He couldn't accept his sons for what they were; in fact, he now realized that it was chiefly because it would have been embarrassing to him and it might have destroyed his social standing.

His jailers were business-like, but not pleasant.  They followed all the protocols, but had no reason to smile nor pass the time of day with their current prisoner.  Additionally, all the officers at the jail knew why Mason was here.  Most of them found that difficult to understand.  `How', they wondered, `could a father do such a terrible thing to his own child?'

 Mason's own clothing had been exchanged for a bright orange jump suit. His watch, gold chain, wallet, rings and money were now  kept in a large manilla envelope in the jail's safe.  The small depressing cell was where Mason would spend many days as his case moved through the courts from arraignment to trial, to conviction, and finally to sentencing.  He sat on the cot-like bed and surveyed the room.  The metal toilet and sink were dented and there was a smell, a bad one that permeated the small cell.  The mattress and pillow were both stained by which body fluids he dared not think.  When he glanced at the walls, he noticed the graffiti scratched into the institutional green paint.  Most of the messages were sexually blatant, and he was embarrassed by them.

As the day had passed, Travis Mason was conflicted about what he had done. He tried to understand what had motivated him to risk his son's life only because the boy had a sexual orientation that was foreign to him.  The pastor of his church had made God's law clear.  He had told the congregation many times that homosexuals were destined to spend eternity in hell.  He had a moral responsibility to change that... didn't he?  He had probably killed Brad's friend.  He still couldn't bring himself to think or say Brad's boyfriend.  It wasn't natural.  It was perverted.  Whatever had happened to Jacob was unfortunate but necessary.  Not only that, but the pastor had also spoken privately to a group of men in the church telling them about the Colony and praising the fine work done there in helping homosexual men return to the natural and God-created life as heterosexuals. How could he have been wrong?

He knew he could never have told Beth his plans.  Never!  If he had, he couldn't imagine what she would have done.  Certainly she would have called the police.  He had remembered his treatment of Chris and that loss.  He had played the part well after the accident, appearing to accept Peter  and then Brad and Jacob.  But he never planned to do anything but save Brad. 

He couldn't imagine life without his youngest son.  In his overwrought mind, he never considered how hurtful losing her sons must have been to Beth.  He loved her so deeply, but, now in these quiet moments, he realized he had lost her.  Now, his two sons hated him, and his wife would never live with him again.  To his horror, Travis Mason came to the realization that  he was wrong and guilty.  He did not need any other punishment.  This was enough!
Mason did realize, however, that there were forces at work at this moment to find ways to convict him of crimes  that would send him to prison for the rest of his life.  He could accept that because it was a given.  Could he live the rest of his life without the forgiveness of his wife and sons?  He did not think that would be possible.

As day fell a victim to night, Mason tried to sleep, but it was dreamless and spasmodic.  Perhaps his punishment, sent by an angry God, might be that he would never sleep again.  He cringed at the thought.  Finally he did fall asleep, only to be haunted by terrible dreams of eternity in hell, of demons causing him unbearable pain, and his family, outside his personal hell, staring, but unforgiving.

The nights would be long for quite some time to come!


Kev, Tim, Greg and Todd left Brad's room.  I had gone back to sit on Brad's bed, with Adam joining me.  Doug, Diane, and Sadie were speaking quietly near the door to the room.  Brad's mother had gone to the cafeteria for some coffee and a break from the confusion in the room.  Diane and Sadie planned to join her shortly.

"So, Adam, are you pleased to be here with all the characters you've met so far?  I'm happy to have you here," Brad said as he reached out with his good hand and took Adam's.  Adam didn't shy away.  He smiled and then laughed a little.

"It was pretty confusing with all the guys here.  But I liked them all.  I like Tim a lot.  He seems quiet and respectful of others.  Todd is lucky to have him as a boyfriend.  Already I think you two are a great couple.  It seems strange to me to see that you can love someone for things other than sex.  Where I was for a long time,  only sex was considered a reason to be friendly with another guy.  I never gave into that, but I paid for it.," confided Adam.

I glanced at Brad and then at Adam.  I put my arm around Adam, asking as I did,  "At the colony, did they hurt you?  I've heard some terrible stories, but I don't know how much of it was accurate.  How did my dad -- I guess I should say our dad -- get to know you,  Adam?

Adam fidgeted, looked across the room to his foster father, but decided that he would have to handle this on his own.  He took a deep breath and slowly related all that had happened to him and how Doug had come to his rescue, staying with him and protecting him.  He made it clear that he loved Doug more than life itself.  Brad and I struggled to keep tears from flowing down our faces.

"Those bastards," Brad shouted, "no one will ever harm you again as long as Jacob and I are around.  We're your protectors, Adam.  We'll watch your back.  We're all in this family and we are just like brothers.  If you need anything, come to us.  We'll listen, help if we can, or get you to someone who can help."

I hugged Adam and kissed him on the cheek, "I want you to know that our dad and mom and Sadie will take good care of you.  You'll find yourself bathed in love because love is the most important thing in our lives."

Adam grabbed me, burying his head in my chest.  He released pent-up emotion long a prisoner of his psyche.  He sobbed softly, but loudly enough to bring the three adults to the bed to offer him solace and comfort.  This young mistreated and terribly abused boy now knew that he was safe and loved.  Perhaps  his life might take a turn for the better and become happier than he had ever known.

Shortly thereafter, Diane, Sadie, and Doug left with Adam, who surprisingly was holding Sadie and Diane's hand.  Doug smiled as he saw how the boy had won the hearts of Diane and Sadie.

The four other boys showed up, but only stayed long enough to say hello and that they were happy that Brad and I were both okay.  Brad and I thanked them for helping.  As they were leaving, Dr. Norris came into the room.  I stood up and greeted the good man.

"Dr. Norris, thanks for checking on Brad.  He's been giving me  trouble for a long time.  I think he's better."

The doctor laughed lightly and informed the boys that he was there to check on both of them.  He did the doctor stuff and was pleased with what he discovered.  "Well," he said, " you two  seem to be healing remarkably well.  Brad, if you promise to be good and follow my instructions, well maybe you could go home tomorrow.  You can go home tonight if you want, Jacob."

"Please, Dr. Norris, may I stay here with Brad tonight?  We've been through some difficult things and being together would be great.  There are already two beds in here, so it wouldn't cause any problems.  Please!"

"Yeah, Doc, let him stay.  He's funny, kinda cute, and he makes me feel better.  I'd really appreciate it."

"Kinda cute!"

"Okay, you two.  I'll let everyone know you two will share this room tonight.  Just remember this is a public hospital, so you have  to behave and limit yourself in your expression of love.  Do you  understand?"

"No sex, huh?" asked Jacob.

"Right on," said Dr. Norris.

"Damn!" laughed Brad.  As Dr. Norris was leaving, he turned back to the two boys together on the same bed.  He smiled at them and said,

"You two young men are a great pair.  I want you to be healthy and completely recuperated before you get too frisky.  Good night." and he was gone.

I took Brad's hand and brought it to my lips.  I gently kissed the hand of my lover.  Brad pulled our hands to his lips and kissed my hand.  "Damn, damn, damn!  Is this all there is?  I had wanted so much more," he said letting my hand fall back to the bed.

"I promise you, my gentle lover, that there will be time.  We will have our time together to make love, to live with joy and the happiness we have earned.  Now, calm down and try to get your head in check so that you can have a good night's sleep."

"Jake, I have  something I need to tell you.  I want you to know what happened to me at the colony.  I won't be able to sleep until you know and forgive me."

"Do you really want to do this now, Sweetheart?"

"Yeah.  They made me strip and get naked.  There were two of them.  They looked at me like I was a piece of meat or something.  Then one of them began to suck my cock, and the other put on rubber gloves and began to play with my asshole.  I couldn't stop them, but then someone was banging on the door yelling and they hurried away.  I grabbed my clothes, ran out the back door, dressed quickly and ran down the corridor.  I came to a door, wrenched it open, ran in and fell into  darkness.  I knocked myself out.  I couldn't move and I didn't know where I was.  I stayed there banging on things hoping someone would hear.  And you  found me, Baby so . . . ," and Brad's voice broke.

"My God, Brad," I said as I moved close to my lover, bringing my lips up to his and kissing him gently.  There was an intensity in that kiss which was stimulating to both of us.

"I want you, Jake, I want you so badly."

"Ditto!" I exclaimed, but my amorous feelings were mitigated by the knowledge that I had to tell Brad about football. 

Elsewhere, three  other couples were experiencing a similar struggle with desire, lust and self control.

To be continued... 


"The measure of love is to love without measure"

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