Finding Love: A Journey
By: Scotty
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"My God, Brad," I said as I moved close to my lover, bringing my lips up to his and kissing him gently.  There was an intensity in that kiss which was stimulating to both of us.

"I want you, Jake, I want you so badly."

"Ditto!" I exclaimed, but my amorous feelings were mitigated by the knowledge that I had to tell Brad about football. 

Elsewhere, three  other couples were experiencing a similar struggle with desire, lust and self control.

Chapter 33

As soon as the boys had left to go to Brad's room, John Li hurried to Peter's room.  It had been a difficult to be away from Lorraine and Peter.  The last few days were perturbing, especially after arriving at the colony.  What he had seen and heard made an indelible impression on him.  He couldn't imagine that adults could be so despicably horrible.  To mistreat and sexually and psychologically abuse children is the lowest form of the human behavior.

As soon as he walked into the room, Lorraine hurried to him and hugged and kissed him.  Li returned her affection and told her he was happy to be back with her and Peter.  She took his hand and led him to Peter's bedside.  Chris had moved to sit on his  own bed.

"Son, I pray that you are continuing to get well.  Today Chris proved to be a remarkably strong young  man. He held his emotions in check until he knew that Brad was safe.  Peter, the real hero of the day was Jacob who found Brad and stayed with him in the worst of conditions in the damnable dungeon.  I believe that if Jacob hadn't found Brad when he did,   circumstances would be very different."

"Dad, I know how brave Jacob was, and I knew that my man would hold his own.  It was a terrible ordeal for both of them as they both love Brad deeply if in different ways.  Dad, I am so happy to have you back and with Chris here and mom; I couldn't ask for anything more," said Peter.

Chris moved over to John Li and hugged him.  He smiled at his dad and told him, "Thanks, Dad, for all that you did to help us go to help and rescue Brad.  I will be eternally grateful to you knowing that I can never repay you for your kindness and your generosity.  You are a remarkable man, and I know more now than ever before where Peter gets all those wonderful traits that make it easy to love him.  With a father and mother like you and Mrs. Li, it is no wonder that he is who he is.  I hope that I can be only half as terrific as he is as a human being.  I will strive for that as long as I breathe."

"Tush, tush," scolded Mrs. Li, "enough of giving my son so much praise that his head will swell to the size of a watermelon.  And not another word about you not being as good as Peter.  You are a wonderful and charming young man and Peter is fortunate to have you as his partner.  Your dad and I have to leave shortly for the Neilsons as we are having a late dinner with them and spending the night there."

Peter sat up as  straight as an arrow and addressed his father in his most solemn and manly tone, "Dad, Chris and I are going to return to Gainesville and school just as soon as Dr. Norris gives the okay.  We won't be going to Mt. Myers to spend any time with  you and mom.  We have to catch up on our studies and get back in the swing of things.  You're not to worry, either of you, as Chris won't let me get into any trouble.  He can be a taskmaster, but as my injuries are healing, he will be gentle and understanding.  We have made this decision, which I suspect you are not too much in favor of, but it is what we both want."

John Li moved to his son's bed, his face blank of emotion, then he smiled.  He leaned forward and kissed both Peter and Chris.  "Well, he offered, "I guess we have two men on our hands, Lorraine.  These guys seem to be in complete control and I like that.  How about funds,  Peter?  How's that going?"

Chris was the first to answer, "I plan to get a job so that we will have some income.  Our rent is paid up for a month or two, so it's food we'll need to worry about and maybe entertainment.  But we are happy to be by ourselves enjoying our  life together."

Li looked directly into Chris' eyes and said firmly, "You will not get a job!  Our sons do not have to work in order to go to college.  We'll be sure that you have plenty of money for food and entertainment.  Also, consider your rent paid for the rest of this year. We will also be sure you have plane tickets to fly home when you want a change or when we need to see you again.  Also, you will need a new automobile.  Your mother and I will take care of that.  You do realize that's it's going to be difficult for us now that we have spent so much time with you during this past few days."

Chris had risen from the bed again and turned  so that he could be face-to-face with John Li, "Dad, that's just too much for you to do for us, I mean, don't you think . . ."

"Christopher Mason, that's enough.  Your father has made a decision which I strongly support.  This is not something which you should  question," interrupted Mrs. Li.

Peter was laughing loudly, in fact, causing the bed to shake slightly.  "You'll learn quickly, Baby, that you don't argue with Mom and Dad when they have made a decision .  So relax.  Come sit with me and tell me how wonderful I am."

"Peter Li, I should kick your a..."

"Enough!" said John Li.  "Enough!  Now how about hugs from you two before we leave for the Neilsons.  Be good, and tomorrow we'll discuss your decision with Dr. Norris.  Until then, love each other as we love you."

After some powerful hugs, John and Lorraine Li left on their way to dinner with the Neilsons.

Chris sat on the bed, then  pulled his legs up, lying now beside Peter.  He kissed Peter softly, and in a husky whisper asked,  "Do you know how much I love you, Peter Li?"

"Almost as much as I love you, Christopher Mason."

"Just so you'll know, Peter, I am almost crazy with desire to make mad, unbridled love to you, right now, regardless of who walks into the room or if they throw us out on our asses."

Peter was laughing as he stroked Chris' back, feeling the muscles relaxing, enjoying the strength he felt there.  He kissed his lover with a newfound passion which stimulated both of them.  He reached down and felt Chris' hardening penis which gave him an additional spurt of sexual energy and desire.  "You are so fuckin hot, Baby, so fucking hot!  How do you expect me not to attack and to ravish you?  You have got me going good.  How can we make love here?"

Chris stroked Peter's cock through the sheet that covered his lover's midsection and legs, feeling its mass and hardness.  He reached with his other hand and switched off the light.  With a gentle laugh and in a lyrical tone, he told Peter, 

"We'll find a way.  We'll find a way."


As they rode to  Gary's apartment, neither of the pair said much.  Jim kept looking at Gary, discovering more about him to admire.  Gary's occasional glance at Jim, even as he quickly returned his attention to the road, did not betray his intense emotion. 

The sexual tension in the car was intense.  Jim's hand had found a safe haven on Gary's thigh just south of his lover's twitching penis.  Once in a while, Jim would run his hand up and slowly caress Gary's hardness.  His own cock was firm and throbbing.  When Gary reached over with his right hand and grasped the solid rod of flesh, Jim thought he might ejaculate, but he fought the feeling, knowing that much more was to come.

"I've been nearly crazy for the last day or two, Jim.  I have wanted to be with you, intimately, sexually so much that I have had difficulty keeping my mind on the important things that we were called upon to do.  My god, you're so hot!"

Jim  didn't answer immediately but rather he squeezed Gary's  pulsating manhood.  Gary groaned.   "Jim," he said, "if you do that one more time, you'll have to wait a while before I can play again." 

Jim snickered.  "Really, Gary?  You mean you can't get hard immediately after I make you cum?  How disappointing!"

Gary was laughing expansively and poked Jim's biceps, "You are so fucking cute it's unbelievable.  I can cum as often as you can, probably more since I really tire you out."

It was Jim's turn to laugh boisterously, slapping Gary's hand away from his biceps.  "So you want to make it a contest, do you.  You're going to lose, lover.  Oh, are you going to lose!  I have experience, technique, and sexual abilities that will mystify you.  Just wait, my horny friend.  My sexual talents will cause you to watch in wonder as I deliver load after load of my seed, none of which you will  be able to enjoy!"

"For heaven's sake, Jim, you sound like a barker at a side show."

"It will be a  show, but not a side show, my sexy partner."

Gary did not have a reply.  The car was quiet for a bit, only the motor noises interrupting it.  Gary pulled the vehicle to the side of the road.  Jim looked at him, but said nothing.  Gary unfastened his seat belt so that he could turn and look directly at Jim. 

"All I really want is to make love with you.  That's all I want."

"I'm sorry, Gary, we were just joking.  I didn't mean anything hurtful by what I was saying.  Forgive me, please?"

"When you make torrid love to me, you will be forgiven, but not until then," Gary said as he started the car and pulled out into the traffic.  He turned and smiled at Jim.

"Does that make sense to you?" he asked Jim.

"Making love to you always makes sense to me.  Always."

As  they continued the drive home, silence returned again.  Both men were thinking about each other and their  relationship.  Jim speculated about how he would really be received by some of the parishioners of his church.  Gary wondered what his superiors at the FBI would think and do if they discovered he was gay and had a partner.

"We're home, Baby.  Let's get into the apartment, get showered and then, well, then nature can take its course," offered Gary.

"Don't you move a muscle, Gary, not until you kiss me deeply so that I know you're all right.  Come here."

The kiss was long and powerful and both men were immediately stimulated to full erections.  Finally they broke away and hurried into the apartment building.


When Todd and Tim arrived at Jacob's home, they found that Sadie, Diane, Beth, Doug and Adam had arrived a few minutes earlier.  The two boys really wanted to go to their bedrooms for  the night, but Tim reminded Todd that they had  promised Mr. Neilson that they would show Adam around the house and grounds.  Todd confirmed the truth of that, and so they both bit the bullet, so to speak, and would maintain their composure through the evening activities.  Their horniness would have to be controlled!

Sadie was already preparing a light meal for everyone.  Beth Mason was assisting.  Diane and Doug had gone to their room to discuss the happenings of the day while Tim and Todd began to show Adam around the house.  Adam seemed slightly bored by the house tour.  The two boys held hands, but when Tim tried to take Adam's hand, he moved away, his body language strongly saying that he was not to be touched.  Tim desisted.

While the house tour continued, Diane and Doug were in the master bedroom.  Diane was sitting on the chaise while Doug stood near the door to the bathroom.   There was a  coldness in the room and it wasn't from the air conditioning.

"Do you want to hear why I brought Adam home with me?  I have been appointed his foster father.  Hopefully, if things work out, you would be his foster mother.  We might, in the future, want to adopt him, but that's not immediate."

"I am angry, Douglas."

"Yes, I can tell that, but you need to remain calm and give me an opportunity to tell you the whole story."

"Fine!  But don't expect me to fall for all your baloney.  I know you, Douglas Neilson, and you can talk the devil out of taking a sinner to hell."  They both chuckled.

Doug moved across the room and sat on the chaise next to his wife.  He took her hand and bringing it to his lips kissed it gently.  "First things first, Diane,  I hope  you know that I love you."

"I know that, Doug.  It's just that you didn't call and discuss it with me and Sadie.  I  thought you didn't trust me, that you were afraid I would say no, or something."

Doug kissed Diane lightly on the cheek.  "Diane, I do trust you and I never doubted that you would agree.  I just didn't have time.  Everything was rushed.  This is what happened and what I say and heard and why I had to rescue that young man from the horror he had been experiencing."

For the next fifteen minutes, Doug related all that happened at the colony.  As he described the conditions he found in Adam's cell, and how the boy looked and acted, Diane began to weep.  The long tale included Doug's driven effort with Lincoln Knowlton and Lydia Tetro to have Adam come to Florida with him.  He agreed to become Adam's foster father.  Adam clung to him, fearful that he would be left again and subjected to the  same terrible life he had experienced.  "I couldn't leave him, Diane. It would have been the worst thing I had ever  done."

Pulling her husband on top of her, she kissed him firmly and massaged his back.  His hands found their way to Diane's firm breasts which he kneaded as their tongues invaded each other's mouths.  Soon they were both moaning, especially as Doug's cock hardened and pushed against Diane's crotch.  As they broke their kiss, Doug was licking her neck and chewing gently on her ear.  His hands were working their way inside her blouse, his intention was to stimulate her more by licking her nipples.  "Stop!" she said.  Doug pulled away, sat up and looked with astonishment at her.

"What's wrong, hon?  Did I do something wrong?"

"No, Doug, but how will we be able to have sex if Adam is in this room with us?  How will we be intimate?  Had you thought of that?"

"No, I didn't think of  that."  Doug left the chaise and hurried to the door which he locked.  He strode back to Diane, taking her  hand and helping her from the chaise.  "Come here, Vixen, and join me in our conjugal bed

"Doug, you are being naughty."

"Ha!  Just wait until we get finished," he said as he began to get Diane out of her clothes.  Soon she lay naked on the bed, her legs spread wide, her vagina inviting Doug into her body.  Now naked and standing before his wife, his penis was fully erect and slippery with pre cum.  He crawled between her legs, and began massaging her breasts as he kissed her and ran his tongue down her body, licking her nipples and moving to her crotch where he tasted her.  Finally he pushed into her as she groaned with pleasure.  Within a few minutes they reached simultaneous orgasm.

Their breathing was returning to normal, and with a  silly little laugh Diane said,

"I guess Adam can spend the night with us, don't you think."

"Yeah, but I plan to find another place for him, so we can continue to  make love."

"I like that."


Seconds after Chris had switched off the light, he had pulled away the sheet covering Peter.  The damned hospital gown was twisted, covering his privates which is where Chris wanted his face and especially his mouth.  "Be careful, Baby, try to lift your ass a bit so I can unwind your fuckin' gown." 

Peter was laughing, his body shaking.  He reached down and patted Chris' head.  "Why are you so interested in moving my gown?"

"'Cause I want to swallow your cock.  Is that okay?" he asked.

"You, asshole, of course that's okay.  But how can I pleasure you?"

"You can pleasure me by letting me get you off."

"But I want to get you off, too.  Fair is fair!"

"Bull shit,"  Chris said with a giggle, "I can use my mighty right hand and jerkoff."

"No way, Christopher Mason, will I allow you to wank when you are sucking me dry.  I want  to taste you, too.  I really want to fuck you, but that isn't possible."

"And why not?" Chris asked his voice full of smiles.


"Yeah, because what?"

"Well, I can't really move very well, so I can't really do it the way I want to, the way I usually do."

"Thank god for that.  That means you won't tear my ass apart with your eagerness and lust."

Peter was laughing again.  By this time they had gotten the gown moved aside.  Chris was slowly pumping Peter's erect penis with one hand and lightly playing with his balls with the other.  Peter's laughing had disappeared and had been replaced with sighs and soft groans, especially when Chris took him into his warm wet mouth and worked wonders with his tongue and lips.

"Hmmm," mumbled Chris.

"Oh, baby, you are so good.  Shit, you're gonna make me cum if you keep taking me into your throat," murmured Peter following that with  groans.

"Suck me, Chris.  Suck me."

Chris pulled his mouth off Peter's prize fuckstick, then giggled a little as he told his lover, "Cripes Peter, what do you think I have been doing?  I've been sucking you like a vacuum."

"And I love it.  Whatcha doing?"

"You'll feel it in a minute," said Chris as he broke open the foil covering on the condom.  He reached again and found the bottle of Glide he had purchased earlier.  He placed the condom on the end of Peter's prick and slowly pushed it  down the hard pole until his nose was in the pubic hair.

"What the fuck?" demanded Peter.

"Shush.  Quiet!" ordered Chris as he applied a good amount of Glide to Peter's throbbing cock and then quickly worked some into his horny hole.

He was quick in moving to straddle Peter's penis, settling himself onto it and taking it slowly into his body.  He sat still for a moment or two until he was comfortable.  Then he moved up and then down.  Peter was groaning and spewing dirty talk.

"Yeah, take my big cock up your hot ass, baby.  You like it don't you?  Tell me how much you want me to fuck you, Chris.  Tell me!"

"Fuck me, man, work my tight hole.  Make me cum, you hot fucking machine."  The speed increased quickly, and since neither of them had had sex for a while, it didn't take long before Chris began to shoot over himself and Peter.  As he ejaculated, his ass muscles tightened around Peter's cock,  pushing him to a climax. Soon Peter began to fill the condom with his spurts of man cream.  Both of them were panting, but Chris still did not put his full weight on Peter.

For a long moment they remained quiet as Peter's cock deflated and slowly popped out of the warm, moist sheath.

"Kiss me, Chris."  Chris leaned forward and their lips met in a passionate kiss.

"I love you,  Christopher Mason.  I love you very much."

Chris was removing Peter's soiled gown and had begun to wipe up the cum on the bed clothes.  It would have to do.  He slipped the condom off Peter and  discarded it carefully.  Chris couldn't help himself as he took the flaccid penis into his mouth and cleaned it of all the remnants of cum.  Peter groaned and begged him to stop as his cock was super sensitive.

Chris got off the bed and ran to the bathroom, returning with a warm washcloth which he used to gently clean Peter's perspiration away.  He helped Peter into a clean gown, kissed him again fiercely and then gently.

"And I love you, Peter Li, more than I can say.  Now I have to get into my bed before the nurse comes in on her rounds.  After she leaves, I'll come over and lay with you while we talk a bit, and then back to my bed for the night."

Peter laughed as he told Chris, "I may not let you  leave.  I just don't care who sees us.  You are my lover and my partner, and if I want you to sleep with me, then that's what we'll do."

"Maybe; we'll see . . . . we'll see!"


Father Crowley was  at his desk working on Sunday's sermon.  He had some difficulty keeping his mind on task as he wondered what had happening while Father Jim was helping in Georgia.  He had quickly approved the trip when Jim asked, but he was concerned about the meetings the young priest would miss.  He simply told those who asked that Father Jim was on a mission of mercy in Georgia.  That was the truth; however,  he was chastened by the knowledge of his assistant's sexual preference and the discomfort it was certain to inflict for some of the oldest and most supportive parishioners of the church.

He had prayed often and intensely since Jim's confession to him.  He fervently begged God for guidance.  He asked his  Maker to lighten the outcry that he was certain would occur.
This was the South, home to many fundamentalists, and even in his own parish there were those who were outspoken about gay men in the church.  The outcry had been loud and fierce when Gene Robinson, a gay priest in New Hampshire, was consecrated a bishop.

From his flock had come cries to break away from the American Episcopal Church and begin talks to join the communion of believers in the Anglican Church.  But as time passed, so did the passion with which the stalwarts pursued their plan.  He had preached moderation and understanding.  He had cautioned about bigotry and decried the inclusion of souls to damnation for a sexual preference.  He admonished his people to remember Christ's willingness to gather all souls into his arms.

Still he was troubled, not for himself or for his parish, but rather for Jim, the young priest who was so active and so valued for his  work with the young, the old, the infirm, the abused.  Would the people remember the basic good of the man?  Would his service and compassion be what would be valued?   Only time would tell.  His reverie was interrupted by the ringing of the phone.

"Father Crowley here."

"Father, it's Jim.  Are you busy?"

"My dear young man, I am never too busy to speak with you.  What happened in Georgia?"

"Father, it was terrible.  There was so much abuse and of all kinds.  I was sickened and had to pray often for strength to carry on.  This is briefly what happened," and Jim began a  summary of what he had seen and heard at the colony.  When he finished, there was silence.

"Father Crowley?

"Yes, yes," came the quiet reply,  "I'm here, Jim, but I was praying."

"I've upset you.  I'm sorry, Father," Jim said.

There was a moment or two of silence, and then Father  Crowley answered.  "What you told me was upsetting, but not because you told me, but because those conditions existed.  I prayed for the boys who had been abused, but I also prayed  for those who were responsible for the atrocity.  I am having a personal crisis since I cannot forgive them, but I want our Lord to forgive them, so I prayed for them."  The phone line was quiet as neither of the priests said anything.  It was Jim who finally whispered,

"I can't forgive them, Father.  I want them punished, now.  I don't think I can wait for God to punish them.  I need to confess to you, Father, that I wanted to do physical harm to those terrible men.  The headmaster died the night we arrived in Georgia, so he is in God's court now.  However, a majority of the staff was involved.  As disgusting as it is, even the older boys had been used to sexually abuse younger boys."

Father Crowley thought about all  that Jim had just said.  It brought to mind the difficulty human beings have to find the strength to forgive.  It may be that it is easier to hate than it is to love, as good Christians should.  In order to forgive the good priest knew, you could not hate, but you had to find the capacity to forgive.

"I understand how you feel, Jim," said Father Crowley, "but you need to pray so that you will be able to forgive.  If you continue to hate, you will whither away."

"I know!  I know!" said Jim.  "You know I will try, Father, and I will certainly pray.  Can you forgive me, Father, for my lack of compassion and forgiveness?"

"My dear Jim, you are a fine man and a good priest.  I have no need to forgive you for anything."

"Thank you, Father.  I do have a favor, however, would it be possible for me to have a few days off.  I want to move out of the parish property and get my life together.  Also,  Gary and I need some time to ourselves so that we can deal with the last few days.  There's so much to deal with, psychologically, physically, emotionally, and  religiously."

"Take all the time you need.  We can carry on for a while until you can return.  Will you want to take any service on Sunday?"

"Yes.  I want to disclose my present situation.  If you wish, I will take both of the services."

"Why don't we both think about that idea.  Don't jump too quickly into what could become a very difficult time."

"I will do that.  Thanks, Father, and good night."

"Good night, Jim.  I will pray for you."

Jim glanced to the bathroom doorway where Gary stood naked his towel around his neck.  He was beautiful, and Jim was quick to smile at his lover.

Gary returned the smile and asked, "What was that about?  I mean `disclosing my present situation'.

Jim walked over to his  lover and kissed him softly on the lips.  Gary embraced him, pulling Jim's` clothed body to his naked body.  They stood there enjoying the closeness.  Jim answered  Gary's question.

"I need to tell the people of the church about my sexuality.  If they cannot accept me, then I will have to deal with it then."

"Not so, my handsome lover, we will need to deal with it then.  I will not desert you."

They kissed again.


I wanted to jump into Brad's bed and enjoy him in the most intimate way.  But I had promised that I would tell him about football.

"Please come here, Jake.  Hold me.  I need you."

I sighed and sat on the edge of the bed, bent down and hugged the person I loved more than life itself.  As we embraced, I thought back to what had happened over the past few days and I knew I had been ready to die for Brad.  I had been shot, but that was incidental in a curious  way.  Brad had suffered much more than I had, and he was resilient and ready to carry on with his life.

I pulled away from him, kissed him gently on the lips, and stroked his firm and beautiful chest.  I tried to restrain myself, but I couldn't and  took his nipples between my thumb and finger and rolled them.  His body lifted up from the bed and he moaned loudly.  I broke away from him and stood up.

"Brad, I have to tell you something and I don't think you're going to like it.  Please listen until I finish.  I want you to hear everything before you react.  Can you do that?" I asked.

"Yeah, but I don't like the sound of this.  And, Jake, your voice is different and you seem to be shaking.  Is it that bad?"

I took a deep breath and began,  "It's about football and . . .    and your shoulder.  The doctors don't want you practicing or playing until they determine that your shoulder is healed.  If you were to reinsure it, then that might be the end of your career in sports.  Because they're so concerned, there's also a possibility that you might not be able to  play any football the rest of this year.  It's for your own sake, Sweetheart.  I mean, they're trying to protect that shoulder so that maybe you can play ball in college."

"Who the fuck are `they'" Brad screamed.

I jumped back from the bed as I was startled by the loudness of his voice.  Brad had pushed himself up into a semi-seated position and was grimacing with pain.  I reached for his hand, but he slapped it away.  I stammered, "Dr. Norris."

"Is he fuckin' scared to come and tell me himself?"

"No, it's just that, well. . . I thought you might take it better if I told you.  I guess I was wrong."

"You're fuckin' right.  Why did you think I wouldn't be pissed about it even if you told me?"

By this time I  was leaning on the back of the chair that was beside the bed.  Brad was glaring at me, and I was beginning to get concerned.

"Well?" he asked, his voice still strong and  demanding.

I answered immediately, "Because I love you and you love me.  Isn't that enough?"

"Fuck no.  You don't understand, do you?  Without football success in high school, I don't have a rat's ass chance of getting a scholarship to Gainesville.  I'm totally fucked!"

"Please forgive me, Brad.  I'm sorry that I was foolish enough to think it would be better for me to tell you, than Dr. Norris.  He plans to explain more to you later."


"I'm so sorry, Brad."

"Get out of here, Jake.  Leave me alone.  I want to be alone."

"But, Brad..."

"Get the fuck out of here, can't you understand.  I don't want you around."

I stumbled toward the door, my eyes burning with tears, my  heart broken.  I left the room, closing the door behind me.  Outside I had to lean against the wall, my heart thumping in my chest.  What had just happened?  Brad had sent  me away!  He didn't want me in the room with him!  I had lost him; he no longer loved me.  In my foolishness, I thought he would accept the message from me, instead he killed the messenger as the saying goes.  I sunk slowly to the floor, my sobs loud and unrestrained.  All that I had been through, all the anguish and pain I had endured for him and he sent me away.  How dare he do that!

I raised myself up from the floor, flung open the door and yelled at Brad,

"How dare you send me from this room, Bradley Mason.  I could kick your fuckin' ass, but it's stuck to the bed.  So I just want to tell you this: I'm leaving and I don't intend to come back.  Not now, not ever."  As I finished, I noticed that Brad was turned away from me.  He was shaking from the sobs that were wracking his body.  My resolve melted away as I saw my lover in agony.

"Brad?" I asked softly. 


I walked around the bed to the side he was now facing.  His face was covered by the sheet, but the thin material could not soften his sobs.

"Brad, sweetheart, let me help.  Please."

Brad rolled to his back, the sheet now off his face.  His eyes were red and swollen.  He was biting on his lower lip.  It was obvious that he couldn't speak.

`I'm going to leave now, Brad.  It's obvious that you don't want me here.  I'm sorry for upsetting you, but I mistakenly thought you would take it from me better than from anyone else.  Good bye, Brad."

"NO!" he shouted and grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the bed.  I fell on top of him.  His good hand pulled my head down and our lips met in a passionate tongue-filled kiss.  As we broke away from each other, Brad whispered to me,

"I'm sorry . . . I'm so sorry.  I don't want you to leave now or ever.  Please, Jake, please, forgive me, love me, stay with me.  I just lost it all when I knew the doctors were right.  I'm so sorry.  After all you have done for me, how could I get angry at you.  For God's sake, you saved my life.  You rescued me.  I can never repay you.  You were willing to die for me, Jake.  And because you tell me I can't play football, I betray our love.  I'm a stupid, selfish bastard.  If you did leave me and never came back I would only have myself to blame.  I've really fucked our relationship up, haven't I?"

Stroking Brad's hair and kissing his neck, I began to cry, my tears running down onto his neck.  He, too, was emotional, and for a moment, we said nothing.  The warmth of our bodies against each other, our little kisses, and our hardening penises told it all.  We loved each other still and probably more than before.  Finally I told him, "You haven't fucked up our  relationship.  I love you, Brad, and I need you, and I want you.  Not just now but forever.  Please understand that."

"I don't deserve you, Baby.  You're too good for me.  Stay in my bed with me, Jake.  Hold me so that I'm certain you're still here."  Then he murmured "I love you, Jake.  I love you." and fell asleep.

I didn't want to move, not a muscle, not a cell of my entire body.  I was in my lover's arms, and that's where I wanted to be.  We would weather the storms that life would bring to us as we had endured the last few days.  We had been tempered in the fire of adversity.  I continued to rest my head on Brad's good shoulder, and with a sigh, slowly fell asleep.


After the night nurse had checked on  Peter and Chris, she said goodnight, switched on the night light in the room and in the bathroom, and left.  Peter immediately ordered Chris to come to his bed.  Chris  wanted nothing more than to lie with his lover so he jumped out of bed and hurried to Peter's bed and got in, his lover already making some room for him.

"I'm glad the bed is small `cause if means we are closer together," said Peter.  Both he and Chris chuckled and then kissed gently.  Chris raised himself on his elbows and looked into Peter's dark eyes, almost losing himself in their depth.  Peter ran his finger tips across Chris's lips, and then his eyes, and finally he ran his finger down the length of his lover's masculine nose.  "Stop, or you'll get me hot again, and then what will happen?"

Laughing as he kissed Chris's neck, Peter moved his tongue  casually down to the clavicle which he first licked, and then playfully bit.  "I'm hoping to feel you in me before we go to sleep for the night," he said.

"Only in your dreams, Peter.  Only in your dreams!"

Snorting, he suggested to Chris, "Not in my dreams,  lover boy, but here and now.  Get to it." 

It was Chris's turn to snort out a laugh.  "Are you in such a romantic mood that you're ordering me to make love to you?  I'm not sure I could perform up to your high standards.  You sound like a master, but I'm not your slave."

"Don't you understand, Baby, I want to be your slave, your bitch, whatever you want to call me.  I want to give you pleasure.  Take me, Chris, take me, please."

"Roll on your side, sore leg on the mattress.  I'll get behind you and together we'll lift your good leg, and then, if all goes well, I'll fuck you hard."

Peter did as he was told, enduring the small pain without comment or sound.  The lube and a condom were soon in use and Chris slowly  and gently entered his lover who moaned with pleasure.  It was a long, slow and sensuous coupling, when finally both  lovers reached the apex of pleasure and rendered their seed in homage of their lover.

Chris had been biting Peter's neck as they reached their climaxes and Peter had cried out in intense pleasure.  They slowly regained come modicum of control, the heaving breaths and rapidly beating hearts returning to normal.  "Thank you," whispered a fulfilled and contented Peter.

Laughing lightly, Chris first bit his lover's ear and then told him, "It was my pleasure."  Chris began to withdraw from his lover, but Peter in a voice filled with passion, said,  "No, no, Chris, don't take it out, please.  I want to feel you in me for as long as possible."  With that he began to clinch his ass muscles grabbing Chris's semi-erect penis, stimulating it so that even without any consent from his lover, the hardening  began.

Chris was laughing again, licking and kissing his lover's back and neck.  "You horny dog.  Peter, I'm not sure I  can to it again right now.  I mean . . ."  Peter interrupted, "You better speak to your cock, Sweetie, `cause it has a different idea."

"My balls will be sore for a couple of days, Hon.  But I want to please you again.  I'm afraid it will be short." Chris said as he began to push in and pull out of his partner's love sheath.  All too soon, the lover's climaxed, certainly with less power and lower output of man juice, but with pleasure.

"Thank you, Lover," whispered Peter.

"You're welcomed; now after I clean things up, i just want to hold you and feel you against me.  Maybe we will take a short nap, or perhaps we'll sleep all night."

The cleanup took a few minutes, then Chris crawled back into the bed, spooning Peter.  "I love you, Chris," whispered a happy  Peter.

"Hmm, and I love you."  The two young men dozed, only to be awakened by some shouting in the corridor.

"Wonder what that's all  about," Peter asked.

Chris got out of bed and went to the door, which he opened.  He looked out and could not seen anything out of order.  He turned and informed Peter, "I can't seen anything out of order, but I want to go down and check on Jacob and Brad.  I'll be right back, okay?"

"Fine, but hurry back `cause I want you in my bed.  Understand?"

"Understood," replied Chris as he giggled.  He hurried down the corridor to Brad's room.  The door was closed so he quietly opened it.  The room was dark except for a night light.  He had to squint, but eventually everything in the room came into focus.  He smiled.

Jacob and Brad were in the same bed, Brad lying on his back, Jacob lying next to him, his head on Brad's shoulder.  They were both  asleep.  He tiptoed to the bed, leaned down and kissed his brother on the forehead.

"Oh, Jake," Brad whispered, still asleep.  Chris  smiled.  He leaned down again and kissed the sleeping Jacob on his forehead.  "Thank you, Jacob, for loving my brother so much that you were willing to die for him.  You hold a special place in my heart.  I love you like my brother.  Sleep well, both of you."

Quietly Chris left the room, hurrying to return to Peter so that they too could enjoy the sleep of love.


Gary broke the embrace by slowly pulling off Jim's T-shirt and then kissing his chest.  Jim shivered, but let Gary unfasten his belt, pull down his zipper and let his shorts fall to the floor at his ankles.  Jim stepped out of them and Gary fell to his knees, kissing Jim's bulging crotch.  He reached up and pulled down Jim's boxers which joined his shorts on  the floor.  Gary stood and kissed his lover gently.  Jim had placed his hands on Gary's buttocks, massaging them slowly and sensuously.  Gary gasped, and told Jim,

"Get in  that shower, get finished, and join me in the bed.  You're so hot, Baby, so hot."  Jim laughed, gave Gary a peck on the lips, and hurried into the bathroom.  Hearing the shower start, Gary went into the bedroom and pulled back the bed covers.  After checking the two bedside tables for lube and condoms, he laid on his back on the bed, his legs slightly parted. As he thought about making love with Jim, his penis began its journey to hardness.

"Gary, please come here, I need you," called Jim.

With great concern showing on his face, Gary jumped out of the bed and ran into the bathroom.  "What's the matter, Jim?  Are you all right?"

"No, I need you in the shower, please come in here," he said as he pushed aside the shower curtain, standing there his body flistening with droplets of water, his cock erect.  He was smiling.

Gary stood looking at Jim for a moment or two, and then, with a sudden understanding of the situation, laughed aloud.  "You  silly goose, calling me here to get into the shower with you.  Why didn't you ask me earlier?"  He climbed into the shower with Jim who told him, "I didn't realize how much I could miss you until I was here alone.  I don't plan to  take showers alone any more.  No, Gary, I want you washing my back and who knows what else."

Laughing lightly, Gary said, "Is this what you want?"  He reached out and pulled Jim to him, their hard cocks rubbing against each other.  Gary grabbed Jim's ass cheeks and kneaded them causing Jim to moan.  All this time they had been kissing, their tongues in the age-old duel of male lovers.

Jim had moved his hands to Gary's buttocks reaching for his ass crack and rubbing his finger up and down the warm canyon.

"Oh, Jim, yes.  Yes!" he whispered, but needing a  break from the stimulation, Gary dropped to his knees
Taking Jim's penis into his right hand, he began to stroke it, playing with Jim's large balls with the other hand.  Jim's moans were evidence enough of the pleasure he was experiencing.  Gary leaned forward and licked the end of his lover's cock tasting the shiny precum and then running his tongue around the head, applying slight suction.

"Gary, Gary, oh, Baby, oh Baby!" murmured Jim.

Gary smiled around the cock he was enjoying, and with deliberate speed took Jim's tool deeper into his mouth and finally into his throat.  Jim was so intensely stimulated  that he had to hold onto Gary's head to steady himself.  Just as he was in a state of ecstasy, Gary turned Jim around and kissed both the firmly muscled globes of his ass.  He grabbed Jim's ass cheeks and spread them wide and leaning in, he ran his tongue up the warm crevasse, hunting as it were, for the tight pink entrance into his lover.

"Heaven help me!" stuttered Jim as he reached behind himself and pulled Gary's face into complete contact with his ass.  Both men were moaning and groaning.  Jim suddenly pulled away from Gary, even though he could have stayed there for a long time.  He turned and quickly pulled Gary to his feet, and then dropped to his knees, taking Gary's fully engorged cock into his mouth, and with a deep breath, taking it fully into his mouth and throat.  It was now Gary's turn to groan in complete sexual  pleasure.

"Mmmm," grumbled Jim as he continued to enjoy sucking Gary's cock.

Gary laughed and added, "I'm enjoying it too, but think of all the pleasure we can have.  I want you in so many ways.  I love you, Jim."

Jim let Gary's cock escape from his mouth, quietly adding, "So do I.  I want to enjoy you in many ways, and I do love you.  I want to consummate our love, Gary."  He kissed Gary firmly on the lips, enjoying the taste of his lover. 

Gary took Jim's hand  and led him to the bed.  They sat on the edge of the bed for a moment smiling at each other.  Jim moved onto the bed and was lying on his back.  Gary followed him onto the bed and lay on his side, his head elevated on his bent arm.  He looked intensely at Jim's body, admiring it's form, its beauty.

Gary reached out and ran his finger tip slowly across Jim's lips, then down his chin and neck to his chest.  There he moved his full hand to Jim's nipples which he pinched delicately.  He moved closer to Jim, leaned forward and kissed him on the lips, gently and not with any demand.  Jim smiled and sighed.

Gary's tongue flicked out and licked Jim's left nipple before his mouth had closed on the nipple and he sucked firmly on it.  Jim's  chest rose from the bed in an attempt to push his nipple further into Gary's mouth.  Then Gary bit down on the nipple, gently but with some degree of firmness.  Jim cried out, not in pain but in shear ecstasy.

"Gary, baby," that feels so darn good.  You're getting me horny, man.  Very horny!"

Gary laughed with Jim's right nipple now in his mouth where he repeated his treatment of the left nipple.  "If you don't stop, I'm going to cum and I don't want to.  I want to save that for a little later," moaned Jim.

"Don't you fuckin' dare to shoot, Father Jim!" said a laughing Gary as he retuned to his position on his side facing Jim who was still  on his back on the bed.  Jim moved to his side and rested his hand on his arm.  He was looking directly into Gary's eyes.

Gary had thought more than once about the great sacrifice that Jim might have to make.  And at times he wondered if he might be the one who would have to make the greater sacrifice.  Would Jim be able to give up his mission, his life work in the church?  Or could he expect that Jim should do that?  It was a dilemma that he prayed they would never have to face.  All either of them wanted was to be together, to love each other completely, and to grow old.

Gary spoke quietly, "Jim, I want to make passionate love to you, but before we do that I need to tell you something.  I could never expect you to give up your mission or your love of the church for me.  It would be too great a sacrifice for you.  I couldn't expect you to do that.  I pray that you and I won't need to ever face that.  I just want to love you and to grow old with you."  A single tear was running down Gary's cheek.

Jim reached across the small space between them, and catching the tear on the end of his finger, he brought it back to his lips where he kissed it and then consumed it.  He moved closer and kissed Gary firmly on the lips.  He leaned back and spoke.

"I want you to understand something, Gary.  It's important to me that you don't misunderstand what I'm going to say, so please listen carefully.  I fell for you the first time I saw you, and as we spent time  together I realized more and more that you make me happy.  I love my mission and the church, but I know that I could never do justice to that if I didn't have you by my side.  I really love you, more than I can even tell you.  I want you to know . . ."  Gary was atop Jim, kissing him wildly unable to speak because of the depth of his emotions at that moment so he did what he had to do to show how he felt.  Then he rolled off Jim and lay next to him, as both men grew quiet. 

Finally, the silence got to Jim,  "Calling Gary.  Gary, return to earth!" Jim said with a gentle laugh.


"Where have you been?

Gary's face began to redden, beginning with his neck and moving up until he resembled a radish or a strawberry.  Jim was now laughing freely.  Gary began to stammer,

"I . . .I was just, just . . ."


"Do you have any idea what you said did to me?" asked Gary as he rolled toward Jim, now facing Jim.

Jim lay there, smiling and happy, "I guess you liked what I said.  It's all true."

Gary sat up and leaned back on his haunches.  He reached over and ran his finger tip down Jim's chest, circling the nipples.  He put his finger into his mouth and sucked on it, wetting it.  Then he circled the left nipple again, pinching it slightly with the wet finger and his thumb.  Jim's chest heaved and and he raised his torso off the bed.  "Oh, Gary . . .that's so hot."  Gary laughed as he kissed Jim's tight six pack.   "Just wait, baby, just wait," he said.

Jim's penis was erect and Gary wrapped his hand around it and stroked it a couple of times before taking it into his mouth and swallowing it into his throat.  He hummed, causing Jim to groan loudly as his body shivered.  Gary slowly let Jim's cock slip from his mouth.  He leaned back and both men  were quiet.

Gary was examining Jim carefully.  His body was in excellent shape, the results of years of exercise and care.  His pecs were pronounced but not like those of a muscle man.  His nipples were hard and the aureoles were large and dark brown.  His stomach was firm and surely a six pack.  The trail down to his pubes was singularly full but his pubes were trimmed and sexy.

His penis, now semi erect lay between his two large testicles comfortably resting in his scrotum.  He was cut.  His legs were covered with downy-like the hair  and were sturdy and masculine.   Jim turned slightly and as he did his perfectly formed ass was turned toward Gary.  There was an audible gasp from Gary as he immediately fell  into fantasy mode imagining his face in his lover's ass with his tongue giving Jim some of the pleasure he deserved.  Jim's voice brought him back to reality.  "Is there a  problem?"

"No, no!  It's just that you're such a hunk, Jim.  I mean, damn it, I got lost looking at your body and thinking . . ."

"Thinking what, Gary?"

"I was thinking about your great ass and how I could give you much pleasure, but then . . ."

Jim pulled Gay down and on top of himself and began to knead Gary's ample buttocks, letting his fingers get close to the ass  crack, but never invading the space, he kissed Gary's ear, and in a voice hoarse with passion, said, "But then, what?  How were you going to give me such pleasure?"

Gary was now licking Jim's chin, sucking it into his mouth, and using his tongue to give his lover intense pleasure.  "I wanted to lick you from head to toe, ending in your beautiful butt, where I wanted to rim you until you begged me to . . ."

Interrupting again, Jim sighed, "You wanted me to beg you to make love to me.  Right?"  Both young men were now erect and pushing against each other.


"So, let's see what happens, okay Gary?"

They broke their embrace and Jim gave Gary a peck on the end of the nose.  Gary maneuvered himself onto the middle of the bed, looking at Jim with sparkling eyes and a sexy smile, as he did that.

"Come and get it," said Gary with a giggle.

"Hmm," moaned  Jim as he switched off the lights, the room now in the low glow of the night light and crawled to his lover.  Jim moved over Gary, straddling his waist, sitting back onto his hard cock.  Jim's ample penis was hard and bobbed in the air as he rubbed his ass crack against his lover's engorged prick.  "I love you," Jim  said as he leaned forward and kissed Gary.  Their tongues fenced each other, jabbing, exploring, almost being vacuumed into each other's mouths.

With a quick movement, Gary rolled over and ended up atop Jim.  They had not stopped their passionate kissing even during the flip.  Hands were now exploring and stimulating.  Finally he took a break for breath and to speak.  "You are so fuckin' hot," Gary said as he licked Jim's neck and then worked down to lick, suck, and softly bite Jim's nipples. 

"I want you to make love to me," implored Jim. 

"What does that mean, Jim?  How do you want me to make love to you?"

The young priest smiled broadly, pulling Gary down on top of him.  "Just shut up and fuck me!"

There was a guffaw from Gary which ended abruptly as Jim kissed him roughly, pushing his tongue into Gary's mouth.  "Didn't you hear me?" Jim asked.

Gary moved off Jim, saying, "Hmm, yeah, I heard you, but I was amazed by your language, my sweet priest.  I will hopefully be able to give you what you want.  Now, relax and let me do what I want to do."

Jim was smiling as he looked at his lover, his desire reaching an intensity that was almost intolerable.  He wanted Gary to be in him, to be part of him, to have a coupling with him that would cement their relationship.  As Jim thought this, Gary began kissing Jim's neck and ear, his tongue licking the inside of his ear.  Jim moaned his appreciation which spurred Gary on and he began licking his way down Jim's chest, playing his lips and tongue on Jim's hardening nipples.

"Gary, oh, oh, that feels so good, so good," Jim stammered.

"Quiet, dear man, and let me proceed.  Let me make love to you," Gary scolded as he kissed Jim's flat, firm stomach, and then licked around Jim's belly button, eventually jabbing his  tongue into it.  As Jim moved his hands over Gary's muscular back, feeling the strength of his lover, his own penis was hardening.

Gary's face was again in Jim's pubes which excited him as he inhaled the smell of soap, perspiration, and maleness.  He was almost intoxicated by the scent.  Gary moved his lips to the end of Jim's cock where he gently licked away the precum that sat there like a drop of dew on a rose.  He took the throbbing cock into his mouth and slowly moved down its hardness until his nose was once more in Jim's pubic hair.  Gary swallowed which caused his throat to massage Jim's cock.  Jim was in near ecstasy from the delicious feelings that were coursing through his body.

Shortly, Gary pulled off Jim's cock, and moved to his testicles which he licked and then slowly took one and then the other into his mouth, sucking them gently.  Jim was groaning loudly, and Gary was enjoying giving him such pleasure.  Gently pushing on Jim's legs, which he obediently held back by his ankles, Jim made his butt and anus available to Gary.

"Please, please," muttered Jim which caused Gary to proceed with speed and gentleness.  He licked around Jim's love hole before using his tongue to enter the orifice.  Jim was sighing and mumbling indiscernible words.  Reaching for the nightstand, Gary grabbed the lube and a condom.  Squeezing a gob of lube,  he quickly applied to Jim's anal entrance.  He moved his finger in slowly and when it was in  up to his second knuckle, he slowly rotated it as Jim's murmuring became louder but still unintelligible.

As he pushed two fingers into Jim, Gary leaned forward and with some kind of gymnastic talent was able to take Jim's cock into his mouth.  Rotating the two fingers, he struck Jim's love spot causing his partner to push against his fingers.  In a moment he had three fingers in Jim who was now begging for Gary to enter him.  Gary rolled the condom down on his very hard cock, slathered it with lube, and pushed the head of his cock against Jim's hole.

"Fuek me.  Do me.  Take me," Jim begged.

Slowly but with a firmness and gentleness, Gary pushed into Jim until his balls were banging against Jim.  He moved slightly, but with care, asking, "Jim, are you okay? Am I hurting you?"

"No, no, I'm fine and I love having you in me.  Please make love to me now.  I need it, Baby, I need you," Jim mumbled as he pulled Gary tightly against him while he wrapped his legs tightly around his lover's torso.

"You're so tight, Hon, so hot," said Gary as he pulled out, leaving only the head of his penis still in Jim, waited a moment and then plunged back into his lover."

"Yes, yes, yes," cried Jim as he felt Gary's prick rub his  prostate.  "Harder, please, harder," demanded Jim.

Gary increased his speed, and as did so he hardened to the point where he felt as though his rod was a firm as iron, thrusting even more deeply into Jim.  He was fucking Jim with passion and determination to make it what Jim wanted.  Jim now was in an ecstasy he couldn't remember, even with his previous lover.  Gary was rubbing his love button with each inward stroke, and as the speed increased, so did the intense pleasure Jim was feeling.  Both men were approaching climax, their sweating bodies sliding against each other, their tongues deep into each other's mouth.

"Oh, God, Gary, oh,  oh, oh, fuck!" screamed Jim, as he shot load after load of steaming man seed between the two of them.  As he came, his ass muscles tightened causing Gary to spurt his seed into the condom, more times than he could ever remember.  He collapsed onto Jim whose legs had fallen to the bed. They both gasped for breath.  Gary was still kissing Jim, but now gently.

"Wow!" Jim said, "That was phenomenal.  Gary, I love you."

As Gary stroked Jim's hair, he asked, "Did I give you the pleasure you wanted?  Are you okay?"

"You were magnificent, my handsome lover; you were magnificent!  I couldn't have asked or imagined anything better, except perhaps,  giving you pleasure," Jim said with a deep sigh as he pulled Gary's lips to his for a long love-filled kiss.

Gary rolled off Jim even though his lover had complained about his removing his cock.  Gary suggested, "Let's take a quick shower and get a little sleep.  We have all night, and who knows what could happen."

Jim and Gary returned to the bed after a long warm shower where they touched and felt each other, kissing frequently, and enjoying their love.  Jim spooned up against Gary, and in a short time both were asleep.

A few hours later with the Eastern sky beginning to show the first light of morning, Gary awoke.  He was lying next to Jim who  was asleep on his back.  Gary peaked at his lover through still tired eyes and began to enjoy the physique of his lover.  His eyes were drawn to Jim's cock which was soft now and lying to the left of his balls.  Gary knew at that moment what he needed, what he wanted.  He got on his knees, grabbed a condom and the lube and moved down the bed to beside Jim.

Gary reached out and touched Jim's balls, rolling them gently in his hand.  He then moved to the soft penis, gently moving his hand over the length of it.  He then leaned over and kissed Jim's prick, leaving his lips on the growing cock head.  Jim moved slightly, but was still asleep.  With his lips, Gary moved his mouth around the head and slowly down the hardening organ.

Jim sighed and awoke.  "What are you doing?" he asked with a laugh.

Gary giggled around his mouthful of Jim's penis, and finally said, "Just making you happy."

Jim reached down and grabbing a handful of Gary's hair, pulled lightly.  Gary got the idea and moved up to kiss Jim. "I'm not finished, sweet one.  I have more to do to make you happy.  And, it will give me great pleasure, too."

It was Jim's turn to giggle as he asked, "And what is your devious plan?"

"Not telling."


"Don't want to spoil the fun."



"What do you want me to do?"

"Just lie there and leave everything to me."

"Your wish is my command."

"Ha!  I don't believe that for a minute."

"You should."

"Why should I?"

"Because I love you."

The kissing began again in earnest.  "If whatever you are going to do is as great as your kissing, then I'm in for some real pleasure, although I don't think it could be any better than last night," confided Jim.

"We'll see," chuckled Gary.

"What do I have to do?"

"Just lie there.  You can make whatever noises you wish, and you can speak to me and you can say whatever enters your mind.  Dirty talk won't shock me, but if you are uneasy about it, no need for the dirty talk.  Understand?"

"Gotcha," came Jim's quick reply.

Gary moved over Jim's body, his ass toward Jim's face, and in one fast movement, swallowed Jim's cock to the root.  He sucked on the ample penis for a while, taking it into his throat, almost gagging on it.  Jim was playing with Gary's cock and balls, helping to build the fire of lust in both of them.  Coming off Jim's cock, Gary moved back toward Jim as he bent down further and began licking Jim's balls.  Going further he pulled Jim's legs higher and dove into the beauty of an ass, licking and probing.  As Gary had moved back, his ass was now nearly on Jim's face.  Jim looked at it for a millisecond, then pulled Gary back and began to feast on the beautiful ass before him.  The groaning intensified.

After a few minutes of mutal rimming, Gary quickly moved to between Jim's legs where he again took the prize into his mouth and continued to suck Jim.  As he did, he reached out for the lube and a condom.  Once secure in his hand, he slipped his mouth off Jim's cock, tore open the foil wrapper on the condom with his teeth, removed it from its cover and slowly rolled it down Jim's very hard cock.

"What are . . . "

"Quiet, and enjoy."

Taking some lube, Gary worked his ass as he continued to suck Jim's condom-covered penis.  Satisfied that he was open enough, Gary let Jim free of his mouth and slathered Jim's throbbing cock with lube.  He straddled Jim and slowly lowered himself onto the hard phallus, impaling himself until his balls were resting on Jim.

"Oh fuck!" exclaimed Jim, "I must be hurting you.  I'm too fuckin' big for you, Baby.  We should stop."

"Don't worry.  I love you in me and it doesn't hurt.  At least not too much," added Gary with a laugh.

"Don't kid around with this.  I mean, I could really hurt your rectum if I'm too big.  Please, Gary, don't be foolish."

"Kiss me, you hard, handsome fucker.  That will make everything all right.  And by the way, when you mentioned my rectum, it reminded me of a joke."

"Do you think this is a time to tell jokes?" demanded Jim.

"Probably not, but it gives me  a little time to adjust to your telephone pole of a cock.  I can wiggle around a little, and move up and down on it just a bit.  Good idea?"

"Tell your stupid joke while you adjust to my . . . what did you call it?"

With giggle of pleasure, Gary said, "I called it a telephone pole of a cock.  Now be quiet while I tell my joke and ride your beautiful cock a little.

"Do I have to listen?"

"If you want to fuck me, you have to listen."

"Tell your joke, `cause I certainly want to fuck you."

Gary began, "Well, there was this third grade teacher who was asking students in the class to tell what they had done during the summer vacation.  They all had roughly the same kind of experiences until it got to Jimmy . . . that's to make it seem more real, using your name.  Anyway, the teacher asks Jimmy what he did.  So he told her he caught a squirrel.  The teacher asked him what he did with the squirrel.  He told her he put a firecracker up the squirrel's ass.  `Jimmy," the teacher said, "you mean rectum."  Jimmy laughed, "Wrecked him, it blew him all to hell.'"

Jim began to belly laugh and as he did, his cock began to moved in an out of Gary's feverish hole,  beginning what soon became a lustful fuck.  Gary began to ride the cock, moving up and down, faster and faster, until he felt he might lose it, then he would stop and tongue Jim's mouth.  Jim began to  play with Gary's nipples, his balls, and soon was jerking his cock.  After the slowdown, Gary would begin riding again, only in each subsequent ride, it became faster and deeper and the lover's cries became louder and their talk more unrestrained.

"Ride my big cock, bitch, so I can fill you with my hot cum," Jim yelled.

"You don't have enough cock for my mancunt, fucker.  Play with my cock, man, pull on my nuts, kiss me," came Gary's challenge.

Soon it was too late to stop and with a crescendo of fucking, both men began to shoot their seed, Gary on to Jim's chest and face, and Jim into the condom deep inside his lover.  Perspiration was dripping from both of them and their breathing was in gasps and some coughing.  Now lying on Jim, their chests rubbing the cum around, they kissed with passion.  Slowly the height of their sexual explosion lessened, abated and their bodies retured to a more placid state.

Gary moved off Jim whose cock plopped out.  Gary removed the condom from his lover, turned it upside down and emptied it on Jim's chest.  He then took his fingers and mixed their seed together.  He ran his finger through the mixture getting some of the cum on his fingers which he put on his lips.  He leaned in and kissed an exhausted Jim.  Neither man spoke or moved.

Lying there together, they were comfortable, connected, and sure of their love for each other.  There were not thoughts of the problems that they had earlier discussed, now there was satisfaction, a comfortable feeling in their love making, and joy.


The evening meal at the Neilson's had been inordinately long in the view of the three young men in attendance.  Tim and Todd had held their own in conversation with the adults, but both were anxious  to get to their room for the evening.

Adam, however, was quiet, listening, but seldom speaking.  He kept himself close to Doug  causing Sadie and Diane to exchange knowing glances and smiles.  The Li's and Beth Mason also noticed Adam's closeness to Doug, but it was not surprising to John as he had seen the horror of the colony.  He understood the young boy's need to be close to someone he trusted and who he knew would not desert him.  In Doug he had found that safe haven.

"If you guys are ready for bed, why don't you excuse yourself and go to your rooms.  Adam, Sadie put a cot in Tim's room which if where you will sleep tonight.  Is that okay?"

Adam hesitated for a couple of beats and then replied, "I guess it's okay.  Will you check on me before you go to bed?"

"Of course.  Don't worry, Adam, you'll be safe with Tim.  He's a very nice young man, I can assure you," said Sadie.

Adam went to Doug  and hugged him.  Then he went to Diane and hugged her.  Finally he hugged Sadie.  He looked around the room surveying  the people in the room.  Then he spoke,
"Only a few hours ago I never thought I could be with such kind and wonderful people who ask nothing of me except that I should be happy.  I don't know how to thank all of you, but especially my foster father who cared enough for me to fight for me to come home here with him.  I am beginning to accept this as my home and all of you as my friends.  I know that Tim will take good care of me if I should have a bad dream tonight."

"You ready, Adam?" asked Tim.

"Yes.  Good night everyone," said Adam as he followed Tim and Todd out of the dining room, after both of them had said good night.  The hurried down the hall and to their rooms which were next door to each other with a shared bathroom between.

Todd looked longingly at Tim who smiled knowingly at  him.  "Adam, why don't you use the bathroom first, then Todd and I can brush our teeth after." offered Tim.  Adam left  immediately and went into the bathroom and closed the door.

"What the fuck are we going to do?" asked Todd.

Tim giggled and told him, "Relax, he'll be asleep very soon, and after Doug checks on him, I'll come and get you.  I'll come through the bathroom.  I won't let you down."  Todd flung himself at Tim, embracing him and kissing him with abandon.  Both boys were increasing horny, so Tim finally announced, "Enough!  Now get to your room.  And Todd, no beating your meat `cause I have other plans.  Now get out of here."

Todd left immediately and shortly thereafter Adam came out of the bathroom.  "Where's Todd? he asked.

As Tim pulled off his T-shirt, he told Adam, "He's gone to his room to get ready for bed.  Why don't you get into your bed while I brush my teeth.  I'll  be right out and we can get some sleep which both of us need.  I'm going to leave on a night light so if you awake  during the night you will be able to know where you are."

"Okay, but hurry.  I don't like being left alone," came the shy reply.

Tim hurried into bathroom and did his evening preparations for bed.  He was soon back and crawled into the queen-sized bed.

"Good night, Adam."

"'Nite," came a murmured answer.  Tim clicked off the lights and in the semi darkness of the night light, he saw Adam pull the sheet up to his neck, turn his back to Tim and sigh deeply.  Tim could only think of the horrors that the boy had been through.  He hoped that Doug would check on them soon, as he was afraid that he might fall asleep and miss making love.

Tim yawned rather loudly, pulled his legs up into the fetal position and fought falling asleep.  He must have dozed off, because he was suddenly awakened by screams and cries coming from Adam.  He was out of bed in a flash and ran to Adam's bed.

"Adam, Adam, wake  up.  Come on, Adam," he said trying to soothe the boy.

"Don't let them hurt me anymore.  Please, don't let them beat me.  Oh, God!"  In what was an automatic response, Tim reached down and picked up the boy, holding him close and whispering softly to him that everything would be okay."

Amidst sobs, Adam, begged, "Please don't leave me alone.  Please stay with me.  Please!"

"I won't leave you."  Tim carried Adam back to his bed and placed him gently on the bed.  He crawled in next to him and pulled the covers up.  Adam moved to him and hugged him tightly.  They were in each in each other's arms, and soon were asleep.

Todd had been watching from the bathroom door as the cries had brought him there.  He could do nothing but smile, realizing that there would be no love making  tonight.  It surprised him but he accepted that.  Tim was doing what he should.

Todd did what he  needed to do: retreat to his bedroom.

To be continued... 


"The measure of love is to love without measure"

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