Finding Love: A Journey
By: Scotty
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Todd had been watching from the bathroom door as the cries had brought him there.  He could do nothing but smile, realizing that there would be no love making  tonight.  It surprised him but he accepted that.  Tim was doing what he should.

Todd did what he  needed to do: retreat to his bedroom.

Chapter 34

When Ellen Dupris came into Brad's room to check on him she found Jacob on his knees by the bed.  His head was lying on Brad's hand.  Both were asleep.  Ellen smiled as they both looked like young angels, obviously at peace with themselves and the world.  Little did  she know what the two young men had been through already in their young lives.  Not withstanding, she still felt a warmth about the two.  She realized that she would have to wake up Jacob and get him into his own bed.  It was really a shame to have to do that, but he would be lame in the morning if she didn't.

Ellen tiptoed quietly to the side of the bed.  She reached out and gently shook Jacob as she whispered, "Jake, you should get into your own bed now.  It's late and you need to get some good sleep in a comfortable bed.  Jacob stirred, but did not move.

"Jacob, please get up and go to your own bed. I don't want to wake Brad.  Please?"

I turned my head toward the nurse.  I hesitated a moment and then asked,  "May I please stay here.  Brad's been through a terrible time the last couple of days and I want to be near him.  I'll be fine."

As Ellen Dupris looked at the young man, her heart  filled with compassion.  She knew it was against everything the hospital considered appropriate, but she quickly made up her mind. 

"You may stay; but Jacob, you're going to be very sore by morning.  You should be in your own bed where you could get a good night's sleep.  But, I'll let you stay where you are.  I can't guarantee that my replacement at seven in the morning will go along with it.  In fact, I think I'll check back a couple of times including just before I leave.  I may insist then that you get in your own bed.  Is that a bargain?"

"Yeah, that's fine.  And thank you.  If I get too tired or can't get comfortable here by the bed, then I promise I'll get in my own bed."

"Brad is going to sleep well as he was given a sedative earlier.  Do you want something to help you sleep?"

"No, I'm fine and I want to be awake to watch over Brad.  Thanks again for understanding."

Dupris smiled at Jacob, turned and walked toward the door, stopping just before leaving.  "I wish to the two of you luck and happiness.  Good night."  And she was gone.

I kissed Brad's hand and was surprised when he said in a groggy voice,  "Thanks, Baby, for staying with me.  I . . .
I love you."

"Go to sleep, you silly man.  I won't leave you.  And, Brad, I love you, too."  I could tell by his breathing that he had gone back to sleep."  Thank God for sedatives!

I leaned back on my heels and looked at the "apple of my eye."  Without meaning to, a huge sigh left my body and I was suddenly extremely tired.  I tried to remember the last time I had a good night's sleep, but I couldn't.  But even with the lack of sleep, I knew that this was where I belonged, where I wanted to be, where my heart and soul cried for me to remain -- close to my lover.


Sometime during the early hours of the morning, I had moved to my own bed.  I awoke with a start, realizing that I wasn't watching over Brad.  I turned in my bed and looked at him.  He was lying on his back, his eyes closed and breathing with the cadence of someone asleep.  I had an overpowering desire for him and I had to control myself or I might have bounded across the room and attacked him.  I giggled a little as I imagined what that would have looked like.

"What's so funny,  Baby?"

"Are you awake, Sweetheart?"

"What do you think, I'm talking in my sleep?"

I swung my legs out of my bed and hurried across the gap between the beds and flung myself on top of Brad.  I gave him a big wet kiss, which got us both laughing.  I laid my head on his chest and we became very quiet.  Finally Brad, asked, "So what was so funny?  You didn't answer me."

I know my face got red because I imagined I would be embarrassed telling him why I had giggled.


First, I kissed him, "It's a little embarrassing, but anyway, here goes.  I woke up and I looked over at you.  You  were sleeping and you looked so sexy, so handsome.  I . . . I suddenly wanted you more than I can describe and I imagined myself rushing to the bed, jumping on you and having my way with you.  It's stupid, but that's why I was giggling."



"Have your way with me, Baby," Brad said with his sexiest smile.  I had lifted my head to tell him why I was giggling, and that smile, the one that always got to me, made my cock jump, and I wanted to make love to Brad more than anything else. Foolishly, I threw myself onto Brad, kissing him hard on the lips.

"Ouch!" cried Brad.

"Shit, Brad I hurt your shoulder.  I'm a fool.  I'm getting out of this bed."

"You didn't hurt my shoulder, Baby.  Your hard cock gave my nuts a good poke, that's  all!"

We were both laughing like kids watching a cartoon.  I had rolled off the bed and was on my knees next to the bed.  Brad was laughing so hard that be began to cough and sneeze. I was bent over almost in pain and gasping for breath.

"I gotta piss," coughed Brad, between guffaws.

"I'll call the nurse."

"Fuck that, help me.  Hurry up, Baby, `cause if you don't I'll piss the bed."

Just as I was to help Brad out of the bed, Dr. Norris and a nurse came into the room.  I froze in place as did Brad.

"What's going on?" asked an amused Dr. Norris, "I heard all the laughter and came right here so that I could join in the festivities."

"I have to get to the bathroom, Doc, I really have to urinate."

"Nurse Kolkalski,  can you take care of this?"

"Of course, I can, " answered the tall Amazon-like nurse, "I can carry him if necessary."

Brad looked alarmed, and asked, "Can Jake come into  the toilet with me in case I need some additional help, Dr. Norris."

"I can take care of everything, young man.  You won't need any help," said Nurse Kolkalski with a wide tooth-filled smile.

Dr. Norris was also smiling, and I was close to outright laughter, but Dr. Norris saved the day and Brad when he told the nurse, "You get him into the bathroom and Jake will take care of anything else that he might need.  If he needs your help, they'll call for you."

Nurse Kolkalski helped Brad out of bed, watching carefully not to hurt his shoulder.  He had his good arm around her shoulder, but found that he could put some weight on his leg.  She scurried him into the bathroom and moved quickly out.  I took her place in the john, closing the door behind me.

Brad was actually laughing quietly, "Holy shit, Jake, can you imagine letting her take your dick out and holding it while you take a piss.  She wouldn't scare the piss out  of me, she'd stop me from pissing."  Now we were both laughing like idiots.

"Will you let me take out your cock and hold it while you piss?"  I asked.

"I'm counting on it," he said as he roughly pulled me closer and kissed  me with an open mouth.

"I said I would hold it for you, not jerk you off," I laughed.

"Just hold it for me, okay, or I'll piss on the floor."

I lifted his gown, grabbed his cock and held it for him.  He immediately let a powerful steam of piss splash into toilet bowl.  He seemed finished so I shook his dick hoping the final drops would fall into the desired place.  I could feel his cock getting firmer.

"I'll suck you off for a quarter," I teased.

"You miserable prick, charging me for something you want to do," he teased back.

"Is everything okay in there?" asked Nurse Kolkalski.

We both started to laugh aloud, trying as hard as we could to stifle it.  I was  able to squeak out,

"Just finished.  You can come and get him."

Before I could open the door, the nurse swung open the door and charged into the room.  She literally swept Brad off his feet and got him back and into bed.

"There," she announced, "all comfy again.  Anything else, doctor?"  As she asked that, I realized I was still standing in the bathroom, apparently mesmerized by her quick action.  I heard Dr. Norris speaking and I came to my senses and left the bathroom, moving to the side of Brad's bed.

"No, thank you, I need to talk with the young men."  With that, Nurse Kolkalski quietly left the room.  Both Brad and I sighed with relief.

"So, how are you feeling, Bradley?" asked Dr. Norris.

"I'm feeling really good.  Do you think I might be able to go home.  I'll be careful about everything, and Jake won't let me do anything stupid.  And beside that my Mom will be watching  me, and so with Sadie, and Mrs. Mason, and only God knows who else," answered Brad.

Dr. Norris, moved to the bed stood at the foot, apparently examining the chart.  He looked from Brad to me, and then back at the chart.  I could see Brad fidgeting and I was getting a little disconcerted.

"I got the results of your STD tests.  You're both clean.  Congratulations!"

I reached for Brad's hand and we looked with love at each other, a couple of tears in our eyes.  "Thank you for that good news, Doc," said Brad,  "I never had a doubt about it, but still I'm happy that it has been confirmed."

"But," continued Dr. Norris, "I hope you'll be very cautious.  Disease is opportunistic, you know.  It just hangs around, sometimes in rather innocent ways just waiting for any opening and then it attacks.  So keep that in mind.  A condom evens the playing field, so to speak."

I couldn't help it and chuckled  a little.  I knew immediately that Dr. Norris didn't like that.  I shuddered as he turned and looked directly at me.  "You think that's funny, Jacob?"

"No, sir, I do not.  It was the use of `playing' field.  I just thought for a moment about how sometimes sexual activity is  somewhat like playing.  I apologize for laughing."

"Good grief, Jacob, I don't think I was really aware of what I said.  It is a little funny, isn't it?  You're forgiven."

Dr. Norris walked around to the side of Brad's bed.  He looked down at Brad and smiled.  "I hope that Jacob has had time to talk to you about your shoulder and football.  He was good to help us since we knew you would be very upset."

"Yeah, he told me, and I didn't treat him very well.  In fact, I was an asshole," Brad admitted sheepishly.

I jumped right in, telling Dr. Norris, "He really wasn't that bad.  He just was a little upset about not being able to play for a while.  I made up with him and `all's well that ends well' as Shakespeare said."

Dr. Norris ran his finger around his shirt collar, a body movement that suggested some trepidation, but he smiled and that softened the message his action suggested.  He took a deep breath and began,

"Look, Brad, I could beat around the bush, but that wouldn't do you or me any good.  So here it is: you can't risk that shoulder in a football game or even in practice for a minimum of six weeks.  After that it will be a week-to-week decision.  Our orthopedic guy is going to take on your case.  Name's Dr. Oliphant.  He's good.  Now about this going home thing.  Well, the answer is a qualified `yes'."

"What does that mean?" I asked.

"It means, that in the final analysis, I have to speak to his Mom and your Dad and Mom, if he's to live at your place.  I have to be sure that he will be safe and that the chance of his hurting his shoulder again is remote.  If that is all in place, he can go home.  Do you both understand this?"

"I do," I quickly answered.

"What about you, Brad?  How do you feel about all  this?"

With tears in his eyes, Brad stammered, "You have made this one of the happiest days of my life.  I know they'll all say it's okay.  They know that Jacob will watch over me like a mother hen.  He can be a real pain in the butt, Doc, especially when it comes to my care and safety.  It's just one other thing that I love about him.  Thanks, Doc, thanks so much."

Doctor Norris turned to me.  He reached out his hand to shake mine.  I was confused.  "Jacob, I want you to know how remarkable your behavior has been in protecting your boyfriend.  Because of that unselfishness, I decided that it would be safe to let Brad go home.  But frankly Brad, if Jacob wasn't in the equation, I would have made you stay here at the hospital for another five days.  Now don't let me down, Jacob.  And, Brad, you'd better be a good guy and do what Jacob asks you to do.  No arguing about what you think you can do.  The final decider will be Jacob with consultation with your mom, his mom and dad and Sadie.  Any questions?"

I was still shaking Dr. Norris' hand, and chuckling  at little, I asked him, "Do you mean Brad has to do what I tell him and when I tell him?"

"Yes, that's the way it has to be."

"Geez!  It will be like being in prison with a mad prison guard making my life miserable," said a smiling Brad.

"What about school?" I asked.

"I imagine that in a couple of days, Brad will be moving about comfortably.  As long as he keeps the shoulder immobilized, there won't be any problems.  Are you in any of his classes, Jacob?"

"Yeah, a couple.  We have physical education together, but he won't be able to do anything there.  Could he get in the swimming pool, if I stayed with him and made sure he didn't drown?"

"No, I don't think that would be a good idea.  He could sit on the bleachers and watch.  Are you about ready to start swimming again, Jacob?"

"May I start swimming again?"

"Sure, slowly at first, but no competition for a few weeks.  We'll  schedule a check up with both of you in two weeks.  That's when you'll meet with me and Dr. Oliphant.   Now I've got to check on Peter and Chris to determine when they can get out of here, but I have a couple of other stops before I get to them.  Also, your parents will be meeting with me before you guys can go home.  That's at ten this morning.  We discharge here after eleven in the morning.  I'll be back with your parents later this morning.  Your breakfast will be delivered shortly.  I changed you food order and you'll be getting a real breakfast this morning.  See you later.

"Thank you so much, Dr. Norris, you've made our day," Brad told him.  He smiled, saluted us, and left the room.  Neither of us said or did anything for a minute, then I jumped on Brad and began kissing him like a crazy animal.  He soon joined in the wild kissing frenzy. 

We were going home . . . and in a few  days, we'd be back at school.


The sun had invaded Tim's bedroom, but he wasn't the first one awake.  Adam had awakened earlier, realizing that Tim was close to him, and he smiled as he enjoyed the warmth of Tim's body.  He didn't want to move.  For Adam it had been a long time, perhaps so long ago that he couldn't really remember it, when he had been this close to anyone.  Adam even enjoyed Tim's arm which was over him; he felt protected.  He was not alone now and he felt loved.  His eyes glistened with tears, but there was no sadness associated with those tears.  No, he was happy!

Tim moved and then tightened his arm around Adam, and he kissed Adam's neck.  Almost immediately he sat up in the bed,
his eyes were huge and he was starring at Adam who had turned and was now facing Tim.

"Adam, please forgive me.  I was having a dream, and well . . . I guess I thought . . ."

Adam  interrupted, "You thought I was Todd, right."

Tim's face had reddened, and he stammered, "Yeah, I guess it was Todd.  But it was a dream, so it could have been someone else."  Adam shifted his weight a little away from Tim.

"It couldn't be me, `cause I'm not gay.  It had to be Todd.  Why didn't he sleep with you last night?  Was he afraid of me, of what I might see?"

"No, Adam, that's not it at all.  I asked him to sleep in his own room so that I could pay attention to you.  I wanted to hear you if you called or needed me.  I was right, too, because you did cry out and I went to your bed and picked you up and held you.  You begged me not to leave you alone, so I took you to my bed and we slept together the rest of the night.  I guess I need to apologize for bringing you to my bed.  I didn't mean anything sexual by it."

"Please, please, Tim, I didn't mean to suggest that.  It's complicated but, well, I liked the feeling of your body next to me.  And your arm over me made me feel safe and loved.  That scares me.  I mean, well, doesn't that mean I'm a  faggot?"

Tim's skin crawled when Adam used the word `faggot', but he controlled his anger.  He looked directly into Adam's eyes as he told him, "No, Adam that doesn't mean you're gay.  It just means you have been alone and hurt and for once in a long time you felt safe.  That's all it means.  One other thing, Adam, I would advise you not to use words like `faggot' around here.  You see, there are a few of us who are here frequently and we're all gay.  All the adults here accept us and love us unconditionally.  If you really feel uncomfortable being around gay guys, then I suggest you speak to Mr. Neilson so that he can make other arrangements for you."  Tim got out of bed, hurried to the bathroom and closed the door with a little too much force and it slammed.

"What's eating you?" asked Todd as he appeared in the other door to the shared bath.

"Fuck!  You scared the shit out of me, Todd."

"Well,  you're in the right place if you had the shit scared out of you," Todd said with a giggle.

"Funny, funny," said Tim as he grabbed Todd and kissed him hard on the lips.  "There!" he added.  Todd stood there smiling as Tim began brushing his teeth.

Todd began rubbing Tim's back in a sort of massage, he kissed his lover's naked back.  "I'm sorry, Tim, but you know I can be a wise ass.  So, my horny lover, what made you so angry?"

Tim turned to face Todd, the toothbrush in his hand and toothpaste foam around his mouth and on his lips,  "Adam!  Damn it, Adam!  He as much as called us `faggots'!  I could have pounded the little bastard.  I told him not to use that word around here as no one would put up with it.  Fuck, I'm getting steamed again just thinking about it."

Todd put his hand on Tim's biceps, "He actually called you a faggot?"  Tim brought his other hand up and caressed Todd's hand that  lay on his biceps.

Tim turned away from Todd and began rinsing his mouth.  He finished quickly and as he wiped his mouth with the hand towel, he said, "No, Todd, he actually said that he wasn't a faggot.  But if he thinks that in relation to himself, then don't you think that he sees us as faggots and not gay men.  He really pissed me off.  I'm no prophet, but I think he may be trouble."

"I hope not," said Todd as he gave Tim a peck on the lips.


As Tim left the bed and went into the bathroom, he slammed the door shut.  Adam winced.  He had really screwed up using a vulgar word like `faggot'.  Talk at the colony had been raw and often uncontrolled, especially when it pertained to sex.  He had much to learn.

Adam lay back on the bed and pulled the covers up to his neck.  He didn't want to do anything that would cause Mr. Neilson to send him away.  He was frustrated because he really liked being close to Tim, but he had ruined that.  And he liked Todd, too.  But he knew that Tim would tell Todd about what was said, and then Todd would dislike  him.  `Shit,' he thought, `I've already fucked things up.'  The tears started and he fought them back.

If both of them only knew the full spectrum of terrible things  that had been done to him at the colony, they might understand his inner conflict better.  They couldn't imagine how his body had been used and abused by older boys, by members of the staff, by just about everyone.  He had fought it, finally refusing so often that he became the boy who was hit and physically abused.  He was kept in squalor and his own urine and feces.  Food was kept from him, except for things that had begun to spoil or that were spoiled.  He had eaten them because he was weak.  But they had made him very sick causing him to begin vomiting and voiding all over the floor.  His clothes became  sickening with the stench and dirt.

But had he screwed everything up by his careless use of words?  There was  a bitterness and a sour taste in his mouth as he fought to keep from being sick.  His agony was increasing and he felt again as if he had failed, that he would be sent away.  He hated himself and pondered momentarily if the world might be a better place without him.  His self doubt was beginning to take hold of him, causing him to  begin to shake, his sobs now loud and uncontrolled.

Tim opened the bathroom door and heard the sobs.  He rushed to the bed and found Adam under the covers sobbing uncontrollably.  "Adam, what's the matter?"

Between sobs, Adam said, "I . . .I have made you angry  Now you don't want me around.  You'll tell Doug to send me away.  My life is ruined and it's all my fault.  Please leave me alone!"

"Todd, come here, quickly.  Listen to me, Adam.  I am not angry with you.  I was a little pissed with the language you used.  Anyway, I have nothing to do with whether you stay here or not.  I don't even live here, although I stay here frequently."

"What's the problem, Tim?" asked a confused Todd.

"He hates me," cried Adam.

"I don't hate you, Adam.  Really, I was just pissed."

Todd went to the bed and sat beside Adam.  He reached out and stroked the young man's head.  "Adam, give us a chance, okay? And we will give you a chance.  Please be assured that no one here will ever do any of the things that happened to you at the Colony.  That's not how it is here.  We may disagree, we may even get angry at each other, but we always make up and move on.  Come here and give me a hug."

Adam looked at Todd with wet eyes, wondering if a hug would say the wrong thing to these two gay men.  But he decided he wanted a hug, so he reached out and hugged  Todd.  They stayed hugging each other for a long moment.  "I have so much to learn," said Adam.

Tim had sat down next to Todd.  After Adam had spoken, Tim hugged both Todd and Adam.  He smiled at Adam before he told him, "Adam, let's forget this morning.  Let's start here and perhaps Todd and I and Jacob and Brad can help you learn how to settle in with the family.  You know that we all care deeply about you.  Mr. and Mrs. Neilson love you, Adam, as does Sadie.  Try to relax.  Come on, brush your teeth, grab a quick shower and we'll go down to breakfast with you.

Adam surprised the two guys by giving them both a peck on the cheek.  Then he ran to the bathroom to get ready for breakfast.

"Poor kid," said Todd, "he's learning."

"Yeah, I guess I was a dork earlier.  Cripes, after what he's been through, I should have been a little softer."

Todd began laughing as he hugged Tim, "Actually,  Tim, my hot lover, I prefer you harder."

"Asshole," laughed Tim as he pushed Todd down on the bed and was ready to mount him when Doug came into the room.

"Hey, guys, where's Adam?

"He's in the bathroom getting ready for breakfast," offered Tim as he and Todd extricated themselves from one another.

"I checked once last night and Adam was asleep in his bed and you were sound asleep in your bed, Tim.  Things seemed fine so I didn't check back after that," said Doug.

Todd looked at Tim who finally told Doug, "Well, he cried out in the night and I went to him and hugged him.  Then he didn't want me to leave him alone, so I took him to my bed and he slept with me the rest of the night."

"That was kind of you Tim, but I knew I could trust you to be your usual kind and thoughtful self.  Thank you."

Tim moved closer to Doug, avoiding direct eye contact with him.  He sighed deeply and then began,

"Everything went well until this morning.  I awoke and found that I had spooned against Adam and my arm was flung over him.  I quickly sat up and apologized.   I tried to explain to Adam that I had a dream which probably caused me to move  close to him.  Adam said I must have dreamt it was Todd because it couldn't be him, because he wasn't gay.

"After he said that, I told him that his desire to be close to a person had to do with his loneliness, and not to worry about it.  Then he used the work `faggot' in reference to himself, but I think he also was letting me know what he thought about Todd and me.  I got angry and told him he should watch that kind of language, because everyone here supported gay people.  I left in a huff, went into the bathroom and slammed the door."

"And what was Adam's reaction to all that?"

I went to Todd and put my arm around him.  He smiled at me giving me strength to go on with the story.  "I didn't know  and frankly I didn't care.  Todd came into the bathroom when he heard the door slam.  I told him what had happened and he got me  to calm down.  I finished my morning stuff and we went back into the bedroom.

"Adam was lying in the bed sobbing which made me feel like a terrible jerk.  He said he had really screwed up and that I hated him.  I tried to explain that I didn't, but it was Todd who finally got Adam to calm down.  He told him that we might disagree here but that we were quick to forgive and forget."

Doug had moved to a chair and sat down.  He looked at me and then asked,

"So is he okay now? Or what?"

Todd smiled and answered, "I told him that he had to give us a chance and we would give him a chance.  I said that Tim, Brad, Jacob and I would all help him find his way in the family.  I reminded him how much you and Mrs. Neilson and Sadie loved him.  We both hugged him.  At first he was stiff and a little standoffish.  Tim told him to get ready for breakfast so he gave us both a peck on the cheek and hurried into the bathroom.  He must be nearly finished."

"Let's not tell Adam about this discussion.  What happened this morning, stays here.  You two guys handled it magnificently.  Tell him I dropped by and reminded you that breakfast would be ready in fifteen minutes.  Thanks.  I won't forget this kindness," said Doug as he left  the room.

Almost at that moment, Adam came running from the bathroom.  He was totally naked, but seemed comfortable to let us see him.  The welts and bruises on his body were evidence of his terrible treatment.  He rummaged through one of the two bags and came up with underwear which he quickly put on.  Tim was also dressing, but Todd had been dressed when he came into the bathroom to console Tim.  In short order the guys were finished and ready for breakfast.

"Can I tell you guys something?" asked Adam.

"Of course," said Tim.

"It's just that I like both of you a lot and I want you to like me.  And Tim I really liked being close to you in bed.  I mean it made me feel loved and safe.  I'm sorry for my language and I'll watch what I say from now on.  Can you forgive me for being such a nerd?'

Todd giggled as he hugged Adam.  "I like you too, Adam."

"And so do I," chimed in Tim, "now let's get to breakfast, `cause if we're late and it's cold, Sadie will get on our case.  He hugged Adam and gave him a big wet kiss on the cheek.

"Hmmm," giggled Adam, "you can give me a kiss like that anytime you want.  I liked it, so there."  He took both boys' hands and together the three of them headed to the dining room and the beginning of Adam's first full day at home.

Adam thought, `I'm home and this will be my family.  I never thought I would make it out of that terrible place.  I believed I would die there, unloved and forgotten.' 

It had been a long and frightening journey, but Adam had found love.  It was a miracle!   "Adam Neilson": he liked the sound of that name.


Chris had awakened in the middle of the night, his body aching from the little space of the bed in which he could sleep.  Peter took up the larger part of the bed, so he slipped out of Peter's bed and went to his own.  From that moment on, he had slept soundly and awoke again when the bright sunlight came through the window and shined in his face.  He groaned and turned his back to the offending light.

"Hey, Chris, who told you that you could leave my bed?" asked Peter.

Chris was laughing quietly as he rolled back to look at Peter who was lying there staring at him and smiling.  "You hogged the bed, Baby.  I couldn't sleep even when I rubbed against your naked butt and reached over and played with your cock.  You just kept snoring, so I said, `fuck it' and slipped out of bed and came here.  I was out like a light in seconds and slept until the sun woke me up."

Peter said nothing, but he suddenly looked serious or perhaps forlorn.  Chris sat up and swung his legs off his bed.  He stood up and asked, "Are you  lonely?"  Peter didn't answer immediately, then sighed.

"Actually, I miss you.  When you're in bed with me, I feel good, happy, filled with joy.  When you not with me, I feel empty like I do now."

By this time Chris was at Peter's bed and sat on the edge.  He reached out and stroked Peter's face with the back of his fingers.  Leaning in, he kissed his lover gently on the lips.  "Peter, you know I'm always with you, even if I'm not in your bed.  You can believe that because no other guy will ever be in bed with me.  Only you, Baby, only you!"  Peter's smile quickly returned.

"Give me a real kiss," he ordered Chris.

Since it was such a simple request, Chris was quick to fulfill his order.  Their kiss was intense and told each other how deep their love was.  They broke the embrace when they heard Jacob quip, "Get a room you horny guys!  Oh yeah, you have this room don't you?  Chris, Doctor Norris is on his way here.   Brad wants to see you after the doctor leaves.  I'm leaving immediately to get back to breakfast.  Don't forget to come down and see Brad."

"I'll be there," Chris called out as Jacob left the room.

"Shit, I guess we had  better behave since the doctor's on his way," giggled Peter.

"Done," said Chris as he slipped off the bed and hurried into the bathroom.  "Need to brush my teeth and comb my hair."

"What about me?" asked Peter.

"Ring for the nurse," laughed Chris.

"Fuck you!" Peter said.

"Don't you wish," Chris said as he closed the bathroom door.

Peter was laughing when the nurse's aide came strolling into the room.  She was a cute blond, probably a high school student.  She was carrying a basin and some towels.

"Hello, Mr. Li,  I'm Penny Smyth, an aide.  I'm here to give you a sponge bath.  May I begin?"

Peter knew that even with his darker complexion that his red face must have shown through.  He was a little dumfounded and reached deep within himself to answer.

"Uh, uh, I guess so.  Are you going to give Chris Mason a bath, too?  He's in the bathroom now brushing his teeth."

Penny smiled broadly and answered, "I don't think so because if he's in the bathroom he can probably take a shower."  As she finished speaking, Chris came out of the bathroom.

"Am I interrupting anything?" asked Chris with a suppressed laugh.

Peter glared at his lover, then giggled and said with firmness,
"No, Penny is here to give me a sponge bath, that's all."

"Oh, I guess I had better leave the room then."

"NO!" challenged Peter, "I think you should stay in case Penny needs help moving me.  Stay with me, Chris."

"Penny, maybe I  could give him his bath.  I think I could do it, probably not as good as you, but he'll be clean enough.  What do you think?" suggested Chris.

"I'd have to ask, but I think it's okay, replied Penny.

"We're best friends, Penny, so I think it's okay.  Why don't you leave the stuff and go get a cup of coffee.  We'll be done by the time you get back," offered Peter.

Penny set down the basin, towels, soap, washcloth, and a clean  gown.  "If you run into any trouble," she said, "just wait and I'll be back in a few minutes."  She left quickly, but not before smiling at Peter.

Chris laughed as he told Peter, "I think she's disappointed `cause she wanted to see your cock."

"Shut the fuck up, you pervert.  That didn't even cross her mind," answered Peter with a guffaw.

"It's okay, Honey, `cause if she had handled my favorite part of your body, it would have stayed limp and disinterested.  Even  if she kissed it, your cock would not have responded.  You know why?"

Peter was giggling, "Why?"

Chris lifted Peter's bed covers and pulled his gown aside, he bent down and kissed Peter's cock which began responding immediately, getting plump and hard.  Just before he took it into his mouth, Chris said, "Why?  Because your cock only loves me."

Peter just groaned.


No later than eleven thirty that morning, all the arrangements had been made and the four patients were on their way to the Neilson house.  It would be a little crowded, but no one even thought or cared about that.  What was paramount in everyone's  mind was the knowledge that they were all there together and safe from harm, each of the four young men on their way to  full recovery.

As soon as we arrived at the house, Brad and I went to my suite, locked the door and started to make out like two crazed animals.  It was terrific!  Even though I tried to argue him out of it, Brad was soon giving me a blow job that far exceeded  any he had ever given me before.  It was so good that I got lost in the ecstasy of it, murmuring and finally shouting aloud until Brad pulled off my cock, and smiling, told me, "Quiet, man, or the whole house will know what we're up to."  I just laughed, and shortly filled my lover's mouth with my seed.

The next few weeks would be exciting and hopefully would see the resolution of the many outstanding issues.  As Brad and I were laying together on our bed, resting a little after all the experiences of the past weeks, we luxuriated in the pleasure of our private time together.


(To be continued)


"The measure of love is to love without measure"

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