Finding Love: A Journey -- II
By: Scotty
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"Yep, right on my friend.  Let's give it a try `cause that poor kid is an emotional wreck.  I'd like to help him," Craydon said.

"So would I, Cray, so would I."

Just as they started back toward the hospital room, Sheriff Locaster walked off the elevator

Chapter 10

Stating the obvious since the man had on a police uniform, Buckminster, said, "You must be the sheriff.  I'm Craydon Buckminster.  This is Gary Williamston, a friend."

The man stood looking at the two men, his eyes almost in a squint as if the two radiated a bright light.  Actually, however, he was carefully examining the two, in a moment of insecurity, sizing up the enemy.  "Gary Williamston, you're FBI, right?"

"That's right.  How'd you know? asked Gary.

"I remember your name from the Curtis case.  You were instrumental in solving that.  It got a great deal of press and TV coverage and you were in most of the pictures and all of the TV stuff.  Pleased to meet you.  Are you here to assist Mr. Buckminster?

Gary chuckled, "No, I'm here with Father James Durnford.  He's the spiritual advisor to Mrs. Mason and her sons."

"How is Mrs. Mason doing?  I haven't had time to call her and inquire.  The jail is in an uproar after what happened earlier tonight.  Suicide attempts always get the prisoners upset and they usually let us know.  Everything was under control when I left to come here," Lacoster informed the two men.

"Sheriff, how the hell did this happen?  I mean there have to be safeguards aren't there?  This is a serious matter, you understand.  I mean, if Mason dies or if he is incapacitated, it's likely that the Masons and the law firm will sue the county.  I don't want you to take that as a threat because I don't mean it to be.  I just want you to know what the possibilities are likely to be," Buckminster said.

Sheriff Lacoster's face had been getting red as Buckminster had been talking, but he seemed to cool a bit when he was assured by the attorney that it wasn't a threat, just a possibility.  "I hope you understand my position, Mr. Buckminster.  I think the jail took all the precautions that could be expected.  For one thing, there was no warning from anyone, you included, nor from the court psychologist that Travis Mason was a suicide risk.  Nonetheless, he was in a separate cell, and there was television surveillance.  However, once Mason was asleep, that function becomes more intermittent, being reduced from constant surveillance, to fifteen minutes observations."

Gary cleared his throat, looked at Craydon who nodded at him giving him the sign he wanted.  "So, Sheriff, who was on duty in the TV supervision room tonight?" asked Gary.

Craydon observed the sheriff bristling at the question.  "I'm not at liberty to disclose any of the information since there might be a court case.  Until then, there's only so much that I can tell you," Locaster answered abruptly.

"Really," said an increasing angry Buckminster, "do you think I won't pursue every legal avenue to get that information from you?"

Lacoster raised a hand indicating to Buckminster that he should let him explain.  Buckminster stopped. 

"Of course I know there are many legal shenanigans that can take place trying to force the facts from my department.  But I accept that as part of the game.  However, I won't say anything more until a court orders it."

Gay put a restraining hand on Buckminster's arm fearing that the attorney might lose his cool and attack the cop.  That was all that he needed.

In a calm and controlled voice Buckminster said,  "I understand Sheriff Lacoster.  I don't like it much, but I understand.  I'd like to switch topics now.  Have you had any inquiries about the Collins family?  They're in your jurisdiction   A friend of Todd, the Collins' son, says they appear to have just disappeared."

"Ah, well, yes.  A couple of neighbors called and said that they thought the family left in the middle of the night.  Trucks came and within a short time, the house was empty.  I checked with other law enforcement groups, but no one knows any more about it than that.  A check with Mr. Collins' employer offered no explanation.  When we checked with banks, we were told that their accounts had been closed. If there were any transfers of assets,  they could not divulge them unless so ordered by the courts.  That's all I know."

Gary was straining at the bit,  " Didn't you find the whole thing strange, even mysterious.  Did anyone suggest that the federal government might be involved in their sudden departure?"

"No, I've told you all that I know about the Collins matter.  I suspect I'll see you at the jail before long, Mr. Buckminster.  I have to go now.  Thanks for meeting me here.  It was nice to actually meet the clever FBI agent who solved the Curtis case   Maybe you'll solve the Collins case, too.  Goodbye for now," Locaster said as he shook hands with the two men. Then he pushed the elevator button for down.  Soon the doors slid open, and just as quietly as he had appeared, Lacoster disappeared into the elevator.

Buckminster looked annoyed and gave the bird to the closed elevator doors.  "What do you think of that pompous asshole?" he asked Gary.

"Officious, but what he related to us is true to form for public officials, especially those involved in police work.  They can't divulge too much or it might hamper the prosecution in building a case.  It's gotten worse since there is so much media attention paid to any case where there has been a murder, sexual assault, child abduction - major stuff like that.  In fact Craydon, even minor cases are now the sweethearts of the media, especially the twenty-four hour cable networks.  They have loads of time to fill, and so making more of a case than it warrants gives them filler for the talking heads."

Craydon laughed quietly, and punching Gary's arm, said in an un-attorney-like style, "Ain't it the truth?"


The Li's had pulled Beth, Sadie, Chris and Peter away from Travis' hospital room, leaving Father Jim, Brad, Adam, Devon, Tim and me to keep watch.  There was really no apparent change in Brad's father.  The nurse was constantly there, checking the monitors, taking time to moisten his lips, and cool his forehead with a dampened cloth.  She spoke to Travis without interruption, not saying anything of importance, but keeping the one-sided conversation going, hoping I supposed, that he would come around and the coma would be broken.

The three boys were getting restless.  I could understand that as there was really nothing that could be done, and at least at the moment, Mr. Mason was not as critical as he had been just an hour or so ago.  Father Jim had sat in a chair near the bed, his head bowed in prayer.  He looked tired and I wondered what burdens he had to endure in his life.  Brad stood quietly beside me, his arm around my waist.  His eyes were red from crying, and I knew that he was emotionally worn out.  I placed my hand on his and patted it.  He gave me a weak smile.

"Would you like to go home, Sweetheart," I whispered.

He didn't speak, but shook his head "no."  I turned and took him into my arms, kissing his gently on the lips.  "Are you sure?  You need to sleep."

"I want to go home with you and to our bed, but . . . but I feel as if I should be here just in case something happened and I wasn't here to support my mom.  I don't know what to do," he said.

Father Jim had left the bedside but was near enough to us so that he overheard Brad's comment.  He stopped and looked at me and I smiled and nodded a tiny affirmative nod.

He looked directly into Brad's eyes.  "How are you doing, Brad?  There's not much you can do here, you know.  You look like you need some sleep.  I guess we all do.  Have you thought about going home and getting some sleep?"

"I can't leave my mother, Father.  I just can't do that.  Chris is just as tired as I am, but he's staying.  I don't want to be a slacker or a wimp."

Tim's voice came from the group of guys standing a little distance from us.  "You're not a wimp, Brad.  You never could be that, and a slacker, no I doubt that.  Anyone who is the quarterback of a football team is not a slacker.  Why don't we wait and see what the doctor says.  He should be along shortly."

"That's an excellent idea, Tim.  I think the others will be back momentarily, too," Father Jim said.

"I'm worried about Brad, Father.  I understand what he feels and I want him to be here if that's what's important and necessary.  But I also want him to get some rest, some comfort.  Look at him, Father, he looks almost like a zombie.  He's been through a lot, and he really doesn't need the stress of this.  I want . . ."

Brad interrupted, "Jake, baby, I'm okay.  Please don't worry.  If you're here with me, I'll be okay."  I hugged Brad, and his admission that he would be fine if I was with him, strengthened my love for him.

Chris and Peter came back into the room, both of them showing signs of lack of sleep, and they were also still recovering from their injuries.  Brad moved away from me and to Chris.  He hugged his brother, and Peter joined them making it a group hug.  Brad looked expectantly at me so I hurried to the group and joined the hug.  As we were giving each other support in this difficult moment, the Li's, Mrs. Mason, my dad, Diane and Sadie came back into the hospital room.  With so many people in the room, Tim decided that he, Devon and Adam should go to the waiting room and so left.  As they were leaving Dr. Stanley came into the room.

"How's the patient doing, Sheila?" Stanley asked the on-duty nurse.

"He's doing very well, Doctor,   Respiration and pulse are nearly normal.  There has been no evidence of cognitive or conscious activity.  The drips are fine and there is no irritation around the needle sites.  He's much improved from earlier."

"Good.  Let me examine him.  Hello, folks.  This will only take a few minutes."  Dr. Stanley moved to the bed and proceeded to do his examination of Travis Mason.  He spent a long time carefully listening to the breathing and heart sounds with his stethoscope.  Finally he stood erect, turned and faced the assembled group.

"Mrs. Mason, your husband is stable and I see no reason why any of you need to stay the night.  Sheila will take very good care of him, and if there is any change that warrants it, I will personally call you.  Does that sound okay with you, Mrs. Mason?"

"Yes, yes, it does.  All of us need to try to get some rest.  I'm worried about my sons and their friends.  Since I can stay with the Neilson's, I'll be fine.  In fact, all of us will be staying there.  Thank you ,Doctor."

"I have other patients to see, so please excuse me.  Good night, at least what's left of it."  Doctor Stanley hurried from the room.

"I like him," said Chris, "he's a really competent doctor."

"He certainly is," agreed Father Jim.  "I think we should get moving and get home for some rest.  Tomorrow in the light of day, we'll all be better able to see things more clearly.  I really think Brad needs some sleep as do you, Chris.  You guys should get going and get home."

"I second the motion," said Sadie. "Come on you two, let's get you home and into bed," she added as she practically herded Brad and me out of the room and to the Mustang.  There was little time for goodbyes, but Brad did go to his father's bed and kiss him on the forehead.  He hugged his Mom and kissed her on the cheek.  Before we knew it, we were on our way home.

Interestingly no one spoke during the drive home.  Sadie handled the Mustang skillfully, making me smile.  Before we reached the house, Brad had fallen asleep, his head resting on my shoulder, my arm around him.  I loved the scent of his hair, and the firmness of his body.  Even though I didn't want it to happen, I was soon erect and my thoughts were of the pleasure we could enjoy.  `But,' I cautioned myself mentally, `tonight is not the time for that.'

When we arrived at the house, Sadie punched in the code and the gate opened.  She drove inside and parked where Brad always parked the Mustang.  She turned and looked at the two of us, raised a finger to her lips suggesting silence and slipped out of the car and unlocked the house.  She came back almost immediately and whispered to me after she opened the door,

"Maybe we should let him sleep here, but I know he would be more comfortable in bed.  What do you think?"

I smiled at Sadie, remembering all the thoughtful things she had done for me as I grew up.  She was the mother I had lost, pouring her love on me and expecting nothing in return.  Since I had fallen in love with Brad, she had taken him under her wing, too.  Her concern for him now made my eyes water as I responded to her sincere concern for my lover,   "I think maybe we should get him up to the suite.  I can take care of him there."

"Why don't you wake him enough to get him out of the car.  I think we can steady him and get him into the house and to your suite."

"Okay," I said as I shook Brad gently.  "Sweetheart, come on wake up a little and get out of the car.  Sadie and I will help you to my rooms and then I'll get you into bed."

In response, Brad moaned, turned his head so that his lips were nearly touching mine.  "Hmm, I don't want to move.  Too comfortable.  Like being in your arms.  Stay here."

This time I shook him a little more firmly.  He didn't like it.

"Shit!  Leave me alone!"

"That's enough, Brad!  You need to get some real sleep in your bed.  Now get your butt out of the car, or I don't know what I'll do.  Do you hear me, mister," Sadie warned him.

"Okay!  Okay!" he groaned, stumbling out of the Mustang and into Sadie's arms.  I jumped out and grabbed him before they both fell.  With a little struggle we got the half-asleep Brad to the bedroom.

We walked Brad to the bed which he fell across, his legs splayed.  Sadie shook her head and as she was leaving the suite, she turned and with a slight laugh told me, "Good luck, Jacob, I'm not sure you'll be able to do much more than let him sleep. Good night."

I stripped off my clothes, locked the suite door. After leaving a note stuck to the door asking Tim to spend he night with Adam and Devon or in the living room, I returned to the bed.  I pulled down my boxers and stood there naked.  I pulled off Brad's sandals.  He didn't move.  Next, I rolled him to his back, undid the clasp on his shorts, unzipped them and pulled them and his underwear off.  He groaned, but didn't offer any resistance.  When I tried to get his t-shirt off, he pulled away from me.  I decided to lick his nipples which were now exposed even if his t-shirt was still just up to his armpits.

I almost laughed aloud when I saw him open one eye to peek at me.  I gave no indication that I knew he was awake.  Instead I began to lick his chest and down to his six-pack abs, licking on his navel and tonguing it.  In my peripheral vision I could see his cock rising to the situation.  I knew there was only one thing to do, so I moved down to his beautiful penis and took it into my mouth as I slipped my hand under his ass and my finger found his hot, tight anus.

"Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck!" he exclaimed.  I shoved my finger deeper into his hot boy cunt.

"You devil," he said with a snicker, I want more than your finger.  Fuck me, Jake, please."

I pulled my finger out of him, reaching for the lube in the bedside table.  I pushed his legs back, his knees touching his ears.  As I lubed his hole and fingered him again, he sighed.  I lubed my turgid cock and lined it up with his winking rosebud.

"Hurry up, please.  Hurry up!"

Since we were both cleared of any STD's, I didn't worry about a condom.  I pushed against him, and he relaxed and let me enter him in one slow steady push.  As usual his insides were hot and moist, and it took much mental strength to keep from reaching a premature climax.  I began the antique push and pull of intercourse, and he groaned his approval.  This went on for a short time when he finally interrupted our sexual coupling.

"I want to ride you, Jake.  I want to ride that wonderful cock of yours.  Take it out so I can ride you.  Get on your back on the bed and I'll do the rest."

I quickly did as he requested, and almost immediately he straddled me and sat on my hard, throbbing cock.  He took it all in one swift motion, groaning with pleasure.  I reached for his nipples and pinched them.  He leaned forward and began to kiss me, his tongue deep into my willing mouth.  His own cock bounced on my stomach every time he came back down.  Then as if prearranged, we both spurted our hot cum, mine into him his shooting all over me.  After our climaxes, he fell heavily on me.  He sighed deeply, and quietly thanked me.

I pushed him off me and onto his back on the bed.  He had a contented look on his face and a little smile.  Soon he was sound asleep.  After cleaning both of us with a wet cloth I had gotten from the bathroom, I also fell asleep.


Jim had to interrupt the last of a conversation between Gary, Buckminster and Tim.  First he was tired and needed to get home and get some sleep before he had to face the ordeal tomorrow.  Also, he was worried that Adam and Devon were exhausted and wanted to go home.

Beth, the Li's, Doug and Diane had left, asking Chris and Peter if they wanted to stop with them for something to eat.  None of them had really had much sustenance.  Chris and Peter passed up the invitation and headed home.  Jim made an excuse for Gary and him.  Then he assured Devon and Adam that he would get Tim so that they could also go home.

When Jim walked in on the group, he overhead Gary speaking. "It might have something to do with protection by the government."  "Perhaps," he continued, "Mr. Collins may be an important witness in some as yet undisclosed legal action."  Buckminster agreed, but wondered if it might just be that they left in the dark of night to avoid some type of legal action that was about to be dropped on them. 

"That sounds terrible," said Tim.  "I mean, if either of those reason should be true, then, I won't ever see Todd again.  That sucks!"

Jim put his arm around the emotionally tense young man.  He rubbed the muscle in Tim's arms as he assured him that he shouldn't get desperate, not yet at least.  He told Tim to let Gary and Buckminster have some time to check things out. "I'm sure that you will be able to see and to be with Todd again."

All Tim could say was that he hoped so.

"I have to get going, but I have your phone numbers and your e-mail, Gary, so I'll be in touch.  Good night everyone," said Craydon as he hurried out of the room and to the waiting helicopter.  He thought to himself, `What a waste of a good evening of fucking.  But that's what I get paid for, isn't it.'  He laughed aloud at his situation.

After Buckminster left, Gary and Jim walked the three boys to Devon's car.  Jim hugged each of the boys separately, but stayed with Tim longer.  He whispered to him that things would turn out fine.  Perhaps some prayers would help, probably not in getting Todd back immediately, but in helping him deal with the emotional strain.  Tim kissed the priest's check and assured him in a low voice that he would pray.  He also told the young priest how he wished Father Jim had been his pastor all the years after his parents' tragic deaths.  "It would have helped make it more bearable in some of the worse years."

Gary had followed Jim in saying goodbye to the boys.  He told Tim that he would be in touch in a few days, hopefully with some good news.  But he cautioned Tim that the situation seemed complicated so that it might take time to discover what had happened.  He assured Tim that Todd was okay, and not to worry about his physical condition.  That remark caused Tim to tear up.  The two older men watched the car pull out of the parking lot.

"One thing that I have thought about, Gary, is that all the guys we have become close to, with the exception of Doug and John Li, are gay.  Isn't that extraordinary."

"Yes, I guess it is. It seems more like fiction than reality, but you know what?  I believe that reality stumps fiction always, always."

They were getting to the car when Gary pulled Jim to him and kissed him hard on the mouth.  "You, my wonderful partner, are so wise and so kind.  How could anyone not love you and not accept what you say?  Let's get home to bed.  I want to hold you until we are both fall asleep.


It had been light for quite a while and Todd had looked around the room.  In the daylight it didn't seem as bad as it had last night.  In fact, it was a pretty nice bedroom.  Looking around, Todd realized that what was curious was that the room didn't have a TV, telephone, or clock and even if it were a motel room, it surely would have had those.  He didn't see a bathroom either, at least not from his bed.  He pulled back the covers to discover that he was dressed only in his boxers.

Curious about his surroundings Todd looked for the bathroom, but there was none as part of the room.  He couldn't see out as the draperies had been drawn.  He didn't know the time.  He went to the closed door and opened it quietly.  He was sure he was in the upper hall of a two story house.  The house seemed eerily silent.

He made his way to the open door at the end of the hall to find that it was a bathroom.  He went in and relieved himself.  Where was he?  What was going on?  He tried to remember what had happened, but it was difficult to remember as there were so many muddled images.  He vaguely recalled a struggle, screaming, being held down, a sharp pain in his biceps.  But none of it made sense.

When he came out of the bathroom, he heard voices.  They belonged to his father and mother.

"You have to tell him soon, dear.  I mean he must be totally confused and probably very frightened," his mother said.  Todd could hear the clink of dishes and assumed his parents were having breakfast.

He heard his father sigh deeply, and then say, "I know, I know.  It's just, how do you tell him something that is so life changing.  I mean, you know how he feels about Tim and school and his friends.  We've supported his relationship with Tim who we both adore.  Now we've taken him away from everything he knows and loves.  I doubt that it will matter to him that all our lives are in imminent danger.  I just don't know."

"You don't give our son credit for his intelligence and love.  It will be difficult, but he will work diligently at finding a new life here, at least until we are able to return home."

"I pray you're right, but how will he react to no computer, no TV, at least not for a while?  He won't have his cell phone, and sooner or later he'll notice that there are no phones here in the house.  His freedom to go out and around will have to be deeply curtailed.  Will he accept home schooling from us?  How will he reaction to no movies, no automobile?  It's so much to put on him all at once.  I'm scared, dear. I'm frightened that he will explode in anger and frustration.  I think if I were his age I would."

"But we had no choice.  Your identity and what you know had to be protected.  We understood when you began this career that this might happen.  I guess we got comfortable in our lives and never imagined that we would be whisked away in the dead of night to some strange and remote place to protect all of us from real danger.  I always thought that you would retire and we would have Todd established in his own place, and the two of us could go where we wanted and finish our lives together quietly and with dignity," said Todd's mother.

`That's what I thought, too," said Mr. Collins.  He looked up and saw his son standing in the doorway, partly leaning against the frame.  His mother suddenly saw him, too.

""What's going on?  Tell me!" demanded Todd.

To be continued...


"The measure of love is to love without measure"

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