Finding Love: A Journey II
By: Scotty
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"But we had no choice.  Your identity and what you know had to be protected.  We understood when you began this career that this might happen.  I guess we got comfortable in our lives and never imagined that we would be whisked away in the dead of night to some strange and remote place to protect all of us from real danger.  I always thought that you would retire and we would have Todd established in his own place, and the two of us could go where we wanted and finish our lives together quietly and with dignity," said Todd's mother.

`That's what I thought, too," said Mr. Collins.  He looked up and saw his son standing in the doorway, partly leaning against the frame.  His mother suddenly saw him, too.

""What's going on?  Tell me!" demanded Todd.

Chapter 11


"But we had no choice.  Your identity and what you know had to be protected.  We understood when you began this career that this might happen.  I guess we got comfortable in our lives and never imagined that we would be whisked away in the dead of night to some strange and remote place to protect all of us from real danger.  I always thought that you would retire and we would have Todd established in his own place, and the two of us could go where we wanted and finish out lives together quietly and with dignity," said Todd's mother.

`That's what I thought, too," said Mr. Collins.  He looked up and saw his son standing in the doorway, partly leaning  against the frame.  His mother suddenly saw him, too.

""What's going on?  Tell me!" demanded Todd.


Todd was pale and his body was shaking.  His parents looked surprised and concerned.

"Todd, sweetie, are you okay?" asked his mother.

"What the hell's happening?  I have a right to know.  I want to know now," yelled Todd.

"Calm down, Todd.  I'll tell you everything, but not all at once.   I don't want you freaking out," his father told him.

"Ha!  You don't want me freaking out.  Is that what you're telling me, Dad?  Don't freak out?  Don't freak out when you find yourself in a strange place and you don't know how you got there.  Don't freak out when all you can remember is struggling with someone and being held down and then not remembering anything until you awake in a strange place.  Don't freak out when Mom was here and promised that you would come and explain, but you never came.  Why not?  What the fuck is going on?" Todd screamed.

"Todd Collins, I won't allow you to speak that way in front of your mother.  Do you understand?" asked  Todd's angry father."

"Never mind, I'll find out for myself.  You're just going to give me a crock of shit.  You're going to tell me something that you think will take care of your problem; well, it won't Dad, it won't!  I'm leaving this horrible place.  I don't want to be with either of you.  You couldn't trust me enough to tell me anything.  What did I do that you wouldn't trust me.  Mom? Have I been so bad that I had to be taken away and hidden in this God-forsaken place," Todd said getting quieter and then sobbing.

His mother looked stricken when she stood and walked to her son.  She tried to hug him but he moved away.  Soon she was crying, too.

"Todd, listen to me and listen carefully. For a long time I've been a special agent for this country.  A foreign government (I can't tell you which one) discovered me a few days ago. There were terrible threats against not only me, but also against your mother and you.  We're in a government protection program.  They're trying to keep us alive.  I'm sorry that we didn't tell you, but instead we let them subdue you with a sedative so that you wouldn't run away and get hurt or killed.  You have to understand, Todd, we feared for your life," his father related his voice filled with emotion.

Todd staggered to a chair at the table and collapsed into it.  He placed his head on the table and continued to sob.  His mother went to him, kneeling next to the chair.  She put her arm around him and this time he didn't push her away.  She kept speaking softly to him, trying to allay his  agony.  Nothing seemed to help.

His father got up from his chair and walked over to Todd.  He picked him up as if he weighed nothing. He held Todd in his arms and rocked him as one might an infant.  He kept whispering to his son, "I'm sorry; I'm sorry, Todd.  I'm sorry."

"Dad, Dad... my God, Dad! Why didn't you tell me?  I love you guys, but you should have told me.  Dad will I ever see Tim again?  What must he think?  Oh, Dad, I want to die.  Please let me die."

His mother joined his father and together they hugged their emotionally destroyed son.  Even Todd's father had tears running down his face. 

"Forgive me, Todd.  I just didn't want you to be worrying.  I thought it would be better for you.  Listen son,  we'll work this out.  I promise you that as long as I am alive, I will make it a priority to arrange for you and Tim to be together again.  I promise."

Through slowly subsiding sobs, Todd told his parents, "I will never give up Tim.  He's my life.  You've got to help me.  You've got to help me."

"We will, Sweetie, we will," said his mother.  Continuing, she added, "You have to have something to eat.  Try to control your emotions and I'll get something for breakfast."

"We'll chat at breakfast, Todd.  We have to develop a plan.  It's going to be difficult because we are being watched, not to keep us here, but to keep us safe.  But together, we'll figure out how to get you out of here and to Tim.  Trust me, Tood."

"I trust you, Dad, but I know that you have much more to tell me."


Devon got to the Oldsmobile first and unlocked the doors.  Adam wasn't sure where he should sit, so he waited until Tim had slid into the back seat.  He hesitated only a second or two and then got into the front passenger's seat.  Devon started the vehicle and they were soon on their way home.

Devon and Adam had a moment together when they decided they would try to get Tim to laugh and relax a little.  They knew that he was tense and that he wouldn't sleep much if he didn't relax.  For the first few moments no one spoke.  It was Adam who broke the silence.

"So, Tim, where are you sleeping tonight?"

"Not sure.  I guess in Jacob's room.  Why?"

"Just  wondering."

"You can sleep in our room... that is, if you want?" offered Devon.

Tim wiggled a little and then answered, "I guess I could.  Is there room?"

"You, sexy guy, should sleep with me.  Devon can sleep on the cot."

Devon huffed and scolded Adam, "That's what you think, turd head.  No way am I sleeping on the cot and letting you two sex bombs share a bed without me as a chaperone."

Adam was giggling, "Sure, you'd be some chaperone.  Before we  were settled in bed, you'd be all over both of us.  You're a sex fiend, Dev.  I love you, but man are you hot to trot."

Now Tim was laughing.  So the little scheme was beginning to work.  "I guess the only reasonable thing to do is for me to sleep on the cot.  That's not a problem.  I certainly don't want to upset your sexual activities at bed time."


"What sexual activity?  Adam is cold and dismissive," suggested Devon.

"I AM NOT!" defended Adam.

"Guys, guys, let's not fight.  I guess the only thing that will solve the problem is if we all sleep together in the same bed," suggested Tim.

"It will be crowded, and Devon's a bed hog.  He farts a lot, too," crowed Adam.

"Do not!" challenged Devon.

"Hey, it's settled.  I want to spend the time we have for sleep in the same bed as you two sexy  animals.  I choose to do that even if it gets a little noisy and smelly," Tim said, now laughing freely.

"Settled, then," said Adam as they stopped at the gate and Devon punched in the numbers that Adam told him.  The Oldsmobile glided into a spot away from the garages and other parked cars, came to a quiet stop as Devon switched off the purring engine.

"I bet Sadie is still up, probably waiting for us," Adam said.

As he got out of the back seat, Tim asserted, "Fine with me because I like Sadie and I think she likes me."

"I agree," added Devon, "and she likes me, too."

Adam was giggling again, "You two ninnies, Sadie's my special friend, and I bet she loves me best of all.  Well, that's after Jacob and Brad.  They're her real favorites.  I mean she's been caring for Jacob for years, and when he fell in love with Brad, she took him under her wing, too.   She's a champion person.  I love her!"

"I think we're all lucky to know her and to have her like us," said Tim as they walked across the parking area to the single door on the side of the garage.  Adam punched in the code, opened the door and the boys hurried into the garage.  Adam made sure the door was shut tightly.  The boys hurried into the kitchen.

When they entered the kitchen, they found Sadie sitting at the counter drinking her proverbial cup of tea.  She looked up at them  and smiled.  "Hi boys.  You were good guys going to the hospital to support Brad and Chris.  Even if they didn't say so, I know they really appreciated it.  You all must be tired."

"A little," Adam offered.

"Sadie, you are so thoughtful and caring.  I really appreciate it, and coming here is always a pleasure in no small part because you are here," Tim said, his voice filled with sincerity.

"Never mind that, Tim.  I just like all of you.  Devon, thanks for taking your car and driving people to the hospital and then back here.  Everyone appreciates that, too," Sadie said as she pulled a container of homemade cookies from a shelf and put it on the counter.  Soon there were glasses filled with ice-cold milk, and the open container of oatmeal raisin cookies.  The milk and cookies disappeared quickly.

"Thanks for the snack," Devon said as he got up from his stool and went to Sadie and kissed her on the cheek.

"Yeah, those were supper cookies," Tim added as he went to Sadie and planted a big kiss on her cheek.

"See why I consider myself a very lucky guy.  Sadie takes good care of all of us," Adam continued as he too kissed Sadie.

"Now  off to bed with you three.  Where are you planning to sleep, Tim?" she asked as she began picking up glasses from the counter.

"Well, when we got the call, I was sleeping in Jacob's room, so I guess I'll go back there."

"Probably not," she told him.  There's a note on the door to leave them alone and the door's locked.  I guess you'll have to spend the rest of the night with Adam and Devon.  Will that be okay with you guys?"

"Sure, no problem," said Adam, "we'll work out all the details."

"Good night, then.  Sleep well, all of you," Sadie called after the boys as they left the kitchen and walked toward Adam's bedroom.


After Jim and Gary had walked the boys out of the hospital and to their car, they quickly found their own car and were soon on their way home.  Neither of the two said anything as each of them was dealing with personal things  and had to reconcile those before they were ready to talk.

The silence continued until Gary finally said, "A penny for your thoughts, Jim."

Jim laughed lightly and told Gary, "It would be a waste of your penny to hear my thoughts right now."

Gary reached out with his right hand and laid it on Jim's left thigh.  At first he just left it there, but shortly, he squeezed Jim's thigh gently and said, "Jim, any thought you have is certainly more important than any that I might have.  You are a man of the cloth, well educated, intelligent, and gentle.  Please tell me what you're thinking."

Jim smiled at Gary, leaned to him and kissed him on the cheek.  But he said nothing, and then  stared straight ahead.

"Thanks for the kiss, my sexy prince, but I want you to share your thoughts with me.  I know that you're troubled, and I want to help.  Jim, I love you deeply and to the exclusion of all others.  I like other people, but I only love you."  By now they had pulled into the parking lot of the apartment house.  Gary drove into his assigned parking spot, turned off the engine, released his seat belt and turned toward Jim.

Jim finally spoke, "I know you love me.  I know that and I love you just as much.  Although I love you more than any other human being I know, you must know that I also love God."

"Yes, I know that.  What's troubling your Jim?"

"It's tomorrow."

"That damned meeting?"


"Jim, remember this.  I will go wherever you go, no matter what.  I know this may sound like Ruth, but it's  true.  I'll follow you wherever your life work takes you.  But please don't ever leave me."

"I know that, Gary.  I know that, and I'll never leave you.  But tomorrow could end my career here.  It would mean that I wouldn't be able to continue my work with young people, trying to soothe their angst in growing up.  They need an understanding adult in their lives, and for many that's not a parent.  If I am sent away, I will worry most about them."

"Let's go in, Jim; it's late and you need to rest.  Come on," Gary said.  He got out of the car and quickly went to the passenger side and opened the door.  He took Jim's hand and pulled him out and into his  arms.  Without a word he kissed Jim hard on the lips.   Jim sighed deeply.

"You're a devil, Gary.  You know when you kiss me like that I forget everything except love making."

"Good.  That's what I was hoping.  Let's get inside and into our bedroom.  We can continue this little chat there."

"No, I don't want to chat any more.  You know what I want, Lover."

"I do, Baby, and I hope I can give it to you.

"I'm planning on it."


When Diane suggested that they stop at McDonalds for a quick snack, John Li laughed out loud.  Diane gave him a funny look, but Lorraine took him to task aloud, telling him,

"Are you  some kind of food snob, John?  What do you think is open at this time of night?  I'll tell you, John, only fast food restaurants are open now, and not all of them."

"Sorry.  I didn't mean anything by laughing.  It's just that I haven't eaten at a McDonalds since our kids were young," John Li offered as an explanation.

Everyone was a little uneasy after Lorraine's fairly strong put down of her husband.  After John's apology, Doug suggested that this was a quick snack,  not a seven course meal.  That remark brought general laughter from the group.

The ladies of the group told the men what they wanted for snacks.  John and Doug went to the counter to place the order leaving Beth, Diane and Lorraine alone.

"Beth, you probably aren't really interested in being here.  You might prefer being home in bed," Lorraine said.

"No, this is fine.  I'm with friends, we're having a pleasant time, and all of that keeps my mind off Travis and what may happen in the next few days," Beth assured them.

"I thought it was encouraging that the doctor told you to go home that Travis had shown improvement.  Beth, that's positive," offered Diane.

Beth  sighed deeply, "I realize that, but even if he gets back to some level of normalcy, what will then happen?  I mean, he has to face trial, even if the Brad and Jacob drops charges, even if I fought to have him escape punishment.  That's not going to happen.  Travis was stupid to shoot Jacob and then (to) kidnap his own son and (then) to take him across state lines.  Suddenly, it wasn't just his little stupid plan to turn Brad from homosexual to heterosexual.  No, it had become a federal crime, and kidnapping is taken seriously in all the courts in the land.

"If he should stay comatose for a long period of time, or until he passes away, whose responsibility is it to see to his special care?  I would think that it would be the county based on what would easily be proven:  mismanagement, carelessness, and indifference.  Craydon will push that to the ultimate end.  If I have to do it, then much of the money will come from the partnership, and that, I can assure you, would not be anything that Craydon would be happy about."

"Either way, the problems for you will be immense.  Perhaps Travis was thinking of you and the boys when he did what he did," sympathized Lorraine.  She continued,  "I remember when we lost our daughter, I couldn't reconcile what happened to what I believed.  How could God do that to John and me?  "The times got bad as John couldn't deal with it all.  He became detached from our life together.  It was awful.  But, Beth,  you have two wonderful sons and you love their partners as much as any mother could.  They will be your strength, much as the new baby, Chris, became John and my strength and pulled us out of our agony."

Diane's eyes were full of tears, and because she was very emotional, she did not try to add anything to the conversation.  For her, the memory of Jacob's shooting and the realization that she and Doug might lose him had come sweeping back into her consciousness, forcing her to relive those terrible hours.

It was then that Doug and John arrived at the table each carrying a tray covered with food and drink.  After a short exchange of  `what did you order," and `I ordered this or that,'  everyone settled into eating and drinking.  A new kind of quiet reigned over the group, and whatever thoughts had occupied the three women, were for a few minutes, forgotten.  Little did the two men realize how poignant the discussion was that they had missed.

After they had finished and the group were leaving, they called out their thanks to the small crew who, except for them, were the only others in the restaurant.  It was a quick ride home, and after saying good night to Sadie, who maintained her  night watchman role, the group diverged to their bedrooms.  The night watchman checked the alarm system, extinguished the lights and wandered to her bedroom hoping to enjoy the few remaining hours of darkness and sleep.


When they arrived at Adam's bedroom,  Devon and Adam sat on the edge of the queen size bed.  Tim sat on the cot.  "So what now?" asked Tim.

"Why don't you use the bathroom, Tim.  You'll find towels in the closet next to the sink.  There are new toothbrushes in the left hand top draw of by the sink.  Soap, shampoo, that stuff is in the shower.  Dev and I will get the beds straightened and ready," instructed Adam.

Dev laughed lightly,  adding, "The boss has spoken, Tim, so get your cute ass moving."

Tim stood and stripped off his shirt, board shorts and sandals.  He stood there in his white boxers, smiled, turned and hurried into the bathroom.  "I'll leave the door open so we can chat if we want," he told them.

"Fine," called Dev.

As soon as Tim was in the bathroom, he slipped out of his boxers and stood before the mirror which reflected his well- formed body.  His penis was flaccid and hung above his ample scrotum in which were protected two large testicles.  He couldn't see it now, but he was aware that his ass was tempting as Todd had told him that many times.  The thought of Todd jabbed at his heart like a  sharp probe.  He found a toothbrush and bushed his teeth hard and long.  He rinsed his mouth and went to the toilet to piss.

He held his ample penis in his hand and after he pissed he unconsciously stroked it until it began to grow.  It felt good, and soon his other hand was holding his cum-heavy balls which he occasionally pulled.   Becoming aware of what he was doing, he hurriedly found a towel and stepped into the large glass shower, turning the water on before it was warm, and pulling away from the cold water momentarily until it began to warm.  His cock was soft.

In the bedroom, Dev and Adam had straightened the bed and made sure the cot was ready in case it was needed.  It was Adam who first noticed Tim brushing his teeth.

"Look at that ass, Dev.  Fuck, it's beautiful!" exclaimed Adam.

"Better than mine?" asked Dev.

"Hmm, well, it's in the same territory," replied Adam.


"Meaning it begs to be played with."

"Oh, like yours, Adam.  Your ass is to die for.  But I am not allowed to touch it yet."

"I have changed my mind about that and some other things."

"Oh, really?  Are you  gonna share any of those changes with me, Cutie?"

"Perhaps.  What I have decided is that I want to taste all of life.  I don't want to pass by any opportunity to enjoy every minute of what is my time here on earth.  I'm not just talking about sex, Dev, but I am surely including sex.

"Shit, Adam, look at Tim.  He's thinking about someone, surely Todd.  He's strokin' a nice looking cock.  Man is he a fucking hunk."

"Oh, would it be great to get it on with  him."

"Would you want to do that?  I mean, would you like to have sex with him and me . . .a threesome?"

"Yeah.  I think I would.  Do you think Tim would buy into that?" asked Adam.

"Hard to tell.  But obviously he's horny as a tied-up dog," suggested Dev.

"A tied-up dog?  What the fuck's that about."

"Just a stupid saying.  But if you were a male dog and there were female dogs around who were in heat and you were tied up, can't you imagine how horny the dog would be?"

"Yeah.  Look, he noticed what he was doing.  He's going to get into the show.  Dev it's now or never," said Adam as he pulled off his clothes and headed to the bathroom.  Dev stood there and watched Adam's great ass disappear into the bathroom.  He was hard.  Dev decided he'd wait a bit and let Tim and Adam get to know each other better, then he  would join them.  As he thought this, he disrobed and stood in the middle of the bedroom masturbating.

As soon as Adam was in the bathroom, he went to the shower and tapped on the glass door.  Tim had a slight look of surprise when he noticed Adam standing naked outside the shower.

"Mind if I join you?" asked Adam?

"No, it's a big shower.  Come on in," said Tim.

Adam opened the shower door, and starting to get in.  He deliberately appeared to slip and fall, and imagine that, directly into Tim's outstretched arms.  Their two bodies were tight against each other, and both boys were partially erect.

"Oops!" Adam said.  "Sorry about my clumsiness, but I like the  feel of your body," he continued.  Not letting him go, Tim reached beyond Adam and closed the shower door.  He let his hand slide down Adam's wet back coming to rest on Adam's left buttock's cheek.  Neither said anything.

"Kiss me!" ordered Adam.  Soon the two were kissing like hungry vultures consuming carrion.  They couldn't get enough of each other.

"I shouldn't be doing this," said Tim, as he broke the kiss, but didn't let Adam go.  They were both erect.  "I mean," Tim said, "I'm kinda promised to Todd."

"And I'm sort of promised to Dev," but you need some hot loving, Tim.  I don't want you to forget Todd, and I have no intention of forgetting Devon.  I just want to give you a few minutes of happiness."

When Tim buried his tongue deep in Adam's mouth, his answer was clear.  But again he pulled away from the kiss, now both hands  caressing Adam's ample butt.  "What about Devon?  He's in the bedroom.  I mean, Todd's not here, but Devon . . ."

"What about me?" asked Dev as he slipped into the shower and proceeded to force a threeway kiss.

"Oh!" said Tim as he realized what was happening.  "I guess you both want to give me a few minutes of happiness."

"Correcto!" they said in unison as they both fell to their knees and Adam taking Tim's beautiful cut cock into his mouth while Devon worked Tim's huge balls.  Tim moaned in pleasure.

Then both Dev and Adams worked on Tim's prick, each boy licking up the hard shaft from balls to throbbing head.  Then one and then the other sucking and licking the steel hard fuckpole.

Finally, Tim pushed them away, groaning, "Stop or I'll cum.  Stop!"

Dev and Adam followed Tim's wishes and stood up facing the object of their  attention.

No one said anything for a long moment, then Tim suggested that they go to the bedroom.  "Maybe," he suggested to them, "I can teach you a few things about male to male sex."

"Okay with me,"" said Devon.

"Yeah, solid," choked out Adam.

Tim had the last word, "Okay, then, let's take this to the bedroom.

And they did.


The breakfast that Todd's mother prepared was minimal.  Juice, toast, scrambled eggs, and some strange sausage that Todd did not recognize, but which he found he liked.

He drank milk while his mother and father drank coffee.  The conversation slowly expanded until they were a family having an open and sincere  conversation.  Todd had many questions which his father and mother answered freely and honestly,  never keeping anything from Todd.

"Were you a spy, Dad?"

His father looked directly into his son's eyes.  "That's the simplest term for what I did.  But I wasn't a spy like you might see in the movies.  It was nothing like that.  I acquired information in a subtle, unobtrusive manner.  There was a large amount of money at my disposal, and if anything drastic had to be done, like taking out an enemy, I was never involved.  In that way, I never lost my cover, nor did I risk my life.

"But, Dad, you could have been harmed, right?"

"Probably, but that never prevented me from serving my  country.  It was only recently when you and your mother were also marked for harm, that I had to ask for help.  We're in a program much like the witness protection program.  The only difference is that we are in hiding for as long as the threat continues."

"Where are we, Dad?"

"We're in a small town north of the border in Canada.  We're not far from Vermont and New Hampshire.  In a short  time we could be enjoying Niagra Falls.  But for the immediate future, we can't wander away from the house and enclosed yard.  We're under the protection of the Secret Service."

"Don't they protect the President?"

"Yes, dear, they do.  But our agents aren't the same ones who serve the President.  They're trained the same way, and after service here, they might be assigned to the President.  No one knows for sure where they will end up.  We'll have some of them tutoring you here so that you can finish your high school program and be prepared for college," his mother told him.

"That means I can't leave here.  I can't go to school here.  I can't go out to a movie or have friends over.  I  don't even have to worry about friends, do I?  How can I meet any friends if I can't leave the compound?"

Todd's mother had gotten up from her chair and returned to her son.  "Sweetie, we know this is going to be particularly difficult for you because you had to leave all your friends and even more upsetting for you, leaving Tim without his knowing what has happened to you.  But, Todd, your father and I will do everything in our power to get you and Tim back together.  I don't know how we'll do it, but we promise you we'll make it happen."

Without saying anything more, Todd shook his head a little indicating perhaps that he wasn't sure of the outcome of the promise.  He kissed his parents and went to what was to become his room.  There he would ponder his new life.  Already he was trying to devise a plan of  escape.  His room and that place were, after all, much like being sentenced to prison.


To be continued...


"The measure of love is to love without measure"

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