Finding Love: A Journey II
By: Scotty
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"Sadie and I have been discussing something in the kitchen that we think should be settled as soon as possible.  We want to know if the fake party for the Li's and the surprise party for Jacob are going to happen, or because of what's happened, if it should be postponed or even canceled."

Beth spoke up immediately.  "Travis is much improved, and even if he wasn't, I think we need to celebrate Jacob's birthday.  After all, he's going to be eighteen.  And that's not all, just remember what he's been through because of Travis.  And Brad loves him and so wants to surprise him with the birthday party.  I vote yes, and I'm looking forward to a happy time for all of us."

"I second that," said Lorraine.

"Show of hands?" said Doug.

Six hands shot into the air, followed by some genuine laughter, and so it was decided.

The surprise birthday bash for Jacob was on!

Chapter 13

There would be no birthday bash in St. Albans, Vermont.  For Todd Collins, that small city would still seem a prison and he would continue to be sentenced to serve time there.  How could this be?


Todd was pacing in his room.  It still was not certain that there would be a move from this small Canadian hamlet to the so-called city of St. Albans, Vermont.  As he paced, he wondered about all that had happened, not only this turn in his life, but all the tragedy and pain that Jacob and Brad had suffered.  As he thought about this, he remembered that the surprise party for Jacob was coming shortly, and he wouldn't be there.  He wouldn't be with Tim; he would be in goddamned St. Albans Vermont.


He knew absolutely nothing about St. Albans.  What he did know was it would probably be as cold as where he was now.  It was cold enough to freeze your nuts off here, so that left little to hope for.  Not that that would matter.  Without Tim, he guessed he didn't have a need for his testicles.  They would just be blue balls and he would suffer not only from that pain, but more importantly from knowing he might never see Tim again.


Contrary to what he had imagined, he was still able to think about his situation and not get deranged.  He had to learn that it wasn't his fault, nor was it his dad's fault, and certainly not his mother's problem.  It was just one of those things.  He had experienced enough in his young life that he knew that life was filled with zigs and zags, with uncertainties, with unexplainable happenings.  And life usually didn't offer any explanations about anything.  In his younger days, his parents had often helped him to understand things.  Why did his grandma die unexpectedly?  Why was his dog, Jasper, killed by a speeding pickup truck?


`Fuck,' he thought, `I have to keep calm and pay attention so that I can figure a way out of this mess.  I don't want to leave my parents, but if I have to, then I will.  I want to be with Tim, with my friends in Florida, back at my high school.'  He slumped in the desk chair, noting that there was only a lamp on the desk.  There was none of the electronic devices that had become such a major part of his life.  If only he had access to the internet, he would quickly let Tim what was going on.  Then it hit him hard with the logic of his current situation: there are no electronic devices because the protectors already knew what he would do. That was something that they would not allow to happen.  They were charged with protecting the Collin's family, and they would not waver in their duty.


Then in a moment of flashing realization, an epiphany of sorts, he realized that it didn't matter where he was or why he was there.  He needed Tim by his side.  He again wanted to hold Tim in his arms.  He desired Tim as only a lover can desire his partner.  In that moment of understanding, he began to see what his task would be.  He had to adjust to his surroundings so that he would be able to plot his escape from here or St. Albans so that he could eventually be with his lover again.


"Todd, please come down here.  It's important," called his father.


At first Todd didn't move in a kind of rebellion against the whole matter, and then he remembered he had to keep in touch, to know what was happening, to understand his surroundings, so he got up and hurried downstairs.


His father and mother were sitting at the dining room table with two younger men.  He hated himself for noticing, but they were both handsome and sexy.  He strode into the room, and sat in a chair next to his father.


"Todd, this is Vin Farina and Corey Adamsen.  They're here to protect us and to tell us about the move."


Farina smiled at Todd and for a moment he thought he was being examined, like, well was it his gaydar or was he just imagining everything.  "Hi, Todd, Corey and I will be spending a lot of time with you here, at school, wherever.  For the first few weeks after the move, Corey will be your tutor and I will handle your physical training.  Then when you go to school, you won't be behind."


Corey extended his hand to Todd who shook it, noticing how smooth and sensual it was.  "Glad to meet you, Todd.  You'll probably know more than I do, but I'll try really hard to do it right."  Did Todd hear something in that remark that could be taken a couple of ways?  He blushed a bit as he told Corey, "I don't think you'll have any trouble keeping on top of things.  You look like you know what to do."  Corey smiled and squeezed Todd's hand.  `What the fuck," Todd thought, `are those two guys coming on to me?'


His father's voice broke into his thoughts, ". . . and what should we know about St. Albans?  Is there anything we need to be concerned or worried about?"


`Yes, I wonder, too.  I'm really nervous about the whole matter.  Has it been decided what our names will be?   Things like that?" asked Todd's mother.


Farina answered, "Let's start with the names.  Your family name will be Higgins and your full names will be, Mr. Collins,  Leonard Higgins; you Mrs. Collins, Deborah Higgins; and Todd you'll be Keith Higgins.  Leonard, you will be an eccentric writer, Deborah, you will be a housewife and mother, and Todd you are a typical high school student.  Any questions about that?"


"Why those names?" asked Todd/Keith?


Corey Adamsen was quick to answer, "Well, Keith, the bureau checks out areas to be sure that the family name is not a familiar one.  The first names are also based on a study of names that are popular enough so that they won't stand out as strange.  It's all carefully done to protest your real identity.  In a matter of a month, you'll be accepted as a part of the community.  That's the aim of the bureau to assure that your life will be as normal as possible.  This isn't supposed to be a punishment; it's designed to make you feel safe and happy."


Todd looked at his parents, but neither of them seemed able to tell him anything more than what he had just heard, so he kept quiet.


Adamsen continued, "Now, what should you know about St. Albans?  First of all, it's a friendly place with a population of about 8,000.  For a long time it was primarily French-Canadian, but that has changed in the last thirty years.  Now it's a mixed population with the average age for men at 35 and for women at 32.


"There are churches for most denominations.  Again, once it was primarily Roman Catholic, but that has changed, too.  There is no synagogue.  But that's about it.  Some of the people go to Middlebury which is close by and is a college town to attend services for special sects, for example, Muslin.  You won't need to worry about that, as you will continue to be Episcopalians.


"You'll be able to go shopping, to go to movies, and to do everyday things.  But that won't happen for a few weeks without one of us being present, but not noticeable.  You'll probably not be aware that we're with you.


"Now, about high school for you, Keith," Corey said.  He added, "That won't happen for a while.  We have to find out more about the school administration, how they might fit in a group of have-to-knows about your new lives.  There are probably teachers who will be identified who might not be the best for you Keith, as they might not like new kids in the classes later in the year.  You know, if you're not there at the beginning, they see that as extra work for them.  So, all that has to be completed quietly, secretly if you prefer, before you can attend to school."


Todd looked a little dismayed, but said nothing.  The agent told everyone, "You'll have to have a cover of some sort, Keith, for not being in school right after you move to St. Albans.  This is what the planners have decided.  You are quite ill with a  sickness that hasn't yet been diagnosed, but which the doctors don't want spread if it's contagious.  That will give us about a month to get all our ducks in a row.  Any questions?"


"Yeah, I have one or two.  Do we have to use these stupid new names?  I like Todd much better than Keith.  And about my cover, I think it sucks.  How many friends do you think I'll be able to make as a new student in school if everyone knows I had some strange disease?"


Corey laughed lightly as he answered, "Yup, Keith, we have to start using them right now and so do you three.  If you slip up here in the house or in your new house, it wouldn't matter too much.  However, you can't screw up at school, the bank or any other public place.  Do you all understand that?"


"It's really important that you do because ultimately your safety, and perhaps your lives, depend on it," added Farina.


Leonard, Deborah and Keith shook their heads `yes' in unison, but all of them had a strong dislike for their new names.


"And about your cover, the only one who has to know about your illness will be the school administration.  They'll be no public announcement about it.


"How about the high school?  What can you tell me about it?" asked Keith.


It was Corey who again began speaking, "It's about 1200 students because it serves not only St. Albans but some other   nearby towns.  It has an excellent reputation with the State of Vermont, and it sends 70 percent of its students on to four year colleges and universities.  It has varsity boys' teams in hockey, football, skiing, baseball, basketball, wrestling, tennis, track and field, and lacrosse.  Girls varsity teams are in softball, basketball skiing, tennis, lacrosse, and track and field, and next year girl's hockey.  Obviously hockey is the sport of choice."


Realizing that Keith had accepted all that, Corey went on, "The high school also has a drama club, jazz band, marching band, choir, newspaper, yearbook, literary magazine and a variety of clubs, including a Gay Alliance Group.  They also offer advanced classes in English, Math, US History, Economics, French, and Spanish.  They are introducing Mandarin Chinese this year.  They still offer Latin, but dropped Greek about ten years ago.  They also offer German.


"They have excellent records in hockey and baseball.  Much of the building is new, built about five years ago.  It is fully into the technological age.  Keith, you probably won't be able to use the computers at school at least not those connected to the internet, but we'll talk about that later.  And as painful as this will seem, no cell phones.  You can have a ipod, however."


"That's just wonderful!  Just frigging wonderful!" murmured Keith.


Vin Farina called the meeting over, telling everyone that they would be back tomorrow at 11 AM to continue.  Corey would begin tutoring tomorrow afternoon.


That was it.




Brad moved to Jacob and kissed him lightly on the forehead.  Jacob rolled to his back and pulled Brad on top.  He attacked Brad's open and willing mouth with his tongue, beginning the familiar duel of tongues.  Soon both young men were gasping for a breath the result of the wild kissing and the building stimulation.


"You can't leave me so unfulfilled," moaned Jacob as he ran his hands down his lover's back and buttocks.


Brad giggled, then asked in a faux-innocent way,  "What can I do to fulfill you?"


Jacob grabbed both cheeks of Brad's ass and squeezed hard enough to get Brad's undivided attention.  "You silly ass, I want you to fill me.  Do you understand?"


Brad smiled down at his handsome lover, a smirk covering his face, "You mean," he whispered suggestively, "you want me to fuck you."


"Damn right, and get to it," Jacob demanded.


"No foreplay?"


"None!  Just shove that hard cock of yours deep up my hot waiting asshole.  No lube or condom either.  Now do it."


After a pause, Brad kissed his lover, "Sorry, Baby, but we use lube and rubbers for now.  When we are together and alone in some romantic place, then you'll get what you want any way you want it.  Now, relax, I'm really horny and very hard and I am going to fuck the shit out of you."


"Yeah, sure," said Jacob with a laugh.


Brad knelt on his knees between Jacob's legs which he lifted to his shoulders.  A squeeze of lube felt cool on Jaccob's hot and winking anus.  Then in loving preparation, Brad used his well-lubed fingers to open his lover's receptive anus.  Quickly slipping on a condom which he then lubed, he position himself so that he could rub his cock head up and down Jake's crack, stimulating his asshole on every pass.


"Do it!  Fuck me!  Please, I want your cock."


As he pushed slowly but steadily, his cock was soon deep inside his lover and with every movement in or out, he pleasured Jake as his steel-hard cock rubbed his lover's prostate.  Jacob was moaning, and Brad impulsively began to bang into his lover's hot ass.


Soon both of them were moaning, and to their mutual surprise, their dirty talk only stimulated and excited them more.  In a quick moment of joy, Jacob called out, "I'm fuckin' cummin', you hot bastard.  Fuck me harder while I shoot."


"You little cheap whore, take all of my cock and don't forget how great it feels.  Oh shit, I'm cummin', too."

After some more moaning and thrashing on the bed, the two quieted, and lay there in post-climax comfort.  Jacob dropped his legs from Brad's shoulders.


"Hmm, nice my sweet lover.  You certainly know how to fuck," Jacob said.


"Well, thanks.  It's easy to fuck a great ass, and Jake, you sure as hell have that.  Tonight, I want you to ride me to climax."


"Sounds good to me.  Now, we'd better get our asses moving or Sadie will break down the door.  School bells are calling, and tomorrow starts the weekend.  We can make love without interruption for two days," laughed a happy Jacob.


"I like that because that means I get to ride your huge cock, Jake.  You know I love that."


"Yeah, yeah!"


Brad slapped Jacob's thigh as he jumped off the bed.  Last one to the shower gets only cold water.


The two laughing and pushing young men hurried to the bathroom.  Indeed, the day was improving even more.




Jim asked Gary to stop at the hospital on the way home so that he could check on Travis.  Gary wasn't thrilled about it, but he agreed and before long they were at the door of Travis' room.  The police guard at the door accepted the cards they had obtained at the desk and admitted them, reminding them that they had only a five minutes visit.  Inwardly, Gary was happy about that.


The back of Travis' bed had been elevated and he seemed to be connected to fewer tubes and lines.  He appeared to be sleeping, but Jim went to the bed and took his free hand.  Travis' eyelids fluttered and a small smile suggested recognition.


"How you doing?" asked the young, handsome clergyman.


Travis shook his head slowly, then closed his eyes again.


"Was that a signal for feeling better?" asked Gary,  "If it was, try to squeeze Jim's hand."


In the silence that followed, Jim could feel slight pressure from Travis' fingers.  "He signaled me, `yes'," said Jim.


Gary smiled, "That's good to know.  I wonder where Beth is."


"Shush," chided Jim, "Let's not upset him.  Travis, Gary and I will be leaving now.  We'll be back later to see you again.


There was no response from the bed, so the two men left the room.  Gary was just a little hot under the collar because Jim had scolded him.  He decided to forget it because he knew his lover was correct.  He always was.


Nonetheless, it was a quiet ride to the apartment.  And strangely Gary's displeasure with Jim's scolding increased until he told himself he wouldn't speak until it was really necessary.


He noticed Jim was somewhere else, probably reliving the meeting, or planning for some event at church.  But it became obvious that whatever and wherever he was, Gary was not invited in.


Gary's feelings didn't change, and he soon began to feel sorry for himself.  Travis was a bastard who didn't deserve any special concerns.  `Fuck,' thought Gary, `he nearly killed two kids and then to make matters worse, the fuckin' coward tried to kill himself and escape the punishment he so rightly deserves.'  Gary was now laughing internally as he imagined what Jim would say to him if he ever dared say aloud what he just thought.  For Jim the operative word was forgiveness.  Gary had no doubt that Jim would quickly and publicly forgive Arthur Coles Grantford for his despicable behavior.  `That old bastard,' Gary thought, `should have his balls cut off and served to him for breakfast.  After the shit he tried to pull,'


Gary pulled the car into his parking space and quickly got out of the vehicle.  Jim didn't move, so Gary walked toward the building and unlocked the door and was inside for a few moments before Jim came in.  The always smiling Jim was not smiling.  He went quickly to the bedroom and closed the door.


Gary contemplated what was happening and suddenly was ashamed of himself.  Nothing terrible had happened to him. Today had been a beating that Jim had taken without complaint.  And he, the silly ass that he could be, had been a terrible prick in not speaking to Jim, not consoling him for the way the meeting had begun.


"Gary, please come here," Jim called from the bedroom.


"Just a minute," Gary called back.


"No, not a minute wasted, I want you now!" Jim replied.


`Shit,' thought Gary, `here we go again.  How did I fuck up this time.  Bet it's because I clammed up in the car.'


Gary hurried to the bedroom, unceremoniously pushed open the door, and found Jim naked and aroused lying on the bed, his legs spread in invitation.  Gary gasped and stopped so quickly that he nearly fell over.


"Get naked quickly and come here to me.  I have something I want to share with you," Jim practically cooed.


Clothes went flying in all directions and shortly Gary was standing naked and hard in front of Jim.  Jim smiled and  stroked his hard penis a few times,  The he played with his large nuts, rolling them between his fingers.  Finally he stuck his middles finger in his mouth and covered it with spittle.  Pulling back his legs, he found his anus and shoved his wet finger deep into his ass.  Gary flung himself onto the bed and almost devoured Jim's cock and balls.  Then they kissed like it had been years, and finally Jim said softly into Gary's ear,  "Now you horny man, I'm going to fuck you."


Gary had already forgotten what he was angry about.




John Li and his wife Lorraine had made a decision a few days ago about Jacob's birthday present.  Now it seemed that there would have to be an increase in the numbers, but that was of no consequence to them.  Of course, it might be a problem in Vermont, but he would only know that when he talked with Sean or Ryan.


After asking permission, Li went into Doug's office and dialed the number in Vermont.  The phone rang three times before it was picked up.


"Hi, this is Ryan."


"Ryan, this is John Li; you remember we chatted a while back when you were in Florida looking for a house which you bought from Doug Neilson."


"Yes, sure.  What can I do for you?"


"You mentioned that you would be happy to rent out your smaller cottage."


"Yes.  Are you interested?"


Li took a deep breath and said, "Yes, I am, but not for Lorraine and me.  I want to give a couple of weeks use of the cabin to the boys who you heard about.  It's a birthday gift to Jacob as he will be eighteen.  How much room is there, sleeping room that it?"


"Two bedrooms sleep two each and there's a futon in one of the rooms for another two.  It might be a little crowded, but it's workable.  Why?"


Another deep breath and again Li spoke, "Well, originally it was for just two boys, but now there are three others.  Let me explain.  These guys are all gay.  Jacob and Brad are a confirmed couple.  Adam and Devon are close to that and poor Tim has lost his lover, not from anything he did or Todd did, but simply because Todd's entire family disappeared one night and no one knows anything about it.  The police are dumb about it, perhaps because it probably has something to do with protecting the family."


"I don't see a problem.  Hold on.  Sean, please come here, I need to ask you something.  He'll be here in a moment.  He's here.  Just a minute."  In the background he could hear the two men talking.


"It's okay with Sean providing the guys know there are younger boys around here and they are off limits."


"My God," said Li, "that won't be a problem.  These are good boys."


"Good, then let's make plans.  Sean is here and will be on the extension," Ryan offered.


For the next five or ten minutes the three men chatted and set a date and worked on the other details.  As they finished, Li said, I'll send you a check today."


"No, forget that, John.  We'll send you a bill after the boys leave," Sean said


"Fine," replied Li, "thanks you guys, I'll be in touch."


The two parties hung up.  Sean turned to his husband and lover, kissed him firmly, saying,


"It will be great to have some young people around.  Maybe they will watch the boys one night so that you and I can go out and enjoy the evening and make naughty, noisy love."


"You devil," laughed Ryan as he held Sean tightly and rubbed his growing member against him.




Buckminster sipped the hot coffee from the cup.  He was still tired as last night had been a bitch.  He still was a little pissed that he had to cut short his romp with the whore, but that was life.  What a fuckin' jerk Travis was!  He made a bad scene worse with his botched attempt at suicide.  He bit a large bite of now cold toast, frowned, and threw the toast back onto the plate.


His thoughts moved to Beth and he found himself thinking of her in an unhealthy way.  She was his partner's wife, and not only that, his partner was near death.  Still, there was something terribly tempting about Beth.  If Travis were to die, he must . . . might . . .  The phone rang.


"Buckminster here," he answered, `Yes, yes.  That's good isn't it, Beth.  Oh, he doesn't.  Why is that?  Probably, I mean whatever the doctors said.  It will be difficult today; I've got some heavy business to attend to as it is important to the firm.

How about we have dinner tonight, say at 7 :30.  Do you know Dolphin Bar and Shrimp House?  Yeah, that's the one.  Oh, you love it.  Great, it's one of my favorites, too.  Do you want anyone else to join us, your sons, Diane and Doug?  Oh, I understand.  Right, the two of us can discuss some preliminaries about the firm since it appears Travis won't be able to get involved for some time.  Beth, thanks for calling to let me know about Travis' condition.  I'll pick you up at the Neilson house.  Bye."


Inexplicably, Croydon Buckminster found himself anxious about having dinner with Beth.  He knew he had to keep it all very above board, very professional.  But it would be difficult.  Beth was a beautiful and sexy woman, and as always, he was horny, especially for a woman such as her.  `Business,' he reminded himself, `business, and that was all.'




It was just before lunch, when Brad had an unbelievable need to be with Jacob.  `How,' he wondered, `would he be able to leave for college without Jacob?  He knew he would not be able to do that.  Perhaps he could work for a year, save some money, and, and . . ,'


"Calling Brad Mason!  Are you there?  For god's sake Brad, what's the matter with you?" asked a laughing Viki Graham.




"Are you worried or something?  I bet it's your dad.  I can understand that."


"No, it isn't that.  It's Jacob?"


"What's wrong with Jacob?  I mean, I saw him early this morning."


"It's not really Jacob.  It's me.  God, Viki, I miss him so much I don't know what I would do if we couldn't both go to the same college.  I think I would die of loneliness."


"Look, dummy, why are you worrying about that stuff.  Don't you have enough on your plate with your dad and everything that he caused.  Jacob won't leave you, dufus; he loves you so much that all of us sense it in his behavior and when we look in his eyes, well, we see you.  We all have talked about it."


Brad was cracking his knuckles, which Viki hated but which she recognized was his way of controlling too much emotion.  She hugged her friend since kindergarten, and as she did, she could feel the tenseness in his body.


"Hey," came the familiar voice of Jake, "whatcha doing to my boyfriend, harlot?" he asked as he chuckled.


Viki and Brad separated as Viki told Jacob, "Don't worry, honey, I`m just getting him warmed up for you.  You'll thank me later."




As more students were passing in the halls toward the cafeteria, Brad whispered to Viki and Jake, "No one has to heat me up for Jake.  All I have to do is think about him and I want him."


With a laugh Jake insisted, "It will have to wait until after lunch.  I need to eat well and keep my strength up if you are going to pursue me like a sex fiend, Brad Mason."


"I'm out of here," Viki quickly said, as she hurried to meet Kevin.  She was smiling as she thought, `Know how you feel Brad, Kevin does that to me.'  But she was quiet as she moved away.


"I like her, Brad.  She's a nice gal.  I'm glad she and Kev finally got together.  They make a great couple, Jake said as they got in line.  Brad moved closely behind him, their bodies touching, but not enough to be noticeable to the majority of others waiting for food.  Jake could feel his lover's body, and pushed back slightly against Brad's crotch with his ass.  He could feel Brad's body responding.  When Bard was getting hard enough to see, Jake pulled away.  They both laughed.




Diane, Sadie and Lorraine were in their element: finishing the planning for Jake's surprise birthday party.  They had discussed Sadie doing all the preparations and cooking, but that was quickly shot down by Lorraine, who informed them that John wanted to pay for a caterer.  He wanted all the families and quests to enjoy themselves, and he specifically named Sadie.  This was a party and she, perhaps more than anyone except Doug and Brad, should enjoy.  Diane agreed without argument, except to say, that she and Doug were giving the party so the Li's didn't have to spend a cent.  Lorraine Li just laughed,  "You haven't learned much about John, have you?  When he says he's going to do something, that's final!"  All three women enjoyed a wonderful belly laugh.


Choosing a caterer was easy as Sadie had experience with that from weddings at the church.  Within a half hour, the women had settled on Constantine's Catering.  It was well known and dependable.  Sadie knew from experience that they would handle everything, including dishes, stemware, food, grilling if that was desired: everything.  The problem was could they take the job for the party on Sunday next.


Sadie went to the kitchen to phone, and in a minute or two returned.  "Yes, they'll take the job, but they want the menu no later than tomorrow afternoon.  I told them they would have it.  So ladies, let's get to work. 


The party would be held outside by the pool unless rain was forecast, then it would be inside.  There was plenty of space either way.  Then the menu:


Lots of shrimp, as young men love shrimp.

Strip and tenderloin steaks.

Red snapper.

Baked ham.


Twice-baked potatoes.

A few hamburgers for the so-inclined.

Chips, dips, potato salad.


Salads: garden and Caesar     

Rolls and breads of their choosing.

Soda, juice, milk for the younger guests.

Wine and beer for the adults.

A large birthday cake and ice cream.


"Maybe," Sadie suggested, "we might ask them to serve some chittlins."


"You're kidding, Sadie, aren't you?" asked Diane.


"I hope so," agreed Lorraine with a giggle.


Sadie brought some tea cups to the counter, returning with a pot of hot tea.  As she poured the tea, she smiled broadly at the two women.  "You've got to admit, it would be good as a conversation starter."


"True, but I don't think I could deal with it," Diane said.


"Let's get on with the planning," suggested Sadie.


"What are we going to have for decorations on the cake and what should it say?" asked Diane.


The three women sipped the steaming tea and quietly thought about the cake, each perhaps, seeing it differently.  "Perhaps," suggested Diane, we might have a Jeep on it."


Sadie smiled and asked, "Won't that give away your great gift, Diane?"


"You're giving Jacob a Jeep for his birthday?" asked Lorraine.


"Yes, Lorraine, we are.  And it's a beauty, too.  It's bright yellow and in near-new condition.  Jacob will love it."


Sadie returned to the table with a dish of cookies which she set down on the shiny surface.  "If we hid the cake until we wanted to show it off, then Jacob wouldn't be able to figure out the decoration.  Also, it wouldn't matter if you gave it to him on Saturday night, without indicating anything about the party."


Diane had picked up a cookie and taken a bite so she wasn't able to speak for a moment.  She washed down the cookie with some tear, wiped her mouth with a napkin, and said, "I don't want to do anything that would spoil the surprise.  Jacob is probably not thinking about a surprise party, at least not on Sunday because his birthday is on Wednesday of the following week."


"You're right, Diane, so let's get creative.  Any ideas, Sadie?" questioned Lorraine.


"Well, how about two class rings entwined?  For Jacob that would be wonderful.  I think Brad would be thrilled, too.  I can borrow a ring from Kevin so that it will be accurate."


"Isn't that a little too much like a wedding cake?" inquired Diane?


"Perhaps it is, but I don't have much else to suggest," offered Sadie.


"Isn't Jacob a fine swimmer? inquired Lorraine?


"He certainly is, Lorraine.  We could ask the caterer to come up with some suggestions along the line of swimming,  But we'd want them to avoid diving since Jacob is not a diver.  Do you like the idea, Sadie," Diane asked.


"I sure do and I'll contact the caterer."


Diane was smoothing her napkin, as she smiled and said, "Then let's do it..  Okay, we need to finish up the planning."


Lorraine suggested that there be no breakables, especially if it was held out by the pool.  There was total agreement on that.  They also wanted to know how many people.  Diane began the list, Jacob, Brad, Adam, Devon, Tim, Peter, Chris, Kevin, Greg, Ashton, Conner, Viki, and the dates the boys will bring, Father Jim and Gary, Beth, Buckminster, Sadie, the Li's, Doug, Sadie and me.


"What about Father Crowley and his wife Agnes?  Are we going to invite them? asked Sadie.


"We probably should, but perhaps that would make Father Jim and Gary a little uneasy.  You know, skimpy bathing suits, affectionate hugs with all the couples.  We're used to all that, but Father Crowley might be a little put off.  Perhaps we shouldn't," quietly argued Lorraine.


"Good point, Lorraine.  I think we should forget that," said Sadie now in agreement with all that Lorraine had said.


Diane smiled at the two and said, "I will be comfortable with the guests we have now.  What about music, things teenagers like?  I'm afraid I'm not too much into that stuff. 


"I'll get Brad alone soon and ask him if he knows a good local DJ.  I'm sure he will.  Then I'll call and hire him for the party," offered Sadie.


"Agreed," said Lorraine.


The party was set. A week from Sunday the festivities would begin.




In the afterglow of their coupling, the two young men lay in each other's arms, silent and satisfied.  Gary knew he had to apologize for being such an asshole on the ride home, but he was embarrassed to admit to Jim how shallow he had been.  He took a deep breath and kissed his sleepy lover gently on the lips.


"I've been a real prick, Babe.  I didn't speak to you on the way home, and it was because . . . because . . ."


"Because I shushed you, right?"


"Yeah, pretty stupid.  I mean, you were right, Jim, as you usually are.  Travis didn't have to hear Beth's name, not at that moment.  I love you so much, Babe, that when I think you're tough on me, I kinda recoil.  It's stupid, but it happens.  I just want you to forgive me, Jim."


"I think I did forgive you, Gary.  I wouldn't make love to you if I was angry with you or felt that I needed to forgive you.  You didn't do anything wrong.  I didn't speak either, so we were sort of even.  I knew you were troubled, but I didn't say anything to let you know I had an idea about what the trouble was.  So, when you left the car in sort of a huff, I decided to offer you something you couldn't refuse.  I wanted to make you happy."


"You're an angel, Jim."


"Hmm, maybe a little devil, too.  I have been thinking about things though.  If I decided to leave here and go elsewhere to start anew, would you come with me?"


"I sure as hell would.  I'd even leave the agency if I had to.  I want to be with you the rest of my life, Jim.  We could make a wonderful life together anywhere."


"In Africa?"




"In South America?"




"In China?"




"In Antarctica?"


"Absolutely not.  I don't want to freeze my nuts off."


"Me either.  Let's take Antarctica off the list."


"Agreed.  Now let's take a warm shower, dress, go out to lunch, and hurry home and fuck all night."  Laughing, Jim answered,






The Grantford family had much to deal with after preventing their father from fulfilling his desire to get rid of Father Jim and the pastor of St. Augustine's, the faithful Father Crowley.  There was much else in addition to that.  Evan's revelation to his father not only of his sexual preference, but also the introduction of his lover, Frank, a black man, was the cause of extreme anger in his father.


One of those disclosures would have been enough to cause Arthur Cole Grantford to go into orbit, but together, they were too much for the bigot parent to handle.  The exasperated father did not leave the meeting without throwing passionate threats to all of his children.  No matter what Edgar tried or said would placate the furious progenitor who left in a rage.


Elsie, not easily frightened, felt a kind of coldness settle on the four children after their father had left.  "What are we going to do about father?" she asked.  The three brothers looked one to the other, and for a long moment, none said anything.  Edgar moved to the windows and staring out at the Florida greenery whispered, "Perhaps we just wait."


"I don't care what he does.  He can take whatever money he has control of and shove it up his wrinkled old . . ." Evan began but he was interrupted by Frank.  "Hon, don't make it worse than it is.  Your dad has been badly defeated and with all his experience, he failed to recognize how well his children had learned from observing him in action.  They had learned how to maneuver a situation to their advantage.  Edgar, you were masterful in all that you did behind the scenes and prior to the meeting.  Now, my wonderful lover, calm down."


Everett laughed and applauded.  "Thank you Frank.  I'm pleased to see that you can control our spastic brother."




Edgar turned and looked as his siblings.  "You know, don't you, that Frank has a better handle on father's lesson than perhaps we did.  It's going to take some time to rebuild our relationship with him."


Elsie got up from her chair, went to Edgar and kissed him on the cheek.  He hugged her and returned a kiss.  "For all of us rebuilding a relationship with father will be difficult because none of us really had one to begin with.  After mother died, he became the prisoner of his broken heart. Unfortunately he turned from us to the business, into which he poured all his energies, his caring, and even his love.  His idea of love for us was to provide a home, food, servants, schools, but little of his time or affection."


"Hell," said Evan, "we all turned out pretty well, didn't we?  I don't hate father, you know.  I guess I feel sorry for him because as he grew older, he grew more confirmed in his beliefs.  He didn't grow, at least not in the right direction.  He seemed to withdraw inward, failing to adjust to the world he lived in as it changed.  He must have been so unhappy.  I think often of poor Tobias who lives with him day after day.  That man should be considered for sainthood.  But here's the strangest thing of all, I love him."


"As I do," said Elsie.


"And I," added Everett.


"As I always have," Edgar summed up the discussion.


After some hugs and pecks, everyone except Edgar left agreeing to call in the next couple of days.  Edgar, left alone in the conference room, sat quietly in the seat at the head of the table.  For a moment he just cleared his mind, then he returned to his fear: what would his father do next.  Edgar realized that the battle was not over.




Devon had graciously offered to drop Tim at home or at school, whichever he preferred.  He decided to get a change of clothes at home before going to school.  He knew his sister would get him to school and write him a note if he were to be tardy.  It was a difficult moment when the three boys said their goodbyes.  Adam, especially, was concerned about Tim and how he would handle the disappearance of Todd.  After Tim thanked Devon for the ride, but before he went into the house, Adam had hugged him and whispered that if he needed to talk or anything to just give him a call.  Adam was surprised when Tim gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.  "Thanks, Adam." Tim said softly, "Devon is a lucky guy to have you as a special friend.  If I wasn't committed to Todd, I'd be hot on your tail.  If I don't see you before then, I hope to be able to get to the party for Jake."  With that he hurried into the house.


"What did he say?" asked  Devon.


Adam laughed.  "He said I was lucky to have such a hot guy for a lover."


"He didn't!"


"Sure as hell did," offered Adam.


Devon pulled the car into a parking spot.  He reached over and grabbed Adam's hand.  "No shit, Adam, what the fuck did he  really say.  No more crap either, just the fuckin' truth."


"Okay, okay," said a heartily laughing Adam, "he said that I was fortunate to have you as "a special friend".


"Special friend, huh?  I think I'm your boyfriend.  I am aren't I?  I mean I want to be if you'll have me.  Adam, please don't kid with me, you do want me as a boyfriend, don't you?"


"Of course, you silly ass!  Now let's get to school."


Devon leaned across the seat and kissed Adam just as a red Mustang sped by honking it's horn loudly.


"Damn those two guys.  That was Jake and Brad; just wait until I see them after school," said Adam as he laughed and poked Devon in the arm.


The two drove off to school.  Friday always made school seem friendly and better.




The morning meeting with Farina and Corey was boring.  Todd didn't care about all the stupid arrangements for moving, getting all the necessary furniture, that sort of crap.


"You don't seem too interested, Keith," said Corey.


Keith picked his head up and stared directly at Corey.  "Not particularly.  I'd rather be doing something that's helpful to me.  Maybe I should read since I can't watch television, or play a computer game or anything entertaining.  This is going to be a dismal time here.  I hate it all."


Vin Farina looked in a curious way toward Corey.  He shook his head and continued with a mundane explanation of what the daily routines would be for the first month after moving to St. Albans.  Corey had sat down next to Keith.  As Vin continued, Corey slipped his arm around Keith's shoulders, seemingly to offer some support.  Keith said nothing, but he did feel Corey's fingertips softly massaging his biceps.


As Vic mumbled on, Corey's hand slipped down to Keith's waist and stopped there momentarily.  His fingers closed slowly on Keith's flesh.  Keith turned and looked into Corey's eyes.  He got a smile in return, but the hand and then the arm were removed from his body.


"So you see, things won't be a great deal different than they were before.  Corey and I will be around for a few months to be sure that you're safe.  Probably one of us will be stationed here indefinitely, but we're not sure of that.  The Bureau doesn't tell us anything more than we need to know.  We're basing this on past experience.  Do you have any questions?"


"Yes, when can we expect the move?" asked Mr. Leonard Higgins?


"We've made arrangements for the move on Tuesday of next week.  The house has been purchased and everything of that nature has been attended to.  The mortgage is paid as are this year's taxes."


Deborah Higgin's face had lost most of its color.  She reached for her husband's hand wanting some sort of support.  "What about all our things from Florida?  Our clothes? Our keepsakes? Everything was removed from the Florida house!"


Vin Farina moved nearer to Deborah, and resting his hand on her shoulder, he reassured her.  "All your personal things have arrived here, well in St. Albans.  Agents are combing through things, removing anything that might reveal who you really are.  We'll go over a list of what was removed.  You'll be provided with new birth records, passports, and Social Security cards.  You'll also have new driver's licenses from Florida which you can exchange for Vermont licenses later."


As Keith turned to speak directly to Farina, he moved against Corey, his right leg sliding between Corey's open legs.  Without realizing it, he pushed his knee into Corey's crotch and against his cock and balls.  "This is all pretty scary, if you ask me.  Anything that tells who we were will be destroyed?  I hate this."  Corey leaned into Keith's knee exerting more pressure on his penis which began stiffening.


"Keith," he said as he ran his hand up Keith's leg from where the boy's knee was pushing against his privates toward the same area of Keith's anatomy, "nothing will be destroyed.  It will be carefully preserved and stored safely and secretly away.  When this business is over, everything will be returned and you all can go back to living the lives you had to leave.  None of the Bureau wants you to have to live this way forever.  Please try to understand we want to keep you safe and alive."


Corey hugged Keith quickly, whispering in his ear, "Keith, just remember that I'll be here if you need anything, anything at all."  Keith pondered Corey's remark, his mind mulling the expression, `anything at all'.


Deborah smiled thinking how wonderful it was that these professional men could be so understanding and could offer such support and affection to her son who was in need of that.  Keith's father was quietly disarmed by everything, but he accepted it as Corey's way of helping Keith in this trying time.  Little did either parent recognize it as the first step in the seduction of their handsome son.  Vin Farina, on the other hand, standing next to Keith's mother with a broad smirk on his face, knew exactly what was going on, and hoped against hope, that he might be included later.  Time would tell.


As Keith pulled away from Corey, their eyes met, and it was obvious to Vin Farina that a strong physical connection had been made.  Maybe in the next weeks Corey could bridge whatever gaps there might be so that he could pleasure himself and Keith.  "Thanks for the hug, Corey.  It made me feel better.  I'm anxious to start classes with you.  Instead of waiting until this afternoon, why don't you come up to my room and we can start now.  Can you do that or do you have other responsibilities?"


By now Keith had pulled his knee away from Corey's crotch.  Keith and Vin saw evidence of Corey's stimulation, but Keith's parents were unaware of what was happening.  Corey could see from his vantage point that Keith was also stimulated.  "I can stay if Vin thinks he can take care of some of the other details without me."


"It's no problem, Corey.  This will give you a head start on things. Vin said.


"Good.  I'll have lunch sent in for all of us, and Vin will you pick me up around six this evening and bring dinner for all of us."  Deborah began to object, but Vin quieted her quickly with the idea of an outstanding Chinese dinner.  He had found an amazing Chinese restaurant called the Golden Dragon where the food was as good as he had ever eaten.  Corey quickly agreed.


"That sounds good to me," Keith said.  Leonard shook his head in agreement.  Vin Farina began picking up his materials, but handed one folder to Corey which apparently had something to do with the home schooling.  "Pizza okay for lunch?" asked Corey.  No one objected so Vin would order two pizzas, one margarita and one vegetarian to be delivered at noon.  They would be paid for so all that Corey had to take care of was the delivery boy's tip.


Vin began chatting with Keith's parents about drinks, etc, as a signal to his comrade to get going.  "Let's go to your room and get started as you seem ready to go," suggested Corey.


"I'm ready for anything," said the smiling Keith as they left the room climbed the stairs and went into the bedroom and silently closed the door; then Keith locked the door.


"Shall we get started?" asked Corey.


Tears glistened in Keith's eyes.  Corey was immediately aware of this and wondered what was wrong.  He decided instantly that he would find out.  He asked, "Keith is something wrong?"


Keith moved forward, their two bodies almost touching.  "Please hug and hold me.  I need to be held so that I can stop thinking about Tim.  I hurt so much about losing him.  Sometimes I don't want to be alive without him."


Corey took Keith into his arms holding him firmly to his body.  Keith's head rested on Corey's shoulder, and now safe, he let the tears run down his face. 

To be continued...


"The measure of love is to love without measure"

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