Finding Love: A Journey II
By: Scotty
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Vin began chatting with Keith's parents about drinks, etc, as a signal to his comrade to get going.  "Let's go to your room and get started as you seem ready to go," suggested Corey.


"I'm ready for anything," said the smiling Keith as they left the room climbed the stairs and went into the bedroom and silently closed the door; then Keith locked the door.


"Shall we get started?" asked Corey.


Tears glistened in Keith's eyes.  Corey was immediately aware of this and wondered what was wrong.  He decided instantly that he would find out.  He asked, "Keith is something wrong?"


Keith moved forward, their two bodies almost touching.  "Please hug and hold me.  I need to be held so that I can stop thinking about Tim.  I hurt so much about losing him.  Sometimes I don't want to be alive without him."


Corey took Keith into his arms holding him firmly to his body.  Keith's head rested on Corey's shoulder, and now safe, he let the tears run down his face.



Chapter 14



The weekend arrived and it was welcomed by everyone as a respite from the emotional and exhausting week that had preceded it. 


For Beth Mason, the suicide attempt by Travis had simply increased the heartbreak and stupefying emotional pain of Chris' accident and injuries, Brad's abduction and mistreatment by Travis, and Jacob's being shot by her religiously deranged husband.  She was drained of emotion and strength.  She needed rest and some peace. The dinner with Croydon had helped.  It had relieved the tension which was close to destroying her.


There was no doubt in her mind if it hadn't been for the Neilsons, Sadie, Father Jim and Gary, and finally the support of her two sons and their lovers, she would not have been able to handle all that had happened.


At dinner with Croydon, the conversation had stayed pretty much on the business and what should be done now that Travis was likely to spend time in prison for his nefarious behavior.  He had been well enough by Monday to be sent back to the prison, albeit, in the medical ward.  There seemed now to be a moment of calm, of solitude.  Beth remembered the kindness of Croydon, and his expressed wish to see her again, perhaps socially. He had suggested that certainly it would be to do some more decision making about the law firm.


Perhaps it was what had happened in the past few weeks that had made her more suspicious about what the intentions were when people interacted with her.  In fact, that suspicion was strongest about Croydon.  She blushed as she considered her reaction to him as a man.  There were so many things about him that she found attractive: his good looks, his intelligence, his kindness, his concern.  But there was also something that troubled her.  She got vibes from him that he was interested in her not only because of the business, but she laughed to herself, but because of his monkey business.  Was he making a play for her now in her vulnerable state?  `No, no,' she thought, `he wouldn't take advantage of the situation.  Or, perhaps he might just want a fling with a lonely, emotionally scared and nearly defenseless woman.'


Pushing that thought aside, she pondered his masculinity, his strength, and his well-kept and sexy physique.  There was no doubt that at dinner she had been intrigued by his smile.  And when he touched her hand across the table in a gesture of understanding and support, she had felt more than that.  That touch had brought a tension to her, perhaps a desire for a man who embodied so many attractive characteristics. 


But then in her mind's eyes she saw Travis lying in the hospital bed, now nearly the shell of the man with whom she had fallen so deeply in love.  He had given her two wonderful sons, had provided her with the best of what she wanted, and had allowed her to pursue her own career.  And for many of their years together he had been a wonderful lover and a great father.  `If only,' she thought, `things had turned out differently.  If only they had gone to another church, met different friends, known how the world was changing, how society was becoming more accepting of those who were different.  But it hadn't been so.

God! God, how could you have done this to us?'  There being no answer to that question, she decided to go on with her life.




Sadie had finally pulled Brad away from Jacob for a couple of minutes to ask him about a DJ for the party.  It took only a millisecond for him to respond.


"Sadie, Russell Stemp is the greatest.  He calls himself, "The  Maker of Music" and I've heard him at school dances.  He's cool, Sadie, real cool!  And more than that, Jacob likes him, too.  He'd be great if you can get him."


Sadie smiled her broad encompassing smile, patted Brad on the arm and sent him back to Jacob who was enjoying the sun as he rested on a chaise next to the pool.  After Brad left, she found a listing in the yellow pages and called Stemp.  The phone rang three times and as she was about to hang up, a man with a melodious voice answered,


"Hello, Russell Stemp here."


Sadie quickly asked about his schedule and availability to provide music at the party on the next Sunday


"Let me check my calendar.  Yeah, yeah, I can make it on Sunday, but I'm booked on Saturday.  What kind of party is it?"


"It's an eighteenth birthday for a very special and well loved young man.  It will be outside by the pool, or if it rains, inside."


"That sounds like fun," said Stemp.  He continued, "What kind of music?"


Chuckling, Sadie replied, "You play the stuff young people like to hear and dance to.  You might throw in a couple of romantic ballads that are easy to dance to for the older folks and couples.  Russell, I have one question to ask you and I want you to be perfectly honest in your answer.  There will be some gay couples here, will that be a problem?"


"No, no.  I don't decide who can be at a party or wedding, or whatever.  I just provide good music.  If there are any special requests, let me know a couple of days before the shindig, and I'll be sure to have the CD's with me."


"I'll be sure to let you know.  Oh yes, what's your fee?"


"I get a hundred dollars for each of the first three hours and then seventy-five for each of the remaining hours, but never more than a total of five hundred for the entire gig."


"That's fine.  Now is there anything you need?"


"As a matter of fact, there is.  I'll need a couple of electrical outlets, a large table, some directions to the house, and what time you'd like me to arrive."


In short order, Sadie answered all Stemp's queries. With the phone conversation finished, she decided to find Diane and the other women to let them know that the music was covered.  The party planning was nearing an end.  Keeping everything from Jacob in the coming week would be more difficult than anything.  `Poor Brad,' she thought, `how difficult it will be for him, and yet he would most want to keep the secret.' 


All would be well.




The weekend had been a long private time together for Brad and Jacob.  Their energies and attention had been each other and their love making had been extensive and exciting.  For them on those two days, discovery, passion, and wanting to give pleasure were paramount in their minds.


Only the football game on Saturday took away their time together.  Brad was not yet ready to play, but it was fun to see him dressed in his uniform.  He exuded confidence and masculinity, both traits that appealed to Jacob.  Because the team won, the time was worth it.


In their love making there were extended moments of sheer joy, of the comfort of a lover's arms, a lover's kiss, and a lover's entrance into their most private openings.  It was a gentle, sincere expression of their feelings for each other.  Each moment gave increasing strength to their bonding, their total connection to the other. There was what Jacob called something `spiritual' about it all.  At first Brad wasn't sure about the word `spiritual'  until Jacob, in an intense lovemaking moment, entered him and he was dizzied and so emotionally stimulated that he nearly cried with joy.  After that experience, `spiritual' did indeed seem to fit the bill!


Sadie had to awaken the two boys on both days.  She had let them sleep very late on Saturday, as they had gone to the movies and then got pizza.  She only had to worry about Brad getting to the football game early to get dressed.  Jacob would leave with him, enjoying the Mustang once again.  So their lovemaking had continued in the morning for a long time.  On Sunday, she had awakened them earlier so that they would be able to get to church on time.


There were glad they didn't miss the services because the congregation was fully aware of what Arthur Cole Grantford had attempted. They applauded wildly when the two priests entered the church, welcoming the older pastor, Father Crowley, and the new assistant, Father Jim.  This reception quickly and firmly exonerated the two priests of any wrong doing.


Although Jacob and Brad had applauded loudly with Sadie, Adam, the Neilsons and Beth, they were all aware of the almost manic clapping of Gary who was sitting in the front row of the church.  His enthusiasm and explosive joy soon infected the entire congregation who were now standing and continued to applaud with such growing gusto that the two priests were deeply moved by the acceptance and the affection of the members of St. Augustine's.  Most of the congregation noticed that tears were running down the cheeks of the old priest.  Father Jim put his arm on the pastor's shoulders offering both support and understanding of the emotion of the moment.  It was evident to everyone present that Arthur Coles Grantford would never again control St. Augustine's.




The weekend had not been the best for Adam.  For one thing, Devon could not spend any of the two days with him.  His grandparents had plans which involved him, and since they had been so understanding and cooperative with Devon, both he and Adam understood their desire to have Devon with them as they visited friends and relatives on the west coast of Florida.  Friday night when they said goodbye, it was difficult for Devon to leave.  He kept walking away only to return and take Adam in his arms and kiss him gently.


Each time they embraced, first Adam and then Devon would get erect.  They giggled lightly, felt each other's erection, laughed a little louder.  Then Devon would move away from Adam, walk slowly toward his car, then turn and hurry back to start the same flirtation again.  Finally Adam, as he licked and gently bit Devon's ear, whispered, "You have to go!  Oh, baby, I don't want you to go.  Hurry and go or you'll get in trouble and Sadie will be out here taking me by the ear and pulling me into the house.  Kiss me, please, Devon.  Kiss me!"


"Hmmm, oh, Adam, you are so hot!  I can't leave, baby.  I want to sleep with you tonight.  Please don't send me away.  Come here!"  Devon pulled Adam once more into his arms and covered his face with small kisses.  Adam groaned in pleasure and was about to speak again when they heard Sadie's voice


`Okay, Adam, it's time to come in.  Devon, you should get home before your grandparents worry about you.  You'll see each other on Monday.  Adam, Devon is not going off to war, so relax.  Say goodnight.  If I have to tell you again, your father will be with me."  The boys heard the door close.


Looking longingly into each other's eyes, the boys kissed one last time.  Devon turned and hurried to the car and quickly drove out of the compound.  Adam watched until his car disappeared from sight.  He walked slowly into the house where he found Sadie sitting at the counter sipping her tea.


"Are you okay, Adam?" asked Sadie.


Adam sat on a stool next to Sadie's.  He looked at her for a fleeting moment and then looked down toward the top of the counter.  He sighed deeply, convincing Sadie before he spoke that he was sad.  "I'm fine, Sadie; it's just, well . . . I've fallen in love with Devon and I know he loves me.  So . . ."


"There's no need to say anything more," Sadie interrupted.  "I understand.  Just remember, Adam that you and Devon are young and you have a whole life ahead of you.  You'll be together more as you get older.  Try to be patient."


Adam reached out and Sadie took him into her arms.  "You always know how to make me feel better.  Thanks."


"I love you, young man.  I want you to know that I'm always here for you."


"I know that, Sadie.  You're like the mother I never had or knew.  Good night," said Adam as he got up and walked slowly to his bedroom.


Sadie kept him in her line of sight until he disappeared around a corner.  She smiled for a bit and then her face turned serious and a tear formed in the corner of her eye.  She remembered her brother and knew how much real love had meant to him.  Adam had lived through enough hell; she resolved to make it her mission to care for Adam and to be sure that no guy would hurt him, not even Devon.


Sadie picked up her empty cup and took it to the sink where she rinsed it and put it in the dishwasher.  She returned to the counter and wiped it clean. Next she pushed the stools into their places, glanced around the kitchen, left the dish cloth at the sink, and finding things as they should be, she switched off the lights and disappeared into her rooms off the kitchen.




Devon had not been good company for his grandparents on the drive across the peninsula of Florida.  It was a boring ride at best with long stretches of open fields with various domesticated animals grazing.  Devon's poor grandmother tried valiantly to engage Devon in conversation, put she quickly realized it was futile.  His grandfather would not bother with him, muttering under his breath about how cranky the boy was.  The ride finally ended in Estero where Devon was pulled away by his cousins, all younger than he.  In Devon's mind they were all stupid.


After a large cookout packed with relatives he didn't know, everyone took a tour of the nearby communities. Devon suffered through the whole episode and dreaded tomorrow, that is, until they headed back to the east coast.  Finally, Devon and his grandparents left for the motel where he would spend the night in his own room.


As he was getting ready for bed, Devon's thoughts again turned to Adam.  He smiled to himself because he was keenly aware that he had been thinking about Adam since he left him at the Neilson compound.  He worried a little that with all his thoughts about Adam could his relationship with his grandparents and his level of academic success at school be damaged.  He already knew that there would not be any more nights spent with Adam at the Neilson home.  His grandparents had made it clear that he had school where they expected to have him excel.  Additionally, the reminded himself that he had chores that they expected him to do which he had been neglecting.


`Somehow,' he thought, `I will find time to do all that they expect of me, but I will still have time to be with Adam.  I know he needs me more now than before we spend so much time together.  He knows that I am in love with him, and I know that he loves me, too.'  The weekend would be long and distasteful, but he would endure.


Naked, he slipped into the bed, pushing the bed clothes down to the foot of the bed.  He slowly began to stroke his semi-erect penis.   His thoughts were with Adam.  He remembered the kisses.  He remembered the oral sex.  He remembered their attempt at anal sex.  He remembered Adam's smooth body.  He remembered!  His hand moved faster and faster stroking his rock hard penis, until, until, he ejaculated, his hot cum landing first on his chin and then on his chest, his stomach, and then in a final moment of ecstasy, dripping slowly onto his pubic hair.


Then he slept.




Chris and Peter had enjoyed the early morning drive along route one, following the coast whenever they could.  They drove north as far as Melbourne, moving off route one to the various small towns and beaches.  On the return south, they stopped at the Sebastian Inlet and had lunch at Captain Hiram's.  They asked to be seated on the deck for their quiet, and for them, romantic lunch the Atlantic.


Much of the conversation of the day was centered on their plans, not only for the immediate future, but also for their lives together after college.  Chris wanted to follow his desire to be an attorney while Peter still had dreams about being a doctor.  They wondered if they could sustain such a long academic endeavor.  The most daunting problem was money.  Peter knew that his parents would take care of his expenses even in the long years of medical school and residency.

With what had happened with his father and the resultant financial mess, Chris was not certain if that might still be a possibility.  He trusted his mom and Croydon Buckminster to take good care of the law firm.  He worried about his mother and her ability to maintain the life style she was accustomed to.  He also knew that she would probably not give up teaching as it sustained her in a way that had made him wonder more than once if perhaps he should follow in her footsteps and make education his career.  He also knew that if it was possible his mother would take care of his and Brad's educational expenses.


They made the second serious pact of their relationship.  The first had been that they would be boyfriends exclusive of any other individuals.  The second they made sharing a piece of decadent chocolate cake at Captain Hiram's in Sebastian, Florida.  The second pact was simple: they would stay together at grad school, too.  They would do this even if they had to attend a university a distance from Florida that had outstanding programs in law and medicine.  As long as they were together, that was what mattered most to them. 


After lunch they drove south and stopped at Stuart beach where they spent some time walking along the edge of the water, their feet and calves getting wet.  They were cautious about any overt demonstration of their love for each other.  They didn't hold hands or hug or kiss.  The just walked side-by-side and talked, Peter reached and took Chris' hand.  Probably some of those who saw them wondered if they were more than casual friends, but if they did, it was probably because they both radiated happiness through their wonderful smiles.


As the sunlight began to wane, they turned and walked back down the beach.  They climbed the steps and crossed the small bridge, stopping to rinse off their feet at the shower.  Again in the car, they continued south, deciding together that they would like to see the mansions on Jupiter Island.  They had heard that Tiger Woods was building a multimillion enclave on the island.  Maybe if they were lucky, they might see it.  The drive was uneventful, and Chris wondered what the uncharacteristically silent Peter was thinking. Chris thought that as he was also quiet and thinking about all they had discussed, that Peter was probably doing the same thing. 


To their surprise and disappointment, only quick glimpses of the mansions were possible.  Small signs with family names or the name of the mansion and the beginnings of impeccably well kept driveways and flowers were the only visible reminder of the wealthy families that lived there.  Tiger's place was still in a state of construction, and was not very visible from the road.  Peter thought that was why the very wealthy chose to live here: it assured them privacy.


Back on the road they stopped at the Jupiter beach near Hobe Sound.  It was now getting toward twilight, but they got out of the car and walked a bit on the beach.  Fishermen were out now as were some young guys playing Frisbee.  Actually it was quite quiet.  They had walked a good distance and were walking back as the moon rose over the horizon, large and beautiful, casting a wide girth of sparkles back toward the shore.


`This,' Peter thought, `is the perfect place.' He stopped and turned toward his lover.  He took Chris's hand, and then fell to one knee.  Chris looked confused.


"Chris, you are the center of my universe, my best friend, my lover.   Will you marry me?"


Silence followed for a few seconds where only the splash of the water on the shore and a few shouts from the boys interrupted it.  Chris pulled Peter to his feet, where they faced each other.  Peter saw the glistening in Chris's eyes and for a moment was worried.  Chris pulled Peter into his arms, and speaking while trying to keep his voice from breaking, said,


"Yes, yes, yes!  Of course, I'll marry you.  I love you so much, Peter, I am at a loss of words to tell you.  Perhaps this will help."


He kissed Peter will a strength and sincerity that made it clear how much he loved him.  Peter's moans were ample response.


"I want to tell the family," sputtered Chris.


"But when?" asked Peter.


"Not at Jacob's birthday party.  That would be a big mistake," Chris said.


"Sure as shit it would be!  How about we tell our families that night after everyone except those we love most have left?  Does that sound reasonable?"


Chris laughed, "Yes, it does." He thought that in that moment, standing there before him in the moonlight, Peter looked more handsome than ever. "My God, Peter, I want to fuck you right now here on the beach for everyone to see how much I love you."


Now Peter was giggling, "You silly, hot, wonderful ass.  I want that, too.  Let's wait `til we're back at the house in our bedroom, and then my sweet husband to be, I will fuck you half the night, because the other half of the night, I want that cock of yours deep in me.  Understand?"


"Do I ever, you hot man.  Do I ever!"




Doug and Diane made passionate love, exploring all kinds of things that they both wanted to try.  Some gave them exquisite pleasure and others were unremarkable.  On Sunday morning they were so tired they nearly missed church.


Lorraine and John Li never showed up for breakfast or church, nor did Peter and Chris.  Everyone came to a tacit agreement not to awaken them.


Sadie wondered in a gentle, quiet way, if everyone was finally getting back to normalcy after the terrible times they had all just endured.  She had some fears, but she pushed them into the back of her conscious mind, remembering instead, the party for Jacob.  How she loved that boy!




The rest of Sunday had been a quiet time for Father Jim and Gary.  After services they had returned to the apartment where they got into comfortable shorts and t-shirts.  Barefooted, they worked together in the kitchen to prepare a dinner.  It was simple: grilled steaks, baked potato, grilled asparagus, a tossed salad of greens, fresh strawberries, peeled and sliced orange, red onions, and a great dressing made by the good father.


They decided to eat out on the balcony, enjoying the lovely weather.  They were decidedly quiet as they both pondered the decision they had made earlier.  Jim would leave St. Augustine's and Gary would resign from the FBI and together they would start a new life.  Where they would go was not yet clear to them, but they had agreed it had to be reasonably warm.


It was not something that would happen immediately as there was much to be done.  Jim had an obligation the St. Augustine's to remain there until the New Year.  Gary had obligations and cases to finish before he would leave.  Jim's most difficult task would be informing Father Crowley of his decision.  Gary also had one special case to finish that was paramount: finding Todd so that Tim could be happy.


They had decided not to worry about dessert; they had other plans on how to sweeten the day.  They hurried to clean up; in fact they left dishes in the sink which was something they never did.  Jim finally grabbed Gary's hand, pulling him toward the bedroom.


"I can't wait much longer.  I need you Gary," confessed Jim.


Gary pulled his lover to his chest and kissed him so gently on the lips that if was like a single leaf reaching to ground.


"Come with me, Jim," whispered Gary, "I am here to make you forget all the agony of the last few days.  I was and am so proud of you.  Let me make love to you, my sweet Jim."


Nothing more was said as the two young lovers went into the bedroom and closed the door.  This long afternoon would be theirs and only theirs.  Everything else would have to wait. 

To be continued... 


"The measure of love is to love without measure"

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