Finding Love: A Journey II
By: Scotty
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They had decided not to worry about dessert; they had other plans on how to sweeten the day.  They hurried to clean up; in fact they left dishes in the sink which was something they never did.  Jim finally grabbed Gary's hand, pulling him toward the bedroom.


"I can't wait much longer.  I need you Gary," confessed Jim.


Gary pulled his lover to his chest and kissed him so gently on the lips that if was like a single leaf reaching to ground.


"Come with me, Jim," whispered Gary, "I am here to make you forget all the agony of the last few days.  I was and am so proud of you.  Let me make love to you, my sweet Jim."


Nothing more was said as the two young lovers went into the bedroom and closed the door.  This long afternoon would be theirs and only theirs.  Everything else would have to wait. 

Chapter 15


The weekend had allowed everyone to take time to adjust to the strange happenings of the last week relative to the suicide attempt by Travis Mason and the disappearance of Todd Collins.  It was a sort of deep-breathing exercise to catch up with their feelings and to consider how this would affect their futures.

Tim turned slowly in his bed stretching and yawning broadly.  His weekend had been filled with work at Ranaldi's, church, and catching up on homework.  But through it all, Todd was always on his mind, enough so that Mrs. Ranaldi had sensed it and suggested that he leave early.

"No, if I'm here working, it keeps my mind occupied most of the time.  I'm sorry if I haven't been doing my job the way you expect.  If  that's the case, then I'll go home."

Mrs. Ranaldi hugged Tim as she assured him, "Tim, I don't want you to go home for any reason except that it might help you deal with Todd's disappearance.  You always do your job they way we want.  In fact, you are always better than we expect.  So relax.  We love you, Tim."

Tim felt the lump in his throat, caused, he knew, by all the love this wonderful lady was showering on him. He worked harder to do a better job, and it helped by pulling his thoughts away from Todd, at least in small bits and pieces.

Waiting table now gave Tim more responsibility than when he was a busboy.  He smiled to himself as he remembered that he had met Todd at Ranaldi's where he was working as a busboy.  They had exchanged glances and the more he saw of Todd the more he was intrigued, even excited.  He had left early to be with Todd, especially after the trouble with a waiter who had his own interest in Todd.  It all seemed so long ago.

He wondered if he would ever see Todd again.  Where did he go?  Why did he go?  Maybe Gary and Attorney Buckminster would get information.  As he took the order for a pleasant young family, an errant tear slid down his cheek.  Only the young mother noticed and she said nothing, not even to her husband later when they were at home in bed.  She knew that it was a private moment, perhaps a memory of a parent who had passed away, or a love affair that had ended badly.  She knew the young man needed his privacy.


It was Wednesday and Brad and I had begun serious practice with the respective teams. We were walking together after English class on their way to our lockers.  I had noticed that Brad had gotten increasingly quiet and withdrawn the last couple of days.  I wondered if I might be the cause of it all.

"Brad, are you feeling okay?" I asked, gently rubbing my lover's shoulder.

Brad stopped and turned toward me.  "Yeah, I'm okay.  What makes you think I'm not feeling okay?

"I don't know specifically, it's just that you haven't been yourself since we went back to school on Monday.  You seem quiet and even a little withdrawn."

"You are screwed up, Hon.  I'm the same as I always have been.  Maybe it's the season."

"What the fuck does that mean?" I asked, starting to get  slightly irritated.

"Hurricanes and that shit," was Brad's abrupt reply.  I've gotta get changed and out on the field.  See you after practice."  He gave me a peck on the cheek leaving me  standing there feeling that I had been put off and was not given any real information about what was wrong with Brad.  `Later,' I thought as I walked to my locker, `I will  chat about it with Sadie.  She always knew how to help.'  I  removed my clothes and slipped into my Speedo.

I dove into the pool, the cool water caressing my skin and relaxing me.  Coach had been telling me to be careful and to work back up to my usual speed and endurance.  In the water I allowed the rhythm of my strokes and breathing to place me into an almost trance-like state, becoming  oblivious to my fellow swimmers, my mind still pondering  what was wrong with my lover.  Something was different.  I wondered if something had happened and Brad was keeping it from me.  `But what the fuck could that be?' I  thought. `Brad has never kept anything from me.  We're both upfront with each other.'

"Hey!  Neilson!  Are you with us?" asked the bemused Coach Kimball.

I glided to the edge of the pool and pulled myself out, droplets of water glistening on my body which was beginning to show the results of the workout time I spent under Brad's tutelage.

"Sorry, Coach, I was thinking about some things that have been bothering me.  I'll try to be more focused.  Maybe I'm not ready to be back."

"Neilson, will you relax!  I think you're doing fine.  In fact, what I wanted to chat with you about is being ready for the meet next week.  I think you can add to the team and we need you when we swim against Fort Pierce.  What do you think?"

I fell silent for a moment trying to get my response in order.  I didn't want to seem arrogant, but I had seen the vacuum my absence had made in the team.

"I feel pretty good, Coach.  If you think I can contribute to the team, then I'm ready."

"Terrific!  That's what I hoped you'd say.  Now get your sorry butt back in the pool.  Try to get fifty laps in, increasing your speed at ten lap intervals.  Then hit the showers and get home."

I smiled and did a shallow dive into the pool.


As Brad pulled on his pads and finished dressing in his practice uniform, he was quietly swearing at himself.  `That little fucker knows something is going on.  I'm a classic asshole for not being able to act normal.  But, shit, he's so cute and those eyes; when he looks at me and smiles, I turn to jelly.  I don't know if I will make it `til Sunday.  I've got to come up with something that he'll believe and that will get me to the party on Sunday  I just know that when he gets me in bed, all will be lost.'

He laced up his cleats, looked around the locker room, and realized that he was the last guy there.  He jumped up and ran out, hoping that he wouldn't cause every member on the team to run laps.  Fortunately the coach hadn't started anything.

"Hey, Mason, thought you fell asleep," yelled Kevin with a laugh.

"Up yours, jerk-off!" replied Brad, a smile spreading across his face and a sense of calm overtaking his body.  This was his work at the moment.  He'd come up with a solution to the present dilemma with his cutie-pie.

The team began their stretching and warm up, the monotonous routine which allowed Brad to again think about Jacob.  He understood that Jacob was really great at reading people, or noticing things that he never considered.  Suddenly he realized that the coach was speaking to him.

". . . so I was wondering what you thought about that?" finished the coach.

"Could you repeat that, Coach? With the racket, I didn't catch it all," Brad said.

"Sure.  I noticed that you seem to have gotten back to what I think is full range in your shoulder.  I would like you to start next week.  So I was wondering what you thought about that?

Brad had stopped the warm-up exercise.  He wiped his brow on his uniform sleeve, took a deep breath, and looking directly at the coach, replied,

"It would be great to play a major role in a game.  I feel pretty normal, so I don't see any reason why I couldn't."

"Great!" said the coach.  It's an afternoon game, so you'll be home by late on Saturday night."

"Oh, man, that's a problem.  We have a going-away thing for the Li's.  That will be tricky, but let me talk with my folks.  I'll get back to you as soon as I can."

"Fine, Brad, but the sooner I know the better."  Coach raised his whistle to his lips and blew, getting the attention of every player on the team.  The practice went on, ending near five in the afternoon.

Interestingly, the team plodded rather than ran to the locker room where they began striping off their sweaty and dirty uniforms.  Brad was one of the first guys finished.  He hurried out of the locker room and ran to the Mustang where he found Jacob leaning against the front fender, smiling.  `Damn,' thought Brad, `he's figured it out.  Shit!  Diane and Sadie will rip my balls off.'

"Hey, Babe, how'd practice go?" I asked.

"Not bad.  How did your swim go?"

 I walked over to Brad and whispered in his ear, "Fuck the practice.  Let's get in the car so I can shove my tongue down your throat, and then who knows that will happen."

Brad laughed as he unlocked the vehicle, threw his bag into the back. I followed Brad's example and tossed my school bag into the back of the Mustang.  The front doors slammed shut simultaneously and the two of us were immediately in a hot, sexy embrace.  Our hands moved over each other's bodies, often settling on our now hard cocks.

"Stop!" I cried out. "Why?" asked a horny Brad.


"Shit on because.  I want to suck your cock, lick those gorgeous balls and have you fuck me hard right here, right now," said Brad as he pulled on my shorts and underwear. Before he could go any further, Kev's amused voice called out as he rapped on the driver's window,

"Get a room, you two horny dogs." Then he disappeared down the line of cars to his truck.

I was giggling, but Brad was still hot to have sex.  "Shit! Shit! Shit!" Brad practically yelled.  I kissed him gently on the ear, giving him a little tongue in the ear, and whispered,  "This would be much better at home in the bedroom or at the beach on a nice day.  I want you, too, Babe, but let's get out of here and go home.  I've got some things we need to discuss."

"Okay.  I've got some things to tell you, too.  But it's good stuff," Brad said.

He pulled me tightly to his chest and kissed me hard on the lips, using his tongue as a reminder of what he wanted later.   I sighed, returned some tongue and then moved away from Brad so that we could head home.  "My stuff is all good, Brad.  It's all good.  By the way, you seem in a much better state of mind.  Did you get your problem taken care of at practice?"

"Yeah, I knocked some heads together; it always makes me feel better."

I laughed as we pulled out of the parking lot, heading toward home.


The women of the house had spent much of the afternoon going over the arrangements for the surprise party on Sunday.  Russ, the DJ, had called to confirm that there would be tables and outlets for his equipment.  Sadie assured him that there would be.  He also asked about any special music but there were no songs that anyone had requested.

It had been Diane's idea, which was quickly agreed to by Sadie, Beth and Lorraine, that they were no problems.   "The only problem is the weather this time of year, near the end of the hurricane season, is the possibility of rain," offered the practical Sadie.

"Is there any possibility of a hurricane?" questioned Lorraine.

"I don't think that's likely, Lorraine.  If that was a possibility, the weather men would be advising us. No, there's no need to worry about that, at least for Sunday.  We still have to plan on rain, however," added Diane.

"I wonder how Brad did today?  He's been having a problem keeping the party a secret.  It gets worse as the day gets closer," Sadie told them. 

Lorraine Li chuckled as she added, "Jacob's such a clever young man.  I bet he has an idea that something's going on."

Beth Mason got up from the stool at the kitchen island and walked to the sink where she carefully placed her soiled cup.  She turned and faced the other women.  "I know Brad very well and I can tell you that he's not very good at keeping secrets.  But I do know this: he would rather be put in prison than reveal the party.  I don't know how he'll handle it, but I assure you that if Jacob finds out about the party, it won't be from Brad."

The mustang roared into the parking lot which signaled the group to separate and go their individual ways.  Only Sadie remained in the kitchen, and as always was sitting at the counter sipping a cup of hot tea.


"So what is it that you had to tell me," I asked, as the Mustang purred its way home.  Brad didn't answer immediately, then cleared his throat, and spoke.

"Coach wants me to start as quarterback at Saturday's game.  I'm not sure I want to try."

"Whoa!  What the fuck do you mean, Brad, you're not sure you want to try.  You better get your ass out there and show everyone what a great quarterback you are.  I love you a lot, and I don't want to see you get hurt, but I think you need to do this for yourself first, and for us, second, and finally for your Mom who needs something pleasant in her life.  And there are all the other people who have been supporting us.  You need to make them feel good."

"Easily said, Jacob, but there's a lot to be considered," replied Brad.

For a moment or two, I said nothing.  "So I suppose I should tell Coach that I can't swim this Friday."


"I guess I have to worry about lots of things, too, some I don't even know about yet.  I mean, the team doesn't need me anyway.  I guess I'll tell him I've changed my mind.  That way I can stay home and nurse my hurts."

"You, my sweet Lover, are a wise ass!" Brad said with a laugh.

I joined in the light laughter.  "You know, Brad, I don't buy any of the shit about you not playing on Saturday.  You owe it to the team and to Coach who has supported you all through high school.  There's nothing going on this weekend that's more important than your playing in the game.  Now, just forget everything else and concentrate on that game and playing your best."

Brad stopped the car at the gate to the Neilson home, punched in the code, and after the gate opened, he drove in and parked the car.  He turned to me, smiled and then after kissing me lightly on the lips told me, "You're right, Jake, as usual.  I love you.  So when's your meet?"

"It's Friday night at 7 at the pool.  Will you be able to be there?"

"You bet your cute ass I'll be there.  And when we get home I'll take care of everything for a wild night of hot sex."

I laughed and my retort was short, "We'll see.  We'll see." 


When Sadie saw us come into the kitchen holding hands, she sighed in relief.  `Apparently,' she thought, `everything is fine.'

"How was school today?" she asked.

"Terrific!  Guess what?" I asked her.

"You passed that math test you were worried about," said Sadie.

"Yeah, I did that, but there's something more important.  Brad's going to start as quarterback at Saturday's game." Jake said.

"And that's not all, Sadie," Jake's going to swim in the meet on Friday night," added Brad.

Sadie was out of her seat and hugging the two young men.  "I can't imagine anything that would please the two of you more than that.  Congratulations!"

"Jake, would you go up to the room and get me my iPod.  I have something on it I want Sadie to hear."

"Sure, you lazy ox,"  I said as I hurried out of the kitchen.

"Sadie, I just sort of lied to Jake.  But I have to tell someone.  If I play in the game, I might not be home until late Sunday as the team will stay overnight and start home on Sunday.  I just can't do that to Jake.  I won't do that! He's pretty concerned about my not wanting to play."

"Does he have any idea why you don't want to play?" 

"No, he doesn't know the real reason."

"Get up to the suite.  I'll handle this.  We'll take Jake to the game and bring you home with us on Saturday night.  I just have to explain this all to his Mom and Dad.  And your Mom needs to know, too.  Just don't worry about it, and tell Jake that you have thought about it and that you're going to play."

Brad hurried to Sadie have her a kiss on the cheek and told her,

"You are just so good, so caring.  I love you almost as much as Jake.  Thank you for helping me."

Sadie smiled.  "That's what I'm here for," she said as Brad left the room, jogging to the suite and his lover.


So far the week of home study had not been as bad as Keith (Todd) had imagined it would be.  Corey was a smart dude as he had discovered immediately.  He knew a great deal about many subjects, especially math and English literature.  He also liked to sit close to Keith, his arm often around Keith's back or his hand resting on the young man's thigh.

The first day, Keith shrugged it off, trying to convince himself that is was all accidental and that Corey was not putting a move on him.  He imagined that Corey was simply trying to make him feel a little better.  But on Thursday, the same day that Vin Farina took his parents to St. Albans, things changed.

He and Corey were in the bedroom at his desk.  They had just finished reading King Lear.  Soon they were discussing it.

"What do you think about the character of Cordelia?" asked Corey.  "Do you think she's too good to be true?

Without hesitation, Keith answered, "At first I thought that, but I guess you're supposed to compare her to Goneril and Regan. They're so bad, that most anyone would think Cordelia is too good.  But she stays at her father's side even after he treats her badly.  I mean, I know, the old king is a little off his rocker, but he is terrible. And at least to me, he deserved some of what happened to him.  I hated the ending, too, even though I knew it was going to end badly.  I guess the play shows, among other things, that good doesn't always control situations.  Evil consumes some people to a degree that they lose all the good aspects of their personalities.  Often the desire for wealth or position is the motivating reason."

"That's pretty interesting," said Corey as he ran his hand up Keith's thigh until it rested on his cock.  "Keith, you're so hot!" Corey's warm breath in Keith's ear sent sensations through the younger man's body, and even though he willed against it, his cock jumped.  As it did, Corey tongued the young man's ear.

"Please stop," Keith said.

"Why?  Don't you like it?"

"Yes, but . . ."

"But, what?"

"I mean, I think that it's . . ."

Keith couldn't finish because Corey's mouth closed over his and he didn't fight all the feelings he was having.  As the two shared tongues and saliva, their erratic movements knocked the literature book onto the floor, pulling with it all thoughts of the play.   Their minds and bodies were now deeply into a desire for sexual satisfaction.  As soon as they came up for air, Corey was on his feet; he moved to the bedroom door which he hurriedly locked.

"Come here!" he softly ordered Keith.

Keith rose to his feet and walked slowly to Corey who was standing in front of the locked door, his back resting lightly against it.  When Keith was close enough, Corey reached out his hand and took one of Keith's hands.  He pulled Keith to him their chests meeting, their hardened members moving against each other.  The kissed hungrily.

Keith pulled away, smiled at Corey and dropped to his knees.  He reached out and stroked Corey's cock, which moved in appreciation of the touch.  The zipper moved silently down, revealing the hard cock pulsating against the taut white material of the tight white shorts.  Keith leaned forward and kissed the stiffened penis.  Corey sighed with pleasure.

"Let's get naked," he suggested.

The two sexually charged men quickly shed their clothing, and stood looking at each other.  Keith's cock was moving with anticipation.  Corey knelt down in front of Keith and took the boy's cock deep into this mouth, and after only a few sucks in and out, took the cock into his throat.  Keith grabbed his head and began to fuck his face.  Corey did not stop the action for a few moments, but then moved away and looking up at Keith, said,

"I want to fuck you!" Corey almost demanded.

"Maybe, maybe," came Keith's uncertain response.

"Come with me, Baby," Corey said as he took Keith's hand and led him to the bed.  "Lie down on your back," Corey continued. "You do want to be fucked, don't you?"

Keith was stammering, "I . . .I, yes, I love to be fucked, but...but...I want Tim to fuck me.  Tim's my lover and he's wonderful.  So, I don't know about this.  I mean it would be cheating big time and that would be wrong.  Can you understand that?"

"Yes, Keith I do understand that, but when you and Tim have sex, it's really making love. What I want to do with you now is just sex.  I can make you know pleasure that will probably make you cum without touching your very suckable cock

Keith rolled on to his side and as he did Corey began to lick from his foot up his leg to his hip.  A deep sigh escaped from Keith's clenched teeth.  Corey pushed on the inside of the young man's thigh causing Keith to roll onto his back.  Before Keith could express anymore doubts, Corey enveloped his hard cock, taking it with expert ease into his throat.  Only a steady series of moans escaped from Keith.  Corey smiled as best he could with his mouth filled with cock, knowing that before Vin and Keith's parents returned he would fuck Keith's beautiful tight ass.


The week had been a long one for Adam.  He missed Devon, not only for the weekend, but even since school had started as he only saw his lover briefly in school.  Once they were able to sneak into a boys' toilet where they exchanged kisses and some heavy petting, but they stopped abruptly when the outer door to the bathroom opened.  They washed their hands and made moves toward fixing some stray hairs, but essentially they didn't have enough to do to stay in the toilet.  After their somewhat unconvincing performance, the two other guys looked expectantly at them.  The bigger of the two, named Clyde asked,

"Do you guys like cock?"

"What the fuck do you mean by that," asked an angry Devon.

The cute blond kid, known as TT for Tom Tillman, laughed; then he grabbed Clyde's cock.  "I think he means this: you know your penis, or cock, or pecker, or rod; well, you must get the idea by now.  So are you into sucking and fucking guys or not?"

"Why would that matter to you?" asked a curious Adam.

"Because," replied Clyde, "you are two hot guys and TT and me would like to suck your cocks, right here, right now."

"You've got to be crazy.  Even if we wanted to shower your tonsils with our seed, we're not about to do it here in the school bathroom," said a still angry Devon.

TT laughed again.  "We love cock, but crazy, we're not.   We have a safe place, so don't worry about that.  I like to suck cock and get fucked up the ass, and you, buddy," he said to Devon, " look like the guy I'd like to get it on with.  Clyde will tell you he's a top, but that's fuckin' shit.  He takes it up the ass and loves it. He'd like to get it on with your friend.  So what do you say?"

Devon moved in front of Adam shielding him from the other two guys.  He wasn't smiling as he told the Clyde and TT, "If either of you so much as touch Adam, I'll pound the fuckin' shit out of you, do you understand that?"

TT moved slightly back toward one of the urinals while Clyde walked toward one of the stalls.  He laughed, but said nothing.  TT again did the talking.

"Relax, neither of us would touch you if you didn't want it.  That's not our style; we only want to do it with guys who are into it."

Adam moved from behind Devon and faced TT.  "What gave you the idea that we would want to have sex with other guys?"

Clyde moved back toward the other three boys.  This time he addressed Adam, knowing that Devon would hear the message also.  "It's like this, my handsome young friend. One, we were all here one other time.  We were in the far corner stall.  I was sitting on the shitter with my feet up against the door to make sure it didn't open.  TT was riding my cock.  You two came in, so we stopped.  Anyway, I watched you two kissing and feeling each other up.  From that I drew the conclusion you were gay."

"Ha!" snorted Adam, "and your second reason?"

 "That's the easy one.  Shit, you live with those two other queers, Neilson and Mason.  Bet you guys have four-ways," offered TT.

"You son-of-a-bitch!" shouted Adam as he flung himself at TT.  Devon acted quickly and grabbed Adam and pulled him away.

"Don't you ever call Neilson and Mason queers again, at least not within our hearing or we'll wipe up the floor with you.  Those two guys are the best, the most sincere and thoughtful young men you could meet.  They have gone through hell just because they fell in love.  You two cocksuckers don't know the half of it.  Most guys would have separated and forgotten about it, but not these two," said Devon.

"And that's not the whole story," continued Adam.  They have been on an incredible journey to find love, a love that most of us can only hope to know.  We pray that they have found it and will spend the rest of their days together.  You see, with them it isn't about just sex, it's really about love."

A red-faced TT spoke, "Fuck, I'm really sorry.  It's just that we heard stories about them."

"Probably you did, but did anyone tell you that Jacob almost gave his life to save Brad.  Did they tell you that Brad was sent to a terrible place where he was badly hurt and that it was Jacob who found him and stayed with him until help came?  Did they tell you that two of their classmates tried to kill them, but ended up injuring Brad's brother and friend?  Did they tell you that Brad's father threatened to kill him if he didn't do what he was told to do?  Did anyone tell you the horrible hell they've been through?  I bet the fuck they didn't," said Adam his voice rising with emotion.

Clyde sat against one of the sinks and stared at the floor.  I...I'm sorry.  Can you forgive us?"

"I'm not done yet," Devon said as he charged ahead, "Adam here was placed in a terrible place where he was mistreated mentally, physically, emotionally, and sexually by older men.  He was nearly dead when Mr. Neilson found him in a cell and decided he would adopt him and provide him with a chance in life.  And there's more . . ."

"Yes, there is, "said Adam, "Devon was sexually abused by his uncle when he was young."

It was TT that approached Adam and Devon.  He put out his fist, hoping that the other two would respond, but for a couple of moments, they did not.

"I can't tell you how sorry I am for being such an asshole.  My God, I would never have said anything to you two guys if I had known any of what you just told us.  We're really not bad guys, just horny guys.  Can you forgive us?"

"Please," pleaded Clyde, "we'd like to be your friends, not for sex, but just because you know what abuse is all about.  TT was lucky because he never was sexually abused, but I was and by my step father.  He was cruel, but that's another story.  Can you forgive two stupid guys?"

Adam stepped forward and hugged TT.  "You're forgiven, and perhaps we can become your friends, but time will tell about that."

Devon extended his hand which Clyde quickly took and shook hands.  "Give us some time guys.  We'd like some other friends, but understand, we want friends not sexual buddies."

"Understood," TT replied, "now we'd better get out asses to class or we'll have a lot to explain."

"Right!" Adam agreed.

The four young men hurriedly left the bathroom and went in different directions to the next class.


"What are you doing back here?  I just found your i-pod."

Brad walked over to me and took me into his arms.  I was in the mood for some body contact.  "Hmm, you feel so right in my arms, as if, as if you were meant to be there," Brad murmured in my ear which he kissed softly.

"I do belong in your arms, Babe.  I knew that the first time you held me, and ever since that day I am more certain each time you hold me that's where I want to spend my lifetime: being loved by you."

Brad bent and picked me up, carried me to the door of the suite.  I reached out and locked the door.  We stopped for a moment and kissed our tongues fighting for supremacy, and neither of us winning.  He carried me into the bedroom and deposited me on the bed, not too gently I want to tell you.  I lay there looking up at him as he slowly pulled off his t-shirt, and then dropped his shorts and underwear.  His cock was hard and waving before him.  He kicked his sandals to the side.  Next he reached down and pulled my sandals off, and unceremoniously pulled my shorts and red thong off.  Before I could respond, his warm mouth engulfed my throbbing prick.  He took me deep into his mouth causing me to moan loudly.

Laughing lightly, he pulled off my cock, reached over and turned on the radio which was soon blaring some rock.

"You did that so no one would hear me moaning, didn't you?" I asked even though I knew the answer.

"You, my hot lover, will be making even more noise before I finish with you.  I plan to make you squeal, and scream, and beg for more.  What do you think of that?" Brad asked.

I sat up as best I could, pushing him away from my cock momentarily as I pulled my t-shirt off.  He immediately laid down on me our two cocks throbbing and rubbing against each other.  Brad began kissing me everywhere.  He worked my nipples.  He suddenly stopped that and returned to my cock, sucking me deeply, large drips of saliva falling from his mouth.

"Do you know what I want?" he asked during a break for any more cock sucking.

"I think I know, but I want you to tell me.  It gets me hot."

Brad laughed.  "You get any hotter and we'll both explode."

"Tell me," I demanded.

Brad kissed the end of my cock as he stroked my balls.  I was very happy, but I wanted him to tell me what he wanted.  "I want you to fuck me, Jake.  I want that beautiful cock deep in me.  I want you to pound my hot hole.  That's what I want."

"I can do that," I told him with a giggle.

"Then let's do it," he replied.

We did it.


 To be continued... 


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