Finding Love: A Journey – II
By: Scotty
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I sat up as best I could, pushing him away from my cock momentarily as I pulled my t-shirt off.  He immediately laid down on me our two cocks throbbing and rubbing against each other.  Brad began kissing me everywhere.  He worked my nipples.  He suddenly stopped that and returned to my cock, sucking me deeply, large drips of saliva falling from his mouth.

"Do you know what I want?" he asked during a break for any more cock sucking.

"I think I know, but I want you to tell me.  It gets me hot."

Brad laughed.  "You get any hotter and we'll both explode."

"Tell me," I demanded.

Brad kissed the end of my cock as he stroked my balls.  I was very happy, but I wanted him to tell me what he wanted.  "I want you to fuck me, Jake.  I want that beautiful cock deep in me.  I want you to pound my hot hole.  That's what I want."

"I can do that," I told him with a giggle.

"Then let's do it," he replied.

We did it.

Chapter 16

The whole week leading to my swim meet and Brad's football game had been difficult for both of us.  We had little time for each other after classes and long, intense practices.  At home, after a late dinner with the family, it was off to the suite where we both had homework.  When that was finished we showered together, enjoying some making out, and then to bed, where usually before we could enjoy some hot sex, we fell asleep.  It was taking a toll on both of us, although for once I think I wanted to fuck Brad in the worst way.  Thinking about it, though, made me aware that what I really wanted was for him to fuck me hard and long.

As the week progressed everyone seemed to get edgy.  I couldn't put my finger on what was happening, but I could certainly feel the tension in the air.  Even the calm, cool Adam seemed a little removed from everyone.  He finally talked to me about it late one night when Brad was in the shower.

"What's the problem, Adam?" I asked.

Adams squirmed in the chair, looked at the floor for a moment or two and then at me.  I could see the tears forming in the corner of his eyes.  "It's Devon," he whispered.

"What about Devon?"

Adam got up and came to the bed, sitting on the edge, but away from me.  He didn't want to send a wrong message; that was for sure.  I didn't push him, but waited until he was ready to speak again.  He took a deep breath, and said,

"He wants to have real sex; you know what I mean?"

I thought I knew what he meant, but to be sure, I decided to play dumb.  "I'm not sure I really know what you mean when you say `real sex'."

Adam rolled his eyes in disbelief, and almost shouted at me, "He wants to fuck me!"


"Who wants to fuck you, Adam?" asked Brad as he walked into the bedroom naked and half hard.

"Shit!" said Adam.  "I didn't want the whole world to know, but it's Devon."

Brad looked at me and smiled.  "So what's the problem don't you two know how to do it?" he asked with a slight snicker.

"You're an asshole, Brad.  Of course, we know how to do it.  It's just . . . it's just . . ."

I sat upright in bed and told Brad, "Look Sweetcakes, Adam is not sure he's ready for that kind of sex.  Oral sex is one thing, but anal sex is quite another.  It's a big step in a relationship."

Brad's face reddened as he hugged the surprised Adam to his naked body.  "I am a dumb ass, Adam.  My advice to you is not to do anything you are not comfortable doing.  If Devon can't wait, then he's not the guy for you.  Don't think that it's an easy thing to find the right person in a relationship.  You may look at Jake and me and think it was easy.  Well, when we met it was `cause Jake's so fuckin' cute, I just fell head over heels in love with him.  But that doesn't always happen."

"Brad's right, Adam; what happened to us isn't the usual.  I fell for him, too.  He so fuckin' hot and handsome, how could I not.  But we didn't have `real sex' as you call it for a long time.  In fact, I'll tell you a secret, we still haven't had that kind of sex without protection.  We're saving that for a special time."

Adam was looking at his hands to avoid looking directly at either of us.  Brad had sat on the bed next to Adam after the hug.  He was still naked.

"Well, I really would like to have anal sex, but I only want it with someone I know really loves me and someone who really wants to be with me for the long haul.  I guess I'm not sure that Devon wants that.  I think he has plans for college and after, and I suspect that they don't include me."

Brad and I looked questioningly at each other.  "Why do you think that, Adam?  Has he said anything to you that would give you that idea?" I asked.

Adam just sat there staring as if into the void.  Brad put his arm around the young man, and kissed him on the forehead.

"You can tell us anything, Adam.  You know that it won't go any further than this room.  We're your friends; hell, we're just like brothers, so you can trust us.

Adam forced a small smile and hugged Brad.  Then he looked at me as if he had decided he shouldn't have hugged my boyfriend.

"Hey, Adam; it's perfectly acceptable that you hugged Brad.  I'm just a little jealous that you haven't hugged me," I said with a warm smile and a slight chuckle.  Adam immediately crawled across the bed and into my waiting arms.  I hoped he would feel secure while resting in my arms.

"I love you two so much," Adam said in a low whisper. 

"Come on, crawl in bed with us, but get out of your shorts and shirt `cause we're both naked," offered Brad.

In a millisecond, Adam was naked and in our bed lying between Brad and me.  His penis had gotten hard and it was securely shoved between my legs.  Even though I didn't know for sure, I suspected that Brad's boner was in place between Adam's legs.  No one said anything.  We just enjoyed the moment where three friends could know that he was loved by everyone.  Finally, Brad asked,

"Adam is there more to your concerns about Devon than you have told us?"

Adam turned and laid on his back.  For a long moment he just stared at the ceiling.  I leaned forward and kissed him on the chest.  It wasn't sexual, just a friendly gesture.  I told him,

"Look, Adam, you don't have to tell us anything that you feel is too private.  We understand that feeling as there are things about us that we feel are too private to discuss with anyone except each other."

Adam pulled himself up in the bed into a sitting position.  "It isn't that, Jacob; it's just that I'm not sure how to tell you what's on my mind.  I may be imagining something that isn't factual, and if I am, I don't want to send the wrong message about Devon.  I do love him a great deal, it's just that something happened at school the other day, and after it had happened, Devon spoke to me about it and suggested something that bothered me.  I tried to tell him, but I got all tongue tied, so I never did let him know how I felt about it.

"That's easy to understand, Adam," offered Brad.

"This is what happened.  We were in the boys' bathroom near the café; you know the one nobody uses.  We were into some pretty heavy making out when the outer door opened.  We got ourselves a little straightened out and were marking time at the sinks.  The two guys went to the urinals and whipped out their dicks, took a leak, and the turned and the older of the two, Clyde, asked if we liked cock.

"Devon was pissed and asked what he meant by that.  The younger guy, TT, listed many of the synonyms for cock which didn't endear him to Devon.  I'm not sure which one of us asked why they would ask us such a thing, but we got an answer.  Earlier in the school year that had been fucking in the last booth, Clyde sitting on the shitter with his legs up and his feet against the door to keep anyone from entering.  TT was riding his cock.  That's when we came in to the toilet, and not realizing anyone was there got into some hot petting and feeling up, both of us working the other's cock.  They saw what we were doing from the crack in the booth door.  They said nothing that day.  We finally left, obviously after giving a clear signal that we were into boys, to get to class on time."

"Holy shit!" I said, "Brad that's where we first met."

"Fuck, you're right," Brad said.

"I wondered if they ever caught you doing the dirty in there?" asked an inquisitive Adam.

Brad laughed loudly, "No, they didn't! You can bet your cute ass on it.  We never fooled around in school.  We played in the car and in the theater, but only in the dark and in a very private row in the back."

I was chuckling remembering our wonderful time on the beach, so I said, "Yeah, and we had a wonderful time at the beach on a clear, moon-brightened night.  It was wonderful!  I didn't want it to stop.

"I didn't want it to stop either," whispered Brad in his sexiest voice.  Adam coughed and then continued.

"What happened next was that they made some rotten remarks about you two and I started after TT, but Devon pulled me away, but told them both we would knock their fuckin' heads off if they ever said anything like that again.  After we explained a few things to them, they apologized and we continued to chat.

"Clyde made some remark about me suggesting that he'd like to get it on with me.  That send Devon into a tailspin and he threatened to beat the shit out of him if he touched me.

"After that they wanted to know if we'd enjoy getting together with them in a safe place for some hot group sex.  We both made it clear that we were not into that.  They accepted that, but asked if we could be friends.  We agreed to that."

"That's hot, you know, Adam.  I never had an experience like that," I said.

Brad reached over Adam and caressed my chest.  My cock jumped which Adam noticed.  He said nothing about it.

"So what happened after that episode that upset you so much?" I asked quietly.

"Yeah, I can see why that business in the bathroom could be a little upsetting, and frankly a little sexy.  But there has to be something else," suggested Brad.

Adam took one of our hands and held them tightly.  "There was. After school that afternoon, instead of taking me home immediately as he usually does, he drove out to the beach and suggested that we go for a walk on the beach.  We took off our sandals and carrying them, walked north up the beach.  Finally Devon said to me, `I think it might be fun to get together with Clyde and TT.  It might be sexy to get it on with two other hot guys, and both Clyde and TT are sexy dudes.  TT is more your style, but I think Clyde would prove to be a hot fucker.'  I didn't know what to say, so I said nothing."

I asked as gently as possible, "What was Devon's reaction to your silence?"

"He was pissed.  He told me I was afraid of everything that had to do with guys having sex.  He told me I was a prude and that I didn't even want him to fuck me.  I tried to explain, but he didn't want to hear anything from me.  He turned around and hurried back to the car.  I followed a few steps behind him.  When we got to the car, he unlocked it and we got in.  Without saying a word, he drove me to the house, said he'd see me tomorrow and so I got out of the car and he drove away.  He didn't even kiss me goodbye.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Adam shouted.  "I really fucked everything up."

"Hold on, Adam.  You didn't fuck up anything; Devon did a good job of that.  He acted like a kid whose candy was taken away.  I'm really surprised since I thought more of him than that," I said.

"He needs his ass kicked, that's what he needs," Brad said through clenched teeth.

Tears were running freely down Adam's cheeks now, and I wasn't sure about how to handle things.  Brad took care of that.

"You know, Adam, Devon knows all about what happened to you at that goddamned school.  If he isn't more understanding about your fears and concerns that he isn't worth your time and worry."

"But . . . I love him," came Adam's sobbed-filled reply.

`So much for that,' I thought as both of us hugged Adam and tried to console him.  `I held in the back of my mind what I planned to say to that bastard Devon.  I was sure that Brad had a more physical response which I would try to control.'


Father Jim and Gary's lives changed dramatically after they responded to a call from Father Crowley.  The phone call had come on Tuesday.  Gary was home alone at the time as Jim had gone to the barbershop for a quick haircut.  On Tuesdays, they had started a tradition of eating at Ranaldi's Restaurant for the excellent Italian fare.  They would not change that routine, at least not this night.

"Hello, Gary Williamston, here."

"Gary, this is Father Crowley.  Is Jim around?"

"Sorry, Father, he's out getting a haircut.  He thought he was beginning to look like a shaggy dog," Gary said.

Father Crowley laughed, but quieted quickly.  "Could you ask him to call me when he returns home.  Actually it's important, but not a matter of life and death.  If need be, he can call me in the morning."

"I know Jim, and he'll return you call as soon as he gets in the house and I tell him you called.  You're sure nothing is wrong, Father?"

"No, no, nothing is wrong.  It's just some changes that are in the works for St. Augustine's that I want to discuss with him."

"Okay, Father, I'll fill him in when he gets here."

"Thanks, Gary; God's blessings on the both of you."

"Goodbye Father."  The line went dead and Gary hung up the phone.

`That was strange,' he thought.  `What could the changes be?  How could that not be important?  Jim's going to be tense and upset when I tell him about this.  At least one of us has to remain calm until we know what's happening.  I think tonight would be a great night for some explosive lovemaking.  Perhaps that would take his mind off all of this uncertainty.'

As Gary continued to ponder what the good priest has said, Jim came barging through the door.  He's was smiling broadly.  "You'll never believe what the barber told me," he said.

"It must have been funny or pleasant, because you have a smile as wide as the Mississippi on your handsome face."

"Flattery will get you anything you want," answered Jim with a giggle.

"That sounds promising.  So what did Gil tell you?"

"He said I was handsome and sexy, and if he was gay, he'd be all over me."

"He said that?"

"Yup! Are you jealous?"

Gary grabbed Jim and pulled him tightly to himself.  "You bet I'm jealous.  Why did that bastard think he had a right to say that to you?  You're mine, Jim, and I don't want any other horny guy coming on to you.  As far as I'm concerned, Gil was coming on to you."

Jim kissed him softly on the lips, then ran his tongue across Gary's lips.  "Relax, Baby, no one is going to take me away from you.  We're together for the long run."

"Good!  Father Crowley called and he wants you to call him back when you can.  He said it's not so important that you have to do it tonight.  He told me there were some changes coming at St. Augustine's and he wanted you to know about them."

"Changes?  What kind of changes?"

Gary kissed his lover firmly on the lips and then told him, "He didn't say."

"That's funny, don't you think?  And take your hand off my cock!"

"Why should I?"

"Because . . ."

"I want you, Father, right here in the living room."

"Not now."

"Right now, Jim.  I want to get your mind on something else."

Jim moved slowly away from Gary and went to the phone.  "Let me call him first, then we can make whoopee."

Jim punched in the number, turned and smiled at Gary as he waited.  Momentarily Father Crowley answered.

"St. Augustine's, Father Crowley here."

"Hello, Father, this is Jim.  Gary said you wanted me to call.

There was a pause, "Yes, I did want you to call.  There are going to be some significant changes here at St. Augustine's.  Bishop Goodfellow is going to be here tomorrow morning at 12:30 for a luncheon meeting.  He asked me to ask you to attend.  Oh, by the way, he wants Gary there, too, if he can make it," said the old priest.

"What's this all about, Father?" asked Jim, some irritation manifest in this voice.

"Jim, I can't say anything except this.  There are going to be some personnel changes here."

"Not because of me and my life style.  Tell that isn't the reason."

"It's not, Jim.  It has nothing to do with your life style.  Please understand that's all I can say."

In the silence that followed, Jim's deep breathing was evident, a result of his attempt to control his growing anger at the secrecy of the meeting.  He asked Father Crowley, "Does this have anything to do with Arthur Grantford?"


"Good!  Gary and I will be there."

"Jim, please forgive me for all the secrecy, but I've told you all that I can.  You'll discover all the rest tomorrow.  I regret that I am giving you such short notice.  Please wear your collar tomorrow.  God Bless you, Jim."  Father Crowley hung up the phone.

Gary had been watching Jim during the phone conversation.  He had noticed Jim's growing impatience causing him to wonder what the pastor had told Jim.  He decided to wait and let Jim tell him what he wanted.

"We have to go to a meeting tomorrow at St. Augustine's.  The Bishop has called the meeting.  Father Crowley told me to be sure to wear my collar.  You are supposed to come, too.  Is that acceptable to you?"

"Sure, I'm still on vacation from the force.  What's going on?" Gary asked.

"Damned if I know.  We'll find out tomorrow.  Now my horny lover, make me forget the whole mess."

"Oh, Baby, will I ever," said Gary as he quickly stripped naked, his penis already semi erect."

Jim laughed and went immediately to Gary who began removing his lover's clothing.

Soon they would forget all the mystery of tomorrow's meeting.


Keith was settling into his strange new life.  The move to St. Albans had actually been uneventful.  The new home was a lovely old Victorian on a shaded, established street.  The neighbors were close enough if you need them, but far enough away to that you didn't feel as if they were watching your every move.

Corey had been less attentive after the day he and Keith had sex. He understood quickly why his parents were away in the company of Vic.  Keith had thought about that experience many times, regretting it most of the time. Occasionally he would jerk off to the memory, most often in the shower, but sometimes lying naked on his bed.  His guilt always increased exponentially when he remembered Tim.  But he had not been thinking of Tim as often as he had before his sex with Corey.

Keith and Corey still had tutoring sessions which would continue for a few weeks in St. Albans before he would begin high school there.  Corey still put his arm about Keith and sometimes he would feel Keith's cock and get it hard, but that was all.  Keith never felt up Corey, so that may have sent a message that would not have been easy to ignore.

On the Wednesday of the first week in St. Albans, Keith's Mother and Father had to travel to Middlebury to close on the new house.  A financial specialist from the firm would accompany them, leaving Corey and Vic at home with Keith.  His parents would be gone the whole day, not arriving back in St. Albans until late that night.  In fact, Vic warned them that they might have to stay overnight, so they had brought clean clothes and toiletries with them.  Benjamin Corliss, their guide, would take good care of them.  And they were not to worry, as Corey and he would take good care of Keith.

After his parents left at about nine in the morning, Keith had breakfast: cereal and an English muffin.  He watched TV, stopping at "Today" and "GMA" finding both of them boring.  Finally he found the cartoon network and settled in for a long interval of the boob tube as he waited for Corey to arrive for the tutoring session.  It seemed he had only been enjoying the cartoons for a few minutes, when Corey arrived.  He was surprised to learn that it was ten thirty.

After bringing his dirty dishes to the kitchen, they climbed the stairs to Keith's bedroom.  He hadn't asked for it, but Vic had insisted that he have a king size bed.  Keith couldn't understand why, nor could his parents, but Vic won the day.  Keith would find out why on this sunny fall day in Vermont.

The session began as it usually did with a review of the previous  lesson.  When Corey was assured that Keith had retained what was necessary, he proceeded to the day's lesson.  He had hardly begun the lesson when Vic came into the room.  He smiled at both of them, but didn't interrupt the lesson.  Keith noticed that he was removing his sandals which he thought peculiar, but he didn't ask any questions.

Corey's hand was soon rubbing his thigh and eventually was working his cock, which unwilling got hard.  Then he leaned in and between comments on the math, kissed Keith's ear.  This didn't happen once, but continued and then he began to stick his tongue into Keith's ear.  Soon he was quite hot, but didn't reveal his feelings except through his throbbing cock.

Keith had become mesmerized by Corey's stimulation of his ear and did not realize that Vic was completely naked and playing with his cock.  Any pretence of the lesson continuing evaporated quickly as Corey stood, kicked his sandals out of the way, dropped his shorts and underwear, pulled his t-shirt off over his head and stood in front of Keith with an enormous hard on, his cock, beautiful in its fullness and remarkably well sculpted flesh.

Keith looked longingly at the engorged penis at once wanting to lick and suck it, and yet in some way repulsed by what he now saw, the two naked young men sexually aroused.  His own cock was hard and he could feel the precum wetting his shorts.  But he didn't move.  Corey hurried to the bed, knelt in the middle of it, his ass pointing up toward Vic.  In only a millisecond's delay, Vic's face was in Corey's upturned ass, his lips and tongue playing havoc on the pulsating hole.

Corey was moaning, but stopped long enough to push himself up on his outstretched arms, but not losing contact with Vic's tongue.  He ordered Keith, "Get out of those fucking clothes and get over here so I can suck you cock.  Do it now."   In a sex crazed fog, Keith removed his clothes and moved to the bed where he knelt in front of Corey who quickly began sucking on the younger man's cock.  Keith grabbed Corey's head and almost like a robot began to fuck the cocksucker's face.

Corey pulled off Keith's cock and shouted, "Get down there and fuck my ass, Keith.  I want your cock deep in me, fuck me hard and long; make me cum."  Again without any reasoning involved, Keith moved down to the other end of the man where Vic was waiting with a condom which he slipped quickly onto the throbbing cock.  Keith in a fury of sexual desire shoved his hard cock deep into Corey whose only response was to moan.

As he continued to fuck Corey, he felt Vic separate his ass cheeks and then he felt Vic's warm lips and tongue working on his asshole. That stimulation and the vigorous fucking he was giving Corey soon brought Keith to an explosive climax, filling the condom with warm seed.  As his hole tightened around Vic's tongue, he heard Vic grunt and knew he had cum.  Corey's climax almost matched Keith's in time and quantity of semen.  The three soon were laying next to each other on the king size bed, catching the breaths, and relaxing.  No one spoke.

After a while, Corey told Keith what they wanted.  Would he agree to let both of them fuck him as the day progressed.  Keith didn't think for more than a minute, "Not unless I can fuck Vic first.

"Agreed," said the two older guys. 


Devon had not been in a good mood when he returned home after school the day of the meeting in the boys' bathroom at school.  He had felt some desire to get it on with TT and Clyde, but it was obvious at that moment that Adam was uncertain.  So he had waited until after school when they were in the car driving home.

"Adam, don't you think it might be fun to have sex with TT and Clyde?" Devon asked.

"No!" came Adam's immediate response.  Devon pondered what he would say or ask next.

"How can you be so sure?  It might be fun and hot, don't you think?"

"No, I don't."

"Why do you think that?" Devon asked.

Adam's face reddened and his body stiffened.  "If you have to ask that, then you don't know me very well.  I've been through hell and you ask me that?"

Devon pulled the car into the parking lot of a McDonalds.  He shut off the car after slamming the gear shift roughly into park.

"I think I know you very well, Adam.  Why would asking you about sex with TT and Clyde set you off like a faulty firecracker?"

"Just take me home!  You can't imagine what happened to me at that so-called school.  I had to do things with people who made me sick, and when I refused to do it again, I was put in a cell without food, water, toilet facilities, clothing or blankets.  There was no bed, so I had to sleep on the floor not far from the mess.  When they did deliver food, it was old and often spoiled.  So I was cold, hungry, and I was puking and living in my own excrement.  And my body was covered with bruises and open sores from the beatings I had endured when I told them I wouldn't go on with their requests.  So you obviously don't know me very well.  Please take me home."

Devon reached out and took Adam's hand. Glancing up at Devon, Adam saw the single tear running down his face.  His heart took an extra beat, but he remained silent.

"Adam, I'm so sorry.  I know all about the horror you endured, and I'm ashamed that I said or asked things that made you think that I had forgotten that.  I know what it's like to live with a bad memory.  You know that I have one that I deal with every day.  Can you find it in your gentle heart to forgive me?"



"Please, Devon, give me some time to get my anger at you under control."

Devon unfastened his seat belt and turned to face Adam directly.  He paused for a long moment as he carefully examined the young lover's face, trying to determine what his state of mind might be.  However, he could tell nothing.  He raised Adam's hand to his lips and kissed it gently.  He sensed relaxation returning to Adam.

Then Adam smiled.  "I forgive you, Devon, but I will not have sex with TT and Clyde.  I love you and you are the only man with whom I want to share my body.  If you can accept that, then we can go on.  If you can't then we should consider breaking up."

Devon gasped in shock.  "No!  No!  I want you to be my boyfriend.  Forget about TT and Clyde."

Adam pulled his hand away from Devon.  He looked directly into Devon's eyes.  "I think we need some time by ourselves.  I am emotionally drained, confused, and still a little angry.  It would be best for both of us."

Devon said nothing, but started the car and pulled out of the lot and into traffic.  He said nothing as he continued driving to the Neilson house.  When they arrived at the house, he stopped the car, but said nothing.  Adam looked at him in disbelief, but also chose to remain silent.  He slipped out of the car and ran into the house.  Devon slammed his hand on the steering wheel and peeled away from the house.

Devon was pissed, not so much at Adam, but more at himself.  How could he have been so stupid!  He hadn't even said goodbye nor had kissed his lover and he had meant to, wanted to.

"Fuckin' shit!  I've been a stupid bastard.  I've lost Adam, and as God is my witness, I love him.  What am I to do?"

Devon had no answer.


On Friday afternoon I tried to convince Brad that he should get some sleep and not worry about the seeing me in the swim meet.  He wouldn't hear about it. 

"Would you miss the football game tomorrow?" he demanded.

"Of course I wouldn't miss it; I love you, Sweetcakes."

"And I love you, Baby.  Forget telling me I should miss the meet.  I won't."

That ended that discussion, and frankly I was happy as a clam.

I left early for the pool, knowing that the family and especially Brad would be in the stands watching and cheering me on.  I was pleased about that, but strangely, I was a little more nervous that I had expected.  I told myself to concentrate on my races, and not to look for Brad because I suspected that if I did see him, I might lose concentration and my race.  Of course, it didn't work as the first thing I did when the team came in to take its place was to scan the bleachers and finding my smiling Brad, my nervousness evaporated.  I threw a kiss to the family, but I knew and so did Brad, that it was for him.

It seemed that the meet flew by, perhaps because I was lucky to win all my races and to set new school records.  Catching Brad as I stood to receive the medals and ribbons, my heart flipped a beat or two as I saw him standing and applauding like a crazy man and shouting congratulations.  All the family had joined him, and I suddenly realized that the swim fans in attendance had also joined in the congratulations and appreciation.  I was a happy guy, enjoying the adulation.  When I saw Sadie screaming and applauding wildly, how happy that made me!

When Brad and I were safely in the Mustang, we headed for McDonalds for a quick snack.  Everyone knew where we were headed, and Adam in a show of maturity didn't ask to go with us.  We were quiet on our drive except that we here holding hands and both smiling like idiots.  We pulled into the parking lot where Brad found a dark corner at the back of the lot.  He parked the Mustang, removed his seat belt and then mine.

"You're so fuckin' wonderful, Jake."  He grabbed me as he spoke and pulled me on top of him.  It was pretty uncomfortable, but as he kissed me with plenty of tongue, I forgot the discomfort.  Soon I was returning his kisses and my hand was fondling his hardening cock.  He was dutifully massaging my own very, hard throbbing prick.  We quickly escaped the reality of where we were, but when Brad began to try to pull down my shorts, I pulled away.

"Wait a minute!  Let's save this for a better place.  I don't want to sap your manly strength.  You need that for tomorrow's game.  We can make up for tonight tomorrow night or on Sunday.  After church, the day is yours and so am I."

Suddenly Brad was giggling like a junior high school girl who met the guy she's been praying to meet.  "You devil, you know how much I want to fuck with you, don't you?"

"I do, but . . ."

Now Brad was actually laughing as he told me, "There's always a `but' in your excuses.  The butt I want is your beautiful ass.  I hope you want my butt, too."

"More than you can imagine, you hot sexy football star.  I want all of you, and one part in particular, I want shoved up my tight asshole.  Sweetcakes, I want you to fuck me for hours.  See why we have to wait."

Separated now but each of us still handling our lover's cock, Brad agreed.

"I want to take you completely and not stop for as long as I can keep from filling you with my seed.  So, I'll wait!"

"Agreed," I said.  Somehow McDonalds no longer was tempting, so we left immediately and drove home.


The day following the phone call from Father Crowley, Jim and Gary had a long, quiet breakfast. They were both naked, and as usual Gary was the cook.  He had prepared grapefruit, eggs Benedict, coffee, and a choice of toast, bagels, and croissants. Every time he passed Jim, he either stroked his naked back, or kissed it.  Jim's mind was, for the moment at least, removed from the upcoming meeting.  Gary had hoped his ministrations might help in the way.

"How are the eggs?" asked Gary.

"They are perfect, just as you are."  Jim smiled as he reached across the table and took Gary's hand.  Gary didn't interrupt the moment with idle chatter.  He smiled at this lover, hoping by that small gesture that he could convey how much he loved Jim.  It seemed that Jim understood, and when he raised Gary's hand to his lips and gently kissed it, Gary's body responded with an involuntary shiver.

It was Jim's turn to smile now and he asked Gary, "Did I just make you shiver?"

"Of course you did.  Whenever your lips touch any part of my body, I get a reaction.  It's not always a shiver; sometimes it's just an increase of blood flow to an appendage."  Jim got out of his chair and moved to his lover.

"I'd like to see that," Jim said with a laugh.

"Just touch me below my navel or on my ass cheeks and watch my cock rise to the occasion."

They both laughed as Gary rose and went into Jim's arms.  They kissed gently for a moment.  Gary moved his hands slowly down Jim's firm back to his gorgeous ass cheeks which he grabbed in handfuls.  He felt Jim's cock throb against his own.  Jim would not let it go further.

"We have to take showers and get dressed.  We should be there before Bishop Goodfellow arrives."

"You do know, Jim, that he doesn't deserve any real respect.  He's an ecclesiastic asshole."

Jim was laughing freely now.  "You have such a wonderful way of saying things.  You're right about Goodfellow, but it isn't for him that we are dressing and being polite.  It's because we both respect and love Father Crowley."

With a quick peck to Jim's lips, Gary headed toward the bathroom.  As he walked away Jim admired the beautiful well formed ass of his lover.  He had deep sexual desire, but he forced himself to remember the meeting, and that put his desire into a mental cell from which he would not let it escape until later when he and Gary were enjoying each other in bed.  He hurried after Gary, arriving just as Gary had regulated the water in the shower to a tolerable temperature. Gary motioned for him to join him in the shower which he did, knowing that this would simply be for cleanliness, not sexual exploration.


Father Crowley had awakened early that morning, fearful of how Jim would respond to what he would hear later at lunch.  He also realized that the two young lovers would have much to consider, and though he had prayerfully thought about it, he knew that their decision would depend on many intangibles, and of course, their love for each other.  `God,' he thought, `would probably handle this and would undoubtedly influence their decision.'  He checked the coffee and found that it was brewed.

As he was about to sit down in the library with his early morning coffee, his wife came into the room.  She was in her dressing gown and wore a woeful look on her face.

"Worried about the meeting?" she asked.

"Of course I am.  You know how unpredictable Goodfellow can be.  He's told me what he is going to do, but who knows. By the time he arrives, he'll probably have changed his mind.  He's basically a coward, you know."

That comment made his wife of many years smile broadly.  "That old goat could learn a great deal from you, my dear husband.  For one thing, you don't change your mind every time the wind blows from a different direction.  Have you thought about what Jim's reaction will be to the news?"

"He'll be upset that I didn't share the information with him, but Goodfellow made it very clear to me that I should not tell him."

Mrs. Crowley shuffled into the kitchen to retrieve a cup of hot coffee.  The old priest watched her and recalled momentarily how wonderful their life together had been.  When she returned, she sat in her chair, looked at her husband and spoke with a firmness he hadn't heard since the children were youngsters who she was scolding.

"You know," she said, "that old bastard just wants to take all the glory.  He's an ass!"

Crowley laughed aloud almost choking on his coffee.  "That he is, dear; he certainly is an ass, but he's my hierarchical superior.  So unfortunately I have to obey, don't I?"

"Yes, dear, at least for the present you have to do what he says.  I hope that at some point in the future, you tell him just what you think about him.  He's been a terrible bishop.  You know that he's been involved in some shady deals.  Don't forget the mess with Arthur Cole; you know, as do others, that money changed hands between them and I hardly think Goodfellow had any intention of giving one cent of that money to the church."

Crowley shifted in his chair.  He knew that all his lovely wife had said was true.   However, in the past 45 years he had always followed the instructions he had received from his superiors.  It was only with Jim's struggle that he had taken a different view of his church and its leadership.  He held his ground with Arthur Grantford Cole and with Bishop Goodfellow and he was proud of that.

"Hon, you're absolutely correct.  I'm sure that someday I will tell the bishop what I think of him.  Now is not the time to be insubordinate because there are significant changes coming to St. Augustine's.  You know that I am a patient man, so waiting for the appropriate moment will not be a struggle for me."

Mrs. Crowley stood and walked the short distance between she and her husband.  She bent down and kissed him on the forehead.  He looked up at her and smiled.  That simple gesture was all he needed to understand his wife's complete understanding and love.

"Benjamin, you are so correct about so many things.  Wait for the moment and then kick Goodfellow's fat ass."

The Reverend Crowley burst into a guffaw of appreciation.


After leaving the parking lot at McDonalds, we drove directly home where we found the family in the dining room having snacks.  I admitted to them that we really hadn't gotten anything to eat.

"And what have you been doing?" asked Adam with a laugh.

Everyone joined the laughter except Brad.  He glared at Adam and reproached him saying, "Look, you wise ass, don't get funny with me or I'll hang you up in your closet."

"Brad," I said, "don't threaten Adam, he just asked the question that everyone in this room wanted to ask.  He's only ribbing us because he likes us."

Beth Mason got up from her chair and walked over to Brad who was standing at the door.  She kissed her son on the cheek and then suggested, "Getting angry over a little fun comment isn't at all like you, Brad.  Are you nervous about tomorrow's game?"

"Yeah, a little."

I put my arm around my boyfriend's waist.  "We're all on your side, Brad.  We understand your concern about tomorrow, but enjoy being here with the family.  I'll give you a long soothing massage before we fall asleep.  That will take the edge off your nervousness."

Sadie intervened before anyone said anything more.  "Would you boys like a piece of warm apple pie?  I made it this afternoon, but everyone was in a hurry to get to the meet, so we skipped dessert."

Both of us assured Sadie that we'd like the pie.  With that the family fell into the familiar conversation pattern we all enjoyed.  Of course, everyone congratulated me on my accomplishments at the meet, and encouraged Brad about tomorrow's game.  My Dad filled in as the supportive father for Brad, since Travis had not improved as everyone had hoped.  He was responsive some of the time, but often slept day and night.  With the exception of Beth, who visited the jail hospital nearly every day, most of us had returned to our busy lives.

After eating the pie and chatting for about half an hour, Brad and I left for our suite.  Adam followed as he was tired and we thought he might be waiting for a text message from Devon.  Once we were in the bedroom, I helped Brad to undress; when he was naked, he climbed on the bed and laid on his stomach.  I got undressed, too, and climbed on him sitting mostly on his beautiful butt.  I gave him a long, gentle massage.  Shortly after I began the massage, Brad fell asleep. I finished, kissed his neck, and laid down next to him pulling the sheet over us.  I fell asleep, too, with dreams of my wins and with high expectations about the football game on Saturday night.


I awoke early on Saturday morning.  Brad was still sleeping and I admired his beautiful body which was no longer covered by the sheet.  The early morning sun accented his muscled and tanned back and legs, his white butt inviting me to love him.  I didn't, though, as I wanted him to sleep as long as possible.

In one way I dreaded the start of this day.  Brad would be leaving in a couple of hours and I would be alone for the whole day.  The family would leave shortly after a quick dinner to drive to the game.  Then I'd have to watch the game and pray that Brad didn't get hurt.  After the game, we would return home in two cars but not before we stopped for food.  Brad wouldn't eat anything before the game so he would be starved.

I had already told my dad that I wanted Brad to ride home with me in the SUV which Sadie would be driving.  Adam would ride shotgun.  Dad approved, but indicated we would all stop at the same fast food restaurant. `At least,' I thought, `I'll be more or less alone with Brad for the long ride home.  Sadie and Adam will not disturb us.  How good is that?'  Finally, I couldn't stop myself, so I bent down and kissed Brad's naked back.  He groaned and then giggled.

"What are you doing, sexy boy?" he asked.

I giggled and told him, "I am kissing your beautiful body."


"Yes, Sweetcakes, I love your body."

"Wanna suck on my lollipop?"

"Of course I do, but not today.  You have a game tonight and we can't get it on because you need all your strength to lead the team to a victory over Vero."

Brad rolled over and displayed his lovely engorged lollipop for me to drool over.  "I don't have to do anything but lie here and enjoy your warm moist mouth on my dick."

I grabbed his cock and stroked it a few times.  "That's true, Brad, but if you climax, you'll expend energy that you need to save for tonight.  I won't be a party to your screwing up tonight.  Now when we get home and come back here to bed, I will do whatever you wish me to do for you."

Brad sat up suddenly and pulled me so that our two naked bodies were close against each other.  He kissed me hard on the lips and grabbed my hard cock and stroked it as his tongue entered my willing mouth.  Almost as suddenly, he pushed me away and ran toward the bathroom.

"I need to piss, Baby, and I want to take a shower.  You gonna join me or just sit there with your mouth open?"

I jumped out of the bed and ran to Brad and slapped his ass which made a loud smack.  "That's for leaving me so unfulfilled."


The only sound that followed was the sound of two streams of urine hitting the toilet water.  Next, the shower could be heard on full flow.  Brad's rendition of the high school fight song was joined by Jacob's hearty laughter.


Wednesday morning passed quickly for Jim and Gary.  They lazed about, both of them reading: Gary the daily newspaper, and Jim a book of nonfiction.  Occasionally they would look at each other and smile.  Anyone who might drop in would be amused to see the two sitting in the underwear, oblivious to the rest of the world, reading.

"Better think about getting dressed, Gary.  We should arrive before 12:30, don't you think?"

"Yeah, we don't want to be late for this meeting, whatever the hell it's for, Babe.  I'll wear one of my three piece suits, a white shirt and a conservative tie.  Is it okay if I wear black shoes since the suit is gray stripes?"

Jim threw the book onto the lamp table and went to Gary, pulling him to his feet.  He kissed Gary and then said, "You know that I prefer you like this," he said as he pulled down Gary's underwear, leaving his lover standing naked.

"And I like you the same way," Gary replied as he pulled down Jim's underwear. Do you realize how handsome you are, Jim?

 And your cock is beautiful.  That's why I love to suck it, and when you're so inclined, I want you to put it into me and make love to me," said Gary as he lowered both of them to the carpeted floor as they now kissed passionately.  Before the sex got out of control, Jim broke it up with a sensible comment.

"Gary, you don't know how much I want you right this moment, but we have some important to do that could change our lives.  I might be told I have to leave, or whatever.  I know one thing: I want you with me no matter where I have to go or what I have to do.  I want you with me the rest of my life."

Gary kissed the tip of Jim's nose gently and said, "I will never let you go anywhere without me.  Now get your beautiful ass into your clerical garb while I dress up like an important man in your life.  I love you, Jim."

"And you are my prince, and I love you, too.   Now let's get going.


The two impeccably dressed men pulled up in front of the parish house. They did not immediately get out of the car, but sat there a few moments, have a serious conversation.

"Are you going to be okay with whatever you hear in there?"  Gary asked Jim.

"I think so, but if you're with me, I'll make it through whatever lies in store for me.  I took a vow of obedience, so I have to do what the bishop asks me to do."

Gary chuckled.  "Asks," was Gary's retort, "don't you mean whatever the bishop orders you to do?"

"No, it's not like that.  I have a right to refuse whatever he has decided I should do.  I realize it won't put me in his best graces, but with you at my side, I know that I can do whatever I need to do."

"I'm right here as I shall always be.  Now let's get in there and get this over."

The two men got out of the car and walked briskly to the door of the parish house.  Jim rang the bell and Mrs. Crowley answered and greeted the men with a warm hug.  Then she led them into the small dining room where they found Father Crowley and Bishop Goodfellow chatting and laughing.

`Can't be too serious,' thought Jim, `not with the laughter.'

Both men stood and greeted Jim and Gary.  The Bishop gave a quick look at the two men, perhaps judging them by how they were dressed.  After some hand shaking and small talk, everyone took their places. Mrs. Crowley had left the room immediately after showing Jim and Gary to the room.

"Mrs. Crowley won't be joining us; she has other duties to attend to this afternoon.  Clarice will serve lunch.  Now, I imagine that you are confused and concerned about what is happening today, so I will let Bishop Goodfellow explain everything."

Goodfellow got up from his seat and paced about the room as he spoke.  "I got a call from Father Crowley a few weeks ago.  He told me that he was retiring as pastor of St. Augustine's.  He's ready to take it easy and travel with Mrs. Crowley.  I was disappointed in losing such a devoted and wonderful man.  He's filled with a religious faith that puts me to shame."

Before Goodfellow could continue, Jim interrupted.  "Why didn't you tell me Father?"

Father Crowley smiled benevolently, "Because I knew you would try to change my mind."

"He knows you well, Jim," added Gary.

"May I continue?" asked a slightly irritated Goodfellow.

"Forgive me, Bishop, it's just that it was such a surprise and I can't really process it all."

"Well, the other half of this decision is this: who would we be able to transfer here as pastor.  I great deal of thought and discussion has gone into this and this is what has been decided.  Jim, I am appointing you the new pastor of St. Augustine's."

There was complete silence!

To be continued... 



"The measure of love is to love without measure"

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