Finding Love: A Journey – II
By: Scotty
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Goodfellow got up from his seat and paced about the room as he spoke.  "I got a call from Father Crowley a few weeks ago.  He told me that he was retiring as pastor of St. Augustine's.  He's ready to take it easy and travel with Mrs. Crowley.  I was disappointed in losing such a devoted and wonderful man.  He's filled with a religious faith that puts me to shame."

Before Goodfellow could continue, Jim interrupted.  "Why didn't you tell me Father?"

Father Crowley smiled benevolently, "Because I knew you would try to change my mind."

"He knows you well, Jim," added Gary.

"May I continue?" asked a slightly irritated Goodfellow.

"Forgive me, Bishop, it's just that it was such a surprise and I can't really process it all."

"Well, the other half of this decision is this: who would we be able to transfer here as pastor.  I great deal of thought and discussion has gone into this and this is what has been decided.  Jim, I am appointing you the new pastor of St. Augustine's."

There was complete silence!

Chapter 17


For a couple of reasons, it was quiet at breakfast.  First, Brad and I had slept later than most of the family; and two, everyone was leaving us alone, so our breakfast was private except for Sadie who came and went with the food.  She was pleasant, but stayed out of the way.  Not even Adam bothered us.  Actually I wished someone would have come in and broken the silence. Neither Brad nor I seemed willing to do so.

Finally I attempted to start a conversation with a tired, old cliché, "A penny for your thoughts."

Brad grunted, but said nothing.  After a bit, he said, "I'm thinking about the game and whether or not I'm ready.  I don't want to let the team down.  I did okay at practices this week, but it was nothing spectacular."

"I don't believe that.  I think you're just nervous about tonight, and that's understandable.  You're the quarterback and that puts a great deal of responsibility on your shoulders.  Brad, you're super as QB and you'll lead the team to victory."  I had risen from my chair and was massaging his shoulders.

"You know how to make me feel better, Baby.  Thanks.  Let's go back to the suite.  I still have a half hour before we have to leave for school. I want check my duffel to make sure I have everything I'll need.

With a gentle laugh, I asked, "I don't suppose you could find room for me in that duffel?  That way I'd be right with you, encouraging you and promising you wonderful things if you win the game."  Brad turned to look me in the eyes, his face a little strained, but with the slightest curve of a smile on his face.  He chucked me under the chin and said,

"Baby, if you were in my duffel, I'd not be able to keep my mind on anything except you.  I'd be sure to fuck up every play I called."  As he stood, he ran his hand up my bare arm and my heart skipped a beat of two as his touch was magical.  Let's get up to the suite and spend a few more minutes together."

I kissed Brad lightly and quickly on the lips, tasting him which made my privates jump a little. He took my hand and led me out of the dining room and to the suite.  When we arrived, he slammed the door, grabbed me and pushed me onto the sofa throwing himself on me and kissing me roughly and with such passion that it almost scared me.  He was so sexually provoked that he was suddenly acting like a rough top and I was his accommodating bottom.

I got my mouth away from his oral onslaught, and whispered, "Brad, what's come over you?  Come on, let's stop this before we both lose control and you end up being late for the bus and sapped of strength for tonight's game."  Without really realizing it, I had been rubbing Brad's back; my hands were occasionally cupping his ample ass cheeks.

Brad rolled off me and onto the carpeted floor.  He was laughing boisterously, so much so, that he was near choking.  "You silly ass, if you had continued to feel my ass, I would have really gotten into this.  In fact, I would have definitely gotten into you."

It was my turn to guffaw and I couldn't help myself.  I rolled on top of Brad and kissed him thoroughly exploring his open mouth.  "You are so lucky that we have to get moving.  Otherwise, I would have my way with you, not just once either."  He pushed me aside a little and mounted me again.

"And who is going to be the top in our little fun fuck?"

"You, Sweetcakes, you, and only you will be my top."

"Good, and don't forget it.  Now on your feet as we have to straighten out clothes.  Don't forget to comb you hair, either."

"Your wish is my command, dear mighty one."

"Yeah! Yeah!"

We were accomplished at straightening our clothing after highly charged sexual encounters.  We stopped and were sure to say goodbye to my Dad and Mom, Brad's mom, Sadie and Adam.  They assured Brad that they would all be there for the game and that I would be with them. We hurried out to be Mustang, and for some reason, Brad wanted me to drive him to school and bring the Mustang back to the house.  Although I was a little surprised, I did as asked.  After an uneventful drive to school, I parked near the shaded back of the parking lot.

We said our goodbyes there, sharing a lingering kiss.  "I love you Jake."

"I know and I love you Brad, more each day.  I'll be cheering for you tonight, and when we get home, I hope I can do things that will have you cheering for me."  He reached out and opened the car door, got out, turned and stuck his head back into the Mustang.

"I'm planning on a long session of love making tonight," he said.  Then he turned and walked away before I could say anything.  He actually swaggered away from me, but I admired his great ass.

I started the Mustang and drove home, a lonely feeling flowed over me, and I had a good idea what had caused it.


In the stunned silence after Bishop Goodfellow's announcement, none of the four men in the room made any attempt to speak.  For Jim, the announcement sent a tremor through his brain like the beginning of an earthquake.  The color drained from his face and his heart was racing.  Gary took his hand and squeezed it tightly.

"I don't know what to say.  I mean, I can't . . .," stammered Jim.

Father Crowley coughed clearing the lump in his throat, and offered Jim some solace, "Jim, I know this was a surprise and I hated not to tell you more before the meeting.  Bishop Goodfellow thought it best not to say too much before you were told by him what he had decided to do.  That's why I . . ."

"Jim," interrupted the Bishop, "I thought it best to keep it quiet until you were told by me.  That way, I am hoping that it won't get out to the parishioners and the press, until you and Father Crowley announce it at Sunday services.  I don't want murky up the announcement by being present at that service.  I want you two to receive the thanks and the congratulations of those you have served and will serve."

"I . . ., I . . .," Jim tried to speak again.

"Your bishoprick, would you mind telling me why I was asked to be here?  It seems to me I don't have much to do with this decision of yours."

"Gary, perhaps you should wait a bit with questions like that," Jim almost growled, as he glanced at the Bishop and Father Crowley.  Gary recoiled at Jim's statement, and stumbled toward the door desiring only to get out of the room.  `How could Jim, the man I love, speak to me as if I was a naughty boy?'

Jim rushed across the room grabbing Gary by the arm.  "Just hold it, Gary.  I'm sorry for what I just said.  I mean, of course, you have every right to know why you're here.  Forgive me, please."

Gary tried to remove himself from Jim's grip and was surprised to discover his lover's strength.  When Jim saw the tears that had gathered in the corners of Gary's eyes, he prayed silently that he hadn't ruined the relationship.

The bishop and Father Crowley were on their feet.  "Everyone," shouted the bishop, "calm down!  This is difficult for all of us, and unless we act with some decorum, we'll never get this all straightened out.  Now please, Gary, I asked that you be here because I know that you and Jim will need to discuss all of this, and hopefully when you prayerfully consider everything, you will urge Jim to become pastor of St. Augustine's."   Gary shrugged his shoulders and slowly removed Jim's hand from his arm.  He looked at Jim who was, at the present moment, a pathetic figure as he was unsure what his response to everything should be.  For the present, Gary didn't care and he hated himself for feeling that way.  It was a small person's reaction to such a situation, not the reaction of a lover to his lover's concerns and angst.  But his heart had been hurt, and he prayed that he could forget Jim's outburst and that they could move on, but he had lingering doubts.

By this time Father Crowley had approached Jim and Gary.  It was then that Gary noticed how old Crowley had gotten since the whole matter of Jim's homosexuality had become a central point of contention in the parish.  He especially remembered how much hatred spewed from Arthur Grantford Cole, and even now he shuddered at Cole's desire to destroy Jim and Father Crowley.  The old priest smiled weakly at the two of them.

"Please understand that I am very much responsible for this chaos.  I resigned as pastor some weeks ago as the Mrs. and I want to travel.  It was before that decision was made that I should have discussed it with you, Jim.  Since for a while the Bishop tried to dissuade me, but I was adamant in my decision.  Bishop Goodfellow did not tell me that I should not inform you.  I made that very big mistake myself.

"I didn't want you to begin worrying about me. Jim, I also knew you would have tried to change my mind, just as the Bishop had.  But I did not know about my replacement until a few days ago.  Bishop Goodfellow had been in contact with other bishops, and had discussed the matter of your appointment, especially as a gay man as a member of the clergy.  He asked me about your qualifications, but never suggested that your sexual preference would be a hindrance of your appointment."

Jim's fingers loosened on Gary's arm as the two men looked at each other and as Gary rubbed his arm.  "Father, I don't know what to say.  I mean, this is all so sudden and so life changing.  I hope that you don't expect a decision right now, Bishop, because I am not able to give you one.  Gary and I have to discuss this; I wouldn't decide until after we have a long talk about it.  Gary put his arm around Jim, and with that little movement, all the anger and discord that might have resulted, melted away.  Jim understood the signal, and in a determined act of his independence, kissed Gary, not on the cheek, but on the lips.  When they finished kissing, both of them were smiling!  Before anyone would say anything else, Clarice announced that luncheon was ready.

"Please, gentlemen, take your seats and I will begin serving lunch."

The four men moved to the lovely, but simple table, and finding their seats, they sat down.  The place cards had made it simple, for everyone to find their places.  The Bishop and Father Crowley sat at the two ends of the dining table, just as Crowley and his wife had sat for many years. Wisely, Mrs. Crowley had sat Jim and Gary beside each other, rather than as might be expected, across the table from each other.

"Before Clarice returns with food, might we say a blessing? asked the Bishop.

"Jim, would you please say grace?" Father Crowley inquired.

Jim looked at Gary, thinking as he did, that he would ask his lover to say Grace, so that the clerics would see another side of him.  He said,

"I want Gary to say Grace.  Is that acceptable?"

"Of course it is," the priests said in unison.

Without a full heartbeat, Gary began,

"Please bow your heads as we pray: Almighty Father, we humbly ask you to bless the food we are about to eat.  We also wish to thank you for the many blessings you have bestowed on us.  We pray the Jim and I will be confident in our decision about Bishop Goodfellow's appointment.  We pray that Father Crowley will have many years of contentment and happiness in his retirement.  We pray that You continue to look on Jim and my partnership with approval and understanding.  All of these petitions we ask in Jesus' name.  Amen"

`My goodness,' thought Goodfellow, `there's more to that man than I ever surmised.  They will do well here at St. Augustine's.'

Father Crowley smiled as he thought about Jim's decision to request Gary to say Grace.  He knew how wise Jim was, and here was another fine example of that characteristic. 

Clarice came into the dining room carrying a tray.  She placed it on the sideboard and starting with the Bishop, then Crowley, then Jim, and finally Gary, placed a lovely plate containing a large helping of crab salad, beautiful beefsteak tomatoes and mozzarella slices with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar dressing.  She placed a large basket of hot rolls on the table, and poured freshly made lemonade into the glasses. 

"Father, will there be anything else before dessert and coffee?"

"No, Clarice, this is fine.  You've done a lovely job and I will be sue to tell Mrs. Crowley.

"Thank you, Father," Clarice said as she quietly left the dining room.

Bishop Goodfellow opened his napkin, picked up his fork and began devouring the food on his plate.  Gary ran his hand up Jim's thigh, causing a slight gasp to escape from the priest. 

As Jim handed the basket of rolls to the Bishop, Gary playfully squeezed Jim's penis. This caused an involuntary jump of Jim's arm which in turn caused him to pull the basket out of reach of the Bishop.

"Sorry, Bishop, but I had a sharp pain in my toe that made me jump.  But I know where to put that toe later when I get home."

"No problem," said the Bishop as he now grabbed two rolls from the basket.  "Is there any butter?" he questioned.

"It's right here," said Gary, passing the plate of butter to the Bishop.  Goodfellow, who simply used his knife to scrape off a portion of the butter, leaving Gary holding the plate.  Jim almost laughed aloud, but instead, held it in, and like a young child, reached under the table and squeezed Gary's semi erect cock.  Gary almost dropped the plate, but was rescued from the embarrassment when Jim, using his other hand reached the plate before it was dropped.  "Thanks, Gary; I think I'll have some butter."

By now, the good Father Crowley was near laughter as he watched the two young men's playful behavior at the table. He remembered his two sons and their now nearly forgotten behavior that had so amused and entertained both he and his wife. `It would be wonderful,' he thought, `when we have the time to travel to see them and the wives and the grandchildren.'  His daughter lived Naples on Florida's west coast, so she visited often.  Unmarried, she had not produced any grandchildren.  He never faulted her for this because he was an accomplished pianist and artist.  That was her life, and he accepted it, probably more than did his wife.

His reverie was broken by Bishop Goodfellow's voice.  "I don't suppose there's any more of this magnificent crab salad?"

"I'm sure there is," said Crowley as he rang the tiny bell which sat on the table.  Almost immediately, Clarice appeared in the room.

"Yes, Father, what can I do for you?"

"Is there any more crab salad?"

"Oh, yes.  I made a large amount.  I'll bring it in and you can take what you wish."

"It's just wonderful, Clarice," added the Bishop.

Jim and Gary continued to play grab the cock under the table.  Occasionally, one or the other, would make strange little sounds which the two clerics imagined were sound of contentment and reaction to the food.  Jim had a strong desire to throw Gary on the table and have his way with him.  But he did desist as he realized that being pastor of St. Augustine's would not then be a option.

After the Bishop ate almost everything on the table, Clarice cleared away the dishes and brought in the pecan pie and hot coffee.  On each piece of pie was a large dollop of freshly made whipped cream.  The pie disappeared almost instantaneously.  After Clarice removed everything from the table except the coffee cups, the silver coffee pot, sugar cubes, and cream, she left the room, not to return unless she was asked.

Over coffee, the four mean discussed in more detail the appointment.  The topics included housing, salary, benefits, vacation time, automobile, expense account, and attire.  The housing question was easy: the parsonage, when Father Crowley could move out, would be available.  The salary was adequate, but not spectacular.  The benefits were extraordinarily generous, especially in terms health.  Starting with two weeks, vacation time would increase across the years to a total of six weeks.  One automobile would be provided by the church for Jim's pastoral responsibilities.  There was an adequate expense account, both personal and for the church buildings.  Attire was casual except when Jim was performing church duties.  Everyone was quite happy until Gary asked,

"Who will be helping Jim as his assistant?  I mean, Jim is Father Crowley's assistant.  Isn't Jim going to have one?"

Bishop Goodfellow looked at the old priest with a knowing smile. "Yes, Jim will have an assistant.  Jim, do you remember Roger Cushing?  He trained with you."

Jim straightened in his chair; it was the move a man who was uncomfortable.  "Yes, I remember him.  He was lazy, at least academically.  He was also overweight because he had an aversion to exercise.  I'm afraid I don't have a very good memory of him, Bishop."

Father Crowley laughed aloud.  Jim and Gary looked at him wondering what caused the laugh.  "My goodness, Jim, if you take the position, you're in for a huge surprise.  The young man you remember from seminary studies is not the same man today.  Let's leave it at that because if you don't take the appointment, it doesn't matter."

Gary laughed next, "You mean another surprise for Jim.  Wow! You guys sure know how to be mysterious."

"It doesn't matter what he looks like as long as he's competent to do the job.  I can work with anyone who is intelligent," added Jim.

The Bishop got up from his chair, brushing off the remnants of some of the rolls, and stood quietly waiting for the others to join him.  After the others were standing, the Bishop said, "Jim, I'll be waiting patiently for your decision.  I hope for the answer I want, for your sake and the future of St. Augustine's.  Now if you'll excuse me, I have other duties later this afternoon in Port St. Lucie.

Goodfellow shook hands with the other men, and escorted by Father Crowley, left for his next appointment.  As soon as they were alone, Jim was in Gary's arms and they kissed with passion.  Gary spoke first after the embrace, "What the fuck do you think about all this?"

Jim laughed, "Well, if we can live here, maybe we should consider it."

Before any more conversation, Crowley returned.  He hugged both the guys, and simply said, "You need some time with this, but I want you to know I will pray for you.  Whatever you decide, I want you to know that I will love you.  Now get out of here and go somewhere to talk and think.  Perhaps you could spend the afternoon at the beach!"

"Maybe, maybe, Father, or perhaps another private and quiet place I have in mind," said Gary with a snicker.

"Gary!" admonished Jim.

Father Crowley snickered, took Jim by the arm, and as he was leading the two toward the doorway, explained something to Jim. 

"You realize, Jim, that although I'm a little older than you, I still know what's going on in the world today.  I understand the power of desire; my memories are vivid if my actions aren't quite the same.  When we show love to our partner, we do honor to God as He is the center of and the total expression of love.  So, dear Jim, don't worry about Gary's comment.  I wasn't shocked or upset.  Enjoy your afternoon.  Now you two get out of here so I can get back to my work."

Jim hugged the old priest, saying as he did, "I need to spend some time with you because I want to discuss your reasons for retirement, and I want to hear what you personally think about this appointment without the presence of the Bishop restricting what was said."

"Call me tomorrow and we'll set a time.  Now go!"


The remainder of Saturday was essentially boring for me.  When I arrived home from taking Brad to catch the coach to the game, I found Sadie occupied with luncheon preparation.  I was told politely that my Dad and Mom were out for a while and that Brad's mom was visiting at the jail.  Sadie also told me that Chris and Peter were shopping for something for their apartment and that Adam was in some kind of a mood, but he wouldn't talk to her.  "Maybe," she continued, "you might get Adam to share what's bothering him."

"I think I already know, Sadie, but I'll talk to him just to be sure.  I'm going to swim laps for a while.  Call me when lunch is ready.  Do you know what time we're leaving for the game?"

Sadie put down the spoon she was using to stir the tuna fish salad.  Standing with her hands on her hips, Sadie frowned as she told me, "Your father hasn't discussed it with me, Jacob.  He seems pre-occupied with something else.  Maybe he's not saying much about it, but it could be that Mr. and Mrs. Lee are leaving Monday.  We'll decide when they get back from shopping.  I found out just a little bit ago that Peter and Christopher are going to Ft. Myers to spend some time before they return to college."

"Really, I'm sorry that they won't be around.  Brad will be unhappy when he finds out about it.  Maybe I'll tell him later tonight when we are driving home."

"That's probably not a good idea.  Perhaps you should leave it to Peter to tell him,

or maybe his mother should do the honors.  Brad's family has had so much heartache, so much."

I had a deep desire to hug Sadie, which I followed.  "I understand, Sadie.  It's been an unbelievable time for them, but it's also been difficult for us, too.  I agree that I should let Chris tell Brad.  Keeping it in the family will prevent Brad from getting upset with me."

Sadie rubbed my head, which I hated, but I remained silent.  "You're a good boy, Jacob.  Now go do your swimming.  Oh, and don't forget Adam."

"I won't forget him, Sadie.  Do you know where he is?"

"I haven't seen him since breakfast so he must be in his room.  Try there first."

I left the kitchen and hurried to my suite.  I stripped and pulled on my Speedo, laughing quietly as I began to push my semi-erect cock into the confines of the suit.  `It's no wonder,' I thought, `that Brad is always commenting on the size of my cock, because it's pretty amazing.  It's certainly bigger than Brad's for which I'm happy, since I wouldn't want my cock up my ass.  Brad's prick is just my size, both to suck and take.' Without realizing it I had been stroking my cock while I was daydreaming.  It was nearly hard.  I just let it hang out of the Speedo while I got a towel, brushed my teeth again, and picked up the dirty laundry.

My junk was normal again, so I shoved it into the Speedo and walked down the hall to Adam's room.  I knocked on the door.  There was no answer.  I waited a moment and knocked again.  Still there was no response from the room.  I reached out and turned the door knob and opened the door.  The room was in semi-darkness as Adam had pulled the blinds in the door.  He was lying on the bed, naked and he was in the full ecstasy of masturbation.  I stopped immediately and quietly closed the door.  I wasn't quite sure what to do, so I kept in the shadows of the room and turned away from the bed.  Shortly, Adam's breathing became rapid and his moaning became louder. 

"Oh, oh, fuck, yessss!" he shouted.  Silence followed.  I stood completely still, wishing I had left the room earlier.  What would I say to Adam when he realized that I was in his room and that I obviously saw or at least heard what he was doing?  Without meaning to, I coughed.

 "Who's there?" came Adam's immediately question.  I turned slightly as he pulled the sheet up over his naked body.

"Adam, it's me, Jacob.  Relax; you have nothing to be alarmed about.  I mean, it's something all boys do.  I certainly have done it and still do when I get real horny and Brad isn't around to help."

I watched as Adam's head slowly made its way from under the sheet.  His face was beet red against the white sheets, and not even a glimmer of a smile showed on his face.

"I'm so embarrassed that I could die," Adam whispered.  "How could you watch me jerk off?  Isn't anything sacred?  Private?  Leave me alone."

I moved slowly to Adam's bed and sat on it, but as far away as possible from him.  He moved a little away from me and again pulled the sheet over his head.

"Adam, please listen to me.  I didn't watch you.  I didn't see you do the dirty.  I only heard what you were doing.  I was an asshole for not leaving, but strangely enough it made me horny and well . . ."

"It fuckin' made you horny?  Are you fuckin' crazy?  That makes it all the more embarrassing.  I don't understand.  I fuckin' don't understand," said a totally frustrated Adam.

I reached out my hand and smoothed Adam's messed-up hair.  He didn't pull away which I thought was a good start.  "You know that I love you, Adam.  Brad loves you, too.  Everyone in this family loves you.  Don't hate me for being a fool; it's easy for me."

Adam laughed and pulled the sheet down to his waist. "How would you feel if I snuck into your room and listened while you jerked off? Or better still, as you and Brad sucked each other, or if you took it up the ass.  How would you like that?"

"I wouldn't like it.  Not one bit."

"Then you know a little how I feel.  I know all you guys love me, but that's not what this is all about.  I mean I was masturbating because; God this is so embarrassing! I was fantasying about Devon and me.  He was . . ."

"Was having anal sex with you; is that what it's all about?"

"Yeah! Sick, huh?"

I kissed Adam's chest, and giggled a little as I told him, "It's not sick; it's sexy as hell, though.  You obviously want to have anal sex with him, so you should tell him."

Adam turned on his side, the sheet now lower on his body revealing his plump prick.  His balls were larger than I would have assumed.  He reached out and pulled me on top.  "Show me, Jacob.  Show me!"

I know I gasped, not from fear, but from sexual desire. Adam was a hot young man, but I knew my limits.  I couldn't show him what he wanted.  I doubted he would be happy about it all, but I knew that if anyone was to show him, it was Devon.  "Adam, I'm not the one to show you anything sexual.  You and Devon have to discover this yourself. You do this in the privacy of your bedroom."

Adam jumped out of the bed nearly knocking me on the floor.  He reached the door of the room where I thought he would pound it, but instead he turned and faced me.  He was some "looker". 

"So what am I to do?" he asked, "Hey, Devon, how about shoving your prick up my asshole? Or, hey, Devon, fuck me silly `cause I need it. Or, hey, Devon, teach me all you know about fucking..  Or, hey, Devon, show me how to make love, because . . . because . . ."

"I love you," I said, finishing his sentence.  He came back to the bed and sat near me.  There were tears in the corner of his eyes, so I realized that this was really a serious matter for my young brother.

"I don't think I can say that, Jacob.  I'm not sure about loving him.  I think I do, but I'm not sure.  Could you tell Brad you loved him if you weren't sure?  There are some things that I wonder about Devon.  I wonder what he will think of me, of us, when he's away at college and I'm still here finishing high school.  He'll meet other guys, probably closer to his age with more experience and with a freer view of sex than I have.  I have strong doubts that he'll want much to do with me except when he's home from college and wants a blow job."

Leaning back onto the bed, Adam lay naked before me, an invitation to enjoy sex.  I fought the notion and told him this,

"Adam, if you have all these doubts and concerns, it is probably a good idea to continue the relationship as it is.  Going any further would not help, especially if you fear what he might do later.  If Devon can't take the relationship on those conditions, then you should give him the heave-ho.  You, too, might meet some cute guy at school and want to have a relationship with him."

Adam was suddenly on top of me kissing my face wildly, finally finding my mouth where he kissed hard and tried to get his tongue into my mouth.  I could feel his erection against my Speedo, and my own cock was growing.  I had to stop this.  "Adam, please, this is so wrong.  Get off from me.  Do it right now!"

Adam rolled off from me and lay next to me his erection sticking up like an obelisk.  He was laughing.  "So you so think I'm sexy and hot, Jacob?  I got you hard.  Wait `til I tell Brad."

"You wouldn't?"

"I would."

"Why?  Didn't I help you with your Devon problem?"

"Sure you did, but if you won't have sex with me, then I can tell Brad and he'll kick you cute ass, Jacob."

"You're a devil," I said.

"But I'm and hot sexy devil, right?"

"Right," I replied, "now, I'm off to do laps, but not until I get control of my cock."

Adam just laughed.

After Jacob left, Adam texted Devon: "Need to tlk at the prty tomro."


Kevin and Brad sat next to each other on the coach.  Kevin noticed that Brad was especially quiet.  He suspected that it had to do with the game and all the responsibility that had been placed on his friend's shoulders at QB.  He chose to remain quiet.

"I'm worried."

Kevin looked straight ahead, but told Brad.  "Yeah, the game is important, but you'll handle it.  You're a great QB, Brad, so relax."

"It's not the game, it's the party tomorrow.  That's what worries me."

Kevin shifted in his seat, rubbed his hands together and asked,  "Why would that worry you?"

Before Brad could answer, Granger a lineman on the team who was sitting a row behind let an explosive fart!  Immediately there were cries from all sections of the bus.

"Good God, Granger, if you're going to fart a stinker like that, stick your ass out the window so you don't kill us all," laughed Perkins another team member.

Kevin and Brad were both laughing now, but it was Kevin who put the period at the end.  "Granger, don't stick your ugly ass out the window or the cops will stop the bus and arrest you for scaring the shit out of everyone."

"Amen!" shouted most of the team.  Kevin gave Brad a punch in the arm as he asked,"

"So Brad, why are you worried about the party?"

As he ran his fingers through his hair, Brad whispered, "Kev, it's a little personal, but I have a couple of gifts for Jake, and well, I'm worried that he won't like them, especially one."  Brad turned his head and starred out the window.  Kevin cleared his throat, waited a moment for more information, but when Brad remained silent, he decided to ask another question.

"What are the gifts?"

"I can't tell you."


"Because the one I'm most worried about, is too private to share with anyone except Jake."


"Haven't you ever wanted to tell someone how you feel about them, how you want to spend time with them, what the future may hold."

"I can't say that I have. You know me, Brad, the clown of the group.  What you're talking about is heavy; I don't get into that kind of stuff. I think you need to give Jake more credit.  He's a good guy, a guy who was ready to sacrifice his life for you.  Don't you think he can handle a couple of gifts?"

Brad's face reddened as he listened to Kev's answer.  `Kev,' he thought, `was much wiser than he would admit.'

As the bus slowed for an exit, Brad leaned closer to Kev and whispered,

"Thanks, buddy, you always put things into perspective.  I hope you help me out tonight."

"I'll watch your back, Brad.  Don't worry!"


When Father Jim and Gary arrived back at their apartment, they mixed drinks and sat next to each other on the sofa.  Gary kissed Jim gently on the cheek, meaning nothing sexual about it.  Jim smiled, but it revealed more about what was preying on his mind rather than from the pleasure of the kiss.

"You have a lot to think about, Jim.  I'll help if you want and if I can.  I just want you to know this: I'll do whatever you want from me.  If our relationship would prevent your becoming pastor at St. Augustine's, then I'll get out of your way."

Jim pushed Gary onto his back and climbed on top of him.  "You asshole, we've had this conversation two other times.  I am not going to go anywhere without you.  Gary, I love you.  I want to spend my life with you.  We will decide about this just as we do everything else: together.  Now kiss me like you want me."

The entanglement that ensued was of two naked, handsome men making torrid love.  When they had appeased their sexual hunger, they lay on the floor where their lovemaking had taken them; they lay side by side.  Jim's smile now was one of contentment and fulfillment. Gary's smiled, too.

"So, my sweet lover, what do you think we should do?" asked Jim.

Gary ran his finger from Jim's navel up to his right nipple.  He lazily ran his finger around the nipple, then leaned in and kissed it.  "You my hot lover should most certainly take the job.  You will make a wonderful pastor because you are caring and filled with concern and love for everyone.  And even in the short time you have been at St. Augustine's working with Father Crowley, you have matured and become even more connected to the church and to the parishioners.  Just think of how you have helped Jacob and Brad.  You have been a support to all the Neilsons and Masons.  And you have become a strong support to Peter, Chris and the Li's.  You also . . ."

Jim was laughing softly and had been studying Gary as his lover had listed his remarkable characteristics.  He had to interrupt, "Gary, I as a priest, but I don't walk on water.  Don't confuse me with the marvelous Guy."


The two lovers were rolling on the floor, laughing and tickling, kissing and stroking.  "You goon, I think you are the most wonderful person in this world.  I want to love you forever, Jim, forever."  Again the two lovers were in each other's arms, expressing their total love and commitment.

"What do you think about this, Gary?  I want to tell the bishop that I'll take the job for one year to find out if the parish and I are a good fit.  No, I want to know that the parish and us are a good match.  When you said you would follow me wherever I went, did it ever cross your mind that it would be here?"

Gary kissed Jim's nipple, pulled back so that he could look directly into his lover's eyes.  "I meant what I said.  I'll follow you wherever you go; wasn't it Ruth who said, `Whither thou goest I will go . . . ?"

"Come here," Jim ordered.  Gary moved to his lover and they embraced.  "I guess it's settled then.  I'll call the bishop right after you make love to me . . . again."


The ride to Vero was longer than I thought it would be, but eventually we arrived and after parking, picked up our tickets and found seats in the stadium.  I sat between my father and Adam.  The ladies sat a row behind us, and with the exception of Sadie, were involved in quiet conversation.

"Who do you think is going to win the game, Jacob?" asked my father.  He looked at me with a twinkle in his eye, revealing to me that he was having some fun with me. 

"I don't know, Dad.  I hope it's our team.  I mean with Brad as quarterback, we should win.  I just hope that he doesn't get hurt, Dad, that's all I really care about.  I . . ."

"You afraid you poor baby will get hurt by those big bad linemen," a wiseass Adam interrupted.

I reached out and punched him in the arm.  He recoiled but laughed aloud.  "You're not funny, you asshole," I whispered to him, hoping that Sadie, and my Mom and Betsy hadn't heard.  I looked at my Dad and discovered that he was smiling broadly.  I gave him a hurt look which caused him to say,

"Adam is just trying to provoke you, Jacob.  We understand, all of us, how you feel about Brad and what he's been through recently.  None of us, including Adam, want him to be hurt.  Adam probably loves you and Brad as much as anyone in the room."

I noticed then that Adam had bent over and had his head in his hands.  I patted his head gently, and told him, "Adam, I'm not angry with you; I know that you were just kidding me.  It's just that I don't want Brad to get hurt."

With my father watching, Adam raised his head and looked at me, a couple of tears in the corner of his eye.  "Jacob, I would never want to upset you.  I was just trying to be funny.  Forgive me?" Adam said as he gave me a very masculine, `I'm just your friend' kind of hug.

The school bands were blasting away in a competition for loudest group, when our team took the field and a large group of the fans went crazy.  I spotted Brad his number 7 bright under the lights.  As soon as they made their run to the benches on our side of the field, Brad took just a quick look into the stands to find me.  Without his helmet on now, he looked as handsome as ever and when he smiled at me, I melted into myself and fought the desire to weep.  My emotions were already on edge and I had the entire game to live through.  My Dad sensed my emotions and quickly put his arm around my shoulders and gave me a firm, fatherly hug.  It really helped calm me, and Adam who also noticed, just smiled, but it said a great deal about how he felt, too, as I saw some glistening in his eyes.

My mom was aware of something and reached down from behind and patted me on the head.  "Is everything okay, Jacob?" she asked.

I took a deep breath and told her, "Yeah, everything's fine, Mom.  Doesn't Brad look handsome?"

"He sure does, but after all he looks just like his handsome brother," said Chris as he and Peter took their seats.  Brad will be overjoyed when he sees the two of them.  He was hopeful that they might come to the game, but he had heard little.  Surprisingly, the Li's were also with them.  Chris moved over to his Mom and gave her a kiss.  They chatted a brief moment, when to everyone's surprise, Croydon Buckminster ambled across the front of the bleachers until he spotted Beth Mason.  He smiled broadly as he climbed the bleachers and unceremoniously sat heavily beside Beth.  Their eyes met, but there was no other indication of how they felt about each other.  My Dad reached back and extended his hand.  Buckminster shook it firmly and vigorously.

I looked back at the field as the announcer described the captains of both teams as they met at center field for the coin toss.  As it was hoped, Brad won and chose to receive.  The game began.  The kickoff was returned for forty yards.  Two plays later, Brad was sacked hard and landed on his sore shoulder.  He lay still for too long a period of time for me.  I was ready to rush down to the field.  However, he was up almost immediately and led the team to the first touchdown of the game.  The point after was successful making the score 7-0.

Brad was sacked two other times in the game, and both times my heart fluttered and I agonized that he might be injured.  He survived the entire game without any real injury.  When the game ended, we had beaten Vero 24-10.  Everyone was screaming and shouting as our school band performed in a dizzying frenzy of school pride.  As is the case, our opponents were huddled in their disappointment and subdued dislike for us.

Sadie and Adam waited with me outside the locker room for Brad to appear.  Everyone else had gone on ahead.  We would be meeting at the Longhorn Steakhouse for a late meal.  I was surprised I was hungry, but I knew that my lover would be famished (and horny, too). Brad appeared with Kevin, Granger and some other players.  They were laughing and enjoying the victory.  When Kevin spotted us, he spoke into Brad's ear as he pulled the other guys away toward the coach. Brad moved toward me and I wanted to grab him and show him how much I loved and wanted him.  Instead, we hugged quickly and walked nonchalantly toward the vehicle, but we didn't fool either Sadie or Adam.

When we reached the SUV, Sadie, sporting a wide grin, said, "Why don't you and Brad sit in the back seat?  Adam will sit in the front with me."  No one made any comments.  Brad and I climbed into the back seat, fastened our seat belts and as Sadie drove out of the parking lot, I fell into Brad's arms and he kissed deeply.  My hand sought my lover's penis which I discovered was amply filled with blood.  His hand was moving back and forth across my hardened cock.  At that moment, Adam turned and looked at us.  He almost laughed aloud as he asked, "And how are you two getting along?"  Brad cuffed him gently on the back of the neck as we joined him in laughter.  Sadie, in her usual controlled manner, looked straight ahead ignoring the foolishness of her young passengers.

Soon we were pulling into the parking lot of the Longhorn Steakhouse.  Our group was waiting outside the restaurant, but my Dad and Mr. Li were not there. We discovered, when we joined everyone, that my Dad and Mr. Li were in the restaurant making arrangements for us.  My Dad emerged from the entry and motioned us in.  As we passed my Dad, who had chosen to hold open the door, whispered to me, "You should have seen Mr. Li in action.  In minutes he had the manager and staff doing whatever he asked.  He's some guy, let me tell you."

Our group was seated together in an area which we filled with laughter and chatter.  Before long the restaurant began to empty, but the manager assured us that we could order anything we wanted.  "We might lock the doors shortly," he said, "but not to hurry and not to worry, because the staff had agreed to stay and serve you."  What followed were a wonderful meal and much fun for all of us.

As we drove toward home, Brad and I snuggled and made out, but soon he was asleep in my arms.  I was at peace and as happy as I had been for a long time.  Sadie had turned on the radio and there was soft music in the SUV.  Before long I dosed off, but struggled back to wakefulness.  Then I eased Brad down onto the back seat and laid gently on him, kissing him lightly as I fell asleep.

To be continued... 


"The measure of love is to love without measure"

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